Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e16 Episode Script

A Full-Powered Wedding Gift

1 A mission to find a wedding present, huh? The Hokage is giving us a wonderful opportunity to find a great gift… …that personifies our friendship.
That's right, we've never had a wedding celebration like this.
– Well, they are the first – Hey, Shino! Cut it out! – among all our friends – I didn't say anything until now, – to get married.
– but I've had enough of – We gotta do our best to find – your insect antics! – something they'll both like.
– Hey, Akamaru! Me too! I'm getting fired up! I'm gonna make sure they definitely love my gift! Do you know what you're getting already, Lee? I haven't a clue.
Huh?! However! If I put myself in Naruto's shoes and think about how he feels, I know it'll come to me naturally.
I won't lose to anyone! Wake up, Akamaru! Usually, you don't compete with wedding gifts to see who wins or loses… Well then… Let's give it our all! This is for Hinata.
Let's all put our best effort into this.
There's no need to get so worked up.
The reason is, if you just let it come naturally to you, you'll think of something.
It seems everyone got really fired up about this.
I can't think of anything.
What about you, Choji? I have a pretty good idea.
Damn it… What a drag.
STEALTHILY A Full-Powered Wedding Gift ICHIRAKU We're going to assess each gift and give it a ranking to determine who will attend the wedding reception and who will be placed on duty for that day's missions.
In other words, we're going to sift and screen through the gifts.
I'd better not mention any of that to anyone.
Hello! WELCOME Oh, it's Lee! I'll have an order of the ramen Naruto orders most often! Naruto's favorite ramen? Let's see… That's so obvious! It's our large miso and char siu ramen.
– Oh, yeah that's right! – I see! But why the sudden curiosity? If I'm to understand Naruto's feelings, I figured I should first try the things he likes to eat.
I don't get it but… anyways, take a seat.
Okay! Idiot…idiot… How is it? It's delicious! Light, yet rich, but not too heavy.
It has volume and punch, and its impact is so great, you want to slurp it down all at once! So…do you know how Naruto feels a little more now? I understand why he always orders this ramen! But other than that, no.
I guess not.
If you could tell how a guy feels just by eating ramen, life wouldn't be so hard.
Oh! Iruka Sensei, you were Naruto's teacher.
You must know.
Iruka Sensei?! I'm sorry, I was deep in thought and didn't notice you! Don't worry.
You're Lee, right? Guy Sensei's student.
Yes! You were Naruto's teacher… So you must know how Naruto thinks.
Please tell me about him! Well, I was his teacher a long time ago.
And he's become so praiseworthy now… I only see him once in a while now… I see… But why are you trying to understand Naruto's feelings, Lee? For his wedding gift.
In order to find something he'll like, I thought I should first understand his feelings.
I see, so that's it.
In any case, in order to convey my intense regard for my friend Naruto, I'm going to put my entire being into THE BEST WEDDING GIFT! finding the best wedding gift for him! Well then, please excuse me, Iruka Sensei! He's exactly like Guy Sensei.
I'm so sorry it was so loud! Oh no.
In fact, I'm happy that Naruto has a friend like him.
Found ya, Iruka Sensei! You didn't record your message yet! That's right… Can you wait a little longer? Not again…man.
CHESTNUT SWEETS Naruto's wedding gift… Naruto's wedding gift… BATHS WOMEN MEN Naruto's wedding gift… RIGHT OVER HERE… Naruto's…wedding… NIKO NIKO DUMBBELL FAMILY DUMBBELL FITNESS CLUB NOW OPEN Yes! How about dumbbells?! Naruto! Hinata! Congratulations on your marriage! Please use these dumbbells and find everlasting happiness… No, no, no, no, no! Stop! Dumbbells are definitely useful.
Its heaviness is surely symbolic of the solidity and depth of my friendship… And more importantly, they can make you stronger.
Nothing else could better symbolize our friendship.
