NCIS s02e16 Episode Script

Pop Life

Baby, you're freezing.
Whoa! Whoa! I didn't think that you would notice.
Oh, stealing food is okay if nobody notices? It's not stealing, it was sharing.
It was my lunch.
I didn't want to share my lunch with you.
See, you just said it was sharing.
Excuse me.
Show a little respect.
This is a place of peace and dignity.
That was before Kate got here.
We need a mediator, Ducky, or I'm going to have to go to Employee Relations.
Which would be tattling.
No, going to Employee Relations is not tattling.
It's the adult version of "I'm telling Mommy.
" You are so juvenile.
Am not.
Are so.
Am not.
Ducky we need an unofficial mediator.
Did you try Gibbs? Yes, I see your point.
We thought of McGee.
But we have no respect for him.
And then we thought of you.
I see, third on the short list.
Well, at least I beat out Abby.
Well, we just came from there.
She turned us down.
Come on, Ducky, she's driving me crazy.
Well, I am busy, but Abby needs these blood samples stat.
Yes, as I say, I am busy, but I'm flattered that you would entrust your relationship to me.
It will be rather like marriage counseling.
Let's not use those words.
Ducky, it is only a "working relationship.
" So you'll do it? Of course.
I would relish the experience.
Yes, I studied psychology at the University of Edinburgh under Professor O'Donnell Okay, so let's start.
I left my desk for just a minute and when I came back, Tony was eating half of my tuna fish sandwich.
See see Whoo! I'm hungry we're buddies.
It shouldn't be a big deal.
But little Miss Tighty Twisty Pants blows everything out of proportion and it becomes a major deal.
All you left me was the crust.
Ah, who is right here? Come on, Ducky, please.
Tell him.
We need to look a little deeper.
I mean, there is clearly a latent sibling rivalry being expressed by your adolescent and sexually-charged bickering.
It all stems from a desperate desire to please a father figure.
And I think we all know who that is.
What does this have to do with my tuna fish sandwich? There's no father figure, Ducky.
Why don't you answer your phone? Norfolk Homicide found a body, a female petty officer.
Come on.
Let's go.
I'll gas the truck.
I got the gear.
I pre-packed the gear already.
Yes, there are clearly issues here.
Yes, we need to meet twice a week, at least.
Petty Officer Second Class Manda King according to her ID.
the navy four years.
That's as far as I got when we called you.
Hell, we got enough things to do around here.
Give me a break, I'm trying to quit.
This the suspect? Willie Taylor.
Tends bar at Sugar Street.
We're processing him now.
Okay, Ducky.
All right.
Stabbed to death? Oh, I think that's a safe assumption.
Although, I found something around her nares.
Show him, Jimmy.
Do I have nares, Jimmy? All mammals have nares, sir.
Openings in your nose.
Give that to Abby.
Have her ID it.
Yes, sir.
- I didn't mean to imply you didn't know what nares were.
- Time of death? Well, the windows are open, the body is naked, which would allow the heat to dissipate faster.
If I were forced to proclaim a rough I'm forcing.
We got an anonymous 911 call of a woman screaming in this apartment at 5:30.
Or 0530.
See if you can trace the source of that 911 call.
On it.
Her lividity has changed.
She may have been moved.
Suspect said he flipped her.
Boss, I don't know if you want to see this, but you probably should.
Some night.
Got to be three condoms in there.
Bag 'em.
Get 'em to Abby.
Spoke to Manda King's C.
Bag 'em, Probie.
Said she was a good sailor, straight-laced, a real hard worker.
And she was being promoted to the captain's yeoman.
Personal yeoman to a navy captain doesn't track with snorting drugs.
She told her shipmates she had business in Norfolk.
Didn't say what? No.
Your place or mine? Mine.
Look on my mother's life, that's not the girl that I took home last night.
You went to bed with one woman and you woke up with another? Mm-hmm.
I hate it when that happens.
Never as pretty.
Oh, come on, you're not going to tell Ducky about that, are you? Yes, I am, I'm keeping a journal.
I suppose that knife wasn't your knife? No, it wasn't.
I actually carry a Swiss Army knife.
How many drinks did you have? Like, two or three.
Your blood alcohol level was.
12 percent, Willie.
All right, look, you got me.
I had a few more.
You know how it is when you're tending bar.
Tell me.
You act friendly and people buy you drinks.
Which are watered down to make more money.
We don't do that at Sugar Street, all right? You pick her up at the club? No.
