NCIS s01e17 Episode Script

The Truth is Out There

C'mon, man, let's get back out there! Hey! Kate - I've been meaning to ask you something for a while.
What's that? What do you do with your leftover cereal when there ¡s not enough to eat|but there's too much to throw away, 'cause I was having Cap'n Crunch this morning, and -|Tony, I'm really not in the mood today.
Well, I was just trying to take your mind off him.
Who? The one that got away.
Tony! I'm not thinking about that damn terrorist.
Look at Gibbs, okay, he's been growling like a wounded bear since that night.
Well, he is wounded.
And he always growls like a bear.
|It's his way of never letting anyone know when he's hurting.
Yours is to be moody.
I'm not moody.
Well, what do you call it? I feel sorry for whatever his name is.
Sorry? Yeah.
I wouldn't want Gibbs on my ass.
We're never gonna see that guy again.
Maybe not, but Gibbs will.
Identification? Gibbs, NCIS.
Right through here, sir.
Have you ever been in a men's room before? No, have you? Where have you been, Jethro? Someone knew a shortcut, Duck.
GW Parkway is like a parking lot this morning.
I came on the GW Parkway, after stopping at the hospital to visit with Gerald.
How is he? He's gonna be out for months.
I want that terrorist on my table, Jethro.
Kate? Photos.
Tony? Laser and sketch.
Talk to me about this case, Ducky.
Oh, it's an odd one.
Yes, our young friend here expired at approximately one am.
We have an ID? Petty Officer First Class Chris Gordon.
He's a FP stationed at Pax River.
All this happened from him falling out of the ceiling? Hardly.
He suffered multiple traumatic injuries.
His fall through the ceiling only added insult to injury.
We are waiting for the odd part.
Someone dressed him after he was killed.
That's odd.
Well, I'll know more when I get him on the table.
What'd you find there? Safety glass, I think.
Find a cell phone? What makes you think he had one? Scrape marks on his belt where he carried it.
No cell phone.
One obvious question, Duck.
How did Petty Officer Gordon end up in the basement ceiling? Blood.
It's a trail leading out to the parking lot.
What about inside the door? We'll get there.
Tony, do a hundred meter perimeter search.
Kate, you keep snapping.
Hey boss, check this out.
Brake marks.
That's what I thought when I was first walking up,|but if they were brake marks, they'd start out light and then gradually darken.
Front wheel drive, he was accelerating.
Looks like somebody ran over Petty Officer Gordon|when he was coming out of the club and then hid his body.
And nobody saw it? At least one person did - whoever ran him down.
Preserve this area for evidence.
Where's the guy who runs this nightclub? We took his statement then let him go.
Are you in the habit of letting material witnesses go before they talk to investigators? He had to leave.
Why did he have to leave? Daryn Spotnitz?|Maybe? How about now? Definitely.
Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS, Special Agent Todd, Special Agent Dinozzo.
What's NCIS? Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
Is this about last night? It is.
Look, I already told the police all I know.
Then tell us.
Didn't see anything, I don't know nothing.
Let me guess.
Honors English? Recognize him? C'mon, there were like 537 people there last night.
You didn't answer my question.
No, I don't recognize him.
Wasn't working the door.
Who was? Antoine.
Does Antoine have a last name? Mann.
Ah, with two n's.
How do we find Antoine Mann with two ns? Nice PDA.
Actually, it's a Motorola A388.
It's a PDA plus cell phone and internet connection.
Here's his home number, cell number, business number, fax number, and address.
You want me to beam it to you? Heh.
How old are you? Eighteen? Seventeen, in two months.
You run this booming night club by yourself? That's right.
Got any employees? Well, I hire them as subcontractors,|that way they're responsible for 100% of the FICA and Medicare, not just half.
I'm sure they appreciate that.
Yeah, well any business school professor'll tell you that the objective of any company is to|motivate your employees so that they provide superior goods and services.
That's why professors rarely ever succeed in business.
But you do.
No fixed costs, my direct costs are controllable,|my purchases are 210, net 30, my break even is 212 people.
My shots are dispensed by a machine to prevent any free drinks,|and I have internal controls to ensure that all cash is accounted for.
What's the deal with your hair? How do you think a guy from Lexington Park ends up an hour away at a party in Alexandria? That's easy, it's a Daryn Spotnitz party.
