NCIS s02e05 Episode Script

The Bone Yard

Wow, she's pretty flexible.
Just don't let her catch you looking at her, Probie.
I think she saw me.
She gave me that look.
What look? The look she's always giving you.
She saw you.
Hope you wore a cup.
Okay, welcome to my version of close combat training.
Yeah? You start with Kate.
Go on.
All right.
You and me the ring today.
You sure about that? I've been taking classes.
In what? Boxing.
We're grappling today.
You want to grapple? Yeah.
You have a problem with that? No, it's just, you know, I did some wrestling in high school.
Did you, now? Hoo-hoo, come on.
Why I ought to Not bad, DiNozzo.
You learn how to box in the Marines? No.
Corps doesn't teach boxing.
That's your loss.
They teach fighting.
Your phone.
Have I mentioned that I was hand picked to protect the President of the United States? Five times.
You gonna take that abuse, McGee? No! That's more like it, McGee.
Why were you holding back? Well, you're I mean, I've nevrestled A girl? No.
Tony I look like a girl to you? All I see are two NCIS Special Agents.
Me, too.
Training's over.
We're heading to Quantico.
Guy tried to outrun a 500-pound bomb.
And? He lost.
She had three older brothers growing up.
I think there's some unresolved issues there.
You think? Break out the gear.
I'm going to find out who's in charge of this circus.
You didn't have to stop like that.
I know that.
Sorry about that, Probie.
But it's your fault.
My fault? Yeah, the brakes grab.
It's your job to see the vehicle's in perfect running condition.
You should've called.
I could've saved you guys a trip.
Why don't we start with, who the hell are you? Gunnery Sergeant De Luca, CID.
Is this your idea of how to run a crime scene, Gunnery Sergeant? Nope.
It's my idea of how to run an accidendeath investigation, Special Agent? Gibbs.
Well, a civilian decided to trespass at the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Marines didn't spot him till it was too late.
What was a civilian doing down there? My guess, he was a scavenger.
Lot of metal and scrap iron's been dumped here over the years.
Enough to risk blowing yourself up over? I didn't say he was smart, Agent Gibbs.
But, hey, you want NCIS to handle the paperwork on this one? Fine.
Get down there, secure the scene.
Just make sure your people stay inside the marked areas cleared by EOD I don't need another dead civilian on my hands.
I want everybody off this range except EOD personnel.
What about Mr.
Potato Head? He stays.
With luck, he'll spit on my boots.
Looking for a reason to whack him in the head, Gibbs? No.
To shoot him.
Tony, didn't you tell methat you worked a case on a live-impact range once? Yeah, that's right.
Fort A.
What happened? EOD missed ordnance marking the path.
Boom! Agent walking point, a probie, of course, blew his foot off.
You're kidding, right? Of course I'm kidding Probie.
We're right behind you, buddy.
You're doing great.
Some of them are buried under the ground.
Judging by the shrapnel pattern, I'd say our young victim was running when he was hit.
How can you tell, doctor? Oh, I've seen far too many of these types of wounds during my tour in Vietnam.
What about the bruising on his wrists and face, Duck? It's possible it was caused by blast concussion.
We'll know more when we get him back.
This guy was no scavenger, boss.
Salvatore Ferragamo's.
What? Italian shoes.
Pair I got cost almost 500 bucks.
Well, not everybody shops at Wal-Mart.
I'm not saying you shop at Wal-Mart.
Or even that that's a bad thing.
How's it going, Kate? Almost finished.
I've got McGee doing measurements.
What are you doing? Following our vict prints.
They came from over there.
Well, how'd he get down here? We're at least five miles from the nearest civilian road.
Someone dropped him off.
Hey! That area hasn't been cleared yet.
Agent Gibbs! Hey! You trying to get yourself killed? Are you deaf or nuts? Little of both.
You still think that this was an accident, Gunny? Jimmy, run this up to Abby for me.
Uh, sure.
Would it be okay if I stayed and chatted with her for awhile, doctor? We're rather busy at the moment.
