Nashville s06e13 Episode Script

Strong Enough to Bend

1 Previously on Nashville These images, they come back in my head.
- They're already back.
- I know.
And you're gonna talk about it.
It's gonna get better.
- Hello, Deacon.
- What does he want? I don't know.
Don't care to know.
I hoped in spite of everything that there was a chance we could start over.
Once that show has control over you, you're not really going to have much say in anything.
I'm just afraid that he's going to exploit you.
Gonna have to trust me.
You know, I give a little, you give a little.
I just hope your interest in me is entirely about the music.
The tour is off.
Juliette? Oh, my God! - I I didn't mean - I'll go.
- Juliette, what - It's fine, it's fine.
I just need to see the baby.
No, no, no, just wait, wait, wait! Hi.
I'm Juliette.
- Alannah.
- Hi.
Um, I I just need a minute, okay? One second, okay? Alannah, I can't believe this! It's okay.
Just go be with her.
I don't know what to do.
I have to make sure she's okay.
I'll call you in a little while.
- You don't have to.
- Hey, hey, hey, I want to.
It's okay.
You can, uh You can wake her up.
All the times my mama woke me up in the middle of the night just to say she was sorry.
God, what have I done? Juliette, why why didn't you call me? Why didn't you say you were coming? I'm sorry.
I just needed to get home.
God, what happened? You look like you've been through hell.
I have.
I shouldn't stay here.
What? Wait, wait.
What do you mean? - Where are you going? - It's fine.
I understand.
I'm too tired to deal with anything right now so I'll call you tomorrow and we'll figure out what's going on.
Wait, Juliette.
It's your house.
Is he okay? He won't go to the VA.
He doesn't have to tell them what happened.
He won't listen.
He thinks they're gonna take the baby away.
I told you they don't do that.
It's confidential.
Will you just talk to him? Please? Yeah, sure.
I knew I had them somewhere! So this is from the day - I married your grandmother.
- Aw Is she not the most beautiful woman - you ever laid eyes on? - So beautiful! Dad, I can't believe how much you look like her! Don't tell me you've never seen a picture of your grandmother before? Not that young.
All right, ladies.
It's getting a little late.
Why don't we start packing it in, huh? What's wrong with a little family time? Oh, my God, Dad! - Dad, you're so cute! - Oh, my God, look at you.
Thick as thieves, those two.
Has your father ever told you about the time they decided to go joyriding in my new truck? Actually, Beverly decided to go joyriding in your truck and she ran it up a tree and she called me for help.
So that's what That's not the story she told me.
Well, we both know how Beverly would wrestle with the truth, huh? And you didn't? Hey, Daph, Mrs.
Jacobson emailed me.
She says you're running behind on a couple of assignments.
Well, we know how Miss Jacobson likes to wrestle with the truth sometimes.
We had a deal, right? You were gonna do your work - so you could do the show.
- Yep.
- Then do your work, please.
- Geez.
Thank you.
That's a lot of pressure to put on a little girl.
I got it, Dad.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
I could have gone somewhere else, but No, no.
Come in, come in.
Thanks for this.
I got out of there with literally nothing.
I still can't believe this.
I know.
It's horrible the way they treat people.
They kept me prisoner.
They took everything away from me.
I was such an idiot.
You can't say that.
Avery knew it was gonna be a disaster.
Why didn't I? Because they were helping you? Yeah, they did help me.
That's the weird thing.
I don't know that I could've gotten out of there without the understanding that Darius gave me.
Every moment, I knew who I was and what I had to do.
How can something be so helpful and so harmful at the same time? You mean, like most of life? I love you.
You're not so bad yourself.
What? Avery.
I've lost him.
Who is burning my toast? Oh, stop.
It's perfect.
You were trying to burn it.
I know your kind.
And you with the bacon.
What are you doing? You still skinning the pig? You wanted crispy bacon.
I'm giving you crispy bacon.
- I didn't say charred.
- Look at your waffles! Now, see? You two were distracting me! Here.
Make yourself useful.
When did you start cooking? There's a lot you don't know about me.
Oh, damn it! Y'all sit down.
I forgot my pills.
- No, let me get 'em.
I'll get 'em for you.
- No, no.
Probably the only exercise I'll get all day.