I put a brand name on it, y'know, a name brand.
I mean, no one ever thought to put a name brand on a party till I did it.
Oh - sorry, I should take this.
I wouldn't.
Or, they can just leave a message.
So, what exactly does a Daryn Spotnitz party mean? Ah, killer music, great drinks, and hottie factor off the charts.
How do we get in touch with you? Are you gonna tell my parents about this? They don't know? Well, it's kind of illegal for me to even be in a night club.
So, if his break even is 212 people, and he had 537|25 dollars a head That means that he cleared 8,125 dollars in one night.
Ha! I shoulda majored in business.
Petty Officer Gordon's quarters are around the corner.
Second door on the right.
Somebody tossed this place.
How can you tell? Furniture indentations on the carpet.
|No fingerprints or smudges on the icebox - or on the microwave.
No sign of forced entry.
Who would have access to his room? Guy he shares a head with.
|Or his CO.
How do you know he shares a bathroom? E-5 and below you have up to four roommates and you share a head,|E-6 you get your own space but you share a head, E-7 own room, own head.
Like a sorority.
Wonder what they were looking for.
Wonder if they found it.
I wonder when you two guys are gonna stop yakking and get to work.
Looks like this guy was burning DVDs.
Reminds me, I gotta return Gigli.
It's a week overdue.
Apparently he was immune to germs.
This guy was way into reality shows.
|Real World.
Simple Life, Punk'd Punk'd? Geez, Gibbs, even I know what Punk'd is.
Punk'd is an MTV show where they play tricks on celebrities while secretly filming it.
Like Candid Camera? What's Candid Camera? What is it, boss? Funny thing about stereos.
Can't hear the music unless the speakers are connected.
Forty thousand dollars, all hundreds, non-sequential.
Now we know what they were looking for.
And didn't find.
Forty grand seems like a pretty good motive for murder.
How does an E-6 Petty officer making $2,310 a month manage|to squirrel away forty grand in cash? Good question.
I'm guessing it's not because he's frugal.
Can I help you? Master Chief, NCIS.
You got a minute? This about Petty Officer Gordon? It is.
Keep your eyes open.
These guys drive like they're at Indianapolis.
You were Petty Officer Gordon's section chief.
Yes, sir.
Good worker? He was one of the best.
He was a bit of a practical joker.
|I occasionally had to remind him of the time and the place.
Get along well with his mates? Oh, yeah.
There were four guys in particular he was in tight with.
|I called them the Five Musketeers.
They here? No, they work the sixteen shift.
We looked over Gordon's quarters, found forty thousand dollars in cash.
Any iea where he coulda got that kind of money? No, sir.
Master Chief.
According to your records, you've been here ten years.
|I'm sure you know what goes on at this base more than most.
That's correct, sir.
If you had to come up with a way that an E-6 could accumulate that kind of money Drugs, maybe.
Although I'd bet my last dollar that Chris wasn't involved with drugs.
|I don't suspect gambling, either.
You don¡¦t think sailors gamble? Sure they gamble, but it's dollar ante.
If there was a regular big game, I'd know about it, ma'am.
Gordon was in Supply.
Any chance he was getting kickbacks? No chance at all.
He wasn't high enough up the food chain to influence|who got contracts or what was purchased.
Oh, he'd have to be at what, your level? Yes, sir.
Gibbs wasn't real subtle with that kickback comment.
|Wasn't trying to be.
Ducky, got some good news for me? That depends on your definition of good news.
Not the answer I was looking for.
It seems the more I delve into our young friend here, the more bewildered I become.
It's usually the other way around.
|Yeah, Petty Officer Gordon had multiple lower leg fractures - tibia, fibula.
Massive abdominal bruising and echymosis, and a subdural hematoma from a skull fracture.
Consistent with being hit by a car.
|So, that's pretty straightforward - what's the mystery? There was a white substance on his hands, I sent it up to Abby.
|I could venture a guess as to what it might be.
Sure, venture away.
Baby powder.
Powder was this powder applied, or from incidental|Most definitely applied.
Why? I haven't the faintest idea! And that' snot all.
This sliver of safety glass is one of many I extracted from his skull.
What's that stuck to the tip? Latex, I believe.
