NCIS s02e04 Episode Script

Lt. Jane Doe

It's been six months, three weeks, 14 hours saw Tina's cute little What are you doing? Got to go.
You can't hold it for 20 minutes? I'm not going to tell Marci I got to hit the head first.
Aw, come on, Tom.
I promise not to shake it more than once.
I'd have returned the money.
A buck eighty-five.
It's the principle, not the amount.
I didn't notice at the drive-thru.
I dropped the change in the ashtray and we left.
You didn't notice because you were too busy leering at the blonde working the window.
I wasn't leering.
Drooling a little, maybe.
The point is, I didn't notice her mistake until after we parked and I took the change out of the ashtray.
The point is, you did notice, which makes not returning the money a conscious act.
Well, I'd burn more than a buck eighty-five in gas driving back there.
It's going to come back to haunt you.
What is? Karma.
What goes around, comes around like a boomerang.
And when yours comes back around you better duck really low.
Mm, well, you don't have to duck if you don't believe.
Believe what? Kind of a private conversation, McGee.
With all the bad karma you've built up with women alone, I am surprised that something hasn't just fallen off.
Missing something, DiNozzo? Yes.
Agent Gibbs, this is dispatch.
Have a DOA in Norfolk.
We've got a body at Norfolk.
Get Ducky.
I thought he was flying to London.
Plane doesn't leave for a few hours.
Do you believe in karma, boss? I've had three wives, DiNozzo.
Should have driven back.
Driven back where? Who found the body, Commander? Those two seamen off the George Washington.
She docked yesterday, after a six-month deployment in the Gulf.
They were driving off station for two weeks leave.
Stopped to use the head.
That what they call bleachers in Norfolk? The one over there was locked.
Yeah, well, I guess I'd go out behind the bleachers, too.
After discovering the body, they flagged down Petty Officer Cluxton, who was passing by on patrol.
You do all this, Petty Officer? Yes, ma'am.
After ascertaining the Lieutenant was deceased I searched for I.
You touched the body? I was wearing gloves, sir.
Go on.
Finding no I.
, I radioed in the report, retraced my steps, marked my footprints for exclusionary purposes, and taped off a How often did your patrol take you past this area last night? Every hour on the 30, sir.
From? I came on duty, sir.
Saw nothing unusual until Seamen Jennings and Wilkens flagged me down at 0132.
- DiNozzo, get their statements.
- On it, boss.
I took their statements, sir.
You mind if we take them, too? No, sir.
Of course not.
You did a good job, Petty Officer.
Thank you, ma'am.
Petty Officer Cluxton.
Agent McGee.
Hey, how how how have you been? I've been good.
You? Sorry, Kate.
Yeah, good.
Uh, um yeah, I've been assigned to NCIS headquarters at the Navy Yard.
So I heard.
It was kind of a surprise transfer.
Uh, you know, one minute I'm in Norfolk, the next You're back at Norfolk maybe even permanently, McGee.
Yeah, uh sorry, sorry, boss.
The Petty Officer and I, we vetted civilian job applicants back I'm going to start measuring and sketching now.
Yeah, McGee, you do that.
That will be all for now, Petty Officer.
Yes, sir.
If you need me, Special Agent Gibbs, I'll be in my office.
You could have told her, Gibbs.
Told who what? Petty Officer Cluxton.
She did a good job.
Did she now? She wore gloves, marked her footprints, cordoned of the crime scene Searched the body for I.
How do you do that without disturbing the body, Agent Todd? She could have should have waited for the M.
That would have been doing a good job.
Keep shooting.
Gutterman will be filling in in my absence.
I should warn you, the old boy does love to hear himself talk.
I'll do my best to handle, Doctor.
Yes, I suspect the good doctor will be a tad grumpy as well.
Why is that? He lost the coin toss.
What coin toss, Ducky? The one that, in two hours, will send me to London, to the assembly of the Collegium Mortum Scrutinium.
Of course.
The Society of Medical Examiners.
Very good, Kate.
Four years of Latin has finally paid off.
Do you know who founded the society? Not a clue.
Leonardo Da Vinci himself.
Wow, indeed.
Yes, we can trace the roots of our society, dedicated to the history of forensic sciences, to one formed by Leonardo in the same year that he began the Mona Lisa.
In fact, that transcendent painting is the symbol Duck, you want to meet with your society in London, or give us a lecture? Ooh, quite right.
I do have a plane catch.
Thank you, Jethro.
De nada.