Okay, so you're saying that, uh it's not okay, then? Sorry.
The accent kind of throws me off sometimes.
He means well,but often ve an overwhelming urge to slap him.
Is that wrong? Do it all the time.
So I've noticed.
But only on the back of the head.
A slap in the face would be humiliating.
Back of the head's a wake up call.
Looks like he got both.
You were right.
His facial injuries weren't from the bombs.
Our victim received a rather savage beating before his death.
And our crispy critter? He wasn't burned by today's explosions.
Tests indicate the poor chap's been deceased east six months.
There are more bodies out there.
I was afraid of that.
We've stumbled into a bone yard, Duck.
Serial killer's dumping ground.
Hey, Gunny! What have we got here? Well, that's not good.
hear that? Yeah, what is that? Evac! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come on! Let's Weat leastet gGithng I heare kicked your buhis McGee.
Weheard wrong.
It wt myt.
She kicked you in th I thoughwas ing a Fel Agency not reli unior year in high school.
Just remember, they torture because care.
So le them slike me It'It wors's what I thought.
And he's cute.
He's dead.
I know.
's also a macriminal What I say, I'm attracted to the bad boy No way.
I'm get hacked.
A port sca No, no, this is major.
ey've already burned thr the NCIS firewall.
Well, isolate e node and dump thn the other side of the router.
I'm trying! It's moving too fast Ohis is good.
They're using our connection with AFIS database - sever it.
I can't, It's a point attack.
He or she is only going after my machine.
It's not possible, there's DOD Level Nine encryption.
It would take months Hey.
What is that,a video game? No, Tony, we're getting hacked.
If they get into Abby's computer, the entire NCIS network is next.
I can't stop him.
Do something, McGee.
I've never seen code like this.
Ah, way to go, Abby.
I didn't do anything.
I thought you did? No.
I did.
What the hell's going on here? We were pulling a fingerprint match from the AFIS database and we set off some kind of cyber attack.
- They were definitely waiting for us.
- Who? I don't know, Tony, and right now I'm afraid to turn my machine back on.
The speed they were cracking our encryption at there's only a few computers in the world with that type of power.
Name them.
Well, the the CERN institute in Geneva IBM's research facility, rumors of a few in China.
Oh, good, so it should be easy to find them.
You want some? Thanks.
Whoever this guy is, he's got some friends in high places, Gibbs.
Victor Gera.
AKA Guido Valentino.
Career criminal.
Guido Valentino? That's the alias he used in L.
Started running numbers in Chicago as a kid, moved onto jacking cars as a teen, graduated to drug dealing on the West Coast.
Six months ago,he showed up in D.
Mafia? Well, with names like Vic Gera and Guido Valentino, what else? Probie, in case you forget,my name is Tony DiNozzo.
Doesn't make me, Mafia, now does it? I'm sorry.
McGee, what's the connection between small-time hood and super computer? Well, I have no idea, boss.
Ooh, wrong answer.
I'll go look for the right one now.
Why would the mob, or anyone, stash bodies at a Marine bombing range? Because it's the last place you'd look for them.
Who'd be nuts enough to go down there looking for bodies? Besides us? Yeah, Gibbs.
You did what?! I'm on my way! That was Gunny Sergeant De Luca.
He's not done screwing up my investigation.
I thought you were the only one who could piss him off like that.
You never met his second wife.
I told you not to touch anything without my M.
being present.
I didn't really have much of a choice.
It was near an unstable javelin round.
It'd likely kill me and another Marine when it exploded.
You have a body that goes with this? I think it was destroyed during the explosion.
You think? Look, EOD kicked me off the range.
That whole entire area's been declared off limits 'til it's cleared.
How long? Gibbs, there's decades of unexploded ordnance down there.
My guess, three weeks, minimum.
You're welcome, Agent Gibbs.
Gunny, you coming? I set up a virtual model emulating my system.
He comes back again, we can dump him into it.
Won't fool him for long.
All I need is a minute to back-trace his connection.
Okay, I'm ready.
