Nashville s06e12 Episode Script

The House That Built Me

1 Previously on "Nashville" I didn't expect it to feel so good up there.
I'm sorry, I'm gonna go.
Those guys, they were like my brothers.
But they were okay.
I was never okay.
I was weak.
They shouldn't have sent me over there.
- I was a danger to all of them.
- Stop it.
- Welcome to Shiny New.
- To Alannah.
Pretty complicated right now.
Because of Juliette.
Feels like I'm cheating on her.
I do not consent to being kept here.
She's a witness.
They're gonna know you helped me.
I'll tell them George was supposed to be watching you.
- You go to airport? - Si.
No problem.
Hello? Are you helping me or what? I'm right here.
No, you're not.
What are you doing? "Nashville's Next" website.
All the fans are nicknaming the contestants.
It's brutal.
Uh, what's yours? "Princess".
It's kind of sweet.
Maddie, it's not sweet! They're literally saying the only reason I even got in the competition was because of Mom.
Well, you'll win and you'll show 'em.
There you are.
Hey, we gotta go to school soon.
Hello, hipster.
Don't start with me.
Are you opening up for the Avett Brothers? Okay, just stop it, all right? I changed my wardrobe a little.
I gotta go through that.
I thought it was a radio show.
It is a radio show.
You know, an audience.
A bunch of college kids who wanna see how - the old-timers used to do it.
- College, yep.
Playing my J160.
I love what you did with the wall.
Right? I kind of like it.
- Y'all coming tonight? - Wouldn't miss it.
I'll be pushing you in your wheelchair.
Oh, I wanted to do that.
Isn't this week Dinosaur Appreciation Week? Y'all woke up so funny today.
Enjoy your walk to school, Daphne.
- Wait! I'm ready! - Let's go, Princess! Oh, come! Do not! Hey, man, do you know anything about sinks? I woke up to a clogged one this morning.
My wife had a plumber out last week.
I can ask her who she used.
Oh, that's okay.
I'll ask my Uncle.
- It's his sink.
- Whatever you say.
Must be hard for her being out there by herself with the baby.
It's not like I don't see them.
I'm there three days a week spending time with Jamie.
That's good.
All right, what's going on in that devious head of yours? Okay.
Well, a friend of mine from the Bluebird saw your set.
Really liked it.
Wants to book you.
Why don't you do it with me? You are so great.
Would you just Would you let something good happen for yourself, please? Yeah.
Well, all right, thanks, man.
Just keep us posted.
Tall double-shot, wet cappuccino.
- Decaf.
- The Wildhorse bumped us.
- Aw! - I knew it.
We still got the festival in Austin.
Not once they find out about Alannah, we won't.
I thought you'd be happy right now, considering all your complaints about her.
That was the steroids talking.
I actually kind of liked her.
What? Now you tell us? Did you know she was gonna bail? No, but it would be understandable if she was considering, you know, everything that went down.
All right, yeah, here we go again, it's all my fault! I didn't say it was your fault.
Because whatever I did, dude, you did too.
You just didn't tell me you were doing it.
Do we have to go through this again? Well, I didn't sleep with her.
So don't say it was my fault.
Oh, no.
You just trashed her in your insane, drug-fueled 'roid rage.
Drug-fueled 'roid rage? Good name for an album.
Okay, all right, look.
We all screwed up.
We all screwed up.
But I only screwed up a little.
Alannah, you've met the team! Team, you've met Alannah.
All right, so I won't waste any time by saying the goal is to get you headlining by next year.
Which means we gotta get you a following.
Which means you gotta record that EP as soon as possible, okay? But most important, we gotta get you opening for somebody.
You like The Lumineers? Are you kidding? Yeah.
They're going on tour soon.
Well, how am I gonna open for The Lumineers? I'm nobody.
Well, you know, I lock 'em in a room with your demo.
Make 'em listen to it.
I just downloaded their new album.
This is so surreal.
Oh, no.
It's very real, sweetheart.
It's about to get even realer.
