NCIS s02e03 Episode Script


Most people tend to their personal hygiene at home.
This bothers you? No, what bothers me is that it doesn't bother me anymore.
I'm an acquired taste.
Actually, it's more like the Stockholm syndrome.
The emotional attachment to a captor formed by hostages are result of continuous stress and a need to cooperate for survival.
Nice shot.
Get the truck.
Where we going, boss? Smoky Corners, West Virginia.
Marine helo was found abandoned.
- Crew's missing.
- Any leads? You tell me.
It's sitting in the middle of a crop circle.
Abby's going to make us crazy.
Come on, let's go.
I don't believe it.
They never make it easy.
Lieutenant Colonel Curtis Teague.
Squadron CO.
HMLA 167.
Colonel, your people have contaminated the scene.
I'm missing two men, Gibbs.
Wasn't going to sit on my ass and wait for NCIS to drive out from Washington.
Yeah, well, we're going to have to take elimination prints from all your people.
Let NCIS do their job.
Stand down.
Any damage to the aircraft? No.
The engine checks out.
Hydraulic and avionics gear are operative.
Fuel load's at 60 percent.
When was your last contact with the crew? They took off from New River at 2300 on a routine night proficiency flight.
Were cleared to a practice area over Chesapeake Bay.
Flight controller lost the transponder signal ten minutes out.
Tried to make radio contact, never got a response.
I was notified a half hour later.
How'd you find it? We were organizing to launch a search and rescue mission when I got a call from the local sheriff.
The farmer that owns this field discovered it just after sunrise.
Yeah, boss? Sketch and shoot.
Kate, the cockpit.
Trace evidence, bag and tag.
- McGee, the field.
Lay out a grid.
- Got it.
We just started the air search.
Hopefully we'll find them.
I'm ignoring the fact that my aircraft is in the middle of a crop circle.
What about you, Agent Gibbs, what are your thoughts? Do I think your men were abducted by aliens, Colonel? No.
I don't, but I'm not going to ignore anything.
I need an overhead view of the field.
Already took digital photos.
Sergeant Ramos! Sir.
Who are the missing men? Pilot is Captain Todd Newell.
Co-pilot Captain Patrick Barnett.
Good marines.
But they're young pilots.
Hot shots.
The two are close.
They share an apartment off base.
I need their Officer Qualification Records and NATOPS jackets.
McGee! Yeah, boss? Shots of the crop circle.
E - mail them to Abby.
Abby? You certain you want to do that? You know, she's obsessed with the paranormal and Right.
I'm on it.
I do not want UFO freaks crawling around here, Colonel.
Let's keep a lid on this.
No releases to the media.
I should've been an aviator.
These things are chick magnets.
I hate helicopters.
They're loud, uncomfortable and dangerous.
Used to dread getting on Marine One with the President.
Tony What? You're getting way too comfortable around me.
Okay, clipping your nails is one thing, but that, that is crossing the line.
Come on.
No, I'm serious.
I've had enough of your locker room mentality.
I would be upset if someone I was dating dating took such familiarities.
Well, we work together.
So feel free to scratch or adjust anything you like in front of me.
I'm always up before the sun.
It's only 30 acres, but it's a lot of work.
You didn't hear anything last night? Nothing.
So how long you think it's gonna be before they get that thing out of here? I got work to do.
What do you think happened to your field? You're asking me? Ask the Air Force.
This isn't the first crop circle here.
We had one in 1994.
The Air Force investigated, but we never did get no answers.
There were lights back then, too.
Lights? Lit up the sky last night.
Woke me up.
It wasn't lightning.
There was no thunder.
Like I told you, I didn't hear anything.
Just tried to put it out of my mind till I discovered this.
We may have more questions for you, Mr.
I ain't going nowhere.
Well, guess I should ask around.
See if anybody else seen something.
How long you been sheriff? Couple years now.
Your full-time job? I also run the grain and feed store.
McGee, you are turning me on.
It's very Glastonbury, circa 1980s.
I mean, not quite as large or elaborate, but it's a fascinating pictogram.
I'm not familiar with Glastonbury.
Southern England? Where most of the crop circles were found? Abby, they're hoaxes.
You have to admit they are interesting.
Yeah, I put them right up there with tarot cards and telephone psychics.
