Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e13 Episode Script

Cloud of Suspicion

1 It's no use.
Shikamaru, you must come to your senses.
Forget it! I hate to be woken up when I'm having a good sleep! Cloud of Suspicion Silver-4c, pawn-3f, rook-4b, rook-4h, bishop-3f, pawn-1f, pawn-1d, pawn-2f, king-6b… King-6h, king-7b, king-7h, silver-6b… You're really hanging in there.
The average shinobi would have given up long ago.
I'm busy playing shogi with past masters.
I don't have time to get bored.
I like your stubbornness.
You can learn a lot from shogi.
No matter what position you're in, there's always a way out.
Are you planning on getting out of this situation? I look forward to seeing that.
Hey, can you at least give me back my lighter? I just can't calm down without it.
Sure, when you decide to accept Lord Gengo's beliefs.
Why would you follow a guy like that? Let's just say I found the place where I belong.
And that wasn't the Hidden Leaf Village? Weren't you a member of Team 7? Then why didn't Naruto come? You and I aren't close, so why did you come? Naruto knows nothing about this situation.
This was all my decision.
Even still, if this had been Sasuke or Sakura, surely Naruto would have come… I bet Gengo put those ideas in your head, right? There's no doubt that Gengo controls people with words.
So why don't you snap out of it and wake up? I woke up a long time ago.
When Lord Gengo gave me a will.
Do you still have more to say? I promise… I'm gonna undo Gengo's jutsu and save you.
I'd resign myself if I were you.
Otherwise, things will get much worse.
You're a member of the Hidden Leaf.
Don't forget that! Pawn-4e, bishop-3c… Knight-3g… Nope… I don't have enough pieces right now.
The king's gonna get away.
Ro! Is that you?! That voice…is it you Lord Shikamaru? Hey Gengo! These guys were just obeying my orders! If you're gonna kill someone, kill me! Remember, as long as you live, there's a chance.
Don't give up! I won't let you give up and die! Worry not.
This is nothing… What happened to Soku? Wasn't she with you? She's okay, isn't she?! Why do you insist on serving Feudal Lords and incompetent people who oppress you? Like, that's none of your business! Remember… The way that those people looked at you.
What did you see deep inside their eyes? Like, I don't remember! Sure, you do.
The truth is, it's stuck to your mind and won't go away.
Isn't that so? Remember! The eyes that looked at you.
The suspicious eyes that feared me, and tried to discriminate against me… Why must you give your proud and mighty life for people like that? Why pledge loyalty to those who hold you in bondage? They are using me.
Everyone is an enemy.
There is nothing to fear.
Now, turn.
And accept everything.
A will has just been granted.
I've brought him, Lord Gengo… My apologies for the inhospitable treatment.
As you know, I can't let down my guard.
I have no intention of speaking to you.
It's obvious you're trying to control me with your words.
You're starting to look like your father.
Forgive me, but I looked into your background.
Your family and friends… And the fact that you came here to kill me.
Why do you people keep oppressing us? When did we do that? This land is feeble.
We barely have natural resources and the ground is fallow, yet we are trying our hardest to survive.
That is all.
Yeah right, all the while you're gathering up Rogue Ninja… What's your motive? Are you planning on starting a war? I'm not gathering them.
They come to me, seeking salvation.
Salvation?! Have you never questioned the current existence of shinobi? Without war, they are no more than hunting dogs for Feudal Lords and the rich.
Is that truly a fitting life for a shinobi? What is it that you're trying to say? They come here because they want to be real shinobi.
The alliance of nations to maintain a dark peace… and bind shinobi with meaningless laws.
But there will always be those who reject it.
This land is merely the gathering place for them.
Various rules are necessary to preserve peace.
The peace you speak of is nothing but a theory, forced upon us by the Great Nations.
The Tailed Beasts that you keep are proof of that.
Had you used one, this land would be completely helpless.
Isn't that so? We have no intention of ever using a Tailed Beast for war again.
You keep the Tailed Beast to yourselves, and you expect us to believe that? Isn't that the biggest excuse by the Great Nations? Quit jumping to conclusions.
Then how about this? Give this land a Tailed Beast too.
I'm sure the Hidden Cloud has an extra one, correct? Then we wouldn't worry, and we would believe you.
You know we can't do that.
Of course not.
You espouse peace openly… but deep down, you don't trust small countries like ours.
But you can't make the argument for war because of that.
There's got to be another solution.
You need another solution? Come with me.
I'd like to show you something… What is this? Agricultural crops can't grow at our elevation.
The people live in poverty with little to eat.
If we just had some kind of product, something to add value to their lives… This flower is the result of selective breeding.
You've seen it here and there, haven't you? But it was all for nothing… This flower wilts the moment it's taken out of this village, due to its unique environment.
