Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e15 Episode Script

Naruto's Wedding

1 RECORDING RECORDING Naruto, Hinata, congratulations on your marriage! Huh? Oh! What're you doing, Sai? Where's your congratulatory message?! Well, I don't think I can say it well.
You're a former Team 7 member! You're gonna do this! RECORDING RECORDING Naruto, Hinata, congratulations on your marriage! RECORDING Hey, you're being too stiff… RECORDING Naruto, Hinata, congratulations on your marriage! RECORDING Uh, act more natural.
Like I told you before, I don't think I can say it well.
Naruto! Hinata! To the both of you Have a hot, hot, hot married life! Brother Lee, you're way too close… When you say it, it doesn't sound like a congratulatory message… Something's missing! SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH Guy Sensei! SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH My dear Lee… Think if your hot-blooded wish will permeate through the lens and be conveyed 100% to Naruto and Hinata when your message is played.
It needs something symbolic on-screen.
I know! The sunrise! The sun rising over the horizon to mark the beginning of their married life together! Give your message with the sunrise in the background… and you'll increase the impact of your hot-blooded feelings by 300%! Don't take them too seriously.
RECORDING RECORDING Hi Naruto and Hinata! I hope you're well! RECORDING What's up with that? RECORDING Of course, they're well.
RECORDING Hey, enough with the wisecracks! RECORDING Tadah! Hey Naruto! Hinata! How ya doin'? Hey Kiba! Don't butt in! – Isn't there anyone who's a friend of – I heard you were making – Big Brother Naruto who'll let me – a congratulatory video! – get a proper message? – I searched for you all over town! RECORDING RECORDING Uh, Naruto, Hinata… congratulations on your marriage.
Iruka Sensei, you're too nervous, c'mon! Sorry, sorry! I'm not good at these sorts of things.
Just say what you feel.
If he hears his mentor, Iruka Sensei, speaking from his heart… Big Bro Naruto's gonna cry! His mentor? That's going a bit too far.
Okay, let's go for a comment that's deeply moving! Here we go! Ah… Um… Well… I can't think of anything so suddenly, so can we do this later? Since Naruto's getting married… Naruto's Wedding Naruto, Hinata… Naruto! Hinata! Congratulations on your nuptials… That's too stiff! Iruka Sensei! Big trouble! Look at what they did to the memorial statue! THE THIRD HOKAGE Look at what they did to the memorial statue! What do we do? Now, Sadoru Sensei, you just became an instructor recently, so I understand how upsetting this is.
But this sort of thing is quite minor… Hey! Tsukune, Sansho, Mibuna! So, this is your doing, after all.
How'd you know we were here? I know exactly what you're thinking.
We were just playing hide-and-seek! Don't go off and treat us like criminals! Don't lie! I bet you enjoyed seeing Sadoru Sensei having a hard time, didn't you? No! You don't even like, have any proof.
So, stop jumping to conclusions! I see.
So, you guys didn't do this graffiti… For a prank, it looked pretty cool, so I figured it was you guys… Hey, you've got a good eye! To tell you the truth, I'm really proud of it! Shh! Make sure you clean it up completely! – Yes, sir… – Yes, sir… You're amazing, Iruka Sensei! Compared to Naruto's antics, this is cute.
Naruto? You mean, Naruto Uzumaki? Were you his teacher? Huh? Well, yes… – No way! – No way! Naruto Uzumaki, the super-famous Naruto Uzumaki, right? He's on a completely different level! There's no way an ordinary teacher – like you taught him, Iruka Sensei! – Ordinary…teacher? You're just trying to inspire us… by saying that even Naruto Uzumaki was a bad kid, so us bad kids should try our best, right? Yeah, like, don't make up stories if you want to send us a message.
I-I see… Well then… While you're at it, rake the yard and clean the toilets! – What?! – What?! – No fair! – No fair! "I really did teach Naruto.
" Even if I said that, students now wouldn't believe me.
Naruto is a super-hero to them.
Oh, there you are! Iruka Sensei, do you have a minute? Yes? Vice-principal? Me?! You've been here a long time.
And you're popular among your colleagues.
You would be perfect person for the job.
15 16 17 18 TEAM 5 TEAM 6 Lord Kakashi, I've brought you some tea.
Can you drop the "lord"? Is anything the matter, sir? You seem quite perturbed.
And don't be overly formal.
I'm not used to it.
Anyway, the date for Naruto and Hinata's wedding is set, right? I'm thinking of a way for everyone to be able to attend.
I see… If everyone attends the reception, we won't be able to fulfill any missions on that day… let alone handle any emergencies.
