Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e18 Episode Script

The Kazekage's Wedding Gift

1 WIND Welcome.
It's been a while Lord Sixth.
I apologize for being late.
Have the other Kage arrived already? Yes, they just arrived.
6TH HOKAGE I don't see the Mizukage… 6TH HOKAGE Due to inclement weather en route, 6TH HOKAGE they are running about a half a day behind.
6TH HOKAGE During this time, 6TH HOKAGE please relax and enjoy what our village has to offer.
I've assigned Hidden Leaf Shinobi to accompany you.
By the way, Lord Sixth.
I understand Naruto is going to marry.
Yes, so you've heard? I've prepared a wedding gift from the Hidden Rock.
May I ask you to present it at the wedding celebration? The Hidden Cloud will also be sending a gift.
I ask the same of you.
I understand.
I'm sure Naruto will be very happy.
Naruto…is getting married, huh? The Kazekage's Wedding Gift We didn't hear anything about Naruto getting married! Temari, you were here just a little while ago… You must've heard about it! Y-Yeah… Why didn't you tell us?! Shut up! I forgot, okay?! What's come over you? Y-You're being scary.
In any case, we should prepare a wedding gift.
Since it will be from the Kazekage, we should get something extravagant.
Extravagant, huh? Do you think Naruto would appreciate that? You think Naruto wouldn't be happy with something extravagant? CONGRATULATIONS! When you put it that way… Gaara! It's been a very long time! Yes, it certainly has.
We are going to show you around the village until Lord Mizukage arrives! Hey, Lee.
He's here for the Five Kage Conference and we're on duty as well.
Don't get too casual.
No, let's not stand on ceremony.
We appreciate your company.
We're looking forward to it.
So, is there somewhere you want to go first? Let's see… Actually, I want to know what kinds of things Naruto likes.
What Naruto likes? Let's see… I know just the place! I'll take you there now! Great.
Are you both coming? Of course! I'm just going to relax here.
It will be awkward if I run into him.
What's up, Temari? You seem weirdly irritated… There's nothing going on! You guys just go! RAMEN ICHIRAKU Hello! Oh! Welcome, Iruka Sensei! I'd like a large miso char siu ramen.
Sure thing! But, Iruka Sensei, you've been coming around a lot lately.
Don't be rude, Ayame! He's a very important customer! What's going on with you? You seem to be troubled.
Well… Everyone's in a tizzy over what to get Naruto for his wedding gift for the past few days.
It doesn't involve me since I'm not a shinobi.
But I still want to give him something.
And I came up with… this! FREE RAMEN PASS ICHIRAKU A free ramen pass? Oh! Not this.
RAMEN FREE PASS FOR ONE YEAR ICHIRAKU I see… He gets to eat free ramen for a limited time.
I'm sure this'll make him very happy.
But I wonder about a whole year… A year is too long.
Too long… RAMEN FREE PASS FOR SIX MONTHS ICHIRAKU It's the same with half a year.
Yeah, you're right… I see.
You want to give Naruto a wedding gift too? He'll definitely be overjoyed! So, does that mean you have something already, Lee? Of course! I see.
This is the first time I'm getting something like a wedding gift.
I don't have a clue on what to get.
Then you must consider what a wedding is in the first place! What is a wedding ceremony? What is absolutely necessary for a wedding ceremony? Wouldn't that be…love? I'm getting a bad feeling about this… "What is a wedding ceremony?" That's a very philosophical question.
Yes, it is.
So think about it this way… What is absolutely necessary for a wedding ceremony? Absolutely necessary for a wedding…? Wouldn't that be…love? Yes! LOVE That was my answer too! LOVE Why is this going exactly the same way as before?! However, my mentor whom I greatly respect, Guy Sensei, didn't stop there.
He realized that it's the bride and groom who are most important in a wedding… and if you put yourself into their shoes, you would see what would be the best gift.
And the result of that was… I got them dumbbells! D-Dumbbells? I'm only a shinobi… so I think that's most suitable thing for me to present.
However, Gaara, you are the Kazekage, so we must consider your position.
So, I think some extravagant barbells would be great! B-Barbells, huh… I don't know about barbells… But I agree with the "extravagant" part.
ICHIRAKU – Hello! – Welcome! Iruka Sensei! Hey, Lee! We meet again! Gaara, let me introduce Iruka Sensei, Naruto's teacher.
