NCIS s02e10 Episode Script


Transport 334, we're hearing a tractor trailer flipped over on 295.
It's a parking lot.
Tell the judge we're going to be a little awhile.
We'll peel off at New Kent.
I'll take King Williams to River Road.
Nah, just take stay on 17 the whole way.
Yeah, wait one.
My wife is giving me directions.
I don't want to take the damn scenic route.
You got all those stoplights in New Kent.
Oh God, I can't breathe! Richie? Stop the bus.
Just pull it over to the side.
Richie! You okay? Come on.
Let's get out of here.
How'd it go? Perfect.
Didn't feel a thing.
Did White seem to buy it? He bought it, all right.
He was scared.
You could smell it.
Hey, Gibbs.
Yeah, I'm calling about the VW convertible.
What? The '92 VW for sale.
got the wrong number.
Come on, Kate.
We're moving.
You got him? Are you honestly asking me that? No, Abbs, I called to flirt.
Do you think I would send our helpless boy out there in the world without knowing exactly where he is? Have you got a video? I tought you said you had him.
The GPS system has his position within four feet.
You don't have him in the car? No, Abby, I do not! Okay, I got him now.
You forgot to turn it on.
Put McGee on.
He wants you.
How'd he know I was here? Because he's Gibbs.
Uh, yes, boss.
I got people calling me every five minutes asking if I have a VW for sale.
A VW? It's a car, McGee.
No, no, no.
I know.
I just didn't know that you owned a VW.
Do I seem like the kind of guy who would drive a squishy little car? No.
You know, it's probably a used car listing in the paper with the wrong number that is, unfortunately, your number.
Do you think? You already figured that out.
Fix it! How does he want me to fix it? You can't.
You're doomed.
So you better get back to the case.
Okay, so where did you finally put the GPS? I thought about subdermal implantation.
Under the skin? Yeah, like, maybe in his neck.
Tony wouldn't go for it.
But I would have loved to have done that.
Didn't consider a suppository? I thought of it.
Tony balked.
I put it in his shoe.
It's really boring.
I can't I can't keep going.
Get up and run! Let's go.
Hey! I just killed a guy back there.
I am not getting caught.
Let's get up and run! Move it! Let's go! If you kill me, you're going to have to drag me.
What's your name? Jeffrey.
I'm Tony.
You ever see The Defiant Ones, Jeffrey? What? The movie, The Defiant Ones.
Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier? I think I'm having an asthma attack.
It's a great movie.
These two guys, right? A black guy and a white guy escape from a Southern chain gang.
They're chained together, just like we are.
We're not black.
My grandmother was black.
Okay, so, what happens? They fight each other every step of the way.
Tony Curtis has an infected wrist, a bullet in his shoulder Really? Yeah.
He had guts.
Guts, Jeffrey.
He doesn't want to live in a cage.
I don't want to live in a cage.
So we're going to get up.
Jeffrey, we're going to get up and we're going to get out of here.
Who's Tony Curtis? Who's Tony Curtis? You are.
Let's go.
Where's Gibbs? Who needs to know? I'm the new Senior MTAC Control Officer.
Where is he? He is in the field.
The Director's Office called.
In five minutes, the Deputy Secretary of State, Anna Elliott The Deputy Secretary of the United States? No, Norway.
She's coming on an MTAC.
She's going to be the State Department rep on the investigation.
Get Gibbs fast.
I don't have a VW for sale! Yeah, I-I know, boss.
Switching to the car feed.
The Deputy Secretary of State is coming on an MTAC in five minutes and she wants to speak with you.
Handle it, McGee.
Uh, excuse me? You are the highest-ranking member of our team in the office.
Deal with it.
Do you think that's a good idea? This is a very powerful and important government official Boss? Boss? Agent Gibbs? Uh, no.
No, ma'am.
Agent Timothy McGee.
Are you in charge of this investigation? Uh, at this moment, uh here at NCIS headquarters, I am.
Agent Gibbs is unreachable in the field.
Okay, give me the short version.
Well, since the beginning of the war, many very valuable Iraqi antiquities have been smuggled out of Iraq.
Roll it.
You should be seeing them on your screen now.
FBI and Customs have sd many of these pieces in the U.