But… It's possible Naruto will get so hooked on muscle training that he'll totally ignore Hinata… Even if Naruto and I have a special bond, UNOFFICIAL LEAF VILLAGE MASCO KONORIN giving him dumbbells might meet with some resistance.
I must think of something else! WEDDING GIFT WEDDING GIFT WEDDING GIF WEDDING GIFT WEDDING GIFT WEDDING GIF Ahh! I can't think of anything! During times like this—! What gift would make Naruto and Hinata happy? I guess it would be something that reminds them of me.
Now if a kunai like this was specially ordered and made cute… Marriage, huh? How nice…! Hold on a sec! One is in love with her dream man and getting married, happily ever after.
While I don't even have a boyfriend, and train every day from morning until night… This would be… Kunai again? But it's Tenten, after all… When you think of Tenten, you think kunai… Maybe I should think of something else… Get something that doesn't kill people, within the set budget – that captures a maiden's heart… – Tenten! – I need to ask you something! – That voice… Idiot…idiot.
Calm down when you ask people something.
I'm sorry.
I just couldn't do it by myself.
I had no choice but to ask for your help and came looking for you… But…I guess you're in a bind too.
Uh-huh… Sending the usual gift won't convey our feelings… And yet, something that's more like me may not make them happy… A wedding gift… is more complicated than I thought.
What would Neji do? We must not do that! We must go and investigate! Investigate? Yes! NINJA TOOLS MANTENDO I get it.
Rather than thinking alone, NINJA TOOLS MANTENDO looking at actual items can give us more ideas and variations.
There are so many items, I'm sure we'll find something suitable that fits us, while also making Naruto and Hinata happy! You're right! For example… How about a sword like this? Umm… It looks expensive, but it doesn't have any connection to a wedding, does it? No… LONG LIFE They can use it for their first joint effort.
LONG LIFE To cut the cake…that's all? Not good? Isn't a cake-cutter pretty low on the usefulness meter? Then how about… …this? Tonfa? It's totally you, since you're a taijutsu specialist… That has no connection with a wedding either.
No… I figured it would be useful for everyday married life, since they'll have more laundry to do… For hanging laundry?! Still, I don't think Naruto will be too pleased with this… Maybe you should think of something a bit less strange.
You're lucky, Tenten.
All you have to do… …is send this thing that you always use.
Huh? Would getting kunai make them happy? It's not necessary at all in married life.
No! You can make full use of it! It's perfect for newlyweds FRIED PORK CUTLE who can't decide what to make for dinner! FRIED PORK CUTLE Is that any way to use a kunai?! Idiot…idiot.
We didn't find a single thing.
Let's try hard again tomorrow.
I can't think of a single thing.
Lee… Hey, Lee! Neji! When you get hooked on one thing, you even struggle with it in your dreams… That's so like you, Lee.
Neji… Is that really you, Neji? You were groaning pretty loud.
I couldn't find a gift for Naruto and Hinata's wedding.
I spent the entire day looking, but I've used up all my ideas and energy… What about you, Neji? I had one thing I had to tell you… Neji, I'm… I know.
Say no more.
Lee, remember this carefully… Physical strength over endurance! Physical strength over endurance! Physical strength over endurance? And don't forget…Hyuga.
What? H-Hey wait, Neji! I thought you appeared because I was in such a dilemma about a wedding gift and you wanted to give me advice! Oh… Neji! Neji?! RECORDING RECORDING Naruto, Hinata, congratulations on your marriage.
RECORDING Naruto, who would have expected a bad little kid RECORDING would become such a great man? RECORDING Hinata, please take care of Naruto.
RECORDING I think that's it! RECORDING Okay! RECORDING It's perfect! I can just see Big Brother Naruto's eyes welling up with tears! Okay, I'm off to edit this! I can't wait! Oh, Lee! H-Hello, Iruka Sensei… What happened to your face?! I can't decide on a gift for Naruto's wedding… On top of that, an old friend appeared in my dream and gave me advice that doesn't make any sense at all and… …I couldn't sleep thinking about it.
