Nashville s06e14 Episode Script

For the Sake of the Song

1 Previously on "Nashville" Oh my God.
Juliette What did you expect me to do? - Don't move out.
- I don't know if you're just gonna turn around and go back to those people.
I'm suing them! I was thinking about going with Jonah on his European tour.
Don't you have work to do? I just hope your interest in me is entirely about the music.
- You should file a complaint.
- I help my friends.
That's just the way the world works, you know? You come back after all these years, you're going to waltz in here act like you ain't the one that slit our family in pieces? Aren't we supposed to forgive and forget? I just want you to know I'm trying.
I appreciate that, son.
- Morning.
- Morning.
What you got there? A song, I'm hoping, yeah.
Trying to finish it for Friday's show.
I'm looking forward to that.
Oh, I'm so late! Good morning to you, too.
I've just got to get to Jonah's.
We're working on a song.
A lot of that going on around here.
Excuse me? Yeah, we are a musical family.
No, no, no talking! Daphne Conrad, the Voice, taking Nashville's Country Star by storm - Wait! What? - Shh! 14-year-old contestant wowed a live studio audience of millions of viewers everywhere - performing "Without Warning".
- Stop, stop! Social media's already abuzz calling her a shoo-in for the finale just two weeks away.
Daph! You're a star! - Stop.
- No, I'm serious.
That is so cool.
My goodness, you are a force to be reckoned with.
I'm proud of you.
- I'm so proud of you, too.
- Thank you.
Son, these girls are giving you a run for your money.
I'm pretty sure they've blown right by me.
[laughs] Did your daddy ever tell you about the back yard performances he used to put on for me and your grandma? - He did not, but do tell.
- Don't tell.
Every Friday night, he would drag us into the back yard and stand up on the same old stump.
Here we go.
There he was lugging that Silvertone across the yard.
It was bigger than he was.
That's adorable.
Don't you have somewhere you need to be? No, I don't, actually.
Do you remember the first one I ever taught you? No.
I do.
"The Little Bitty Ditty".
[laughs] Damn near drove me crazy with all the practicing we did.
He had to have it just right.
I had to have it just right? Dad, I had no idea granddad taught you how to play guitar.
More complicated than that.
Let's get you to school, super star.
I'll see you guys in a bit.
- Bye.
- Bye! I'll be back.
- Switch it up.
- Switch it up.
Someone had a great time at the park.
Ah, someone's late for a nap.
Come here, baby girl.
- Avery, she's burning up.
- Really? Yes.
She feels fine.
Emily, call Dr.
Hayes and have him set up an appointment as soon as possible.
- Sure.
- You serious? You can never be too careful with a fever.
- If it's a fever.
- It is.
- I can take her temperature.
- I'm telling you - You sure? - Yeah, yeah.
You two talk.
You'll be happy to know I'm going to talk to Darius tomorrow.
You sure it's even safe for you to go back there? Does it even matter? All I keep thinking about is Rosa and all the people down there forced to work in horrible conditions because they believed in something that was pure? I can't just walk away from them.
I just don't want you to get hurt, that's all.
You don't think I can take care of myself? Juliette, we don't really know what these people are capable of.
[chuckles] They don't know what I'm capable of.
We belong We belong together - Okay, right there - Before the bridge? Yep.
I feel like there's just a - Yeah.
No, there's too much.
- Too much.
Is that? Like we share a brain.
Oh, then I feel so sorry for you.
Yo! I have great news! Oh, you found your tanning lotion? Oh, wait, no, no, no! Hair gel is on sale, right? Ha.
I got you a date.
What? What are you talking about? For the frigging pajama party, idiot.
And I only had to pay her $50 bucks.
I can get my own date, asswipe.
Oh, yeah? Who you bringing? Um, your mom.
Oh, yeah.
Stop being such a bitch, and thank me.
- This party's gonna be epic.
- No.
Actually, your mom's epic.
Oh, that's a good one.
Just don't forget to wear pajamas.
You don't have to embarrass him.
I'm not.
I'm helping him out.
No, you're making fun of him.
- Okay.
I won't do it again, - Okay.
I promise.
So, have you thought of thought about Europe? Yeah, I have.
And? And I'm still thinking.
- 35 dates.
- Mm-hmm.
- Two months.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's gonna be amazing.
- Mm-hmm.
I promise.