Thought two farmers admitted to creating them.
Yeah, but there's been over There's no way those two did them all.
Abby, nothing paranormal happened here.
Yeah, there was no damage to the helicopter, yet the entire crew vanished.
You can't take crop circles seriously, you're a scientist.
There's a logical explanation.
Listen to me, McGee.
I need pictures, and lots of them.
And specimens of the stalks down to the roots.
And a core sample of soil, at least 12 inches.
Make sure you get a control sample from outside the circle.
Abby, we're looking for two missing marines.
Come on, McGee.
Do it for me, please? I'll show you my new tat.
The replacement crew is ready to fly the Cobra back to New River.
Go ahead, we got everything we need.
Clear to go.
Do we really need all this stuff? Just following instructions.
Ask Abby.
All right, McGee and I will take the truck back.
You two, check out the pilots' apartment.
I'll try not to be too familiar, Ms.
Hey, get the scent articles for the search dog.
What is it, boss? I was worried about keeping a lid on this thing.
Where are the gawkers? You see any locals other than the farmer who owns this field and the sheriff? Special Agent Gibbs.
The Huey spotted a burnt-out area just north of here.
You might want to come with us.
You think this has something to do with my crew? I don't know, but we're going to find out.
We've got another scene to process.
So, we're looking for anything that suggests they didn't just leave on a routine flight.
Thanks for explaining, Special Agent DiNozzo.
Oh, my God, I don't believe it.
Do you know what this is? This is a classic.
December '92.
Pamela's debut.
I lost my copy.
Lost it or wore it out? We need to get scent articles for the dogs.
What the hell are you doing in my apartment? NCIS.
Let her go.
I understand you're not cooperating, Captain Barnett.
I don't know anything.
It's Saturday night.
I was at my girlfriend's.
Got home, just getting out of the shower and I heard someone in my apartment.
Where's Captain Newell? I don't know.
You were scheduled for a proficiency flight at 2300 last night.
Did you take it? What's the flight schedule say, sir? Well, it says right here Newell and you took off from New River.
Then we did.
Here's how it works, ace.
I ask the questions, you give direct answers.
Did you take the flight? I think Gibbs enjoys this more than sex.
That would explain the three wives.
Your Cobra was found abandoned 150 miles from where it was supposed to be and Newell is missing.
What is Gibbs doing? TBI.
Excuse me? Truth by intimidation.
In five four three two one.
We were leaving for the base when Todd got a call on his cell.
He took it into the bedroom.
When he came out he was messed up.
He said he wasn't feeling well and wanted to call the Squadron Deputy Officer in Ops to cancel the hop.
Who made the call? I don't know.
I don't believe you, Barnett.
You live together, you fly together, you fight together, you share everything.
I thought we did.
Look, I rode his ass to figure out what was going on, but Todd, he got really pissed.
Told me to lay low for the rest of the night.
He didn't want me getting in trouble.
And you let it go at that? Todd said he'd explain when he got back.
I believe him.
Sign it.
What did Gibbs whisper in his ear? If I knew, I'd be Gibbs.
I'm gonna go pull Captain Newell's cell records.
Did you feel an energy when you were inside the circle, McGee? Did you get a tingling sensation or start to vibrate? You're gonna vibrate if you don't do what Gibbs wants.
I'm running tests on the molecular structure of plants from within and outside the circle.
Okay, Abby, Gibbs made it clear the priority is the cabin fire.
You know, people try to imitate the real thing, but the notion that all recorded formations were man-made with simple flattening tools does not explain the well-documented plant alterations by electromagnetic effect.
I warned you.
Operation Duty Officer at New River said that Captain Newell signed the log.
When I pressed, he admitted that he never really saw Captain Barnett.
He just assumed he was on the flight line, preflighting.
So Newell took off alone.
Can you fly a Cobra by yourself? Oh, yes.
Yeah, I'm still here.
Anything unusual in Newell's OQR or his NATOPS jacket? He's an only child.
Grew up in Florida, just outside Orlando.
Any connection to West Virginia? No.
His parents died in an auto accident two years ago.
His father sold insurance, and mother was an accountant at Disney World.
Yeah, Gibbs.
You can see Barnett anytime you'd like, Colonel.
Teague? Good C.
Newell went through NROTC at the University of Florida before flight school.