Now, what story do you have to tell us, my dear? You know, Ducky, someday, one of them will talk back.
The language of silence may be hard to hear, Caitlin, but, unlike the living, when the dead speak, they do not lie.
Small abrasions and visible bruising of the neck.
Strangled? Most likely.
Gutterman can confirm that when he examines the soft tissues.
Bruises on the thighs.
She could have been raped.
Gutterman can confirm that, too.
Liver probe.
Usually, you ask, Jethro.
Master-Of-Arms already searched the body, Duck.
I'm double-checking.
I do wish they'd wait until I arrive.
Hey, boss, got statements from Seamen Jennings and Wilkens.
Can I cut them loose? They've been at sea a long time.
Know where to find them? Motel at Virginia Beach.
Girlfriends are waiting.
Let 'em go.
Haven't been with their women in six months, three weeks, 18 hours.
The longest I went was 11 days, six hours.
I can't believe you actually know these things.
It's a gift.
Liver temp: 81.
Ambient temperature: 73.
Time of death? Uh, somewhere between 2300 and 0100.
Well, my children, I have a plane to catch.
How long are you in London for, Ducky? Only three days.
Actually, I won't be in London.
I'll be in the city of London.
There's a difference? There's a little known fact that the city of London isn't actually London at all.
How can it not be London? No, I.
We've got a Lieutenant Jane Doe.
The moment Special Agent Gibbs is done processing the scene, we get her back to the morgue.
Of course, Doctor.
Ducky, if it's not London, what is it? Shouldn't you be on a plane by now, Doctor? One of the modern marvels of air travel, Mr.
Palmer miss one flight, there are numerous others from which to choose.
You started without me.
I believe, as you are my assistant, as opposed to the other way around, it is my prerogative to start without you.
Abby here.
You're on the air.
Abby, it's Ducky.
Oh, Ducky on the AirFone.
How cool.
I'm in Autopsy.
Then you're going to be way late for afternoon tea.
I'm sending Mr.
Palmer up with the victim's fingerprints, semen and blood, for DNA analysis.
Raped and murdered.
Be sure to sign the evidence exchange forms.
I will check.
As soon as I'm finished with this explosive swab analysis I will get all over it.
No, you will get all over it now.
Why are you still here? I - I'm not.
You're back, aren't you? You bastard.
That good for you? Trust me, Mr.
Goodwrench, I'm smiling.
I'm not.
Hey, Gibbs.
Hey, boss.
Special Agent Goodwrench? McGee is rewiring my hot box.
That's a nickname for a bundle of receptors in the firewall that regulates the flow of energy throughout the system.
See, when stimulated correctly it sends out waves and waves of rhythmic pulses.
Waves that, uh that hyper-crank the transfer speed of digitized infor Abby.
McGee is helping me speed up the search for Lieutenant Jane Doe's fingerprints in the AFIS database.
I got to I.
her fast, to keep their hound at bay.
I'm more Jack Russell Terrier.
No, not you, Gibbs.
He's barking at my heels like a dog with the mange.
He's still here? He's in autopsy.
And he's so grouchy he'll give you a run for your money.
If I said that to Gibbs, I would be seeing stars.
Well, that's the advantage of being me.
Now get back down there.
Mallard? Jimmy Palmer.
Oh how stupid is that? I know that you know I'm not Dr.
I just because he uh He's not here, sir.
He catch a flight to England? No, he said he was going to Norfolk.
I think drove.
Why? Why'd he drive? Go to Norfolk.
Uh he didn't say.
He just finished the autopsy, told me to put her to bed and then he said he was going to Norfolk.
Anything unusual in the autopsy? I don't know, sir.
Mallard wouldn't even let me assist him.
He did everything by himself.
He ever do that before? No, sir.
He took quite a while, too.
He wanted to check everything over and I thought he only made me do that 'cause I'm inexperienced.
Sheesh! seen that look before.
You went to the men's room 45 minutes ago.
You clocked me? What could take you so long? Don't answer that.
Actually, Kate, I was I don't want to hear it! returning the buck eighty-five to the drive-thru.
You returned the money? See, the whole hands over the ears thing doesn't work.
I used to do that when I was a kid I could hear everything my parents said.
They had some interesting words.
I can't believe you gave it back.
Well, she was off duty.
You didn't give it back.
The pimply-faced mall rat at the drive-thru would've just pocketed it.
You brought the teacher coffee? Thinking ahead, Kate.
Thinking ahead.
After you tell Gibbs we've got nothing, a cup of his favorite brew will tame the beast.