They were collected and stored at Norfolk Naval Station for shipment back to Iraq.
Many of these artifacts date back from the Sumerian period.
They're about Is this the short version? Y - Yes.
Faster and's skip the whole Sumerian period.
Uh, they were stolen by two civilian employees who were hired to crate them for shipment back to Iraq.
And how many pieces were taken? Eighty-seven.
They were stolen in-in a large Conex container roughly 18 hours ago.
One of the thieves, Jeffrey White, picked up on a traffic violation minutes after an APB went out.
He is in custody sort of.
The other is Lane Harrison.
He is, he is at large with the Conex box.
What does that mean, "In custody, sort of"? If the Iraqi antiquities are not recovered within 48 hours, statistically, they will probably be sold into private art collections and lost forever.
Okay, I'll ask again.
What does that mean "In custody, sort of"? Sorry.
Uh, Jeffrey, Jeffrey refused to talk, so we let him get away with an undercover agent, hoping that he would lead us to the Conex box.
You let the one that you had in custody escape With an undercover NCIS agent, yes, ma'am.
They did this in The Defiant Ones.
Chain represents the unbreakable bond between all men.
Every scene in that movie is a metaphor.
You don't talk like a criminal.
What'd you do? Okay, I didn't do anything.
Let's get that crystal clear.
I was landing my plane in Virginia Beach on my way back from the Dominican Republic.
You're a pilot? Yeah, I was flying in this rich couple.
Customs found four keys of cocaine in the luggage.
It was the rich couple's.
I never saw it before.
I'm sorry.
It's a tough break.
I was locked in at 25 to life.
I wasn't going to let that happen.
And this isn't working.
All right.
We gotta keep moving.
You ready to be Tony Curtis again? All right.
Here we go.
This way.
That's it.
That's it.
You are Tony Curtis.
They're moving.
Yeah, baby.
That's our ticket out of here.
All right, let's find out if anybody's home.
Watch it! Watch it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Shush! I guess, I guess no one's home, huh? They would have heard us, right? You figured out yourself to put that all together!? Hey, was there anything like this, like in the water, in The Defiant Ones? Yeah.
Yeah, there was a scene where the two of them nearly drowned but that was a river.
This is a river.
No, this is not a river Jeffrey.
You know what this is? It's a stream.
And you can't drown in a stream, ok? You can get wet and you can get fucking freezin', but you can't drown! You look mad.
Why are mad? We survived.
Surviving in two feet of water is not a heroic accomplishment.
It is when you have a phobia of drowning.
You look cold.
I am cold.
Let's see if we can get inside.
Lost him.
I lost him, too! There's something wrong with the GPS.
God The chicks are going to love you.
That'll be the day.
Am I sensing a lack of confidence here? Well, look at me.
What have I got to be confident about? Hey, pump a little iron, get a tan, contact lenses caps, maybe a little plastic surgery, and you'll be fine.
Jeffrey, it's our lucky day.
You know, you've only been with me four hours, Jeffrey.
You realize how much your life has changed? You're out of prison, you got new threads, and you're riding in a tricked-out GMC Sierra.
We got a signal from the truck.
We're back in business, Gibbs.
Good call on the trailer.
Cash, clothes and a car.
Everything Tony loves.
Let's just hope he's not headed for Vegas.
Would you slow down? If I go any slower I'll be going backwards, Jeffrey.
Ah, these cuff are chaffing me.
Maybe we should stop and get you some lotion.
Really? No, not really, Jeffrey.
We're criminals on the run, and criminals on the run don't stop and get lotion.
Okay, listen, just relax.
I know some people down in Florida.
We can drive down there.
Problem is, we can't stay in this truck forever.
It's probably LoJacked.
I have a friend who could help us.
He's near here.
You have a friend near here? And you were going to tell me this when? Sorry.
I just thought of it.
Let's find a pay phone.
How can we help you, Mr.
Reynolds? Hi, yeah, we'd like to make a call.
I'd be happy to place that call for you.
What is the number? Hold on a second? Let's get out of these cuffs, Jeffery.
What's the number? Come on.
Watch out! Gibbs, it sounds like Tony was in an accident.
Got it, Abby.
We're on it.
I wasn't going to hit him.
I saw him the whole time.
I think I have a concussion.
You didn't hit your head on anything.
