NCIS s02e09 Episode Script

Forced Entry

Keep screaming, honey.
That way the monster will never find you.
Shh! Don't want to wake the neighbors now, do we? No rough stuff yet.
This is going to be good.
Hey, easy now.
Please don't! Break out the gear.
I'll coordinate with the MPs.
You drink that, DiNozzo, you're dead.
Just my luck.
One more hour and we'd have been off duty.
You got big plans today, Tony? Well, it is Saturday, Kate.
What do you think? You have a date with a girl who can't spell her last name? First name? No, I'm supposed to volunteer at the Eighth Street soup kitchen today.
Wait You help feed the homeless? Don't be so surprised.
Sorry, I just never pictured you as a volunteer type.
Well, there's a lot about me you don't know, Kate.
You're right.
I'm actually impressed for once.
Coffee, probie.
Looks like you could use it.
Oh, thanks, Tony.
Don't mention it.
You know, I think he's finally starting to warm up to me.
He even invited me to a party this afternoon.
Really? Where? It's a soup kitchen in DC.
A bunch of Playboy centerfolds hosting a fund-raiser there.
Seems pretty open and shut.
Perp broke in, tried to rape her.
She shot him.
Guy's in critical condition at the base hospital.
I have a Marine standing guard.
You I.
him yet, Sergeant? No, and he's not exactly in talking shape, either, sir.
This much blood loss, the guy's lucky to be alive.
Where's Mrs.
Rowans? With the neighbor next door.
We'll need her statement.
This is Sergeant Hagerty.
Bring Mrs.
Rowans home.
I'll meet you out front.
Where's the weapon? It's over here, the other side of the couch.
You touch it? Hell no, sir.
I did get the serial number, though.
It's registered with the Provost Marshal under her husband's name Major David Rowans.
He's deployed in Iraq.
Been gone for over five months.
We checked the exterior of the house, Gibbs.
No sign of a forced entry.
They tend to leave their doors unlocked.
"They," Sergeant? This is a military base, ma'am.
The women expect a certain level of security in their own home.
I suspect that will change after today.
Kate, DiNozzo, I want you to head over to the base hospital.
I want this dirtbag's personal effects and his prints.
Enjoying that coffee, McGee? Uh, yeah.
It's not too hot? It's your coffee.
I'm sorry, boss.
I'll get you another one.
Yeah, maybe next time, you should remember rule 23.
Is the at one about not marrying a woman who eats more than you do? Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live, Agent DiNozzo.
That's right.
Dead man walking.
Let me guess you take it black, Agent Gibbs? Marines always do.
What about you, Agent McGee? Cream and sugar? Uh, you know what, I still have to take some photos outside, so maybe later, but thank you.
Is he old enough to be; an NCIS agent? I ask myself that every day.
sorry this place is such a mess.
I wasn't expecting any company.
Am I in trouble, Agent Gibbs? You did what you had to do, Mrs.
Please call me Laura.
I just have a few questions I need to ask you, Laura.
Is he going to die? Maybe.
I just wanted him to go away.
I didn't want to kill him.
Did you know him? I never saw him before in my life.
Any idea how he got in? I usually leave the back door unlocked when I'm downstairs.
My husband doesn't like me to smoke inside the house.
Is he the one who taught you how to shoot? Yeah.
He's a smart guy.
How long have you two been married? Civilian time four years.
Marine time is more like two.
He's been away a lot.
Must get lonely.
Um we don't have kids, so I don't really fit in with the wives on base.
I manage, I guess.
Do you have a place to stay tonight? My mom lives in Maryland.
Is it okay if I go there? Just make sure we have her number.
You, uh you think of anything, you want to talk give me a call.
Or you could e-mail me night or day.
I hate hospitals.
Maybe we'll get lucky and he's already dead.
I'm Special Agent Todd Tony DiNozzo, NCIS.
This is Special Agent Todd.
I'd love to ask you a few questions.
Say over lunch, Lieutenant? Uh, Kim.
And this is my engagement ring, Agent DiNozzo.
I brought my lunch.
How can I help you? What can you tell us about the gunshot victim brought in last night? I already told the MPs everything I know.
We're not MPs.
What kind of shape is he in? Stable for the moment.
Well, we'll need to talk to him.
You'll have to come back tomorrow.
He's in ICU.
He might be dead tomorrow, and we need answers now, Lieutenant.