Plug me in, McGee.
Round two.
He's still there and coming on strong.
Initiating my back-trace now.
Oh, this guy is good.
He's almost made it through your little virtual world.
Yeah, but I'm better.
Oh, got you! Ha! Now let's see who we're dealing with.
Oh, my God.
Gibbs is going to kill you.
Kill me? Why? I'm not gonna tell him.
EOD has cleared 10% of the range so far.
In this small area and in a relatively short span of time, we found three bodies.
Do the math and we could be looking at potentially Gunny, I want you to coordinate with the Provost Martial.
I want a cordon around that range 24 hours a day.
Agent Gibbs, that's a lot of man power.
You really think Well, then you'd better get moving.
Is there some secret to getting on his good side? Oh, there's no secret.
He doesn't have one.
Uh, excuse me, boss? What? We completed the back-trace on the intruder's system.
Yeah? Yeah, and, uh Well, the thing is The hacker It's me.
Why is NCIS interested in Vic Gera, Gibbs? Who said we were interested in him? You ran his prints through AFIS.
Where'd you get them? He gave them to us.
You have him in custody? Technically speaking.
Where'd you find him? On a live fire range at Quantico.
He was killed in a practice bomb drop this morning.
He Mafia? He's an undercover FBI Agent, DiNozzo.
When we saw your print search, we were hoping Vic was alive.
I want his killer, Gibbs.
Is that an offer for a joint investigation? I can't.
Kate, Tony, escort our guests out.
I need to talk to you alone.
Our usual conference room.
What's going on? Fornell seems unusually upset.
For an FBI Agent.
How would you feel if one of your team was lying on a slab? Depends on who it was.
You always a smart ass? Just to you boys from the Hoover building.
I'm listening.
Jimmy Napalitano.
Know him? Fat, ugly Mafioso, runs the business in Maryland, Virginia and D.
I've spent half my career trying to put that bastard behind bars.
Three trials, three times he walked on a technicality.
Tough to be sympathetic, considering you let Ari go.
Ari's a valuable intelligence asset, Gibbs.
Napalitano's nothing but a cheap hood.
Ari shot one of my people, kidnapped one of my agents, put a round through me.
I don't see the difference, Fornell.
I knew this was a waste of time.
At least we agree on something.
Anyone ever tell you you're an insufferable bastard? Yeah.
Damn it, Jethro, I'm here because I need your help.
I offered a joint investigation.
You turned it down.
I couldn't say anything in front of those Agents.
You don't trust them? Napalitano's always been a step ahead of me.
Every informant, every agent I get close to him ends up like that kid downstairs.
No one's that lucky.
He's got a mole in the Bureau.
Or someone with access to my operations.
Why not take it to Internal Affairs? They can't help me.
But I can? Realizing how sad this sounds, you're the closest thing I have to a friend, Gibbs.
You dying or something? Okay, not dying.
This some part of a 12-step program? Look, you going to help me or not? I'm thinking about it.
It's settled then.
This isn't your style, Tobias.
I know it.
The Bureau believes that the mole who put my man on your slab is me.
Sorry, Tobias.
Hey, Tiffany, enough with the smoking already.
Get off my back, Ricky.
I pay you to dance, not get lung cancer.
All right, already.
I thought Tiffany was your numero uno? Nah, I dumped her.
Rickey, how do ya dump somethin' that looks like that? It's easy.
Ba-da bing, ba-da boom.
Ciao! I gotta remember that one.
The comedian is Napalitano's son, Little Rickey.
Who's the muscle with him? Sal Balducci, Napalitano's enforcer.
And that's the man himself.
Jimmy Napalitano, AKA Jimmy Naps.
He's politically connected and has the finest lawyers money can buy.
He's virtually untouchable.
We got a problem.
What kind of problem, Pops? Not here.
You got ears inside? No.
Jimmy Naps is hi-tech.
Camera two, get me tight on the thug by the rear entrance.
_They find our bugs and wiretaps before we finish installing them.
- Or your mole tips 'em off.
