NCIS s02e17 Episode Script

An Eye for an Eye

It's always about him.
He called me at 7:30 last night, and expected me to drop whatever I was doing, just because he was available.
No, I didn't have any plans, but that's not the point.
I'm not crazy about his friends, either.
None of them are married.
Point is, I know where this is leading.
Yeah, I guess so.
Give me a half hour to wash up, I'll meet you there? No, I'm listening.
Somebody sent me a package.
Whatever it is, it's cold.
My, my, you are hypnotic,aren't you? No thank you, Mr.
Better to poke around with these.
Did you know the word "autopsy" comes from the Greek, Meaning "to see for one's self?" They didn't offer Greek in my high school.
Oh, perhaps we should try Latin, then.
Are you familiar with the term "keratoplasty"? Uh, cornea transplant surgery.
Oh, then your education did paid off.
My mother will be pleased to hear that.
What do we know, Duck? Oh, I just started, Jethro.
How did these come into our possession? They were in a package delivered to a petty officer.
Mailman put them in the wrong box.
Neighbor opened them up, and scared the hell out of her.
Yeah, I should imagine so.
Oh, these have been enucleated and preserved with skill and care by a surgeon.
Assuming they're as healthy as they appear, transplantation would be thinevitable conclusion.
We don't necessarily need your body to discover what happened to you.
They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.
I'm impressed.
You can actually sleep with your eyes open.
Yeah, I'm meditating.
Yeah, on how much you drank last night, or trying to remember her name? I don't kiss and tell, Kate.
Since when? I know more about your sex life than I do my own, Tony.
Well, that's not hard to believe, Probie, considering you don't have one.
Gibbs wants to know everything there is to know about this package, and if I were you, I wouldn't let him catch you napping.
Thanks for the advice, but I got it covered.
Anybody, talk to me.
Well, I'm checking with eye banks and the MTCs that handle tissue and organ donation.
Any of them missing a set of blue eyes? Well, I haven't heard back from them yet.
Uh, no return address on the package, boss, but I did contact the post office.
And? They are running the tracking number from the barcode.
Yeah, I'm gonna call them back right now.
Package was addressed to a Petty Officer Second Class Benjamin Horlacher.
Stationed at Dam Neck.
Currently on a 72, due back tomorrow.
Now that's a 72-hour leave there, Katie.
He's a student at the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center.
Been living at that address since last September.
Military records are clean.
Only things that stand out are a speeding ticket two months ago, and, uh, he didn't pay his cable bill last week.
Good to know somebody is working around here.
Uh, thank you.
So far, no one's reported missing a pair of cobalt blues, Gibbs.
The package was shipped two days ago from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.
Paraguay? The T-B-A.
That's the Tri-Border Area.
That's where Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil meet.
It's a base of operations for smugglers, drug trafficking, illegal-organ trafficking.
And Hezbollah and Al Qaeda cells.
All right.
We'll meet you out front, boss.
We're going to Dam Neck.
You didn't move all morning.
How did you know that? Work smarter, not harder, Katie.
You'll live longer.
Probie, I want to know who shipped that package from Paraguay as soon as I get back.
You got it, boss.
Uh, Tony.
Let's move it, Kate.
Believe me, this isn't the first time that fool mailman put stuff in the wrong box.
I got a video of some college girls just last week flashing their you know whats.
When's the last time you saw Petty Officer Horlacher, ma'am? Couple days ago.
What can you tell us about him? He's quiet, he keeps to himself.
He's got a girlfriend.
They live together? Who knows, these days? She comes and goes.
Think he made her a key.
It's a violation of the lease, but, uh, I look the other way.
We'd like to look at Horlacher's apartment.
Is that a problem? Considering what was in that package? Please do.
I see you're not wearing a wedding ring, Agent Gibbs.
Maybe you'd like to inspect that video with me when you're done.
He is single.
Now, how does a fine man like that stay single? Well, he didn't.
He's been married three times.
Let you know when we're finished, Miss Robinson.
I'll take the bedroom.
This guy's already in trouble.
Girlfriend's taken over.
Maybe not.
Killing Fields, Undercover Agent.
There's makeup in the bathroom.
There's women's clothes in his closet.
