Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e17 Episode Script

Steam and Food Pills

1 UNOFFICIAL LEAF VILLAGE MASCOT KONORIN Hey Ino…you here? Yeah? What are you two doing together? Remember what Kakashi Sensei said last time? I am giving you a secret mission in which you shall each prepare a congratulatory gift for Naruto and Hinata's wedding.
Of course! And? What about it? Oh… I thought we'd discuss what to get them.
Oh, sorry! I've got something great picked out already and I'm about to go to the store.
Which store? We'll go with you! No, you aren't! We can't get gifts from the same store.
You two can think of something on your own! Later! What are we gonna do? Excuse me, Miss! I'd like to get some ice cream for dessert.
What about you, Shikamaru? None for me.
You sure can eat, though… Your appetite hasn't changed since you were a kid.
But these days, I've started liking thigh meat, as well as meat that's really rare, so I think I'm going towards more grown-up tastes.
So it's your taste buds? Anyway, getting back to the subject.
Maybe yuzu sorbet would've been better than ice cream… No! I'm talking about the wedding gift for Naruto and Hinata! Oh that.
Here's your ice cream.
Oh, it's here! Judging from Ino's attitude, she'll be no help… If this keeps going, we might be the only ones who can't find a present.
What do you mean by "we"? I've already picked something out.
R-Really?! What are you getting? I'm thinking about giving them this.
SATOCHO DINNER GIFT CERTIFICATE Hey, this is a—! SATOCHO DINNER GIFT CERTIFICATE Yup, a gift certificate for a dinner! And it's not just for an average diner! It's a gift certificate for a super-fancy teahouse that VIPs like the Hokage go to! Well, it is a special occasion… What's going on?! This is Choji… And he chose the perfect gift! Having dinner in a restaurant you wouldn't normally be able to go to is special and really memorable for a couple! Not a lot of gifts would have as much impact! And even if this was for a special occasion… Choji's willing to part with a gift certificate to a super-fancy restaurant, just like that? Miss, may I have another bowl of ice cream? Are you really the Choji I know?! It's not just your taste buds that grew up.
Have you completely become an adult? What? Here's your ice cream.
It just happened to be a three-for-one special.
Why is it three to a group? Usually a romantic dinner is for two.
You'd think a fancy restaurant would be aware of that! Choji will tag along if it's three to a group! Shikamaru? What's wrong, Shikamaru? It's nothing… Are you planning to go too? Are you joking? Even I know better than to tag along with some newlyweds… R-Right? Of course you would.
I was gonna ask the waitress to seat me at a different table.
So, you ARE going?! Still, this is not the time to get on Choji's case.
I still haven't decided to what to get them.
And I can't waste a minute on deciding.
I'm thinking… something useful.
A decorative item would just get in the way if it's not to their taste.
Flowers or food would be gone eventually, and it would seem like a seasonal gift.
Sending them something is really risky… So that leaves…cash! That's not a bad idea.
They can get whatever they want, and it's way better than getting something they won't use or something that's identical to someone else's gift.
But wait a minute… What if I'm the only one giving them cash? It's not a lot, but please accept it! Not good! Everyone will think I was the only one too lazy to go out and buy a gift and just gave them cash without thinking.
Shikamaru, you okay? U-Uh, yeah… I just felt a chill.
Sorry, did you get cold from watching me eat all that ice cream? That's not it… I got hot from eating all that barbecue, so it was just what I needed.
Besides, I'm the kinda guy who can eat ice cream even if I'm traveling in snow country! My appetite beats the cold every time.
Damn it, no one can beat your appetite— Choji! What did you just say?! My appetite beats the cold? No, before that! What about snow country? Oh… I can eat ice cream even if I'm traveling in snow country… That's it! Steam and Food Pills A honeymoon? Yeah… I'm gonna gift Naruto and Hinata a honeymoon.
So where are you off to now? I have to decide on a place, and go check it out.
And I need to get a woman's point of view so I can get a sense of what Hinata might like.
If only Ino were here… There she is! H-Hey… It's been awhile… ever since that day, huh? Y-Yeah.
What are you guys up to? Uh, stuff…We just had some lunch.
And you? I'm here to discuss the Chunin Exams and making my rounds to people… O-Oh…that so? What the hell?! I thought you meant Ino was there… You said a "woman's point of view," so it doesn't have to be Ino.
But she's a warrior-type to the core.
I can't talk to her about a wedding gift… What? A honeymoon as a wedding gift? Talk about a silly and pathetic idea.
