NCIS s02e06 Episode Script

Terminal Leave

Hey, Sara.
How are you? Look at you.
I missed you at the Parents' Potluck.
Oh, Becca had a dance recital.
Oh, your turn for snack? My turn for snack.
Can you believe this? If he would concentrate a little less on snacking, a little more on the game, we wouldn't be O and four, but Oh, your cart.
Isn't that your SUV? Oh.
Well what's another ding? See you at practice.
Where the hell are you going? Gibbs.
Oh, you must be Gibbs.
Fornells mentioned you.
Did he? Agent Lina Reyes, FBI.
Your driver has a lead foot.
Well, we tend to hurry when we suspect terrorism.
Well, so do we when the target's a naval aviator, Agent Reyes.
Lieutenant Commander Micki Shields.
She bombed civilians in Afghanistan.
Article 32 hearing cleared her of all charges.
By us.
Not the psychos overseas issuing jihadist threats against her and her family.
Have you spoken to your director? I did.
Then we're clear.
FBI handles the investigation, NCIS protects the intended target.
We want copies of everything you find.
Kate, check with Commander Shields.
Track down the rest of her family.
On it.
DiNozzo, secure her home.
I want a full surveillance perimeter.
McGee, coordinate all feeds with MTAC.
All right, boss.
Oh, sounds like we're goin to need the infrared scope on this one, McGee.
at can see roee Better than pay-TV, and, the best part, it's free.
And that's the reason why, Tony.
Why what, Kate? You'll never get my home address.
I'm okay, Jen, I promise you.
See? I got worse scrapes in ejection-seat training.
Honestly, honey, I'm fine.
I got to go.
I'll see you soon.
I'm going to make you cha-cha chicken for dinner, okay? Okay.
So I take it this wasn't an accident? We're not jumping to any conclusions, but considering all the recent threats I thought I left that war behind me.
My kids could have been in that car.
One mistake.
One horrible mistake.
I read the report.
What happened in Afghanistan wasn't your fault.
Yeah, right or wrong, it's still something I have to live with.
And fog of war just doesn't cut it when you're looking at ten dead civilians.
Micki! Aw, honey.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine, sweetheart.
Thank God.
You'd never think you'd be happy you ran into Sara Turcott in a parking lot! So So, what, do we know who did this? Not yet, Mr.
Okay, so what, they can try it again? Well, if they do,we'll stop them.
NCIS will be providing protection for your family.
Too bad you weren't around to save Libby.
Are you kidding? Libby? Who's Libby? Oh, our dog, Agent Todd.
A nasty little thing, but the kids loved her.
I'll need copies of the surveillance tapes from the security camera.
You'll get them.
I'll see what I can do.
You know what "terminal leave" is, Agent Reyes? No.
That's what Commander Shields is on.
In four days she'll be a civilian, which means I won't be around to protect her.
That's how long you have to solve this case.
Yore giving me a deadline? Don't screw up.
I see something.
You see speckling, Gibbs.
I see a guy planting a bomb under her SUV.
Do you know how many times this has been taped over? The VCR heads have scraped it down to the plastic.
And let's not forget taken through a lens that's caked with years of bird droppings.
I think you can make a positive ID.
I'll try Starwitness.
What's that? It's an enhancement program.
Do a little homomorphic filtering deinterlacing algorithmic enhancement unsharp masking.
We're getting somewhere now.
I am.
Straight into a brick wall.
Whoever it is, he's blocked by the vehicle.
The reflection.
What reflection? Abbs, look at the finish on the car next to it.
You're serious.
Abbs, look at the door panel.
Dark and shiny.
You can see a reflection.
A reflection of whoever planted the bomb.
Gibbs you're hired! When you walked into a room, I bet you must have turned heads.
Just back from the salon, with your hair all done up.
Doctor, I'm looking at a blood type they sent over.
It doesn't match Lieutenant Commander Shields.
Is that so? Yeah.
They said the only one injured in the explosion was Shields.
They did indeed.
There's someone unaccounted for.
Palmer, what I'm about to show you may force you to reevaluate your theory.
French-fried poodle.
The family pet.
