Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e19 Episode Script

The Last Mission

1 Bugs are super gross! There are bugs here too! Bugs! Everywhere! Good job.
What happened to the ones who haven't returned? What's up with these bugs? Chase 'em away, Tsukune! I can't stand bugs.
But these aren't ordinary bugs! Cut it out, you guys.
It's because those insects are my friends.
– These bugs are your friends? – These bugs are your friends? What's up with this old guy? Those kids! This period is for extracurricular work.
Where did they go? – Wow! Amazing! – Wow! Amazing! Cool! I've never seen an Insect User before! They'd be a huge hit at a party! No way… The party would be crawling with bugs.
It seems you don't like insects.
However, if you keep living with them, you become quite attached to them.
Y-You're right… They're kinda cute.
I wanna try too! Do you think you want to become an Insect User? Not gonna happen.
This guy wants to become the future Hokage.
The Hokage? I wanna surpass Naruto Uzumaki as a shinobi.
I see.
Well, if you want to surpass Naruto, you'll have to become the Hokage.
You think so too? Then I guess while I'm at it, I'll become the Hokage too.
I know someone else who wants to become the Hokage.
But kid, you're the top contender.
It's because I don't know anyone who says he'll become the Hokage as an afterthought.
Right? See I'm the top contender! You just talk big! Shut up! You just watch me ten years from now! Are you aiming to become the Hokage too? No, I never gave it a thought.
So, you wanted to become an Insect User? Yeah…that's right.
What's necessary to realize a dream? I want to take that first step as soon as I can! The first step in realizing your dream is… Hey, what time is it? Uh-oh! We forgot about class! You'd better hurry back.
And do your best to surpass Naruto.
Yeah! I'm gonna reach my dream, just like you Big Bro! See ya! Dream…huh? The Last Mission Sorry to keep you waiting.
You're late, Shino! So? How'd it go? It seems just about everyone's gotten their wedding gift.
Oh yeah? I guess we'd better decide soon too.
Hey, Shino… Kakashi Sensei said this was a mission, right? I understand why Kakashi Sensei and the others are putting it that way.
But to me, this is a serious mission.
It's our final mission as Team 8.
Team 8's final mission… Once Hinata gets married, we won't get to work together like the way we used to, right? Yes… That's true… And I have to get serious if I intend on becoming the next Hokage.
I can't keep relying on you.
Yeah, let's keep it that way.
What do you mean by that?! Sorry.
In any case, this is for Hinata, our last mission as Team 8… Right? Right.
The question is… what do we get them? – Hmm… – Hmm… A gift for Hinata, huh? It's gonna be from us to Hinata and Naruto.
What would make them happy? Akakiba! Akakiba and Kibamaru! You're mixing up the names… Give me a break, Mirai… Rather than hot tea, I feel like relaxing with some shochu.
Oh, that's right.
Speaking of alcohol, have you heard about this story? Back in the day, the Senju Clan had a custom of giving honey wine as a wedding gift.
Long ago, the Senju Clan who lived in the forest discovered an unusual liquid that was produced by chance from rainwater that collected in beehives.
And that was the start of honey wine.
It was a nourishing, yet rare wine.
And since the olden days, it's been served only during auspicious occasions.
Honey wine could be used as a medicinal tonic as well as for cooking.
Hinata would find some good uses for it.
She may appreciate something like this! And it conveys the wish that Hinata and Naruto spend their days in sweetness.
That's a cheesy joke.
Hinata wouldn't find it funny! It's strange seeing you two so lively without Hinata… But I guess you'll get used to it.
Anyway, where do we find this honey wine? SORAKU I heard there's a place called Soraku.
And it seems the beekeeper who lives there makes honey wine.
Finding people is your specialty, right? Okay, it's decided.
Let's go find this beekeeper.
Bye bye, Kibamaru! Akakiba! It's Team 8's final mission! Let's go, guys! Our last mission, huh? What a desolate place… And it's pretty depressing too.
Sorry, it's so depressing, meow.
Judging from your headbands, you're Hidden Leaf shinobi, meow? You reek of dogs, you reek of bugs, and you're a real dog.
Damn it, what a sorry bunch, meow.
A ninja cat?! We're looking for a beekeeper who lives in a place called Soraku.
We're not sketchy guys.
Meow, you're totally sketchy, meow! I've got nothing to tell you, meow.
So that means you know where this beekeeper is, right? Okay, how about we catch it and get the info out of it? Let's do it, Akamaru! Dumb humans, meow! H-Hey! Insect Summoning Jutsu! Saved! You're gonna mess around with us?! Fine, then… Tadah! Here.
What is this?! This is catnip.
It's very similar to silver vine.
Well? Can't ignore it, can you? Damn it… My pride would never forgive me if I got caught by someone who reeks like a dog.
Hey! Don't steal it! You damn cat! Momo! Who are you guys? How dare you chase after my Momo! Must be that ninja cat's master.
Be careful, Kiba, Akamaru! Oh…her name's Momo? Fancy that… My dog's name is Akamaru.
K-Kiba? By any chance, was my cat rude to you? I'm so sorry.
No, no… She's a cute ninja cat.
Just a minute ago, you called me a "damn cat.
" My name is Tamaki.
I'm Kiba… This is my ninja hound, Akamaru.
You're a ninja hound user?! Amazing! Oh, it's nothing.
Although…I'm on the inside track to become the next Hokage.
The next Lord Hokage?! What's really amazing! Nah… But what is an important person like you doing in a place like this? Actually… Actually…we're looking for a beekeeper who lives in Soraku.
Would you like me to guide you part of the way? You know him? That would be great! Right, Shino? He lives in the bamboo grove beyond here.