The sticker says the "airbags can be fatal.
" For children.
You okay? Yeah, we're cool.
I called 911.
Kate? Oh, no.
Who's Kate? My dog.
She must've jumped out.
Kate! Kate! Come here, girl! My leg.
Can you move it? Wait here.
I'll get her.
What does she look like? A shih tzu.
A what? Long, brown hair, kind of mangy.
- Put your arm around.
- What? Okay, under.
all right? Hey, what are you doing?! Hey! Hey, hey! My bike was stolen.
You gotta help me.
Who stole it? Two guys their truck went off the road.
I was helping find their dog.
They had a dog? A shih tzu named Kate.
They had a dog named Kate? What's a shih tzu? It's a little, annoying dog.
Did they describe it? Yeah, they said it had long, brown hair.
Kind of mangy.
I'm going to shoot him.
How much gas do you have left in your tank? Almost nothing.
Half-gallon, tops.
Let's go.
Hey, what about my bike? We're going to find it.
Great, that's great.
What should I do? Find the dog.
Loosen your grip.
What? I can't breathe! My hand is numb, I can't move it.
Stop it.
I'm going to fall off.
You're not falling, Jeffrey.
I can't ride without hugging.
Stop it.
You and I are going to have a long talk after this, Jeffrey.
Come on, guys.
Give me something to work with.
Hah! It happened on the way to arraignment.
I had no choice.
Why the hell'd you run? I was handcuffed.
What was I supposed to do? Don't you sell that without me, Lane.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Lane is not happy you're with me.
Well, we cut the chain, you'll never see me again.
Could you fly me and Lane out of the country? It's tricky, Jeffrey.
We'd have to fly below the radar.
No transponder.
Limited range.
Won't be cheap.
I could come up with the money.
It might make Lane like you.
I don't need Lane to like me.
We get out of these cuffs, you can come with me, if you want.
Without Lane.
But I can't.
Hey, could I drive? I'm getting a cramp in this position.
You didn't even think about it.
Well, you ran into a tree.
Trust me, you shouldn't be operating heavy machinery.
Haven't seen 'em.
Well, here's our number if they come in.
What? You're worried.
About what? Tony.
You are.
I can tell.
I'm worried about the job, Kate.
Don't confuse the two.
I sold it.
Where is Special Agent Gibbs? He he is still in the field.
Is he planning on coming back or am I doomed to speak to you for the duration of this investigation? Ma'am, he is he is searching for a missing agent.
The agent chained to Jeffrey White? Yes.
When a fellow officer is in trouble So, you lost the agent who is chained to Jeffrey White? Well, yes, but Using the transitive property then that leads me to the conclusion that NCIS has lost Jeffrey White.
No? Then you have Jeffrey White in custody? Well, I-I I Call the minute you find him.
Or whenever your mouth begins to work again.
Whichever comes first.
I am not having this conversation with you, Jeffrey.
For the 300th and final time, shut your pie hole.
Okay, okay.
Just just wait, wait.
Hey, Lane.
That's Tony.
How you doin'? Okay.
She's not as comfortable as she looks.
Trust me.
You killed a federal marshal? I don't know that I killed him.
You don't strike me the type to kill a man.
Sorry to disappoint you.
Did Jeffrey tell you what we have going on? Ah, he just said that you wanted me to fly you out of the country.
That's all? Yeah, that's all.
Jeffrey manipulates easy.
I'm not manipulating No? No.
You want me out of here, I'm gone.
There's no need to rush off.
Unless you want to.
Their names didn't bring up any criminal records.
That's because this print doesn't match Lane Harrison or Jeffrey White.
Meet Billy Collins.
Oh, no.
Yeah? Gibbs.
We've got an ID.
Boss, Lane Harrison is an alias.
He has done time for armed robbery and is wanted for three murders in the Seattle area.
What's his M.
? According to the autopsy reports Abby? He was a regular Mack the Knife, Gibbs.
Their throats were cut from behind.
There's a bed.
It'll help you sleep.
We now believe that Jeffrey White and Lane Harrison are not who they say they are.
We've linked them to several murders.
You put your agent with murderers Yes, but we didn't know.
and then you lost contact with your agent, Yes, but and you still have no idea where in the world he is.