Who was, tragically, inside the car.
I can just see those FBI forensic weasels sitting around, laughing, picturing what I'm going to look like performing a forensic autopsy on this poor creature.
What are you going to do? Oh, let them laugh.
Alexander the Great had a dog a mastiff named Peritas.
Nobody laughed about her.
When she died, he led the funeral procession.
Built monuments to her.
Ordered yearly celebrations in her memory.
When I was a kid, I used to bury our pets under our porch till my mom found out.
She was pretty upset.
They didn't want you to bury your pets? No.
We lived on the tenth floor of an apartment building.
What is it, Doctor? Do you see that? I'm going to take a look.
Just open this up Get that up to Abby.
Get that up to Abby Oh, you poor thing.
This would never have happened to Peritas.
I would like for everyone to go about their normal lives as much as possible.
McGee? McGee, systems check.
Hey! Okay, camera one is up.
Camera two and three, give me infrared, full spectrum sweep.
Okay, punch up camera four.
We're up and operational, Tony.
We will try to keep a low profile, but we need your cooperation.
You see anything suspicious, you tell us.
I don't believe this.
Can I sleep at Amy's house? Not a good idea.
We'll need advance notice to clear it.
So it's be kind of stressfull.
It an expression.
Hey, listen.
You and me, wee kia gog toe hangin kidding.
It'snae great.
It alrdyucks.
remeer how ftwh my dodi, Will Well, I guess we'll turn in, too.
It's been kind of stressful.
Good night.
Good night.
I'll take the front door.
Then I demand to take the rear.
Tony Yes, Kate, dear? There's only one bathroom downstairs.
And your point is? The seat stays down.
Unless it's up.
The item Ducky retrieve from the dog I put it through X-ray chromatography.
There's traces of C-4.
It was a bomb.
Also the presence of mercury used as a vibration trigger.
It's the exact same chemical signature as the bomb that killed that naval attache in Morocco last month.
You're dealing with Al Qae assassination team.
Tony! Out of here.
Now! What? I'm just brushing my teeth.
Oh, hey, don't use up the hot water "cause you've been in there forever.
Tony, how long have you been in here? Long enough to know you can't sing and haven't shaved your legs in a week.
O utrageous.
The bomb was C-Four.
Mercury detonator.
Shaped charge.
We ran the identifying taggants on it, and it turns out that it Stolen from a military base in Kuwait.
And how do you know that? Our French poodle told me.
You It's linked to Al Qaeda units overseas.
We've identified three individuals in the country who may have links to their cells.
Do you know how to use this? Sure.
You have no idea what that is, do you? Not really.
Didn't figure you for a tech type, Gibbs.
Khalid Hasan.
Suspected in planning three bombings in North Africa.
He was spotted by a Virginia traffic control camera in D.
last week.
Roland Al Roland Alan Moore.
Former Petty Officer.
Medically discharged when he lost two fingers in an engine room accident.
Put in jail for bombing a recruiting office.
Converted to Islam in prison.
And escaped a work detail three months ago.
Well, our computer geeks suspect that he is one of the people posting threats to Commander Shields on the Islamic Web sites.
Fernando Patroya.
He owns five ice cream parlors in Montgomery and Charles County.
We believe they are money-laundering fronts for Al Qaeda linked to the Philippines.
What's his connection with Lieutenant Commander Shields? Well, he was sighted in the vicinity of the bombing ten days ago and may could just be a coincidence.
Okay, bring him in for questioning.
I can't do that.
If I do, it will tip him off that we're on to him, and we are hoping that he will lead us to some of his contacts in the States.
While you are hoping, I have a Navy family living in fear they'll be executed on the way to the Mall.
If we bring him in, all we're gonna get is his name and some B.
cover story.
Not if you put him in a room with me.
It's not gonna happen.
Hey, don't forget your, uh, your thingamagig stick.
Hold on.
It needs to be dis connected first.
You did that on purpose.
I don't believe this.
I bought tickets.
It's Green Day! You're acting like it's my fault.
Just tell me, are you going with me or not? Yes or no.
What's it gonna be, Jen? Lyle don't.
Half the school's not here today.
