NCIS s02e02 Episode Script

The Good Wives Club

Hey, Harry Stop! Stop! Hey, what's up? Throw me a flashlight.
- Agent Gibbs? - Yeah.
Lieutenant Commander Willis, Base Security.
Commander Hutchins' day to play golf? Intestinal virus.
Special Agent Todd, McGee and DiNozzo.
How long since anyone's lived in these units? Base closed the tract five years ago.
Plans were to convert it to a park.
Cutbacks put it on hold.
Units were becoming a security and health hazard, We brought in a private company to demo it.
When Gibbs introduced us, he introduced you, then McGee, then me.
Why'd he mention me last? You are kidding.
For Gibbs to mix up the seniority order like that, it's just just seems weird, that's all.
Well, I don't think it really means Toby, no.
I wouldn't put too much stock in it.
Why do you say that? 'Cause I don't think it has anything to do with seniority.
What do you think it has to do with? My guess would be level of intelligence and general competence.
I didn't say anything.
It's what you're thinking, probie.
Soon as we knew what he had, all work was stopped.
We contained the scene.
Old bunker? We don't know what it is.
A little bit more left.
Your other left, McGee.
Sorry, boss.
A little nervous, probie? Hold it right there.
The tunnel leads to the house.
That's a little weird.
Boss, over here! Kate, McGee, you're with me.
DiNozzo, wait for Ducky.
Let's do it.
Nails were hammered in at a left-to-right angle.
Might have been left-handed.
Ever seen anything like this before, boss? Only in the movies.
Where's our bride, DiNozzo? Nine feet down, twelve feet over.
You're kidding, right? This actually reminds me of my days at Edinburgh Medical College.
You took a tunnel to get to school, Ducky? No, the morgue was tiny.
Yeah, we had a a fellow student who suffered terribly from claustrophobia.
Constantly hyperventilating.
Yes, one day, he decided to overcome his fear.
Eh he shut himself in one of the morgue drawers.
Well, the ventilation was off, of course.
He asked us not to disturb him for 24 hours.
We were very impressed with his gumption.
Did it work? Unfortunately not, no.
He died of a massive coronary.
So, you see, people can be frightened to death.
Hey, Duck.
This is really sick.
Stephen King would love it.
Oh, my dear.
Get you out of this place.
Into somewhere more appropriate I promise.
That was really nice, Doctor.
Thank you, Mr.
Now, if you'd give me the bag for transportation.
It's in the truck.
I know.
Next time, you'll remember.
The Good Wife's Guide.
Ten Steps To Pleasing Your Husband.
I think I read something like that in Redbook.
Redbook? Yeah.
You read Redbook? Yeah, all the time.
Well, I don't think you read this one, McGee.
It's from May, 1955.
How long's she been here, Duck? Oh, it's hard to say, Jethro.
Poor thing's been dead for months.
How about years? Perhaps one not more than two.
Housing's been abandoned for five years.
Well, then she wasn't the last tenant.
Check it anyway.
The last tenant in that house was Lieutenant Commander Carlton Halpin, his wife and two children.
Moved out January, '99.
Transferred to the San Diego Naval Station.
As far as we can tell, he's never been back.
McGee? All the materials used in the construction of the bunker could've been purchased at any Lowe's in the area.
DiNozzo? A lot of the furniture in the room is authentic '50s Not my taste, but what the hell.
All from various manufacturers.
Nothing in production today.
The way I figure it, he would have to have collected the pieces from antique shops or garage sales.
What about the possibility they were handed down from family? Yeah, I was getting to that.
There is, of course, always the possibility that the pieces had been handed down from family members.
Point is either scenario is not a road that's easily traceable.
Question for you, probie.
Why? Redbook was and still is the definitive magazine for today's young woman.
Planning a sex change? No.
Since I've always been interested in women, I figured the best way to know about them was to, you know, know about them.
McGee the best way to know about them is to know them.
Do you think she knew him? Well, it's difficult to say.
She could have been lured by a confidant or grabbed by a by a stranger.
The result, unfortunately, in the case of so many women, is the same either way.
Is your recorder on? Do you want it to be on? No, do you want it on? It helps me to be more accurate in my report.
Well, then turn it on.
It is on.
Then why didn't you just say so? I'm n-not sure.
The victim is a Caucasian woman, 20 to 25.
Cause of death can be attributed to non-specific asphyxiation.
No obvious signs of sexual trauma.
But due to the dehydration and mummification of tissue, it's impossible to say whether she was violated.
Yeah, but you'd think that she was though, right? I mean all-all the stories that you read about, these guys, they usually don't keep girls down in a cellar for conversation.
