NCIS s01e14 Episode Script

The Good Samaritan

- Hi.
Is everything okay?|- Can you just call AAA? My cell phone can't get|a signal out here.
What's the problem? I don't know.
|The car just stopped.
Mind if I look under the hood? I'm a lieutenant commander|in the navy stationed in Oceana.
Just want to help, okay? Relax.
I was just getting my ID.
I'm a dentist,|I don't carry a gun.
I do.
It's my sister's number.
I always use her as|my emergency contact.
No, she lives in Miami.
What difference does it make|if she's local or not? Well, no, of course I could, I couldget a number|of somebody in town.
Uh, it's just that I'll have to call them first|to make sure it's all right.
Fine, I'll call you back.
I'll be your emergency contact.
I'll get somebody else.
Yeah, what's wrong with me? Where do I start? They never call.
|They just need a number.
How do you do that? First team varsity, Ohio state.
|So what do you say? Fine.
Just don't make a|big deal out of it.
So, um, what are|my responsibilities? Are there financial ramifications? Like do I need to give|blood if you get hurt? Maybe I should see? This is what I was talking about, making a big deal|out of it.
And sort of check out the floor plan.
Oh, forget it! Forget it, okay? - I'll just, um I'll ask Abby.
|- Suit yourself.
- Whoa, are you guys Libras?|- No No They are so screwed this week.
Why don't you ask Gibbs?- Maybe I will.
Why is he carrying two|cups of coffee today? I don'know, and|I don't want to know.
But it probably has something to do with one of his ex-wives.
We have a possible|execution-style murder of a navy lieutenant commander|in Grayson county.
Call Ducky.
You know, I have call waiting.
For emergencies.
I don't think Gibbs even|knows what call waiting is.
Hello, Gibbs NCIS.
- You got a first name?|- Jethro Your parents had|a sense of humor.
Who's the rest of your posse? Special agent Todd, Dinozzo.
- Our M.
, Dr.
|- What can I do for you? I understand a naval officer|was killed here last night.
That's right.
If it's all the same to|you, sheriff Charley Since the victim was|a naval officer, we'd like to take over|the investigation.
Well, it isn't all the same|to me, Jethro.
The voters of Grayson county|didn't elect me sheriff so I could cede jurisdiction|to some out-of-towners, no matter how good-looking|one of them might be.
We'll share jurisdiction.
A murder on a state road|in my county? I don't think so.
With all due respect, sheriff Charley The forensic resources of NCIS|dwarf those of Grayson county.
Well, I tell you what.
I'll handle the local investigation, you can have custody of the physical|evidence for forensic purposes and do the on-base investigation.
But any prosecution will|take place in Grayson county, everything runs through me, no|exceptions, and I get full credit.
It's an election year.
What have you got? Looks like commander Julius got|a flat, pulled over to fix it, somebody came along,|robbed him and killed him.
No clothes, no wallet, no watch.
We traced him through|the car registration.
Kate, photos.
Tony, laser and sketch.
This reminds me of|the tale of the traveler who was beaten and left|by the highway.
How so? Oh, a man from Samaria came by.
He saw the poor fellow,|picked him up, carried him in his arms to an inn.
He bathed his wounds, bandaged|him and left money to feed him.
Th was unusual because the|samarians were considered outcasts of low moral fiber.
Yeah, but from then on, he's been known as|"the good Samaritan.
" Man, you can talk.
Perhaps over dinner? You're cute.
You got no chance,|but you're cute.
And don't be too swift in|your dismissal, Charley.
Destiny has brought us together.
You might want to check those|tarot cards one more time.
This samaritan wasn't one of the|good ones, was he, my friend? What do you got, Duck? Single gunshot to the back.
Yeah, one, two Uh.
No exit wound.
Based on the blood spatter, I'd say he was shot|where he dropped.
Shell casings? None that we could find.
We set up grids, went over each one|using a metal detector.
Found zip.
- That's odd.
|- What? His hands were bound|after he died.
If they were tied|before he was killed, it would've restricted circulation|and the blood would've pooled and been unable to escape.
Making his hands redder|than the rest of his body.
Yeah, precisely.
Time of death? Oh, Jethro, you really got|to have some patience.
What's his story? What do you mean? Well, is he single? Available? Uh, he's single.
As far as|available, I I wouldn't know.
I saw a car with its trunk up,|so I pulled over.