You probably won't be able to find him.
Even cats get lost in this grove, meow.
We're shinobi! We won't get lost.
Well then, be careful.
Yeah! Thanks! Yes, I know.
Intruders… First, I'll track him with my nose.
And if I find him, send in your insects.
That girl might be talking about us.
Are you in love with her? Huh?! Are you crazy?! It's nothing like that! This is a crucial time if I'm gonna become the Hokage! I have no time to fall in love! You're easy to read.
Huh? What did you say? Nothing.
I just said I envy you.
Huh? Really? And I have to get serious if I intend to become the next Hokage.
Kiba always talks big, and maybe I viewed him with indifference… However… What's necessary to realize a dream? I want to take that first step as soon as I can! The first step in realizing your dream… Who am I to criticize anyone? Once Hinata gets married, we won't get to work together like the way we used to, right? "The way we used to," huh? Kiba! Hey, Kiba! Where are you?! Really? You guys don't know either? This is definitely someone's jutsu… Yellow jackets?! What is this jutsu?! You belong to the Aburame Clan of Hidden Leaf Village.
You're skilled to be able to deceive me… But how? The poison should have… The poison got me… But it's not a problem.
It's because this amount of poison won't kill me.
Well now, it's my loss.
It can't be helped.
I'm proud to die by the hand of an Insect User of your caliber.
No, hold on.
I don't want your life.
I want your honey wine.
Thank you, how much do I owe you? I don't want money.
You can take it.
It means nothing.
I see… Now, if you can tell me the road back, I'd be grateful.
There is no road.
What do you mean? Exactly what I said.
This bamboo grove is surrounded by something like a barrier.
Once you step inside, there's no way out.
You'll continue to wander through an endless fog…that is all… That's the kind of jutsu this is.
What?! I'm sorry to tell you that this jutsu cannot be broken.
Even if you kill me… What do you mean?! Originally, this mist contained a special component meant to lead people astray.
I incorporated a little of it into my jutsu formula… But that can't be why you can't break the jutsu? No… But, the nasty thing about this jutsu is… …that it takes the doubt inside of its victims and turns it into fog, making it thicker and thicker… What?! Haven't you noticed? This bamboo grove makes people lose their way… and when the jutsu is used, a thicker fog confuses them even more.
In other words, this jutsu has no effect on someone who has no doubts.
So…you're saying I have doubts? Yeah! I'm gonna reach my dream, just like you! Once Hinata gets married, we won't be working together the way we used to, right? It's strange seeing you two so lively without Hinata… But I guess you'll get used to it.
I understand… I've been questioning how to live as a shinobi after Team 8 disbands when Hinata gets married.
To be together always, with my friends in Team 8.
That was my dream.
I see… I was doubting myself… You and I are alike.
I'm still lost on this path called life.
So, how about it? There is doubt, but there is no suffering here.
I am finally living life now! Your friends understand too! It's okay to have doubts… It's not your fault that you have doubts… Kiba… Hinata… It's not necessary to move forward.
Abandon it all, and stay here with your doubts.
If you agree, stay with us… C'mon, Shino… It's Team 8's final mission! Let's go, guys! No… That's not what…I'm looking for… What? What I'm looking for is… What I'm looking for… …is to be with my friend who keeps moving forward.
Not someone who stays in the same place with me! I can't be stuck here like this.
I have to return to the village right away.
It's because…I have to attend an important friend's wedding.
You think you can find your way out of this fog? When you're in so much doubt about your life?! Yeah.
To make sure he can walk his path without worry, I'm definitely gonna find my path in life.
And I have no doubt about that! An entrance… No, it's the exit.
So, you were able to see the path beyond the guardian deity of travelers.
I see… Then go quickly.
Before you lose the path.
Wait… You just said you're living life now.
But is that really true? What? Someone who remains stuck in the past, and cannot see the future… Is that really living? I know people who live every moment, striving as hard as they could to reach a goal that seems so far… They're the ones who are really living life.
That's my belief… I'm shocked.
You're nothing like the quiet man I thought you were… You are very passionate on the inside.
I feel like I'm being lectured by my teacher.
What are you saying? Now go.
In time, I will be like you… Where have you been?! You disappeared suddenly! Sorry.
However, I got a hold of this.
Whoa! When did you—! I was sure you were lost.
Yeah, I was lost.
But I've found my way.
It's because… Anyway, let's take this home, Akamaru! What about that girl? Huh?! Why are you bringing that up again?! Sorry.
Damn it.
Maybe I'll write her.
Letters? How unlike you.
Huh? Why?! There's nothing wrong with letters.
Right, Akamaru?! Akamaru, not you too?! Yikes! Bugs again! It's so amazing! Maybe I'll make my goal to become an Insect User too.
Yeah… I'd better get started too, or I won't become the Hokage.
You're wrong, kid.
You've already taken that step.
Huh? It's because… Putting your goal into words… …is the first step towards realizing one's dream.
I got it! Thanks, Big Bro! Let's go! Tsukune, come on! Yeah! Iruka Sensei… You completely won over those bad kids.
Maybe you should become a teacher.
A teacher?! It's difficult even for us to keep up with mischievous kids like that year after year.
You're quite impressive.
It's not that difficult for me.
It's because… I've always been around… …the bad kids… 11 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WEDDING The wedding's coming up soon… What's wrong Kakashi Sensei? Huh? I was really happy at first, but when I think about the upcoming wedding… I haven't finished making all the rounds to greet people… I haven't pinned down all of the expenses yet… And I'm worried if everyone will make it or not… Everything is just making me so anxious! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 6: The Whereabouts of the Secret Mission You aren't suffering from cold feet, are you? Who, me?! Tune in again!