NCIS s01e15 Episode Script


On your knees! Colonel Ryan,|where is our money? Where you bastards|will never find it.
I wouldn't count on that.
How long do you think you can|keep this thing a secret? If I found out, so will others.
Then it's a good thing|we're in Iraq.
People like you get killed|here all the time.
Maybe you're the one|shouldn't count on that.
If you're referring to the marines|you were traveling with, they're dead.
We also intercepted|the three packages you attempted to mail stateside.
It's over.
Then at least tell me why.
We all have our orders.
Unfortunately for you, we kill|anyone who learns about ours.
Well, I was kind of hoping for|a little more than that.
Don't just stand there!|Shoot him! Sir, it's clear all the way|back to the entrance.
By the way it was four packages, not three.
It's my favorite part of the day.
Oh Debbie.
And Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.
Since when did you start giving|women your work address? Since I broke up with Michelle.
The social worker? Yeah, we had a little|misunderstanding.
Like what? She was under|the impression that we were in|an exclusive relationship.
Imagine that.
So what happened? She broke into my apartment and|filled my closet with dog crap.
Really? I knew there was a reason|I liked her.
I still have her number.
Maybe you two could get together|and boil rabbits or something? Not my style, Tony.
|I would just shoot you.
And that would be the reason|for rule number 12.
Rule 12? Never date a coworker.
|Come on.
Director wants to see us.
Three weeks ago,|a marine officer transporting $2 million of Saddam hussein's|cash was ambushed in Iraq.
His driver was found dead|on scene.
The officer and|the cash were MIA.
The officer was colonel|Will ryan, agent Gibbs.
What? The FBI sent this footage|of the main terminal at Washington dulles airport.
Two days ago, he was spotted reentering|the country under an assumed name.
The question is, why? Some kind of classified Op, sir? If it is, no one at the pentagon|knows anything about it,agent Todd.
The FBI believes he may|have staged the ambush and taken the money for himself.
It's not possible, sir.
If he's back in the states, I guarantee he's got|a damn good reason.
If so, it's one I'm looking|forward to hearing.
We need to find him|and bring him in.
If he's turned on us, it could compromise half|our operations in Iraq.
The colonel would rather die|than betray our country, sir.
Well, let's hope it|doesn't come to that.
As of today, he just made|the FBI's most wanted list.
He's kind of cute.
So you're into older guys, Abby? Sure.
Dating older is|a sign of maturity.
What's the oldest|you've gone? I rest my case.
What've you got, Abbs? This is from the airport|surveillance video.
It looks like colonel Ryan's talking|to someone, but I can't tell who.
Pull all the airport tapes|that match our time frame.
I'm already on it.
- Tony?|- Uh, yeah.
Um, what's left of colonel Ryan's|hummer was shipped back to camp lejeune last week.
|I can have it here tomorrow.
His personal effects? Yeah, I'm checking on that.
Meaning you forgot.
That's good work, Abbs.
I just realized something.
Gibbs never gives me any compliments? No Maybe it's not that you're|dating younger women, but that they're dating|an older man.
What's SERE school? Survival, evasion, resistance|and escape.
Why? Ryan served as an instructor|there for three years.
His OQR reads like something|out of soldier of fortune.
What do you think's in here? Probably some part for his boat.
No, I don't think so.
|Postage is from overseas.
Tony He's standing right|behind me, isn't he? You want me to open this|for you, boss? No.
Uh, the colonel's personal|effects are en route from iraq.
They'll be here in 48 hours.
Anything interesting|in his jacket, Kate? Iraq hasn't caught up|with his records yet, but judging by his background,|he won't be easy to find.
Unless you happen|to know the man.
I have a pretty good|idea where to look.
Where? Check the sedan out of|the motor pool.
I'll tell you on the way.
Anytime the colonel took|leave, he'd come here.
Not exactly my idea of a vacation.
Ah You should see it|in the summertime.
Do all marines build boats? Just the ones that have|been married a few times.
Why's that? The other ones can|afford to buy one.
Clear!|We've got a body in here.
Blood's not fully clotted.
|This is recent.
Three, maybe four hours.
It looks like your colonel|was interrogating this guy.
Guess he didn't like|what he had to say.
Colonel Ryan didn't do this.
How can you tell? Somebody stormed this place.
He wouldn't shoot the lock|off his own door.
Any idea who, boss? Not yet.
You think he knows more|than he's telling us? Come on, Kate, this is|Gibbs we're talking about.
Of course he does.