He's not conscious, and he won't be until tomorrow, Agent Todd.
What about his personal effects? Right here.
We had to cut off most of his clothing.
We'll need to get his prints before we go.
That will also have to wait until Tomorrow.
Lieutenant, this man tried to rape someone, so We'll come back.
Agent Todd make sure the MP guarding him doesn't screw up the DD-932-A6 form the way he did last time.
If he does, it's your ass.
We clear? Crystal.
Crystal what? Sir.
Now get moving.
I don't have all day.
Your MP's outside room 107.
So wait what were you saying before about not being married? Or you're almost married thinking about it on a fence.
Every road with access into Quantico is blocked by armed gate guards.
There's Marines everywhere.
So why would a rapist choose a victim here? Maybe he's got a death wish, Agent McGee.
There's easier ways to die.
It doesn't make sense.
You about done here, sir? Yeah, about, Sergeant.
Just one thing- How'd our dirtbag get on base? I've been asking myself that same question, Agent Gibbs.
I want you and your Marines to check every car within a five mile radius of Laura Rowan's house.
For what specifically? Make sure their military decals are current.
They match up with the plates on the car.
You got it.
Any cars don't check out, you call me, okay? Hey, man, throw it.
Whoa! Yeah! It was was a game.
Laura invited me over I thought she loved me According to our rapist, he was invited over by Laura Rowans.
Oh, what was that little tip that I picked up as a cop in Baltimore? Right on the Oh, yeah! Rapists are liars, Kate.
I don't think we should rule out anything, Tony.
Oh, really? Do you now, probie? All we have is Mrs.
Rowans' word for what happened last night.
So you want to drag her in here and accuse her of attempted murder, McGee? No, I didn't say that.
Let's do it.
Not like she hasn't been through enough crap already.
You would know, you're the master at giving it.
Watch your lip, probie.
Hey! Your little quivering lip! Hey! My God.
I swear, the two of you are worse than my brothers and they're practically psychotic.
We have to I.
this guy.
If we find a connection between the two of them, we bring Laura Rowans in for questioning.
Agreed? His name's Jeremy Davison.
Sergeant Hagerty found his car parked outside the Quantico rear gate.
Keys, wallet, I.
all inside.
Run his phone records, see if he ever communicated with Mrs.
I am on it.
Yeah, boss? Get a search warrant for that address.
On it.
Hey, Kate.
Your brothers really like that? Sadly, yes.
Explains a lot.
Jeremy Davison has no criminal record, Gibbs.
He's a civilian, no ties to the military, his prints don't match any open case files.
The boy doesn't even have a speeding ticket.
We're talking cleaner than clean, whiter than white.
You put him in a line-up with snow, snow is going to jail.
Or it just means he's never been caught.
Or it just means he was never caught.
I want you to run the DNA from his blood.
Cross reference it with every database you can think of.
Considering there's no centralized DNA depository, that could take months and months and months Uh-huh.
Then you better get started.
You think he did it? Kind of depends on your definition of "it.
" Spoken like a true politician, Gibbs.
Still going through his phone records, boss.
Nothing so far to or from Quantico.
Home and office? And cell.
Got the warrant to his apartment.
It's in Alexandria.
I'll get the sedan.
No, you stay on the phone records.
McGee, I want everything there is on Davison by the time I get back.
Come on, you're with me.
Let's go.
This is sort of how I always pictured Tony's place.
Yeah, except DiNozzo has better furniture.
All right, let's find out who this guy really is.
You might want to come take a look at this, Gibbs.
She had to have sent him that.
Yeah? How do you figure that? Let's just say theoretically, I had a picture like this.
I wouldn't be handing them out on a street corner.
Yeah, well, okay, since we're being theoretical, what about if the guy happens to work in a photo shop? Here's an e-mail from Laura Rowans to Davison.
"The thought of us possibly meeting, Niceguy, "is both exhilarating and terrifying.
"On one hand, I can imagine you throwing me down and " Whoa.
Whoa, what? Whoa, it's, uh, it's pretty specific, Gibbs.
Yeah? Uh, by specific, I mean, uh, explicit.
In the truest, most pornographic sense of the word.
Yeah, I'd say that's, uh, specific, Kate.
Bag it.
Jeremy? He's not here.
Who the hell are you?! Special Agent Gibbs and Todd, NCIS.
NCI-what? We're Federal agents executing a search warrant.