Where do you read these stories, Mr.
Palmer? I I-I-I didn't mean that I actually read them.
I- I meant to say that-that She wore a ring.
A wedding ring? Yeah, no doubt.
It was removed violently.
MrPalmer What stories? What do you have, Abby? What don't I have, Gibbs? Clothing fibers, carpet fibers, dust, beetle parts, soiled bedding There's even a pamphlet called The Good Wife's Guide.
What's up with that? Ask McGee.
McGee? McGee.
The dress, Abby? As you might imagine, it's not exactly virginal.
It was made in 1952.
She'd wearing it for months before she died.
And I'm running a DNA sample as we Prints? All over the room.
Thanks to our semi-mummy, I was able to get a match for our victim.
Your crack team is running it through AFIS.
Only prints in the room were hers? Yeah, I'm afraid so.
I found traces of cleanser on the furniture.
He's cautious.
So am I, when I chain guys up.
Victim is Carolyn Figgis.
Petty Officer Third Class.
Went missing I pulled the file, Boss.
It was a Pacci case.
Didn't have much.
She left for work one morning and poof, gone! No witnesses, case went cold.
Yeah, well, it just got hot again.
Ducky estimates she's been dead about a year.
That means she was in the bunker for six months before she died.
That rules out the last tenants.
Kate? Tell me about the killer.
The basic pathology is obvious.
He was probably abused as a child.
Dad beating on mom; one or both beating on him, who knows? He's trying to create the perfect relationship.
That's right.
And control's the name of the game.
This one didn't live up to his expectations.
Why y was I sure you'd understand that part? So, cut off her air supply, left her in an airtight chamber to die and moved on.
Yeah, that's the problem.
This kind of pathology is driven.
He's not going to stop until he finds the perfect one.
He's playing house with somebody else out there.
Something's off.
Gibbs, I recreated it from McGee's photos.
Gibbs, everything in here was ALS'd.
All pertinent forensic evidence was sent to Abby for analysis, and then I rebuilt it from the photos.
This room and everything in it is exactly as it was when we found it.
What is with his '50s thing? The '50s represents an idealized time when the rules between men and women were simpler.
This was an older guy.
Actually, I think he was younger.
As Tony said, a lot of the stuff in here is authentic '50s, but a lot of it isn't.
Some is '60s, some are reproductions, but it isn't pure.
He couldn't get his hands on the real deal.
I don't think it mattered.
I think he put this room together based on his idea of a fantasy, rather than some remembrance of an ideal experience.
Someone who grew up with it would be more "pure"? Well, I think he'd want to be as close to what he actually experienced as possible.
Plus, he didn't seem to have a problem with just picking up and leaving everything behind.
How do we know he didn't have to leave? Transferred.
It's possible.
Ducky said her wedding ring was removed.
Well, it makes sense that'd be the one thing that he keeps in common from one "bride" to the next.
You know, it might help if I could observe a reenactment of the victim's life inside the chamber.
Put someone in the wedding dress.
Tony would look cute.
He's interviewing the victim's parents.
Well, McGee, then.
He's with Tony.
Abby? No.
Up to her tats in forensics tests.
Well, what about you? You won't have to wear the dress.
I hate that song, McGee.
I thought you bought tickets to see them next week.
Changed my mind.
I'm selling them on eBay.
Well, could we listen to something else? Sure.
This isn't about music, is it? This what? Whatever it is, it isn't music? This is your conversation, McGee.
Tony, I'm not after your job.
Do you think I'm actually worried about you taking my place, probie? No I mean, of course not.
How could I be? You're Gibbs' right-hand guy.
Did Gibbs say that? Uh not not directly.
Then why did you say that? Well well 'cause I've, I've heard him say nice things.
What kind of things? I- I-I don't remember.
Um okay.
Uh, yesterday.
Yeah? Yeah.
He, uh said something about filing your case report.
What did he say, exactly? He said it wasn't late, for once.
This is not what I had in mind, Gibbs.
You wanted a reenactment.
I wanted to observe.
I'm observing.
She can make it to the toilet.
But she couldn't make it to the threshold of the tunnel.
I can't imagine what she must have gone through, Gibbs.
How many months did she suffer before giving up and realizing she was never gonna be found? She had no hope.
She had nothing left to do but sit and stare at her own reflection.
What? The rug.
The spots.
Someone was standing there over and over again.
The pattern's wrong.
It's not from a shoe or foot.
It's too round, too large.
She wasn't standing.
She was kneeling.
Enough to permanently wear an indentation in the carpet.
