NCIS s02e11 Episode Script


No, for the 23rd time.
You going to answer that? I'm in hell, Kate.
Well, do they have money there? 'Cause you owe me $43.
86 for lunch this week.
I will gladly pay you today if you'll answer this call for me.
Yeah? Who is it? A crazy ex-girlfriend.
I haven't seen her since college.
Stalker? More like a stalk-him.
What do you want me to say to her? I don't know.
Tell her you're my wife or something.
She's been calling me nonstop for two days.
I'm begging you here, Kate, please? You pay me back today.
Thank you.
Hello? Me? Oh, uh I am Tony's wife.
Uh, yes, we got married a few years ago.
Do we have kids? No.
Yes, and we're very, very happy.
So, please, don't call back again.
I feel like I need a shower.
Pay the lady, probie.
He bet me $40 that he could get you to say you're his wife today.
Tony, I'm going to kill you.
DiNozzo! Pull the case file on Lieutenant Brian McAllister.
McAllister? We going after more treasure hunters, boss? Treasure hunters? Before your time, probie.
McAllister disappeared two years ago.
His family offered a million-dollar reward for anyone who could find him.
I had a few friends in the Secret Service who used to work that case on the weekends.
It was the Holy Grail for every amateur detective on the East Coast, Kate.
So what happened? Nothing.
Cold case.
Not anymore.
For the past two years, thousands have searched for the heir to the McAllister Industries fortune.
Each hoping to collect the $1 million reward offered by his famous family.
Today, private investigator, Monroe Cooper, believes he's one step closer to solving the mystery.
Cooper, is it true that you have finally found Brian McAllister? Whoa, boss.
That was Monroe Cooper.
The man who can solve the unsolvable? He's a famous detective.
Do I look like I care, McGee? No.
Grab your gear.
We're going to Black Lake.
"Lieutenant Brian McAllister graduated Annapolis "in '97, third in his class.
"He vanished somewhere between October 4 and the 7th, Thing I don't get is why a guy worth millions would join the military in the first place.
You think money has anything to do with patriotism, DiNozzo? No, I'm just saying if I were rich, you know, I would do nothing.
I thought your parents were loaded.
They are.
So why do you work for the government then? Because they know what their son would do with the money.
I can't even get an advance on the will, Kate.
Hey, McGee! Yeah, boss? Tell me about that private dick, Cooper.
Yeah, uh, he's a former NYPD detective,works mostly for insurance companies and celebrities now.
He makes a lot of money solving cases like this.
The guy's a He's kind of a cross between Columbo and Sherlock Holmes.
You know, we really should get a seat belt back there.
Hey! What the hell are you doing?! Looking for my fork.
Well, I can guarantee you it is not there.
Tony, grab the gear and see if McGee's still alive.
Special Agent Gibbs, Todd, NCIS.
Been waiting for you all to show up.
Sheriff Deke Lester.
That Detective fella, Cooper, he thinks that missing McAllister kid's in there somewhere.
Yeah? Is he? I can't say, but my divers found a Chrysler convertible sitting on the bottom.
Lieutenant McAllister owned a Chrysler convertible.
It disappeared with him, Gibbs.
Fixing to pull it out.
Once we I.
the vehicle, we can decide on who's got jurisdiction.
Works for me, Sheriff.
Where's Cooper? I don't rightly know.
I imagine he's off detecting or something.
Hey, Deke, we've got the chains set here.
Let's haul her up.
Yes, sir.
You ready to see what we caught, Agent Gibbs? Hurry it up, probie.
You sure this is necessary? I kind of feel like a dork.
You are a dork.
No, no, no.
Bad move.
What? Gibbs catches you reading instead of working, you're history.
It's not for reading.
I'm hoping I can get Detective Cooper to sign it.
The lead character in the book is based on him.
Celebrity P.
? Never heard of it.
I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it.
There's no pictures in it.
You say something, probie? Yeah.