His impulsiveness has gotten him in some trouble.
A fight cost him a non-punitive letter of caution.
That's great.
Last call Captain Newell got on his cell was at 2130 last night.
Hasn't made or received a call since.
His phone is currently off.
Where was the call from? A pay phone in Smoky Corners, West Virginia.
According to the phone company, this thing hardly ever gets used.
Well, I guess even people out here have cell phones.
We're being watched.
I see.
Sheriff Thompson.
You better get over here.
Find anything? It's clean.
Too clean.
Not even a smudge.
Yeah, looks like the only thing out here that has been cleaned recently.
Let me have a whack at it.
What's he doing? Okay.
Get those to Abby for prints.
What are you doing to the phone? Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
Who are you? Ritt Everett.
This is my store.
Seen anyone using the phone Tuesday night? Well, let's see.
This have anything to do about that helicopter in the crop circle? Hello, Sheriff.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Any luck? Well, sir, luck doesn't have much to do with it.
I've been asking around.
Lot of folks seen them lights and are complaining their animals are acting out of sorts.
How? Chickens stopped laying eggs.
Cows ain't producing, and stuff like that.
Either of you two seen him around? No.
Name's Newell.
Captain Todd Newell.
Sorry, ain't seen him.
Newell? Ain't nobody by that name in the Corners.
I'll keep an eye out for him.
Was he the one flying that helicopter? Yeah, Gibbs.
Gibbs, I am getting stonewalled here.
By who? The Air Force.
I requested their file on the you'd thought I'd asked them for their missile-launch codes.
Okay, I'll make a call.
No, you don't understand.
They're not going to tell you anything either.
This is like Area 51; it is conspiracy at the highest level.
Abby, stop yourself.
What about the cabin fire? Gibbs, this is big! The fire.
Unfortunately, nothing extraterrestrial there; arson, plain old gasoline was used as an accelerant.
I'm still working on the debris.
Science can't be rushed, Gibbs.
You all right? Yeah, fine.
Ever see him around here? Your gal going to be okay? Don't you worry about her.
As long as both sides stick to the story, we'll get through this.
I can't talk right now.
But if you come back at noon, my daddy will be at the VFW in Potterville.
Who's that? The station owner's daughter, Daphne.
I think she wanted to talk, but couldn't.
Her father's having lunch with his buddies at the VFW in Potterville around noon.
She'll be alone.
The dogs are a no-go.
The handlers say something screwed up the dogs.
As soon as they stepped into the woods, they started acting up.
Do not tell Abby.
She's going to make something out of it.
We should start checking the back of their necks for little red Xs.
What are you talking about? Invaders From Mars.
I take it that's a film? Original 1953 version, not the remake.
Everything's a movie to you, Tony.
Aliens landed in a field just like this one.
Took over the locals' minds, leaving a little red "X" on the back of the necks.
Sounds lame.
Oh, no.
Scariest movie I ever saw.
Especially when this kid tries to tell his mom and dad what's going on, the camera slowly comes around, reveals Xs on the back of Mom and Dad's necks.
Scared of my parents for years after that.
I'm sure the feeling was mutual.
Find anything? Uh, yeah, interviewed half a dozen locals.
Nobody saw or heard a helicopter.
Everyone has the same story.
"Balls of light.
" According to Abby, they're created by Manipulating the atomic particles in the atmosphere.
And who does the manipulating, McGee? I really don't know, sir.
I'm just relating what Abby told me.
I need you to run a tox screen on this tissue sample.
Where'd you get it? A body exhumed from Arlington.
You look overwhelmed.
I am.
And this just came in from the field.
Gibbs wants me to run prints on it ASAP.
It appears to be to be $1.
This poor soul's been dead for 36 years.
I doubt if a few more days will matter.
Thank you, Ducky.
Door handle? Yeah, it came from a cabin fire.
I found traces of something in it.
I can use a second opinion.
I'm flattered.
Mammalian cells.
Most likely human flesh.
Someone was trapped I that fire.
A missing Marine aviator? I need to call Gibbs.
Could be his missing aviator is dead.
If he died, where are his remains? We know the fire was arson.
It started around the same time Newell and his helo disappeared.
Abby was pretty certain somebody was in the cabin.
But we didn't find any remains.