Polopinus Ingens, commonly known as the darkling beetle.
As with all beetles, the darkling has two sets of wings.
One set of hard front wings and a set of soft hind wings, used for flying.
This is going to be useful, Abby, why? Gibbs, I know you know that I need a good windup before I deliver my knockout.
Just hit me with it, baby.
This particular species of darkling is indigenous only in extreme Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida.
What's it doing in Virginia? My guess? Somebody stepped on it.
A piece of it got lodged in her shoe and then it dislodged in Mr.
Sicko's love nest.
Very Silence Of The Lambs, don't you think? Our nasty little critter could've called any one of three Navy bases home: Jacksonville Naval Air Station or Mayport Naval Station in Florida; Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia.
We have a piece of a beetle that shouldn't be in Virginia.
It doesn't mean that the guy who did this is there now.
Didn't say it did.
No, she's right, boss.
I mean, he could've just been there on vacation, who knows? Could've been.
He still could be here.
Except nobody else is missing from Norfolk.
Somebody is from Jacksonville.
She fits the profile.
NCIS Agent Jane Melankovic forwarded a Missing Persons Report she filed on a female petty officer.
Barbara Swain, Petty Officer Second Class at Jacksonville.
She's been missing for almost four months.
She's close in age to Carolyn Figgis; similar look.
Same deal, too¬ódisappeared off the face of the Earth.
Never made it to work.
No witnesses, no clues, case went dead.
Get us on the next flight to Jacksonville and tell Agent Melankovic we think her victim might still be alive on base.
On it, boss.
Pretty thin, Gibbs.
All we've got, Kate.
The Seahawk's still searching for thermal anomalies on the ground surface.
Been sweeping for a long time, Agent Melankovic.
At this altitude, they're working 150-foot swatches.
It's time-consuming but more accurate.
Hungry again, Tony? Actually, no, Kate.
I I'm just bored.
I had something to eat on the plane.
Not sure what I ate, but it was filling.
You had the chicken Singapore with port mushroom sauce.
Something you read in Redbook, McGee? Ladies' Home Journal, actually.
The Food and Home section? Yeah, that's right.
The best.
Oh, no question.
McGee, right? Timothy.
Me Tony.
Oh, looks like they're picking up a thermal signature; it's warm.
Warm is good.
Let's go! Whoa, whoa, don't shoot! Don't shoot! Please don't shoot! Petty Officer Third Class Darrell Baum.
Works in Avionics.
Claims he was growing for his own personal use.
What do you think? Well, there's over Gotta think he's spreading the love.
I am pretty sure Darrell's cutting into his profit margin.
There's nothing here.
Doesn't look like it.
Says he started over three months ago.
Size of the weeds indicates that would be about right.
And you'd know this because? Of my experiences with the Baltimore PD Drug Task Force.
You were never on the Baltimore PD Drug Task Force.
I have friends; we shared experiences.
Actually, Darrell does seem to be on the level, boss.
Oh, and you know this, why, McGee? From personal knowledge? No.
No, no, no.
I - I mean, you know, there was the occasional, uh, innocent youth, experimenta Commander Spencer would like to see you, sir.
Let me guess.
You never inhaled.
I inhaled.
Yeah? Yeah.
A little bit.
How was it? I didn't like it.
You didn't like it? No.
He didn't inhale.
All 423 houses have been analyzed, Agent Gibbs.
No heat signatures other than this one have been recorded.
Okay with you if I recall the helo? What now, Gibbs? Well, I guess we just give up, Agent Todd.
ground chamber is really speaking to me.
The carpet fiber indicates a cheap nylon product, available anywhere.
The analysis of the accumulated dust only indicates that our sicko murderer wasn't any better a housekeeper than he was a pretend husband.
Clothes fibers.
White cotton, probably socks and purple silk.
Don't know what that's about.
Maybe a scarf or an ascot kind of thing.
How many guys wear ascots today? I have.
You would.
Thanks, Abbs.
Oh, anything for you, oh, Wonderful Wizard.
By the way, Tony Yeah? I need it back when you're done.
Files you requested.
All transfers from Norfolk over the past six months.
Put them over there, Agent Melankovic.
Hey, we appreciate the use of your desk.
Not a problem.
You finding everything all right? Yeah, DiNozzo there sure found the nuts without much trouble.
I haven't eaten since the plane.
I hope you don't mind.
I do, actually.
They're for my sister.
Oh, sorry.
But probably for the best.
So fattening.
I'm sure you know that from all your food magazine reading.
She's anorexic.
According to the Missing Persons report, the last person to see Petty Officer Swain was her roommate.
