NCIS s01e16 Episode Script

Bête Noire

He's not an American naval officer? They said he was a Royal Navy commander.
Well, which Royal Navy, Gerald.
There are several of them.
I assumed British, Doc.
No, no, no, the Swedes, the Norwegians, Aussies, Kiwis, Saudis they all have Royal Navys.
Well, the EMT only said that the embassy told him to bring it to NCIS for autopsy.
Well, which embassy? Israeli.
Israeli? That's what they said.
Why on earth would the Israeli embassy send us a foreign naval officer? Well, that's what I asked the EMT that delivered the body, but they didn't know either.
Pulls me down here in the middle of the night, doesn't know which Navy.
|Gerald, what does this look like? Ah, one of my gloves.
What's it doing in my drawer? I'm sorry, Doc, I must have put your gloves in my drawer.
I'll get it.
No, no, I'll do it.
Ah, Gerald, unzip that body bag and|find out with which Navy our guest sails.
Don't recognize the uniform? I'm not surprised.
The Royal Navys of the world wear almost identical uniforms.
In fact, during World War II, British naval officers whose ships went down in the Channel passed themselves off in Antwerp as German submariners who|- good God.
Shut off the lights.
And return.
Is the video camera on? Sorry, Doc.
It's all right, Gerald, I looked at it too.
How do you alert visitors when conducting an infectious autopsy? We hang a decomposing body in the corridor.
A sense of humor under duress.
That's an admirable quality, doctor.
However, when I ask a question, I want a truthful and immediate answer.
So each time you lie, or I suspect you lie, I will put a nine millimeter hollow point slug into|one of your assistant's ball and socket joints.
If you doubt me, I can demonstrate.
That won't be necessary.
May I make a request? You would rather I put the slug in you? Yes.
I can't oblige.
How do you alert people to infections autopsies? A lit red sign in the corridor.
Gerald, the sign please.
Just a moment.
Also, lock the doors, bring me a set of greens and breathing gear.
What is it you want? In due time.
Like the famous English A4 steam locomotive.
Most people think of water fowl.
The Mallard ran from London to Edinburgh in decades,|and in 1938 it obtained a speed of over 200 kilometers an hour.
Although, the Germans claimed it was set on a slight downgrade.
You've never had a nightmare? Uh-uh.
Not even as a kid? Nope.
No fear of the dark, or a bogeyman in my closet.
Me either, but the vampire canopy on my bed freaked me.
|You had a canopy bed? I was five, my mother was into Louis XV, it wasn't my call, Kate.
She still frighten you? My mother? Ha.
The vampire.
What makes you think it was a she?|Ha ha, vampires are seducers.
Knowing you, Tony, it had to be female.
Well, she was after my blood, not the pride of my childhood.
You were proud at five? She finished the story, tucked me in, blew out the candles -|my mother thought that candlelight enhanced the trompe I'oeil.
Canopy beds, trompe I'oeil, flickering candles no wonder your bete noire was a vampire.
|Bete noire, cute.
Goes with the Louis XV bedroom.
So, what happened? Forget it.
Forget what? Oh, Tony's bete noire.
It's French, for, uhm|Nightmare? I do crossword puzzles too, Dinozzo.
Actually, my mother taught me nightmare in French was ah -|Your father teach you how to report? Oho, yeah, during cocktail hour while I|was pouring his McKallen 18, three fingers, one ice cube, you know, I had to report in about|my day at school and just give him a sort of We bagged and tagged everything in Qasam's room.
|Wasn't much there Koran, prayer rug, fast food wrappers.
This guy took home from work, didn't even empty his trash.
|He had sinus problems, bad breath Yeah, probably because he didn't brush his teeth.
|There was no brush or toothpaste in his bathroom.
He had aspirin, nasal spray, and breath freshener.
You swab for explosives? Yeah, top to bottom.
|Found minute traces of nitrate in the dresser drawer, probably where he kept his Beretta.
Computer? Not even a Game Boy, boss.
He didn't have a TV, Tony.
Game Boy's handheld, Kate, you're thinking about X-Boxes, PS2s, Game -|Well, I'm thinking of kicking some ass.
Gitmo intel said Qasam was going to execute a terrorist attack on the naval base at Norfolk,|but he's in no shape to tell us how or when.
His computer might.
No computer.