What? He's so cute.
I'm confused.
You said he was mean.
Yeah, well, he's a bit different than when I knew him.
How so? Now's not the time, sweetie.
Well, it's been a long time.
Aren't we supposed to forgive and forget? I'm trying, baby, all right? Sometimes that can be harder than other times.
- Okay.
- My advice, girls, is never get old.
Pills for this, pills for that.
Now they got pills for the pills.
So, Dad, I was thinking about going with Jonah on his European tour.
Europe? - Yes.
- How long? Um, six weeks.
Italy, France, Greece - Six weeks.
- Czech Republic - Oh, there's an adventure.
- I know.
Don't you think that's a little long? I mean, don't you have work to do? I mean, I can write when I'm there.
Yeah, but you won't.
That's the problem.
That's unfair to say.
Let the girl see the world.
I mean, think of all the history I'll learn.
Kids these days with their heads in their phone, let her have a real experience for a change.
You don't know a single thing about the situation.
But you got this big opinion on it? Is that it? I have no opinion on your wonderful trip to Europe.
Okay, no peeking.
You're gonna ruin the surprise.
You ready? And open up! Mommy! How's my baby! Oh, look at you! How'd you get so big? Oh, I love you so much.
I missed you.
Did you miss me? Yeah? Let's play.
Come on.
I'm gonna eat you.
Thank you.
Hey, sweetie.
Come here a sec.
Guys, no, enough.
Leave us, please.
Let us talk.
You wanna win this thing, right? Yes, of course.
All right, then you're gonna have to start doing something different.
'Cause your vote totals, they're dropping.
I thought they added up over time.
Well, it's nothing to worry about.
We just wanna get out ahead of it.
It is something to worry about.
You're incredibly talented but you're hiding it.
How am I hiding it? We think it's time to lose the guitar.
My guitar is how I express myself as an artist.
- I - No, the guitar The guitar is not the artist.
You're the artist.
Remember that, will you? Just, hey, listen to what she has to say.
Yeah? It's about your heart.
You know, it's not about the instrument.
You have to tell the story with your whole self.
Owning the stage.
You can't do that just hiding behind a guitar.
You mean, like dance? Not dance.
Just move.
Be your true self.
Once you do it, it'll feel so liberating.
This is my true self with my guitar.
I know it's scary.
Daphne, hey, I've been there.
We'll look at film together.
I'll demonstrate for you.
And once you see it, you'll so get it.
Really, it won't be so bad, okay? This is a waste of time.
The VA can't help me.
Okay, then we're gonna find somebody who can.
I am sorry I scared you.
But I am fine now.
You're not fine.
Nobody's fine the day after they try to kill themselves.
- I didn't try to kill myself.
- Okay.
Well, you scared the crap out of everybody.
And honestly, I can't take responsibility for this on my own.
You need somebody qualified to help you.
We played for like 45 minutes and she literally collapsed.
Which I wouldn't mind doing myself.
Well, why don't you? 'Cause I don't think I should stay here.
Well, that's ridiculous.
This is your house.
Yeah, but I've been gone and you've been taking care of her.
Things are just different now.
Well, I'll stay someplace else then.
You should stay here.
So this is someone you're What? Someone I'm what? - You're into - I don't know what it is.
But it's something.
Look, Juliette, you left without saying goodbye.
You refused to come back.
You refused to communicate with me.
What did you expect me to do? I didn't have any expectations.
And I don't have any now.
I'm just trying to understand what is, that's all.
What is is that I can't do this any more.
You know, following you around.
Picking up the pieces.
Waiting for the next disaster to happen.
You really didn't give me any choice.
I know I didn't.
What's your problem? This is a disaster.
What do you mean? Everybody loves you.
No, they don't! My votes are dropping and they said they want me to do something different.
Different how? Perform more.
- "Own my body.
" - What does that even mean? I don't know.
But I have to do it in front of millions of people.
Like be sexy? I don't know.
I don't know what they want me to do.
Well, just know that you don't have to do anything that you don't wanna do.
Can we just go? Yeah.
Will you sit down? This is what it's like.
Stratton? Stratton? Excuse me, sir.
I'm so sorry.
We've been waiting five hours and he still haven't seen a doctor yet.