Didn't know I'd be rolling|into a crime scene.
What's that cologne|you're wearing? Not wearing any.
Oh, that's me.
New perfume.
You like? Got a tow truck we can borrow? Sure, doll.
Don't say it, Dinozzo.
I wasn't going to say anything.
Don't think it.
Too late.
When we get to Oceana, I want|you to search Julius's apartment.
What are we looking for? A motive to kill him.
You don't think it was|a crime of opportunity? His hands were tied behind|his back after he was killed.
Maybe it was part|of the killer's ritual.
Kate, that's why we're|going to Oceana.
Jethro I need to know|how to get hold of you.
Number's on the card|I gave you.
What about after-hours? Uh they can find me.
Is this NCIS's idea|of cooperation? Based on the width and edges|of the entry wound and the absence of an exit wound, I'd say you were killed|by a hollow point bullet.
Ah, Gerald, it's a conundrum.
What's that? How a society can develop cures for all|sorts of diseases can be the same society that develops a bullet that|does this kind of damage.
Do you know why they're called|dum-dum bullets? Uh no.
In the late 1890s, the British|military developed them in India at the dum-dum arsenal.
Yes, their use|in warfare was banned at the first international peace|conference in 1899 at the Hague.
I actually find that interesting.
As opposed to what? How did he die? He was shot in the back.
Any idea what|he was doing out there? Has a sister who lives|in Kentucky.
Might've been on his way|home from a visit.
How long had he been|stationed here? About five years.
Been with the navy|almost 15 years.
It was his life.
Never married? Well, if he was, it was|before he arrived here.
- How well did you know him?|- Not very.
You're his commanding officer.
Commander Julius was a bit of an|odd duck, if you know what I mean.
I don't.
He was a competent dentist,|but he wasn't one of the boys.
Didn't like to go out and|hoist a few, huh? Exactly.
He would rather sit in front of a|computer screen, surfing for collectibles.
What kind? I don't know.
|I could ask around.
Know anybody who had|a grudge against him? I wonder who commander|Julius's decorator was.
Siegfried and Roy? Ah, yeah.
Nice gear.
Hey, what do you think of this? "Igottoomany"? I got too many.
What do you think it means? I have no idea.
Kate, he got too many.
He collects lunch boxes? They're collectibles.
Yeah, but they're lunch boxes.
Well, so he has|an unusual hobby.
My grandfather collected buttons.
He always said, "anybody could collect|coins or stamps.
But buttons " Oh! Magnum, P.
Lunch box!|Mag pi.
I love magnum, P.
I had one of these in elementary|school.
Tom selleck was the man! Are they valuable? Probably.
Why? Could be a motive.
Yeah, lunch box deal gone bad? People have killed for a lot less.
I think I may know what those|numbers were on the computer post-it.
What is this going to tell us? He buys and sells lunch boxes|on ebay.
We can check his feedback rating,|see if anyone has a beef with him.
Haven't you ever bought|anything on ebay before? Have you? Just some buttons|for my cousin Petey.
"|So much for a lunch box motive.
Somebody's popular.
Not me.
The clerk screwed up again.
And they seem to be|from sheriff Dupray.
Thought you gave her your cell? - Guess I forgot to turn it on.
|- What does she want? She wants to video-conference.
What can I do for you, sheriff? Jethro, if you're not going|to call me Charley, we're going to have a difficult|time working together.
Okay, Charley.
There was|a murder two counties over, very similar to commander Julius.
In fact, almost exactly|the same.
How so? The victim was found off|the side of a country road, nude, bound, one gunshot in|the back, no shell casings found.
Who was the victim? A David truly.
He wasn't in the navy, but he was a civilian employee|at naval air station Oceana.
I think we've got a serial|killer on our hands.
This reminds me of|a case I worked once.
- Guy hated mailmen.
|- Letter carriers.
What? They're called letter carriers,|not mailmen.
Since when? I don't think there was|a specific date, Tony.
- It just kind of evolved.
|- Hey, Casey, Denise.
Is this in any way|relevant to our case? If the sheriff is right, we need to figure out how the|killer is choosing his targets.
How does he know the cars that|stop are going to be navy connected? Maybe he doesn't.
Maybe if someone pulls over|who's not navy, he just waves them off.
Lot of east-west highways|in southern virginia head towards|virginia beach.
Makes sense a lot of|people on them are navy.
Get ahold of Truly's|personnel records.