2765 sheep, 2766 sheep, 2767 Neji, 2768—? Neji, you jerk! Oh, that sounds terrible… At this rate, I'll never be able to convey the depth of my friendship to Naruto! There, there… Don't take it so seriously.
UNOFFICIAL LEAF VILLAGE MASCO KONORIN I'm sure it's a big struggle for you all… But I'm very happy.
Happy? Why? I'm happy to know that a student I taught has a friend who will go to such great lengths.
Although, it may sound like I'm just trying to make you feel better… Oh, no such thing… Actually, I've never had a chance to talk like this to a friend of Naruto's.
Thanks to his upcoming wedding, I got to talk to you and the others, and you've shown me a valuable side of Naruto I never knew.
I'm grateful for that.
Now that I think about it, since he graduated, you guys know much more about Naruto than I do.
Is that so?! Huh? Why so shocked? I thought I could ask for your help HA HA HA HA HA with ideas for Naruto's wedding gift.
HA HA HA HA HA Sorry, I'm no help.
But considering the effort you're putting into finding a gift, I know Naruto will be happy, whatever you choose.
Do you think so? In fact, if he dares to complain, as his teacher, I'll knock some sense into him all over again! Did I sound pompous saying that? As his teacher…knock some sense… all over again… That's it! Huh? What? I had forgotten something very valuable! Iruka Sensei, thank you! Well then… What was that?! So you've come, Lee! Guy Sensei! I figured it would be around now.
Judging from your expression, you're still in a dilemma, eh? What? How can you tell? One look at you and I can tell if you've been training all night because something's bothering you.
Guy Sensei! And let me guess…your worries have to do with the wedding gift.
Huh?! G-Guy Sensei! Can you read my heart?! How long have we been together in the springtime of our youth? Guy Sensei! I can't even decide what to give Naruto for his wedding gift… I'm still only half a shinobi! Please knock some sense into me! Well said, Lee! Let's search together for a wedding gift! – Guy Sensei! – Lee! – Guy Sensei! – Lee! – Lee! – Guy Sensei! Let's set up some rules before choosing a wedding gift.
HOT-BLOODED First, it can't be something common.
HOT-BLOODED But it mustn't be too unconventional.
Yes, we figured out that much.
It's from that point that we got stuck.
And…the wedding gift should be one that leaves a lasting impression, and conveys friendship, effort, and triumph in choosing it.
So what would be a gift that personifies me… and the hot springtime of youth— …what would that be? If it does exist, it would… definitely include wearing a fashionable bodysuit! Huh?! Why a bodysuit? Yes! The hot spring of youth means sweat and tears! Can sweat and tears be given as gifts?! – No, of course not! – Just a minute, Lee! In the first place, can man live on will power alone?! Can he overcome the dangers of divorce with only patience?! W-Wait, Sensei… You're going off the subject… I've been thinking the same thing! Should curry be medium-hot? Or super-spicy?! Aw man! We're on totally different wave lengths! A CHALLENGE All right! I'm going to do a handstand A CHALLENGE and walk around the village 5,000 times! A CHALLENGE Then I'll go 5,200 times! A CHALLENGE Fine, then I'll go 5,300 times! A CHALLENGE – 5,400 times! – 5,500 times! A CHALLENGE Stop it! It's true.
We've gone way off the subject.
So, let's just go back to the beginning.
And go over the basics once more.
Basics? Yes.
First of all, what is a wedding ceremony? Th-That's a very philosophical question… Uh, is that really where we're starting? Then let me ask you this? What is absolutely necessary for a wedding ceremony? Wouldn't that be…love? You are a poet.