What's his problem? He has PTSD.
He's in a pretty bad way.
Did you make an appointment with mental health? I tried.
They said 60 days.
He doesn't have that long.
We see patients as quickly as possible.
- Someone will see him.
- When? 'Cause he really needs help.
All these people need help.
And we're doing the best that we can.
I don't understand.
These people sacrificed so much for our country.
How do they get treated this way? Ma'am, I served two tours in Iraq.
I assure you I care about them as much as you do.
We do the best that we can under the conditions that are given to us.
Call Washington.
Maybe they'll listen to you.
I'm so sorry.
I apologize.
I know it's not your fault.
I'm just really scared for him.
What's your patient's name? Sean.
Sean McPherson.
I'm so sorry.
I will bring him right back in here.
Sean! Sean, please don't walk away from me! I told you I cannot take on this responsibility on my own! You don't have to.
What is that supposed to mean? I'm fine.
You helped me.
Well, that's garbage and you know it.
Listen, I can't be here, okay? It's like It's like being back there.
I know they do good things for people but I start shaking before I even get inside.
Well, there are lots of other organizations I'm not your project! I never said you were.
You just wanna make yourself feel better by thinking that you're helping somebody.
Would you take a second and just stop feeling sorry for yourself all the time? I feel sorry for you! That this is the best that you can come up with to do with your life.
Get professional help or I'm out.
Let love in Let love in Let it take you To a place you've never been Let love go, let love go Set it free so it can find Its way back home That song is gonna change peoples' lives.
Oh, come on.
I mean it.
Look at me.
I'm a mess.
How's your girl? Oh, she's amazing.
We had the sweetest moment.
She saw this prism of light dancing on the wall and to her, it was like magic.
Could have stayed in that moment forever.
What? It's just You've been through hell Go on.
And I've never seen you more at peace.
It's a beautiful thing.
And I'm sure that Avery will see it too.
No, I think it's it's too late.
I don't believe it.
You're just gonna have to have some patience.
I'm not ghosting you.
It's just it's hard.
I know.
Look, I am so sorry about what happened.
Not your fault.
Listen, I'm moving out, okay? Don't worry.
You don't have to.
Look, I'm as shocked by all of this as you are.
I mean, I'm gonna get a place as soon as I can.
Say something.
What do you want me to say? That you're gonna give me a chance to figure all of this out.
It's just too complicated, Avery.
What are you gonna figure out? Whether to keep betraying your wife or your best friend or both? I'm not betraying anyone.
You think because you're being honest that you're not betraying anyone.
And you're over-simplifying this whole thing because you're scared and I don't blame you.
I'm not scared.
I'm I'm sad.
You've got a daughter whose mother just came home and now she might lose her father instead.
I know what that's like.
That was me.
Listen to me.
She is not going to lose her father.
I can't be the one that breaks up your family.
No, Alannah, please.
Look I'll talk to you later.
So you want me to keep my mouth shut? No.
I didn't say to keep your mouth shut, all right? I'm just asking you to respect the fact that I'm the father.
And I have to do the parenting.
- That's it.
- I completely respect that.
Yeah, until you're inciting them against me with some little inside joke or something.
Come on! I can't have fun with them? You don't get to do that anymore.
- And what is it I'm supposedly doing? - You don't get to act like nothing is happening when something is happening.
You don't get to act like nothing happened back then when something happened, all right? I have no idea what you're talking about! Seriously? You don't think I remember what fun used to be for you when you would throw me into a wall? Or you'd throw Beverly into a wall then you come back in like nothing ever happened? They don't get to see that, do they? I'm sorry! - Sorry doesn't cut it, all right? - I don't expect you to believe it.
But there were times, many times, - I think most times - What? When what you're saying didn't happen! Don't say that to me! That's what I'm talking about right there! I understand that's how you remember it! Sorry we're late.
Good evening, ladies.
I'm gonna leave you to have dinner with your Dad tonight.
uh I wouldn't want to be the cause of any fun.
Go wash up.
Stay beside me On my way to find me And I'll pray you'll guide me Without warning I'm sorry.
This just feels so wrong.
If you could see it like me, you'd feel differently.
It just doesn't feel like me at all.
I look like an idiot.
I would never let you look like an idiot.