Who are you? Michelle.
Michelle Davison.
Jeremy's sister.
Is he okay? Your brother was shot last night breaking into a home on a Marine base.
He's in critical condition.
Oh, my God.
I knew it, I knew something like this was going to happen.
Something like what? He went on a date last night with some girl he met on the Internet.
Ooh, is it my birthday? Yeah, you see a bow on top? We think Laura Rowans was having an online affair with Jeremy Davison.
Really? I could have told her, Internet romances never work out.
They all end in attempted murder, Abby? Only the really hot ones, Tony.
I want proof it's true before I drag Mrs.
Rowans in here.
Is this Davison's computer? Yep.
If I'm gonna find something conclusive, Gibbs, I'm gonna have to have the lady's as well.
McGee's on the way with it.
Then we're in business.
When do you need it by? Now.
Wow! Laura Rowans wrote these? Allegedly.
Okay, Abby, I'll of course need copies of all of them, all right? What? Hey, McGee.
Ready to plunge into the seedy side of the Internet with me? I thought we agreed never to discuss that at work.
McGee, I'm talking about the case.
Right, the case.
Okay, we'll leave the two of you alone.
But Gibbs won't, so I'd get busy.
DiNozzo! I'm investigating here these letters speak to the suspect's state of mind.
I've read them, and they're all pretty much the same.
I've only read two, and if you think they're all the same, then we definitely need to talk, Kate.
that ain't ever gonna happen.
Do you still have the pleated skirt? Get that.
So, uh, what's going on? Gibbs just said to bring Laura Rowans' computer; he didn't say why.
We've got a cybersex attempted murder kill-thing going on, McGee.
Really? Cool, huh? Yeah.
Come on Let's say Laura did invite Davison back to her house? Thank you.
What would she gain from shooting him? Maybe he was blackmailing her? DiNozzo, he was lying on the floor with two bullets in him.
She could havefinished him off.
Instead, she dialed 911.
She get cold feet? Or Davison decided to surprise her, take it to next step from fantasy to reality.
Well, if they only communicated online, there's a possibility that she didn't even know what he looked like.
So you're saying the whole thing might have been an accident? I don't believe in accidents.
Or Davison could be your garden-variety psycho.
He latched on to Laura and he didn't want to let go.
We're missing something here.
And I think we found it, boss.
Laura Rowans and Jeremy Davison were definitely in contact.
We can trace their e-mail exchanges back to the day they met online.
Four months ago, on a little Web site called the Scarlet Secret.
This is their home page.
Oh, I got to get one of these.
I'm talking about the plasma screen, Kate.
What is this? Well, um, you know Friendster, where people make web pages with personal profiles to connect with their friends online? And their friends lead to their friends and so on and so on.
Okay you know what friends are, right? Abby.
Well, it's kind of like that, only it's explicitly for sex.
Male, female, preferences, fetishes.
And you follow the chain of pages, it should lead to somewhat anonymous cybersex or a real face-to-face meeting, if you want.
You're a member? No.
No, she just created the page to look online.
I did a little trial and error, with Laura Rowans' screen name- HomeAlone325, and Jeremy Davison's Niceguy653.
Care to guess which fetish they have in common, Kate? No, no, I'm going to hell just listening to all of this.
Rape fantasies.
What kind of a woman is into rape fantasies? Actually, it's not that uncommon, Kate.
Actually, it's sick and disturbing, McGee.
I dad a girl once who used to wear my police uniform and make me call her Detective Sipowicz.
What the hell's wrong with you? It wasn't my idea.
Well, the police uniform part was, but How long's Gibbs going to make her sit there? It's called brewing, probie.
She's scared, nervous, imagining the worst.
You gotta give it time to percolate.
What's going on, Agent Gibbs? I thought you said I wasn't in any trouble.
What makes you think you're in trouble? I'm in an interrogation room.
Did the man die? You mean Jeremy Davison? Is that his name? One of them.
He's still alive.
Though, you might know him better as Niceguy653.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
No? Where did you get that? Off of Jeremy Davison's computer.
I don't understand? How? You sent it to him.
No, I sent this to my husband in Iraq.
I told you, I never saw that man before in my life.
How could I send this to him? You spend a lot of time on the Internet, Mrs.
Why? What does that have to do with anything? It was an observation, not a question.
Oh, my God.
You think I wrote this.
Tell me about the Scarlet Secret Web site.