There's no mole.
Jimmy Naps set Fornell up.
They study us like we study them.
Rumor has it they have dossiers on all of us.
They even know we're watching them right now.
Camera one, show me Abe.
Hello, Abe.
"Abe?" As in Vigoda.
That's the FBI call sign for him.
Oh, yeah, it does sort of look like him.
Tom, can you get me off, for old time's sake? Sorry, Solly.
No can do.
You two through? Sorry.
Point is, Agent Gibbs, it's impossible to get near them.
Agent Gera did.
And he's dead.
Not much of a view.
Kind of reminds me of your basement.
It'sot dark enough.
You see the Bureau's case against me? You know that your people won't share files with us.
What's this supposed to be? Coffee.
I'll take your word for it.
They found two kilos of coke and 50 grand in counterfeit bills in my freezer.
I thought the coke in ice cream quarts was a nice touch.
It was an expensive one.
Jimmy Naps's going to a lot of trouble to frame youTobias Why now? He knew I was vulnerable.
Vulnerable? How? Ari.
You laying this on me, huh? I arranged your meeting with him, Jethro.
He's our only agent inside Al Qaeda, and what did you do? You shot him.
I could have killed him.
Putting a round in his shoulder helped sell his cover to Al Qaeda.
Why don't you explain that to the director? He didn't buy it when I did.
If you think it'll do any good.
I'm not getting out of this, am I? Ah, you'll get out of it.
It just may not be the way you like.
Duck, what do you got for me? Ah, I've identified our second victim from the dental charts supplied by the FBI.
His name's Frank Pilato.
Frankie P.
He was to testify against Napalitano five years ago.
Disappeared walking his dog on a Sunday afternoon.
Yeah, those Sunday afternoon strolls can be dangerous.
Ducky, I thought you said the test indicated he was dead only five or six months ago.
I did.
Anyone care to guess how he died? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say something to do with flames? And you'd be wrong, Tony.
His throat was slit.
Bled to death.
Actually, no, Kate.
Lead poisoning.
Three nine-millimeter slugs to be exact.
Administered at close range.
He was kidnapped in '99.
And wasn't shot until a few months ago? He was most likely executed years ago; His body has only recently been exposed to the elements.
Excuse me.
His blood was drained after death and his body frozen.
Jimmy Naps' version of the ice man.
They stashed the body in a cooler somewhere and then dump it years later when everyone's stopped looking.
Shot, throat slit, frozen and burned? Jimmy Naps definitely didn't like this dude.
The Mafia does tend to have a flair for the dramatic, Tony.
Anything on the finger parts Gunny De Luca picked up on the range? I'm good, Jethro, but not that good.
I sent them up to Abby.
Kate, Tony.
On it, boss.
Agent Charles, can you get me the Bureau file on Fornell? I haven't even seen it.
I get caught, I'm finished as a Federal Agent.
Don't get caught.
You know what I think, McGee? What? I think you're more interested in me than what I'm doing.
That's not true.
Wait, not that I-I'm not interested in you.
I am.
But I'm more interested in the work.
How could you say that? Because what I'm looking at through the microscope Yeah? is up there on that screen.
Hey, guys! You here for the finger or the blood? What blood? I found two types on Agent Gera's face.
One is his.
One is not.
So if he was beaten, you know, kind of like the way you were yesterday by Gibbs, it could be the killer's.
Kate, Kate, Kate, when I let Gibbs win, we all win.
And if I beat the crap out of him, who do you think he's going to take it out on? Oh, that's right, all of us.
So you took a dive for the team? Of course, McGee.
It's good to know.
It sure is.
Turn around.
I'm waiting for you to slap the back of my head, boss.
I'm not going to slap your head.
You're not? What, you don't think I have a sense of humor? Abbs, I need the DNA on the unknown blood.
I already started it.
Okay, what about the finger? Any idea how long it was it on the range? Well, ordinarily, you can't date bone unless it's been in the ground long enough to soak up fluorine.
Which is, like, hundreds of years.