Is that so? Because of you.
Twenty-four fourteen two.
Twenty-two fourteen twenty.
Where are you going? Bathroom.
Why, you want to watch me pee, Special agent Todd? Yod o really bad, huh? My parents tme you had to follow me around.
Doesn't mean that I have to talk to you.
Do your parents know that you smoke? No.
Well, you going to tell them? Not if you promise to quit.
You know, you should be flattered.
I used to protect the President.
Of what? The United States.
Really? And now you're protecting me.
And your whole family.
What a waste.
Might be four people but it's not a family.
It hasn't been in a long time.
Not this week.
You strapped in? Oh, a Sig! Dude, you got a Sig.
Dude's g S Want to help me warm up? Yeah.
What do yo want me to do? Just, uh, stand there and don't move.
I can do that.
All right.
Don't move.
I'm good at that.
Goal! Hey, touch me, it's child abuse.
Shoot Shoot it! Nice shot It's just plain stupid.
Oh, okay, here we go.
He's getting better, all oe matter he is if he c reach the damn ball! Why's the coach keep playing him? 'Cause he's the coach's kid.
I agree with you, we need a new keeper.
I, look a 'rds, okay, you know It's supposed to be fun.
Winning is fun, honey, trust me.
Well, it isn't everything,Micki.
Well, it should be.
Come on, Greta.
Let's, uh, let's go set up the snacks while our spouses pretend they're watching the Olympics.
waouovertime foisss That kid's a nightmare.
He reminds me of you.
No goal! No goal.
Sorry about that! Sorry.
Sorry! What's happen? I don't know Something don't feel right.
He's good.
Told you I knew someone who could beat you.
Not sure about this, DiNozzo.
TO the faiMc You're winning.
Playing Unreal Tournament in the Multiple Threat Assessment Center is not what they had in mind when Focus, Probie.
If Gibbs sees me playing this Hey.
McGee Yeah boss? Status report.
Uh girl is-is in a room.
Um their parents are-are in the kitchen with Ka and, uh, I guess you know where the boy is.
Won't happen again.
I know.
twenty-two, forteen, twenty two Women, Willy.
Can't live with them Can't think of a reason why you'd want to.
We've got mail? You've got mail from the FBI.
I think agent has the hots for you.
Okay, you're right, she's really not your type.
She sent me a highly encrypted J-Pegs.
Public key's got 64 numbers.
It took me longer to input the password than it took the program to decrypt the ciphertext.
Um, machine making pretty pictures now.
Yeah, Gibbs.
You got the stills? Yeah.
We, um, took them off the ice cream man's computer- Fernando Patroya.
We extracted his hard drive, cloned it and returned it.
He doesn't even know.
He had Commander Shields under surveillance.
I want him brought in.
Look, I told you I can't.
Not yet.
We need his whole cell.
We are running out of time here, Agent Reyes.
Look, you've got your people on the family.
They'll be fine.
For a few more days.
Don't worry, okay? After that, the FBI will pick up protection Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
Boss, I need you up here.
Someone in the backyard.
Kate and Tony are intercepting.
No! No! Wait! - It's-it's-it's - Freeze! Don't shoot him! Jen! Get out! Get out! Jen, go now! I'm sorry! Please don't kill me! Stand down, Tony.
It's her boyfriend.
Not real bright, kid.
You're lucky you don't have two holes in that face of yours.
Boyfriend?! Gibbs? Kate.
False alarm.
One of the kids? Daughter's boyfriend.
Probably not the first time he's snuck in, but I guarantee, the last.
Mom packs a Glock.
Where is Romeo now? On his way home to change his pants.
And Juliet is getting her butt reamed by the Capulets.
Roger that.
Standing down.
Keep us informed.
You got it.
What are you doing?! Uh listening.
That is just wrong.
Sneaking your horny boyfriend into a house filled with armed federal agents who are on the lookout for Al Qaeda assassins - that's wrong, Kate.
Me? I'm just trying to gather some valuable intel so I can do my job better.
but sneaking him in like this I mean, Jen, what the hell were you thinking? We weren't going to have sex, if that's what you're worried about.