I'm not a dork.
Whatever you say, SpongeBob.
Take it slow now, Charlie! I think it's safe to say that car's not gonna run again.
All right, hold it right there.
All right, Kate.
The lieutenant's tags, Gibbs.
Looks like you found your missing sailor.
Eh, not yet.
I think you'll find that pile of bones is McAllister, Special Agent, uh Gibbs.
And I'll wait for my M.
to determine that.
Oh, of course.
Monroe Cooper.
"The man who solves the unsolvable.
" So you've heard of me? No.
It's on your card.
My publicist's idea.
Works great with the yokels.
How'd you track his vehicle to Black Lake? Leg work, luck, my gut.
It say that on your card, too? I have a policy, Agent Gibbs.
You share information with me, and I share it with you.
We have a deal? That kind of goes against my policy, Cooper.
Which is? Throw people in jail who obstruct my investigations.
I'll try to keep that in mind.
The dental records are conclusive, Jethro.
This is our missing lieutenant.
Any idea how he died? After two years in the water? Difficult to say.
Do you suspect foul play? You know me, Duck.
I suspect everything.
That's an admirable trait in an investigator.
And also the reason your three marriages ended in divorce.
Oh yeah? All these years I thought it was because I was a bastard.
Well, of course, that didn't help.
Oh, there's evidence of a hairline fracture on the frontal lobe of the skull.
Cause? It's consistent with most vehicle accidents, quite possibly from contact with the steering column.
What about drugs? Well, in this state, a toxicological screen would be useless.
However, drugs are a possibility.
Too many of those, Duck; too many.
Well, my current opinion is that Lieutenant McAllister met with a tragic accident.
Most likely, he drowned.
Keep looking.
Alas, poor Yorick.
Did you meet any of his wives? I introduced him to the last one.
What went wrong? Oh, t's difficult to say, Mr.
She doesn't talk to me anymore.
You know what movie this reminds me of, Kate? The Wizard of Oz? I'll get you, my pretty! No.
I meant the one they make you watch in high school.
teenagers out of car wrecks.
Oh, my God! I loved those! Blood on the Highway Drink, Drive, Die.
I keep hoping they're gonna release them on DVD.
Yeah, me too.
What do we have? Ah, hey, boss.
I found a suitcase in the back.
Looks like he packed enough for about a weekend.
Dive team will be back with the rest of the stuff from the debris field in a few hours.
Abbs? The brake lines are corroded but they're intact.
Something's stuck.
Hey, Kate? I got a present for ya.
I think it's one of your ex-boyfriends.
It's a cold fish.
You get it, Kate? I don't think this was an accident! It's a bullet.
McAllister was murdered.
Your speakers are broken.
Oh, Gibbs.
That was the best part of the song.
Correction, your ears are broken.
What'd the divers find? Actually, it's more like what didn't they find.
My theory is they're getting paid by the piece.
They recovered everything within a 20-meter radius of the vehicle.
Sunglasses, golf balls, Rick James 8-track, typewriter I didn't see any point in bringing the Maytag up from the evidence lock-up.
Anything to do with the case? As a matter of fact, found directly beneath the vehicle Can you hear me now? I might be able to recover some data from the memory chip.
What about the bullet we brought up from the wreck last night? Lots and lots of stopping power.
The grooving matches a Colt.
45, old-school military version.
Did you work up a trajectory yet? Of course.
The bullet's entry angle into the side of the door is as obvious as Anna Nicole's implants.
Who? You know, married to that old guy, had a TV show, - got fat, got thin, got fat, got thin, fat - Stop Right, so using that angle, I back-traced the trajectory.
The bullet traveled on this path.
So unless he was driving with his feet from the backseat, which is something that I have tried, but do not recommend Abby.
the round had to have gone through McAllister's body.
It's entirely possible, Jethro, but if Abby's animation is correct, the bullet passed clean through the thoracic cavity unfortunately, without leaving any evidence of its passing.
