Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e20 Episode Script

The Outcome of the Secret Mission

1 Hmm… What a dilemma… What's the matter, Lord Kakashi? Please, drop the "lord"! Anyway, remember the mission I assigned everyone? Do I really have to assess each thing? Of course! Oink oink.
The honey wine's really great, it's perfect for a special occasion.
You can tell Team 8 went all out for this.
And these gift certificates for a dinner and the hot springs vacation is very thoughtful! I wasn't expecting this from Choji and Shikamaru.
They outdid themselves.
You can really see the girls' personal tastes reflected in their choices.
That's just cute… but take a look at this.
NARUTO AND HINATA WEDDING GIF MIGHT GUY ROCK LEE That's just cute… but take a look at this.
It's unbelievable, right? Oh, and Konohamaru hasn't even turned in a report.
I-It turned out well, though.
Now they can be the ones on duty on the day of the reception.
True, if I'm to assess the gifts and make my selections, these three should be the candidates.
But it this really all right? The Outcome of the Secret Mission Kakashi Sensei? Oh?! Hinata! It's been awhile! What's up? I'm meeting up with Sakura and the girls.
It's been so long.
Your last ladies' get-together as a single woman, huh? How are your wedding plans going? I take it Naruto's doing okay? Huh? Oh, yes.
He's doing really well! Where are you headed, Kakashi Sensei? I'm going to take a quick nap.
Oh… I'm sorry to have bothered you.
Please excuse me! Oh… Hmm… What's the matter, Iruka Sensei? Was the ramen bad? No, no! The ramen was delicious! It's not that… I knew you'd be here, Iruka Sensei! K-Konohamaru! This has gone on too long.
I really need to get your congratulatory message! Otherwise, I can't turn in this video as my wedding gift! I'm so sorry! So, is that what you're agonizing about? Yes, I can't think of what to say.
Well, you're agonizing too much! Get ready, I'm gonna record you now! H-Hey, wait! Get it together, Iruka Sensei! Konohamaru's right, Iruka Sensei.
How can anyone not know what to say in a congratulatory message? You're Naruto's teacher, aren't you?! That's the reason why! – That's the reason? – That's the reason? Back when Lord Kazekage came to Ichiraku… I'm going to honor Naruto not as the Kazekage, but as his friend.
When I heard that, I began to wonder in what role should I celebrate him? What do you mean? What else? You're his teacher.
Without a doubt, you may all see me as his "teacher.
" That's right! So, hurry up and let me record you, or I can't finish it! Yeah… But I kind of feel like it shouldn't be coming from the point of view of a teacher to his pupil.
I don't even know if it's right to do this as his teacher, or not… But I feel Naruto's a little different than my other students.
And that's why I can't proceed as a teacher.
And yet, I don't think you can call us "friends" in the way Lord Kakashi described.
Anyway, the more I think about it, the more unsure I become about my message for Naruto.
That's for sure… You and Naruto being friends doesn't feel quite right.
Anyways, I'm gonna charge you for that bowl… And? And? Are all the preparations for the reception finished? Yes, most of it.
Anyways, I'm so surprised the first one out of our group to get married are you and Naruto! How is Naruto lately? Is he helping you at all? Of course! More than Naruto, it's my father who keeps telling me what I should do.
It's true about the father of the bride being a pain.
I guess planning a wedding is a huge task.
Of course it is! Even with us… Kakashi Sensei gave us that… Ah! Hey, Sakura! What's the big idea—! Even with us, Kakashi Sensei gave us that mission… Damn it! – Oh! – Oh! – Ah! Ah! – Ah! Ah! What about Kakashi Sensei? – Huh?! – Huh?! – Er…um… – Er…um… He's going through a lot trying to wrap up all the missions before the wedding.
That's all.
Yeah! And unlike us, you already have Naruto, so you're lucky.
That's all.
Yeah, that's right! Well, I guess so.
So? So? Are you going to wear a kimono? You're gonna look so pretty as a bride! Yeah, yeah! Hey, Hinata! Long time no see! Kiba, Shino! Have you been doing all right? Yeah! You two seem great as well! Of course, since we'll soon be celebrating your wedding soon.