Abby will be able to confirm, but the latex was between the glass and his skull.
Meaning he was wearing something rubber on his head when he was hit? Yeah, but we know someone dressed him after he was killed.
|Based on the condition of his clothes and the bloodstain pattern.
I can see why you're confused, Duck.
It's gray latex.
Rubber? One and the same.
Probably couldn't be used as a hat.
Yeah, well, not if you grew up in Dorkville.
Grew up just west of there.
Latex is, um, very popular in certain circles.
|Yeah? What kind of circles? Oh, hey, Gibbs, I dunno if you're ready for this.
Might upset your delicate sensibilities.
|Oh, I'll stop you.
Okay maybe he was wearing a latex hood, like bondage gear, S&M fetish.
I dated this guy once who just wanted me to bounce up and down on a balloon -|Okay, stop.
Gibbs, that is no weirder than a three hundred and fifty pound guy|with half his body painted yellow and the other painted green.
Wearing nothing but shorts in ten degree weather and a big plastic piece|of cheese on his head saying Go Packers! Abs, it's apples and oranges.
There's a fetish for that, too.
Whatta you got? I matched the tire track.
Turns out it's not real popular, but not terribly unpopular.
|Kind of like my little brother in high school.
Those are the five cars that come equipped with that kind of tire.
All the blood samples form the bathroom, the parking lot, the ceiling, the stairs,|were all from the victim.
No drugs, and the blood alcohol level was point-one-zero.
|Legally drunk.
In all fifty states, including the District of Columbia.
Might explain how he ended up in the parking lot.
Been there.
Done that.
What about the stuff he had on his hands?|Baby powder.
Any idea why? I don't know.
Guys have all kinds of strange rituals before they go out.
This one guy, he does a full upper body workout just seconds before his date|so he can be all pumped.
Does Tony know that you know? Does Tony know that you know? You know, maybe it came from the car.
The baby powder? Well, it's the latex.
Latex has a lot of commercial applications.
I'm having a computer program emailed to me|that'll recreate the accident based on the injuries.
It'll give me a better idea.
Let me know.
Hey, Gibbs? Do you have any fetishes? I've got three ex-wives.
Can't afford fetishes.
Tony, are you a GS-9 or a GS-11? I can't tell you.
Why not? Because if I do, you'll know how much money I make.
So?|That's personal and confidential.
I'm sorry, uhm, you give me every single detail about your dates.
You leave out nothing.
That's bragging.
Money's personal.
It's 1520.
We're quittin' early? We're goin' to Pax River.
To pick up Gordon's buddies who come on at 1600.
The Four Musketeers.
We, uhm, drove to the club after hearing about it from a guy on the Eisenhower, sir.
Why all the way to Alexandria? We were bored with the clubs around Lexington Park.
We knew everyone there, and we wanted to meet some new people.
Plus, uhm, we heard this guy Daryn Spotnitz threw some awesome parties.
How'd you get there? I drove.
You only take one car? Yes, sir.
Got there around eleven.
Okay, then what.
We paid our twenty five bucks, went inside, did a lap around the place, had a few drinks.
Petty Officer Gordon was with you the whole time? Till he met a babe.
Know her name? No, sir, sorry.
She and Gordon really hit it off, huh? Oh, yeah.
What time did he leave? Around midnight, with the girl.
|Figured he just went home with her.
And you were headed for Pax River.
Our deal was, if one of us got lucky, he was on his own in terms of getting back to base.
That happen often? Not really.
We found forty thousand dollars cash in Gordon's room.
Forty thousand? You're kidding.
Any idea where he got all that money? No, sir.
What kind of car do you drive? Audi, A-6.
Taurus is one of the five cars that uses the tire.
The car on base? It was.
I loaned it to my brother a few days ago.
Where's he? On his way to Phoenix, to visit a girl he met on the internet.
A bunch of guys go to a club.
One of them meets a woman and leaves - then turns up dead.
Stories are pretty consistent.
A little too consistent.
You think they're lying.
|I think they're well-rehearsed.
But if that's what really happened and they're telling the truth,|then their stories should match.
They all gave a consistent description of the mystery woman.
Eyewitness accounts always widely vary.
These guys are in the military, Gibbs.
So you'd expect more accuracy from them than you would the general public.
|They're storekeepers, Kate, they're not SEALs.