No, I met her in the parking lot.
She said she lost her keys.
You ever see her before? Nope.
I just thought, "Damn, you're a lucky bastard, Willie.
" You get her name, lucky bastard? Manda, I think.
Dead sailor we found in your bed was named Manda.
She's not the girl that I slept with.
What was Manda's last name? She didn't say.
Phone number? I didn't get it.
It all went down kind of fast.
I gave her a kiss, whoop-de-whoop, and then it's back to my place to make some noise.
Anybody see you two who can verify your story? No.
You and Manda get in a fight? No.
Look, look, we had a good time.
I'd say you had a real good time.
We found traces of meth in your blood.
Did you give her meth, too? No.
We didn't do any drugs together.
I am telling the truth.
That is not the girl that I slept with.
Abbs, I need the condoms tested.
Not the words you want to hear first thing in the morning.
It's already running.
Not just the inside, I want to make sure the outside DNA's tested and matches that of Petty Officer Manda King.
Suspect claims he went to bed with one woman and woke up with another.
That happens to girls, too.
Midnight, some guy seems all dark and gnarly, then you wake up and his tattoos are fake and he works at a bank.
I used to work at a bank.
Your tat is real.
And you don't disappoint me.
Boss, the anonymous phone call came from a pay phone outside Willie's apartment.
No fingerprints? No, and that's weird.
He sleeps with her, he stabs her, and there's no prints on the knife.
Blood matches the victim? Yeah.
The tox screen's still running, but it's a safe bet that it's methamphetamines.
Powder in her nose was meth.
Why would a straight-laced petty officer OD on meth? Maybe she's not so straight-laced.
We all have our funky side.
Except Kate.
And you, boss.
I'm sure you have no funky side.
Time to find out who the real Manda King was.
I never thought Manda would go before me.
Dad's got end-stage bone cancer.
Did your sister know a Willie Taylor? Not that I know.
But, then, she's been at sea for eight months.
He's not a sailor.
Is that who stabbed my little girl? He's a suspect, sir.
You burn him, won't you, Agent Gibbs? If he did it, you have my word.
King, can you tell us a bit about your daughter, sir? Manda was tough as nails, worked hard.
Cared for me, helped me to raise her.
She'd do anything for you.
Did you know Manda was promoted to captain's yeoman? Yeah, she was a fine sailor.
Which makes what I'm about to tell you difficult to hear.
My daughter's dead.
What's worse than that? We found drug residue in her nose.
That's a lie.
Manda never did drugs in her life.
Well, I'm sorry, but that is what we found.
I don't believe it.
Won't believe it.
You have to come in here and tell this to my father? Your sister was murdered.
We have to know who she really was.
She was my good girl.
That's who she was.
Daddy's good good girl.
DNA test done already? No.
It's running, but I got an answer without it.
The fluid on the outside of the condoms has a different blood antigen than Petty Officer Manda King.
There's no way Petty Officer King had sex with Willie Taylor.
Willie was set up.
The knife missed her vital organs, so the wound in and of itself was not fatal.
She didn't bleed to death.
Her body contained four liters of blood, so there was no exsanguination.
Ducky I'm sorry.
It's such a lovely word, exsanguination.
I can't help saying it.
Moving on.
Since there wawas no bleeding from the wound She was dead when she was stabbed.
Abby confirmed the drug in her nose and blood was a methamphetamine, an incredibly large, lethal dose of methamphetamine.
Someone tried to make an accidental overdose look like murder? I wouldn't call it an accidental overdose.
No, in cases like this, where such a frighteningly high amount of the drug is found, I would say it was a suicide.
Boss, Willie Taylor's here.
You know why Norfolk P.
delivered you here? Yeah.
I'm a ping-pong ball.
They serve me to you and you smack me right back.
No, you are telling the truth.
Petty Officer King OD'd.
After she was dead, someone stabbed her, put her in your bed; made it look like murder.
Who would do that to you? Wait a second.
So, you know that I'm completely innocent? Man, don't I get, like, an apology or nothing? You get to slide on using methamphetamines.
I - I don't know.
That's not good enough, man.
Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait.
Look, uh female sailors are, are like poison.
Anything happens to them drugs, sex, anything, it doesn't matter boom, you guys put our club off limits, all right? No sailors, you ain't got no Sugar Street.
Who'd benefit from that? Uh, yeah, well, Ian Hitch.
He owns Teaz, and we're his only real competition.
