NCIS s02e01 Episode Script

See No Evil

We're running late, let's get a move on, little lady.
There's someone at the front door, Mom.
Let's go.
Watson? Yes? There's been an accident, ma'am.
Your husband he's wounded.
I'm to escort you to the hospital.
Good morning, Captain Watson.
Good morning, Shirley.
How'd the recital go last night? Well, would it be wrong for me to ay that I am the father of the most talented little girl in the e entire world? It'd be wrong if you didn't.
Still on a diet, or should I put cream in your coffee? I ran ten miles yesterday.
Cream coming right up.
Captain Watson.
Who’s that? Before Shirley returns with your coffee, know that we have your wife and daughter.
If you want to see them alive again, you will do exactly as I say.
Look in your briefcase's back compartment.
Who are you? Now, Captain Watson.
Plug it in and place it on top of your computer screen.
You will go about your day in the usual way, only you will not leave your office.
You will make no attempt to contact anyone.
Who are you? What do you want? Two million dollars from the special operations fund.
Are you crazy?I can't transfer two million dollars; the system won’t allow me to.
You'll find a way, Captain Or would you rather I shoot them both right now? Anyone? I mean, anyone know when the air conditioning's getting fixed? What about the name of the genius who invented windows that don't open? What are we, on a space ship? Windows should open! Oh, have you been working out? All summer long thanks for noticing.
No, I mean right now, 'cause you're sweating like a pig and it's not very attractive.
Ah, morning, Agent Todd.
McGee! Yeah? You have two seconds to tell me what you're doing down there.
I'm, ah, upgrading the computer network and, ah Time's up! Ah, ah, I wasn't looking, I swear, ow, ow, I wasn't looking, ow Tony.
Yeah? Did I just see what I thought I saw? Out of respect for my co-workers, boss, I'd have to say yes you did, and it's very disturbing.
I agree, put your damn shirt back on, this is a federal office building, not a gym.
Damn, McGee, why are you still here? Ah, the, the contractors, they won't wire the network until the air conditioning's fixed, it's a union thing, so So you decided it's more important for an NCIS Special Agent to crawl around all day by yourself? Man asked you a question.
Well, I just, I, I wanted it fixed, before I returned to Norfolk.
yeah? You have any idea where thinking like this is gonna lead you? Yeah, do you, McGee? Promotion.
You need any help, you ask Tony here.
Looks like he could use a workout.
I, he, he, he, eh, it's not that difficult.
So, I, I guess I could do it myself.
Good answer.
Don't let him intimidate you, McGee.
That's my job today.
Agent Todd? I didn't look.
Oh, no.
I believe you.
I just have a little question that I want to ask you.
Is she a pantyhose or a thong girl, 'cause I'm thinking thong ah! We've got a problem, Gibbs.
Dammit, I hate this thing.
Piece of crap.
There's a secretary from the Pentagon downstairs, and she claims her boss is being held hostage.
By his computer.
See? There's a reason I didn't trust these things.
Here, reboot that or something.
Send her up.
Reboot it? Or you can do what we always do.
it's his third one this month.
When I brought him his coffee, I heard the computer talking to him.
You've got mail? No, it was this weird electronic voice and then it cut off the second I entered the room.
Look, I know it sounds crazy, but I can't tell you the rest until you promise that you won't try to contact him.
Whatever you're afraid of, Ms.
Wilkes, we can handle it.
He slipped this into a stack of folders and then told me to take the rest of the day off.
Forget your glasses, boss? Office under electronic surveillance, can't leave.
Jill and Sandy kidnapped.
Must transfer two mil to overseas account by 1800 or they die.
Contact NCIS, no one else.
Finally, someone who appreciates us.
If anything should happen to them, I I mean, she's jut a little girl, Agent Gibbs.
The Watsons live in MacLean.
There's no answer at home, and their daughter Sandy didn't show up to school this morning.
It says here she's blind.
I can confirm he's the comptroller for JSOC, office is in the A-right of the Pentagon.
I'm pulling up the schematic now.
JSOC? Joint Services Operational Command.
They fund SMU.
SMU stands for - Special Military Units, I worked with a few of them when I was Secret Service.
So he can really transfer this kind of money overseas? More, if he needs to.
Our bad guy'd have to pass through five security checkpoints to get to Watson's office.
Well, the Pentagon records all access.
