NCIS s01e18 Episode Script


- Rod, wake up.
|- What? I heard a noise.
Come on.
Aren't you gonna check? Check what? That.
It's probably just Bella.
Rod? Rod? Damn it, Rod, why didn't|you answer me? You scared the hell out of me.
Turn over and lay on your stomach.
Do as I say and you won't get hurt.
Do it.
Slide a pistol from under|my pillow and go after the guy.
I'm talking about real people, Kate.
Why do they always|feel the need to go look? It's called human nature, Tony.
Let me guess.
You're that person in|a horror movie that decides that since all your friends|are dead, you really need to check out the demonic breathing|noise down in the basement? Look, that beats being the girl who twists|her ankle and gets everyone else killed.
You sleep with a gun under|your pillow every night? - It depends.
|- On what? On who I'm sleeping with.
Um, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that|the way it sounded.
Tony just asked what I do|if a man came into my bedroom and I said it depends.
I mean, it doesn't|depend on the man Tony, could you help|me out here, please? She sleeps with a gun, boss.
Is that true? Sort of sometimes Yes.
Good girl.
What do we know about last night? Not much.
The fugitive is a former|seal named Jack curtin.
He somehow managed to|escape from Leavenworth, and nobody seems to know how.
We do know he|broke into a house at 0340 and scared the hell out of two civilians|before stealing the guy's clothes.
Get me everything on him,|birth to last night.
I thought Leavenworth was|army CID jurisdiction? CID's gonna search|where he's been.
We're gonna find out|where he's going.
Have Leavenworth pack up|Curtin's cell, overnight it to Abby.
I want everything but|the paint on the walls.
You got it.
Do we know what|this guy was in for? Same thing I'm gonna be,|if you don't get your ass moving.
And you didn't|even use a lifeline.
What makes you so sure he's|not running to Canada or Mexico? He spent a year|in pretrial confinement.
If he wanted to run, he wouldn't have|waited until he was sent to Leavenworth.
If he wanted to kidnap his kid,|he could've done that back then, too.
Well, yeah, there is that.
So why are we here? I want you to keep|an eye on his son till I can arrange|for a protection detail.
Is that a nice way|of saying baby-sit? Hey, you're catching on.
Has your grandson received any|calls or letters from his father recently? No.
And if he did, I wouldn't|let him hear or read them.
Has he had any contact with his father|since you were awarded custody? We were granted custody because|his father murdered two people.
One of them was his mother,|our daughter.
So why would we|give him visitation? You think Jack might|try to contact Kevin.
- It's a possibility.
|- Oh, my god.
If you don't mind I'm going out front.
I'll take you out in|a few minutes, Kevin.
I can go by myself.
- We're almost done.
|- I wanna go now.
With that attitude you're|not going anywhere.
Nice board.
Mind if I check it out? Yeah, I do.
He's angry.
- I don't blame him.
|- All he does is ride that sKateboard or sit by himself and draw.
His father is probably|running for a border.
But I'm gonna leave|agent Todd here for awhile.
If the phone rings,|you let her answer it.
- You on a roll?|- Aren't I always? Guess you don't|need this, then, huh? You need it.
I like it.
Kate get you the stuff|from Curtin's cell? It's on its way.
|Kate rules.
Thought Abby ruled.
Good women don't mind|sharing a throne, Gibbs.
How about just sharing|what you found, Abbs? I will, when I find it.
I'm still downloading the saint|data from Leavenworth.
- That's one acronym I don't know.
|- It's like lojack for inmates.
It should be able to tell us when|and where our chicken flew the coop.
I am much more interested in|how, and with whose help.
Got it.
I haven't had anything to do|with petty officer Curtin since I prosecuted the case.
Where did he run|after the murders? He didn't.
He was the one|who called the police.
He called the police on himself? Insisted he was innocent.
Claimed he came home|and found them dead.
A victim of circumstance.
Said his wife might have been|involved with drug dealers.