Uh I Where discriminating adults go to play.
Ring any bells? It's not like that.
You and Jeremy decided to have a little cyber fling.
One of you decided to take it to the next level.
I want to know which one.
I've never cheated on my husband; I wouldn't.
It was just supposed to be a game.
Does this feel like a game, Mrs.
Rowans? I, uh, I fooled around a couple times online, but I never gave anyone my name or my picture.
It was harmless! It was just a fantasy! This is sounding like attempted murder.
I have to talk to Gibbs.
Uh, you're going to have to wait, because the last time I disturbed him in interrogation was the last time No, McGee, this is an emergency.
We screwed up big time.
Then how do you explain this? This is a copy of the e-mail you sent Jeremy inviting him to your house Friday night.
I did not write that.
I never talked to anyone named "Mr.
Nice Guy.
" Agent Gibbs, I swear to you.
We have your computer.
You two were exchanging e-mails for months.
Uh, Agent Gibbs, we need a word with you.
What? Abby has something to tell you.
I was digging deeper into Laura Rowan's clusters mostly the slack space and the log file alignment, it was off.
Not much, but enough.
So I imaged the sectors and I found trace elements of corrupt English! She's telling the truth, Gibbs.
She didn't write those e-mails.
Who did? I don't know.
So she was set up? It's more like Jeremy Davison was set up.
His computer wasn't tampered with.
He thought he was communicating with Mrs.
Rowans the entire time.
And the reason for luring him on to a Marine base to rape a Marine wife? Well, closest thing to a death sentence I can think of.
Abby's lab, now.
No dice, Gibbs.
The hacker left no back trace on Laura Rowans' machine.
But we can tell when he created the e-mail trail.
The files overwritten on her computer show that it happened right around the time she shot Jeremy Davison.
Like I said, this guy's good.
The guy's a dirtbag, Abby.
I want him.
Well, unfortunately, we can't find him from here.
We need access to the Scarlet Secret Web servers.
And a warrant will take months.
They have a rep for legally fighting any attempt to breech the privacy of their members.
Can't we hack 'em? Won't work, Tony.
We need core-level access with full admin privileges to track this guy.
Which means we have to be on the inside to do it.
Find another way.
Abby, can you pull up the home page for the Scarlet Secret? Really? I thought I saw something that we could use.
Okay, at the bottom here can you click on employment opportunities.
Can we get a job there? Abby, click "computer programming.
" "We're looking for a computer programmer"with experience in network protocols "IDS, "firewalls, and ultra high-speed network capabilities.
"Excellent communication skills, "a professional attitude and the desire to be challenged "every day is required.
"Bachelor's degrees preferred.
Must be able to start immediately.
" Way to go, Kate.
Finally, I get to do some undercover work.
That's not going to work.
Uh, probie's got cop written all over his face.
I, on the other hand He does have experience with cyber sex.
That true, DiNozzo? I think what Kate meant to say was that I met a very nice girl online once.
Yeah, what was her name? Names aren't that important.
Hotjuggs24, but I think she meant it as a metaphor.
Boss, Tony could never pass as a computer programmer.
So McGee goes.
Not McGee.
You make me really horny, baby.
Well, you're certainly qualified.
And from the look of things, you'll fit right in around here.
So what do you think, Ms.
Gibbs? I'd say, when can I start, Mr.
Kane? You can call me Devon.
What am I wearing? How do you like fishnets, baby? You can start today.
I have a question for you, though.
Have you thought about modeling yourself? Oh, I prefer the computer programming side of the business, Devon.
Okay, well, should you change your mind we do offer naked tech support to a very select clientele.
And it pays double.
That's very thoughtful, but, um, I'll pass.
Okay, great.
Well, here's your work station.
And I think that's it.
So welcome to Scarlet Secret.
Good work, Abby.
Get Jeremy Davison's statement.
I want the name of anybody he's had an altercation with in the past five years.
You got it.
I'm in, Gibbs.
Is McGee there? Here, Abbs.
Hi, McGee.
Okay, open port 618 on their firewall, and I'll join you.
Done, and done.
How long is this going to take? There's a number of different variables.
Code complexity, accuracy of the logs, the software You've got one hour.
Or one hour.
So so if it wasn't Laura I was talking to, who was it? Well, that's what we're trying to find out, Mr.
No, I don't believe it.
We talked about everything.