No, but And you have no idea where the Iraqi antiquities are.
Well, no-no, we-we don't.
Not a clue? Not a clue.
You ever worked at the post office, Agent McGee? No, ma'am.
You ever clean toilets at a federal campground? No, ma'am.
If these antiquities are not found immediately, you will not even be able to get those two federal government jobs.
Am I clear? He's leaving bread crumbs.
Pull the records on a pay phone number for me.
The number is Seven, eight.
Okay, got it.
Compare the numbers to the ones we have on Jeffrey White or Lane Harrison.
Family, friends, anything.
Uh, look, boss, the Deputy Secretary of State, she-she keeps calling.
She keeps threatening things.
Things? What kind of things? Not letting us clean toilets, other jobs like that.
Hey, McGee, calm down.
I'm calm now.
Okay, I'm going to tell you how to handle this.
Next time she calls, you give her two words from the bottom of your heart.
Two words.
Stick it.
"Stick it"? I - I'm not sure that I Morning.
What's the matter? I'm not used to waking up this close to a man's face, Jeffrey.
We got to get out of here.
Lane took off.
Where did he go? Last night we fought.
Over you.
Really don't like the way that sounds, Jeffrey.
He wanted to get rid of you.
I wouldn't let him.
Oh, now that sounds good.
You've been decent to me.
Not a lot of people have.
Where did he go? I'm going to lay it out for you.
All right.
I'm about to make a lot of money.
But I need a partner.
Talk to me.
Lane and me stole some stuff.
Very valuable stuff.
I kind of figured that.
What is it, drugs? Stuff from Iraq.
Like from a hundred thousand years ago.
There were no people then, Jeffrey.
It's old.
We got it off this Navy base we were working at.
What's it worth? Three million.
You're kidding.
We got a buyer this guy from Japan.
The stuff's going to be on a ship to Tokyo tonight.
So when do you get the money? Eight hours.
Lane took off to sell it out from under you, didn't he? We got to get to those buyers before he does.
Where's the stuff? Someplace safe.
You with me? I can't face Lane alone.
I'm with you.
Let's break the pattern.
What pattern? "Dishonest silence" pattern.
I'll start.
I'm worried for Tony.
I said it.
I dropped my guard for two seconds, I got it out, now I'm happy.
That made you happy? Yes.
Don't you want to be happy, Gibbs? I am happy.
You don't look happy.
We're done with this.
I thought we were.
Yeah, McGee? Switch to car feed.
Boss, I got the list of numbers dialed from the pay phone.
One was placed to a hunting cabin outside of Richmond.
It was the only phone call made from that pay phone all afternoon.
I'm feeding you the GPS coordinates now.
How soon can you get the plane? Well, I know a guy that can arrange a charter to Key West.
From there, we can get a King Air 350 twin engine.
That'll get us to Mexico.
I'm glad Lane took off.
We're gonna make a good team.
Better get going.
Lane took the bike.
He must've pushed it down the road.
He didn't want us to wake up when he started it.
My father used to have a cabin like this.
He used to bring me and my sister here.
Good times? Used to beat the crap out of me.
Your parents are supposed to help you, Tony, not hurt you.
Your father hurt you? No, he was too drunk to hurt anyone.
I hate it here.
Then let's get out of here, make us some money.
Hell, yeah.
Let's go make us lots of money.
Either I speak to Agent Gibbs and get a full accounting of this investigation or I've been authorized to pull NCIS from the investigation and put it under the FBI's jurisdiction.
You're getting in the way.
Excuse me, Agent McGee.
We are working very hard.
We have an undercover agent who is missing.
He's risking his life, and your constant interruptions are keeping me from doing my job.
You lost your prisoners.
You lost your agent.
That is not true.
That's what you told me.
Look, the truth is, that while Agent DiNozzo is lost, Jeffrey White is still with him, so Jeffrey White, technically, is with an NCIS agentand therefe, technically, is still in custody.
Well, you've clearly been empowered to tell me off.
Yes, ma'am.
And what exactly did Agent Gibbs tell you to say to me? He told me to tell you to stick it.
You're telling me to Stick it.
Thank you, Ms.
Deputy Secretary of State.
Our conversation is now over.
We're too late.
Search it.
Yeah? Gibbs.