If that sailor OD'd in his club, he would need to get the stink off fast.
And shut Sugar Street down in the process.
Yeah, it's the kind of stunt that limey bastard would pull, too.
Ian Hitch, AKA "Bulldog.
" American mother, English father.
Dual citizenship.
According to Scotland Yard, he was charged with murder twice in Manchester, skated both times.
I'm afraid to ask, why "Bulldog"? I don't know.
Bulldog bites you in the ass and never lets go.
He owns Teaz in Norfolk.
Yeah, well, when I was stationed there, I-I heard about it.
Apparently, there's some very hot dancers there.
You heard? Yeah.
Well, I never went there.
Hey, it seems to me that Why are you looking at me like that for? Oh, I'm just waiting for you to say, "Boss, let me take the lead on this one!" What I was going to say, Kate, was that if Hitch used a girl to seduce Willie Taylor, it was probably one of his dancers.
We get Willie to identify Ms.
Go-Go and flip her to get to Hitch.
What are you doing? Oh, just chronicling this little conversation for our next session with Ducky.
You done? Almost.
"Done" or "fired" are the choices.
Should we take Willie to the club to identify the girl? No.
I don't want him anywhere near Hitch.
Boss, I will find out who dances at the club and pull their DMV photos.
Not going to work, McGee.
Girls at the club work for tips, Probie.
No W-2 forms.
And names like "Tiffany Glitter" and "Stormy Weathers" they don't appear on driver's licenses.
Boss, I really think I should take the lead on this one.
All right, it's looking good.
Let's see Tony.
Well, what do you know? DiNozzo is finally looking where he is supposed to be looking.
I heard that.
How's that? Well, it's art, but we kind of need a shot of her face.
I could make a fortune on the Internet with this.
Okay, got it.
Next! Right, boss.
Just being thorough.
That's it.
I'm watching you, DiNozzo.
How's that look? Uh, closer.
Is this better? One second.
Did ya get it yet? Wow, Kate, how'd you get her to do that? DiNozzo, go back to the last booth.
Yeah, right there.
That Hitch? That's him.
What's up, party people! Tonight is going to be hot, but this crowd is even hotter 'cause only the best get into Teaz.
I'm DJ Night Trap, and I'm gonna get off the mike right now because I know who you came here to see Jade! That's Samantha King.
Sophisticated lady But nasty when I want to be I see you staring from across the room.
And you can't keep your eyes off me Hey, Tony, stop jumping up and down.
We can't see.
Like a puppet on a string, whoo! Have you in cuffs like cops and robbers, baby 'Cause touching me's a felony Put your hands up 'cause I'm cold-blooded Boy, who does it belong to? Cold-blooded It ain't that complicated.
That was fun.
Now get out.
Taking your sister's death pretty hard, Jade.
What are you doing here? The question is: What are you doing here? What are you afraid of? Who are you? Same as Kate.
Well, not exactly.
Answer my question.
It's Saturday night.
I sing here, okay? Oh, you sing the day after your sister's murdered? I gotta go.
Not unless we get some answers.
Blue, you better get out here.
You know how we found you? We were here looking for your sister's murderer.
You said you had her murderer.
He didn't do it.
What's going on, Jade? We're just talking.
Well, not no more you ain't.
Yeah, I think we are.
My partner, Lulu, she wants to sign Jade to a record contract.
Bulldog ain't gonna like that.
Twinkle Toes, Candy Pants, stay behind your mommy.
Where'd Bulldog get his name? When he gets his teeth into a girl's arse, he never lets go.
I knew it.
I knew it.
Lulu, I was right about Bulldog.
You're gonna get me killed.
Just like your sister was? Look, we think Hitch had her killed.
Why? No, he wouldn't do that.
I mean, he knew she wanted me to leave this life, but he wouldn't kill her.
Wouldn't he? Let's go, Bruce! She's not interested! No harm, no foul.
Guess not.
Gosh, those guys were big.
Big, big, big, big.
She's cute.
She's hot.
I don't know about you, but I sleep with a lot of women, so I wouldn't know anything about that, Willie.
I'm a Mormon.
I'm sorry.
I'm, uh, you know, I think it coulde this one here.
But I was really drunk, so Sit down.
You're going to have to do better.
Look, man, I'm doing the best I can, all right? All right.
All right.
Yeah, I think it's her.
Summer Diamond.
Very hot.
You "think" this is her? Look, there's always something about every woman that you remember, something small and subtle.