Maybe they got out.
Or someone removed the body.
Until we find remains, I'm not going to connect the dots.
Time to get the cadaver dogs up to aid the search.
Cadaver dogs coming up.
This your cabin, Mr.
Clay? Nope.
My land stops right over there at the treeline there.
Who's it belong to? Well, nobody, really.
Went to the county after Monroe died.
Who was Monroe? A farmer from the east side.
Tried working this parcel.
Didn't have no chance, though.
Too hard to clear.
How'd Monroe die? Hunting.
Shack's been abandoned ever since.
I ain't sorry it burned, though.
Kids was always using the place, causing trouble.
Something wrong? Bet his rk's worse than his bite, huh? Uh, the bite's actually much worse.
Daphne? Whatcha lookin' fer? I need gas.
This way, Missy.
That'll be $6.
That's ten.
That's two, that's three, four dollars.
Sure that's all you want? So, uh what can State Police do for NCIS? Well, we're investigating a helicopter incident in Smoky Corners.
Yeah, I heard.
You, uh? Sure.
Have a seat.
Met the sheriff.
Oh, Miller Thompson? Yeah, he wasn't much help.
Well, he doesn't know about enem But he sure loves wearing that uniform.
You get to Smoky Corners much? Well, not ss they call.
And they don't.
No crime? Nothing we get involin.
There's a fights.
Got some kind of feud going on up there.
Goes back decades.
What, like Hatfields and McCoys? Yeah, something like that.
I honestly donhiny remembers itrted, but it split the valley right down the middle, east versus west, and I was told by my predecessor to stay clear.
Tris, they take careof their own problems.
Have they ever had a murder in Smoky Corners? I mean, people just di natural causes or, you know, the occasional farm or hunting accident.
Things may have changed.
What's McGee doing out there? Scanning the field with a magnetometer.
Let me guess Abby? Her every wish is his command.
She promiso shim her new tattoo.
Wail finds or it ankle.
What did gas station girl tell you? She was a no-show.
looks like magnet.
You are such a child.
Come on.
Just taking a sip.
It's yours.
Hey, boss.
Abby needs to talk to you.
Abs, you get any sleep? I am overworked and not paid enough.
What do you got? Two partial prints on the coins from the phone booth.
Any match? You need to send a thank you to the West Virginia DMV.
The got right index prints from two licensed drivers.
One was the trucker that delivered gasoline to the station, the second was a local, Greg Sikes.
On it.
You get any DNA off the doorknob? "Nice work on those prints, Abs.
" Thank you.
"I know you haven't had a break in two days.
" Oh, that's okay.
I don't need much sleep.
Anything for the team.
I assume you'll let me know if you find something.
Don't I always? Yeah, Abby, you do.
Thank you.
Agent Gibbs.
The cadaver dogs have found something.
Get Ducky.
Smoky Corners bachelor quarters.
Something to be said for living in a trailer.
Get tired of the view, you just roll it to a new location.
Come on, McGee.
What, are you never going to talk to me again? How long am I going to be the butt of your practical jokes,snide innuendos and juvenile put-downs? I will always outrank you, probie.
Come on.
Sikes, NCIS.
Come on in.
Someone left in a hurry.
Huh, no phone.
Ah, nice teeth.
Duck, what can you tell me? Uh, not much.
Male, roughly six feet.
Tests I did on femur, clavicle, suggest not that old.
Give me a range.
Mid 20's to 30's.
Oh, this distinctive fracture on the inferior left scapula is consistent with a bullet wound.
Cause of death? Well, maybe.
Or it could be trauma or asphyxiation.
I don't know if I'll ever be certain.
There's not much to work with, Jethro.
Gibbs! Yeah? I used nonisotopic chemiluminescent method to compare the charred DNA to Newell's.
Uh-huh, and? And it's not his DNA.
But it's damn close.
Oh, come on, Abs.
We're not playing horseshoes.
There's a 99% probability that the fire victim is Newell's male sibling.
That can't be.
Newell's record of emergency data doesn't list a brother.
DNA doesn't lie, Jethro.
People do.
The crispy critter was Captain Newell's brother.
His OQR was wrong? Recruits lie about things all the timeespecially their age.
Why lie about having a brother? Is Abby sure? Yeah, she double checked.