After I tell Gibbs? Tell me what? Hey, boss.
I got you a little Hot, hot, hot, hot Aah! What are the odds of that happening twice in one day? The same as me firing the two of you if I don't get a report.
The victim's picture is on the Navy Intranet to department heads of every in-station vessel and base unit.
Nothing yet.
PSA? No missing females.
Officers or enlisted.
PSA is Personnel Support Activity.
I've been here a year, Tony.
I know the acronyms.
Ah, a year.
Seems like only yesterday you were mixing up NAV-SOCs with NAV-SUPs.
Our little girl's growing up fast, isn't she, boss? What was that for? Not growing up.
What else you got? Nothing.
Hey, guys.
But it looks like Abby does.
Who is our victim? We do not know.
Then what are you doing here? We're we're we're through, boss.
We ran the entire AFIS data bank, we didn't get a match.
How can AFIS not find a match? She's a Navy lieutenant.
No, she isn't, Jethro.
Lieutenant Jane Doe is a misnomer.
The poor woman was never in the navy.
Match this sperm against the sample I removed from our victim.
You've been holding out on me, Doctor.
Yes, Agent Gibbs I have.
Tell my family what happened to me.
That's not the first trident you've seen carved in the neck of a victim, is it? No.
I shouldn't have held out on you, but I wasn't sure it was the same until I did the autopsy.
You weren't sure when you saw the trident on her neck at the crime scene? Unlike you, Agent Gibbs, I prefer to rely on forensic evidence and not my gut.
We're a team, Doctor.
Team members don't hold out.
Yes, you'right.
It was unprofessional.
I'm still hoping that Abby doesn't get a match and all this is just some macabre coincidence.
Forgive me, Jethro.
Tell me about that other case.
Well, it was ten years ago A Navy corpsman, out jogging, fod a body in a culvert beside an athletic field at Norfolk a Navy lieutenant who'd been raped and strangled.
She had a trident carved on the side of her neck.
We ran her prints through AFIS and got nothing.
She wasn't in the Navy.
Our profiler believed that the murderer had dressed his victim as a Navy lieutenant to fulfill some revenge fantasy.
'94 was the first year women were deployed on combat ships.
Special Agentes lassumed that the killer had served under a female officer.
Dawes? I don't know him retire? Uh-uh.
He passed on, oh seven years ago.
He investigated every Navy unit with a trident insignia.
Especially those wiemale officers.
He didn't come up with a single suspect.
The trident symbol may have nothing to do with the Navy.
That's the conclusion we came to.
But this note was found at the scene of the crime, three days after the body was discovered.
Was it missed on the initial search? No.
It was found where the body had been.
But he didn't come back.
Not until now.
I've got one question for you, Ducky.
Why is this case so personal? Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci never gave the Mona Lisa to the patron who commissioned it? Nope.
Instead he carried the painting with him for the rest of his life.
She's been with me for ten years, Jethro.
She was the only Jane Doe I never identified.
The only one whose family has no closure.
The only one who never went home.
Ducky? Do I sound like Ducky? No.
Actually, these days he sounds more like you, Gibbs.
I'm not in the mood, Abbs.
Well, maybe this will rise your spirits.
The semen sample from Jane Doe's murderer matches the sample of the Ducky case.
This is good news, right? Abbs, that semen is from a ten-year-old cold case.
He's back, isn't he? Not again Jethro.
We can't let him escape again.
I saw this trident carved into the neck of the victim at the crime scene and told no one.
Not even Gibbs.
All I can do is apologize and assure you that such an inexcusable lapse of forensic protocol will never happen again.
Ten years ago, another Jane Doe was found raped and strangled in a culvert beside an athletic field at Norfolk.
She, too, was a civilian, dressed in the uniform of a naval lieutenant.
She had a high blood-alcohol level and a trident carved into the side of her neck.
Abby has confirmed that sperm from both victims came from the same man, so we are pursuing a serial rapist and murderer.
This note was found three days after the crime scene had been processed.
A challenge to investigators.
You think, Kate? I've asked Commander Reynolds to place our crime scene under discreet surveillance.
Since '94 was the first year we deployed women on warships, this wacko may be an enlisted man acting out a revenge fantasy.
They investigate units with tridents on their patches? Gee, I don't think they thought about that, Tony.
They investigated every ship and shore division with female officers.
Abbs, you need to go to the head? No.
I have a question.
Isn't ten years a long time between murders? Absolutely.