No, that's right.
We need|the MCRT vehicle and the M.
Oh, yeah, and I'm also|going to need a dog.
Well, then find me one.
We'll be here.
Dinozzo! What do you make of this? Ooh.
So you think it's Ryan|that's wounded? Makes sense if he was in the|bedroom when his company arrived.
They blast the lock,|Ryan pops out of the bedroom, starts to run, takes a hit, keeps|on going out the back door.
It still doesn't explain|our body in there.
Either he was already here,|or your shooter stopped - You hear that?|- Hear what? - Sounds like a like a beeper.
|- It's probably the guy's watch.
I checked his wrists, Tony.
|He wasn't wearing one.
You sure it was a bomb, Gibbs? Yes, Dinozzo.
For the last time, yes.
I'm sure it was a bomb.
If you say so.
EOD's sure taking their|sweet time getting here.
Sorry we're late.
Gerald got us lost several times.
Me? You had the map.
We have our own|problems here, Ducky.
Yeah, I can see that.
The FBI take over|our crime scene again? Gibbs thought he saw a bomb.
What do you mean,|"thought"? - Do I really have to say it?|- Say what? Yes, Kate.
|Say what? You need glasses, Gibbs.
|Are you happy? I'm sorry.
I didn't quite catch that last part.
Ah, well, I must say, you seem to have a remarkably|fine set of teeth.
Yeah, for an extra from|pirates of the caribbean.
I heard that was very good.
- The ride?|- The movie.
You know, Johnny depp? Wow, Tony's right.
You really|need to get out more, Gibbs.
Duck, this is my only link|to colonel Ryan.
I need to know who he is.
That's understandable, but I'm|afraid it's going to take some time.
How much? Well, fingerprints are certainly|out of the question.
It would, of course,|be a simple matter to match him to his dental records, assuming we knew where|they were located.
We don't.
Is there any reason to suppose|he was associated with the armed forces|or a federal agency? Possible.
Then we can run his DNA.
I should be able to get a sample|for analysis, even from this.
Although, I do remember one|case in Malaysia Ducky how long? - Uh, ten days, perhaps nine.
|- No, no.
Doesn't get it done.
I don't suppose any of you|bothered to take his photograph before you ran screaming|from the place? Hey, that was not a scream.
|That was yelling.
Kate, can you sketch him? I can try, but I didn't get|a really good look at his face.
Tony can help you|with the recall.
Nobody talks about this case|unless it's with me.
- Ducky?|- Yeah? Did you know colonel Ryan? - Only by reputation.
|- Which was? Professional, driven.
|His work was his life.
So, he was pretty much Gibbs.
Sir, what the hell is going on? - Did you get my package?|- Yes, sir.
I was also at your cabin.
Look, gunny, I don't have much time.
|They could be tracing this call.
I have to meet with you.
Considering you just made the|FBI's most wanted list, I agree.
You need to get to NCIS|as fast as possible, sir.
That's the first place|they'll try to reacquire me.
Who? That's kind of what I'm trying|to figure out, gunny.
You got to trust me.
|We can protect you, sir, until we figure out They've|already tried to kill me twice.
I don't intend on giving|them another chance.
Where then? The bar where you|bought that flask.
When? - Tonight, 2100 hours.
|- I'll be there.
Make sure you're not followed.
I don't know how high this thing|goes, but trust no one, gunny.
Think he'll show, sir? He'll show, lieutenant.
People change, sir.
How do we know|we can trust him? Call it a gut feeling.
Permission to speak freely? When has that ever stopped you? What if you're wrong, sir? There's a first time for everything.
Damn it.
Got to start over.
Oh, god, you're killing|me, Kate.
Not again.
You think it's easy|sketching from memory? I need a break.
I took an art class once.
Let me guess.
It involved nude female models.
Yeah, but that wasn't the only|reason I took the class.
We drew fruits or something, too.
- This I got to see.
|- Ah! Thought you'd never ask.
So, you going to take off your|clothes or do I just draw you like that? Kidding.
One dead guy coming up.
Eyes are always the hardest|part for me.
Me, too.
The nose was kind of|angular, right? And flat on the top.
There we go.
You are so pathetic.
I never said I passed|the class, did I? Done yet, Kate? Oh Um, I was drawing, and then|Tony asked if I, uh uh No, I don't think|I can sketch him.
Yeah, I can see that.
I want both of you|to start trying to find out who colonel Ryan was|working with in Iraq.
Concentrate on anyone|responsible for finding or shipping US currency|in-country.