Okay, you're scared.
You're being way too hard on yourself.
Daphne, you have so much potential.
You may not see it yet, but I do.
That's why I've fought so hard to have you on my team.
You know that, right? Let me show you.
Maybe it'll help, okay? Okay, music.
Stay beside me On my way to find me And I'll pray you guide me Without warning See? It doesn't have to be much.
Just connect to the poetry and feel that song.
That's not fair.
What's not fair? You can't take my song and do something I could never possibly do with it.
I was trying to How do you expect me to sing it after you doing that? I don't want you singing it like me.
I want you to sing it like you.
I was just trying - I gotta go.
- Oh, Daph, don't walk away.
Come on! Hey! Well, hey, look who's here? Can I talk to you for a minute? You can talk to me for 100 minutes.
Morning, girls.
- Morning! - Hi, Brad.
So how do I make this work? Not sure I quite understand the question.
Well, when I signed, a lot of things were promised to me, and I know things can take time.
I just wanna make sure that there isn't anything getting in the way.
Met with the team yesterday.
We spent a half hour just on you.
What did you come up with? Need those songs.
Well, I just sent you four new songs.
Yeah, you did, and they're great.
They're just Not great enough.
We sent you songs, too.
Well, I didn't think they were me.
And I don't think you're equipped to make that decision yet.
About my own identity as an artist? Whoa! Ouch! Wait, no.
Too many Too many big words.
About what will get radio stations and advertisers and brand influencers to start talking about Alannah Curtis.
'Cause when Alannah Curtis gets air time, then Alannah Curtis can explore her, what was it, identity as an artist.
We're your friends.
I'm your friend.
And I help my friends.
That's just the way the world works, you know.
I'm sorry to tell you.
Are you my friend, hmm? Hey.
- Guess this was bound to happen, right? - Yeah, I guess so, yeah.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How's Jake? How are things going? - I think things are a lot better, yeah.
- Better.
Brad dropped the whole custody thing.
But he's still planning to send Jake to boarding school.
So, you know, we'll see.
I don't even know what to say, you know I know.
There's nothing to say.
Let's just hope that karma exists so that Brad can get his someday.
- That would be nice.
- Yeah.
And what about you? How are the girls? They're good.
Maddie's in love, - it seems like.
- Wow.
- Yeah, yeah, and Daphne's - A Shooting Star! It's amazing.
We're watching and voting.
- You are? Yeah? - Yeah, of course.
Miss you.
- Maybe I shouldn't say that - I miss you every day.
Yeah, I'm sorry if I made things No, no, let's not start that whole thing again.
Listen, Deacon, I've been meaning to say something to you.
I What? I'm just so grateful for your kindness and your honesty and - No, no, no - No, really, listen.
I was living under a cloud of Brad that was so toxic.
and I don't know.
I feel like I'd forgotten that people that men could be decent and good.
And you gave that to me.
Well, you know what you gave me.
I don't know.
A headache? No, stop.
Seriously What? I was in a dark cave.
You helped me come out.
Thank you.
An oil rig? What? I thought you were a carpenter.
In those days, you did whatever you got hired to do.
So were you there when the oil like sprayed a million feet in the air and came down all over everyone? No.
I'm afraid that's in movies.
I just serviced the diesel that ran the pump.
Not very romantic, I'm afraid.
I don't know.
I'm really glad that you came.
Your daddy raised two wonderful daughters.
Can I ask you something? I know what you're gonna ask.
It's just so hard to see how it was that bad.
People change.
I don't make excuses for the way I was.
I've had a lot of years to think about it.
I just wish - Hey.
- Hey.
Grandpa worked on an oil rig.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
I did not know that.
The oil gushed like a mile into the air and sprayed all over him.
It's crazy.
I'm gonna have to watch this one.
Guess there's a lot about Gramps that we don't know.
What's going on? You were right.
That's what's going on.
- Hi, Grandpa.
- Hello, child.
Sweetheart, what is it? What's going on? I should have never done the show! You're right! You happy now? Why would that make me - I'm going to bed! - Daphne! Ilse? - Yeah.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Thanks for seeing me.
- Oh, absolutely, yeah.
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
No, no, not at all.
It's nice to finally meet you, actually.
- I'm a big fan.