It's because… How's Naruto doing?! We rarely see him these days.
I guess he's busy getting ready for the big day.
Naruto's busy with his missions, but he's been helping a lot with the reception.
He's really dependable.
Oh, yeah? Well, we're completing a huge mission and we're gonna make you happy… Kiba! Huh? Oh! Make me what? Anyways… What he means is you and Naruto will definitely make a happy home! We're looking forward to the reception! Oh, thank you.
MISSION REPORTS Lady Tsunade! It's been a while, Shizune! How have you been? Great, thank you! How has your wagering been going lately? There's Naruto and Hinata's upcoming wedding, so I'm not spending excessively.
That is a wise decision.
Anyway, what did you want to discuss? Yes… Actually, it's about Lord Kakashi… Kakashi? What's the matter with Lord Sixth? I have no choice… I don't have footage of Iruka Sensei, but I'll report this as my wedding gift for the time being.
Wedding gift items?! Yes, in addition to shinobi gathering for the reception, there's the standing rule to assess the gifts everyone will be presenting in order to determine who will be attending the wedding, correct? I remember that rule… Lord Kakashi has been in a dilemma about how he will judge and who he will eliminate.
When you think about it, having anyone not being able to attend, will make Naruto and Hinata very sad.
And yet, someone still has to go on missions and be on guard that day.
He's worrying about that?! Damn it.
This is really bad! Everyone's acting a little weird.
Hey! I'm not lying! Our gifts will be judged to determine who can attend the reception? What's the meaning of this? I don't get it at all! Please stop! I'm not to blame for this! This is the worst! Well…it's like this… Most shinobi of the village WEDDING RECEPTION RECEPTION HALL will attend Naruto and Hinata's reception.
THE VILLAGE HIDDEN IN THE LEAVES That said, it doesn't mean that we won't have missions on that day.
THE VILLAGE HIDDEN IN THE LEAVES We'll need people on duty.
Plus, we'll have important guests.
And it'll be crucial to have sufficient security for the reception.
That's right.
Many of Naruto and Hinata's friends are top-ranked jonin.
So, what does that mean? We'll have to draw lots to see who can attend the wedding?! No way! If that's the case, we won't be able to truly celebrate with the couple! I didn't think our wedding would cause so much trouble… It seems this is troubling Kakashi Sensei as well.
I see how it would.
Why did it turn into such a big affair? Naruto's someone who connects the entire village.
So, I guess it would turn into a big deal.
So, we just sit and wait until the final judgement? There's no need for that.
I'll do the dirty work, and that'll be that.
Yes! I want everyone to attend the reception, so… I'll volunteer for duty! That's right! I'll do it too! Fine, I'll sign me up too.
That's not right! If Team 8 isn't there, Hinata will be sad.
But, I'm not okay with someone missing the reception just so we can.
We feel the same way.
Now then, sleeping won't solve anything.
Kakashi Sensei! Kakashi Sensei! I'm so sorry! Huh? What? W-What's wrong, Hinata? What happened? I just heard… The dilemma you're going through, all because our wedding reception.
Huh? What? What's this about? You haven't decided who can attend on that day, right? What? You heard? Yes! About the mission too? Yes.
Everything? Yes.
I see… We would never want to put anyone through any trouble, just to celebrate our wedding day.
No, no, no, no! We have to have a reception for you two! Then is it possible, at least… …to have the Hyuga Clan fulfill the missions and guard duty for that day? There's no need for that! Huh?! The day of your wedding is a happy day for your clan too, right? It's my duty as the Hokage to make sure every member of your family is there for you.
I'll do something about duty assignments.
So don't worry about anything.
All right.
Focus on yourselves, that's all.
Oops, I'd better get back! See you! What?! What's going on, you guys? We heard.
About Naruto and Hinata's reception… And that some of us won't be able to attend.
And the mission to find the wedding gifts was in order to assess them.
I see… So, you all found out too.
And also, that you've been agonizing over this.