We know what happened to Gordon.
What happened to the girl? We have no name.
And the description was, basically, "she's super-hot.
" So, doesn't narrow it down much.
Except for Wong, for Second Class Petty Officers, those guys have some pretty pricey rides.
Put out an APB on Wong's Taurus.
And talk to Antoine Mann - two n's.
What can I do for you, brother? Haircut, manicure, maybe a waxing? Definitely not a waxing.
How 'bout you, Kate? I'm Special Agent Todd, NCIS, this is Special Agent Dinozzo.
Are you Antoine Mann? Proprietor of Soul Clips.
Kinda ironic.
What's that? You own a hair salon and you're bald.
I'm not bald.
Taller than your hair.
I shave my head.
Seems redundant.
We understand that you were working the door last night at the Daryn Spotnitz party.
That's right.
My man Daryn, the boy knows how to throw a party.
So, you work as a bouncer and you own this business? Hey, I don't plan on working forever.
I'm wantna retire at fifty.
How're you gonna do that? By investing.
In what? Kate.
Oh, right.
We're gonna show you a few pictures, see if you remember anyone from the club last night.
|Waste of time, there were over five hundred peop - Hey, I remember him.
I notice people's hair.
|You know, he and his buddies were the only people had cuts like that.
These the buddies that were with him? Yhap.
Do you remember what time he left? He didn't.
|He came in the club around eleven o'clock, they found him dead a few hours later.
So he didn't leave with a woman around midnight? No.
But he did.
Why would all for lie about who left with a woman? - To protect Wong.
Or the woman.
|- Or themselves.
From what? That is the forty thousand dollar question, we are missing something.
The evidence doesn't make sense.
Haven't you already run every known terrorist through this program? I'm running it again.
We know Gordon was purposely run down in the parking lot,|probably died from a fractured skull, and somebody hid his body in the warehouse ceiling.
And the forty thousand we found hidden in his room gives someone a motive.
For who, for what? I mean, nothing ties him to the money? Do you want us to bring in Wong? Nope.
Not until we find out where that forty thousand dollars came from.
What do we do? Same thing Deep Throat told Weward and Bernstein.
Follow the money.
Something's bugging me about the money.
It's not just forty thousand dollars in cash,|it's forty thousand dollars in non-sequential hundred dollar bills.
So?|Well, why all hundreds? If it was drugs it wouldn't be all hundreds, or gambling, or even theft.
You're right.
|Where would you go to get all hundreds.
Bank? Hm.
And what makes you go to a bank requesting all hundred dollar bills.
Ransom Blackmail? Blackmail's good.
Who's he blackmailing? That I have no idea.
This program rocks.
It includes vall, fall, yacht, tip over, rollover, combined speed, linear momentum|Abby.
Oh, c'mon, Gibbs.
You know you love it when I talk tech.
What've you got? Well, at first I thought the latex might've come from the car.
But the latex primer used in the car is located in the undercarriage - which he never hit.
So he had to've been wearing the latex.
Already knew that.
Yes, but that was speculation.
This is confirmation.
What else.
I used the victim's measurements and the location of his injuries|to determine the height of the vehicle based on point of impact.
And then I used a database for vehicle grill dimensions.
Can you believe someone put together a database of vehicle grill dimensions? I was about to call Ripley's.
I had this boyfriend once - not the balloon guy - but this one was like a computer genius.
|He put together a database of databases.
I mean, it seems obvious in retrospect, like the pet rock -|Abby? Yes? You're spending too much time talking to Ducky.
Okay, bottom line? The car that hit Gordon was definitely a Taurus.
|You're positive? Absolutely.
Unless it was a Mercury Sable.
You find something interesting? Prepaid phone card.
Why would you have a prepaid phone card if you have a cell phone? Well, I can think of one reason.
Phone cards are impossible to trace.
Unless you physically have the card.
So you think maybe he used his phone card in his blackmailing scheme|to cover upu the tracks? That's what I'd do.
So if we trace his calls|We should have a pretty good idea of who he was blackmailing.
List of calls sorted by phone number and frequency of calls.
Who's number one? Bartex Corporation.
Whatta they do? Let's Google them and find out? Huh.
There we go.