There's 25,000 people working there, Kate.
By the time we're finished downloading that list, the government's out two million dollars.
Or Watson's family's dead.
Well, it has to be someone on the inside.
The Pentagon is the most secure building in the world.
They could be using a Trojan.
Well, she said that they were using his computer.
A Trojan would give them backdoor access.
You kiss your mother with that mouth, McGee? No, Tony, a Trojan's a program.
It's like a virus; it establishes a gateway to a computer and allows a hacker to control the system.
That still doesn't explain how it got onto his machine.
Well, if they're good they could've done it from anywhere.
Wouldn't even have to set foot in the building.
How're they watching him, then? Could be using a web cam.
Or they're lying.
Kate, take McGee and search the Watson's house.
Dinozzo, I want everything there is on Watson and his family by the time I get back.
Where're you going, boss? Talk to Watson.
Wait, Gibbs, if you show up - I'd better hope they don't notice.
That is not a good call.
Relax; you think Gibbs keeps that haircut to save on shampoo? Morning, Gunny.
Morning, Staff Sergeant.
Moving those dollars around, Captain? I’m trying.
Only way I can stay beneath the radar is not make a withdrawal that doesn't exceed ten thousand dollars form any single operational budget.
What's that? Well, this is an office.
People are going to be dropping by with request forms all day long.
Not today.
Send them away.
I keep doing that, they're going to get suspicious.
Just don't forget what's at stake here, Captain.
I won't.
Sorry to have missed the budget meeting yesterday, sir, but you know how the Colonel gets when he's sick.
How’s he doing, Gunny? Better, sir, thank you.
Wanted me to check with you, see if you needed any extra help down here.
Tell him I appreciate it, but we got things covered.
Roger that, sir.
Latest batch of requests for you.
Most immediate priority's on top.
This must be that daughter you're always talking about.
She is a beauty,sir.
She is that, Gunny.
She is that.
You change your mind,sir, you just call.
Go plenty of people willing to help you.
I will, Gunny.
Thank you.
Have a nice day, sir.
He’s gone.
He is right about one thing.
She is a little beauty.
Who - who's there? Well, no signs of anyone observing the place.
Let's roll.
Let's roll.
She either left in a hurry or was forced to.
What makes you think she just didn't leave it there? Because she's a little girl, McGee.
They're not typically slobs.
Remind me to introduce you to my little sister.
what was that? Nothing, Agent Todd.
You still pushing to be a full time field agent? Very much so.
Well, we need to get in.
Suggestions? Last time I encountered a situation like this Tony threw a rock through the window.
yet another glaring difference between boys and girls.
Follow me.
He was right about one thing.
She is a little beauty.
Okay, Gibbs, your mike is coming in loud and clear.
Who's that in the office with him, the devil? You know, considering no one in this room is actually deaf, that's really annoying.
Hey, was that about me? Patch in the video, Abs.
Not a very flattering angle.
Yeah, well, it was the best I could do.
What can you tell me about the voice? It sounds like this particle physicist I used to date.
He had these tiny little Chiclet teeth, and an Eiffel Tower tattoo right - You want this or not? Okay.
Obviously, it's being disguised.
I think I can filter it back to its original state.
Okay, I'll get that APB out the Lollipop Guild right away.
Patience, Tony.
- Pretty cool, huh? - Not bad.
Next thing I want you to do is hack into Watson's computer.
It's the only link we have to the kidnapper.
Gibbs, we are talking about the Pentagon here.
Even their encryptions have encryptions.
yeah? That dirtbag sure managed it.
It probably took him months! Our best bet is to ask the DOD for access to their system.
And the first thing they'll do is disconnect the connection.
That happens, we end up with two dead dependents.
I don't know if I can do it.
Dinozzo, get McGee on the phone.
I'll get in.
Yeah? Yeah.
I believe you.
when's the last time Gibbs was wrong? Discounting the whole marriage thing, of course.
McGee, hold me steady.
Go left.
No, no, no, my left, your right.
McGee, what are you doing? I'm doing what you're telling me to doing.
Are your eyes closed? yes! Well then open them before you kill us! But this morning you - McGee, can't you tell when someone's kidding with you? I used to, then I met you guys.
If you want to work with Gibbs, hen you're gonna have to get over that.
Trust me, I know.
Eyes open it is.