That's not the point.
That boy could've been killed! You don't even know his name! Look, why don't we all just calm down? We've been dating for six months, Mom.
His name is Lyle, Lyle Chambers.
Let's stay on target, young lady.
This is not about names.
On target?! Do you think I'm one of your sailors? That's enough, Jennifer.
She doesn't know anything about my life, Dad.
And why do you think that is, Commander? I'm warning you.
Do not speak to your mom like that.
Oh, all of a sudden, you're concerned with Mom's feelings? What is that supposed to mean? What a joke.
Something I should know here? Forget it.
Just forget it.
Can I go to bed now? We've got a face.
I think.
I've seen better pictures of Sasquatch.
Well, the fact that it's a reflection limits the details.
Well, yeah, I can see that, Abby.
And their face-if it is a face- looks like it's turned away.
Okay, so let's focus on something smaller.
Like what? Like a hand.
If you were placing a bomb underneath a car, your other hand would be on the side panel.
That might actually work.
Ooh, I can see the paper now.
"Digital Optical Enhancement of Reflective Surfaces with Scattered Refractive Properties.
" Sounds like a bestseller.
I need the answers soon, Abbs.
Those were happier times.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about last night.
I - I don't know what that girl was thinking.
It happens.
Teenagers, right? It just feels like yesterday that she was, uh playing with dolls and following me around the house.
But now Well, raising a family and having a full-time military career- I don't know how you've managed it.
I didn't.
That's why I'm getting out.
It had nothing to do with Afghanistan.
But you could retire in five years.
Full pension, medical.
My last deployment lasted for over a year.
When I came home, my babies, my little boy and girl Willy wouldn't even speak to me.
And Jen was five inches taller and practically a stranger.
The constant moving, the uncertainty, the-the time away David does a great job, but it's too much for him, for-for all of us.
Have you thought about what you're going to do when you get out? Learn how to be a mother? I certainly couldn't do any worse.
You're being too hard on yourself, Commander.
From where I stand, you're a role model.
You know what was my biggest fear in the Navy? This feeling that everything that I was fighting for, everything that I wanted to protect wouldn't be here when I got back.
And now I've brought the war home with me.
Check this out, Gibbs.
We got a hand.
That's a hand? That's the best I could do.
Maybe not good enough.
How so? Well, for some reason there's one area that none of the enhancement programs will work on.
Can you tell if he's Middle Eastern? That or African-American.
He's only got three fingers.
I know.
I think the program screwed up.
Sorry, Gibbs.
He didn't.
He didn't what? Have fingers there.
So, it worked? Cool.
So, what is he? Some sort of killer shop teacher? Killer squid.
Thanks, Abbs.
This is insane, Micki.
Well, when you're stressed, you eat.
I run.
Look, why don't you just use the treadmill? It's not the same.
Okay, you know what? Why don't you just do whatever you want? Okay? You always do, anyway.
Agents DiNozzo and Todd are going to be with me.
It's a run.
What's the worst that could happen? Uh, you could get shot by a sniper.
That would solve a lot of problems, wouldn't it? I can't even believe that you said that.
What is wrong with you? I can't believe a lot of things lately, David.
Running out in the open? This is not a good idea.
Well, she's stubborn, won't listen to reason and is definitely used to getting her own way.
Kind of reminds me of someone.
Yeah, like a female Gibbs.
See, I was thinking you.
Nice you could make it, Probie.
Traffic was a nightmare.
I'm sorry.
In the real world of real agents, we account for things like traffic, McGee.
We'll be back in about an hour.
The monster's up in his room.
Listen, don't take it personally if he completely ignores you.
Which he will.
McGee! Hey.
Come on! Yeah.
Reflected image? So, our bomber is Roland Alan Moore.
You don't sound surprised, Agent Reyes.
Well, he was a suspect.
That's true.
Eh, it's a nice office.
That a surveillance request form? I am pretty busy here, Gibbs, so you got something to say, say it.
It's direct.
I like that.
Where is he? Who? My former Petty Officer, Roland Alan Moore.
How would I know? You're lying.
Know how I can tell? Your pupils just contracted, and your heart rate's increasing.