Why did you choose the way of the shinobi? Was it to file away documents for the rest of your life? Who knows.
Most likely not.
You train daily to hone your skills.
And with your skills, you defeat the enemy, to protect what is precious.
That is the way a shinobi should live.
That is the way your father and mentor lived.
How would you know?! You probably hope that you can measure up to them someday.
But in a world of peace, can you really accomplish that? It is because of war, that shinobi abilities underwent remarkable development.
If there had been continual peace, even you would never have spent such worthwhile moments with your friends.
Am I wrong? If that's the price for peace, I'll gladly throw down my weapons.
You're not speaking from your heart.
You feel your own abilities weakening, don't you? Shikamaru… Shut up! Stay out of this.
Do not fear, Shikamaru.
Put your hand down.
Yes, that's it.
First, why don't you calm down? Take a deep breath.
Do you like it? The scent of my precious flowers? Come on.
I get it… So, that's it.
The scent of certain flowers has the effect of stirring up memories.
So, that's what you've been using to brainwash people.
What inconceivable will… But that discovery won't get you anywhere.
You cannot disobey me.
Where are my comrades?! Where are Ro and Soku?! Bring them here! We are right here.
Huh?! You two?! Like, Lord Gengo has given us the will Find him! Don't let him escape from this castle! Shikamaru, it's useless to hide.
I'm still numb… Damn it, Soku! I can't use my Shadows.
My rook and bishop two-piece handicap is gone too.
The situation is bleak.
It's unlike you… I can't believe you'd go with the Climbing Silver.
It's using an advance unit to break through enemy lines.
You have to be ready to use tactics like this once in a while… If I escape now, the risk for the Hidden Leaf will increase.
That's what you told me back then.
So, I guess that time has come for me.
Calm down.
There's still a chance an opportunity will present itself.
Shikamaru, presently, you are the knight.
Breaking through the enemy camp with a Climbing Silver or… perhaps a knight that jumps high… Guess I have no choice but to jump back into the den of the king.
Lord Gengo, are you sure it's all right to leave the search for Shikamaru to Sai? Like, it will be bad is he gets out of the castle.
Don't panic.
If he gets cornered, he's the type to throw himself into an even more difficult situation.
Isn't that right, Shikamaru? You knew I was here? That's no fun.
You wouldn't leave this behind.
You came back just for that? You're something.
Resign yourself and be captured! If the floor won't work, there's always the ceiling.
My body… Whoa… Lord Shikamaru, release me! To break a genjutsu, the theory is to bring down the one who placed it.
What do you say, Gengo? Impossible.
No one can resist my words.
Ro… Sorry, but you'll have to be my shield for a while.
Don't worry about hitting Ro.
Go ahead and shoot.
Just make sure you aim straight.
Stop, Shikamaru.
You cannot resist my voice.
Don't tell me you—?! You purposely let Soku hit you in the ear to dull your sense of hearing?! This is the knight's jump! I'm disappointed, Shikamaru.
So disappointed.
Please stay back, Lord Gengo.
Leave this to me.
Well done! Gengo! You won't get away! Damn it! Damn it, you keep getting beaten up by girls.
Weren't you going to become a better leader for the sake of your comrades? Dad… I… I'm just not cut out to be a shinobi.
Is he dead? I didn't like, kill him yet.
Well, he had no chance at the end.
How pitiful… I'm physically at my limit.
The air feels so heavy.
Man, this is such a drag.
Are you okay, Shikamaru? Don't you dare die on us! You guys?! But what're you doing here? Oh, I get it.
I'm still dreaming… Shikamaru! T-Temari?! I expect a lot more from you! Why're you just sitting around dazed like that?! Shikamaru?! Stop it, Temari! He'll really die.
Shut up! That's for lying to me at the Allied Forces meeting.
Sorry, Temari.
Thanks to you, I've come to my senses.
Shikamaru! Sorry, but can you take over here? I have one more guy to take down.
Is that Gengo?! How did you know? Lord Hokage told me.
I had a hell of a time trying to get it out of him.
I don't want to even imagine what you did.
So, Shikamaru, it's okay to crush these guys? They're brainwashed, but they're comrades.
Please wake them up as well! Like, shut your mouth.
Wait! You're forgetting one thing.
He probably knows you're coming and has laid traps.
I hope the odds of your winning in that condition is good.
I have no intention of being a sacrificial pawn.
All right then! Okay, let's get on with our final moves… Gengo! TO BE CONTINUED The Hidden Leaf still holds that much importance to you? Damn right! Then I'll let you in on something good… What would you think if I said I've sent my comrades with the will I bestowed upon them, into all of the Hidden Villages? What did you say? "Next time on Naruto Shippuden: Shikamaru's Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 5: Dawn" You don't have the means to stop it! Tune in again!