It all fell apart pretty fast.
He end up confessing?|No.
But he had both victims'|blood all over him, and his fingerprints were|on the murder weapon.
It was pretty obvious|what happened.
He came home, found his wife|upstairs with the cable guy and lost it.
Guess he picked the wrong|housewife to give a free upgrade, huh? Is that your idea of humor,|special agent Dinozzo? Is that your idea|of a sharp pencil? You know which|one I'm talking about.
Not going to poke anyone's|eye out with that one.
Are we finished here? Was the cable guy|doing the missus? Actually, he really was|just fixing the cable.
Curtin was just|paranoid and freaked.
Why wasn't he on death row? He was granted leniency|due to post traumatic stress.
From the cable going out? Slightly amusing? Come on, counselor, you got to|give me something to work with here.
I have clients to see, - agent Dinozzo.
|- Why did Curtin freak? Everyone thinks because the|Taliban fell fast, it was a cakewalk.
But for the guys over there,|it was anything but.
Anybody testify on his behalf? Someone he would go to for help? Curtin haloed into Afghanistan|on september 12th with nothing but an MP-5,|a K-bar knife, and a radio.
Doesn't strike me as the|kind of guy who needs help.
I appreciate your help, commander Coleman.
It's been a lot of laughs.
Now that's funny.
Petty officer first class Jack curtin.
He's hard core, boss.
|Yeah? What's your|definition of hard core? Grew up in foster homes.
|Enlisted at 17.
Went from boot camp to buds,|which is unusual.
Went through hell in Afghanistan,|which apparently isn't.
His entire seal team showed up|at his trial as character witnesses.
- Where's his team now?|- Mostly deployed.
Tony, I'm going to|need you to go track them down and see|if Curtin contacted them? Or I could let you finish|your question.
You have the name|of the team commander? Current or past?|Both.
Current's location is classified.
Satcom can be arranged as|soon as he becomes available.
And when that'll be is classified.
Past is stationed at little creek.
|A commander William foley.
Where exactly at little creek? Uh, there, exactly.
It's a brave new world, boss.
Well, if he's looking for help|from an old teammate, he'll have to go to Iraq to get it.
You're here.
Hazards of promotion.
You had any contact with|Curtin since his conviction? No.
Not that I'd avoid it.
Jack was a good man.
He's convicted of killing two people.
Agent Gibbs, you know what it's like|to spend every free moment dreaming about being home again, hugging your wife,|hearing your kids laugh, only to come home and|learn it's all gone? It doesn't justify murder.
I didn't say it did.
Anything else? Not for the moment.
That's very Jack webb.
Curtin definitely did his homework.
You got my attention, Abbs.
- How'd he get out?|- According to the computer, - he didn't.
|- I hate riddles.
Saint tracks both inmates and guards|through a single source data system that compares information|on a digital smartcard that every inmate|is required to carry, with some aspect|of their physiology.
How about an explanation that|doesn't require a digital smartcard? Okay.
You got a fingerprint.
|You got a card.
You swipe, you press, match-match.
The computer knows who|you are and where you are.
The readers are in every cell and every|entryway to locations within the prison.
So there's no need for|bed checks or roll calls.
You saves time,|you save money.
- Everybody wins.
|- Until an inmate hacks the system.
Until an inmate hacks the system.
It was maximum security.
They don't get pencils,|much less a laptop.
Yes, but they do give them toothpaste.
At first, I thought he molded|a duplicate of his finger, but it's a guard's finger.
That's|what I love about, you, Gibbs.
- Always one finger ahead.
|- Find out which guard.
I already have.
Saint had the guard logged at the|prison laundry for the last 22 hours.
Which is odd for several reasons, but especially|because it was his day off.
Curtin used a fake finger|to get to the laundry.
And he hid in a hamper, and he went out with the whites.
How'd he get the guard's|finger to make the mold? Easy.
Kicked sand in his face.
Watch this.