Maybe I'm just attracted to you.
You're hoping Moore will try it again.
You want to roll up his entire network.
So, what if I am? My people are protecting that family.
If they have to, they will die doing it.
If that happens ask Fornell what I'd do.
I run this route every day.
It's exactly six miles.
You up for an eight-minute pace? I am.
Let me check with my partner.
You up for an eight-minute pace? Behind us, white panel van.
Been with us the last two turns.
If he makes this turn, we abort.
McGee, we might have a situation here.
I see him.
Ambush? Take cover! Break left! How's the commander? She's fine, except for a few bruises she got when she hit the deck.
Tony has her and the entire clan locked down at the house.
No more runs, Kate.
You don't have to tell me twice, Gibbs.
We got lucky today.
The blast was mostly contained inside the vehicle.
Of course there's also the matter of the five FBI agents that Tony and I almost shot.
They were there for your protection.
In unmarked vans and without our knowledge? Our operation's need to know, Agent Todd.
You didn't.
I've run presidential protection details, Reyes.
You don't assign two undercover units without coordination.
She's not interested in protection, Kate.
You wanted them to try again.
The FBI thinks the assassination team after the commander is part of a much larger operation.
And we're the bait to draw them out.
Our Intel indicates that they were planning something catastrophic.
We were hoping by observing this team that they would lead us to the rest of the network.
And if the commander and her family just happen to die in the process? Wow.
And I thought Fornell was a bastard.
It was your people that were lucky today, Agent Reyes.
Oh, yeah? How do you figure that? Because my people shoot to kill.
You stay here.
Make sure you get copies of everything the FBI finds.
I don't trust her.
You' Excuse me? Um, hi.
My name is Greta Boyen.
I'm a friend of the Shields.
Is Micki okay? She's fine.
'Cause I actually just live right over there and we heard the explosion and I saw her being carried away and I thought She was just a little dazed, that's all.
Thank God.
Uh, listen, do you think it'd be all right if we went over and visited? The best thing you can do for her right now, Mrs.
Boyen, is go home.
I got that coffee for you, Agent Reyes.
Not as strong as mine, but if you don't want it No, I've been waiting I am not used to waiting.
I don't like waiting.
Well, yeah, that's why I got you coffee.
You sure you don't want to try? What the hell do you want? Roland Alan Moore.
In my chat room - one hour.
Not going to happen until he leads us to everyone in his cell.
I'll get their names.
Oh? How? You going to force feed him your coffee? You see, DiNozzo was wrong about you.
You do have a sense of humor.
Don't miss the 6:00 new, Agent Reyes.
What the hell have you done? Nothing yet.
But isn't our FBI using an American family as terrorist bait news? You'll blow our operation.
But I'll also get Moore in my chat room.
Look, even an agent as arrogant as you are has to know that what you're threatening is a career ender.
Only if he doesn't talk.
If he does it's a career maker.
Suzanne McRoberts, please.
Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
You've seen Suzanne on TV.
She's cute, blonde, does the anchor on the news.
That had better mean we have a deal or you're going to lose a finger.
You don't crack Moore, the appendage that I'll cut off will mean so much more to you than a finger.
Oh, wow, you're reading Moonstone.
Hey, you know, Dorothy Sayers thought it was the best detective story ever written.
And T.
Eliot, he called Moon Where the hell is Gibbs? the first true English detective novel.
Uh, Gibbs is prepping Roland Alan Moore for interrogation.
Prepping? You mean, like, physically abusing him? No, no, no.
Gibbs never lays a finger on a suspect, at least not after we have him in custody.
So, what the hell is it, exactly, that he does to "prep" them? Well, it varies from suspect to suspect.
And, um, I really can't say what he does.
Because it's illegal.
No, I don't think so.
Uh, no.
It's usually just a quiet conversation.
after you hang yourself.
By the way, do you prefer Roland or Mohammed? I'm not going to hang myself.
Oh, yeah, I know that.
That's just what my report's going say.
Anyway, after you hang yourself, your body will be autopsied hereby Dr.
Hey, Duck, where will you start to cut on Roland? He's going to hang himself? Oh, well You're not going to do this.