What about the food court where he worked? Nah, just keyboards with pictures.
|Burgers, malts, fries, not exactly cyberspace friendly, boss.
Hey - he could have used an internet cafe.
|I'll check Little Creek and his neighborhood.
I should've thought of that.
Well, you're more, y'know, Smurf than Alpha Geek.
So am I, according to Agent McGee.
You're right, Dinozzo.
I am? Hell, I mean, I still use a notebook and a pencil instead of a PDQ.
It's PDA, you can call it a Palm Pilot.
|- It doesn't matter what I call it if I can't use it.
I'll teach you.
You'll teach me? McGee teaches you, you teach me it's backwards!|God, I need coffee.
What was that all about? Gibbs's bete noire.
Right ventricle, left atria.
You haven't done an autopsy.
It was late, I was due to autopsy today.
Then you'd best place him on the table.
Did you draw blood last night? Yes.
Is it refrigerated here? No.
You sent it with his clothing to forensics? Yes.
Are you a pathologist? Where is the lab? One floor up.
Directly above us.
There's a stairwell, outside to the left you can use.
Not the elevator? I assumed you'd think that too risky.
Is it an emergency stairwell? No that would be alarmed.
Surveillance camera? Yes.
I answered promptly, and I haven't lied! You tried to trick me, Dr.
That wasn't a condition.
It is now.
You're in early.
Abby, turn down the babble.
Babble? You love Android Lust! Not distorted by a speaker phone.
Ducky, you're such a purist.
What's up? I need the evidence Gerald delivered last night.
Oh, good luck.
I haven't even had my morning sprinkles yet.
I didn't ask for the results.
I need it all back.
Including the blood.
What're you going to do with the blood? Abby, just get it down here! Wow, did you get up on the wrong side of the autopsy table? Sorry, ah I have a theory to test.
Want to share? Ah, not quite yet.
Send Gerald up.
Ah he's busy.
You'll have to bring it down here.
Ducky, you know I can't do that.
Abby, I don't have time to deal with your necrophobia.
I am not necrophobic.
Dead bodies don't freak me out, autopsy does.
Ducky, please don't ask me to do this.
You won't have to enter autopsy.
In fact, you can't.
|We've opened an infectious body.
Leave it at the door.
I can't even press the down button on the elevator anymore.
Get Gibbs to do it, stat! Am I to believe that? Well, Abby is unfazed by the most gruesome of forensics recently had a nightmare.
|Since then, she has not set foot in autopsy.
Gerald? Is that true? She hasn't been down here for quite a while.
A code word could have triggered that absurd conversation.
Abby and I are not special agents, we're forensic scientists.
|We do not use code words.
Surely you understand the power of phobias.
Sorry? I fear butterflies.
Well, not good that you have a phobia,|but good that you understand that not a word that I said was coded to alert Abby.
Who's Gibbs? Gibbs is the only other person Abby has told of her phobia.
|He's also the one person she would turn to for help.
Is he a special agent? Yes, but does that matter? Look, all I'm trying to do is give you the evidence so that|you can do what you came here to do and leave.
Have you worked with Dr.
Mallard long, Gerald? A bit over two years.
Quick on his feet? He was a miler at Eton.
Still recalls all of his races in detail.
Your sense of humor seems to be contagious, Doctor Mallard.
No, I'm afraid Gerald took you literally.
I have a way of going on about my salad days.
|He associated quick on my feet with my stories of the playing fields at Eton.
Do you believe Wellington actually said that? Probably not, but most Etonians love to think he did.
Are you lost, Gerald? The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.
Very good.
Stick around the Doc long enough and you pick up a lot of trivia.
Trivia? As much as I'd enjoy that, I have to decline.
So you believe this, ah, Abby, was it? Abby Sciuto.
Abby Sciuto has really developed autopsy phobia? Truthfully? I think your shoulder would prefer that.
I never figured anyone who slept in a coffin could have a phobia,|but it's the kind of kinky thing Abby would get.
She slept in a coffin? She's Goth.
Where's Gibbs? Ah, with the Director.
You okay? Where's Tony? The head? Hm.
What's wrong, Abby? Ducky needs all this evidence back in autopsy.
Before you've tested it? Yeah.
That's strange.
I can't go down to autopsy.
Why? I had this dream like a month ago, and ever since then, autopsy scares the hell out of me.