Where you going? Tracking down another lead.
- Where?|- Not here.
That'll be $18.
- Here's your change, sir.
|- Thank you.
I don't think Gibbs should know|I'm working with you, sir.
There was a time when|you would've trusted gunnery sergeant Gibbs|with your life, lieutenant.
What if he's followed, sir? If we're both compromised,|who's left to stop them? Okay, we split up, but stay close.
Always, sir.
- Colonel.
|- Gunny, it's been too long.
Here, give an old man a hand up.
We need to talk, sir.
Let's talk while|we play some pool.
- You're wounded.
|- Not badly.
- I need some answers, sir.
|- Yeah, so do I.
What happened in Iraq? My task force was charged|with recovering money Saddam had stashed|around the country.
We did a damn good job.
Found close to $30 million|in US currency.
A lot of cash.
A lot of temptation.
I started noticing irregularities|in the accounting, and when I investigated, strange|things started to happen.
Like what? My reports to higher headquarters|would disappear or be ignored.
Shipments would be redirected|or canceled, last minute.
Still doesn't explain|your disappearing act.
Why didn't you go directly|to centcom? Because someone a hell of a lot higher|up the chain of command was behind it.
I set up a decoy.
one vehicle,|$2 million in cash to draw them out.
And it worked, just|not the way I intended.
They killed my men and|captured me.
Who? CIA, NSA, hell,|NCIS, for all I know.
These guys had black Ops|stamped all over them.
They're stealing money|to fund something and they're killing anyone|who finds out about it.
What about the man|I found in your cabin? - Do you have him in custody?|- He's dead.
A bullet in the forehead,|execution-style.
And you think I killed him.
Why don't we start with|who he was? I was trying to find out.
I caught|him following me two days ago.
How long, exactly, have you been|in the states, colonel? A week and a half.
I've stayed one step|ahead of them until today.
When they tried to kill me.
We've got to get you to NCIS.
|Get this figured out.
Have you been listening to me? These people are on the inside.
|This could be anybody.
Sir, with all due respect,|it's not a request.
We can protect you.
I'm sorry, gunny,|but I can't take that chance.
Someone has to stop|these people.
Colonel, you're wounded,|you're alone, you look like hell.
You're not going to be able to stay|one step ahead for very much longer.
Who says I'm alone? Give me something|to work with at least.
There was a video tripod|in your cabin.
- Did you tape the interrogation?|- Yes, I did.
Get me the tape.
It was damaged when they|shot my place up.
You'd be amazed what my people|can do with technology.
If you can fix this, you can prove|I didn't shoot that man.
You might find a shot|of the men who attacked me.
- I'll be in touch.
|- When? When I find out more about the|people behind this conspiracy.
We have a bit of|an enigma here, Gibbs.
I spent all day scanning tapes from|the airport looking for colonel Ryan.
And I mean all day.
|And guess what.
- He wasn't on any of them.
|- Uh, yeah.
- Lucky guess.
|- Okay would you like to guess|what I found out from the original tapes|the FBI sent us? It was from more than|two days ago.
But can you tell me|when they were from? A week and a half ago.
Did I mention that I have spent|all day doing this? You want to tell us how|you know all this, boss? The FBI lied to us.
They've been using us|to find ryan this whole time.
You think colonel Ryan's|innocent? Gibbs seems to think so.
The man disappears from|a war zone with $2 million, ends up in the states|under an assumed name.
- What's that tell you?|- He leads an interesting life.
What about the dead body|we found at his cabin? Like I said, Gibbs thinks so.
You don't always have to|follow his lead, you know.
I don't always follow his lead.
Like when?|Like remember that girl Michelle|I told you about? - The one with the dog?|- Yeah.
Gibbs met her once.
Told me to run while|I still had the chance.
- Agent Dinozzo.
Agent Todd.
|- Agent Fornell.
Why am I not surprised|to see you? Just paying a visit.
Thought you might enjoy|some coffee.
Is this the FBI's idea of|an apology? Think of it more|as a peace offering.
It's gonna take more than your house|special blend after the stunt you pulled.
I thought as much.
Croissant? It's a start.
Where's Gibbs?|We have a lot to talk about.
You got that right, Fornell.
You mind telling me what you were|doing in Georgetown last night? Why don't you ask your men? Your colonel's in a lot of trouble,|Gibbs.
Level with me and I might|be able to help.
I have a better idea.
You level with me and I'll|decide if I need your help.