He doesn't know me very well, does he? Obviously not.
I remember one terrorist we had Ah, Duck, come on no war stories.
Oh, right.
Well, I might start with his head, Jethro.
I'd make a cut here behind the ear, around the back to the other one.
And then I'd pull the skin down over your face so I could take the striker saw to take the top of your skull off.
Get away from me.
All right, I don't think he wants you to start there, Duck.
Oh, no matter.
I can always use a "Y" cut to begin with.
Let me show you.
It's quite simple, really.
We take the scalpel and we cut here and here.
There we go.
And then we make a cut all the way down to just above the pubic bone.
Now, we separate the skin from the muscle and tissue.
And then we take these and we we cut.
Now, once I've opened you up- Jethro- I take this from here and then I can take out your heart.
tubes down here.
Cut away there, what do you know, a lung.
And now we go up to the trachea and I use this to pull it out along with your tongue.
The FBI announced the arrest of four alleged terrorists today.
They are believed to be an Al Qaeda cell responsible for the bombing of Navy Lieutenant Commander Micki Shields' car at a Tacoma supermarket on Wednesday and a second car bombing yesterday on a street where she was jogging.
An FBI spokesperson said a suspect they had under surveillance led them to a Silver Springs apartment where they captured the entire cell without firing a shot.
Lieutenant Commander Shields was the naval aviator The news is really epressing these days.
You have no idea, Commander Shields.
Actually not commander anymore.
Terminal leave is up.
I am just Mrs.
Micki Shields now.
I kind of like the sound of it.
That's good.
We going to let these people get on with their lives or we going to stand here and stare them to death? Uh, the equipment is loaded and stored.
Ready to move, boss.
Well, then move, McGee.
You tell anyone where you got it, I will deny under oath.
A blank hall pass.
Signed by the principal.
Erasable ink is the key.
It's always worked for me.
Thank you.
Well, here you go.
Yeah, I wouldn't wear it unless I had to.
If there's anything you can think of Shades.
What? I like your sunglasses.
Yeah, well, that's not surprising, because, uh, they're super cool, Willy, but see, the thing about these is that these are really grownup shades.
We're out of here.
Polarized lenses.
Impact protected.
Raked-back curvature.
They were special order, boss.
I never special order.
Isn't that funny.
Neither do I.
There's nothing funny about this, McGee.
And what part of this conversation's about you anyway? Only the part about special ordering.
I always special order.
Bright day out today.
Yeah, Abbs? So, the FBI finally sent copies of the evidence from the second bombing.
The patterns don't match the first.
The second's more boom than bomb.
There was no shrapnel.
Um, fertilizer and oil instead of C-4.
And placement inside the car limited the spread.
Amateur night.
Sounds like.
Oh, something else, my hero.
It was triggered by some sort of crude remote control.
Like a garage door opener.
Couldn't have had a range of more th a hundred feet.
Anything we should know, boss? The second bomb wasn't Al Qaeda.
Somebody else wants the commander dead.
We're finished.
It's over.
No, you're just confused, David.
And it's understandable, I would be too if Al Qaeda were targeting my family.
Greta, what we did was a big mistake.
What we did was right.
She's brought all this on, herself.
She's put your family in harm's way.
David, everything's gonna be better once she's gone.
Do you hear what you're saying? What? You'll see.
You'll see.
We could go back to how we were before she came home.
No, no, no.
Greta, that's not going to happen, okay? We were lonely.
That's all it was.
I love my wife.
No! Don't say that, okay? That doesn't - that's not true.
Yes, it is.
Well, then, I'm going to tell her, David.
If you won't, I will.
You just did, Greta.
Now get out of our life.
Oh, God.
Gre Greta! Put it away! He made love to me, Micki.
He made love to me like he's never made love to you.
He told me that.
Greta, look just give me the gun.
No! Everything's going to be fine when she's gone.
You'll see.
Drop your weapon, Greta.
Leave and I'll forget all about this.
I won't.
It was self-defense.
She was just trying to protect herself.
At least time it wasn't an innocent civilian.
Actually, I did special order once.
Just once?