- Well, I'm a big fan of yours too.
For more years that I care to count.
Well, then, let's don't count.
That's okay.
So I kind of had to pry it out of her but I think I got a handle on what's going on.
Well, I'd feed real bad if she thinks that I'm trying to force her to be something she's not.
I think she is a little afraid what you're asking of her.
Might be a little young.
Oh, I'm sorry, but I think she's got it in her head that I'm asking her to be sexy or seductive.
It's not like that at all, no.
Well, good.
What is it then? Well, she's hiding and it's understandable.
I hid when I was her age.
I think every 14-year-old kid does.
But she entered into this competition and I think she really wants to win.
And she won't win if she doesn't engage with an audience.
You know that.
And I'd say that if she were six or 80.
Okay, yeah, I'll talk to her.
And the thing is, is that she did not show up for rehearsal this morning.
Oh, boy.
I'm worried for all of our sakes because it's not gonna be good if she doesn't perform.
He comes over to me.
And then he says, "I help my friends.
Are you my friend?" Hmm.
I swear the next time I see that guy Oh, forget it.
Well, you should at least report him, you know.
Get it on record.
I'll handle it.
How are you gonna do that? Make him an offer he can't refuse.
What does that mean exactly? I'll let you know when I figure it out.
Hey, listen, I'm not taking her back.
I can't keep having her upend my life.
I deserve to be happy.
It's just complicated because of Cadence.
She's been with me full-time for months now.
And I just, I don't I don't want her to be hurt any more than she has to be.
You're a good man, Avery.
You want everybody to be happy.
I'm just not sure life works out that way.
Come in.
I just made tea.
You want some? Yeah, thanks.
Didn't think I'd be seeing you any time soon.
Hey, listen.
I'm I'm really sorry for the way I spoke to you.
It's okay.
It's not my place to tell you how to run your life.
I'm gonna get help, I promise.
That's actually not why I came by.
I'm trying to understand something about you.
So you went there to help people and that's amazing, but it was different with me.
I hoped at first maybe you liked me.
But we know that ain't true.
Oh, cut it out.
And if I were a mechanic or if I were a teacher, I don't think you would've looked twice at me.
I looked twice at you because you're an incredible person.
See, that's it.
Even if that were true, and it ain't, you couldn't have known one way or the other about me.
Not when we first met.
There's only one thing you did know and that's the reason you picked me.
Is that I played music.
- That's not true, though.
- Yeah, it is true.
It's what you care about, Scarlett, whatever you say.
And all this about trying to get me back to playing, the person who needs to be back onstage is you.
Well, that ain't happening.
Why not? Just ain't.
You know, this really smart person, she once asked me, "What do you gain by giving up the thing that you love the most?" That's easy for you to say.
You can't be afraid to speak your mind.
And if he doesn't like it, tough! It's your life, not his.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's going on here? Nothing.
Doesn't sound like nothing.
Listen, Daphne, I got a surprise visit from Ilse today.
Said you didn't show up to rehearsal.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I wasn't feeling well.
That's the first I heard of that.
Don't you believe her? Listen to me, sweetheart.
I got to say it really does seem like she cares about you.
She definitely expressed an interest in you doing well.
Then why isn't she listening to me? Is she not listening? Or do you just not like what she's saying? Why are you taking her side? I'm not taking her side, baby.
I'm on your team all the way.
And, believe me, I respect you as an artist.
I'm only saying that, you know, maybe there's some value in what she's got to say.
I don't agree with you.
All right.
That's your choice.
But I do have to say, and I hate talking about stuff like this.
But if you don't show up tomorrow, you are in breach of contract.
- You understand what that means? - That's a lot of pressure - to put on a little girl.
- You need to stop.
I never said I was quitting.
I'll go back.
Why do you have to be so hard on her? How dare you! How dare you! Has this world gone upside down or something when you, of all people, come into my house and tell my daughter to talk back to me? - Dad - When that would have got my nose broken? - You gonna do that? - What are you talking about? Well, I heard you, Dad! I was standing right there! - Dad - You're gonna come back after all these years you're gonna waltz in here and act like you ain't the one that slit our family in pieces? - Is that it? - He wasn't talking about you! He was talking about Brad! I was telling her to speak her mind to that jackass.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm a U.
citizen, I was held against my will by U.
citizens, and this woman is in danger by U.
citizens! And if the State Department can't be bothered to handle this, then tell me who can! Okay? Because this is not gonna stop here! All right, thank you.