When the sun stops shinin' When the liars quit lyin' When I finally face the truth I'll be pushing up roses When I start getting over you I'll be just like new [cheering] Thank you.
Yeah! Come over there? You know, Deacon, when I think about you and the early days of your career, it can't help but make me think about the late great Glen Campbell.
Well, my friend, you know how much that means to me because he's one of my real heroes.
It don't get better than Glen Campbell.
Well, you know, Glen, like yourself, found success as a studio musician before he became a successful solo artist which is finally happening for you now.
He did it a little bit quicker, a little bit bigger.
But I do appreciate your kind words.
Thank you.
You're modest to a fault, as always.
Would you be kind enough to honor us with another song? - I would be honored, yeah.
- One more time, Deacon Claybourne, ladies and gentlemen! I just wanted you to know I would be first in line if you were ever do a solo tour.
You might be the line.
[laughs] Thank you very much, though, I appreciate it, very kind.
Oh, okay.
Hello, Deacon.
I was in town.
Heard you were playing.
I wanted to say hello.
I gotta go.
I thought maybe we could - I thought maybe we could - I'm sorry, folks.
I gotta head out.
Thank you very, very much.
I appreciate everybody.
- Go and get a cup of coffee or something? - Let's go.
Girls, come on.
- Huh? - Let's go! - Go? - Yes.
I'm at the Super 8 by the Opry in case Who is that? Nobody.
- Hey! - Hey! How'd that radio thing go last night? "Oh, wow, Scarlett.
It was so good.
Thanks for asking.
You're awesome.
" Deacon? It was fine til my dad showed up.
I didn't even know he was still alive.
Only the good die young.
When did you last see him? I was about 17 or 18.
He came back for a little while after that.
But it didn't get no better, so I left.
Yeah, mama told awful stories.
That's the last damn thing I needed right now.
- What'd he want? - I don't know, don't care to know.
- You gonna see him? - Hell, no.
I don't want the girls seeing him either.
You know, while we're at it, you stay away, too.
What, Scarlett? Ain't you the least bit curious as to why he turned up now? What, you mean what kind of further damage he can inflict upon my life? Not really, no.
Enjoy your sink.
Thought it was gonna be different this time I was on a road [cell phone rings] Hello? Well, after a day locked in solitary confinement with your demo playing on a loop til their ears bled, The Lumineers finally signed off on you opening for 'em.
- Get out.
- I am going out.
It's a beautiful day.
[screams] [laughs] Kate'll call and set up a dinner so we can all meet.
I don't even know what to say.
Oh, join us for a drink later so we can toast Shiny New's next big star.
Alannah? Drinks tonight? 8:30? Look, you got nothing to wor would you get out here? Thank you.
You have nothing to worry about.
Just a couple of songs.
You're gonna be great.
I can't remember the words to the first line.
You'll remember the first line when you get up there.
And I'm gonna be right down here.
What's my wife doing here? - I invited her.
- Well, why did you do that? So she could see you.
See how far you've come.
Yeah, you should have asked first.
I'm probably just gonna go up there and freak out.
Oh, you're not gonna go up there and freak out.
You're gonna go up there and be fantastic.
And I'm sorry I didn't ask first.
Next up, let's give a very warm welcome - to our very own Sean McPherson! - [applause] Go on, you're gonna be great.
Thank y'all.
I'd like to give a special shout-out to someone here tonight.
Helped me through some really tough times.
She's the main reason I'm even on this stage, so - Miss Scarlett O'Connor.
- What? Scarlett, come sing this with me.
I know you know it.
I heard you humming it earlier.
This is your gig.
It's my night off.
- I'm out.
- Come on.
You pushed me up here.
So I'm pushing you.
[cheering] A sea of night A Northern star You're the light in all this dark Yeah, you're the reason My beating heart With you right here, I know With you right here, I'm home When I see you, it's all all right A peaceful feeling in your eyes Forever yours, right by your side With you right here, I know With you right here, I'm home Thank you.
Where's Kate? - Kate's not coming.