You're not ready.
Um, I tried to call.
This is just really hard for me.
I know, but I'm not gonna let you down.
You know, you once said that there are a lot of moving parts here.
Well, now there's too many.
I'm telling you, it's gonna be worth it in the end.
It's just I can't compete with her.
And with your history with her.
Look, Alannah I've already made my choice.
Don't you see that it's not just your choice anymore? What does that What does that mean? You have a family.
I have a daughter.
And that's the only thing that you need to think about.
Okay, just tell me what I can do.
It, um It just needs more time.
Juliette, I'm so glad you're here.
Welcome back.
So we have company today? I asked Laura to sit in.
I hope that's not a problem.
You scared to be alone with me? I think it best we document this meeting.
So you can classify me as unstable? A danger to myself again? No.
So we can understand each other and learn from this.
My team was concerned, but overly cautious.
I apologize.
Running a worldwide organization has its challenges.
If you want to stay on message, you have to have discipline.
I stand by that, but sometimes people takes things too far.
Don't give me that crap! Your team does only what you say! And they control people by fear and intimidation! No.
We help people all over the world.
Changing lives, making a difference.
Oh, save me the brochure.
What you're doing is horrible.
Everything we do is within the law.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
What do you want, Juliette? I want justice.
For whom? For the people who fell for your charade.
People like me! Oh, it's too bad.
I liked it better when she was here.
You have no proof, no witnesses.
You're on camera making threats and irrational statements.
The only person you should be concerned about is you.
You really think it's gonna be that easy to shut me up? No, but I think this can.
It's the nondisclosure agreement you signed the morning you left for Bolivia.
You might want to check the paragraph that spells out the penalty for breaking it.
This is not over.
Mark my words.
Talk to the press, the Movement will sue you for every penny you're worth.
You will have nothing.
Your family will have nothing.
So, yes, it is over.
[cell phone rings] Juliette? Everything okay? Call the publicist.
Tell him I have a story.
This is about that whole Darius thing? You're damn right it is! Listen, Juliette.
Please be careful here, okay? Don't tell me to be careful! We belong together, we We belong, we We belong together That is gorgeous.
No, I don't think it's there yet.
Well, all right.
Well, keep at it.
Gee, I guess you have been working on your music.
By the way, if Jonah helped you with that, - I owe that boy an - No, that was Twig, actually.
What's a Twig? Jonah's best friend.
- [phone chimes] - Huh.
Huh, what? Nothing.
You don't even know him.
- I didn't - He's so good.
I said it was good.
Keep at it, girl.
Okay, so What? I'm thinking about saying yes to Europe.
I just need you to know what you're saying yes to, all right? You know it's his world.
- They're his decisions, his schedule - Where's Granddad? I'm sorry.
What? Do you know where granddad is? Uh, his room? No, he's not in there.
We were supposed to play.
I actually haven't seen him.
Does he have a phone? He barely has a toothbrush.
No, he doesn't have a phone.
Well, he's been out all day again.
Sweetie, I'm sure he just went out for a walk or something.
He'll be back soon.
- Okay.
- Okay.
It doesn't matter what I say.
He keeps doing it.
Because he'd make sure I'd never get another job.
I gotta go.
- Alannah, hi.
- Hey.
He should just be a couple minutes.
- Okay.
No problem.
- Mm-hmm.
Tamara? Wait, did I lose Tamara! Tamara! Hey, get Tamara back on the phone for me, will you? Yeah, sure.
[whispering] Hey! Oh, there she is! - Here I am.
- Hey.
Come on back.
- So - So Let's be friends.
Oh, I like that.
What, uh What kind of friends you wanna be? Whatever kind you want me to be.
I wonder what she meant by that? She meant that's how the world works.
Isn't that what Brad said? It doesn't sound very authentic.
I'm sorry.
Did you want me to be authentic? [chuckles] Always.
What if I were to say a fake friend that doesn't even really like you? [chuckles] I would say, "What? Like all my other friends?" That's so sad.
No, what's sad is living in a fantasy.
That's what most people do.
I'm living right here, baby.
That's the kind of friend I want.
We should try dinner again.
Should we? - Maybe he has a girlfriend? - [chuckles] Or maybe he's in the CIA? - [laughs] - I don't know.
What, has he still not come home? No, he's not.
No, but maybe he's just an adult who deserves a little privacy.