Dinozzo! I need a way to communicate with Captain Watson.
Communication problem solved, boss.
Earwig radio receiver, used them all the time undercover in Baltimore.
How do we get it in his ear? Did I also mention there's one tiny flaw in my plan? Dinozzo, I show back up there as a Gunny, this guy's gonna get suspicious.
Well, you think I could pass for a Marine? I don't know.
Let's shave your head and find out.
Actually, I was leaning more toward a Merchant Marine kind of thing.
I got a better idea, don't eat that.
well, no signs of forced entry or a struggle.
They could've been taken at gunpoint.
Well, it's possible, but I don't think so.
Why's that? Well, why go to the trouble of locking the front door behind you? Not bad, McGee.
Tony hasn't completely ruined you yet.
Their daughter must be quite the pianist.
Beautiful, too.
There's nothing here.
We're wasting our time.
Let's go.
I use the door.
You lock it and go back out the window.
I get it.
You're kidding, right? Five hours left, Captain.
Read the total.
I’ve managed to isolate 900,000.
I'd work faster if I were you.
You're learning.
You may answer.
Hey, Cap'n.
Got your sweet 'n sour with extra pineapple.
You might want to change your order tomorrow, heard we're gettin' in some fresh duck.
I’ll just stick with the usual.
All right.
75 today.
How's the family going? Find.
You? Still having trouble communicating with the girlfriend.
I talk, she doesn't listen what are you gonna do? Oh, yeah, sure - for you.
Thanks, Cap'n.
See you tomorrow.
Open your lunch, show it to the camera.
Now! Enjoy! Delivery complete.
That's good work, Tony.
Thanks, boss, that means a lot.
NCIS doesn't work out, I hear General Wee's Chinese Restaurant's hiring.
Abs, get the Captain up on the feed.
This is Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
If you can hear me, cough once.
We are changing the game plan, Skipper.
If he contacts you again, tell him you want a good faith gesture on his part.
Tell him that you want your daughter returned now.
Tell him if you don't get her back, you're gonna take your chances with the FBI.
He'll try to intimidate you.
We have to call his bluff.
Rub your brow if you have the courage to go this route.
You are not alone, Cap'n.
We're gonna get through his together.
I will be in touch.
All right, I want these feeds hardwired into MTAC.
You inside his computer yet? Oh, um I think, um need help? Yeah.
All you had to do was ask.
One of the smartest people I know told me that once.
Who? You.
Car's still in the driveway, no signs of a struggle inside.
I think they may have known their kidnapper.
Or been duped.
Looks like you and Tony have been making some progress.
Not enough.
Time to update, Captain.
I’m doing my best.
Just make your deadline.
Help Abby get into Watson's computer.
Hey, c'mon! A little short on deodorant, Tony? I’ve isolated nearly 1.
3 million.
Now I want a gesture of good faith from you.
What kind of gesture, Captain? I want you to release my daughter.
Not gonna happen.
Why? 'Cause they're already dead? How do I know that's not just a tape? You listen to me.
You let Sandy go right now, or it's over.
I’m going to the FBI.
You'd never forgive yourself, you know.
This is the hard part, Captain.
Don't back down.
Tell him you want to talk to your daughter.
I want to speak to her.
Right now! Plays the piano.
Gifted, I hear.
You don't need eyes to play the piano, but you sure as hell need ears.
Sandy! One move, pop, Waterworld.
And the other ear, pop.
Total silence and darkness.
We can't risk that.
He's bluffing, stand your ground.
Tell him if he does that, he'll never see a penny.
Let her go unharmed, or I swear you'll never see a dime.
You know I never was any good at taking orders, Captain.
I screwed up.
I screwed it all up.
It's only been forty minutes, captain.
He will contact you soon.
Until then, you have to stay strong.
It's our best chance of getting your family back.
You got something to say? We're taking a really big risk here, Gibbs.
Yeah, Kate? What happens to the little girl and her mother once this dirtbag gets the money? What, you think he'll kill them? You're the profiler.
You tell me.
Answer your phone, Captain.
Where is she? Where's my daughter? I said, answer the phone, Captain! Yes? Daddy? Sandy, sweetheart, where are you? I don't know.
He let me go but he said, he said he'll kill Mom I told anybody what happened.
You tell me where she is.
Morton Amtrak Station.
You got your good faith gesture.
Now get back to work.