Something you're going to remember 20 years later: A piece of jewelry, a laugh, something.
A smell.
Ugh! I feel like I died and woke up in a Calvin Klein ad.
I thought you were a Mormon? Concentrate, Willie.
Ah, yeah.
She had a tat.
How could I forget? What did it look like? It was of a bulldog.
It was right there on her ass.
Sweet Slick Willie.
Look at that.
The devil is in the details.
I knew this girl once.
She squeaked.
She made this little squeak Tony, do you want to tell Ducky that story? Ducky's already heard it.
We all have.
It's a good story.
Then you tell it to Kate while you're bringing in Summer Diamond.
Don't I get to hear it? You recognize this man? Nope.
He works at Sugar Street.
Ever been there? I work six nights a week at Teaz.
The last place I'm going to go on my night off is another club.
You recognize this? Agent Todd took that photo.
It is of your rear end.
You always get the best jobs.
Willie described it perfectly.
I dance practically naked.
Hundreds of guys have seen my ass.
So, you didn't sleep with him two nights ago? No.
Willie says he's never been to your club.
You know what? I believe him.
Every dancer in the club has that tat.
It means we're in Bulldog's crew.
I'd have thought he'd use a bite mark.
We have a court order for a DNA sample, Ms.
Open your mouth.
It doesn't hurt.
Compare it to the DNA found on the condoms in Willie Taylor's apartment.
Jethro, Jethro.
I need you.
I need you, like, now.
I'm sorry, Jethro, because of the chemical burns from the methamphetamines and the bleeding, I-I missed this.
There, you see it? Almost a perfect circle.
I know I said that the cause of a massive overdose was usually suicide, but then I got to thinking.
Always a good thing.
I mean, that mark was made by the end of a hard, round tube, like the end of a funnel.
You don't commit suicide by pouring meth through a funnel into your nose.
It was a horrible, painful death.
You know what'll happen if he finds out I'm talking to you? Don't you want to know how your sister died, Samantha? She was stabbed? Yes, she was, but that wasn't what killed her.
Your sister was restrained and methamphetamine was forced down her nose and her throat until her heart failed.
Oh, God Manda.
Look, Willie Taylor believes that he's been framed for her murder by your boss Ian Hitch.
Bulldog wouldn't, he Why not? Sugar Street gets declared off limits and Club Teaz gets a huge surge of new clientele.
But that's isn't why it happened, is it, Samantha? Our mom died when I was three, Agent Todd.
Manda practically raised me.
When she found out I was working for Hitch, she lost it.
How'd you get hooked up with a guy like that? He said he had connexions with record companies, that he'd make me a star.
I believed him.
But your sister didn't.
She was always the smart one in the family.
Why didn't you just walk away? I signed a contract with him.
Manda was trying to get me out of it.
And he had her killed.
Look we got to get you someplace safe You don't get it, do you? Hitch owns me.
I sing when he wants, dance when he wants.
I sleep with him when he wants.
No one walks away from him ever.
He murdered your sister, Samantha.
And you'll never prove it.
They never do.
It's him.
Don't answer it.
I have to.
What are you doing, love? Some shopping, baby.
Really? It looks like you're having a spot of tea toe.
If he finds out you're a cop, I am dead.
Lulu, I presume? Didn't get my message last night? Jade here already has a manager.
That's what I told her, Ian.
Did I ask you to speak, love? So, tell me, what label do you scout for? Well, that's none of your business.
Ah, but it is if you're after my property.
Is she available? Only to me.
Say good-bye to Lulu, love.
Good-bye, Lulu.
You and your friend Bruce might want to leave town tonight.
You should have had backup yesterday, Kate.
Well, I didn't expect Hitch to show up, Gibbs.
It won't happen again.
I know.
McGee, how'd he track her? Well, Samantha's cell phone number is registered to Ian Hitch.
So he's probably using the imbedded GPS to keep tabs on her location.
Kind of reminds me of someone.
What I meant was, most managers are afraid of losing their stars.
With a voice like that, Samantha could be the next Brandy.
What's a Brandy? She's a singer and an actress, boss.
She's very, very hot.
The point is, Hitch isn't going to let her go.
He'd kill her first.
We're on our way.
Norfolk Homicide found the body of a young woman.
She had my card in her bra.
We just ID'd her.
Keisha Scott.
Looks like a hit-and-run, Gibbs.
Her club name's Summer Diamond.
She was in our interrogation room yesterday.