How about that? Dad, he's an old adult and he's been gone all day.
- What if something happened? - No.
- Nothing's happened.
- Dad, I'm serious.
- What if something happened? - Nothing has, baby.
Hey, everybody! Mmm, dinner smells great! What's wrong? Where were you? Out? Just out? Yeah.
I ran into some old friends.
We were catching up.
You have friends in Nashville? I've got friends everywhere.
Well, the girls were worried.
Oh, well, I'm sorry.
I guess I just thought, with all you guys got going on around here, who has time to worry about me? We do.
Well, I'm sorry, and I promise it won't happen again.
You know, the other day, he told the girls that he taught me how to play.
As in the guitar? - No.
Ping-pong, Scarlett.
Yes, guitar.
- [chuckles] Like he's responsible for my musical career.
That's all him, you know.
- Are you sure he meant it that way? - I'll tell you what.
Any little good that is inside of me, he had nothing to do with it.
- I know.
- That's a promise.
Well, how's he been around the house? He ain't really been around the house that much.
- Keeps disappearing on us.
- To where? Catching up with old friends, so he says.
Hell, I don't know.
I don't even know how much I trust him.
Is he drinking? He better not be drinking! He's drinking, he's outta my house.
I can promise you that.
I hope he ain't drinking, for the girls' sake.
Used to be if he went out, yeah, he was drinking.
He was coming home drunk.
Well, it's hard to trust somebody after years of all that kind of thing.
Scarlett, why'd you have to say that? Now you got that in my head.
I didn't.
You just said it yourself.
Yeah, well, I didn't want to.
- That's cute.
- [cell phone beeps] Oh, come on! He was safe! No way that doesn't get called back.
Yo, where's the pizza? Yeah.
Didn't we call it in like an hour ago? Thank you.
Okay, okay.
You're a frickin' animal! - [cell phone beeps] - Who is that? Oh, it's it's nobody.
- [phone vibrates] - Doesn't sound like nobody.
Yo, maybe it's the pizza guy.
Well, it's not the pizza guy! Okay.
[cell phone vibrates] Who is it? It's my agent.
It's probably about tour.
- [cell phone vibrates] - I'll be right back.
We can't keep doing this, all right? It's just It's not healthy! Don't say that! Do you think that this is easy for me? Then why are you breaking up with me? Do we have to go over this again? You know we're not right for each other.
- I'm trying to get better! - Mia I can't believe that you did this right after I changed therapists.
I can't be the reason that you get better.
I can't.
That's not fair.
You need to focus on your own life right now.
You know what? Don't tell me what to do! I just care about you.
And I want you to be okay, okay? Yeah, well, if you wanted me to be okay, you wouldn't be doing this.
Look, Mia Anything wrong? No.
I just needed some air.
The whole Europe thing, what do you think I should do? Do you think I should go? Well, I think you should do it, all right? I mean, how often do you get to go to Europe with thousands of screaming fans? Yeah.
Yeah, my dad just keeps nagging me about it.
Says he thinks I'll just be some like glorified backup singer.
Hey, well, at least you'll be glorified.
Come on, pizza's here.
Hello? - Hello.
- Deacon? What are you doing here? Um Fellas, this is my son, Deacon! Deacon, this is Reggie and this is Jellyroll.
- Reggie Vaughn.
- Hello.
Jellyroll Johnson.
- And this is my wife, Rita.
- Deacon Claybourne.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Hey, Deacon.
Reggie and I go all the way back to Sycamore Street in Mississippi.
He's the minister at that church out by the Super 8.
Ran into him and Jellyroll out there.
Oh, thank you.
Well, it's a pleasure.
We just been picking up where we left off about 25 years ago.
Until the wife kicks us out.
We've got another guitar here if you like to join us.
Oh, no, no.
I gotta At least stick around and have a glass of cold iced tea.
Much obliged.
Be nice to have an audience.
Yeah, yeah, I got a minute or two here.
Sure, yeah.
Here we go dancing again We know this old tune by heart We know how this fight's gonna end The moment it starts One step leads to another As sure as the night leads to day When one of us tries to get closer The other one dances away We're spinning and whirling - In danger of losing control - What were doing in a hotel, anyway? I didn't want to impose.
Impose? What the hell are you talking about, man? - But our love is so strong - Come on, man.