See if there's any connection|between him and commander Julius.
- And check Julius's C.
|- On it.
I know you're going to ask me to|call the leos in the other county and have them ship over|the evidence.
I wasn't going to ask.
Yeah, the bullet entered the back|through the left intercostal space between the third and fourth ribs.
The trajectory was from|left to right, indicating that the shooter|fired from the left.
Would you weigh what's left of|the liver for me please, Gerald? No problem, doc.
Anything unusual? Rather straight forward, actually.
That's unusual.
Well, the bullet took a|fairly circuitous route through commander Julius|after it entered.
Usable for ballistics? It's difficult to say.
The bullet was a.
9 millimeter|hollow point, sustained some fragmentation.
I sent it up to Abby.
Cause of death? Gunshot wound to the back.
Can't be much more straight|forward than that, Duck.
Well, he bled out.
The bullet was a particularly|nasty form of, of hollow point.
When it expanded on impact, its copper jacket peeled|back to form six sharp claws, one of which nicked his aorta.
|Excuse me.
Even if he made it to|the hospital, Duck, he didn't have a chance.
Yeah, well, it wasn't an|execution-type slaying.
Not that it makes any difference|to commander Julius, but the GSR pattern indicated that he was shot from a distance|of three to five feet.
The killer tied Julius's|hands postmortem.
He do anything else? Well, there's no signs|of sexual abuse, if that's what you're asking.
I did find traces of a powdery|substance on his wrists.
Drugs? I doubt it.
Abby's analyzing it now.
I suspect it'll turn out|to be cornstarch.
Used as a lubricant|for latex gloves.
There's actually quite a|controversy about the use of powder as a donning agent in gloves.
You know, I read that one, duck.
|That's why there're no prints.
Thank you.
You'll find|this interesting, Gerald.
Anything, Abby? This is the left rear tire|off commander Julius's car.
Notice anything unusual? It's inflated.
Is that a guess, or do you actually know|where I'm going with this? What do you think? Well, I don't know.
|That's why I ask you.
Why don't you just tell me? So you don't know? I want to make sure you know.
We should play poker some|time.
Yeah, we should.
According to sheriff|Dupray's report, when she got to the scene,|the tire was flat.
But I had no problem filling it.
Sure it's not a slow leak? This is the second time|I've filled it.
And the first time, I had|it submerged in water, there were no bubbles.
there is|nothing wrong with this tire.
Somebody let the air out|to make it look flat.
The killer went to|a lot of trouble to make the crime scene look like|something else.
Any luck with the tire track? Depends on|your definition of luck.
You're particularly feisty today.
Thanks for noticing.
I ran the track through|the tread assistant database.
The CD-rom has over 10,000|tire tracks for comparison.
It's great for parties.
On top is the partial|we cast at the scene.
- You matched them?|- I did.
But here's the bad news.
This particular brand is like|the prom queen of tires.
It's very popular.
It fits all kinds of|mid-sized cars and SUVs.
I hate getting behind SUVs.
|You can't see anything.
Do you have a list of models|that use that tire? It's in your e-mail, and I included the tire distributors in the|virginia beach area that sell that brand.
So Julius's prints are all over|the car, as you would expect.
I did find some unidentified|prints on the hood.
Did you Did you run it through AFIS? Feisty and psychic.
|It's a killer combination.
I didn't get any hits on the prints.
The interior is clean.
There's no blood, there's|no bodily fluid.
But I did find something|peculiar on the trunk lock.
There's just no way that this|was a crime of opportunity.
Whoever pulled it off|put a lot of thought into it.
I called the county clerk's office to|see about getting the records sent over.
And I get a recording.
The recording tells me|to call another number, which I do, which gives|me another recording that directs me to dial|the first number that I called.
Look on the bright side.
What bright side? It's just an expression.
- Big mistake turning off the cell.
|- Ah, Charley.
Almost didn't recognize you.
Like getting out of that uniform.
Evidence from the other murder.
- Special delivery.
|- Wow We never get this kind of|cooperation.
It's not a problem.
- Where's Jethro?|- Right here.
- Surprised to see me?|- Oh, yeah.
"Surprised" is one word|that does come to mind.
Case files and photos from|the halifax county murder.
Appreciate that.
Jethro, I think|you owe me a dinner.
Have you always been so shy? Well, Jethro, there are two|kinds of people in this world.
The ones who go after what|they want and everybody else.