My people are on the way, Captain.
You tell her to stay where she is.
Go get her.
Sandy, sweetheart, just say right there, don't, don't go anywhere, and Daddy, Daddy'll be there to get you in just a little while.
Hang up the phone now, Captain, and believe me when I say your wife's life depends on it.
I have to hang up now, baby.
Listen, I want you to be brave for me, baby.
This'll be over before you know it.
Daddy, help me! Daddy! God forgive me.
Face it, McGee.
We are doomed.
- Okay, we can try random password generators.
- Did it.
- How about an open port scan? - Done it.
- There's an undocumented hole on the east side - - Tried it.
Gibbs can't honestly expect us to hack into the Pentagon in a single afternoon! Yeah.
Oh, you're right, we are doomed.
We have to call DOD and hope they'll let us in without severing the connection.
Unless what if the Trojan isn't system-wide? If it was, our bad guy Could just steal the money himself.
He wouldn't need Watson to do it for him.
That means he can't access the rest of the network.
We've been trying to hack the wrong place.
Right, scan for open UDP and TCP connections on the Geosock VPN yes, yes got multiple incoming packets.
Port 139, 445.
Looks like a variant of the DMC Trojan.
- I love it when you talk geek.
- I love it that you love it.
I'll be sure to mention that to Captain Watson, right after we're done burying his family.
I would hold off on those funeral arrangements, Gibbs.
The reason we're so excited Is we just hacked Captain Watson's computer And we should be able to backtrace the connection no! No, no, no! No! No! Aah! My baby just French fried.
The system’s overheated.
So? Reboot it.
Believe it or not, Gibbs, not all computer problems can be solved by rebooting.
Works for me.
Even if it does, it's going to take at least an hour for mine to cool down.
And without air conditioning, it'll happen again.
So take it someplace cooler.
Where? This whole building is like an illegal sweatshop.
Not the whole building, Abs.
May I trouble you for the left ear, Mr.
Palmer? Ah, one left ear, coming right up.
When is the DNA analysis coming back on the right toe grouping? Oh, should be ten, twelve, ah days.
Well, that's interesting.
What's that, doctor? Oh, dear.
It's not the left ear? It's the left; it's just not the right left.
So to speak.
Well that would mean that, ah Three bodies.
Time to start another table.
Hey, Ducky.
My computer died, we need someplace cooler to set up shop.
Yeah, well, we're a bit tight on space at the moment, but, ah, you could use 107.
Definitely not 107.
His family was supposed to make arrangements to pick him up last week.
Ah, there we are.
How's that? Perfect.
Thank you.
Fascinating, isn't it? Parts of three separate bodies, carved up with almost surgical precision.
Why? Haven't a clue.
We found them in a 55 gallon tub of alcohol behind Bethesda Naval Hospital last month.
McGee? We're kinda running short on time.
Oh, can I give you a hand? Whoa well, uh I'm all right.
When I'm a mother, I'm never letting my kids out of my sight.
Yeah? Well how do you plan on doing that? GPS locator strapped to their ankle.
Audio and video surveillance built into their clothes.
No, I mean the part about becoming a mother.
The area looks clear to me.
Me too.
Let's go get that kid.
Sandy? My name's Kate.
And my name's Tony.
We're NCIS agents.
It stands for - I know what it stands for.
You spoke at my school.
Well, then you know that we're here to help you.
Your daddy sent us.
We know what happened to you and your mom, but you're safe now, okay? I heard him.
Heard who, honey? He didn't know it, but I heard him.
He told my mom he he he's going to make my Dad suffer.
What the hell is it? A; It's probably some leftover bodily fluid.
Oh, is that all? Yeah.
If you want to be a full time field agent, Timothy, you're going to have to get used to sights like that.
Is this a common occurrence, Ducky, dismembered bodies in tubs of alcohol? Well, now that you mention it, I did have a great-uncle who drowned in a vat of alcohol.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Of course, he reportedly climbed out three times to go to the bathroom.
What's the holdup? We are almost set here.
McGee, if I were you, I would spend more time working and less time cleaning.
Yes, sorry, boss.
Got a patient upstairs for you.
There you go.
Feel better now? Yes.
Thank you.
Well, you've been a very brave patient, so I think you deserve a surprise.
A Hershey bar? Yes.
Are you sure you're blind? I can smell it.