Ha ha|Why are you laughing? Sorry.
Sorry, I was just thinking of Tony.
Tony's afraid of autopsy too? No, ah dreams of vampires.
I dig vampire dreams.
Well, Tony doesn't.
Well, that's silly.
No, but fear of going into autopsy, which you've done your entire career, isn't? Of course it is, but it doesn't change anything!|I can't even take the elevator to the basement anymore! Wow.
So, you want me to take this evidence down to Ducky? Would you? Of course.
But you have to sign, to maintain the chain of evidence.
Oh, and, uhm, Ducky's doing an infectious autopsy.
On who, the terrorist? I don't know.
He just said leave everything outside the door.
Well, Qasam's the only body in autopsy.
|Why would Ducky think he was infectious if you hadn't done a blood test? I don't know.
Yeah, I knew you could do it.
See you in ten minutes, Abby.
|Wait, what are you - Why didn't you use the speaker phone? Oh, sorry.
I didn't think.
I always pick up my phone.
I thought the safest way to apprehend him was a routine trunk check at the Little Creek gate.
The security guard opening his trunk had his weapon pulled, Qasam saw it and decided?, realized the check was anything but routine, and when he -|He pulled his weapon, and you had to take him down.
Yes, sir.
I gave him every chance -|I'll read all about it in your incident report, Jethro.
What I'm interested in at the moment is how a terrorist got a job on the base.
Fast food workers are vetted by their employers.
Was he planning on doing besides serving burgers and fries? I have no idea, sir, I was hoping to get some help from Gitmo or Bahrain on that.
Qasam's passport, student visa, and social security card were all forged in Mexico.
Same air as the papers on an Al Qaida we caught at the border.
Getting forged documents in Mexico doesn't make him Al Qaida.
I got the lead on Qasam from an Al Qaeda detainee.
Why don't you think he's Al Qaeda, Agent Snyder? Yassir Qasam was born in the Gaza Strip.
His parents were killed during the second Intafada when their home was shelled.
|His brother Saleen was recruited by Hamas as a suicide bomber.
This tape aired on Al Jazeer after Saleen blew himself up along with nine Israeli citizens|on a bus in Jerusalem.
Saleen's reciting the usual martyr rhetoric,|but he dedicates his death to avenge the blood of his father and mother.
I believe Yassar used his real name on forged documents|because he was a Hamas Shahida like his brother.
And he wanted to make sure that he got the seventy virgins instead of some Muslim|with an alias he used.
Shahid doesn't like our sports stars or the Palestinian kids.
|Qasam could've used his real name to be famous in Gaza.
Exactly! It doesn't make sense that he would die in an Al Qaeda mission in the United States.
|Qasam would want to kill Israelis.
Hamas or Al Qaeda - what was he trying to do? All I know is that Qasam was key to a planned suicide mission at Norfolk.
I have nothing to add, Director.
Think of something.
Well? Daniel Snyder is a good agent, sir, I trust his instincts.
Hamas has never attacked target on US soil for fear of losing financial support|from pro-Arab Americans.
How can you support any group that lets their children blow themselves up? Their leaders say that suicide bombers are all they have to fight with.
Sir, when Hamas leaders start blowing themselves up, I'll consider it.
There's a way to overcome this.
How? Group therapy.
How many people have a fear of autopsy? You're gonna be a group of one! Lots of people wouldn't be caught dead in an autopsy room very funny.
Maybe hypnotism.
Remember Dr.
Worcher's class? You still don't know what he made you do when you were under hypnosis.
Whatever it was, I woke up feeling refreshed in his office a day later|Abby.
Yes? What're you doing? I was having an internal debate.
Who's winning? I'm not sure.
Oh, hell.
The phobic side.
Still can't enter autopsy?|No Find any tag traces of explosives on the terrorist's clothes? Ducky took everything back before I had a chance to test it.
What?|Don't look at me! He wouldn't say why, he just wanted everything back, including the blood.
Including the blood? Yeah, that's a bit weird.
There's no way to do a blood test in autopsy.
Gerald pick it up? Gerald was busy.
Ducky just wanted me down there stat.
Stat? Yeah, and I wouldn't go, so Kate took it down.
Hey, boss.
What's up, Abs? Something's - Hinky?|- Tony.
- Get autopsy on the plasma?|- Huh? Autopsy.