Hell of a shot.
The vehicle had to be going over 70 to end up where we found it in the lake.
Well, at that speed, a bullet passing through the rib cage without so much as glancing a single bone ha! Hell of a shot indeed.
More like impossible.
Thank you, Duck.
Doctor? He means the vehicle was stationary when Lieutenant McAllister was shot, Mr.
Lieutenant McAllister was last seen in Norfolk on a Friday, then found 300 miles away in Black Lake, Virginia.
Which would make sense if he was heading here.
The McAllister family compound in Shenandoah.
So he was heading home for the weekend? Another 20 miles and he would have made it, McGee.
McAllister's military records are spotless, boss.
Been running background on his family.
Mother died in '93.
Father passed away in 2002, three months after the lieutenant disappeared.
The only surviving next of kin is this guy: Thomas McAllister, his younger brother.
Washed out of Annapolis freshman year.
Arrested a bunch of times for suspected DWI and marijuana possession.
Never convicted.
The rich never are.
Even richer now, Kate.
He inherited everything.
He's currently the CEO of his own airline.
The Good Son and the Bad Seed.
Very biblical.
Navy notified him last night about his brother.
CACO said he took it pretty well.
Oh! Thank you.
I took the liberty of ordering lunch today.
Something healthy, for once.
There you are.
They're tofu veggie wraps.
They're good, Tony.
Abby and I eat them all the time.
DiNozzo, track down the bad seed.
I want to know what he was doing around the time his brother disappeared.
Already set up an interview for later this afternoon, boss.
Take Kate.
Contact Cooper.
I want to know how he found that vehicle.
So we're going to cooperate with him? No, McGee, he's going to cooperate with me.
Okay, I'll be right back, I'm just going to run this down to Abby.
"Beyond First Class"?! Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Might as well call it Rich Jackass Airways.
I think it sounds cool.
You would.
What's that supposed to mean? Nothing, Rockefeller.
Oh, I get it.
So because I grew up with money, that somehow makes me bad.
Very deep.
Well, it's better than having to work every day, like I had to.
Listen, you think money makes life easier, huh? Everything was just a big old cakewalk for little Anthony DiNozzo? You tell me, Kate, 'cause I really want to know.
I'm sorry, Tony.
I didn't mean anything by it.
'Cause you want to know the answer to your question? Yes, money makes a huge difference, huge.
I miss it every single day of my life, so much it makes me want to cry.
You're pathetic.
- It's part of my charm.
- Yeah.
All right, let's find this little twiddle toes candy pants.
Hey, there, we're looking for your boss, Thomas McAllister is he around? You'll have to hold on a second.
Could you pass me that socket wrench please, miss? Is he even here or should we stop by a country club or something? I'm Tom McAllister.
Agents Todd, DiNozzo, NCIS.
Do you always work on your own planes, Mr.
McAllister? Whenever I can find time in my busy social schedule down at the club, Agent Todd.
I'm sorry about that.
I didn't It's fine.
You would have been right a couple of years ago.
And please, call me Tom.
So, do you own all these planes? Yeah, me and the bank.
That's my new one out there.
Plan on taking it for a test flight today, if you're interested.
You don't seem too broken up for a guy who just lost his brother, Tom.
I've known he's been dead for quite some time, Agent DiNozzo.
The first week you expect a ransom note.
After a month, you pray.
A year? You just know.
When's the last time you talked to your brother? About three months before the accident.
Would you believe we grew up fishing at Black Lake? Thing is, it wasn't an accident.
- But the Navy, they said - Your brother was murdered.
Are you absolutely positive about that? He was shot on the weekend of October 4, 2002.
I'm sorry.
Considering his body was found dumped we'd like to know where you were the weekend he disappeared.
Me I was at home.
Anyone who can verify that? I was with my father.
Let me rephrase.
Is there anyone who can verify that who's still alive.