Special Agent McGee speaking.
Hey, McGee.
Yes, boss.
Run the phone records for the land line at the cabin.
On it.
Oh, and, uh, boss, I told her the Deputy Secretary of State.
Yeah? How'd it work? Well, she submitted a formal complaint to the Director.
McGee good job.
Gibbs! Over here.
Throat's slashed to the spine.
Lane Harrison didn't kill those two guys in Seattle.
Jeffrey White did it.
Tony has no idea who he's with, Gibbs.
Wasn't much of a struggle.
Only these abrasions on his cheek.
The head was grabbed from behind and immobilized, and with the other hand came around and cut across the throat.
From the look of things, he was experienced in this method of execution, Jethro.
We think he's responsible for three other murders, same M.
And Tony's with the bastard? Is he aware? Probably not.
But we have to think Tony didn't know anything about this.
He would've never allowed it to happen.
Unless We checked the rest of the area.
No other bodies.
Tony's still alive.
"Lynchburg across from Wal-Mart.
" Mean anything? Yeah.
I do not have a VW.
Still getting the calls, huh, boss? What do you got, McGee? Well, I got the local message units dialed from the cabin.
Nothing there.
Long distance? The exchange has mechanical switches, so it's going to take some time.
They may be headed to Lynchburg to make the sale.
I need the location of all Wal-Marts in the area.
On it.
We're pulling over.
But we don't want Lane showing up first we should get to the buyer.
We got time.
I'm gonna take a little nap.
You want me to drive while you sleep? You think we ought to keep moving? I do.
You got my back, Tony? You know it.
You know I feel like I've been running my whole life just to get to this moment.
Finally doing something right.
Found the Wal-Mart.
There's a storage facility across the street, with Conex boxes in the parking lot.
Call the local LEOs.
Make sure they understand there's a federal agent working undercover.
You got it.
Nothing in the Conex boxes.
What about the long distance records on the cabin? Working on it, boss.
Work faster.
It was a misdirect.
He knew that we would search the body.
What do we do? Yeah.
God God McGee.
Hey! McGee! Listen up Boss, it's only been, like, ten seconds.
I'm know I'm good, but I'm not that good.
I just had a hang-up.
Check the last incoming call on my cell and have Abby run a GPS location.
This isn't about the VW, is it? No! It's where DiNozzo is! It's Lane Harrison's cell phone.
Highway 14, just past Newport News, Virginia.
Stay on the phone and guide us there.
You all right?! Gibbs is driving.
I'm saying a prayer in many languages.
How we doing? You scared the hell out of me.
That's part of my charm.
He's coming down 14th, headed for the west side.
Take a right.
What the hell's that? It's in my bag.
I thought I turned it off.
Battery's dead.
Well, turn it off.
They can trace a cell phone.
I lost the signal! That's her.
History of the world in a box.
I don't see Lane.
I've always wanted to scuba dive.
I'm gonna scuba dive.
What do you think of that? Well, you can't swim, Jeffrey.
There's that, yeah.
You can teach me.
That's him.
Now, you're gonna watch my back.
I'm gonna go get the cash and then we're gonna get out of here.
You ready? I want you to listen to me, Jeffrey.
I'm a federal agent.
Good one, Tony.
Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
Don't say that.
Wish I didn't have to.
Need the long distance numbers from the cabin, McGee! Working on them! Never lost an agent undercover, Kate.
I am not about to let DiNozzo screw that up.
Everyone's gonna know you wanted to turn yourself in.
That you drove me here voluntarily.
You testify against Lane, they're gonna cut you a deal.
W- W-What do I do? Okay, you sit tight.
I'll arrest the buyer, then we call my boss and he'll pick us up.
One call: Dr.
Haru Owagawa.
in Art History at GW.
It's gotta be the buyer.
We need a GPS location on his cell.
location, head due west.
I know you don't have any backup, Tony.
How do you know that, Jeffrey? I thought you might be a cop.
That's why we took that swim in the stream, and that's why I crashed the truck.
No bugs.
There's a reason Lane isn't here, isn't there? You're having naughty thoughts, Tony.
Just so you know when I said no one ever treated me like you did I meant that.
I know.
Step away from your car! Hands in the air! I really liked him.
Yeah yeah, I can see that.