Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e14 Episode Script


1 I won't let you get away…Gengo! Dawn To think, Shikamaru had this many reinforcements waiting in the wings.
As expected of a coward like him.
I think you're misunderstanding something, so I'm going to set you right.
We barged in on our own.
Shikamaru is hiding something.
It must be serious, for him to act alone.
Will you look into it, Temari? Use as much manpower as necessary.
Are you sure? Shikamaru is a Leaf shinobi.
Sand or Leaf… The age of drawing lines is over.
A man who is essential to the Alliance is worth it.
Besides… I doubt the Hokage would willingly give us intel.
I'll drag it out of him.
I know you understand, but do it as peacefully as possible.
Sure, I'll do it as peacefully… as I can.
And…? Is there something else you needed to ask me? Shikamaru is now… Anyway, we rushed over after hearing that Shikamaru was in trouble.
Out of friendship, right? That brings a tear to my eye.
Well, wait.
I'll make you cry so hard, you'll hate it.
Leave Sai to me.
He's strong, you know.
Yeah, I know.
Sorry, Ino, but you're no match for me.
Let me take the old man! Oh? Wind Scythe Jutsu! Wow, that was a surprise.
But you won't get me a second time! I shall show no mercy, even if you are just a brat! Expansion Jutsu! What?! Who did you just call a brat? Your name is Soku, right? You should be supporting Shikamaru.
So, what the hell are you doing?! Like, I simply chose my master in order to realize my full potential.
What? Like, staying under a weakling like Shikamaru is too tedious and futile! Damn! Aim more carefully next time.
If you miss again… you'll lose.
You will definitely accept my will, Shikamaru.
Your head's nothing but a flower garden! Resign yourself… It's all too late.
Too late? What the hell do you mean?! Not bad! But if you're already out of breath against one opponent, you don't have a chance.
Sai, wake up! Why don't you worry about yourself instead of me? "I don't even know myself anymore…" That's what you supposedly wrote in the last missive you sent.
I have the will that Lord Gengo bestowed upon me.
So…I'm not lost anymore! Oh… Did I overdo it? His chakra's not reacting… No way… Did he die? You could say that making my target misread chakra is my specialty.
I have no idea what you're saying… Shikamaru should be kneeling before Lord Gengo about now.
Shikamaru would never… What brute strength! …bow down to anyone! Partial Expansion Jutsu! Why you—! Take this! Cyclone Scythe Jutsu! I'll never give up on a precious friend! Around now, your precious friend should be receiving Lord Gengo's will.
Even as you lay your life on the line.
You don't understand, do you? The precious friend I'm talking about… is you! You belong to the Hidden Leaf.
Don't ever forget that! Being friends is useless! Then… Then what's that on your cheek? Mind Transmission Jutsu! Let me take over your mind for a little while.
I didn't lure you in here just to prevent you from using your shadows.
When a human loses the ability to see and smell, his sense of hearing becomes much sharper.
Giving you an even greater advantage, huh? In the shinobi world, you're either the user or the used.
What're you talking about? Words from a shinobi that I once believed in… Surely, even you've heard the name Zabuza Momochi.
Zabuza… Wasn't he the instigator of the Mizukage assassination incident? After the failed coup d'état, we deserted the village.
We had faith in Zabuza's promise to return some day to create the ideal society.
But the hardships of wandering took its toll and changed him.
And so, I used Zabuza instead.
Just as he had taught.
To put it bluntly, you sold out your friend.
And I settled here with my comrades.
In order to create the ideal society that Zabuza could not.
And now, it's finally becoming a reality.
Don't you want to usher in that moment with me? No thanks! The only society I'll sacrifice my life to protect is the Hidden Leaf! The same way that your father and mentor did? You have no right to talk about my dad or Asuma! I'll tear down your ideals! What has happened…to me? You are…? Like, my head is throbbing… That's guy's… the only one left.
Saianswer me! Sai! Sai! Who are you? I'm your friend.
No… They are my only friends.
That's just what that guy Gengo made you believe! Don't come any closer! Go away! Let's go back together, Sai.
Everyone is waiting for you.
Sai… Sai! Ino? You're back! Where is Shikamaru?! Shikamaru went after that Gengo guy.
That's not good! I have to let Shikamaru know right away! No matter what happens… He can't turn around! Is the Hidden Leaf that important to you? Damned right it is! Then I'll let you in on something good… Do you think that I only isolated myself in this region and did nothing else? What would you think if I've sent my initiates with the will I bestowed upon them, into all of the Hidden Villages? The people of the Five Great Nations aren't blind.
Your people may have infiltrated the core, but they'll get caught in time.
I'm talking about the citizens… The safety of those who are most dear to you… What did you say? One signal from me, and they will create an incident.