Willie Taylor ID'd her as the girl he had sex with, not Petty Officer King.
She cop to it? If she did, she'd be in NCIS custody instead of dead.
No chance this was an accident.
Ian Hitch is involved.
Bulldog? Explains a lot.
No witnesses, nobody in the neighborhood heard anything last night.
He's got this part of town in his pocket.
Yeah, how about you? I'll pretend I didn't hear that, Gibbs.
Either way, I'm taking him down.
You might find who did this, but connecting him to Bulldog? Uh-uh, ain't going to happen.
Well, no, not if you keep letting him skate, Mauceri.
Hey, I've been down this road before, Gibbs.
I bring him in for questioning, his lawyer'll have him out before lunch.
I got a better idea.
Yeah? Yeah.
You turn jurisdiction over on this to me this time.
Well, you got it.
How soon can you get the rest of your team here? Oh, pretty soon.
No way this was hit-and-run, boss.
She's practically naked.
It was 35 degrees this morning.
You see that, Mr.
Palmer? Someone was holding her arms tightly before her death.
Enough to cause these bruises.
She was shoved in front of a vehicle, Duck? It's possible.
I'll know more when I get the poor girl back home.
We've got some broken glass over here.
Looking at the thickness, maybe a headlight.
Bag it.
McGee! Yeah, boss? Locals think it was a hit-and-run.
What about you? Me? Um Me, uh Answer the man, Probie.
I don't think so.
Why? Well, uh, there are no skid marks before or after the body.
Whoever hit her didn't even slow down.
Kate, take DiNozzo and pick up Samantha.
Make sure her cell phone's off.
Don't tell her about Summer.
I want to know where this dirt bag was the night Petty Officer King was murdered.
And where he was last night when Summer decided to go for a walk half naked.
You got it, boss.
It's supposed to be my day off.
How do you know Hitch won't find out I'm not at the hospital with my father? He won't.
When our computer geek's done your phone, it'll show you were there all day.
Probie, rig the GPS chip.
Location: Norfolk Hospital, noon to 1730.
You can really do that? Sure.
I've already told your people, I'm not talking about this, Agent Gibbs.
So can we please make this quick? You're not here to talk.
You're here to see.
What? A friend.
Oh, God, Summer.
Summer This is not happening.
How did this? How do you think? She has a two-year-old.
Even Bulldog couldn't Bulldog's tying up his loose ends, Samantha.
All you have to do is cooperate with us and we'll take him out of your life for good.
I can't.
Don't you understand? Your sister's in the freezer.
Maybe you'd like to say good-bye? Summer talked to you! That's why she's lying on that slab.
It's not happening to me.
You're right.
It's happening because of you.
Either charge me with something or I'm out of here.
You're making a big mistake, Samantha.
Once you walk out those doors, we can't protect you.
Boss, Hitch has got a very good alibi for last night.
He was in New York promoting his club.
The photos here are from the gossip page of Eastsider this morning.
I checked with the airlines.
He didn't get back until 1100 today.
He always wins.
I tried to tell my sister that.
She didn't listen.
And I hope you do before I end up dead, too.
Cause of death? She received several fatal injuries consistent with vehicular homicide.
If I had to pick one? Hmm.
Internal bleeding.
Although, her neck was broken on impact, damaging her spinal cord and carotid artery.
I'm afraid even if you'd survived, my dear, you would never have danced again.
Drugs? Well, the tox screen showed a mixture of methamphetamine and alcohol in her blood.
But not enough to kill her like our petty officer.
What about the bruising? Well, these bruises here on her arms were made by somebody holding her tightly.
I wish I could tell you more.
Yeah, Duck, so do I.
Jethro, there is a procedure Abby could use to lift the fingerprints off these bruises.
Off of dead skin? Yeah, only we'd need your approval.
Why? Well, it's prohibitively expensive and rarely works.
So's getting married.
Do it.
Are you done yet? I'm going as fast as I can.
Do you mind? No.
Now I'm done.
Okay, put it on the plasma, Probie.
Did you really make these yourself, Kate? I did.
'Cause they're delicious.
I didn't know you could cook.
Well, technically, it's baking, and there's a lot about me you don't know, Tony.
Hey, Kate, could I try one? Of course, McGee.
I made enough for all Tony, there were a dozen in here.
They're really delicious.
Okay, what do you have for me? A way to keep tabs on Samantha King's location, boss.
I think that one was for When I when I rigged the GPS chip in her phone, I also downloaded the code.