- Oh, she's not? No.
It's pathetic, isn't it? I'm the only label head in town that can't get his employees to slack off a little bit.
Hey, to you and The Lumineers.
- I still can't believe it's happening.
- They're the lucky ones.
You gotta start thinking like that.
I think it'll be a while before I do that.
That's all right.
I can be your confidence for now.
[sighs] I love this hotel.
I know.
I keep a room here.
You know, for my artists when they come to town.
Or me if I'm too tired or drunk to drive home.
You should see it.
The view's amazing.
We gotta get you a stylist.
Come up with some kind of a look for you.
A look? Really? Yeah.
Maybe pull your hair back.
Let everybody see that pretty face of yours.
You don't want my hair back.
Trust me.
Looks terrible like that.
Whatever you say, darlin'.
We're gonna do great things together, you and me.
Yeah, but you're gonna have to trust me.
It's like any collaboration.
Come on.
You know, I give a little, you give a little.
That's the way it works, right? Don't you talk to me like that ever! Don't you ever talk to me! Don't you do it! I swear I will kill you! Gideon, stop! Hey, how'd it go? It went very weird.
Weird how? Weird like I should have seen it coming.
I've seen a lot of moves in my day and this might have been the scariest.
- Why? What did he do? - Nothing.
That's the whole thing.
It's like one of those movies where the Russians have a bug in the room and the people have to communicate without saying what they actually mean.
I don't I don't get it.
It was completely obvious that he was coming on to me.
But if you had to play a recording back, it would have seemed completely innocent.
It's I mean, I heard about his reputation.
I just, I didn't think it was I didn't think it was about that.
What did you say to him? Nothing.
I mean, I was finding it hard enough to believe it was even happening.
I am gonna say something, though.
Tomorrow we're having dinner with The Lumineers, so I'm going to talk to him about it before then.
Good for you.
[knocking on door] Hi.
May I speak with you just a minute, please? Really? I can understand what you might be thinking.
I don't want your husband.
I don't.
I just want to help him.
Why? Because you're such a good person? No, ma'am, I'm a far cry from the person I would like to be.
Come in.
[baby cries] I'm just putting my baby down.
Your little one's precious.
Do you want coffee or tea? Tea would be lovely.
Thank you.
It can't be easy for you not having his daddy here.
I almost wish he would never come back.
You mean that? At least then I could grieve and move on.
Instead, I'm living in this limbo.
What if I could get him to come here a couple of days? Would you talk to him? I've been trying for a year.
It doesn't work.
He's changing.
You saw him onstage last night.
Do you think he could've done that three months ago? Maybe you could take a weekend together.
Do you know how many nights I held him when he woke up screaming? I got so tired and depressed.
I could barely handle the baby.
I I can't begin to imagine what y'all went through.
I'm so sick and tired of walking on eggshells.
Afraid of what's gonna set him off.
It's hard but I think it's worth hanging on just a little bit longer.
Well, good to see you, son.
Come on in.
Sorry it's not more fancy.
Please sit down.
What are you doing here? Listen, I know you've got a lot of hurt inside, a lot of anger You don't know anything about me.
I didn't come here to fight.
So why did you come? Well I been living in Corpus Christi til Harvey came through.
And took my house and most everything I own with it.
So I'm kind of starting over again.
Starting over? [chuckles] Here in Nashville? Haven't thought that far ahead.
I know I've got grandkids here.
You have two girls and Beverly had that Scarlett who turned into such a wonderful singer.
You need money? Is that why you're here? Get some money? I can get you money if you want money.
I didn't come here to ask for anything.
Except maybe to get to know my family again.
[chuckles] You had 30 years to do that.
A lot has changed.
I was very angry as a young man.
Maybe someday I'll be able to tell you about that.
You know what? That's all right.
I'm good.
I did quit drinking.
I'm gonna go.
I know I made mistakes.
And missed out on a lot of things.
And that's on me to live with.
It's on me to live with.
And it was on Mom.