You're saying you think I did it? We're just following up any leads we can, Tom.
Of course.
Whatever I can do to help.
I can't tell you what an honor this is, sir.
Thank you.
Don't believe everything you read in the book, kid.
It's called fiction for a reason.
I actually write a little myself.
Is there any truth to the rumor that S.
Eckhart is, in fact, you? If I was a best-selling author, would I be crawling through the swamps of Virginia searching for reward money? No, I guess not.
Damn straight.
Now tell me about your boss.
Is he always such a hard-ass? Agent Gibbs? Yeah.
He's a lot like you, actually.
Oh? Yeah.
In fact, the main character in my book is based on him.
I hope he got a better deal than I got.
Well, he doesn't know it yet.
Don't know what, McGee? What a great guy I am, Gibbs.
You ready to tell me how you found McAllister? You ready to tell me what you pulled out of his car and his corpse? Depends.
On what? How bad you want that million-dollar reward.
Ah considering how I don't collect till you put the murderer behind bars, you got me by the short hairs there, Gibbs.
I figured the lieutenant headed home that weekend.
But the back road that he liked to drive, I think it was washed out.
Here, take a look at these weather patterns.
Now, I spent nine weeks getting these from the National Weather Service.
Every Doppler readout, every satellite image I could find.
Pocket of storms, real tight, near the road.
Enough to swell that creek alongside? Yeah, but only on that side of the mountain, kid.
My educated guess? I think McAllister doubled back, took this road to the other side, where the storm hadn't reached yet.
See, the locals only use that road when there are bad storms.
That's right along Black Lake, boss.
I figure that if somebody wanted to kill him, they had to know the roads and the weather the way McAllister did.
And they'd have to know he was coming, am I right? I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.
What? Kate Todd acting like a high school girl with a crush.
He's not a murderer, Tony.
I'm sorry, were you using the new NCIS magical murderer detector back there? My gut.
If you were a guy, I'd say you were using your Don't even say it, if you want to live.
What did Thomas McAllister have to say? He hadn't heard from his brother in three months.
Definitely hiding something, boss.
My best guess, it was grief.
There's no way he's involved, Gibbs.
Abbs, what do you have? The last three calls that came in on the phone from the lake were all made on Friday, October 4.
Yeah? And they were all from his brother, Thomas McAllister.
Sorry, Kate.
This McAllister family's got more skeletons than a North Korean prison camp, Gibbs.
That's everything I've turned up.
Six months of leg work.
It's okay to smoke in here, sweetheart? Uh, it's Agent Todd, and, no, Detective Cooper.
It's a federal office building.
It's a wonder you guys catch anybody working under these conditions.
We manage.
This supposed to be in some sort of order? The order's up here, Gibbs.
And I'll be glad to lay it out for you, once you tell me what you found in that wreck.
Lieutenant McAllister was shot.
How many times? At least once.
You got the round? It's recovered from the passenger-side door.
Pistol, uh, huh? Rifle would go clear through.
Car must have been stopped.
He was approached, but not alarmed.
Know his attacker? One shot, point blank.
Poor sap never saw it coming.
You know how, Gibbs.
Want to know why? Angle your end down, probie.
I told you we should have taken the legs off.
I said down.
What does Cooper need this thing for anyway? He's old school.
It's part of his process.
He has solved every case he's taken on, Tony.
How many detectives you know with 100% batting average? You mean besides Gibbs? Finally.
Change of plans.
I'm doing this upstairs.
Maybe we should take the stairs.
Maybe you should take the legs off, like I told you to.
I'm gonna take the stairs.
Hey, I'm the one who said that Elaine McAllister, the mother.
Into the occult in a big way.
Psychics, seances, all that weird sh Stuff.
She dies in '93, family falls apart.
How? The old man.
Took it pretty hard.
He decided he was gonna contact the dead wife.
Starts neglecting the family business.
What do you mean by make contact? He consults this space cadet, Saleena Lockhart.