But sometimes being in a place where things get blown up is a good thing.
I swabbed the finger for explosives and I found traces of one: mercury fulminate,which was completely phased out by the military by 1986.
Well, that means the Mafia must have been dumping bodies down there for At least 18 years.
Thank you, McGee.
That's a good job, Abbs.
McGee, find a way to get Little Rickey's DNA.
It's no fun if you know it's coming.
What was that for?! That's for eating my sandwich.
I know how to get Little Rickey's DNA.
Gonna sleep with him? He was hit with two paternity suits in the last five years.
Beat them both with a DNA test.
Nice try, Probie, but those tests are sealed court records.
Those court records are sealed, McGee.
Hey, that's what I just said - first! But not the records from the lab that he used.
It's downtown.
You'll never get a judge to sign off on that warrant.
Maybe we don't need one.
That is, if you're ready to become a father.
I think she's talking to you, Probie.
We go down to the lab and see if I'm carrying your baby.
It'll be fun.
Oh, and we can steal Little Rickey's DNA test.
Photograph it for Abby.
I'll do it.
Why you? You think anyone'd believe you actually slept with Kate? Hey! I figured out how to get Little Rickey's DNA records.
You mean I fig Hey, there is no 'I'in "team," McGee.
How? Paternity clinic downtown.
Kate and I can have them in an hour.
Go get 'em.
Thank you, sir.
I got the file on Fornell.
Not good.
Fornell knew Jimmy Naps was under surveillance.
He can explain this.
That photo came from an anonymous source.
From the newspaper blowup you can see the date.
The 17th? Tobias had me pull surveillance on the 17th.
Why? Never said.
But it's the day before Agent Gera disappeared.
He didn't hang himself, not Fornell.
That's the coward's way out and Tobias was no coward.
Only one person was in this cell with him today.
Who? Me.
To cut him down.
Doctor I would like our M.
, Dr.
Mallard, to receive a copy of your autopsy report.
Ducky? Of course.
You writing my name right? What?! I just want to know if it's mine.
She kind of sleeps around a lot, if you know what I mean.
If I did, it's 'cause he ain't any good in bed.
Least I didn't sleep with my cousin.
You slept with my sister.
I thought it was you.
She weighs 300 pounds.
She was wearing your earrings.
Now that's enough.
If you two can't be civil I'm going to have to ask you leave.
Look, is there anywhere that I can wait away from him, please? I'm begging you.
There's an empty exam room behind you two doors on the right.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
She slept with my brother and my best friend at the same time.
Okay, we've got Rickey's DNA from the clinic.
Let's see if we can match it to our sample from the crime scene.
We're cued up.
Initiating DNA match.
That's it, it's Rickey Napalitano's blood.
Thanks, Abs.
We made a good couple, Kate.
For The Jerry Springer Show.
Dig your threads.
You got to be kidding me? Un-freaking-believable, he whacked himself.
Yeah, poor Fornell.
You won't see him no more, Pops.
What the? This guy's pulling us over, boss.
If I find out we got a busted taillight or something, Sallie boy, it's your ass.
Is there a problem, officer? You're talking to the wrong person.
We got a warrant for your arrest, Little Dickey.
It's Rickey.
It's for murder, Dickey.
Come on.
Get out.
All right.
Hands on the hood, big guy.
Hand up.
Who the hell are you guys anyway, FBI? NCIS.
Meat inspectors? Shut up, Rickey, will ya? They're Navy cops.
Turn around.
Arrested by Navy cops? Talk about embarrassing.
At least you're hot, sweet Take it easy, take it easy.
Now that's embarrassing.
Let's go.
All right, don't worry.
Go with them, Rickey.
Our lawyers'll take care of this.
I don't think we've met, Agent Special Agent.
Special Agent Gibbs.
So who is it my son was supposed to have whacked? An FBI Agent.
Victor Gera.
I remember something about that.
Something happened on a marinease? What was that? Yeah, he got killed by a bomb.
A bomb.
Yeah, yeah.