This doesn't fit a serial killer's profile.
Ducky, could pull the headshots up for me again, please? Now if he goes through the trouble of dressing two civilians like a lieutenant he hates, why is one blonde the other brunette? One Anglo, one Hispanic? They're both cute for being dead.
He's a wacko! Maybe just being female and intoxicated was good enough.
Unless Abby blew the sperm match No way.
the same man killed both of them.
Which means he didn't rape and murder for ten years because He was in prison! Hey - Okay, homework assignments: McGee - Boss.
Search JAG records for sailors incarcerated after October of '94.
And recently released.
On it.
Kate, suspect interviews from ten years ago.
If any of these men still live in Norfolk, question them.
DiNozzo, flash this Jane Doe at every bar, club and strip joint within a mile of the Norfolk Gate.
Given the victim's blood-alcohol level, maybe he picked her up at one of them.
No problema.
Abby, forensics may have missed something in '94.
Go over it again.
Yes, Professor.
Come on, people.
Let's go! Let's go! Hey, wait.
Come here.
You'll need Ducky's help.
No, I won't.
Abbs Yes, I will.
Hey, uh, Duckman Yeah.
The cross polars in my polarizing light microscope won't center.
You may have a problem.
However, I think I have the solution.
How's NCIS doing? Well, according to my friends, I'm having some bad karma.
Not that I really believe in that stuff, but you know.
You really should, you know.
That right? Yeah.
See, I used to reject all things spiritual, mystical and existential But once I began to embrace them, my whole life started to blossom.
She been in recently? No.
What'd she do? Got herself raped and killed.
Such a sweet countenance.
"Sweet countenance " Yeah, that radiant look on her face.
She doesn't look radiant - she's dead.
In that picture? Yeah, she's dead.
She's dead? She's dead.
Why do you think her eyes are closed? I thought she was meditating.
Okay, thanks.
Guess he doesn't believe in that, either.
Well, have Petty Officer Cluxton deliver it ASAP.
The evening pouch will not do, Commander! He didn't wait three days.
Abbs, Norfolk got a note from our wacko.
Ooh, did you catch him? He made the drop before surveillance was in place.
You'll have it in a couple of hours.
Compare the ink, the paper, the handwriting.
Did you get DNA? You get DNA off the first note? Yep.
DNA testing was in the caveman aera in '94.
I'm good.
I'm really good.
Gas pain? What? No! Well, then stop grinning and tell me what you got.
When he found the first Jane Doe while jogging, Petty Officer Goetz was in port on a carrier, the Teddy Roosevelt.
Really? Agent Dawes interrogated him a number of times on the Big Stick and here.
Big Stick? Teddy Roosevelt.
"Talk softly, carry a Carry a big stick.
Goetz stayed in the Navy, is a chief and arrived in Norfolk on the same carrier as the seamen who found our Jane Doe.
Uh, the "Honest Abe.
" "Shall Not Perish.
" What? The Lincoln's not the "Honest Abe.
" It's "Shall Not Perish.
" What kind of a nickname is "Shall Not Perish"? Ask Chief Goetz when you pull him in for questioning.
The Emancipator.
That, that would be a good name for the Abraham Lincoln.
Since he, uh, he signed the Emancipation Proclamation.
Uh, the Sorry.
This have to do with the body I found ten years ago, sir? Yeah.
Isn't there a statute of limitations on questioning a suspect? Didn't say you were a suspect.
Why se would I be here, sir? Another body was found two nights ago.
Same MO.
She have a trident here? He said he'd be back.
Now, how did you know that? Agent Dawes never told you.
No, sir.
But he had me write out "I'll be back" with my right and left hand.
Not too hard to figure out why.
You arrived two days ago on the Abraham Lincoln? Yes, sir.
First nit back, where'd you go? You think I raped and murdered her? Never said she was raped.
You said the same MO.
Where'd you spend your first night ashore? Clubbing? I didn't leave the station.
Six months at sea, your first night in port you spend it aboard ship? No, sir.
I said I didn't leave the station.
I stayed with a friend.
stationed here at Norfolk? Yes, sir.
Hey! Whoa.
Whoa! Where's the five-alarm? I think I have a suspect.
Machinist Mate Harlan Wilson.
He was there in October '94.
Discharged that December.
Arrested two months later in Toronto for sexually assaulting a female Canadian naval officer.
Got 15 years.
Paroled two months ago and is now living in Norfolk.
I didn't know there were women in the Canadian Navy.
I gotta tell Gibbs.