And it was on Beverly to live with because we had to live with you! We had to live not knowing who was gonna walk through that door, a father or a nightmare! That's what we had.
And then you left! I understand that's how you see it.
How we see How we see it, that's how we see it because it's how it was! You understand me? It's how it was! I can't make the past any better.
God, I wish I could! - God help me, I wish - What do you want from me right now? What do you want? You got cancer? You sick? You need bills paid? What? I don't have cancer, as far as I know.
[chuckles] And I wouldn't ask you to take me in.
No, you wouldn't do that.
You would just come back here and act like some sweet old guy and just hope everybody forgets how things were - Deacon - Forget who you were, forget what you did.
It's never gonna happen.
Deacon Listen, start over, okay? Just do it somewhere else.
Because it's not gonna be here.
Sure, yeah, I'll have my lawyer call your lawyer.
[knocking on door] Yeah, yeah, bring her in.
I gotta call you back, because I gotta call you back.
That's why.
Well, to what do I owe the pleasure? Well, Brad Yes, Alannah? Look, I hope you know how excited I am to be working with you.
As I am to be working with you.
I just want to make sure that there aren't any misunderstandings between us.
Not sure what you're referring to.
I just hope your interest in me is entirely about the music.
Okay, now I'm really confused.
I I mean, should I bring in a witness or is something 'Cause I don't know how you would have gotten the impression it was anything else.
- Whatever you say.
- I do say.
Okay, then Look, my interest in you is strictly professional because I think you're an amazing performer.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
I hope this doesn't make things awkward between us.
Look, I get it, I get it.
Times are changing.
There's no room for any kind of confusion about this kind of thing.
I get it.
- Yes.
- That's fine.
- Okay.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Good.
- All right.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- So I guess I'll see you at dinner.
- Can't wait.
I'll have Kate call with details, all right? - Perfect.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
All right.
I'll see you tonight.
Why do you want me to do this? Can we not start that again, please? - She kicked me out! - She didn't kick you out.
She lost heart, and so did you.
It's human.
And you get to try again.
And that's panic.
It'll pass.
- How do you know? - I'm an expert.
Go in there and tell her you're panicking.
And she'll help you.
She doesn't understand it.
She can't understand if you don't talk to her.
Now get on in there.
Your little boy's waiting on you.
Can I hold him? Good to see you.
Good to see you.
A reservation for Brad Maitland at seven? I don't see anything.
Could it be under another name? Oh, Kate maybe? Kate Roman? Or The Lumineers? No, I think I'd remember that.
- Oh, okay.
- Alannah? Oh, Kate.
Oh my God.
Thank God.
I thought I had something wrong.
I'm so sorry.
The dinner's off.
What? Why? Because the tour is off.
It just happened an hour ago.
It's the business, Alannah.
Things turn on a dime.
How hard is it for you to do this? Do what? You know what, never mind.
We'll find something for you, I promise.
- You just gotta give us time.
- Uh-huh.
Brad moves mountains for the people he likes.
So, what? He's just living at the Super 8 by the Opry? That's what he said, so I guess so, yeah.
- For how long? - I have no idea, sweetheart.
Are you just gonna let him be homeless? Yeah.
That's what I been trying to tell you, all right? The idea of a home never really meant too much to this guy, okay? What if he's changed? I mean, people change.
Not him.
If you'd asked your Aunt Beverly, she would have told you exactly the same thing, am I right? Yeah, she never had a kind word for him.
Well, what if he dies? I mean, he could live and die - Yeah, before we even meet him.
- Okay, listen to me.
Did you know the man? Were you raised by him? No, because I was, all right? You asked me what was wrong, so I told you.
Now I'm kind of wishing I hadn't.
- Dad - Eat your food, please.
I mean, I'm the one that came up with the whole play group idea.
The next thing you know, Gail and Darcy are getting together without me at the park.
I mean, I'm the one who introduced them.
And Gail did not even like Darcy.
It's just hurtful, you know? Sean? What is it? Honey [guitar playing] Hey, Dad, I learned a new song.