Now! Why would Ducky say stat? Because he's a doctor, and because stat means fast, and| medical emergency.
But what is a medical emergency in autopsy? All I'm getting is snow.
You can leave it there.
You have to sign.
Well - I can't open the doors with you there.
What's the infection? Ah - don't know yet.
Had a pustule on his thigh.
Maybe nothing.
Yeah, I'll sign.
Cross my heart.
I beat my phobia.
So I see, Abby.
Well done.
When did lab rats start carrying Sig Sauers? Punch up autopsy receiving and stairwell cameras, then the building floor plans.
On it, boss.
Gibbs for Director.
Abby - Ducky sound funny? Kinda tense, like when a test result isn't what he expected.
We may have intruders in autopsy.
Possible hostage situation.
Ah, we got an ambulance outside of autopsy receiving, boss.
Yes, sir.
I think we should alert HRT and open a command center in MTAC.
Aye, sir.
Oh, God.
I should be down there.
Tony, where's my floor plan? Coming up.
Give me two agents in receiving, two in the elevator here, TAC 1.
TAC 1.
Abs, how do I rotate this thing?|Just tell me what you need.
Your lab and autopsy.
All entrances and exits.
Give me 360.
Keep going, keep going, keep going, go, go, go - stop, right there.
What's this, right here? My gas chromatograph.
Can it be moved?|Yeah.
Do it.
Abby, I need a drill and a flexible video probe.
Got it.
Agents on their way, we|taking the basement stairwell? Yeah.
No throwaway? Special Agent Caitlin Todd.
You any good with this gun, Caitlin? Give it back and I'll demonstrate.
Ever fire it in anger? I would love to right now.
Did you shoot Qasam? Did you put that double pap in his heart? She didn't shoot him.
Who did? Special Agent Gibbs.
|Ducky! That name rings a bell, Dr.
Don't answer this bastard! You mustn't chastise the good doctor, Caitlin.
At least not until you know my rules.
I don't play by terrorist rules.
Who says I'm a terrorist? Doctor, is this all the evidence? From what I can see from here.
Gerald? It looks like all of it.
Caitlin - you may roll over now.
If you keep your hands where they are.
Did Special Agents search Qasam's room? Where is the evidence that was bagged and tagged? Doctor, please explain the rules to stubborn little Caitlin? If we lie, or if he thinks we're lying, he'll put a bullet in one of Gerald's joints.
Be specific.
Ball and socket joints.
And you omitted one condition.
I did? Yes, you did.
Oh, yes.
We mustn't try to trick him.
Which you tried to do, Caitlin, by saying you beat your phobia.
Well, she didn't know the rules.
But you did, Dr.
Mallard, and you joined the ruse by calling her Abby.
Autopsy's dark, who'd you get to back us? Patchy is covering receiving, Balboa the elevator.
Patchy, Gibbs.
You in place? Affirmative.
Ambulance is empty, elevator door closed.
You want us to enter? Negative, hold your position.
Balboa? Standing by.
Personnel elevator locked down.
Disable the bell, go down to autopsy, do not open the doors.
I'm going to MTAC.
We got a hostage situation don't we boss? Time to make a phone call.
Don't worry, son, I'll take care of you.
You bastard.
You seem like such a bright young woman, and that's all you can say? You - bastard.
|Aaahhh! Kate, Kate, kate, my medical bag, over by the desk, on the floor.
|It's all right, Gerald, hang on, I've got morphine.
I would dislike having to put a slug into Gerald's knee as well.
Gibbs, Dinozzo.
Kate just ran past the doors inside autopsy.
She just ran back again.
I read you, Tony, stand by.
No video from autopsy.
It's looking like a hostage situation, Director.
Three of our people.
Doctor Mallard,|his assistant Gerald Jackson, Special Agent Kate Todd.
Unknown number of dirtbags.
Let's find out.
Start tape.
Yes, sir.
Answer the phone, doctor.
You answer it, I'm trying to stop this bleeding.
Give him the morphine! Where? In the thigh.
Right through the cloth.
You better answer that phone,|or you'll be working on his knee.
Kate, come here, come here.
Throw that away, come here, come on.
Put pressure on here.
|If the blood seeps through your fingers, then push harder.
What's with the infections autopsy? Purely precautionary.
That why you took the evidence back? Yes.