That's right.
Petty Officer Debra Marshall.
She still on base? Mechanic in Motor-T.
All right, Kate, you're with me.
DiNozzo, you're with McGee.
Help her with the transfers.
Agent Gibbs I did the initial interview with the roommate.
I know.
- Petty Officer Marshall? - Yeah.
Is it about Barbara, ma'am? Yes.
Have yound her? No.
You don't expect her to be found alive? I was told the odds get worse the longer a person goes missing, sir.
Well, yeah.
That's true.
Agent Melankovic might have gone over this ground with you before, but No problem, ma'am.
You last saw your roommate when she left for work four months ago.
It was 0600, sir.
She worked here in Admin.
That's how we met.
Was there anyone acting strange around her, any arguments or disputes you might know about? No, ma'am.
Everybody liked Barbara.
Even likable people have beefs.
So I'm told.
Was there anything particular on her mind at the time? Nothing other than what was always on her mind.
She was hung up that she couldn't find the right one.
She wanted to get married.
In the worst way, sir.
Except all the guys she met were losers.
She thought something must be wrong with her.
Even mentioned she might even see somebody about it.
Did she? I don't know.
She was a really private person.
Did you ever meet any of the losers? No, sir.
I couldn't even tell you their names.
I doubt Barbara could, either.
CPO Alan Drewe.
Transferred from Norfolk two months ago.
Father was a drywall sub-contractor.
He could've built a bunker.
Captain Marshall Buckner.
Right-handed, but heads up a Seabee crew, and has a domestic disturbance charge on his record.
Transferred last May.
"Always respond enthusiastically "to your husband's amorous advances.
"It's a wife's duty to make sure his physical needs are met.
" You know, except for the murder/abduction part, I kind of think this guy's onto something.
I can't believe you said that.
Why? It's sexist and insensitive and what the hell does it have to do with our investigation? Do you know, Timothy? Answer Jane, Timothy.
The real question is, do you find it pertinent? Every bit as pertinent to this investigation as those files, probie.
It is? Speaks to the suspect's state of mind.
Tony, with all due respect, I think it speaks to the state of your With all due respect, probie! How much time do you have in the field? Not a lot, of course.
Exactly, because you're a probationary field agent.
I know it can be confusing sometimes.
I'm actually not confused.
Oh, you just think you're not confused.
In reality, you're very confused.
And that contradiction is what makes the whole situation seem, um, more Confusing.
Just because she didn't see a Navy therapist doesn't mean she wasn't seeing someone off base.
She's a Petty Officer.
Civilian shrinks are expensive.
Private people go to long lengths sometimes.
Sometimes they don't have to.
Bit's in your mouth, Gibbs.
She didn't have to see a shrink.
Second divorce.
Saw the padre.
Chaplains don't keep records.
Yes, I saw her.
Only once, though.
We know that whatever you discussed is confidential, but her life could hang in the balance.
What happened to the woman in Norfolk could be happening to her.
Petty Officer Swain didn't say much.
In fact, I did most of the talking.
What were her issues? She s attracted to men who fulfilled her needs on a physical level, but not a spiritual one.
And I tried to make her see they didn't need to be mutually exclusive.
It's a difficult concept in today's world.
Did she mention any of those men by name? No, she met them in bars.
I got the impression they weren't around very long.
She was supposed to call and make another appointment.
Never did.
Well, this one's not left-handed either, but everything else fits.
How's it going with the transfers? Uh, almost finished, boss.
We've ID'd 15 that fit a substantial part of the profile.
Put down The Good Wife's Guide and listen up.
Padre thinks says Petty Officer Swain could have met this guy at a local bar.
lit up, canvass the area.
See if a bartender can make a connection to one of 'em? I'll make copies of their service photos.
Uh, DiNozzo? Ye? Make the copies yourself.
Of course.
You're sure about this, DiNozzo? All in his SRB, boss: Left-handed, transferred six months ago.
From where? Norfolk.
Boss, you remembhat Abby said about the clothes fibers? Chaplains sometimes wear a vestment called a stole over their uniform.
It's a band of silk cloth hung ad ne Silk.
color of the stole depends on the liturgical season.
It can be red, or green, or white or purple.
It wasn't Petty Officer Carolyn Figgis who was praying, was it? No.
After your interview, he must have sensed it was just a matter of time.
What do you know about him, Commander? Not much.
He was Episcopal - I'm Catholic.
Only time I ever met h s at the Navy Ball.
Seemed normal to me.
Usually do.
Medical examiner's on the way.
I'll get the search helo back in the air.