Wanna hear? Come and sit by my side If you love me Do not hasten to bid me - What kind of crap is that? - It's "Red River Valley".
It's just noise.
You sing it all the time.
Don't you backtalk me! - You leave the boy alone.
- You wanna be next? - [knocking] - You okay? - Of course, I am, yeah.
- I'm sorry if you felt ganged up on.
- No, no.
- We didn't mean to make you upset.
Baby, I'm fine, all right? And you know I'm not mad at you guys.
Come on now.
We just thought it'd be nice to have someone new in the family.
You know, after all this loss that we've been through.
Yeah, I get it.
I can't believe it's been a year already.
Yeah, neither can I.
She used to make me so mad.
So did you.
So much so that I didn't even want to be your daughter anymore.
- I seem to recall that.
- [chuckles] Can you imagine if I actually went through with it, though? And we never forgave each other? - There's no way I could live with myself.
- Okay.
I get what you're saying, baby.
I get it, I do, and you're good.
I just can't get past what he and I have been through.
I just don't got it in me.
If you're goin' down Tell me you're goin' down Tell it to me sweet if you're goin' down Don't tell me get out while I still can Please don't try and save me Bring in the navy Bring in the whole damn fleet If you're goin' down The next domino's me Thank you.
Great job.
- Awesome set, Alannah.
- Thanks so much.
You were fantastic! - Thank you so much for coming.
- Of course, I came.
Can I have two Buds? - Man your voice is so strong! - Oh, thanks, yeah.
Eh, the band was awesome.
So were you.
You were awesome.
Hey What is it? The tour's off.
What do you mean? What What happened? I'm pretty sure I'm being punished.
What? For speaking to him? That's crazy! Look, you should file a complaint! Yeah, whatever.
Just as well.
I didn't have enough material for the tour anyway.
Well, uh Maybe I could help with that.
You mean, like write with me? Yeah.
Why not? Wow.
Well, what about Gunnar and Will? I mean, they pretty much want my head on a platter.
I don't even know if there's a band anymore.
I can still play with them if we start up again.
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
You're amazing.
Well, I'd be honored to write with you.
[knocking on door] Hang on! Moving as fast as I can! I'm Maddie.
Deacon's daughter? I know who you are.
Can we talk? [door closes] My dad would kill me if he knew I was here.
You look so much like your mother.
Thank you.
It's been a pretty terrible year.
So your dad told you I was here? I don't I don't know what happened between you guys.
But I know it was bad.
It was bad.
Not bad all the time like he remembers, but it doesn't much matter now, I I didn't hold up my end.
So I guess he has every right to remember me as bad as he wants.
You just don't seem like that I probably was.
[chuckles] The thing is, that was a long time ago.
And getting old Well, I don't recommend it.
[chuckles] But it sure as hell changes your perspective.
Maybe you should tell him that.
He's not overly interested in anything I have to say at the moment.
You remind me of him.
I'm sure he's a He's a much better man than I ever was.
What, child? Besides me and my sister and Scarlett, you're the only family he has left.
- I am gonna get better.
- I know.
I mean, I just gotta figure out what I'm gonna do in the meantime.
I mean, we can still write.
- Yeah, we could do that.
- Yeah, okay.
Well, how about we do a session tonight? I'm in.
Um What? I kind of agreed to write with someone else tonight, so Well, who? Alannah Mmm.
I think it was Alannah.
You're a real friend, Avery, you know that? Come on.
Here we go again.
Look, you said that you could handle me being with her.
Yeah, but I didn't say anything about you leaving us to go play with her.
Well, I'm not playing with her.
I'm writing with her.
If that's a problem, I won't do it.
You know what? Go do it, man.
Because you're gonna do it anyway.
Gunnar, come on, man.
Let's talk about this! Hey, sweetie.
What's up? Can you promise to have an open mind about this? - [chuckles] - What are you talking about? Hello, son.
Please don't be mad.
I just want you guys to talk.
- Maddie - Please? You had no damn right going to her.