Whoa, probie, first, you report to your immediate superior.
I just did.
"Blah-blah-blah-blah, female Canadian naval officer.
" That's not reporting.
Yeah, that would be all you heard.
Again, start with the name.
Can't do that, sir.
Your friend married? No, sir.
An officer? Yes, sir.
So, you see how I can't give you the name.
Chief, I'm not interested in ruining careers.
I need to know where you spent the night of the murder.
Can we speak off the record, sir? Just you and me? Kate stop the tape.
Stop the tape.
Yes, ma'am.
No sound? Gibbs is having a private interrogation: no sound, no video.
McGee needs to talk to him.
I'm not going to interrupt him.
Kate No.
Fill her in, McGee.
Tell her about Harlan Wilson.
Meet me in the garage in five.
I'm waiting, Chief.
How do I know they stopped taping? Because I told them to.
The name.
Lieutenant Commander William McDougal.
Hey, Starsky, check the sweet '70's ride.
All right, you be the Avon Lady.
I'll cover the rear.
What's the peekie, probie? Doesn't look like anyone's home.
I'd love to get a look inside while he's away.
I told you we should get search authorization.
No time.
Besides it's a Catch-22.
It is? Yeah.
We go inside and get something we shouldn't, we're screwed.
We don't go inside and don't get something we could've, we're more screwed.
I'm not following.
That's because I'm a highly seasoned senior field agent and you're a pathetic Probie.
You're a fast study, McGee.
Harlan's no Martha Stewart.
Well, he's gonna be home soon.
How can you tell? Hungry Man in the oven.
Buck eighty-freakin'- five.
Pickup's pulling up! Yeah? NCIS.
Harlan Wilson? Tom Wilson - his big brother.
Your kid brother around, Tom? No.
He listed this address on his parole release.
He was here.
You know where he is now? Yeah.
Well, we need to talk to him.
Well, that's gonna be hard to do.
He's been dead for six weeks.
Chief Goetz's alibi checks out.
Where was he? With a friend.
You're taking the word of a friend? No, a saliva swab to compare his DNA with sperm taken from the victim's.
Any other questions? Good.
My turn.
Where's McGee? He took Harlan's hairbrush to Abby to compare his DNA to the sperm.
Probie won't give up on the obvious.
Harlan Wilson was dead when the second murder occurred, wasn't he, DiNozzo? Very dead, boss.
Big mother heart attack.
Fax of the death certificate.
How many bars and clubs did you canvass? Uh, 24, 25.
Which was it? You in a bad mood, Boss? No! Didn't think so.
Covered every one within a mile of the Norfolk main gate like you said.
What about the other gates? You didn't ask me to look at I'm gonna I'm on that.
Kate, you go with him.
You want me to go bar-hoppg with Tony?! You've never been in a bar, have you? Not the kind sailors hang at.
Agent Gibbs? You can catch him at the rear elevator.
Agent Gibbs.
You have the note, Petty Officer? I do, sir.
Knowing how important the note is forensically, I jumped a ride with a CH-53 that was headed to Quantico, caught the Amtrak to D.
, then hailed a cab.
Well, that's creative thinking, Petty Officer Cluxton.
Thank you, sir.
Are you taking the note to the lab now? I'm pretty interested in forensics, sir.
Tell me you're not serious about the last place.
Completely serious, Kate.
I mean, strip clubs are good for more than just fraternity bashes and bachelor parties.
You honestly think bar mitzvahs are appropriate.
Oh, trust me.
Nothing says "welcome to manhood" as perfectly as a skillful lap dance.
Speaking of Hello.
We don't open until 6:00.
And you're working here instead of catching rays at the beach in a thong.
I know it's cold out, probably too cold.
You do wear a thong, don't you? Tony Sorry.
It's my humor.
Not for everyone.
Naval Criminal Investigative Service Yeah, I know what it means.
What do you want? Tony Well Tony.
What?! This is the girl playing the drums, isn't it? Yeah, she hasn't been here the last three nights.
What happened to her? Can you tell us her name? Janice Santos.
She isn't sleeping, is she? Not sleeping.
Oh, my God.
We need an address.
What happened to her? She was raped and murdered.
Some man raped and murdered her? Yeah.
It wasn't me.
I'm trying to catch the bastard.
It's just a shock.
Any ideas who could've done this? No.
God, no.
Do you have the address? Yeah, of course.
I'll get it for you.
She took that hard.
She sure did.
The writing looks the same to me, Special Agent McGee.