Curtin did a few fingertip pull-ups, and then challenged the|guard to do the same.
I'm guessing that's not dirt|he found above the door.
And I'm guessing that you're|looking in the wrong direction, just like the guard.
So a finger he made of this|fooled the computer.
The biometric readers note lines|and ridges in three dimensions.
They don't check for a pulse.
A finger's useless without the|smartcard that goes with it.
The guard lost his card|two weeks after Curtin arrived.
In the incident report, he claimed that his dog ate it.
It didn't work for me|in the sixth grade.
You're a late bloomer, Gibbs.
It didn't work for|me in the second.
They don't have a way|to disable lost cards? They do, but they didn't.
Guess they figured|without the finger Exactly.
Well, they fingered wrong.
Checking out|a noise in the kitchen.
Standing by.
Kevin, what are you doing?- Nothing.
Oh, jeez.
Code four, Mcgee.
Just a little spilt milk.
Roger, that.
You've got to get|back to bed, buddy.
It's late.
- I'm hungry.
|- Have a piece of fruit.
I hate fruit.
They're the closest thing to not|being fruit that a fruit can be.
I don't know|what that means, either.
- Just go to bed.
|- What about the floor? If my grandma sees this, she Don't worry about the floor.
|I got it, okay? It's not a big deal, all right? I've got the floor.
You just need to go back|to bed for me.
One word and the milk won't be the only|thing spilled on the floor.
The whole neighborhood|is under surveillance.
You'll never get away with him.
I didn't come here|to take him away.
I came to say good-bye.
I never got a chance|to say good-bye.
You could've just called,|written a letter.
You don't have kids, do you? He needs to know that I love him, and that this is the|best place for him now.
So you can run away|without feeling guilty? I shouldn't have to run at all.
Open your mouth.
|Open wide.
There you go.
|It's not too tight.
Is it scary in jail? Sometimes.
Because there's|guys bigger than you? Well there's a lot of different reasons.
You think about your mom a lot? Yeah.
So do I.
|You got a sitrep for me? Kate, you there? Come in.
No, don't go.
- I have to.
|- No, dad, please.
Radio check.
Kate, you there? Where is he? The back bedroom with Kevin.
My hands.
Give me your phone.
This is NCIS special agent Todd.
We need immediate|assistance at 10600 vincent.
We've got an armed federal|escapee inside the house.
You can't shoot him.
Oh, man.
Come here, bud.
What's going on? He was here, now he's gone.
|It's ok.
- Kevin, you all right?|- Go after him.
I'm gonna go back out front|and see if he parked his car.
Tell them you found his car.
On the radio, notify the team,|tell them you found his car, - and you got it covered.
|- Okay.
Kevin, do you know where|your father's going? Bravo four, this is bravo one.
We've found Curtin's vehicle.
|Got it covered.
Repeat, we have found|his vehicle.
Standing by.
Copy that.
- You think it'll work?|- We'll find out.
Stop! Get out of the car now! - Get out of the car!|- Okay.
Out of the way! Checkpoints up? On all the major roads.
APB went out on the car|that got away, in at 0400.
One of the deputies just found|an old pickup with Missouri plates.
Reported stolen yesterday morning.
Sounds like our guy's.
Impound it?|Bring it to the garage? No, there's no time.
|Bag everything, get it to Abby.
Will do, sir.
Bag the windshield fragments, too.
|Get them to Abby.
Then take photos.
Both scenes.
What're you doing down here? Main office needed|a temporary refill.
I was, uh, low on the pole.
Yeah, we got a lot|of people out sick.
Some kind of gastrointestinal|bug going around.
You didn't use our toilet, did you? Curtin snuck in last night.
|I didn't hear him.
He came to say|good-bye to his boy.
And while he was|saying good-bye? I was, uh tied up in the living room.
He has my weapon.
But I hit him with the shotgun.
- How bad?|- Don't know.
Contact the ERS in the area.