Iruka Sensei, this is Gaara the Kazekage! H-How do you do? Why is Lord Kazekage with you two? We've been assigned to show him around the village until the Five Kage Conference begins.
Gaara is also thinking about a wedding gift for Naruto.
Naruto and Gaara are friends.
Friends?! Anyway, we're going to send an extravagant gift representative of the Hidden Sand.
I'm very grateful to the Lord Kazekage for making such an extravagant gesture… and I'm sure Naruto will be overjoyed as well.
Now, if you will please excuse me.
See? Naruto's gonna be happy! His own teacher confirmed that.
You think so? One thing's for sure, Naruto loves flashy things! There's no way he won't be happy with an extravagant gift.
I see… I guess I'm gonna go big and grand too, and give him a year's free pass— Father… Y-Yes… Pops, I'll have a large miso char siu ramen! What is that? Naruto's favorite item on the menu.
It has an extravagant helping of char sui.
Even his ramen is extravagant? Then I'll have that too.
Me too.
Okay, Pops… A large miso char siu ramen for all of us! Hold it! Make mine a regular, without char siu, and for the topping… Topping? Seems Naruto fish cake is ranked number one.
Way back, it used to be the least popular.
These days, it's Naruto fish cake, hands down.
That's the kinda effect he's had.
Then I'll have the regular miso ramen, with the Naruto fishcake topping.
Please add that to mine too.
TOPPING MENU #1 NARUTO FISHCAKE #2 CHAR SIU #3 MENMA All right! I'll give you an extravagant helping of the topping! Boy, did we eat.
Where would you like to go next? Are you all right? You've been deep in thought this whole time.
I was thinking about what to give Naruto as the Kazekage.
As the Kazekage? Kankuro wants to give something extravagant, but that just doesn't sit right with me.
I see… Hey, c'mon, Gaara… But after listening to Naruto's teacher and the ramen shop's proprietor, I'm convinced.
As long as it makes Naruto happy.
That's more like it! I'll help in any way I can too! – Huh? – Huh? Huh? Hey, you Hidden Sand and Leaf guys! Guess who I am, yay! What an awful rap… You're Lord Killer Bee, the bodyguard of Lord Raikage, right? Isn't anyone accompanying you in the village? I prefer my freedom.
My brother's at the conference reception.
Me, I prefer a village exploration.
By the way, Kazekage, are you planning on giving Naruto a wedding gift? Yes, I intend to.
Finding a gift is my personal mission.
Let's do our best to make a good decision, yay.
Sounds like the Hidden Cloud are really into this.
Our gift will be something to marvel at.
Listen well and remember that.
Seriously? Do you have to answer in rap all the time? PURE SAKE LONG LIFE LIGHTNING CONGRATULATIONS Decorated for a special occasion… PURE SAKE LONG LIFE LIGHTNING CONGRATULATIONS Sake produced by the Hidden Cloud… Ten giant kegs of which we're proud, yay.
Hidden Cloud beef of super high-quality… We'll present it roasted whole, in its entirety, yay.
Premium games… The best of the best.
Ten great games, no less.
Yay! That sums up my presentation.
A wedding's an important celebration.
A-Amazing! I didn't get the details because of your rap… but I did get that it'll be extravagant.
So what's the Hidden Sand getting? Have you already ordered it? Well…that's just it.
Okay! Okay! I apologize, I should have realized… Our gifts are so extravagant that it's made you hesitant.
But that's not important.
Huh? Doesn't matter if it's not fancy, what comes from the heart is the best choice.
That's what'll make Naruto rejoice, yay! Don't patronize us! K-Kankuro?! We're gonna give a gift that equals the Hidden Cloud's! We plan to cover the reception hall with flowers grown in the Hidden Sand! And to highlight the celebration dinner, we'll send the finest tuna in the land…a whole bluefin! And we'll prepare boxes of sweets as wedding favors for every guest! How's that?! Hold it.
Who said anything about—? Amazing! You came up with all that in such a short time! No…we haven't decided— Oh, I forgot something important.
Fool, ya fool.
For entertainment, Brother might perchance… perform the "Hidden Cloud Dance.
" Yay.
The Raikage… The Hidden Cloud Dance, you say?! No, no, no… no way, no way… So now you get the drift… How the party will get a lift, yay T-This is bad! At this rate… Gaara will lose! No, giving a gift isn't about winning or losing.