No, it's not going|to work that way.
Tony, Kate.
|Entertain our guests.
Agent fornell and I are going|to have a little chat in private.
- I feel sorry for your boss.
|- And why is that? You obviously don't know|Fornell very well.
We've worked with him before.
We just don't particularly like him.
So you do know him.
- Tobias, you lied to me.
|- Don't take it personally.
I'd lie to my own mother|if I thought it'd help solve a case.
You going to lie to me now? That depends on what you were|doing in Georgetown last night.
Colonel Ryan is not a thief.
I don't really care,|one way or the other.
My job is to find him.
And that's a problem|because I do care.
I know you and Ryan served|together.
I can appreciate that.
but innocent people|usually don't run.
They do if someone's|trying to kill them.
And just who is it who's|trying to kill him? - At this point, maybe you.
|- That's a good one, Gibbs.
You had to know|we'd check the tape and figure out that it's|more than two days old.
Sure, I just didn't think|you'd get it done that fast.
What changed? Why the rush|to find him right now? One of my men disappeared,|two days ago.
Just after he reported|sighting the colonel.
Oh And you put me on the trail and|hoped that I'd lead you right to him.
If it was your man, are you telling|me you wouldn't do the same? Next time, just ask for our help.
You don't exactly have a reputation|for playing well with others, Gibbs.
Well, maybe I might have|been able to help save him.
What do you mean "save him"? He was getting married|next month.
We don't know|it's agent Carlson yet.
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid it is.
The dental records|are conclusive.
Our John doe is|your missing agent.
- Now your colonel's a murderer.
|- Colonel Ryan didn't do this.
And how could you possibly|know that? There was evidence of a break-in|and a gun battle at his cabin.
We need to see it.
So do we.
Unfortunately,|it was incinerated in the explosion.
That's pretty convenient.
Hey, all this started|because you people lied to us.
Agent Todd, if Ryan's innocent, how did my man end up handcuffed|at his cabin in the first place? I'll get you your evidence.
|How? Any way I can.
Your boss is playing|a dangerous game.
- He doesn't play games.
|- Well, neither do we.
If I find Gibbs is helping Ryan, I'll have him charged as|an accessory to murder.
Let's go.
He's right.
We have to do something.
Like what? Gibbs obviously doesn't trust us|enough to tell us what's going on.
You don't honestly believe|that, do you? Don't you see, Gibbs is doing|his very best to protect you.
From what? From being|accessories yourselves.
He's willing to risk his own|life and reputation for a friend, but he's not going to risk yours.
So what do we do, Ducky? You let him know that he's not|alone in his convictions.
Abby?|Hey, Gibbs.
What'd you want to see me about? I'm retesting colonel Ryan's|vehicle to make sure, but I don't think this damage came|from an Iraqi weapons system.
What then? Well, the chemical signature is|a match to an american AT4.
It's a light anti-tank weapon.
|It looks like friendly fire.
Well, I don't know if friendly|had anything to do with it.
Thanks, Abbs.
|Uh, Gibbs.
Actually, we asked you to come|down here for another reason.
"We"? ;- She means us.
|- We need to talk to you, boss.
About what? About what you're not telling us.
We know you made contact|with colonel Ryan.
Tony lifted your cell phone|while you were charging it today.
You received a phone call|last night around 1900 from a bar pay phone|in Georgetown, Mcfinley's pub.
- You lifted my cell phone?|- Borrowed.
But, uh, we showed your photo and|Ryan's to the bartender this afternoon.
He remembered seeing the both|of you between 2100 and 2130.
Which explains why you knew Ryan had|been in the country more than two days.
You borrowed my cell phone? Look, we understand the situation,|and we just want to help.
We can't back your play|if we don't know what it is.
Let me get this straight.
What you're saying is|you stole my cell phone.
I think next time we can skip|the cell phone part, Kate.
This tape could prove that|colonel Ryan did not kill Fornell's agent.
You think you can find out|what's on that for me? All you had to do was ask, Gibbs.
Okay, I will try to|remember that for next time.
Touch my cell phone again,|I'll break your fingers.
You know, he really does like you.
I don't know anything|about a conspiracy.
I told you I'm an FBI agent.
|I've never even been to Iraq.
What about you, lieutenant|Cameron, you believe him? Neither do I.
- Who the hell are you?|- We're asking the questions! What is the money being used for? Who's running your unit? They found us!|Grab the camera.
The end of the tape|received the most damage.
I haven't been able|to pull much info from it.