Where are we going? The cafeteria.
Do you have something to say? No|No What've we got here? Well, these photos are|almost carbon copies of the ones I took|in Grayson county.
And Charley put together|a profile of the killer.
White male, age 25 to 34,|of at least average intelligence, possibly a military background.
Also makes reference to|a subtype of serial killer, the mission-oriented type.
He seeks out a specific group that he believes the world|would be better without.
Doesn't narrow it down much.
They also recovered a slug.
- 9 millimeter hollow point.
|- What's the condition? It's too damaged to try and match.
Does it say anything there about|the bullet having six sharp claws? No.
But they don't have access|to the equipment that we do.
Abby might have better luck.
Here's something you|don't read every day.
One of the patrolmen noticed|a wet patch of ground.
Someone took a whiz|on the side of the road.
While they were waiting|for a car to come along.
They dug up the whole patch,|sealed it, tagged it and sent it|for DNA analysis.
And? Hasn't been tested yet because|of a backlog at the state lab.
Get them to send it to Abby.
And remember, two killings don't|make a serial killer.
with double-vanos|variable a-valve timing.
- Ooh! I love cars.
|- There's no flat.
All the other victims' cars|had flat tires.
Wouldn't matter.
She's got|run-flat tires.
They come standard.
Hey, Charley.
- Thanks for the call.
|- My pleasure, Jethro.
What do we got here? A motorist called 911, said they saw a car pulled off the side|of the road with the emergency flashers on.
They sent a patrolman,|this is what he found.
Victim been id'd? Lieutenant James seeger.
Sure looks like|the work of our guy.
I beg to differ, Kate.
This young man was killed between|2:00 and 3:00 yesterday afternoon.
The body has double lividity.
|The blood settled twice.
Killed someplace elseand dumped here.
Copycat? The details have all been|in the press.
They match in almost|every respect.
It's nearly impossible to|come to any other conclusion.
That means we have|two killers on the loose.
I think we're looking for a woman.
A female serial killer|goes against the odds, but it's not unheard of.
What's your thinking, doll? Most men prefer hands-on killing.
strangulation, stabbing.
|Women prefer hands-off killing.
Like these.
Women are meticulous|about leaving a crime scene free of material evidence.
Which would account for why we|found no shell casings or fingerprints.
What would cause a man to pull|over on a dark road at night? - Damsel in distress.
|- Exactly.
Handsome and smart.
I think our answer is in oceana.
Go through base records for any|disgruntled civilian employees, dishonorable discharges, anybody|with a chip on their shoulder.
And what are you going to do? I'm going to talk to|lieutenant Seeger's RIO.
Can I ask you a question, Gibbs? Is this one of those questions where|it's not going to matter if I say no? I was just wondering if there|was any rhyme or reason behind how you divide|up assignments.
Yeah Jimmy likes to take his Z4|up to the blue ridge parkway, drop the top, crank up|some country tunes, And just wind it out.
Something funny about that? I hate country music.
We were|always arguing about that.
Sometimes he'd take|his fatboy up there.
His what? His harley.
That was Jimmy, you know? Fast cars, fast jets.
the|need for speed.
Exactly He had a bad-boy vibe.
|That was part of his appeal.
When was the last time|you saw him? Two days ago.
- We were doing night FCLP.
|- Yeah Read his service records.
His fit-reps were all outstanding.
He was a hell of a pilot.
You know anybody who'd|want to kill him? His wife.
You want to take a minute|to think about that? Don't need to.
- Any specific reason?|- Whew! There's a laundry list.
At the top, they're going through|a particularly nasty divorce.
I guess I should say they|were going through a divorce.
How nasty was it? Mutual restraining orders,|yelling and screaming, each one accusing|the other of cheating Any truth to that? I can't speak for Laura.
|Jimmy was a man's man.
He loved the ladies and|the ladies loved him.
But I never saw him cross the line.
|I think he would've told me if he did.
Because he told you everything.
And I told him everything.
When you trust your life|to someone, literally, you usually don't keep|any secrets.
Normally, when someone|kills their spouse, there's a financial upside.
- Jimmy have a second job?|- No He had a very|successful grandfather.
He was the original U.
|importer of swiss army knives.
Made some serious coin.
And Jimmy was the beneficiary.
Along with his brothers and sisters.
How well did you know the wife? Well enough to know she's crazy.
How crazy? She hired a haitian priest|to put a curse on Jimmy.