Tell them to be|on the lookout for a GSV, and get them Curtin's photo.
- Where's the boy?|- In his room.
You think he swam? Who?|Leavenworth's in Kansas.
The truck's from Missouri.
Little thing called the|Mississippi between the two.
Well, actually there's|a little thing called 200 miles between Leavenworth|and the Mississippi.
Try the Missouri.
Same thing.
Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.
All we know is, this guy|swam across a big-ass river.
You enjoy this, don't you? Having fun at your expense? Yeah.
Really a lot.
Are you going to arrest me? For helping your dad? Nah.
We don't arrest boys for that.
Thought you might be hungry.
You know, when I was a kid,|we used to take roller skates apart and nail them onto boards.
Pretty unbelievable, huh? Yeah, I'd be speechless, too.
I'm gonna guess that's your dad.
Is he going to|shoot someone, Kevin? Don't want to talk about it.
I understand that.
Hardest thing for guys|like us is talking.
What do you mean,|"guys like us"? I don't know, you just|seem a little bottled up.
Like me.
Everyone thinks I should|just spew, you know? Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I know.
What are you bottled up about? I let a guy get away from me.
Bad guy.
He shot one of my people.
Shot me.
Where? Bothers me that I can't find him.
But I'm gonna find him.
I'm not gonna help|you catch my dad.
That's okay.
Oh, that's okay.
Ladies and gentlemen, I want a hard-target search|of every residence, gas station, farmhouse, hen house, doghouse|and outhouse in the area, you got that? Good! Now, turn off those cameras|and get out of the way.
Accent's still not right.
- Damn!|- It's too Arkansas.
Tommy lee's more Texas.
You got to think more|untamed, in your face.
Where's the stuff from Curtin's car? It's there, but you're|gonna want to see this first.
I haven't done a precipitin yet, but unless someone else was shot|recently inside the car that Curtin carjacked, I think Kate just unsealed our seal.
- First shot, too.
|- How can you tell? See the crenellated marks? That's caused from blood spray|hitting a perpendicular surface at a pretty good clip.
How do you know it's the first shot? The first shot hit home and caused|the blood to splatter inside the car.
The second blasted the|stained glass onto the street.
Stained glass.
It's very spiritual, Gibbs.
How severe a wound? from a close range blast|with double-ought buck, and considering his position|behind the wheel and the fact that he hasn't|turned up dead yet, I'd say that he probably|just got grazed, or he's down to one arm.
What're you looking for? This.
From the glove compartment.
Never known anyone|who'd keep gloves in there.
Well, now you do.
|You want to know why? - Not really.
|- I don't like the sun.
Abby so when I have|to go put gas in my car, I have these vintage|elbow-length gloves.
Black? Yes, they match my black|lace vintage parasol.
At a gas station? Well, yeah.
You can't be|too careful, Gibbs, and you can't have an indoor|gas station 'cause of all the fumes.
Can we move on? Sure.
It's a map of Washington, D.
A new one.
- So?|- This one isn't.
My guess is, he didn't know he had|a D.
Map in the glove compartment so he bought a new one.
Kevin obviously thinks his dad|is out to shoot somebody.
He told me his dad has got|to find someone, and then he's going to|give himself up.
Does he know who it is? No.
He seems to know something|about the plan after he finds him.
If Curtin's like most inmates, he blames everyone but|himself for his conviction.
There was a new D.
road map|in the car he abandoned.
Both of the JAG lawyers involved|in his trial have D.
- What about the judge?|- Retired.
Lives in El paso.
Curtin also did right|by all three of them.
Coleman didn't even contest|the post-traumatic stress diagnosis.
Plus, the judge was|lenient in sentencing.
So, who's he after? Curtin told me he shouldn't|have to run at all.
He's always insisted|he was innocent.
So, you're saying we should be|looking for a one-armed man.
- Very funny.
|- Maybe we should.
Are you kidding, boss? The repairman really was|fixing the cable, the lawyers were professional,|the judge was fair.