Claimed to be a psychic.
I've heard of her.
She used to have that, um the tabloid astrology column.
No, I don't buy it.
Astrology? No, you reading tabloids.
She weasels her way into the old man's life.
Next thing you know, she's practically running it.
McAllister Avionics starts to slide till it's almost bankrupt by 2000.
How much money did he leave her? You're quick, Gibbs.
Almost ten million.
He changed his will two weeks after the lieutenant went missing.
The surviving brother still fighting it in court.
This is kind of like Anna Nicole.
Who? That's what I said.
McGee, run a background on this wack job.
I want to know where she is right now.
On it, boss.
Now, I know what you're thinking.
She didn't do it, Gibbs.
This is the smoking gun.
Thomas McAllister had a plan to save the family's fortune.
He wanted to get out of avionics and into his own airline.
And it's a good plan, but it involved leveraging every remaining asset the McAllisters had.
The brother didn't agree.
Lieutenant was cashing out of the company? And going his own way.
This is the contract divesting them of all family business.
Where'd you get this? Oh, you don't want to know.
What you want to do is look at the date.
"October 5, 2002.
" The weekend he vanished.
Luckily for the little brother, he didn't sign the contract.
I don't believe in luck.
Neither do I.
So, when you bringing McAllister in? I'm not.
W - What?! But-But it's all there.
Motive, opportunity the calls on the lieutenant's cell phone? When you were a cop, did you let civilians lay out your cases, or did you work them yourself? NCIS has had this case for two years.
How long am I supposed to wait? Till I'm done.
You are looking for the reward.
I am looking for a killer.
Thomas McAllister is your man, trust me.
I don't trust anyone, either.
Kate, how is your rapport with McAllister? She's got more than a rapport, boss.
Well, good.
Call him.
You're having dinner with him tonight.
What if he says no? Oh, the way he was looking at you, I think you're gonna be the one saying no.
McGee, you find my psychic yet? I have her business address.
It's a TV talk show set in D.
She's there now.
DiNozzo, you're with me.
Hey, Cooper.
I trust you can find your way out.
Do you believe in any of this psychic stuff? No.
You? Ah, used one on a, uh, case in Baltimore once.
Led us right to this kidnapped five-year-old girl.
That a fact? Yeah.
How do you explain that? Simple.
She was probably in on it.
Special Agent Gibbs and DiNozzo, NCIS.
Looking to find Saleena Lockhart.
Yeah, she's inside.
But you can't go in.
Hey wait.
They're still shooting! Man.
And your grandfather wants you to know that he will always be with you, Sally.
Thank you so much, Saleena.
And remember, look and you shall see, listen and you will hear.
Our departed loved ones still have much to teach us.
You think this is how they do it on the Oprah show? Never believe what you see on TV.
Until next time, I'm Saleena Lockhart.
And cut! Cutting! "Look and you shall sea," spelled s-e-a? What kind of third-grader is writing these cue cards? Just give us ten minutes, and we'll shoot it again.
I am financing this pilot with my own money.
I can't afford another of your ten minutes.
If anybody needs me, I'll be in craft service.
Well, make sure you save some for the rest of the crew.
What?! There are two guys here to see you.
I tried to stop them.
Special Agents Gibbs and DiNozzo.
From, uh, NCIS.
How may I help you? You're the psychic, you tell me.
Brian McAllister.
You found his remains in Black Lake.
Wow, she's good, boss.
It's on the news, DiNozzo.
No, I-I told Brian's father that I-I felt Brian was in a cold, dark place.
You could say that.
He was murdered.
Yes, he told me.
Who? Brian.
We connected through a passage on the other side.
Passage? That's what you call it? You look skeptical.
But it's okay.
You don't have to believe.
So, uh, he tell you who did it? It doesn't work that way, Agent DiNozzo.
Can I get a green tea, please? How does it work? Well, I-I get impressions, feelings.
I don't get specific details.