"Bartex Corporation is a diversified conglomerate deriving revenues from a number of wide-ranging|industries paper and forest products, natural gas distribution aerospace " " and defense.
" Bartex was recently awarded a two hundred million dollar design contract|for the next generation of carrier fighter jets by the US Navy.
Things get curiouser and curiouser.
Seems like we're back to kickbacks.
But|Master Chief Nutter said that Gordon wasn't high enough on the food chain for kickbacks.
Maybe he was lying.
Or maybe Nutter was taking kickbacks from the Bartex Corporation,|Gordon found out and started blackmailing him? That works.
Tony - check out all the Tauruses that have parking permits at Pax River.
All except for Wong's, which is allegedly somewhere between here and Phoenix,|APB's haven't turned up anything.
You check Mercury Sables? No but they're the same car.
I have a list of permits here.
|Four Sables have base permits, and this is interesting Master Chief Nutter drives a Sable.
Why is that interesting? We think that when Gordon found out Nutter was taking kickbacks, he blackmailed him.
Gives him motive, murder weapon, and accounts for the cash.
Easy enough to find out, all we have to do is look at his car.
Let's go.
Master Chief around? No, sir.
You know where I could find him? He didn't say where he was going.
Well, what do you do if there's an emergency and you need to get a hold of him.
We call his cell, sir.
Talk to me.
Hey, Abs, Gibbs.
If I give you a cell phone number, do you trace it and give me a location? Hm, yeah, as long as it's a newer phone with a GPS chip, not one of those ancient old bricks.
How accurate? Within a hundred meters.
We gonna jump through any legal hoops? Oh, that's kind of a gray area.
How gray? Charcoal.
How long does he have to stay on? All he has to do is answer.
Here's the number: area code 702, 555-0127.
It's dialing.
Hello, hello? hello? Okay, he's at 18900 Bealsville Road.
Any idea what's there? Bartex Corporation.
Agent Gibbs.
What are you doing here? I gonna ask you the same thing.
Personal business.
You care to elaborate? Look, you can talk to me now or we can do this in front of Admiral Barnes.
|It's your choice.
Bartex is one of our vendors.
And? Can we keep this between us? No.
They've offered me a position with their company, and I¡¦m seriously considering taking it.
|I didn't want to let anyone know until I made my final decision.
Can you pop the hood of your car? Why? Because I asked.
No body work.
The windshield is original equipment according to the manufacturer's specs.
|It hasn't been replaced.
No way this car hit Gordon.
Forty mile zone ended two miles back, boss.
Limit's sixty-five.
I only mention it 'cause you usually drive slightly faster than Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Boss? What? You wanna stop for a burger? No.
I would've bet a month's salary it was Chief Nutter.
You'd've lost.
I always lose when I bet.
Don't tell me.
You had the Cubs.
Red Sox.
Ha-ha! Ah, she bet on the Sox, boss.
Not again.
We are not going to lose again.
We are going back to that warehouse and we are staying|until we nail whoever hit Petty Officer Gordon.
They lied about coming in one car.
Wong's Taurus hit Gordon.
They made upu the story about his brother.
They - not Wong? They were in it together.
Okay, so they were all in a conspiracy to do what? Kill their buddy for forty grand? Maybe.
Or maybe they just wanted payback.
You lost me, Gibbs.
Me too, boss.
Tony, you check out this lot next door? Ah, hundred meter perimeter search didn't reach the lot.
|Then we do two hundred.
What're we looking for? Answers.
You got plans tonight? Not really.
'Cause the last time Gibbs was like this, I didn't go home for a week.
The sad part? That would actually be an improvement over my social life.
Tony! Looks like our latex.
Must've gotten snagged when someone slipped through the fence into the parking lot.
Not someone.
Petty Officer Gordon.
Okay, flash and bag it.
Any idea what this stuff is? of course.
What? Evidence.
A- ha, that's a good one, Kate.
I don't know, boss, this lot is trashed.
It's gotta be fresh, Tony.
Less than forty-eight hours old.
Ah, whatcha got, boss? Maybe something? Think that was left by our four musketeers? Oh, yeah.
Dammit, Gibbs, if you know what happened, tell us.
Patience, Kate.
All right.
Keep looking, everybody, watch your step.
He doesn't know.