However, Lee… I think it's the bride and groom! Oh! Y-Yes, there's no wedding without a bride and groom! Right? A wedding ceremony without a bride and groom is not a wedding ceremony! It's just a ceremony! And by ceremony, who knows what kind of ceremony! How blind I am! Guy Sensei, you have the ability to see what something is beneath the surface! You are amazing! You don't need to go overboard… You have always been my role model… – My everlasting hero! – No one's paying any attention.
So now, we can think about what kind of gift would please a bride and groom, right? Exactly! I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this… All right! I'll be the groom.
Lee, you are the bride! Yes, Guy Sensei! I knew it… Why do I have to play the baby? Not this again? DUMPLINGS Hi… I'm home.
What time do you think it is?! It's the new spring fashions! – Move! – How cute! – That's mine! – She took it! Give it back! How dare you! Seventh Gate of Shock! Open! – Damn it, – Well, Lee? – what are you making me do? – Is something forming in your mind? I think I'm almost there… But after that, it's still far off… Well, never mind.
You won't get an answer if you think too deeply.
If Neji were here, he wouldn't even speak to you.
No, but Neji would, if it's for Hinata's sake.
The husband's female coworker appears out of nowhere to threaten their peaceful family life.
Neji would show up to take on that perfect role! He would not! Besides, how can you misinterpret Neji like that?! Neji… Even if as a ghost, Neji would appear.
Neji would appear? Physical strength over endurance! Physical strength over endurance! I see! I get it.
So that's it, Neji.
So that was meant for Hinata, not me.
What do you mean? Physical strength is essential to protect a family! – The highest form of strength! – Absolutely! Cooking, washing, cleaning, raising the kids, shopping… The newlywed life is a nonstop test of muscles! Yes! The newlyweds must prepare for that! If that is so, there is only one answer! The truest gift from us should be… SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH – Dumbbells! – Dumbbells! SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH You've got to be kidding! – Guy Sensei… – Lee… – Guy Sensei! – Lee! Hah! Lee! You shall present the left dumbbell! Right! And I'll present the right! Let's go, Guy Sensei! Yes! Our wedding gift… will lose to no one! Okay, yeah… I'm gonna go with a custom-made kunai.
I WILL RETURN TO RETRIEVE THIS LATER -MIGHT GUY What, you fool! ICHIRAKU Delivery? – I see… – It's gonna take some time.
– You've decided on a wedding gift? – Is that okay? – Yes, and it's all thanks to – Okay, sorry.
– Guy Sensei and you, Iruka Sensei.
– Ayame is out right now.
– It pays to have great mentors! – Is that okay? Thank you.
– Well, if that's what you believe, – Thank you.
– it makes me very happy.
– What's your order? What are you saying? Naruto is blessed to have a mentor like you, Iruka Sensei.
I'm sure he feels the same way! Oh, thank you.
Okay, I'm going to take a look at some dumbbells.
So if you'll excuse me! Naruto's mentor, huh…? I should find out more about how Naruto's grown after leaving my care, and what kind of bonds he's made with friends.
If I'm truly Naruto's mentor… Oh! Iruka Sensei! We meet again! Konohamaru, just in time.
That message I recorded last time… Can I do it over? Sure.
But why? I want to find out more about Naruto, and send him a proper message… A message from his mentor… I'm back! Sorry to keep you waiting.
What will you have? Um… I'll have the miso char siu.
Make it a large.
Coming right up.
One large miso char siu ramen! All right! A large miso char siu ramen! Miso?! 28 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WEDDING I can't think of a wedding gift! Choji, do you wanna think with me? Besides that, do you get to eat sweets everyday of your sweet married life? Like sweet bean curry, chocolate hamburger steak, honey fried rice, tempura cake, and vanilla flavored food pills… sounds so good… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 3: Steam and Food Pills Guess I'll just have to ask Ino… HIDDEN LEAF STORY, THE PERFECT DAY FOR A WEDDING, PART 3: STEAM AND FOOD PILLS Tune in again!