Their close circle of friends are all significant jonin now, right? It would be a problem if all of them are unavailable.
RECORDING RECORDING Naruto, it's been awhile.
RECORDING I hear you're getting married— That's right! The previous Hokage, Lady Tsunade, had a rule in case of emergencies like this.
Huh?! "One: when there is a marriage among shinobi, the gift that each shinobi will present will be assessed to determine who shall attend," it seems… Huh?! What's up with that? It's got to be a joke.
It seems like a joke, but it's right here.
You're right! But this is like eliminating people by the size of their gift.
Perhaps so, but it's the rule.
No one would agree to something that measures friendship like that.
I'll be called the worst Hokage in history.
I understand how you feel, but it's more important to fulfill the responsibility that's right before you, as the Hokage.
Welcome! I'll have ramen.
Make mine a super-size ramen! Oh! Iruka Sensei! Did you come up with a congratulatory message? Uh no, sorry, I forgot… An advancement exam?! One of the board officials recommended I take it to become vice-principal.
W-Wh…? Why only Iruka Sensei? Does that mean I'm not among the candidates?! No, that's not right! What's the matter, Ebisu Sensei? N-No, nothing's the matter.
But this is a great opportunity! Oh? His mentor is being promoted… This will make Naruto's wedding even more auspicious.
Then we'll have to start calling you Vice-Principal Iruka.
Oh, please stop.
I haven't even decided if I'll take the test or not.
Huh?! You're not going to pass up a chance like this, are you?! Ebisu Sensei, you look sorta glad.
I admit I'm grateful for the chance to be promoted.
Besides… Naruto Uzumaki, the super-famous Naruto Uzumaki, right? There's no way an ordinary teacher like you taught him, Iruka Sensei! I know I should strive to get ahead.
But there's a part of me that wants to continue teaching kids one on one.
Of course! You shine in the classroom, Iruka Sensei.
You really do! I still think you seem a little too happy… What's up? Lord Kakashi… Could you drop the "lord" part? How long have you been there? I didn't notice you at all.
Well, you were all going on about Iruka Sensei… So, I didn't want to interfere.
Lord Kakashi… I mean, Kakashi… Is something going on with you as well? Oh, no… But what's going on with you, Iruka Sensei? He was asked to take the advancement exam for vice-principal! Vice-principal? Oh yeah, the position is open.
And I'm not sure if I should take it or not.
You? Take the advancement exam? Now that would be difficult.
– Huh? – What?! Well… I'd better get back to work.
Thanks! Thanks for coming— Hey, Ayame.
Did you take Lord Kakashi's order? What? Huh?! When did he—?! What's going on here? Was he talking about Iruka Sensei taking the advancement exam? Why'd he say it would "be difficult" for Iruka Sensei? I got it! As the Hokage, Lord Kakashi doesn't think Iruka Sensei is suitable to be the vice-principal! – Whaa—?! – Whaa—?! That's what he meant.
The advancement exam? Iruka Sensei? Even if he takes it, with Iruka's Sensei's skills and experience, getting the promotion would be difficult.
Now, now I didn't say it! I'm just surmising what Lord Hokage meant.
For him to say that taking the exam would be difficult… It's like saying he knows the outcome before Iruka Sensei even takes the exam, hey… You gonna stand for that, Iruka Sensei? You want to give Naruto something else to celebrate at his wedding, don't ya? Dad, don't egg him on like that.
What're you saying? Earlier, even you were—! I'm taking it! I'm going to take the exam and I'm going to pass.
It will be Naruto's biggest day in his life… and I'm going to present him with auspicious news! Iruka Sensei! Well said! You're the man! All right! A prank like this is old news.
But Naruto, who used to play tricks like this, became the village hero.
Maybe there's a future "Naruto Uzumaki" among you.
Now listen, anyone can become a hero like Naruto Uzumaki! So believe in yourself and do your best! – Yes, sir! – Yes, sir! Not Naruto Uzumaki again?! What's the matter?! Come on, put some more spirit into it! Sadoru Sensei, you just have to be confident and take on the students head on at times like this! – I'm sorry.
– I'm sorry.
We're very sorry.
I'll make sure to teach them better so that this never happens again, so please… Hey, Tsukune… Damaging the statue is going too far.
Iruka Sensei will really get mad this time.
So what? I figured you were up to something like this.
I told you, didn't I? I know exactly what you're thinking.
I'll say this… you do things on such a small scale.
Why, to Naruto, scrawling graffiti on the Hokage's Great Stone Face was nothing.
He even took the Book of Seals and wreaked havoc in the village.
So, Naruto Uzumaki really was your pupil? Shut up! Who cares about Naruto! I am me! Iruka Sensei did? Yeah.