You have any feeling about his father including you in his will? I didn't ask him.
I'm not a psychic, but considering he's a Navy fighter pilot I'd say he'd be pretty pissed off about it.
Your point, Agent Gibbs? Where were you the weekend Lieutenant McAllister was murdered? Luray.
Luray Caverns.
I was hosting a spiritual retreat.
Luray? Hey, boss, isn't that about Can you tell me what I'm thinking now, Miss Lockhart? You don't have to be a psychic to tell that.
Could we discuss this outside, please? Your energy is disrupting my set.
Thank you.
Look, I had nothing to do with Brian's disappearance.
You should talk to his brother.
Yeah? Why is that? Thomas was the black sheep.
Oh, and he hated Brian.
I may be many things, Agent Gibbs, but I am not a murderer.
But you talk to dead people.
I have over a dozen people who can verify my whereabouts on that weekend.
One of them is a senator.
We'll need their names.
My lawyer will get them to you.
Now, is there anything else I can do for you? Didn't see that one coming, did you? Son of a bitch.
Did you get a license number? Yeah, I got one.
That's a good job, Tony.
It's definitely from a.
45 round, guys.
Just give me a sec to line up the rifling patterns.
You run the plates? Came back stolen.
The markings match.
It's from the same pistol that killed Lieutenant McAllister two years ago.
Why don't we just drag McAllister in for questions? Because his lawyers make more in one hour than you make all week.
That's an excellent point so you're saying I deserve a raise? Or not.
We need more than circumstantial evidence to take McAllister down.
I agree, but what do we get out of Kate going on a date with him? I get to search his house for that Colt.
45 without him knowing about it.
And if it turns out he's our murderer? That's why you're going with her.
I'm meeting him at the airport in 20 minutes, Gibbs.
Hey, you need to distract him for at least two hours so we can search his house.
Shouldn't be a problem.
He already invited me to dinner.
So how do I look? What do you mean, "eh"? I mean, yeah, you look fine.
What's wrong with fine? I'm going for hot here, Tony.
Well, in that case, do you mind? Boss got the search warrant.
You're with me.
Get your things.
Yeah, now that that is hot.
You two done playing dress-up? Done.
All right.
Get moving; I want a comm check in 15 minutes.
On it.
Hey, Kate, it looked better the other way.
How you reading me, Kate? Say again? I said, loud and clear.
Slide the mic closer to your throat, please.
How's that? Crystal.
Hello? Hello? Kate.
Do I feel underdressed.
Well, when you said dinner Hey, I'm not complaining.
You look fantastic.
Thank you.
So, where we going? Actually, I thought we might stay here.
If you survive my cooking, there's a few things I'd like to tell you about my big brother.
Uh, boss, where we going? Going around back, McGee.
It's locked, boss.
Well, yeah, McGee that's kind of the point of having doors.
Well, the last two times I encountered a situation like this, Tony threw a rock through a window, Kate climbed in a second-story window.
You don't say.
Let's go.
I wasn't entirely truthful this afternoon, Kate.
When you come from the type of family I did, you get used to keeping secrets.
What kind of secrets? My parents were always a bit eccentric.
When my mom died, my dad pretty much lost it.
He started talking to dead people? You been checking up on me.
It's my job, Tom.
At first, I thought it was harmless, but this psychic he was seeing she started manipulating him, really cutting him off from the rest of the family.
Saleena Lockhart.
Really checking up on me.
What did your brother think of her? He didn't.
Brian was too busy with his naval career.
He wasn't around to see the damage she was doing.
Somebody tried to kill her today.
Thought of it myself, more than once.
A lot of people think it was you.
What do you think, Kate? Well, I'm here, aren't I? NCIS! Guys, do you mind? Cooper what are you doing here? Same thing you are.
I have a warrant.
You gonna arrest me? It depends.
On what? What you found.
I'm hoping a million dollars.
I checked all the local counties.