Look, I'm, I'm really busy.
Hey, is Kate there? N- no.
She left a few minutes ago.
You let me know when I can come down, you got me curious.
I can't wait to weigh your liver.
Unknown male in autopsy wearing greens.
Medium build and height.
FBI hostage rescue team will be on site in seven minutes.
We need an eye in autopsy.
On it.
How's he doing? I'm fine.
The bleeding stopped.
That's good.
Yes and no.
Correct, Dr.
Mallard? I had to clamp his auxiliary artery to stop it.
Which means Gerald will lose his arm if the artery isn't repaired|and the blood flow restored soon.
Ducky, can't you do that? This is an autopsy room, not an ER.
No, I can't, I'm sorry.
|I mean, he's going to need a fully equipped room and staff.
Which he will get as soon as I'm out of here.
|So where is the evidence collected in Qasam's room? The lockup.
Which is? In the garage.
One floor up.
Same way I came in.
I don't know how you came in.
In a body bag.
Same way you're going out.
Is it the same garage? No.
The evidence locker is in the garage next to forensics.
Above us.
Oh, God, Gerald.
I should be in there.
Feed it in to MTAC.
Maybe you're not there, Abby, because you were needed here.
One intruder.
That's all I see, sir.
Zoom in.
Guess he knows we're onto him.
Put Qasam in the body bag.
Now, please.
Soon they'll be calling to negotiate your release.
We don't negotiate with terrorists.
Caitlin, when you get to know me better, you won't call me that.
I have no intention of getting to know you better.
Are you sure? Special Agent Gibbs.
HRT Team leader Horowitz.
Whaddya got, Gibbs? There is a terrorist holding three of our people hostage in autopsy.
|One of the hostages is wounded.
We're here, this is autopsy.
There are three exits - elevator, staircase, receiving.
I have Special Agents? in all three and they're on TAC 1.
Balboa, bring the elevator to level three for HRT.
|- three receiving.
Patchy, Dinozzo, replacements are on the way.
Stairwell and elevator's on the other side of the staircase.
|Your team three will have to access receiving from the alley.
Okay, let's hit it, gentlemen, move.
|Hang on a second.
These hostages are our people.
I'm in charge here, understood? Understood.
Let's move out.
This is video frame of the man holding our people hostage.
Nice smile.
I'm sure.
Do you recognize him? I just meant that I would remember it, sir, and I don't.
|The detainee who gave up Qasam might be able to identify him.
I'm sorry, Director, I was on with Tel Aviv.
Did Qasam work at Little Creek? He did.
There's our Hamas connection.
The Israelis are training at Little Creek on Hurricane boats.
I should've known that, sir.
See if Tel Aviv can identify him.
Apparently, our hostage-taker is Hamas.
What's he after? Negotiator Arkin, Director.
If you'll open up a phone line to him, I'll find out.
I already know, sir.
He's here to retrieve Qasam's body and blood.
Blood? Hamas doesn't want us to know they had an infected terrorist serving burgers|and fries to American sailors.
Get me CDC.
Infected with what? Typhoid, anthrax, smallpox, it could be any number of diseases -|Kate and I have been exposed.
Maybe not.
I need all the evidence I signed in this morning, Charlene.
What?|The evidence I signed in, now! Why haven't we been exposed? If Qasam was infectious the attack would have been successful.
|No need to send a cleaner to keep us from finding out.
Maybe they wanted to delay our isolating exposed sailors to induce an epidemic.
So sick.
Well, it is! One of you has to sign for that.
Don't wash.
Qasam would not have infected himself until he got a job on base.
|He would've carried the virus in something that's here.
How long was Qasam slinging burgers?|Eight days.
That's good news.
Usually it takes longer than that to become infections.
Usually? Okay, I'm gonna start testing.
Not until we get duplicates to give him.
We're not giving him the virus back.
Well, the pharmacy will have the aspirin, the nasal spray, the breath freshener,|the nearest place to get the tea would be the Tea Peddler.
Now can I get started? How long do you think it would've taken me to find the nearest tea shop? An hour sooner than me? I regrettably had to demonstrate the consequence of not obeying my orders.
The man I shot is in danger of losing his arm.
Well, then, it's important that you -|When all evidence collected from Qasam's room is in my hands.
You may have the wounded man.