I'll be right back, Sandy.
I need a few moments to talk to my friends.
It took him 45 to drop him off.
You figure 22 minutes out, same back, gives you a fifteen mile radius where he could be located.
Hundreds of square miles and what? We have two hours left.
We also pulled tapes from the train station.
Might catch a shot of him dropping the kid off.
Gibbs? It's, like, a hundred degrees in here.
How can you drink that stuff? Keeps me cool.
How's she doing, Duck? Remarkably well, considering the circumstances.
What does she remember? Unfortunately, everything.
Except for where she was.
Maybe you haven't asked the right questions.
Well, she's eight and blind, Ducky.
It's not a great help in a situation like.
Sandy - are you thirsty? A little bit.
Can I have some water? Okay.
I'm back in.
Initiating a back trace from Watson's computer.
? on board encryption.
It's commercial grade, so consider it cracked right now.
Yes, Team McGee does it again.
Why Team McGee? Well, no offense, I am the special agent.
Must have switched off the audio.
Team Abby.
I'm the smart one.
You wanna scream? Scream.
No one will hear you.
This is really important.
Can you tell us anything about the car you were driven in? Well, it was a van and there were no windows in back.
How could you tell? Because I couldn't feel the sun on my face.
What about the place he was keeping you and your mom? Anything unusual about it? I don't know.
I was real scared and I could hear him talking to my mo and she was crying and he kept on pulling my hair.
It's okay, Sandy, just tell us what you remember.
Yeah, Gibbs.
All right.
We're on our way.
I want you to stay here with Doctor Mallard.
We have to check - I heard.
You can see my mom on your computer now.
I hear lots of things other kids can't.
Can I help you? Your husband has less than two hours to make my deadline.
I'm engaging the audio filters right now.
There'll be a slight delay with picture.
But what he doesn't know is if he makes it or not, you're never going home.
Time's running out, Captain.
Look, I've been able to isolate 1.
8 million.
If I send it now, will you release my wife? How about I send you back 1.
8 of your wife? You want me to keep an arm or a leg? Captain, we need more time.
You have to stall him.
It’s getting harder to find open accounts.
You're going to have to give me more time.
You have ninety minutes.
Make it, your wife lives.
Don't, she dies.
It's your call, Captain.
Negotiate, Captain.
Tell him you need at least three more hours.
I repeat, tell him you need at least three hours.
I’ll meet your deadline.
ah, damn.
Good news, boss.
I found a shot of our bad guy's vehicle on the trains station tapes.
The little girl was right.
It's a white van with no windows.
You run the plates? Came back stolen.
And this helps me because, Dinozzo? I also ID'd our dirtbag.
Pulled his prints from Sandy's hair, uh, thingies.
He's a former Petty Officer, name's Kyle Grayson.
Did six years in Leavenworth for embezzling government funds and Captain Watson as responsible for putting him there.
Good job.
We're going to play some sounds from the room you were in, Sandy.
We think it might help you remember better.
Can you just play certain hertz if I want you to? Sure, how'd you know that? From the piano.
I know the number of vibrations of every key.
Like key number forty-four, E4.
That's 329.
63 hertz.
A5 is Well, that's cool.
I love bats.
Me too.
I like your voice, Abby.
It's kinda gravelly.
Thank you.
All right, you ready to show off for us? Morton Amtrak Station.
You got your good faith gesture, now get back to work.
There's birds up kinda high.
Try a G7 - the 83rd key.
That's 3136 hertz.
That is amazing, Sandy.
I'll be right back.
- Gibbs, she's incredible, you gotta see her - I want her listening to the live feed.
Gibbs, she's been traumatized enough.
Yeah? Howa bout growing up without a mother, Kate? Hey, Sandy.
I need you to - Listen to the live feed.
I want to help my mom, Agent Gibbs.
I can take it.
What's this? Your very own NCIS badge.
You ready? Yeah.
Bring the live feed up on the speakers.
We need to know anything you can tell us about where he is keeping your mom.
When I took this job, I was instructed not to hurt you or the little princess.
But your husband cost me six years.
Who hired you? I don't really care.
The point is, I've decided your husband has to pay for that.
Why? No more questions.
Go in the area of A7.
I mean, 4000 hertz.
Bring it two keys down.
I mean, 3800.
Sounds like a train.
It's getting closer.
It's passing right now.
next train scheduled?.