Maybe the one person that Curtin still has a beef with|is the one who killed his wife.
He's not running.
He's chasing.
Nothing from area hospitals.
Still checking smaller clinics,|as well as doctors' offices.
He could have seen a vet.
Uh, Tony's marking that territory.
- Cute.
|- I thought so.
I didn't.
Nothing from the vets, boss.
APB on the car? - Nothing.
|- Tired of hearing that word.
We think Curtin's innocent, right? Maybe.
Assume he's innocent|for the sake of argument.
Why? Because I said to.
Why not? Go on.
If Curtin's innocent, and he's going after the guy that murdered|his wife and the cable repairman I don't think he cares|about the cable repairman.
If Curtin knows the murderer, why didn't he say so|when he was arrested? He did.
He said, uh, he thought it|might have been drug dealers? Generic.
Not specific.
He's going out to get|someone specific now.
He didn't know.
He found out who slit their|throats while he was in prison.
What about the stuff|that was in his cell? Be here in 20 minutes.
But I have a list of|everything that's coining.
Curtin's cell had seven large|file boxes containing appeals, police reports, uh, detective notes,|crime scene photos, phone records and|an official trial record.
He found something in one of those|boxes that told him who killed his wife.
If he's innocent.
We're going to reinvestigate|this case, from top to bottom.
Get both of those|JAG lawyers in here.
Kate, take prosecution.
Tony, defense.
On it.
|On it.
Central files.
I need all our records|on a murder case three years ago.
Hi Petty officer first|class Jack D.
I want to know who here|investigated the case.
No, you will not|call me back.
I'll hold.
What the hell are you doing? Can you form|a sentence, agent Mcgee? NCIS investigator was special|agent Clay williamson, sir.
That's a good sentence.
He's retired and living on a boat.
Gets his mail every|three months in Tahiti.
What kind of boat? I don't know, sir.
Uh, but I was able to download|his investigation from central files.
I want the evidence custody|document so we can get Already got it, sir.
I can call Norfolk and have|the evidence transferred here.
How fast? Joint forces command has|a helo shuttle to the Pentagon.
- Do it.
|- Okay, yes, sir.
You don't have to call me sir.
- No, sir.
|- Lawyers? Commander Coleman is|unhappily on her way.
The defense lawyer|told me to shove it.
The message was actually|delivered by his assistant, but he assured me|it was verbatim.
I want him here, Dinozzo.
Boss, he's no longer a JAG.
He's a $400|an hour beltway lawyer with really nice shoes.
Dinozzo, I don't care.
I don't care if he's|wearing armani or prada, or ermin something zenga Get his ass here! It's ermenegildo zegna, boss.
Just so you know.
Evidence is on its way.
Boss? I'm going to own your house,|agent dinozzo.
I rent.
You know what the federal minimums|are for aggravated assault under color of authority, kidnapping, false imprisonment? Well, you know, I don't, but I'm sure my boss,|special agent Jethro Gibbs, does.
Very subtle, Dinozzo.
Shooting him just|seemed so ham-fisted.
Whatever it takes.
Uncuff him so he can|say hello to an old friend.
I prefer him in cuffs.
Wish I'd have known that|when we were at JAG.
I want every photograph,|witness statement, lab report, autopsy report, and anything else you find|in these boxes reexamined.
Petty officer Curtin may be|innocent now, but if we don't find|who he's after, - he will not be for long.
|- Innocent? I believe Curtin told his son|that he escaped from jail to get the person who|murdered his mother.
And what was he going|to tell his son? I murdered your mother? You had no eyewitnesses,|no confession.
I had enough evidence|to get a conviction.
Guilty or innocent, you are|both here to help us find who he is after before|another murder is committed.
If Curtin can|prove he's innocent, why didn't he just|tell the authorities? Would you listen?|No, but, if I was innocent, I'd keep|telling people until someone did.
I wouldn't escape from prison|and go after the killer myself.
