Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e21 Episode Script

The Message

1 Iruka… What is it, Lord Hokage? I know how you feel.
You grew up just like him… without a parent's love.
Huh? Who could it be at this hour? Mizuki Sensei! What's wrong? Please come to Lord Hokage's office! It seems Naruto pulled a prank and stole the Sacred Scroll! What?! It's been over half a day since the scroll was taken.
Find Naruto immediately! Naruto! Hurry! Give me the scroll now! Mizuki's after the scroll! Why…Naruto? How did you know that I wasn't Iruka? I'm Iruka… He's a superior student that I acknowledge.
He perseveres and he's earnest, but he's clumsy and no one accepts him.
He knows what human suffering is.
He is no longer the monster fox.
He's Hidden Leaf's—! That was a dream? The Message THE THIRD HOKAGE Iruka Sensei, what's this all about? THE THIRD HOKAGE Remember, you recorded me before? Huh? Oh yeah… – That boring message with no style or punch? – Naruto, Hinata… Congratulations on your marriage.
C'mon, don't say that.
Could you just use that one? But you said you wanted to re-do it, so I've been waiting around this whole time! I'm sorry about that.
But the more I think about it, the less sure I am about what to say to Naruto.
But you held out for so long, so you should just make up your mind and send him a cool, heartfelt message, okay? You're the only one left! I'm sorry.
I'll treat to you a bowl of ramen next time, so please forgive me! Okay? Hey! Tsukune, Sansho, Mibuna! You were messing around with the Third Hokage's statue again, weren't you?! NINJA ACADEMY NINJA ACADEMY I can't believe it's almost next week… Naruto's wedding.
Will you be making an official congratulatory speech? Oh no… I think Lord Hokage will be taking care of that.
Iruka Sensei! Oh, you're Ichiraku's—! Is anything the matter? You haven't been around at all lately.
Oh, I just wanted to hold off until I figured out what to say for the message that Konohamaru asked me to do.
I have to practice some self-restraint.
So…Did you finish your message? Well…uh… I'll stop by again soon.
Please say hello to your dad.
What? That's easy! Then can you jump to here?! Oww! I knew it.
Shut up! I won't lose at fence-jumping though! It's all thanks to you.
You acknowledged me back then.
That was the first time.
That's why, I am who I am today.
I was able to change.
Naruto expressed his feelings so directly.
What am I doing? Oh man… I really shouldn't do things I'm not used to! Huh? Yes? Naruto! H-Hey, Iruka Sensei… W-What's wrong? Nothing.
It's…well… I was thinking about you.
And I just stopped by to see if you were alive! What the hell's that about? You know, I'm gonna be getting married.
And you're still single and all, so I was worried about you being alone.
I'm coming in! Hey, wait! I'm in the middle of… What happened? Uh, just some stuff.
But what about you? What's going on? Uh…well… Oh yeah! R-Ramen! Want to go get some ramen? Ramen? Actually, I'm making dinner right now.
Oh, that explains this crime scene right here.
Y-Yeah… You really should hurry up and get married, Iruka Sensei! Shut up! What about you? Are you sure you should be neglecting Hinata right now? "Neglecting"? We're not married yet, so don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it? My single days are numbered! I'm gonna have fun with everything I've got— You fool! Do you even have a clue about how hard Hinata is working, preparing for your wedding?! What's wrong, Iruka Sensei? It seems there were a lot of things I failed to teach you on how to be a human! I take full responsibility! Come with me! I'm gonna knock some sense into you! Huh? Where are we going, Iruka Sensei?! To Hinata's! I'm going to apologize to her for raising you into such a thoughtless man.
Please stop! If Hinata's around, I won't be able to say what I wanted to talk to you about! What do you want to talk about? T-That's why I thought we could have some ramen, and you could have a drink or two… and we could have an enjoyable conversation and have some fun.
I guess I didn't need to mull over what to say and how to congratulate you.
I have a request… A request? Will you attend the ceremony as my father? Naruto…? Is that what you wanted to talk about? You can leave it to me! Iruka Sensei! Thank you.
What are you talking about, Naruto? I should be saying that.
Thank you! Cut it out.
See you later, Iruka Sensei! Yeah! ICHIRAKU Good evening… – Hey! – Oh… – Welcome! – What's going on? Something troublin' you again? Huh? No… I was just thinking about how glad I am I chose this profession.
I see.
So, what'll you have today? Oh! A large miso char siu ramen topped with naruto fishcake.
One large miso char siu ramen! Okay, one large-size miso char siu ramen coming right up! Hinata! Iruka Sensei? How are the preparations going? Just about all done.
Now, we just have to wait for the big day.
That's good.
Anyway, I… have something to tell you.
It's about the wedding ceremony… You're going to attend as Naruto's father, aren't you? Oh, you knew? Yeah, of course you would! Seems it was on Naruto's mind for a long time.
You're definitely Naruto's teacher, Iruka Sensei.
But he didn't want to consider your relationship simply as a "student-teacher" or "mentor" relationship.
Huh?! But I kind of feel like it shouldn't be coming from the point of view of a teacher to his student.
Naruto was thinking the same thing as I was.
And so, his answer was to ask me to attend as his father.
And so, please continue to support him, Father! Y-Yes… It's sort of embarrassing to be asked so formally.