He's been gung-ho ever since.
I keep hearing good things about him from everyone.
He's gonna make it for sure! Ebisu Sensei, you're looking a little too depressed now.
I'm going out to get a bite to eat.
Ramen again? Eating ramen every day isn't healthy.
Well, that's okay.
You're really gonna do it? 'Course! Lord Hokage is gone.
Now's our only chance.
I can pull off anything Naruto Uzumaki did, just as easily.
Let's go! C-Count me out! Me too! Wimps… Good evening.
Oh welcome, Lord Hokage! Look, could you please drop the "lord.
" Huh? What's wrong Ebisu Sensei? Why are you spaced out? We were talking about Iruka Sensei passing the advancement exam.
Huh? Iruka Sensei plans to take the exam? Sure, thanks to you, Kakashi! Me? What did I do? Anyway… What a delicious smell! Is it ramen? Seems like they didn't order pot stickers, though.
Is that what happened? I didn't mean it that way.
What do you mean? Anyway, regarding the advancement exam, they say… Lord Kakashi! How many times do I have tell you to stop it with the "lord"? Never mind that! Bad news! The Book of Seals was stolen?! Yes.
No one knows where it is, and all shinobi are now searching for it.
Don't tell me… Iruka Sensei! Sansho! Mibuna! Where is Tsukune?! We tried to stop him… I knew it… See? That was easy.
Next, I'll use this and mess up the Great Stone Face.
Stop! I knew I'd find you here.
You planned to use a Shadow Clone from the Book of Seals and pull off a flashy prank, right? You wanna say that you know exactly what I'm thinking, right? No, I don't know what you're thinking.
What am I doing?! I keep comparing students to the ones I had in the past.
And I can't see into the heart… of the precious student that's standing right before me! Iruka Sensei… I realize it now, Tsukune.
You just wanted to be acknowledged, right? And I didn't see that… and kept bragging about an old student of mine.
How long have I been a teacher anyway? I'm such a fool! I'm sorry! Please forgive me! Did you mean it? Huh? About what you said… Anyone can become a hero like Naruto Uzumaki! So believe in yourself and do your best! Yeah.
Of course! 'Kay then… I'll try a little bit harder.
SEALED I'm very sorry about what my student did.
I take full responsibility.
Oh, yeah? Then check and confirm the inside for me.
Huh? "To me, love is life.
Love is everything, you see?!" MAKE-OUT PARADISE There's no way I'd place the real thing where it can be stolen easily.
True… By the way, Iruka Sensei… About the advancement exam… You were right, Kakashi.
That position is far more than I can handle right now.
Huh?! No, no… When I said it was going to be difficult, I meant that the advancement exam is on the same day as Naruto's wedding.
What? You are his mentor, Iruka Sensei… You can't miss his wedding, right? So, that got me thinking… I'm thinking of reserving another extra day for the advancement exam.
I really want you to become the vice-principal, Iruka Sensei, and serve as a shining example to all of the Academy teachers.
I'm sorry.
I'm not going to take the exam, after all.
I got carried away about going to Naruto's reception as the newly promoted vice-principal and forgot about my student who was right before my eyes.
I've failed as a teacher.
I have no right to go celebrate with Naruto.
First, I must take care of my current students and cherish the things right before me.
Then and only then, can I properly congratulate Naruto.
Cherish the things right before me, huh… …it's more important to fulfill the responsibility that's right before you, as the Hokage.
You're right.
I've decided too.
Huh? What did you—? I asked you to assemble here today to relay something as your Sixth Hokage.
I am giving you a secret mission in which you shall each prepare a congratulatory gift for Naruto and Hinata's wedding.
Have it ready and report back one week before the reception.
A wedding gift? That's great! – He has it all planned.
– What a drag.
Leave it to Lord Hokage! That is all.
Kakashi, what is going on? We're going to assess each gift and give it a ranking to determine who will attend the wedding reception and who will be placed on duty for that day's missions.
In other words, we're going to sift and screen through the gifts.
But that's like measuring their friendship?! Yeah… But what's most important is what's right before me, right? I'm prepared to be called the worst Hokage in history.
"The worst Hokage in history"? It's all thanks to you, Iruka Sensei! Wha—? What?! 31 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WEDDING Guy Sensei, what makes a good wedding gift? Since this is for Naruto… Naruto.
to…to… Toilet paper…pa! Pa? Pa.
pa… Oh, passion fruits? Ts…Ts…Tsunade's big chest, duh! Duh? Duh…duh…dumb bells! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 2: A Full-Powered Wedding Gift" Why are you guys playing a word chain game?! Tune in again!