The video processing lab would|probably have better luck.
I'd like to keep this in-house.
|See what you can do.
Anyone catch a glimpse of the|person he was talking to off-camera? No, but he called him|lieutenant Cameron.
You ever hear of him, Gibbs? The colonel and I used to work|with a lieutenant Cameron.
- You think it's him?|- Nope.
Why not? Because he died 14 years ago.
Was there anyone in the bar|with him last night? Not that I could tell.
Kate, run down every Cameron you|can find in the pentagon database.
You got it.
Abby, you and Tony|transcribe the tape.
I had a tough time following|his line of questioning.
- Where are you going?|- Home, to think.
There's no need for that, gunny.
You're not looking too good, sir.
Looks can be deceiving.
I watched the tape.
|The man following you is FBI.
Now you know what I'm up against.
|I told you they're everywhere.
Who were you talking|to off-camera? You didn't recognize his voice? Whose voice? Your company XO.
You're working with|lieutenant Cameron? - Just like old times, gunny.
|- Sir, lieutenant Cameron's dead.
Yeah, I thought so, too.
This group has been active|since desert storm.
They tried to recruit|him, but he fooled them.
He died in my arms, sir.
|You were standing right there.
We saw what|they wanted us to see.
- When are you going to get it?|- I get it.
You need help.
|I'm taking you in, sir.
- Oh, put the gun down.
|- No, no.
I can't do that.
It was the second place I looked.
I know it's a shock, Jethro, but|maybe you'll believe your own eyes.
Lieutenant? He doesn't look happy|to see me, colonel.
This group has been influencing|national policy for years, gunny.
The bad intel we were fed on Iraq.
The breakdown of info|prior to 9/11.
And lieutenant Cameron was|working with them? - More like infiltrating.
|- As part of a small cell.
We've been tryingto trace the organization to find out who's at the top.
Well, then we need help.
|We should go to my office.
They'd kill us before we even|got close to the building.
The way I see it, colonel,|we're a little out-gunned here.
Well, we've made some|preparations.
What kind? You'd be amazed at what you can|get your hands on these days.
Is that why you needed the|$2 million you took from Iraq? What makes you think we have it? They tore your cabin apart|looking for something.
They must have been pretty upset|when they didn't find it.
Well, yeah.
|Yeah, they were.
They blew it up.
- Where's the money?|- Someplace safe.
We need to tell him.
I don't know, sir.
What if he doesn't believe us? Colonel, look, you contacted me.
You want my help,|you need to level with me.
It's not that we don't|trust you, gunny.
The question is|are you prepared to believe it? Gibbs is two hours late.
And he's not answering his cell.
Should we swing by his house? No need.
I've already been there.
Did you order coffee, Kate? Your boss has crossed the line.
We'll be sure to let him know|the next time we see him.
- If I were you, I'd start looking.
|- Why's that? Because this is|a warrant for his arrest.
The perfect base of|operations, hmm? It's in my aunt's name.
Nobody's used it for years.
Base for what? To fight a war.
They're not the only ones who know|how to smuggle things out of Iraq.
What exactly are|you planning, colonel? I'm planning on exposing them|by force, if necessary.
What about the missing money? Half of it's here, half in|another location with the lieutenant.
How long have you known|he was still alive? Almost two years now.
- Where is he now?|- He's close.
Whoa, whoa.
|Who you calling? I need to contact my team to see if they got any information|out of that videotape you gave me.
Where the hell are you? Fornell's here with a warrant|for your arrest.
Then it's a good thing|I'm not there then.
This is serious.
|He thinks you're with colonel Ryan.
Well, he's smarter than he looks.
I need you to get Abby to pull whatever|she can off that videotape for me.
What are we looking for? Anything that'll prove that colonel|Ryan did not kill that FBI agent.
We've got a solid contact.
Whatever you do,|don't come back here.
I wasn't planning on it.
|I'll be in touch.
I just hope you know what you're We've got a location.
It originated from the warehouse|district in Fairfax, virginia.
All teams stand by to|receive intercept orders.
- Roger that.
|- We got him.
It's not much.
Most of the data was corrupt.
For all we know, it could be Ryan.
If we're going to|get Gibbs out of this, we need more than|a shadow puppet, Abby.
I've been rendering several|frames over the past hour using a modified algorithm I snuck|out of NASA on my last visit.
It's based on the Mars|global surveyor's ability to interpolate information|from corresponding pixels - so you can build a composite|- Today, Abbs? That was very Gibbs of you, Tony.