Suppose- God forbid- that my son could be connected to this accident, what would you charge him with, Special Agent Gibbs? Manslaughter.
Manslaughter? Manslaughter, what's the worst you can get with that, Sallie? Four years.
Does one.
Might do the kid some good, season him up a bit.
Jail can be a dangerous place.
So they tell me.
You remind me of somebody, Special Agent Gibbs.
Who was that guy that always talking trash, that Fed? Fornell? Oh, yeah, Fornell.
That's it, yeah.
Whatever happened to him? I think he hung himself.
Real sad.
Oh, yeah, it's terrible.
All that ambition and everything and he ends up doing the twist.
I get the government agent on your payroll by sunup, dirt bag or Little Rickey does the twist.
Say I do this, all right? What do I get? I deliver Little Rickey to you, the evidence against him gets lost, and you never see me again.
You'd do all this just to clear Fornell's name? He was my friend.
You can't threaten to kill someone in custody, Gibbs.
It wasn't a threat.
You'd really do it? Hey.
You want to clear Tobias's name? Hell, yes.
But not by letting Little Rickey off for Vic's murder.
Oh, he'll screw up again.
You think Jimmy Naps is going to make a swap and just let you walk away? I hope not.
Rear of the club.
One hour.
Lose the Feds in the building and in the alley.
Oh, I can't do that.
I'm operating on my own hook.
Pick another place.
You want me to pick a place? I'm trying to show you there are no tricks here, Jimmy boy.
Coleman Park.
You know it? Yeah.
Yeah, I know it.
Come alone.
I'm not that stupid.
All right, we each bring a man.
One hour.
And, Gibbs you hurt my boy, I'll kill your brothers, your uncles, your father and after their funerals, I'll kill you.
No brothers, no uncles.
My father passed years ago.
I do have three ex-wives whose names and addresses I will gladly fax on to you.
He hung up.
Where do you three think you're going? With you, boss.
I can bring one back up.
Clearly you should take me.
Kate, with all due respect Are you kidding, Tony, why should he bring you? With all due respect, you have no idea You're a total jackass.
Come on, you can conduct yourself in the field? Agent Charles is going.
Me? Are you kidding, boss? He's kidding, right? I don't think he is, Tony.
Gibbs, you need someone Someone who can verify the guy that Jimmy Naps turns over is FBI or Justice.
Can any of you do that? He's right.
I know the players.
I go.
These bracelets are killing me.
You hear me? Stay there, Sallie.
Stay, stay.
Where's my boy? Where's Rickey? Pops.
You okay, son? No.
Make them take these freaking bracelets off me.
Where's your end of the swap? I leave my backup at the car, u do the same.
Sallie, bring him out.
Yeah, I got it.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Chop-chop, let's go.
We ain't got all day.
That's Abe.
Pop, I had nothing to do Not you, not you.
This jabone.
What'd you think I was gonna do, let you come in my backyard and walk away with your coglioni? You know what Primacord is, Jimmy? Primacord? That was Primacord.
This is Primacord.
Oh! Oh! Pops! And this is a dead-man's switch.
Oh, marone.
Now we can still deal, Jimmy.
All you have to do is give me your mole's name.
Yeah, that's what we thought.
You dumb Wop.
He never would've set it off.
The blast would kill him.
Who you gonna believe? He's pazzo, Pop.
He'll do it.
He'll do it.
In fact, I think the blast should kill all of you.
You should've kept your mouth shut, Napalitano.
You lied to me, Jimmy.
Like you didn't expect it.
I just saved all our lives.
Now what? Ciao.
Pops! You go to jail, you stay there a couple of years, it'll do you good, son.
Come on, come on, come on, let's go.
Hey, let's go.
Get this thing off me.
Do it yourself.
What you doing there, Probie? I'm trying to find what I missed.
How did Gibbs know that it was Charles? You mean you didn't know? He didn't know.
What, you knew? We're seasoned investigators, McGee.
You have to start thinking outside the box.
Expect the unexpected.
Good advice, Tony.
Agent Todd.