That's why women aren't|allowed in the SEALs.
Because we think with the|head on our shoulders? They remind you of anybody? No.
Me, neither.
Evidence from Norfolk.
Top box is, uh, autopsy.
The rest|is evidence collected at the scene.
Top box goes|on the table for Ducky.
Everything else goes to the lab.
You take Abby with you.
I'm on her.
I'm, I'm I'm on it, sir.
I'm sorry.
No drugs found|in either victim's blood.
Special agent Williamson,|who investigated, found he's sailing|a 13 meter ketch, boss.
Must be married.
|You can't single-hand a ketch.
Take it you're not building|a ketch in your basement.
Of course not.
The basement's too small.
Now, if I was getting 500 an hour, I wouldn't care how long|this little side bar went on, but since I'm here|pro bono, can we? Special agent Williamson had a drug|tox screen done on the wife's hair.
Curtain's drug|dealer idea didn't pan out.
What did? Curtin was convinced|his wife was having an affair.
Petty officer Curtin was paranoid.
First, drug dealers did it.
|When that didn't pan out, - it was a lover.
|- Was he paranoid? No.
- Proof?|- Pass this, please.
The court-appointed psychiatrist found Curtin|experienced severe insomnia in Afghanistan.
Who didn't? Sleep deprivation|can cause paranoia.
So can a wife who's|cutting another guy's jib.
Curtin's the type of guy|who intimidates other SEALs.
Who's going to make|a move on his wife? Maybe she was the|one making the moves.
Where are her phone records? There was nothing in them|to indicate she had a lover.
Unfortunately, she's right.
I checked out every number|she called while he was overseas.
Did you check her cell phone calls? - She didn't have a cell phone.
|- That's odd.
Everyone has a cell phone.
I have a cell phone.
- Well, she didn't.
|- Her husband thought she did.
He subpoenaed every cell|phone company in Virginia.
Verizon, sprint, AT&T wireless.
And there's more.
These are subpoenas for|prepaid cell phone providers.
Floor four wireless,|Bingham wireless, Sharkphone dot com,|Zo-phone dot dom, No-phone dot com Houston, the cell|phone has landed.
Prepaid cell phone records|for one Margaret curtin from upfront phone dot com.
And the date on the subpoena|was four weeks ago.
Court's adjourned.
Thank you for your|cooperation, counselors.
Special agent Todd|will escort you out.
Tony, get on those numbers.
You'll let me knowhow this turns out.
Of course.
Afraid you put an innocent|man in Leavenworth faith? Yes.
But innocent or not, I still kicked your ass.
Hey, Pacci.
How's the shoulder? - Getting there.
|- Got a minute, Gibbs? - No, not really.
|- Working a hot case? Smoking! Tony, I'm going to|check on Ducky, then Abby.
- Give me a call the second|- I find anything.
I got it, boss.
Pacci? What do you need? Hey, you're busy.
It's a cold case.
What's one more day? I think I got something|useful from his accent.
What? The terrorist.
He had a definite Euro accent, but he occasionally|used British syntax.
I think his higher education|was in the British isles.
Well, that's all I have|for the moment on that bastard.
But on the one|who did these murders, I've just found|something really useful.
The M.
misread|the cause of death.
You'd think it was so obvious.
A massive loss of blood|from a kitchen knife.
I mean, he sliced them|from ear to ear.
The attack was so vicious, that both victims|were nearly decapitated.
That didn't cause their death? No.
The M.
missed that they both also had fractures|of the cervical spine.
Their necks were broken.
- Precisely.
The killer incapacitated|each victim with a violent, and most likely fatal,|twist of the head.
Duck, I get the idea.
Anyway, he slit their throats.
Probably, to cover up the fact that he knew how|to kill with his hands.
Like a navy SEAL.
Which brings us back|to petty officer Curtin.