It wasn't just about sex.
She loved me.
It can't be.
At this point, we're not even sure if she is a she.
We exchanged hundreds of e-mails.
Why would someone do that? You tell us.
Anyone holding a grudge against you, Mr.
Davison? Anyone who might know their way around a computer? No, I don't socialize much off-line.
I kind of s-stutter when I'm nervous.
What about on-line? I said no.
Maybe maybe she didn't recognize me.
Maybe it was just a mistake.
I - If I talk to her, we can She never even heard of you, Jeremy.
Whoever you were talking to, it wasn't Laura Rowans.
So none of it was real? The whole thing was just some sick joke? Jeremy.
Oh, God.
Are you okay? Is this really necessary, Agent Todd? Not anymore.
If you remember anything, Jeremy, anything that you think might help us, please call me.
It's going to be all right now, okay? It's going to be all right.
I got him.
It's custom code.
It matches the stuff on Laura's computer.
He's got hooks all over the system.
I'm on it.
Okay, he's using a router out of Fairfax.
Tracing it back now.
He left his name in an encrypted file.
The guy's arrogant.
He likes to sign his work.
What? I talk to myself.
Got a problem with that? Got him.
Name's Victor Grotinski.
He's in Woodbridge, Virginia, off Davis Ford Road.
That's a good job, McGee.
You get Abby back here.
Coffee's for you.
Yeah, boss.
Meet me at this address.
NCIS Federal agents! We have a warrant for your arrest.
Hands in the air.
Now! That's, uh That is just nasty.
Oh, my God.
You see anything interesting, Duck? They say the eyes are the window to the soul.
Yeah? They say anything about when he died? Perhaps.
Have we found them yet? Nope.
They took the optic nerve.
Time of death about 18 hours ago.
What do you think this is? Tony, he was slaving old systems together.
He was jerry-rigging his own super computer.
I talking about this.
Some kind of solvent? I don't think so.
Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you.
You know what this is? Hey! Hi guys.
No, I don't, but considering there's no bathroom in this apartment? Uh, probie bag that.
And why don't you check out those suspicious looking containers while you're at it.
I think I'll throw up now.
DiNozzo find out what this operates.
You got it.
Kate, what do you think about Oedipus here Well, there's no obvious defensive wounds.
He knew his attacker.
Or he was surprised.
Why take his eyes? Some kind of a message? Or a warning, Kate.
Several South American tribes were known to ritualistically pluck the eyes of their enemies to discourage them from being followed.
Of course, they were cannibals, so they did You know, I don't think we're dealing with cannibals here, Duck.
No, I should think not.
Well, not this far north.
Kate, could you come here for a second? I need your help with something.
I had to wear a skirt today.
Did you say something? Oh, you know, you realize what would happen if I dropped this knife, Tony? Yep.
I'm still deciding whether it's worth it or not.
Now, why would somebody hide a camcorder in a vent? You're kidding, right? Aw You know, when this is over, we really need to talk, Kate.
You scare me.
Well, he certainly isn't gonna win any awards for cinematography.
And it didn't help that he was shooting in almost no light.
Okay, here's where it gets interesting.
She's a black widow.
She killed him right after that special moment.
Any close-ups of her face? One glimpse, but I mean it's a glimpse.
It's digital, so I might be able to pull out more information.
I'll do my best to pull out more information? I will pull out more information.
Hey, McGee Yeah.
I need to know who hired Grotinski create the e-mail trail between Rowans and Davison.
Well, there's about 150 gigabytes of data on several hard drives, boss.
Only 150? Hell! That shouldn't take much time at all! He has no idea what a gigabyte is, does he, Abby? I don't think he knows what a hard drive is, McGee.
I mean, the policy they have at that beach isn't strictly nudist, it's more of like, uh, it's optional.
Ooh! Changed! We're dealing with a sociopath here, Tony.
Yeah, the missing eye part would be the dead giveaway, Kate.
Who likes to manipulate people.
But the question is: why Jeremy Davison and Laura Rowans? Two lonely people pouring their hearts out into cyberspace? Instead they find a psycho lurking on the Scarlet Secret Web site.
Works for me.
Not me.
We're being played.
By who, Gibbs? Kate, Grotinski was murdered by the woman on the tape.
She hired him? I don't know yet.
We should bring Laura Rowans back for questioning.
On our way.
Let's go.
Ducky's got something.
To Abby please, Mr.