So anyway… What is this? It's not much, but please put it toward the reception fees.
What?! Naruto asked me to stand in as his father.
I have to do this much, at least.
Please don't worry about that! Please! I-Is that so? I guess I'll just have to accept your answer and wait for the big day.
I wish I could've done something fatherly though… W-What is it? You look just like my father, with that expression.
You're already acting like the father of the groom.
Y-You think so? 3…2… 1… Rolling! NINJA ACADEMY Naruto, Hinata… NINJA ACADEMY Congratulations on your wedding! Naruto! What's the matter, Iruka Sensei? Lost for words again? Oh, sorry, sorry.
This time, I'll do it right! So can I start over, just one more time? A PERFECT DAY FOR A CELEBRATION Naruto, Hinata… Congratulations on your wedding! Please create a home as bright as the morning sun! May you always be happy! Happy wedding! Congratulations! Do your best! Don't gorge yourself on delicious home-cooked meals! Congratulations.
Naruto! Miss Hinata! Congratulations! Congratulations on your wedding! Stop by once in a while for miso char siu ramen, okay? Congratulations, you two.
Congratulations! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEDDING! LEAF'S UNOFFICIAL MASCOT CONGRATULATIONS Naruto, Miss Hinata… A lot of things have happened, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEDDING! but congratulations on your wedding.
Big Brother Naruto, you did it! I'm gonna do my best too! Naruto Uzumaki, congratulations on your wedding.
Dear Naruto, do your best.
Yeah! FIRE Naruto, Hinata… Congratulations on your wedding! Help each other and may you have long lasting happiness! NINJA ACADEMY NINJA ACADEMY Naruto! Hinata! Congratulations on your wedding! Hinata, Naruto is absent-minded and reckless and will need your support.
I ask you to please take care of him! Naruto, I just have this to say to you… You better make Hinata happy! Okay! That was perfect! Phew… It went without a hitch! UZUMAKI-HYUGA WEDDING RECEPTION Uh… Could you get the receiving desk set up? Lord Kakashi! Like I said, drop the "lord.
" The Lords Kage have arrived.
Huh? Already?! Shall I escort them? Yes.
It's rude to keep them waiting.
Huh? Hey, Kazekage entourage! We're the Lightning entourage… Here to give our wedding blessings.
So forget the past… Let's be friends 'til the last.
Of course! I don't feel like fighting like brats anymore.
Oh say, see my gift and be surprised Even the couple will rapturize.
Enough already! The reception desk is now open.
– Hey, where'd Temari go? – Please sign in, in order of arrival.
I haven't seen her since we came.
EBISU How much are you giving them, Ebisu Sensei? Well, it's accepted etiquette for working adults like us to give about… Huh?! It's okay to give that little? I put five bills in my envelope.
What?! Did you say five?! I'll lose face as a teacher.
You mean, our wedding gift? We'll be giving… FREE NARUTO FISHCAKE TOPPING …this! Not that one, Dad! Huh? Oh…this one.
Seriously? Now listen, Lee! When we honor people, we hone our mind and spirit.
That's what a reception's for! What you mean is, to never forget to train, even at a party! Naturally! Look, people are staring like you're weird, so will you cut it out? We'll start with dumbbell juggling! Let's go! Yes, Guy Sensei! What a day! What a joyous day! Yes! This training is especially joyous! You two have too much joy in your heads! So? Did you get a hold of the honey wine? Of course! We're gonna tell Naruto about the history of the Senju Clan.
You're that versed in history to do that? Huh?! Well, yeah… Why don't you run it by me first? Well, that's…uh.
Giddy up! Run! Mirai, what are you doing? Playing horsey-back! Akamaru is a dog.
You can't ride a dog and call it horsey-back riding.
Then, doggie-back riding! True, it is doggie-back riding.
But Akamaru looks a little tired.
You might want to come down.
It's because… No! I wanna ride some more! I guess I have no choice.
Let's go Shino-back riding, then.
– Was Shino always that good with little kids? – Higher! Higher! Seems he thinks he might be suited to teaching.
What are you smiling about? Who said I was smiling? Whatever… Men go to wedding receptions to meet the friends of the bride, don't they? That's not it.
What a drag! Let's go over there.
Hey! Oh, sweet! It's definitely gonna be sweet.
When did they hook up? Who are you talking about? Shikamaru and Temari… Did you know they were like that? Hmm.
Anyway, everyone probably thinks about us the same way.
CONGRATULATIONS Sasuke… What's the matter, Iruka Sensei? Is something still worrying you? Well… It's going to be all right.
Thanks to you, Iruka Sensei, we have guard duty covered with enough shinobi.
No, that was all you, Kakashi.
No, I didn't do anything.
I just helped a little.
It's all thanks to the bonds Naruto forged.
Naruto's here, and that's why everyone is here today.
I'm sure he will make Hinata happy.
Are you still worried? Well… I forgot to prepare my final message.
Brother Neji… I'm going to get married.
Elder Sister! It's time! All right! Wow! You look so beautiful, Elder Sister! Doesn't she, Father? Okay, ready to go? CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEDDING! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT! Naruto to Boruto! A new story with Naruto's son Boruto finally begins! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Starting April 5th Wednesday 5:55 PM THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!