I will await his call.
I'm sure she'll be grateful.
Yeah, if I can get her out and her son.
I'm sure you will.
Don't move out.
I think it's best for now.
Do you love her? - Please don't.
- It's okay.
It's too early to tell.
Fair enough.
Well, cut it out.
You know you're pissed.
So let's just let's just have it out.
I'm not pissed.
You're pissed.
You know what the problem is? I'm beyond pissed.
I wish I were pissed.
If you could have seen me at the airport with Cadence holding flowers when you didn't bother to call and tell us you weren't coming home, that was pissed! "Watch for Mommy", I said, like an idiot.
I'm sorry.
If I could take it all back, I would.
Do you understand that I literally don't know if you're just gonna turn around and go back to those people? Are you crazy? I'm suing them! And I'm gonna free everybody who's down there, if I can! I should just - I gotta get my stuff.
- Wait.
Avery, please.
I'm not asking anything of you, but Please keep talking to me.
I'll try.
That's all I can say.
This new animation? Oh, yeah.
Oh, wow! Oh, that's super cool.
I love that! - Kendall, you're a genius! - Thanks.
- Hey, Daphne.
- Hi.
I'm so glad you're here.
I'm so sorry that I didn't come yesterday.
I know that was really unprofessional.
I just felt like I needed just a minute to figure things out.
I understand.
So what did you come to? I just can't be something that I'm not.
Then we'll do it your way.
Is that all right? Yeah, that's all right.
I mean, I'm on your team.
Don't forget that.
Whatever you wanna do, I'll support you.
You just don't think I'll win if I don't? I don't know.
Nobody knows.
I just wanted the audience to get to know you as I do.
That's the only reason I asked you to step out from behind your guitar.
I just don't think I can.
Then you won't.
It's okay.
Okay? Well, it's been a minute since I was here last.
See, despite all the unimaginable things that have happened, I have been sober a little over five years.
So I come to think maybe I was doing okay.
Maybe I'd gained a little control over myself.
Then my past came knocking.
My dad who was a terrible man.
Now he's back and he's laughing and joking with my daughters.
Saying he's changed, saying he's sober.
And that he's sorry.
I don't know if it's him or me, but it's just I'm so mad at him that I can't even think straight.
You know, every little thing he does, it just drives me out of my mind.
And then I think of all the people that have forgiven me.
You know, shown me grace when I needed it.
So I know I should forgive him.
Maybe I just don't want to.
Why do you think you don't want to? 'Cause the people that he hurt aren't here to speak now.
If I forgive him, then there's no one left to be a witness to what he done to them.
And to me, to that boy I was.
That boy that could not defend himself.
I guess I feel like it's my job to remember 'cause if I don't, then, hell, he just gets away with it.
But why do you need to forgive him? The hatred I feel for him is like this armor I've been wearing for as long as I can remember.
So long that I swear to God I don't even know who I'd be if I took it off.
But I know when I look at my daughters and I see them looking at me, that if I don't take it off Then I'm the broken one.
When you're down Looking up at the ceiling Feels like you're starting from the beginning It's all right, cause sometimes you gotta fall, fall Fall to fly Miss Jenny Lee, folks.
Let's give it up.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
All right! Time to bring out our little secret weapon! Daphne Conrad, get out here! What you gonna sing for us tonight? An original song that I wrote called "Without Warning".
All right.
Well, I can't wait to hear it.
Um I'm actually not gonna use this.
Thank you.
I've been adrift like a rudderless ship I rely on the pull of the moon Oh, I'm in no hurry The ride is the journey And I'll know where I'm headed soon Every new change Is a blind leap of faith And I hope that I make it with you Stay beside me On my way to find me And I'll pray you'll guide me Without warning Lose all senses I'll choose how we end this With the blue With the blue of the morning Oh, come when I go I need you by my side And, oh, come when I go Lose all senses I'll choose how we end this With the blue With the blue of the morning Yeah! We'll be right in, girls.
I just want you to know I'm trying.
I appreciate that, son.