It's my job as the Hokage.
And what about it? You're here to oppose? No, actually the opposite! What? Everyone here will handle the assignments.
But if you do that, Naruto and Hinata are sure to be sad.
That's why we're all going to the wedding reception.
What do you mean? Simply put, we'll make a schedule of assignments and guard duty, and work in shifts.
If everyone puts in some time, everyone can wish them well! Helping each other out is something Naruto taught us.
Well? This way, you won't have to bear the all the burden, right Kakashi Sensei? You guys… Thank you! But if we do this, we'll have to change the rule.
Don't worry.
Through hell or high water, I'll think of something.
You'll drown… Besides, there won't be a need for all that.
Lady Tsunade.
Lord Sixth… Actually that rule was put into effect when there was a sudden upswing in weddings… …and there was a serious shortage of manpower.
In addition, that was during the Great Ninja War.
The situation is different today.
And more importantly, the present Hokage is you, Kakashi.
Don't get caught up in old rules.
Choose the path that you believe is most fair and just.
Then you'll choose to let us all work, right? That won't do.
Why not?! My job is to ensure that anyone who wants to celebrate with Naruto and Hinata, is able to attend.
I won't allow any early departures or any late arrivals.
But there's no way around it.
I'll do something.
Hinata? If it isn't Hinata! Iruka Sensei… What?! Did Naruto do something?! Huh? Forgive me, Hinata! I never taught him about how to treat women! I mean, I don't even know about that kind of thing! I don't know what happened, but please… For me… Please forgive Naruto! I beg of you! What's so funny? Iruka Sensei… I didn't say anything, but you decided that Naruto must've done something bad and started to apologize… Oh? That's not it? It didn't even cross my mind that having a wedding would trouble so many people.
But thinking back on this, I guess I should have known.
It's not just for us… but Naruto's a hero that connects every village together.
I was probably being naïve just thinking about marrying the man I'd loved for so long.
You're wrong, Hinata! Huh? No matter how great he becomes, no matter how big a hero he becomes, Naruto will always be Naruto… To me and to everyone.
Iruka Sensei… Nothing will change our desire to wish the best for you and Naruto… So, don't think of it as a big fuss.
Yes! I see… I feel bad for what I put Hinata through.
I'm sorry too, Iruka Sensei.
Oh no, I understand how Hinata feels too.
Naruto's someone that connects everyone in every village together.
Every village… Thank you, Iruka Sensei! I know what I have to do! Huh? What do you mean? I just have to bow my head a little, that's all.
Iruka Sensei! I know you're in there! At this rate, I'll be the only one without a wedding gift! What is it? Now that Hinata's found out about the wedding gifts from everyone… it's no longer a surprise.
So Konohamaru, I think I'm going to put you to work! Huh? Huh? What is it? WIND And so, would it be possible to dispatch some Hidden Sand shinobi on the day of the wedding? I kindly implore you.
Please raise your head, Lord Sixth.
The Raikage, Tsuchikage and Mizukage, and I have all been thinking about what we can do.
We didn't want to overdo things… I plan on celebrating with them personally as Naruto's friend, but I also wanted to do something as the Kazekage.
Now then, we'll gladly cooperate.
This is all possible because of the peaceful bond that was forged… And it was through Naruto's strength.
It's only fitting that we help to make Naruto's wedding a great success.
Thank you very much.
Then may I be so bold as to ask for one more favor? What is it? Please tell me.
Konohamaru! Come here! Yes, sir! RECORDING Oh, a video message! Gaara, say something! RECORDING Say what? RECORDING Like a proverb or something! RECORDING I can't come up with something just like that! RECORDING Come on! You're no Kazekage if you can't come up with a proverb! RECORDING That's right.
6 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WEDDING I didn't have any parents either, no one acknowledged me.
I did a lot of stupid stuff to get attention.
Naruto, I think we were very much alike.
I was your teacher back then, and at times, it felt like we were brothers.
But now, you're a shinobi hero.
You've really come far… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: Hidden Leaf Story, The Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 7: The Message Tune in again!