I've been practicing.
Looks like we have a face on Mars.
I've seen this guy before.
In the files Gibbs had us|run down on units responsible for transferring|money in Iraq.
I think he's a reserve|army colonel.
Let's roll.
Looks like Kate's been|practicing, too.
Let's just hope we get the real|one back when this is over.
I need to know what Cameron's|been telling you.
Enough to convince me|that they have people in every branch of our government.
How do you know|you can believe him? He saved my life in Iraq.
|He has no reason to lie.
- Yeah|- We've got a positive I.
On one of the shooters at the cabin.
|Reserve army colonel Mike granger.
He rotated out of Iraq|two weeks ago.
To where? Virginia.
He owns a small business|in Fairfax.
And he's there now.
You ready to write down|an address? Got it.
I know who's behind|your conspiracy.
We I.
'd him off the tape.
- Is that his address?|- Yeah, it is.
We can pick him up|for questioning No, no, no.
You don't|cut off a conspiracy by taking out foot soldiers.
You strike at the head.
Colonel,|you got to trust me on this.
Trust you? Trust you like|the lieutenant trusted you? Or have you forgotten about|lieutenant Cameron? No, sir.
I have not forgotten him.
|I think about him every night.
Have you forgotten him, sir? It's the FBI! Put your hands in the air! - NCIS! Cease fire!|- You set me up! Then why are they shooting|at me? Stay down.
Let me do the talking.
- Come on.
keep on target.
|- Hold your fire! NCIS! Cease fire! Cease fire!|Cease fire! Damn it! Stop shooting! - We need to talk!|- You're under arrest.
For what? For pissing off the FBI.
Get used to it.
Give me one reason I don't|charge you with aiding and abetting a suspected|murderer right now? I know where|colonel Ryan's headed.
Where? Your men are|trigger-happy, Fornell.
Let me bring him in.
You're not exactly in a position|to be making demands, Gibbs.
Do you want him or not? - If you screw me on this|- I'll consider it a bonus.
What makes you think|he's coming here? Granger tried to kill the colonel.
|Your agent got caught in the middle.
Your colonel had enough|weapons and explosives in that warehouse|to take out half of D.
How high does he think|this conspiracy goes? That's what he's trying to find out.
You take a shot at him,|You answer to me.
I can live with that.
This is the last time|I'm going to ask.
Who are you working for?|The CIA? The FBI? - For ourselves.
|- No! It goes higher than|just your greed.
We risked our lives|bringing down Saddam.
Why shouldn't we takea little of his money? You think he'll talk if I blow his|kneecap off next, lieutenant? Who's in there with him? An old friend.
Stay here.
|I'll bring him out.
Last chance.
|Who's behind it? FBI, CIA, whoever you want.
|Please don't shoot me.
I wouldn't waste a bullet.
Colonel I told you we couldn't|trust the gunny.
Put the gun down, sir.
|There is no conspiracy.
He led them to the warehouse.
You can't believe|a thing he says, sir.
- The lieutenant's right.
|- Thank you, sir.
Put the gun down! I told you to wait in the hall.
As much as I'd like to, I'm not going|to let him shoot you, Gibbs.
Drop it! Now! This whole thing was a set-up.
Why, why?|Why would you do that? I don't understand.
Neither did lieutenant Cameron|when he died, sir.
I'm not dead, sir.
|I'm right here.
I can see that, lieutenant.
Lieutenant Cameron bled out|in my arms, sir.
- I couldn't save him.
|- Shut up, gunny! Where is the lieutenant, colonel? Is he behind me? I said shut up! Don't do this to me.
|Not again.
The lieutenant died|a long time ago, sir.
There's a part of you that|I know remembers that.
It's not No, that's not true.
|That can't be true.
Give me the gun, colonel.
|Let me get you some help.
Sir? Colonel! Colonel! You want to shoot somebody,|shoot me! Lieutenant Cameron died|saving my life! Colonel.
I don't understand.
It's okay.
None of us ever do.
Though it's rare for|paranoid schizophrenia to strike a man this late in life, it's not unheard of.
I'm hoping that,|with the right medication, he can return to|a relatively normal life.
Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean people|aren't out to get you.
Any idea why he fixated on|lieutenant Cameron, Gibbs? Yeah.
- Corpsman!|- Hold on, lieutenant Cameron.
You got to hold on.
I can't, gunny.
Oh, colonel|I don't understand.
I don't understand.
I don't understand.
I don't understand.
I don't understand.