Wanna bet? Kate, get a photo.
Got some fresh butts over here.
Petty Officer Morgan smokes.
And Petty Officer Carter.
We'll get DNA from this.
Looks like they had some kind of tripod over here.
You about ready to tell us what you're thinking? They filmed it.
Filmed what? Not a pretty sight, is it? Did you have to cut him up like that? Oh, yes.
An autopsy is required in a murder investigation.
Sir, can I please be excused? Oh, that chance ended three days ago, Petty Officer Carter.
Twenty bucks Carter wets his pants before Morgan.
Think this'll work? Oh, it'll work.
Got my video tape ready? Abby's cleaning it up right now.
All right.
Let's do this.
We never put four people in the same interrogation room.
Wanna know why? Because we don't want them sharing stories or conspiring to hide the truth.
But in your case, we'll make an exception.
I know what happened.
Now it's just a question of time.
As in, how much time you'll spend at Leavenworth if you don't cooperate with us.
It was all a joke.
It was just a stupid -|Shut up, Carter.
I want a lawyer.
If I was you, Wong, I'd want a lawyer too.
Look, what if we cooperate, sir? Morgan, all they have is a strip of rubber.
If they could charge us, they would've already.
What about your car, Wong? Do you know how hard it is to wash bloodstains off a car these days? You saying you have my car? You saying we don't? There's no way you have my car.
Are you sure about that? What is this, Bad Cop, Dumb Cop? My car is long gone.
My brother -|I don't need your car.
I have this.
Never put anything on videotape that you don't want to be seen.
Just ask Paris Hilton.
You had your chance to come clean.
It could've helped with the sentencing.
Wait, I'll talk, sir.
It was an accident.
We didn't think anyone was gonna get hurt, sir.
Whose idea was it? It was Gordon's sir.
He was planning it for months.
It was payback for the time Wong set him up on a blind date with a transvestite.
Don't you see what they're trying to do here? We have to stick -|Gordon is laying on a slab down there because of us, Wong.
Yeah, maybe you can live with that.
I can't.
Who was the girl? Somebody's girlfriend? Hooker? She was a call girl, sir.
You hired her to lure Wong out of the club into the parking lot for your joke.
Oh! I'm sorry well, maybe not.
You wanna dance? C'mon! Is your car in the parking lot?|Yeah Let's go! Must've been some girl, Petty Officer Wong.
Who was in charge of the setup in the vacant lot? It was me and Gordon, sir.
Ha! This is gonna be legendary.
|Yeah it is, dude.
Let's do this.
Man, Wong is gonna piss his pants.
C'mon, let's get set up.
Hurry up, man, she's gonna bring him out soon.
Dammit, where's the camera? I thought you had it! You left it in the car, you moron! Let's go! Seems like you guys had it all organized.
What went wrong? Wong panicked, sir.
You go, girl.
What's wrong? Did you see some lights? No Cue the dry ice, tell Gordon to haul ass.
Wong is gonna have a heart attack.
You don't seem like the type that scares easily, Petty Officer Wong.
I didn't know.
I didn't know it was Chris.
What's that sound? What the hell is that? Oh, my God! Oh, it's coming right at us! Do something! I can't find my keys! No! He was our best friend, Agent Gibbs.
And we killed him.
Pretty good practical joke.
Too bad your buddy died.
It was an accident, sir.
What about the forty grand? You telling me no one knew about that? Sir, none of us had any idea that Gordon had that kind of money.
|We never should've tried to hide the body, but it was an accident, sir.
That true, Petty Officer Wong? No one knew about it? The only thing I am guilty of here is manslaughter.
You saw the tape.
Is he talking about this tape, Tony? I think he is, boss.
This isn't your tape.
But you're in it, Wong.
Twenty-two year olds cashing forty thousand dollar inheritance checks|is something bank tellers tend to notice.
You noticed it too.
It was it was an accident.
We have a witness.
Did Wong know that it was a prank? Mhm.
How much was he giving you to keep your mouth shut? A thousand dollars.
He knew it was a prank? He said his friend was trying to get even with him.
You knew it was Chris.
Got any plans tonight? I did.
Too late now.
Wanna grab some Chinese at the new place down the street? Sure.
Wanna ask Gibbs? He's busy.
Doing what? Same thing he does every night.