So now we can follow her anywhere she goes.
She's 20 miles outside of Norfolk on Route 64.
Good work, McGee.
That's a good job.
Thank you, boss, but actually, it was Tony's idea.
I'm impressed, DiNozzo.
Just trying to help out, boss.
Uh That's so not right.
McGee, Abby needs help.
Tony, Kate, you're with me.
Where're we going? Norfolk.
We're going to pay Ian Hitch a visit.
What about blowing our cover as talent scouts? Samantha is leaving with us.
She changed her mind, boss? Does not matter.
I'm not letting her end up like her sister downstairs.
So, uh, how's this supposed to work exactly? Good question.
I've never actually done it on a body before.
We'll figure it out together, Jimmy.
Oh, please, call me Jimmy.
I just did.
Oh, sorry.
I guess I didn't hear you.
So, this stuff is basically Super Glue.
It bonds instantly with almost anything.
And then when it's heated, the vapors are attracted to proteins and fats left behind from a human fingerprint.
And when they dry, you can just peel 'em off like a sticker.
Oh, oh, I'm sorry.
I'll get it.
I got it.
Ow! I'm sorry, my fault, My fault.
Um, okay, you know, I think that this would be better if I just did this by myself.
I was only trying to observe.
You can let go of my arms now.
Oh, um I'm, I'm trying.
Well, try harder! Palmer, what the hell are you doing?! McGee, acetone and Band-Aids- fast! I'm tracking her GPS signal, Gibbs.
Samantha's back at the club.
DiNozzo? I'll wake him up.
No, no.
I got a better idea.
Hold on.
Bad dream, Tony? I thought I Call Abby, see if she got any prints off the body.
Sure, boss.
You know, you didn't have to yell at him.
Jimmy is terrified of you now.
He is? Cool.
This is the last print.
It's a partial from the right bruise.
Any luck with the prints from the left arm, he-man? Still running them through AFIS.
Look, I'll apologize to him later.
I just Ooh, we got a match.
It's one of Hitch's bouncers, Richard "Blue" McGinty.
All right, I got it.
Thanks, Abby.
Yeah, they got a print off Summer's body.
It's the bouncer from outside the club the other night.
Jade, Bulldog wants to see you.
You okay, sweetheart? I don't know how much more of this I can take, Blue.
When you're a star, this'll all seem like a bad dream.
I'm having second thoughts about the dream.
It's kind of late for that, isn't it, Samantha? You wanted to see me? Close the door, Jade.
It seems that Lulu isn't a talent scout after all.
She's a Navy cop.
I didn't know, Ian.
I swear.
What did you tell them, that I killed your sister? I didn't tell them anything! Now, why don't I believe you, Jade? She's inside.
If you shoot me, they'll know it was you, Ian.
Tell me the game you're playing and I'll try and bear that in mind then.
I'm not playing any games.
That's not what Summer said.
Did you know she's dead? Oh of course you do.
Put the weapon down.
He was going to kill her.
I didn't have a choice.
Drop it.
You have everything ready for shipment to Norfolk? Working on it.
There might be a problem, though, Gibbs.
What kind of problem? I got back Summer Diamond's DNA, and it does not match the DNA we took off the condoms at the first crime scene.
She didn't set Willie Taylor up.
The weird thing is, I did get a near match from the Armed Forces DNA Registry.
He was set up by a sailor? I'm going to make you proud, Daddy, just like you were of Manda.
Everybody's going to know my name.
I was always proud of you, Sammy.
My baby the pop star.
Wish I wish we could be around to see.
Manda always loved your singing.
We need to talk.
He only has a few hours left, Agent Gibbs.
Is this about Blue? It's about you.
Summer Diamond didn't set your sister up.
Were you going to split the money with Blue? Or record a demo with it? We know, Samantha your big sister told us.
Or more appropriately, her DNA.
There's a 70% match of the DNA found on the condoms in Willie Taylor's apartment.
Only a sibling could be that close.
We also had access to your phone, Samantha.
Guess where the GPS chip puts you on the nights your sister and Summer Diamond died? Setting up Ian Hitch was a nice touch.
Gets you out of that crappy record contract you signed and you get all your dad's money.
She's dead and still screwing with my life.
Go say good-bye to your father.
If I were you, I'd keep lying to him.
I always believed in you, even when your sister didn't.
You're gonna make it, you're gonna be famous.
I can feel it.
That's right, Daddy.
I'm going to be a real star.