I've said all along, - he's guilty.
|- Nothing in her cell phone records? If she got that cell phone|to call her boyfriend, then he's working|at the video store, the grocery store, the|hairdresser, the dry cleaner, or directory assistance.
She only got the phone|when her husband shipped out.
What's the most|frequently dialed number? Commander Foley's house.
Curtin's C.
? Only he was in|Afghanistan with Curtin.
Foley confirmed|Margaret curtin called frequently, but it wasn't unusual.
All the wives did it.
The C.
's wife's the den|mother when the unit's deployed.
It's a dead end, boss.
That cell phone log is the only|record Curtin had that no one else did, and he got that just|before he escaped.
Whoever he is chasing isn't|one of those numbers.
We just have to find out which one.
If she was cheating|on her husband, do you think she'd tell|the commander's wife? Not if she's anything|like the den mother I had.
Talk about bete noires.
You were a boy scout? Cub.
What'd they kick you out for? Trying to score brownie points.
Ooh, not the brunette|in the little red number? Yep.
She is absolutely nothing|like my den mother.
You really should|talk to my husband.
I barely knew petty officer Curtin.
We're actually more interested|in what you know about his wife, Margaret, Mrs.
According to her|cell phone records, you two spoke regularly after|your husband's deployment.
I kept in touch with all the wives.
It was a stressful time.
Did Mrs.
Curtin ever talk about a man|that she might've become close to? Maybe even started seeing? No.
But Margie wouldn't confide|in me about something like that.
What'd you talk about? Mostly about whether we heard|any news or talked to anyone.
We were all desperate for information.
Did Mrs.
Curtin seem any more|desperate than the rest of you? Or less? I really don't know.
I was a wreck myself.
My husband got called|to Washington immediately after the second plane|hit the trade center.
Said his team|was being deployed.
He couldn't say|where or for how long.
They don't waste|their time, do they? For the first six weeks,|we didn't hear so much as a word.
After that, we got occasional|phone calls, e-mails.
How long were they in Afghanistan? The lucky ones, almost six months.
One came back after the first week.
Bill made it through four and|a half months before he got wounded.
Your husband made it back almost|a month before petty officer Curtin? That's right.
Abby, do we have something linking|Curtin's wife to commander Foley? As in, biblically linking? You got it.
No, I don't.
- Can you find it?|- Sorry, Gibbs, I left my ouija board at home.
Is the magic in the board|or in the hands that hold it? Good point.
But it's spirits, not magic.
Have them call me|when you find something.
Be careful what you wish for.
Commander Foley? Yeah.
We'll drive.
E, L, I, S, A! - Sorry.
|- What do you got? Elisa.
See, I figure how could I find|evidence of an affair using only physical evidence|collected at the crime scene.
And then I thought Elisa.
It's a blood test|for herpes simplex two.
Curtin's wife had herpes? And her husband didn't.
His medical records were admitted.
Petty officer Curtin had an extensive|physical done before he went overseas.
and I mean extensive.
|No herpes.
Well, his wife could've gotten it|before they got married.
Oh, the old, I-must've-gotten-|it-before-we-met defense.
Well, it can happen.
Really? Well, uh, not to me.
No, it, it didn't it hasn't happened.
|It, it won't happen.
Didn't happen to her, either.
Her medical records were|admitted during trial.
Her last physical was six months|before she was murdered, when her husband was|in Afghanistan.
No herpes.
All we need to do now is check|commander Foley's records.
Is there anything you can't find? A way to shut up Dinozzo.
All right.
You agree to waive|your Article 31 rights? I've got nothing to hide.
I already told you,|I haven't heard from him.
I don't expect to.
Why not? You testified on|his behalf at the trial.
Certainly seemed to be|sympathetic to his situation.
His situation? Coming home and finding his wife|in the bedroom with another guy.
Well, wouldn't that bother you? Oh, yeah, it bothered me a hell of lot,|only I chose divorce over murder.
- I didn't know that.
|- He's lying.
Establishing rapport|through shared communication.