Dance Huh? Show up the Raikage… and dance too, Gaara! That is the only way! The Mizukage should be arriving soon.
Then we should call the Kazekage.
Lord Kakashi… Drop the "lord.
" We received a request to adjust the entertainment time allotted at Naruto and Hinata's wedding reception.
Huh? What's that? How come I wasn't told about a wedding reception?! At whose request? It's from…Lord Raikage's bodyguard… What?! He mentioned the "Hidden Cloud Dance" by the Raikage.
Okay! Gaara will do the "Hidden Sand Samba.
" Oh! This is getting more and more exciting.
Stop joking.
I can't dance.
Besides, it wouldn't make Naruto happy.
Actually, I think he might take the initiative and join in.
W-What…?! Y-You're right.
Still… The Kazekage shouldn't dance in front of people! But he said the Raikage is going to dance! The Raikage's gift of dance is a must-see If you miss this opportunity, behind the times you'll be, yay.
That fool! I beg your pardon if I make a scene… No, I doubt there will be a need for you to intervene.
DUMPLINGS The Raikage's wedding gift of dance is a must-see If you miss this opportunity, behind the times you'll be, yay.
Wedding… Behind the times? I'll kill you.
I now call this Five Kage Conference to order.
However, before we begin… In regard to wedding gifts for Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga… I ask that you use your good sense and keep things in moderation.
And so, let's move on to our agenda.
H-Hey… S-Sorry about last time.
No… I'm sorry as well.
Want to get a bite to eat? Might as well… LEAF INN RESERVED FOR A SPECIAL EVENT TODAY Lord Kazekage… So, you were still here in the village! The conference ran long… So, I decided to stay the night.
I'm grateful that you've chosen our ramen for dinner! Well… I've never had anything so delicious.
And I've never had such a compliment.
By the way, I heard about the remarks Lord Hokage made about Naruto and Hinata's wedding gifts… It was to be expected.
Things were getting out of hand.
I'm sure everyone's feeling remorseful now.
Even I… And I went overboard too.
I apologize.
Don't worry about it.
Oh! Iruka Sensei.
Welcome! Lord Kazekage… I just overheard you.
I want to apologize too.
But Naruto's teacher shouldn't… When I met you last time… I'm very grateful to the Lord Kazekage for making such an extravagant gesture… and I'm sure Naruto will be overjoyed as well.
I'm at fault too, for putting it like that.
I'm very sorry.
There's nothing to be sorry about! I was just…simply happy.
I learned that Naruto has wonderful friends who will go above and beyond to celebrate him.
Thank you very much.
No, I want to thank you too.
Huh? I was confused, and you've cleared it up for me.
I was thinking only about appearances, and forgot the most basic thing.
What do you mean? I'm going to honor Naruto not as the Kazekage, but as his friend.
Would that be all right? Of course.
A large miso char siu ramen with Naruto fishcake topping! Oh, thank you.
What'll you have, Iruka Sensei? Make mine the same… A large miso char siu ramen with Naruto fishcake topping.
Coming right up! Dad, I'm done cleaning up here.
Okay, thanks! Not going home yet? I'm gonna go on ahead.
Make sure you lock up! All right… Finished! NARUTO CONGRATULATIONS ALL YOU CAN EAT FOREVER Have a safe trip back home.
Gaara! Please come again! It would be great if you come back on your own next time, and not on official Kazekage business.
Yes, that won't be too long from now.
For Naruto and Hinata's wedding.
I'm sorry, but I don't plan on bringing a special gift from the Hidden Sand.
Huh? Why? Let him finish! I want to honor them personally, as a friend.
I think that will please Naruto more.
Gaara! Gaara… Yes, please do that.
I think it turned out for the best.
Feels like everything's all settled! You're in a good mood, Temari.
N-No, I'm not! Besides, seeing you so depressed is more shocking, Kankuro! You can't blame him, since we're not going all out with an extravagant gift.
No, that doesn't bother me.
I'm just disappointed we won't get to see you dance, Gaara.
No, there's still hope! He can dance as Naruto's friend! No chance.
16 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WEDDING To the one million Shino fans out there, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
It's been said for over ten years that I don't stand out much.
Finally, a story with me as the lead! It's because I've been chosen to go on a mission to find a wedding gift for Hinata! And there– Sorry to keep you all waiting! I play an active role next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 5: The Last Mission" I'm the lead! Oh, where's Shino? Is it true that I don't stand out? Tune in again!