But I can't say much for her taste.
Let's see if we can find out her name.
Who the hell are you?! Petty Officer Benjamin Horlacher? NCIS.
What's going on, sir? We're here to investigate a package delivered to you, opened by mistake by your neighbor.
Sent from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.
It contained human organs.
A pair of eyes.
Eyes? You got to be kidding me, sir.
Where've you been the last couple of days, Petty Officer? On a 72.
Visiting my family in New Jersey.
You training to be an intelligence analyst at Dam Neck? Yes, sir.
What area of the world do you cover there, Petty Officer? Central and South America.
You ever been to Paraguay? Never.
Look, I don't know what's going on here, but I'm sure Maybe your girlfriend does.
I don't have a girlfriend.
So what woman is keeping all of her clothes in your bedroom? We broke up a month ago.
She hasn't come back yet to pick up her stuff.
I'm telling you, I don't know anything about eyes.
Shouldn't you have a warrant or something to be in here? You keep yourself available, Petty Officer.
We'll have more questions for you.
Yes, sir.
There was an open lipstick in the bathroom.
The girlfriend's still living there, Gibbs.
Definitely hiding something.
Oh, yeah.
So why are we letting him walk? We're not.
You two are staying here.
Watch him.
I want to know what he does next.
Yeah, Abbs? Jethro, can you hear me? Oh, he can hear you.
What did you got? Well, I I'm sorry.
Ladies first.
That is so sweet.
Oh, it's a pleasure, I'm sure.
Today, Abby.
So I ran the DNA through AFDIL.
I didn't get a match, but we can definitely start calling Old Blue Eyes a Jane Doe.
Those babies are female.
And I think you'd like to know that Ms.
Doe gave up her eyes unwillingly.
How do you know? Well, at first blush, the eyes seemed flawless.
But careful dissection showed large intraorbital hematoma.
Meaning? Well, Jethro, if you slice into an eye like you would, say, an egg, you risk nicking the blood vessels.
But if you gingerly peel apart the eye, layer by layer, like an onion, then you can be sure Uh, Ducky, the short version.
Cardiac arrest.
I found abnormally high levels of potassium in the vitreous and choroids of both eyes.
I'd say she was most likely poisoned.
Jethro, did you know that corneal transplantation dates back to 1905? One source of tissue back then were prisoners on Death Row, who Jethro? He's not there.
Oh, we lost the connection? No, he hung up.
But you can tell me the rest of the story.
Go back to the part where you're peeling the layers off the eyeball.
Oh, God Wake up.
I am awake.
Could you turn the heat up, please? I'm freezing.
Smoke from the tailpipe will give away our position.
I can't feel my legs here.
We can do what the Eskimos do to keep warm.
What's that? They press their bodies together.
Of course, the effect is greatly improved if you're naked.
There's not enough liquor on the planet to make that happen, Tony.
I wasn't suggesting the naked part.
But if you want to freeze freeze.
Oh, I need a vacation.
Where would you go? Ooh, someplace warm, somewhere where there's no cell phone reception.
The tropics.
Oh, yes, the tropics would be nice.
Horlacher's light just went off.
Well, he's probably going to bed; it's midnight.
Oh, God do you think we're going to have to stay here all night? Why don't you call Gibbs and find out? Why don't you call Gibbs and find out? Because I know the answer.
Oh, I need a vacation! What the hell was that? Get back in your apartment.
He had a secret, all right.
What do you have, Duck? Well, it's a sad situation, Jethro.
Even in today's enlightened age, transexualism is terribly misunderstood.
His identity as a male Doctor Yes, Mr.
Palmer? I think Agent Gibbs was referring more to the forensic aspect of, the, uh situation maybe.
Has head-slapping been effective for you, Jethro? Yeah.
Look at the way DiNozzo turned out.
The pattern of gunpowder residue and the exit wound on his back suggests the weapon was held directly over the heart.
Death was instantaneous.
In all probability, he took his own life.
Boss, don't most suicides shoot themselves in the head? Men.
Not women.
Guess he didn't think of himself as a man.
Well, she must've known that her secret was going to come out.
Don't you mean, he must've known that his secret was going to come out? Psychosexually speaking, Tony, Horlacher was a woman trapped in a man's body.