- Get in here! - It's lasted so long We'd be fools to let go I don't want a new partner But I'm so tired of dancing alone All alone So come to my arms, little darlin' I'll waltz you home Yeah.
[laughs] So That's beautiful.
- Y'all are amazing, seriously.
- All right! Thank you.
Sure you wouldn't like to join us? No.
I can't do that.
I actually gotta get going.
Thank her for the iced tea.
It was a pleasure meeting you guys.
I'll see you at home, Dad.
You bet.
So, um, thanks for meeting me.
Yeah, of course.
I I have kind of a weird question.
I hope it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable.
Go for it.
I'm actually kind of worried about Leah.
Well, that was inevitable.
She's exactly his type.
So he's done this a lot.
Oh, yeah.
He's had six settlements with ex-employees.
A few of them reached out after our divorce.
And it was disturbing, to say the least.
Well, you warned me.
I should have listened.
Are you sure that everything's okay? Yeah.
I can take care of myself.
Well, I'm here if anyone needs me.
Thank you.
We'll see what happens.
I hope you're happy.
Glenn, this wasn't about my happiness.
Have you ever heard the expression, "Don't poke the bear"? Hmm? Uh, have you ever heard the expression, "Don't threaten Juliette Barnes"? Yeah, once or twice.
Listen, the AP picked this up.
CNN, Dateline, Fox News, they all want exclusives.
So, congratulations, you're now officially at war with Darius Enright.
We belong, we We belong together You fixed it.
- I did? - Yes.
Yeah, yeah, of course, I did.
It sounds perfect.
It's amazing.
So, I realized that your voice carries us through the bridge.
So we don't need anything else.
And it's like a scene in a movie where nobody says anything but you can totally tell what's going on just by the looks, you know.
Why are you here? Oh, like metaphorically speaking? Like why are you here? Why aren't you producing artists? Well, because I'm with Jonah.
Yeah, not producing.
I don't know, Twig.
You're just so amazing.
Seriously, I just why don't you believe in yourself? I'm scared, I guess.
Why? - Why? - 'Cause I just like I'm afraid I'm another nobody.
No! Why do you say that? I mean, you have no idea what Jonah does for me.
Okay, like supplying you a date to a party? No.
Like getting noticed and being treated with respect.
And I don't know.
I feel like he opened up so many worlds to me that otherwise I wouldn't be able to get to see.
So, without him, I would be just - You? - Like You'd be you which is enough.
So why can't I go to Jonah's parties? Because you're underage.
Underage for what? Underage for parties.
So tell me about Twig.
What about him? I don't know.
You just seem to talk about him a lot.
That's just 'cause we're working on a song together.
You sure there's nothing there? Yes, I'm sure.
What? - You like him.
- What? No, I don't like him! - You're blushing! - No, I'm not! Stop.
I do not like Twig.
Shut up.
Stop staring at me! Oh, my God! Don't worry about it, Em.
I can finish.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Apparently, the singer was abusive to fellow followers and, surprise, a complete prima donna.
We have multiple first-hand reports that the singer quarantined herself and demanded special treatment while she lashed out verbally and physically at others around her.
This all coming just days after Juliette Barnes released her own account alleging the exact opposite.
Movement officials claim the singer was simply trying to get ahead of the truth.
Hurry up, boy! I ain't got all day! No! No! That is not the progression! G, A minor, E! No, that ain't it either.
G, A minor, E! Why is that so hard? G, A minor, E! Why can't you get this? It's not a hard progression! G, A minor, E! It's a simple progression! G, A minor, E! - Don't you backtalk me! - [groans] - Time for you to practice, boy! - Gideon, stop! - Get up! - You have got to stop! - You have got to let him sleep! - You shut up! G, A minor, E! G, A minor, E! G, A minor, E! You can't eat in your room.
Two hours of homework says I can.
Looks like it's dinner for two.
Son, I didn't mean to put you on the spot earlier asking you to play with us.
I just thought it'd be fun.
Maybe some other time.
Well, I know the guys would be happy to have you back over.
[scoffs] Son? Why don't you just say what you have to say? Okay.
You did everything you could to take away my music.
What are you talking about? I loved hearing you play.
You beat me when I played.
That is not true! I loved teaching you! That's what you call teaching? We had wonderful times playing I'm not gonna stand here and correct your memory, all right? But what you did was horrible! And the only love that I had for music was in spite of you, Dad.