She came to me.
It's all right.
I'm leaving.
You don't want me here.
I get it.
What do you expect me to want? I don't expect anything, Deacon.
I hoped, I don't know, in spite of everything that there was a chance we could start over.
[chuckles] Start over? There was never a start.
I never had a father.
You understand me? You understand that? You had a father! I was your father! You raise your voice to me again, I'll have you escorted out of this building.
Oh, sure I'm sorry.
I Didn't come here to fight.
[chuckles] So you keep telling me.
You're a powerful man now, Deacon.
I'm glad to see it.
Yeah, well, whatever the hell that means.
You had nothing to do with it.
It means I can't hurt you anymore.
I'm an old man, but I was a father to you whether you remember it or not.
But I was I was a drunk with a mean streak a mile wide because I hated my life and everything I'd done with it.
So I took it out on everyone around me.
For which I'm sure I'll be damned.
- Open the door! - Get away from me! Just go away for the night.
- Get away from her! - Leave me alone! Get away from her, Dad! Oh, big man.
Get away from her and don't ever come back.
And I knew I was damned the night I left.
Saw it in your eyes, the hate.
You were becoming me.
And whatever else I did, I wasn't gonna let that happen.
Yeah, well, it did anyway.
No, you didn't become me.
You wouldn't have all this.
All All these people who love you.
[cell phone rings] Hello? Scarlett.
Please, I don't know what to do.
What's the matter, sweetheart? Sean's locked himself in the bathroom.
He's got a gun.
You okay? Please he's in there.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- It's all right.
- He's in here.
Sean? Sean, it's Scarlett.
Sean, come on.
Let us hear your voice.
Let us know you're all right.
He was doing better than me.
Who was, buddy? Derek.
He just got a promotion.
His wife was pregnant again.
Platoon sergeant.
Sean, would you please come out so we can all talk, please? [door unlocks] Tell me what happened to Derek, Sean.
Hung himself.
Oh, Sean.
From his kid's treehouse out back.
My God He taught me everything I know.
Saved my life I don't know how many times.
If he couldn't make it, how can I? I didn't know him, Sean, but I know you.
- I know what you're made of.
- I should just do it.
No, no, no, no! Please, please, please! Please.
Every time things start getting better, it just grabs me again.
What grabs you? Tell me what grabs you.
These images in my head.
They They go over and over.
And they won't stop and I can't make 'em.
Please put the gun down.
Sean, please.
I just want everything to go back to normal again! It can be normal, I swear it can.
It's just It's a different kind of normal.
It's normal you can live with.
What does that even mean? I don't know.
I'm scared out of my mind right now.
Hey, Sean, what What do you feel right now in this moment? You feel the air go in and out your lungs? What are you talking about? You feel the breeze on your face? I don't I don't care about a breeze on my face.
Well, I'm asking you.
Do you feel the breeze on your face? I feel a stupid breeze on my face.
Then you don't have to kill yourself.
Why? Because it feels good.
- Nothing feels good.
- I know.
It goes away so fast.
But it was there for a moment.
You felt it yourself.
And if it can be there for one moment, it could be there for two, three, or a lifetime even.
But these images, they come back in my head.
They're already back.
I know, and you're gonna talk about 'em.
You keep talking about 'em to me, to Angela.
To anybody who'll listen.
Because it's gonna get better.
I swear to you it was already getting better.
There are still gonna be days when you just feel awful.
But each time the awful will get less.
Better will get more.
Hearts and hands that hurt Hearts and hands that heal All the things we question Everything we feel Love can hold it all Words we could have said Things we should have done The beauty and the darkness Inside of everyone Love can hold it all Oh, love can hold it all Both sides of the story The rising and the fall Love can hold it all Girls.
This is your grandfather.
Love can hold it all Love can hold it all 'Cause love is anything but blind It sees before it's in your mind.
And what you thought you knew Is rarely ever true.
And it's what you don't That's the treasure that you find.
- Huh, you're not half bad.
- Right back at you.