It's pretty similar, Petty Officer Cluxton.
There are slight discrepancies, within the range that a person's handwriting would change in ten years Special Agent McGee.
What's this? Oh, that's a polarizing light microscope.
Let me show you how to use it.
You touch that, McGee, you'll be singing soprano.
Yeah, Abby's under a lot of pressure.
What are you doing to the note? Are you writing a book? No, I'm just interested, ma'am.
Looking for prints.
The fumes are from heated super glue.
In its gaseous form, its bonding capabilities enable us to obtain fingerprints.
Well I'd better get back to Norfolk.
Thanks for letting me observe, ma'am.
Well not anytime sometime.
Good seeing you again, Special Agent McGee.
Likewise, Petty Officer Cluxton.
So, are you two that formal when you're exchanging bodily fluids? Stay outside, sir.
Did Janice Santos always keep the place so empty? I don't know.
No clothes.
No personal effects.
This place has been cleaned.
We better call Gibbs.
At least I can tell Duck you've I.
'd Jane Doe Number Two.
If her apartment's that clean, this Janice Santos probably knew her killer.
Wh you're finished with the crime scene, bring everything back here.
I'll see you at Abby's in the morning.
DNA processing can take several days, but knowing the hyper-urgency of the case, I processed all of the sperm samples in just 37 hours.
Gonna be another 37 before we get some results? Okay, um DNA off the first note matched the sperm.
The killer wrote it.
The second note? No prints.
What about the handwriting? It could be a match.
I sent a copy to an expert I met at a forensics conference at the Greenbriar.
It is such a sweet place.
They have golf, tennis, falconry Falconry! I hunted with a falcon in Scotland in my youth.
It's so cool.
It's almost a lost art, I'm afraid.
Like forensics reporting? Okay moving on to saliva, always a crowd pleaser.
There is no way Chief Goetz's DNA comes close to matching the sperm.
I guess you were right, boss.
You guess? I know.
Abby, why do you call us all in here when you have nothing? But I do! I matched the DNA off the hair from the brush McGee gave me.
Hello, Mr.
Wilson? The DNA matches the sperm found in both victims.
That's impossible.
Wilson had been dead weeks when Janice Santos was raped.
DNA does not lie.
Hey, he died before she did, boss, I swear.
Boss, what if what if Wilson's semen was inserted in Janice Santos after she was murdered? Ew! How'd the murderer get the semen? Same way I did.
Looking at the time code, this is the day before the murder.
What is it, McGee? She's the one.
Well, how can you tell? She's not even near the refrigerator.
His gut.
No, no, no, it's not just my gut, boss.
When I was back at Norfolk, Cynthia Petty Officer Cluxton and I, we were friendly.
Really! Abby She liked me, but not that way.
What way would that be, probie? I didn't ask, Tony, and she didn't tell.
Cluxton's gay? Boss, we I.
'd Janice Santos in a lesbian bar.
There's more.
Petty Officer Cluxton used her mother's name.
Her father was an NCIS Agent before he died.
Special Agent Dawes.
Boss, I didn't think about this until I think that's her.
That's okay.
Run the tape.
Janice Santos was your lover.
You met her at Flip Side a lesbian bar.
Which is why the bartenderdidn't respond to me.
You accusing me of being gay, sir? No.
No, I'm accusing you of murder.
Murder? I didn't murder anyone, sir.
She jilt you, Petty Officer? I have no idea what you're talking about, sir.
It doesn't matter.
We have you on tape removing semen from a Jane Doe case your father worked ten years ago.
Can you identify on that tape what I'm removing in the evidence locker, sir? I can't.
You copied the killer's M.
from your father's case file.
I'm not sure where my father's case files are, sir.
You strangled Janice Santos, put her in a Navy uniform.
carved a trident in her neck, inserted semen from the first murder in her vagina.
Not true.
None of it, sir.
Even left a note like the one found at the first crime scene.
I didn't leave that note, I found it.
So, who killed Janice Santos? Obviously, whoever murdered the Jane Doe ten years ago, sir.
No, not whoever.
His name is Harlan Wilson.
A former machinist's mate stationed at Norfolk.
You caught him, sir.
No, but we matched his DNA to semen found in both victims.
Why are you accusing me? Harlan Wilson died five weeks before you killed Janice.
Damn damn damn! It's time for our relationship to change, my dear.
It's time for you to go home, but it's not the home you knew in this life.
But I think you'll find peace here.
And the way things turned out, so will I.