And when she killed herself, she freed herself.
Thus the note.
Hey, you know what this reminds me of? Pacci's suspect that we were staking-out last year.
That's right.
Yeah, the beautiful pre-op transsexual that seduced Tony.
She didn't seduce me.
I was undercover.
Yeah, well, didn't you stick your tongue down Okay, I took one for the team, all right?! Someone had to keep her occupied.
Don't you mean him? I'm sorry.
Sorry, boss.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Uh, I'll get you a fresh one.
It was black, right? Black it is.
You didn't see anyone else enter or leave? No, she was here alone.
All right, check his phone records.
Maybe he made some other phone calls while he was deciding to off himself.
Already on it.
I'll have them tomorrow.
I'm thinking there was no girlfriend, Gibbs.
That he was just living a double life.
Puts a whole new spin on "don't ask, don't tell.
" I am much more interested in the "cross-dressing sailor who's getting body parts in the mail" spin.
Get he-she's laptop to Abby.
Hey, Gibbs, you're just in time.
Okay, from the outside, it looks like a normal laptop.
But on the inside? Voila.
Fortified with the kind of data encryption that only someone with something to hide would have.
A petty officer's protocol far more sophisticated than any PGP or DES software I've seen.
At first, we didn't even understand his obfuscation algorithm.
Really hardcore stuff.
Very, very hardcore.
Did you get in or not? Yeah.
And no.
There's just one layer we haven't cracked yet.
But we did get Petty Officer Horlacher's blog.
It's a personal Internet journal.
Web-log blog.
Get it? Pig Latin.
Actually that would be "Ebway Oglay.
" Pig Latin adds a "way" to words starting with vowels, and "ay" to words starting with consonants after moving part of the word I'm sure you knew that already.
The blob say anything useful? It's mostly men are from Mars stuff.
He was very interested in the differences between men and women.
Men are from where? Mars, Gibbs, and women are from Venus.
It's a famous book about relationships and communication between the sexes.
There was that TV show and a board game and the guy wrote like ten sequels I'm beginning to understand why you were married three times.
Abby! Come look at it for yourself.
"Inside every good man there is a better woman.
" "LOL"? That's "laughing out loud.
" Which, of course, can be topped by "R-O-T-F-L-O-L.
" "Rolling on the floor laughing out loud.
" Keep looking.
Horlacher was leading two different lives.
I want to know everything there is to know about both of them.
Onway itway, Ibbsgay! There was a time I would have killed for a pair of eyes like that.
Think she was a blonde or a brunette? What difference does it make? I love brunettes.
I bet she was beautiful.
Are you telling me that you're attracted to a disembodied set of eyeballs? Weird, huh? More like disturbing.
It's kind of like that movie Laura.
Laura? Yeah.
Old movie by Otto Preminger.
It's about a cop who falls in love with the painting of a girl whose head's been blown off by a shotgun.
Sounds romantic.
You have no idea.
Gene Tierney was a goddess.
What do we have? Well, I called Petty Officer Horlacher's family.
He lied about paying them a visit over the weekend.
They hadn't heard from him in over a year.
Still can't find a connection to Paraguay, boss.
He's never deployed overseas.
Doesn't even have a passport.
Yeah, and what I want to know is how a suicidal transvestite attended a top-secret intelligence school without anybody noticing.
You contact his faculty advisor yet? I was just about to.
Name's Lieutenant Commander Guyman Purcell, Retired.
Got his PhD in South American studies.
I think we should interview him.
Yeah? Why's that? According to Horlacher's phone records, he called the Commander right before he killed himself.
That's good work, Tony.
Get the car Kate.
Okay, now that we've learned a little bit about recruiting double agents, let's take a moment to consider some of the risks involved.
Anybody? DiNozzo.
Would you like to become left-handed? You going for your brown-nose badge this week? You're just jealous 'cause it's working.
Yes, Miss Ellsworth.
What kind of a risk does a double agent pose? He could double-cross you back, sir? Exactly.
You have just convinced someone to betray that which he holds dearest.
His country.
His family.
Perhaps even himself.
These are weak-minded individuals.
If your recruit proves untrustworthy, he must be either coerced or abandoned, but nothing can jeopardize the mission.