I wonder what Ducky would say to this piece of work.
He'd ask Evans where he's keeping Petty Office Swain.
I said I'm gonna get married.
John said he's gonna get married.
That's great! That's wonderful, John.
You're the one who convinced me, Oz.
Why this delightful home, wonderful family, devoted wife.
Ah, this is the way a man should live.
I didn't realize what I'd been missing all these years.
What are you watching? Ozzie and Harriet.
Ran for 14 years, Why am I not surprised you would know that? I have the "best of" box set at home.
It's really good.
Where'd you find those? Uh, found them stashed under the settee.
The settee? It's a small sofa with seating for two.
Sold mine at a garage sale last year.
Are you gonna watch the whole hour, or? They were a half-hour, McGee, and what if I do? I guess that would mean you're trying to figure the suspect's state of mind? Ha! We're gonna make a field agent out of you yet, Probie.
DiNozzo! Flipped on the light switch - look what I got.
Well, it's either a darkroom, or a really small bordello.
What's your call? Have you always been a smart ass, Agent DiNozzo? Tony.
Probably as long as you've been an overachiever, Jane.
He might have pictures somewhere around here to remind him.
He might.
Are you ready to find where Ozzie stashed Harriet? The Chaplain could have hidden her in a number of places the thermal scanner wouldn't pick up.
We have unoccupied housing, training and maintenance units, as well as boiler rooms here and here.
Base housing storage is another possibility.
Several abandoned ammo dumps in this quadrant, and an ammo bunker's in this one here.
Jacksonville N.
is almost 4,000 acres.
Hundreds of buildings.
It'll take us days to search them all.
Then we'd better start now.
How much time does she have? If he cuts off the O2 like he did the others, a few hours.
"My Darling, my betrothed.
I long for the day we will be together always " Must be more than 50 of these love letters.
All sounding like Nelson Eddy recordings.
That guy was on the air for 14 years singing lyrics like that? Different Nelson.
Not Ozzie Nelson, Nelson Eddy.
Do you have his collection, too? The Forgotten Recordings.
You, you seem to have an awful lot in common with this She's not Petty Officer Figgis or Swain.
And neither is this one.
There's Figgis.
God, she looks terrified.
Here's Swain.
Where did he hide you, Petty Officer Swain? I'll scan the prints, upload them to Abby.
Wish we had the negatives.
When I was a kid I used to hide stuff in my record player.
Nice work hotshot.
Some of these prints were enlarged from the negatives.
I think you'll find this one very interesting.
Okay, this is Petty Officer Swain's photo from the album.
Now look at the full negative.
There's much more visible in the background now around the bed, and there's some sort of door to the left.
Abbs, can you blow that up? Lighten it? Oh, yeah.
It's a riveted door frame.
That's an ammo bunker.
You're right, Gibbs.
These ammo bunkers are the only underground structures on the base with riveted doors.
How many? Six bunkers, all with multiple corridors and up to a hundred compartments each.
Some units have bar locks, others padlocks.
They've been vacated so long, couldn't get access to a master key.
We'll need bolt cutters.
Got 'em.
The search dogs won't be here for another half-hour.
We can't wait.
Take Bunker Two.
Melankovic, you're with me.
We'll take Bunker Three.
I hear tapping.
Petty Officer Swain?! Open it.
Ready? Bunker One is cleared.
What's everyone's status? McGee and I are almost done in Two.
I got a couple more, boss.
Keep me posted.
Petty Officer Swain.
You all right? Where's Brett? Well, you don't have to worry about him.
He's dead.
You're safe now.
Okay? Boss.
I got her.
Bunker Two, Corridor "C.
" She's all right, but DiNozzo? Tony? Tony, you there? Kate? Is it true? Brett's dead? Put the gun down, Petty Officer.
We were supposed to get married.
I don't think I can go on without him.
Kate? You've done everything that Brett's asked, haven't you? I have.
You wouldn't want to disappoint him, would you? No.
Doesn't the guide say that the good wife must carry on in her husband's absence? Let me show you.
How's your head? Still throbbing.
You know what bongos are? Yeah.
Well a beatnik is playing them in my head.
You finally met the perfect '50s woman and she almost kills you, DiNozzo.
She was so obedient.
Yeah, scary how impressed you are by that.
I find it hard to believe how Chaplain Evans could have such power over her.
Classic Stockholm Syndrome.
She formed an emotional attachment to her captor.
It'll take her time, but she'll recover.
DiNozzo, Kate, McGee, M-TAC now! DiNozzo, Kate, McGee DiNozzo, Kate McGee Beatnik gone? Yeah.