- Not because - Enough! Enough! That is so unfair.
Yes, I wanted you to be good.
And, yes, I pushed you.
But I did that out of love! Love? You think that was love? Are you that twisted? The only thing your love ever gave me was a habit that ruined my life! - I I had a dream - Oh, stop it, Dad.
That I gave up of playing music.
And I gave that dream to you! Stop it! What you gave to me is why we haven't spoken in 30 years.
So, no, you do not get to take credit for my music.
It is mine.
So I said, "That's it.
I'm starting my own label.
" The only person you need in this business is yourself and, well, maybe me.
- Well, you're kidding, right? - Sir? Don't It's corked, all right? - Bring me something else.
- Yes, sir.
You're so nice to people.
I'm honest.
- Most people find it refreshing.
- Who? - Pretty sure you do.
- Oh, that's amusing.
And yet here you are with me.
Hmm, which I'm wondering about right now.
Nah, you're not.
- You really are something.
- I am, aren't I? I mean, you're one of a kind, I'll give you that.
You like me.
I couldn't like you.
I mean, you're everything I despise.
You use people, you're a narcissist.
And you always have to have everything your way.
What was your father like? Shut up.
You do.
You actually like me.
I do not like you.
- That is just so funny.
- I don't think it's funny.
I mean, I'm, uh I'm honored.
I didn't think I stood a chance with you.
You don't.
I'm so happy.
I thought I was helping you.
But my anger and my drunkenness turned it into something else.
And that's something I have to live with.
That was your gift to me, Dad.
Every single relationship I ever had [sighs] Rayna, my girls.
Every morning I'd wake up, and I'd look in that mirror.
And the face I'd see there would be You.
The problem is I did love you.
And I did teach you.
And I did want you to have a good life.
And I don't know what to do with that now.
Neither do I.
You're better than me.
Don't you understand that? You don't have that meanness in you anymore.
You broke the cycle.
My daddy drank and beat me.
And I did it to you.
But look at you.
Look at your girls.
I am so proud of you.
We were both victims of circumstance.
But you rose above it.
And I don't wanna mess that up.
So I'm gonna stay home tonight and leave you to it.
I don't wanna mess up anything more for you.
[dance music plays] So we went to Italy first, and I barely made the plane.
- Hey! - Oh, Maddie! What's up, Maddie? - How you doing? - Hi.
I'm Maddie.
- Oh, yeah, sorry.
This is Maddie.
- Glad to meet you.
This is Brittany.
You guys just did that.
- Yeah.
- So you're good.
You know each other now! Old friends.
- I have to pee.
- Oh, yeah, sorry, sorry, sorry! So, yeah, that way, through everyone.
- I'll be right back! - Nice to meet you! - Wow, you look amazing! Nice PJs.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Very floral.
- She is so cute.
Yeah, no, she's cool.
- Maddies James! - Hey! Wow, you look beautiful.
Thank you.
- May I? - Yes.
- How you doing? - I'm good.
Thanks for coming.
I think they got you at table two.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Where's Gideon at? - Deacon? - He's not coming.
Why? We got into it, all right? He apologized, but I guess it's just too big for me.
Or I'm too stubborn to let it go right now.
You are stubborn.
Probably for the best.
Maybe it's not.
Maybe I made a mistake.
Only you'd know that.
I'll bring him next time.
All right Where were you, Stockholm? - Yeah.
- Stockholm? Couple months, yeah.
Did you go to any other places while you were there? - You waited! - Yeah, of course! I'm a gentleman.
- So you want a drink or something? - Yeah.
Um Oh, um, hang on.
Hold that Hold that thought.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
No, no, no.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Just have fun, okay? Mingle amongst yourselves! Okay.
Wow, you look absolutely beautiful.
Thank you.
So, I thought some more about Europe.
- And? - And I think it's gonna be amazing.
- No way.
- Yes, way.
No way.
You just made this the best night ever.
Hey, sorry, buddy.
There's an emergency that you gotta take care of right now! Twig, we're in the middle of a moment.
No, no, no, no.
You don't understand.
You've gotta take care of this right now! - Just go deal with it! - What? Wait! What? - The neighbors are here.
- The neighbors are here? - The neighbors are here? - They're super pissed! - The neighbors are pissed? - And you gotta talk to them.
- I gotta talk to them.