Petty Officer Horlacher is a decent student.
That's all I know about him, really.
You cover Ciudad del Este in your class? The Tri-Border Area.
Of course.
Why? Horlacher got a package from there.
Inside were a pair of human eyes.
Cut out of a woman's head.
that's horrible.
What did the Petty Officer say about it? Claims to have not known anything about it.
Did you ever spend any personal time with him outside of class, Mr.
No, in my field, the students tend to see their instructors as larger than life.
It's best not to get too attached.
So that would be a "no"? Am I being interrogated for some reason? Depends.
On what, Agent Gibbs? Why he called you last night.
Many of my students call me at home.
Last night, Benjamin wanted to know if I'd give him an extension on a paper due this week.
Did you give it to him? Yes.
He could use it.
He's in trouble? He's dead.
He killed himself last night.
Right after he got off the phone with you.
I don't know what to say.
Why don't we start with what you said to him? Well, this wasn't the first time he asked for an extension.
I was hard on him.
I told him if he couldn't keep up, I'd drop him from the course.
It would ruin his career.
I was trying to motivate him, Agent Gibbs.
Hold his feet to the fire.
I never thought he'd Jump in? The retired Lieutenant Commander's got his own consulting business, Purcell Security Group.
They specialize in Intelligence work, boss.
They've got several high-paying government contracts.
The biggest one is Southcom.
He's traveled back and forth to Paraguay ten times in the last six months, and the area he's been working Ciudad del Este.
I'm thinking this guy's a spook.
Or working for spooks.
Everything concerning his consulting work has been flagged way above my clearance.
Because I hate spooks.
I might know who the eyes' former owner was.
Okay, we're on our way.
Abby thinks she's found the body that goes with those.
Business in Central and South America comes with its own special set of problems.
Are you working in a hostile environment? Are you dealing with corrupt or untrustworthy local officials? My course can make the difference between success and failure, and death There's about four hours of online instruction classes Associated with this website.
They were bookmarked on Petty Officer Horlacher's hard drive.
And after watching them, I can say with certainty Purcell needs a charisma bypass.
What does this have to do with the eyeballs, Abby? Well, Horlacher accessed this jpeg file 22 times last week.
Look familiar? Oh I was right.
She is beautiful.
How can you be sure it's her? Because - iris patterns are more distinctive than fingerprints.
More accurate, too, boss.
The video is grainy, and the es aren't perfect.
The lighting Abby, is it her or not? It's an 80% match, Gibbs.
I think we've got our girl.
A dead transsexual sailor, his spook instructor, and a pair of human eyes walk into a bar what's the punch line, Kate? Whatever it is, it involves this girl and Paraguay.
That's true, but not very funny.
Make me laugh.
Oh, uh Yeah, the bartender doesn't believe it, so he asks the spook instructor, "What the hell is going on?" And the guy says, uh, "What, guy can't have a drink with his pupils?" Nothing? Oh, come on, that was pretty funny.
You think this is a joke, McGee? Uh, no.
No, I don't, boss.
Good answer.
Tony, you're with me in MTAC.
Kate, get Purcell in here; we need to talk.
He hates me, doesn't he? Well, "hate's" a pretty strong word.
More like a mild dislike.
You did spill his coffee.
Today, DiNozzo! Gibbs'll get over it.
When? Well, let's see, uh, last year Tony spilled his coffee, and, uh, he warmed up to him about, I don't know, an hour ago, so roughly, eight to ten months.
I got your e-mail, Special Agent Gibbs.
To tell you the truth, I was shocked.
When did you learn to use a computer? Well, times change, Colonel.
That they do, Gunny.
I got two grandkids now.
I heard you got remarried again.
That didn't work out.
Well, then, again, some things don't change.
How can the Southern Command help you today? I'm investigating a civilian contractor working out of the Tri-Border Area, Paraguay.
Name? Guyman Purcell.
Yeah, I heard of him.
Oh, yeah, he's part of a TAT, Tactical Analysis Team, we have in Ciudad del Este.
What's your interest in him? One of his students committed suicide after receiving a pair of female eyeballs in the mail from TBA.
We think Purcell knew the victim.