Sure thing, Doctor.
Uh, what is it exactly? Our young man was killed during coitus.
That may be our black widow's DNA.
You know, the Romans considered dying during the act of love to be a great honor, Mr.
Yeah? What would they think about videotaping it? From some of the murals I've seen in Pompeii, I think they'd rather enjoy it.
It's an Italian thing, Ducky.
We're passionate people; it runs in our blood.
The only thing running through your blood, Tony, is cholesterol.
And possibly chlamydia.
It's curable.
What do we got, Duck? Well, I sent some fluids up to Abby.
The DNA may be our killers.
But what really interests me is the manner in which his throat was cut.
The knife was inserted into the side of the neck and then ripped forward, severing both the arteries and the windpipe.
Very professional.
And very familiar.
Thanks, Duck.
You track down Laura Rowans.
Tell her we need to talk.
Duck? Oh, it's the technique Marines are taught to kill enemy sentries.
Her hubby taught her how to do a lot more than just shoot.
I'm picking up some highlights off the baseball cap.
No, that's not good enough.
I need a face.
How much longer, Abby? Maybe another hour to filter.
What about the fluid Ducky sent up? I've isolated several female cells.
I'm sequencing the DNA now.
Like ten hours.
You think that's Laura Rowans, boss? Well, considering I've seen better pictures of a UFO, you tell me, McGee.
Check her home; if she's there, hold her, Sergeant.
Yes, ma'am.
Talked to Laura's mother, boss.
She claims she hasn't seen her since yesterday and she's not answering her cell.
She's not answering at home, either.
I have Sergeant Hagerty heading over there.
You try the hospital? No, but if she's at the plucking eyeball stage? She might take another shot at Jeremy.
We're going to Quantico.
Let's roll.
Lieutenant Kim.
It's Tony.
Tony! I was hoping you'd call.
What's Jeremy Davison's condition? Resting comfortably.
What's up? All right.
Anyone comes to visit him, tell them he's been transferred to another hospital.
Is there a problem, Tony? No.
No problem, Pam.
We'll be on base in about 15 minutes.
Make that ten.
You going to tell us what's up, Gibbs? My gut.
Agent Todd.
Yeah, we've got a serious situation here, ma'am.
Hands in the air! Now! Sergeant Hagerty has Laura Rowans in custody, Gibbs.
And he also found Grotinski's eyes in her kitchen.
She hired him to make it look like a third party set them both up? Yeah.
It's not a bad plan.
It almost worked.
Rowans didn't seem like the murdering type to me.
The smart ones never do.
I thought you told Gibbs the DNA would take ten hours.
I did.
This doesn't make any sense.
I didn't even send it.
Oh, my God.
You have ten minutes, and make sure all your cell phones are off.
You'll be moved to a civilian hospital tomorrow, Mr.
Any idea why this woman fixated on my brother? I was hoping he could tell me.
Jeremy? She wasn't happy, but she wouldn't leave her husband.
I was going to tell him about us.
Well, you're lucky.
We have her on tape slashing another guy's throat.
Y You do? The picture's damaged, but once our lab cleans it up We should be able to positively I.
She won't be bothering you again, Mr.
I I loved her.
Let's go.
Come on, answer, answer, answer.
Pick up, damn it! Pick up! If they're at the hospital, they probably have their phones turned off, Abby.
We're about to let a murderer go free! We have to get going, baby.
ICU! I need to speak to Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs now! It's a matter of life and death.
Those first two Navy cops were dumb, but their boss wasn't.
Did you see the way he was looking at me? Hey that sound harsh to you, Kate? Very.
Go for it, honey.
My first round's going through your right eye socket, lady.
Don't you pick up your phone anymore?! The DNA we ran on Jeremy Davison two days ago matches five open investigations.
He's a serial rapist and murderer! We know.
And the woman that he's with is his accomplice, it's not his You know?! Got it covered, Abby.
They know.
Did you know? No.
If I find out that you knew, I will kill you.
I can't believe we almost let those two walk.
And Davison isn't even their real names.
Grotinski created those identities for them.
Yeah, it's amazing what you can do with computers these days, Kate.
Sure is, Tony.
Hey, I've got a little something you might be interested in.
Who's this supposed to be? I tracked down your cyber babe for you: Hotjuggs24.
Yeah, she's a real keeper, DiNozzo.
I wonder if he wears a sports bra.