When was the last time|Jimmy saw her? About a month ago, I think.
They did most of their|talking through lawyers.
You know that song,|"thin line between love and hate"? Nope.
Doesn't matter.
|Title kind of says it all.
Whoever wrote that had|Jimmy and Laura in mind.
- Laura seeger?|- That's me.
Special agent Jethro Gibbs.
|Special agent Caitlin todd.
- Do you have a minute?|- Sure.
Come on in.
His death hit me hard.
Much harder than I imagined.
Given the tone of your|divorce proceeding, I would guess much harder|than anyone imagined.
I may not have been in love|with Jimmy anymore, but I still loved him.
Is that why you hired a haitian|priest to put a curse on him? I see you've been talking|to lieutenant Wallace.
Is it true? I told him that, but it wasn't true.
Why tell him that, then? Jimmy's lawyers were|playing hardball.
It was gamesmanship on my part.
When you were together,|did you get along? God We fought like cats and|dogs from day one.
It was part of the appeal.
There was always a certain|energy, a certain juice between us.
What went wrong? We grew apart.
I know, sounds like a clich?|but that's what happened.
It got to the point where Jimmy|would rather spend time out back in his wood shop than with me.
Did anyone else fill the void? If you're asking me if I had|an affair, the answer's no.
Can we cut to the chase? Yeah, by all means.
I've read enough books,|watched enough TV to know that when a husband is killed under|suspicious circumstances, the wife is the first suspect, so please don't feel you|need to beat around the bush.
Ask me what you came to ask me.
I have nothing to hide.
Did you kill your husband? No, I didn't.
Where were you yesterday|afternoon? Uh I had a half-dozen errands to run.
Dry cleaner, bank, supermarket,|hardware store.
I can give you a list|with the approximate times.
Would you be willing to|give us a DNA sample? Absolutely.
I thought I was going mad.
I mean, the two autopsies|were nearly identical.
- It was deja vu all over again.
|- Hey, that's a Yogi berra quote.
The cartoon character? Not Yogi bear, Yogi berra.
Well, judging by your reaction,|he's either a sports person or a bouncer at a strip club.
Gentlemen's club.
Did this autopsy give us|anything the other didn't? The bullet was in better shape.
And I noticed something peculiar|in his nose, so I did a swab.
A swab, doc?|Kind of old school, isn't it? Oh, I just go where the|evidence takes me.
I recall a case|in my early career, yeah, before we had the, the benefit|of all this marvelous technology.
a young man, barely 20 years old, he had jelly from a donut|on his face Ducky yes? What'd you find in his nose? - Uh, cellulosic fiber, lignin|- wood.
Well, sawdust, to be precise.
Hey, boss, don't you have|some kind of weird thing about women and sawdust?|I don't think it's weird.
Laura seeger said that her|husband had a wood shop out back.
Yeah, well, she also said|he hadn't used it in a month.
I mean, it wouldn't still be there in|his nose after a month, would it, Ducky? No, that was recent.
He could've been woodworking|somewhere else.
Something else showed up|on the swab, a dog's hair.
Laura seeger had two dogs|in the back.
But she seemed|to have a solid alibi.
One of her errands|was to the bank.
Charley could get us|the surveillance tapes.
They'll all be time-stamped.
Yeah, but if she was guilty, why would she just offer up|her DNA so freely? Because she didn't know we had|something to match it to.
Oh!Gibbs! Didn't your mama teach you|not to sneak up on people? Obviously not.
My ex-boyfriend snuck up|on me once, and he was walking|funny for a week.
Or should I say, funnier.
What've you got for me, Abbs? If it's what I think it is, something that's going|to rock your world.
Well, don't keep me in suspense.
I just need a minute.
Ha! That's a match.
That's right.
|Ranger talon.
This is supposed to|rock my world? Pay attention, class.
the left bullet, Ducky pulled|from commander Wade julius.
The right bullet was recovered|not from David truly, the victim from two counties over, but from victim number three,|lieutenant Seeger.
Now, would anyone like to|tell the class what this means? There wasn't a copycat murder? No.
All three were committed|by the same person.
We matched the bullets|from Julius to Seeger.
Wait, that doesn't make any sense.
Why was Seeger killed somewhere|else and then dumped, if it wasn't a copycat? You think Laura seeger could've|randomly killed two people to make it look like a serial killer in|order to cover up killing her husband? Yeah, two or three.