Obviously you two didn't.
We assumed his family history was right.
NCIS agents don't assume anything, Agent Todd.
They check and re-check.
Verify, everything, independently.
We are on it.
There's a definite difference.
I don't see it.
Look at the elongated node.
It's undamaged.
The plants inside the crop circle were changed in a way that is beyond human ability.
I'm rerunning an analysis hoping to find anomalous molecular change to the stalks within the circle.
I'm betting they were subjected to a very short blast of high energy heat, possibly microwave generated.
Rerunning because you came up empty.
Abby, you're looking for something that isn't there.
You've been here for two days straight.
You're tired, you've done everything that Gibbs has asked, so go home, get some sleep.
I can't sleep.
What are you doing? You're guilty of confirmation bias.
It's not there, Abs.
You're ignoring the obvious and you're searching for microscopic proof of something that doesn't exist.
Maybe I should join the CIA.
Look at the big picture.
The design of the smaller outer circles was created by bending the corn stalks down in a clockwise direction.
Now look under the helicopter.
Those pants were forced outward from the center by the downdraft of the blades.
The corn was still standing and was forced down by the landing of the Cobra.
Crop circle's a hoax, Abby.
Created, created around a parked helicopter.
Why would anyone do that? Orange County clerk faxed us his parents marriage certificate.
Todd Newell was nine years old when his mother remarried.
he was legally adopted, that's how he got the Newell name.
His mother's maiden name was Stelling, which is common in Smoky Corners.
First husband's a guy named Sikes.
They had two boys Greg and Todd.
Todd Newell was born in Smoky Corners.
His co-pilot, Captain Barnett, swears that he never Mentioned a brother or Smoky Corners.
In fact, Barnett couldn't recall Newell ever mentioning anything about his childhood.
We need to find his biological father.
Can't, he died several years ago in a hunting accident.
Aw, gee, where have I heard that one before? So we got a dead civilian in Ducky's cooler.
We going to turn it over to the local authorities? Nope, not yet.
I want to know more, first.
Greg Sikes was involved with the girl at the gas station.
She seemed willing to talk.
Maybe I should go back there and try to find her.
Go with her.
All right, so we're on the same page, right? I guess, but let me tell Gibbs.
Tell me what? The crop circle was a hoax, created around the helicopter after it landed.
You don't sound convincing, Abs.
Yeah, well, there's still a lot of stuff that can't be explained.
Like what? Balls of light in the sky, the animals acting weird, like, a missing pilot.
Everyone's story is exactly the same.
It's too rehearsed.
It's what they want us to hear.
That's exactly what I told her.
But what about the search dogs? I heard they were acting all confused and disoriented.
Only the first day.
The cadaver dogs had no problem finding the body this morning.
I know why we haven't been able to find Captain Newell.
Thanks, guys.
How do you know? Because I'm a Marine.
Newell is alive? Yeah.
Well, who's body did we find? His brother.
Captain Newell's still out there.
How do you know that? He received SERE training, Colonel.
He's evading us.
As part of his training he was taught a technique to negate enemy dogs.
Yeah, GS powder, the irritant used in gas mask simulations.
I keep a couple of capsules in my survival vest.
Dogs get a whiff of that, they're useless for days.
He used it on the search dogs.
Now he also has pilot's night-vision goggles and a survival radio to monitor our communications.
Colonel, he's using his Marine Corps training to evade us.
Will you stop that? You're driving me crazy.
Do I detect a little PMS? I didn't think that was till next week.
Hey, it's a high-stress job.
You carry a gun.
I need to know when you're not your best.
Sike's trailer is coming up.
Daphne wasn't at the gas station.
If she's not there, I don't know where else to look.
That's Daphne's truck.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey! Hey! Daphne, why are you running? I thought you wanted to talk to us, Daphne.
Daphne, talk to us.
What happened? What happened? Are you looking for Greg? We know he's your boyfriend, that's why we're here looking for you, okay? Where is he? Daphne, are you pregnant? Five months.
Greg's hiding from my daddy.
You know where he is? Greg's dead, isn't he? Whatever Newell's brother said to him on the phone got him upset enough to risk his entire careerwith an unauthorized flight in a Cobra.