- Okay? - It's my house.
I gotta talk to them.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'll be right back.
These guys are the worst.
- I'm sorry.
I'll be right back.
- Okay, I'll come with you.
No, no, no! - What? - Let him deal with that himself.
It gets so messy.
Just come on.
Dance with me.
Let's have fun.
You don't have to say when you're walking away Yeah, I like it pulled back.
It's cute.
All right, everybody out! Give us the room for a minute.
You're gonna do great out there tonight.
I'm absolutely sure of it.
Scary when you're nice.
[chuckles] Yeah, well, not many people get to see it.
Looks good on you.
What? Nothing.
I just For a second saw what you were like as a boy.
All right, I'll try to be more careful.
It was nice.
[chuckles] Oh, you are a tough one, aren't you? Anything but.
Break a leg out there, huh? Listen, you really should not be here.
Don't you want to see how I've missed you? Okay, I really need you to go.
And I really need you.
[cheering] Chuck Camp, everybody! How'd you even come up with a song like that? Where'd that even come from? I think I was just thinking about why we all became songwriters, you know.
I remember the first song I ever fell in love with was Willie Nelson's "Blues Eyes Crying in the Rain".
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
It was like a whole new world opened up for me, you know? Deacon, what was the first song you ever fell in love with? Um Well, I guess if I'm gonna be honest, the first song I ever loved is the first song I ever learned to play on guitar.
And my daddy taught it to me.
You can sit if you like.
And, uh It's called "Little Bitty Ditty".
Oh, we gotta hear that.
No, no, you're not gonna hear that one.
- That's just a little kid's song.
- No, we definitely gotta hear it.
Y'all wanna hear that? [cheering] Yeah, all right, all right.
I know the chords.
There are only three of those.
But, man, there's a lot of words.
It's a little tricky, so here we go.
My granddaddy used to whittle While my daddy played the fiddle In the middle of the front porch swing While my sister used to giggle At a silly little riddle About some brittle and a diamond ring While my mama fixed the vittles On the little kitchen griddle You could hear the metal tea kettle sing [whistles] While my granddaddy whittled And my daddy played the fiddle In the middle of the front porch swing All right, you guys got it.
Let's play it fast.
Ready? Here we go! Granddaddy used to whittle - Whichever one you want, boy.
- front porch swing And my sister used to giggle At a silly little riddle About a brittle and a diamond ring While mama fixed the vittles On a little kitchen griddle You could hear the metal tea kettle sing [whistles] Terrible.
While my granddaddy whittled And my daddy played the fiddle In the middle of the front porch swing Yeah! [cheering] Oh, my! [laughs] I'm having so much fun! Okay! Oh, come here! Bring it in, bring it in.
Thank you.
- Here! - No, I am good.
- Okay.
Dessert? - Thank you.
How many of those have you had? One - Five.
- [laughs] Yeah.
I'll go if you kiss me.
- Come on, come on.
- I'm not kidding.
One kiss and I'll go.
- You're so crazy.
- And you love it.
Come here.
Okay, all right.
Bring it in.
Bring it in.
Where's Jonah? Uh The neighbors? The neighbors? Um, uh there there are no neighbors.
What? Where is he? What He's upstairs.
Wait, wait, wait! Maddie, Maddie, Maddie, please wait! Please don't! - [cheering] - Thank you very much.
I'm Alannah Curtis.
It's been very exciting to be here.
I said it was gonna be different this time I was on the road I swore I'd find Was gonna be the girl I always knew I'd be But I burned too hot, too fast, too bright A falling star about to lose its shine I'm right back where I said I wouldn't be Stick around and you will see - I'm just treading water - No.
Trying not to drown Maddie! Maddie! What is she doing here? with your feet on the ground If you only knew how far you'd have to fall Then, baby You wouldn't want me at all - Maddie, Maddie! - Don't even, Twig.
- Maddie! Wait, Maddie! - You knew! You son of a bitch! You knew! I cannot believe this! You took my hand said it's okay We're all messed up in our own way There's room enough for two here in the dark I don't think you really get how often I'm a losing bet I'm gonna wreck it all and watch it fall apart You had one job.
Stick around and you will see I'm just treading water trying not to drown While you're standing on the edge With both feet on the ground If you only knew how far you'd have to fall Then, baby You wouldn't want me at all Gideon? Gideon?