You think she'd kill again|to keep up the serial killer ruse? Yeah.
- That's so cold.
|- Ice cold.
How are we doing|on the DNA sample? I just got it two hours ago.
|And? And you can't rush science, Gibbs.
You can yell at it and scream at it,|but you can't rush it.
How long until|you have something, Abby? Bare minimum, 18 hours.
All right, let's get this party started.
They had two different cameras|in the main lobby.
I figured you might be able|to doctor one but not both.
Have you looked at them? I can't watch movies alone.
I stopped by blockbuster|in case those are boring.
Got "Sleepless in seattle" Well, let's see if Laura|seeger's alibi holds up.
That her? Yep.
I don't like her shoes.
Ducky said the time of death was|what, between 2:00 and 3:00? She's in the bank right|in the middle of it.
That's almost exactly|when she said she was there.
Guess that means|she's got an alibi.
She couldn't have gotten from the|bank to the murder site that quickly.
There's no way|she could be our killer.
Obviously, Laura seeger|couldn't have done it.
Two different angles,|both of them locked.
She entered the bank at 2:33 P.
,|she left at 2:40 P.
Only one thing we can do.
Go over everything again|from the beginning.
Like my daddy always said,|"Every path has its puddles.
" Do you know what kind of video|system the bank used? No.
Why? Because if it's a central system, all the time stamps|would be the same.
You'd just have to change one.
You think she had somebody|inside the bank? How hard is it for an attractive woman|to get a guy to do what she wants? - It's easy.
|- Oh, happens every day.
Ladies, I think that was|a rhetorical question.
Charley, can you check out|the bank for me? Yeah, sure.
We also need to re-verify|all the stops she made when she was|running her errands.
Now, that one's gonna cost you.
We need to find the murder|weapon and tie it to Seeger.
Yeah, I checked the,|the federal registry.
I checked gun purchase records|in the surrounding five states.
Well, then check ten.
Get me a sales receipt|on the ammo.
Ranger talon is|an uncommon bullet.
I'll do a full background on her.
Start with her parents,|work forward until today.
What are you waiting for? You finished with these tapes? No.
I want to show them to Abby.
See if the shadows are consisnt|with the time stamps.
I'll tell you, Jethro.
I'd hate to be on the wrong|side of the law with you.
Special agent Gibbs.
This must be the follow-up visit|where you have a few more questions.
- Can I come in?|- Of course.
We ran down all your errands.
- Any problems?|- Nope.
In fact, if anything,|it was a little too neat.
Look around.
It's pretty spotless, huh? One of my qualities,|for better or worse, is that I'm very organized.
Of course, Jimmy had|another word for it.
Oh, I'm sure he did.
It would make him mental.
Jimmy was the kind of guy|who would walk into a room, drop whatever he was carrying, and then leave a trail of|clothes leading to the kitchen.
That one of the things|you fought about? One of the many.
We did an autopsy|on your husband.
- I assume that's standard.
|- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it is.
What we found wasn't.
Do you want me to guess? Found something unusual|in his nose.
Did a swab, found two things.
- Sawdust and dog hair.
|- Okay He had a wood shop out back,|right? Yeah.
I told you that.
And from the sound of it,|a dog or two? Oh, you think|Jimmy was here recently even though I told you he|hadn't been here in a month.
- You can see why.
|- I can.
How did I do? What do you mean? You obviously told me that|to see my reaction.
Look, as I said before,|I have nothing to hide.
I didn't kill my husband.
I gave you my DNA.
I don't know what more|you want from me.
That should be enough to|clear me, shouldn't it? Unless unless you have nothing|to match it to and asking me was another test.
For a navy flyer, Jimmy seeger|had a lot of cash.
He inherited it from his|grandfather.
No kidding? You know what|my grandfather left me? His button collection? I wish.
|My cousin Petey got that.
I got a thousand shares of stock|in a dot-com company.
Well, that's more than Laura seeger|would've gotten out of her divorce.
She signed a lopsided prenup.
Oh, I guess if he died|before they were divorced, the prenup wouldn't|have mattered.
Sounds like a motive to me.
How did Seeger's grandfather|make his money? Imported swiss army knives.
Ah, I love everything swiss.
|Knives, cheese, the Alps.
I even like Abba.
Abba's swedish.
I don't think so.
Hey, boss.
She crack under the pressure? I take that as a no.