Boss, you sure you don't want me to drive for a while? But why land in the farmer's field? Um, well My guess, McGee it was the closest clearing to the cabin where is brother was hiding, only Newell was too late.
Wh-What? Focus on the case, McGee.
Sorry, uh, yes, Sir.
Why the crop circle? Well, uh, I have a theory on that.
You care to share? Yeah, uh, okay.
Spit it out, McGee.
Okay, uh Whoever killed Greg Sikes thought that they could cover it up as another farm or hunting accident.
But they couldn't cover up an attack helicopter abandoned in a corn field.
Conspiracy, huh? Makes sense.
Take a lot of people to form that pattern in a few hours.
Right, and they knew that there would be an outside investigation, so they created the circle hoping that we'd do exactly what the Air Force did ten years ago back off and cover up what couldn't be explained.
Not bad, McGee.
Not bad.
Where is she? Inside, she seemed to relate better to Kate.
joy the ride, McGee? Daphne's father threatened to kill Greg because She's pregnant.
Greg and me from different corners of the valley.
God, I hate this rotten place.
This stupid feud.
When'd you last see him? At the gas station.
Using the payphone to call his brother for help.
Was Greg close to his brother? He hadn't seen him since they was kids.
About a year ago he got a call telling him their mother died.
It reunited them.
They're the only family either of them have left.
Daphne's afraid that Captain Newell's been drawn back into the feud.
He's gonna kill my daddy to get revenge.
Kate, you and McGee get Daphne out of here.
What's up, boss? Go for Teague.
Colonel, call off the search.
Pull your men out.
Why? You said Newell's still out there.
He is.
He wants revenge.
But he's not going to make his move until he thinks we're gone.
They're leaving.
Ritt, we pulled it off.
The Marines have backed off.
This thing's going away.
Nobody's told outsiders nothing.
My problem is Greg Sikes' brother.
See, I got to get him, 'for he gets me.
This is White Hawk 3-4.
Terminating search.
Returning to base.
Ritt, think twice about what you're fixing to do.
They ain't got nothing, Ritt.
Just stick to the story.
What's going on? Looks like y'all are pulling out.
The Marines are, we aren't.
Do you get a kick out of smacking your daughter around? Why don't you just get out of here? DiNozzo, read him his rights.
What are you talking about? The murder of Greg Sikes.
Greg Sikes is dead? I thought he went hunting.
We found his remains.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Ain't you out of your jurisdiction? You're the law here, Miller.
Yeah, I am.
Don't get excited, Sheriff.
The West Virginia State Police are on their way, but I do have the authority to detain both of you until they arrive.
We, too, have guns.
White man has more guns and more warriors.
We need one of your people to guide us through the mountains.
Gibbs, I have a bogey.
In the trees, closing in from the northwest.
Everybody copy.
Yeah, boss.
Got it.
He slipped behind the old cars.
Let him get closer.
Roger that.
Oh, man.
He made me.
Hit the lights! NCIS! Lower your weapon, Captain Newell! It's over.
It's not over till Ritt Everett's dead.
He's in the custody of the State Police.
That's not going to change anything.
It's an eye-for-an-eye here, always has been.
Is that why your mother took you away? Put down your weapon.
Why? I'm never going to fly again.
No, your career's probably over, but you haven't hurt anybody yet.
Keep it that way, and I'll do everything I can to help you.
There is a young girl carrying your brother's baby and they could sure use your help.
Once we left, it was like Smoky Corners never existed.
My mother erased it from our lives.
I always felt guilty she had to leave Greg behind, but our father wouldn't let her have both of us.
Why'd you take the Cobra? It's fierce, intimidating.
I hoped it would scare the crap out of those hicks, save Greg's life.
And I was too late.
The cabin was in flames, Greg trapped inside.
Everett and the others started shooting at me and I got hit.
And they had hunting rifles, I only had my pistol.
I was cut off from the helo, couldn't get back to the base.
I knew my Marine Corps career was over.
All that was left for me was revenge.
Wow, those are really pretty, Kate.
Where are they from? Tony.
We had a tough couple of days.
Kate pointed out that I'd taken one too many liberties.
The flowers are a mea culpa.
Tony, I'm blown away.
They're gorgeous.
And they're from Martha's Garden, my favorite florist.
How'd you know? Lucky guess.
He went through your purse and got the phone number off your PDA.