I just know she'd say something like that.
Wouldn't that apply to Ino as well? Hey, what're you two whispering about? Oh, it's nothing… I think Shikamaru wants to talk to you about something.
T-Talk to me? Maybe…next time… we can go get a bite to eat.
T-Talk about what? Damn it, Choji! I can't come out and say something like, "It's no use talking to Temari about honeymoons.
" Well… I guess have no choice… Well, you see… I'm seriously thinking about a honeymoon.
So, if it were you, where would you like to go? Huh?! A-A honeymoon?! W-What's the matter? N-Nothing.
A honeymoon, huh? W-Why would you ask me that? Huh? Well, I just figured… Wait a second.
I can't come out and say it really doesn't matter who, I just need a woman's opinion, can I? I figured you'd be the best one to ask.
I-I'm the best one? I-I see.
O-Okay then, I'll hear you out.
O-Oh… Well, I thought a hot spring would be nice and relaxing… Does that sound like something an old man would like? No, a hot spring sounds great! Really? Awesome! Good food and hot springs… perfect, right? Good.
At least I got confirmation.
So now… Now you have to choose where, right? Huh? Oh, yeah.
Maybe we can check some out.
It's still early.
Why not go now? Yeah, that's true.
Then… I'm going to Amaguriama.
So why don't you two go? Huh?! Sorry, I just have to have some dessert after eating! You just ate! I always save room for dessert.
You just filled that room earlier! You idiot! Because of Choji's big mouth, Temari's standing there red-faced and upset! Sorry, Choji didn't mean to get you upset or anything.
Since we're talking about honeymoons, he figured there's no sense I go alone.
Yeah, that's right.
A honeymoon is meant for two, so you guys should go.
Okay, you two.
I'm off.
Hey, uh…Mr.
C-Choji?! What am I supposed to do now? I'll go with you.
Huh? How did it turn out like this? W-What's with this strange nervousness? Anyway, I never expected Temari to help me out with choosing a wedding gift for Naruto and Hinata.
However… Why is she so silent all of a sudden? I can't get a read on her at all! First, I have to get her out of her bad mood.
W-Well… Since we're out… should we stop by a couple places? O-Oh, sure… HIT THE TARGE That's rare of you to miss.
What?! Sorry… This was all I could win.
I'm not completely sure, but I think she's in a good mood now.
Thank goodness! It's still here! I knew it was the perfect wedding gift.
It's cute and simple.
It's one of a kind! I had to get money from my savings, but I know Hinata will love it! Anyway, my wedding gift to them is set! I-Ino… Imagine seeing you here.
I can say the same about you.
– No way! – She isn't—! B-By the way, have you seen Naruto lately? No, not at all.
Imagine that, Naruto getting married.
He used to be crazy about you long ago.
That was back when we were kids.
I'm really happy he and Hinata are together.
There's no mistake… She's also… – planning on that for a wedding gift! – planning on that for a wedding gift! I have to get this picture frame before her! But how…? Hey Sakura, were you planning on getting this for Naruto and Hinata? Huh? That's right! I have to provoke her and make her too proud to buy it.
That's impossible, right? You wouldn't get something that tacky, would you? I'm not gonna fall for it.
This woman's trying to diss that picture frame, so I won't buy it.
What are you talking about? You were totally about to buy it earlier… Th-That's… Why would you even think about buying something tacky? How stupid! Stupid?! I didn't say I was going to buy it! I was just gonna move it out of the way because it's trash.
Really, you may have brute strength, but you have no taste at all! Brute strength?! Talk about a lame comparison! Excuse me! You're annoying the other customers.
See, Ino! You're annoying the others! You're the one who's yelling! You started it! This is mine! Hey, that's mine! I found it first! Now, now… Please don't pull so hard, or else—! – Shut up! – Shut up! You've got some nerve! Because of you, we got kicked out! That's my line! You have no sense of mutual compromise! You have no regard for anyone, you have no chest, all you have is brute strength! Huh?! My chest has nothing to do with this! There is nothing you can beat me in, so you always try to bring up something unrelated! You should stop that.
I don't know the meaning of not winning.
And I win hands down in femininity.
Feminine?! You? How? Now, now… Stop your fighting, you two.
Choji! Perfect timing! Who's more feminine? Me or Sakura?! You can't just ask something like that out of the blue… Even your own teammate, Choji, won't pick you.