Got your 911, Abbs.
|What's up? Ready to have your world|rocked again? I'm barely over the first time.
I ran Laura seeger's DNA swab, and I got the DNA results back from the urine|sample taken at the first crime scene.
And? - How about a drum roll?|- Abby? Okay, forget the drumroll,|although it would be nice.
Hey! The DNA matched.
Laura seeger has an|ironclad alibi.
I know.
How is it possible|they could match? They can't, but they do.
We have a warrant|to search your house.
I don't understand.
You said that my alibi checked out.
It did, for the murder|of your husband.
This warrant is based on|the murder of David truly.
I don't even know who that is.
David truly was killed|on US Highway 58.
Your DNA was found|at the crime scene.
That's impossible.
Not according to the lab results.
What DNA did you find? Well, it seems that while you were|waiting for a car to come along, you had to answer nature's call.
Women don't urinate|on the side of the road.
- Do they, agent Todd?|- I don't.
Someone's setting me up.
So, you're saying|that someone stole your urine while you|weren't looking? Yes! And how exactly would|they do that? I've given two urine samples in|the last month at oceana base clinic.
Once for my annual physical and once because Jimmy's|lawyers accused me of using drugs.
You know that's easy to check out.
Check it out.
|I want you to.
Who's your doctor? Commander Margaret green.
You neglected to tell me|lieutenant Seeger had filed a formal grievance|against you.
I didn't think it was germane.
A man has been murdered, you had a grudge, and you|don't think it was germane? I'm a professional, agent Gibbs.
I didn't let his complaint|color my behavior.
Maybe you should've.
According to the complaint, you were|sexually harassing lieutenant Seeger.
Lieutenant Seeger and I differed in our interpretation|of the events that transpired.
What did the review|board conclude? The hearing hadn't been held.
Before it could be,|lieutenant Seeger was killed.
Are you trying to insinuate|something, agent Gibbs? I don't insinuate, commander.
You treat|lieutenant Seeger's wife? I treat a lot of people's wives.
Including lieutenant Seeger's? Including lieutenant Seeger's.
She recently had a physical.
That's correct.
Oh, I'd like to see her|medical records.
Only her doctor is privy to those.
NCIS has access to|all military records.
His wife isn't military.
|She's a dependent.
Doesn't matter.
I'll have to check on that.
Might take a while.
Where were you between 2:00|and 3:00 P.
Tuesday? - At a medical conference.
|- Where? D.
We have two great suspects.
Commander Green, because of|the complaint filed against her, which would threaten her pension|and her future with the navy.
Laura seeger, who'd get diddly|if her divorce went through.
Green was in D.
With witnesses.
Seeger was in the bank on video.
How can our two great suspects|both have ironclad alibis? I don't know, but only one of them|had DNA at the crime scene.
Well, if you believe Laura seeger,|then someone planted it.
Green had access to her DNA.
|She could've easily done it.
I'd put my money on her.
Why? The whole sexual|harassment thing.
That's just wrong.
That was Darlene in records.
I think I just got the answer|to the mystery.
Special agent Gibbs,|this is Onstar.
The vehicle you're tracking|is parked on owl creek bridge.
You copy that, Charley? Owl creek bridge, copy.
Hey, boss, we made our pickup.
Let's hope we get there|before someone else does.
Put your hands|where I can see them! Step out of the car.
Step away.
Hands behind your back.
Interlace your fingers.
|Thumbs up.
Twins, the holy grail of dating.
Where do you come up|with this stuff? Although twins that kill.
|not good.
I just can't imagine killing|someone for your sister.
I would never kill for my sister.
Yeah, you barely return|her phone calls.
Identical twins, identical DNA,|identical murders.
One for the books.
I bet Laura was splitting the swiss|army knife money with Linda.
That's why Linda killedher sister's husband.
There's Charley.
Thank you all for coming.
|Before I take your questions, there is a group of people|that I want to thank.
Oh, we're finally going|to get some credit.
They're sort of the unsung|heroes in all of this.
Not when you start singing.
I would like to express|my deepest gratitude to the citizens of Grayson county|for putting their faith in me.
I couldn't have solved this triple|murder without your support.
- Now I'll take your questions.
|- Sheriff? In the second row.
|Go ahead, doll.
Sheriff, what was the key break in the case|that allowed you to link all three murders? It's an election year.
There was one thing.
It was just a combination of good|detective work and persistence on my part.