I'll need the approval of the NCIS Director before I can -|He's standing next to you.
Nod yes to the negotiator, Director Morrow.
You have a deal.
Now can we talk about releasing -|You have ten minutes.
No, we need more ti - Kate.
He wants you to try.
Mallard thinks that you were daring me to pick up this knife.
The proper term is a dissecting tool.
You didn't answer my question.
You just wanted another excuse to shoot Gerald, didn't you? I have no intention of shooting Gerald again, Caitlin.
I did, however, want to see if I was right about you.
Next time, I'll be quicker.
Oh, don't you wonder why you weren't now? Ah, could you give me a go? I think not, Doctor.
You would kill me without hesitation.
I do, however, think you would regret it.
Now, we have work to do if we're all to survive this day.
It's definitely a vareole of smallpox.
That's good news, because it's not a flat or hemorrhagic smallpox, which is always fatal.
Where'd you find it? Up your nose had special meaning for this guy.
That's good work, Abby.
Hostage taker calling.
I don't know your name.
Is Special Agent Gibbs there? I don't know who that is.
|I'm here.
I thought you might be.
You've seen me on video.
My turn to see you.
Looking forward to it.
Come alone, unarmed, and don't forget Qasam's things.
Got it all bagged and tagged, boss.
Aspirin, breath freshener, nasal spray, and tea.
Qasam drank a wimpy Darjeeling from northwestern Kashmir.
I prefer the darker, more robust teas from the Bramakutra area of northeast India.
Where they actually take the tea and they rake it with this small -Yeah, boss?|Tony.
Nervous? Yeah, I don't like you going down there unarmed and solo.
No choice.
Besides, I need you outside receiving.
Team 1, Gibbs.
Elevator to level three.
By the time we get down from receiving, it'll be over.
This guy's not a suicide bomber.
He has an escape plan - maybe to get out the same way he came in.
I want someone I know there.
That's the same as saying someone you trust.
Someone you can depend on.
I tested everything.
The nasal spray was the only viral container.
Thanks Abs.
Your best man? I don't think best man was the right thing to say to someone who's been married thrice.
You nervous? Ah no.
Me too.
You're older than I expected.
Where are the other hostages? Box on the floor, and hands on the top of your head.
|And you turn around and walk back to the door.
Not without Gerald.
He won't leave here at all unless you put the box on the floor.
Hands on the top of your head, turn around -|Turn around, walk back to the door.
Older doesn't mean deaf.
You want out of here alive? I'm sure Gerald does.
I think you do too.
That's why - very slowly now - I'm going to reach into this box and take out of here with two fingers|exactly what you want.
Ehh! Surprise.
You failed.
Mission over.
The real smallpox virus is on its way to CDC.
You wanna talk about whether you live or die? I have a shot.
Too risky through glass.
How far away from Qasam were you when you shot him? I don't know.
You measured it for your incident report.
Thirty-seven feet and a few inches, give or take.
You're a very good shot.
Iwould love to demonstrate.
Special Agent Todd said the same thing.
Where is she? And the doctor? Would you truly like to demonstrate? Yup.
Agent Todd's Sig Sauer is in the box to your left.
The clip is from the Sig Sauer.
Untampered, all live rounds.
Pick it up.
Why? Why not? Let's go, go, go, go, go, go, c'mon! Target's down, I got him, over here! Boss? Boss! Hey, boss.
Listen, don't try to sit up.
Don't - sit up.
EMT's'll be here in a minute.
It's a through-and-through, nothing vital.
I get him? Yeah, you got him.
I've gotta get down there.
Well, you were right, boss.
He had an accomplice in HRT gear inside the receiving elevator.
Shot both the HRT guys before I nailed him.
One of 'em's dead, the other's gonna make it.
Where are Kate and Ducky? Right here.
He had them in the body cooler.
How'd you get him, Gibbs? I didn't.
The way he escaped was always his backup plan.
He just needed someone he could count on to shoot him in the chest to trigger the assault.
Gibbs figures he was wearing a bullet proof vest all along.
He was, I felt it.
You felt it? Well, how close did you get to feel it? Close enough to touch him.
With your hands, or did you touch him with -|Close enough to stab him with the knife in my hand.
And you didn't.
Stockholm Syndrome? You can't identify with your captor in an hour.
I don't know.
Maybe it's like falling in love.
It can happen - like that.