How sad! Huh?! Choji's not on your team, but he won't even try to flatter you.
That is so sad! H-Hey, cut it out.
Hmm… Okay then… If you want to know, why don't you put it to a test.
– A test? – A test? Personally, I think someone who can cook is very feminine.
So maybe you should see who cooks better? Okay, let's begin the challenge! The one who makes the tastiest food pills wins.
You just watch, Sakura.
I know what you like and dislike.
I just have to make something that'll make you gag.
The judge will be Choji.
Huh?! You're not going to eat it?! Fine with me! I just ate a mountain of ice cream, but I always have room for food pills! W-Wait! Choji's my teammate.
That gives me the edge! You should be okay with having the advantage… Don't tell me… You weren't planning to poison them to make me sick, were you? Like I would! Come on, let's get started! Okay, without further ado! The food pill contest to see who's more feminine, begins! Ready, fight! Whoa, what's this?! Instead of using a mortar and pestle, she uses her fine chakra control to get the ingredients to the desired size.
I can't wait to taste the sensation when I put it in my mouth! Whoa! She's searing the ingredients with super-fire power! Sakura is using some legendary golden honey.
Ino is using cacao powder.
Both seem irresistible! Th-This is…?! Th-This is… Yummy! So delicious! Rich, yet not too overpowering… That indescribable something that explodes when it hits your tongue… That delicate aroma and taste that lingers… It's a treasure chest of sweetness! Choji! So? Which is it? Which one tastes better? Oh, I wolfed both down, so I can't tell.
But they were both really…good… – Choji! – Choji! Choji! Choji! I've made a lot of friends too.
Noooo! Choji! Don't die! What's happening? Is his life flashing before his eyes? Ino! You did used poison, didn't you?! You know I wouldn't! Just who do you think I am, anyway?! I've made…a lot of friends… This is bad! Choji's delirium is getting worse! What are you doing? I have to see what's inside it before I can treat him.
If there's poison in it, my tongue will go numb… I told you, there's no poison inside! Damn it! It's delicious! Uh-huh! Why? I really love this taste.
Me too! I love this flavor! Boy, that surprised me.
I ate too many sweets… Seems my blood sugar shot up.
But I'm okay now! Is that all? Thank goodness.
Hey, Ino.
Why would you go out of the way to make something I love? Well… I figured if I surprised you with a flavor you'd love, I'd win.
What, really? That was my strategy too! Huh?! You too? No wonder I love how it tastes! Ultimately, we saw right through each other.
Okay, since we know each other so well, there's something I want to say to you.
What is it? Don't you think we'd find something even better if we looked for a wedding gift together? What now? I was thinking the same thing.
TOMIYA That inn seems nice.
Huh? I'd better hurry up and choose or I'll just keep mulling over this wedding gift.
I just have to pick something! Okay.
Let's go in! Huh?! What's the matter? Weren't we just going to… look around? Yeah, but we have to go inside or we can't make a decision.
No, but… I'm not mentally prepared… What? Mentally prepared? Is she panicking because this place too fancy? It's okay.
Temari, let's just go inside and then we can decide.
I-It'll be too late once we go inside! I might get caught up in the mood… What's she talking about? The mood? The mood of that inn? What does she mean by getting caught up in it? I don't get it! Hey…you don't… …have a fever, do you? I-I'm going home! H-Hey, wait! It's gonna get dark soon! If you're not feeling well, we really should book a room and rest! Please wait! I really…need you! Are you sure…I'm the one? Yeah! You're the only one! Besides, I can't go into the women's bath.
What? Temari, I need you to go into the women's bath and report back every detail to me.
That's all.
Easy, right? So, uh… Just what is this all about anyway? What else? I'm going to gift Naruto and Hinata a honeymoon for their wedding gift, and I need to choose the inn.
Oh… So that's it.
Huh? Didn't I…tell you? This is the first I've heard about it.
ICHIRAKU RAMEN So, you're back to square one in your search for a wedding gift? Yeah… But I think it turned out for the best.
What about you, Shikamaru? Trying to explain everything is a drag… 22 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WEDDING It's Naruto's wedding! Hinata's madly in love! I'm jealous! Fool, ya fool! The wedding gift, I gotta prepare… For those two, something extravagant.
If it's too expensive, let's split it! This makes me wanna get married too! I can do it! I'll be the next one up! I'm so popular, I'm on the verge of bursting! For real… I'm on the frontlines of romance! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 3: The Kazekage's Wedding Gift" Tune in again!