Body parts in the mail generally denote a kidnap, but eyes? Well, yeah, it, uh, does send a hell of a message, sir.
Someone's putting pressure on Purcell? Uh, why? That's what I want to find out.
Our TATs work with a few other agencies, and they're not always as forthcoming with information as I would like.
But, uh, when's that ever stopped us? To old times, Gunny.
Old times, Skipper, old times.
What's that supposed to mean? You ask me again in seven years.
Why seven years? That's when the Freedom of Information Act kicks in.
You know that doesn't work with me.
I always know when you're there! Gibbs? That's weird.
You looking for me? You are getting sneakier the older you get.
Not to mention better-looking.
What do you got? Well, I'm still hacking the Petty Officer's files, but I uncovered some e-mails you'll be interested in.
I back-traced the ISP they were sent from.
It's a Web server in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina.
The Tri-Border Area.
Escopeta 794.
It's the originator in Argentina, boss.
"Escopeta" means "rifle" in Spanish.
And Shadegirl is one of Petty Officer Horlacher's private e-mail addresses.
You be the transsexual; I'll be the rifle.
First exchange was three weeks ago.
"I want the hundred thousand for the girl.
" Shadegirl says her controller will pay only $60,000 and wants proof.
"One hundred thou " Escopeta repeats his demand for $100,000, swears a bunch in Spanish.
Shadegirl insists on $60,000 and proof.
Swear, swear, swear, threat swear.
And finally Shadegirl goes up to $75,000 and says his controller wants proof before the money is sent.
Escopeta expresses his displeasure colorfully and slips up he uses a name.
"A hundred was the price.
"Tell Purcell his proof's on the way.
" Petty Officer Horlacher was bearding for Purcell.
How does a transsexual beard, Probie? Proof of life by ripping out her eyes? I don't buy it.
Escopeta's running a kidnapping ring, boss.
They set examples.
You either meet the price or the person dies.
Purcell's gone, Gibbs.
Where? Well, according to one of his students, he was recalled back to Paraguay.
You find out what flight he's on.
Already did; his flight landed at the Guarani International Airport Pack your gear.
You're going to Paraguay.
Alone? Take one of 'em with you.
I'll start prepping the op from here.
Yes! I've always wanted to go to Paraguay.
Ha-ha! Ay! Arriba! Okay, which way to the Tactical Analysis Team's headquarters? ¿El derecho o izquierda? Right.
Aw, I should've brought more cash.
Look at that.
Hey, look at these guys.
Buenos dias.
It's the local bridge club.
Well, it's not the tropics, but at least it's warm.
Actually, it is the tropics, Tony.
Really? The Tropic of Capricorn, to be exact.
Tropics smell kind of funny to you, Kate? It's not the tropics, Tony.
It'd be the plumbing.
How come we never get sent to, like, Paris or Hawaii? Oh, come on, it'll be fun.
And the best part? No Gibbs checking up on us.
What the hell are they doing? They're stopped about 50 feet from the TAT building.
Well, yeah, I can see that, McGee.
Get them on the satellite phone.
Check it out, Kate.
iPod for 30 bucks.
First of all, it says "L-Pod" on the back.
And second - there's nothing in here.
What's your location? We're looking for the TAT building right now.
Town's kind of hard to navigate.
It's 50 feet right in front of you, DiNozzo.
Found it.
I take it the GPS chip in the phone is working well? Well, yes, it is.
Will you quit screwing around and get moving?! You're not on vacation.
On it, boss.
Patch me into Colonel Bushnell.
On it.
Switch over to Southern Command.
Colonel Bushnell, our team's at the linkup point.
Their in-country guide is Joe Tabarez.
He's the watch officer for the Ciudad del Este TAT.
Former Marine.
Good man.
Any word on Purcell? Not since he came through customs.
He hasn't checked in with any of our people.
He's not in Paraguay on Southcom business.
What about somebody else's business, Colonel? Now, that's possible.
I'm checking that angle now.
I know somebody higher up in the chain of command is not making this easy, Jethro.
Agents DiNozzo and Todd? I'm Joe Tabarez, Tactical Analysis Team.
Welcome to the middle of nowhere.
Nice to meet you.