You don't have the means to stop it.
You're bluffing! In time, you'll see if I'm lying or not.
Stop! Don't you dare touch Mirai! Big Brother Shika! Mirai! Mirai! Y-You can't fool me… I've already figured out that you infuse chakra into your voice to manipulate people.
The more you resist with your mind, the more the heart seeks it.
Big Brother Shika! Mirai! You'll pay if you lay a hand on Mirai… I'll make sure your breath is completely snuffed out.
Kill… Kill… – Gengo, you're dangerous.
– Kill… Kill… I can't let you go on living.
This is to protect the Hidden Leaf! – It's for that reason that – Kill… Kill… I've come to carry out a mission that's not like me! – In order to make Naruto the Hokage! – Kill… Kill… Naruto… Ramen! Huh? What the hell was that? What's the matter, Shikamaru? Now, confront the darkness that consumes your heart! I-I have to get it right the next time.
Look, you're just a brat, so it's okay if you ease up a little.
But it's my fault that my friends… Thinking about your friends is important.
But you don't have to take on all that responsibility.
'Cuz it's a drag.
Why? Why doesn't my jutsu work on you? Your heart is full of cracks! Yeah My heart is full of cracks… In fact, it's nothing but one big crack.
I-Impossible! Your words don't have any effect on me anymore.
I finally understand.
Earlier, you said you came to this land with your comrades.
But why isn't there a single comrade standing beside you? You probably killed them all, and hid them in this castle, right? You're all alone, because you only believe in using others or being used.
This place is like peering deep into your heart! You and I are alike! We're smart, we can't trust anyone! Don't lump me in with you! You—! Looks like you're still conscious! Yeah, but it was touch and go for a little while.
Ro, Soku! Let's go.
Okay, let's clean this up quickly! Why don't we leave it to them this time? Yeah, you're right… Shikamaru did just call on those two.
A clone?! That's right.
With his chakra—! Enveloping his shadow with chakra?! Which one is real? I can'tmove! If you stop me, the world of the shinobi will decline! Don't you care if you're consigned to a life of servitude under the Feudal Lords? A place where even the easygoing can live in their own way… That's the kind of world I want to protect! How stupid! I will not let you interfere with my vision! Like, the chakra flowing to your tongue's been cut off… Mission…complete! Good work.
We'll be taking Gengo and his revolutionaries back to the Hidden Leaf Village now.
Will you be joining us? We… You came to the rescue again.
Sheesh You really are something, Naruto.
You guys! What? Did you forget something? Like, we were told we're on a mission until we get back to the village.
We shall accompany you, Lord Shikamaru.
Huh? Oh, yeah? Senpai! Yurito?! You came too? I finally got to handle a big assignment! O-Oh… Huh? Senpai, aren't you being too stiff and formal again? Clouds! The clouds! Remember, the clouds! Oh, yeah… Anyways, I'm busy, so 'scuse me! Lord Shikamaru? You can reach out to try and grab the cloud… but you can never grasp it.
If there's wind, it'll blow away.
Such a strange thing with no core.
Temari… Huh? What is it? Well… It's nothing important, but… Um… What is it? Spit it out.
Go a bit easier when you slap people, will you? If you space out again, I'll slap you as much as I want to! Okay… I'm counting on you for that.
Thanks…for what you did this time.
Is this an awkward conversation or what?! Just hurry and ask her on a date! There, there… Ino… Sai? Thanks, beautiful.
I really felt…your kindness.
Beautiful? Oh…uh! I want to thank you… That's if you'd let me.
Oh… Well then… Maybe a d-date…? Ino, now you're being awkward.
Maybe…next time…we can… go get a bite to eat.
You mean, a date? Huh? Are you asking me out on a date? Well, yeah.
I see.
A date, huh.
You don't want to? That's not it.
Huh? Uh? Be prepared.
A date with me can be quite a drag.
Do you have a plan? Huh? Like, a date strategy.
Like I'd have one! Going on a first date without a strategy is like fighting a Tailed Beast unarmed.
You have zero chance of winning.
What would you two know?! What are you saying?! I do know a thing or two about relationships.
You must first find out everything you can about Lady Temari's likes and dislikes… and come up with a careful plan.
And you need at least three contingency plans: one for a sunny day, a cloudy day and a rainy day! Prepare small talk that won't bore her.
Have at least a hundred stories in your arsenal.
Hey, hey! That's even more of a drag than taking Gengo down! "Shikamaru's Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark" The End The day of Naruto and Hinata's wedding draws near, but I sent everyone out on secret missions! It's to get them wedding presents, but it seems it's turning out to be surprisingly difficult.
The secret behind this mission is… something I can't talk about! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: “Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 1: Naruto's Wedding” Tune in again!