Thomas McAllister doesn't own any handguns, but his old man? Bit of a gun nut.
Even owns a Colt.
Recently fired.
- DiNozzo.
- Tony.
Yeah, boss? - Take him down.
- I'm on it.
I called Brian the weekend he went missing.
I was trying to get him to come home, talk some sense into Dad.
He said he'd think about it.
Why would you lie to us about it? Because I thought that I was responsible for his death.
Were you? When they found his car in Black Lake, I thought he finally decided to listen to me for once.
The roads in Hastings are deathtraps in the daytime.
At night, when you're tired You thought it was an accident.
Until you told me he was murdered.
Only one person stood to gain from his death: Saleena Lockhart.
Unfortunately, there is one more.
He never would've signed this.
Thomas McAllister.
You're under arrest for the murder of your brother.
So I guess dessert is out of the question.
You okay? I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
I hope I'm getting overtime for this, Gibbs, because I'm missing my cousin's birthday.
Were they a match? It's the same weapon that killed the lieutenant and shot up the makeup trailer today.
Thanks, Abbs.
Mm, figures.
I finally meet a nice guy, and he turns out to be a murderer.
Happens to Tony all the time.
Hey, do me a favor, Kate.
What? My back is killing me.
I'm waiting.
And don't shortchange me this time.
You know, your muscles wouldn't be so tight if you'd stop drinking all that caffeine crap that Gibbs is always bringing you.
Oh, but I love the caffeine crap, Kate.
Abby! Need you out here.
Now! How much time did you spend on this door? Um, enough to get the bullet's trajectory.
I was going to test for metal fatigue and age in the morning.
Do it tonight.
Why? I mean, I'll have it for you in 30 minutes, sir.
Kate'll help.
Well, looks like you did it again, Mr.
I'm getting old, kid.
Think I'm going to retire after this one.
You ask me, we should get 50% of that million.
Too bad life ain't fair, DiNozzo.
Oh, it's about time.
In my day, we didn't wait two hours to interrogate someone.
Let me guess you just beat it out of 'em? Yeah, something like that.
I'm sure you hear this a lot.
I'm innocent, Agent Gibbs.
I know.
What the hell kind of interrogation is that? You're free to go, Mr.
It's not enough I do your job for you? Now you want to arrest me for it? Ah, we do owe you for finding the lieutenant for us, Cooper.
The problem is it isn't murder.
Oh, give me a break, Gibbs.
You saw the evidence.
I did.
Brian McAllister died in a car accident.
The bullet fired into his car wasn't from two years ago.
The metal around the impact was only recently exposed to water.
Two weeks sound about right to you? What's this got to do with me? The reward was offered for finding the lieutenant's killer.
In order to collect, you had to manufacture one.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Oh, it might've worked.
I mean, we would've found that gun eventually, but you just couldn't wait.
What were you going to do with the money, Cooper? Hmm? Gambling debts? Retirement? Taking those shots at Saleena Lockhart that was overkill.
Too bad we caught you putting it back.
Yeah? Good luck proving it.
Oh, I will.
This is an Instant Shooter I.
It'll tell me if you fired a gun recently.
Swab away, Gibbs.
There's no gun residue on these hands.
Aw, a private dick like you I bet you were wearing rubber gloves.
I figure any man who solves the unsolvable needs a trademark, and I'm betting yours is that tacky trench coat.
You probably never take it off, huh? This comes up blue, I've got you for attempted murder.
Good luck trying to collect that million dollars.
Get up.
I don't believe it.
Sorry, probie.
I felt the same way when I found out Professional wrestling was fake.
But he was going to frame an innocent man just for the reward? It's all about the Benjamins.
Not always.
You up for that dessert now? At 2:30 in the morning? I think I might know a place that's still open.
And where would that be? New York.
Sometimes it's good to own your own airline.
New York? I love New York.
It's a small plane, Tony.
Maybe next time.
So, you're Catholic, right?