I'm on it, boss.
Can you remember anything else about the train sounds? We drove over a lot of tracks.
My mom she she squeezed my hand every time.
How many times? I don't know, a lot.
What is he doing to her? Why is she crying? You did great, Sandy.
Are you going to save my mom now? Oh yeah, you can count on that.
Let's roll.
The only train in the area's an Amtrak.
It left DC at 16:20 and arrived Lorton 17:30, average speed Now, we know it passed our dirtbag at 17:06, right? So dammit.
I owe Mrs.
Powers an apology.
Who? My tenth grade math teacher.
I told her I'd never be able to use anything she taught us in real life.
It's here.
Seven miles outside of Lorton.
There's an abandoned train maintenance yard about half a mile north.
That's the place.
McGee, you tell Watson to delay sending the money.
Well how? Any way you can, c'mon, let's go! Now! Five minutes left.
Tell me you have the two million, Captain.
I have it.
Stand by to copy the ISP and routing number.
ISP is CS.
Read it back to me.
Very good, Captain.
McGee, talk to me.
Okay, he's giving Watson the wire transfer code.
Do you have a visual yet? Negative.
Tell the Captain to stall for more time.
Captain Watson, you have to buy us a few more minutes.
I repeat, you have to buy us a few more minutes.
He's not listening to me.
Tell him the second he transfers that money, his wife is dead.
Captain Watson, your wife is gonna be murdered - ow! Okay, Gibbs, he took out the earwig.
I got nothing, boss.
The routing number is A1213669B1.
Read that back to me.
A1213669B1 That's correct.
Now make me rich.
And I have your word you're gonna release my wife? Yes.
My word.
Now send it.
he's sending the money to Asia.
If I can tag his transmission with a marker, we might be able to follow it.
Gibbs, he sent it, I think he's gonna shoot her, what do I do? Something, McGee, anything! This is the FBI, Grayson.
We have you surrounded.
Come out with your hands in the air.
The hell? You didn't really think you'd get away with this? You two inside.
I'll cut him off.
We take him alive.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
C'mon! You come any closer and I'll shoot her! Come out where I can see you! Now! Just like in Colombia.
You're not getting out of here, Grayson.
It's over.
I know the FBI's SOP.
I want a cell phone and negotiator, now! We're not the FBI, dirtbag.
Drop the weapon.
Everything does gonna be all right now, sweetheart.
Kinda makes you think.
'Bout what? Having kids someday.
I don't think I could handle that.
Don’t know how we can ever thank you, Agent Gibbs.
We owe you so much.
You can thank Special Agent Watson here.
We couldn't have done without her.
We did good today, Gibbs.
Did we, Special Agent Todd? Grayson doesn't have the smarts to be in this alone.
We still have to find out who hired him.
Not gonna get it from Grayson.
Why not? Get him to roll for a deal.
I don't deal.
he doesn’t deal? Not when Grayson doesn't know who hired him.
This guy's good.
We lost the money for a little while in Hong Kong.
But McGee's bots picked it up again on the way to Zurich.
And with Abby's encryption algorithm embedded in the transaction - Okay, would you two, just for a sec, just pretend I don't know anything about computers? Pretend? Can we get this guy or not? Well, we've been following the money for the last eight hours, and if it transfers into a country where we have jurisdiction wait.
I don't believe this.
What? It's headed back here.
Washington, DC.
Captain Watson.
Agent Gibbs.
This is not what you think.
You're right.
It wasn't.
You did this to your own family? No, nobody was supposed to get hurt.
That tight enough for you, Cap'n? I can't believe this is happening.
The perfect plan.
Even Grayson didn't know who hired him.
How the hell'd you figure this out? Next time, you might want to send your note to the FBI.
Look, you don't understand.
I needed the money because - Don't you dare tell me that there's a reason for you throwing away what you had.
Your network is up and operational now.
so, uh, I'll be heading back to Norfolk.
I'll take that as a thank you.
Where're you going? Ah, Norfolk? Well, I got some good news, and some bad news for you.
You've just been promoted.
To a full time field agent.
Really? That's incredible, what's - You belong to me now.
What she said.
Wha, so, uh, I'm one of you guys now? No more getting coffee, no more hazing? Sure.
All right, well, I just want to say, I never took it personal, and I, I really look forward to You know I could really get used to that.