Are you sure he's lying? Of course I'm - not.
|- of course, I was coming home|from a three-month float in the med, not six months in a war zone.
Wouldn't make|a difference to me.
Actually, it was more like|four and a half months for you.
RPG broke your leg.
I was lucky.
|It killed petty officer Gomez.
You came home.
Did you come|home on crutches or a walking cast? What does any of this have|to do with petty officer Curtin? It doesn't.
It has to do with his wife, and who really murdered her|and the cable repairman.
You think I killed her? Did you? What's taking you so long? It's not like I can just google|a navy SEAL commander and access his confidential|medical records.
You think I'd frame a teammate? A guy who would put his life|on the line to save mine? Maybe you didn't mean to.
If Curtin hadn't come home|exactly when he did, who knows what direction|this case might've gone in.
Jack curtin was one of the most|insanely jealous men I've ever met.
That's not what|you said at his trial.
I didn't want to see|him get executed.
Sorry, uh, could I see|you a second, boss? Oh, I can't believe I'm|seeing what I'm seeing.
Never interrupt|an interrogation, Mcgee.
I'm, I'm sorry.
I um, I, I just, I just thought To have a thought, Mcgee, you have to think.
Were you thinking when you went into|the interrogation room? Yes, sir.
I, I think so.
Well okay.
What is so damn important? Margaret curtin wasn't murdered|by her jealous husband.
She was murdered|by her jealous lover.
The same one that|gave her herpes.
I'm not answering another|question until I talk to a lawyer.
I want a lawyer, now.
Hate to rain on your parade,|but we still don't have Curtin.
At least he won't be able|to kill commander Foley.
If we go public that|we found his wife's killer, there's a good chance Curtain will|turn himself in, if he's still alive.
It doesn't any make sense.
It's just - doesn't make any sense.
|- You gonna give it up, Dinozzo? Or are you just gonna|keep repeating yourself? The calls from Curtin's|wife to the Foley house pretty much stopped after|Foley got back from Afghanistan.
Yeah? So? So, if they were having an affair,|wouldn't the calls increase after he got back into town? Well, they didn't need|to talk on the phone.
They could see|each other in person.
Why'd she stop|talking to his wife? Well, maybe she couldn't.
Would you be able|to talk to the spouse of someone you were|having an affair with? I mean, would|a normal person? But she didn't completely stop.
Mcgee, did Foley spend any time|in the hospital after he got back? Yeah, he had, uh,|surgery on his leg, and then again|for a staph infection.
The surgery|was on November 13.
Back in for the|infection on the 21 for one, two, three days.
Yeah, you're right.
How'd you know that?|Because those are the only days Curtin's wife made|calls to Foley's house after he got back.
Are you thinking what|I think you're thinking? I don't know, boss.
Are you thinking what|I think you're thinking? Yeah.
Her lover wasn't Foley.
It was his wife.
I think you have something of mine.
Put your hands behind your head,|interlock your fingers.
Is this what you wanted your|son to remember you for? I'm not sure I'd even mind.
You wouldn't mind if your|wife had an affair? With another babe? I don't think I would.
Okay, I know I'm going|to regret this, but why? Easy.
With a guy, I'd think,|what has he got that I don't? But if it was a woman, I'd know.
Plus, there's the|whole you know.
What? You know Oh, please.
Why are guys so interested|in women, who by definition, have no interest in them? There's no such thing.
There's no such|thing as lesbians? That's not what I said.
Oh, you just think all lesbians|secretly still want a man? Not all of them.
Just the good-looking ones? You're putting|words in my mouth.
Welcome to the wonderful|world of Dinozzo.
So I guess you're completely|above such fantasies? Yeah, I am.
Believe it.
Who's that? That's a good question.
|Ask him.
Just dropping off my glasses.
Boss? Yeah, Mcgee? It was really nice|working with you again.
Same here, Mcgee.
Uh, by the way, there's|something that Tony and Kate have been|meaning to ask you.