What's the chain for? Ciudad del Este anti-theft device.
Let's get inside.
Don't want to get shot on your first day.
Maldito perro.
This is the Wild West.
If there's a profit in something, it's for sale.
Bootlegs, drugs, guns, you name it.
It's also Al-Qaeda's front line in South America.
What about body parts? Well, there's folks down here who'd sell you a kidney if it meant putting food on the table.
Of course, there's also folks who'd gladly take yours for the same reason, Agent Todd.
Tell us about Purcell.
His intelligence work is first-rate.
Man's developed a lo of contacts down here.
Well, what do you think of him personally, Mr.
Tabarez? Oh, it's Joe, and I try not to.
Off the record, Purcell's one creepy son of a bitch.
What's he supposed to have done? Shipped a pair of women's eyeballs to a transsexual sailor who killed himself.
And here I thought I'd seen it all.
You recognize the girl on the right? I do.
It's Purcell's wife.
We ID'd the girl in the photo, boss.
Name's Anna Real.
Purcell married her last year in Paraguay.
How old is she? Seventeen.
And he's been "dating" her for about three years.
The bastard's a pedophile, Gibbs.
Tabarez knew this? Well, he's the one who told us.
I want to talk to him.
He's out trying to find Purcell.
Or he's having coffee with him.
He looked the other way while Purcell was molesting a 14-year-old.
What's that tell you two? Get me Bushnell.
On it.
You two find me Purcell.
I wasn't having coffee with him.
But I know who was.
Did you report him to Southern Command? Yes, Agent Todd, I did.
Look, if I had my way, he'd by lying in the garbage there on the street.
But he's being protected.
By who? Need to know.
I don't.
Welcome to the wonderful world of spooks.
Who was he having coffee with? Are you ready to see the seedy underside of Ciudad del Este? Can it get any worse? You believe I would look the other way, Gunny? No, Skipper, but someone in Southern Command did.
Well, I'll find out who, and I'll get back to you.
I'm gonna take him down, Colonel.
Just make sure you don't get taken down, Jethro.
Special Agent McGee here's got my back.
Yeah, right.
Thank you.
Thank you, boss.
What the hell are you doing? Wha I thought that you were giving it to me.
To refill it, McGee! Sorry, I'll get you another one.
Estas arestado.
Da la vuelta despacio.
Ah, Joe! Why you always doing this to me?! Practicing, Iggy.
I've got some friends here who want to talk to you.
Oh, sure, you like movies, eh? Movies? No habla Ingles? I have DVDs.
Only five American each, huh? $5 for a DVD? You drive a hard bargain, man.
Only four for you.
Four bucks? Any Hitchcock? I have everything, my friend.
I have action, I have the comedy.
I have whatever you want.
Actually, we're more interested in information, Iggy.
You like handbags, Miss? Louis Vuitton! Wow, looks so real.
Or two for $40.
Really? Like the lady said, we're more interested in information, Iggy.
Seen the girl on the right before? Ah, sí.
Tell me about her.
Hey I heard she passed.
By "passed," you mean she had her eyeballs ripped out of her skull? Yeah, Iggy, she passed.
We want to know who did it and why.
Life is so cheap here, Miss, oh, who can say why? Purcell can.
Seen him around lately? Señor Purcell, he's he's a good man.
That's not what he asked, Iggy.
He wants to know if you've seen him.
Why, is he in trouble or what? Todd.
Es un satellite phone? Oye Great.
Thanks, McGee.
He found us a hotel.
We need to find Purcell.
You help us, we'll help you.
How much for the phone? Phone's not for sale.
Come on.
We trade, no? All of this, plus $50 U.
Come on! It's government property issued to me, not for sale.
I'll tell you what, Iggy.
I'll give you the phone if you promise to tell me when Purcell contacts you.
What?! You're not authorized to give him my phone.
Agent Todd, you are interrupting my negotiation.
Deal? Sí.
If Purcell contacts me, I tell you.
Phone number's on the back.
It's a great idea, Tony.
GPS in Kate's phone is reading loud and clear.
I'll call when Iggy moves.
Roger that, Probie.
So you want me to say sorry or something? You could have given him your phone, you know? The lead agent never gives up his line of communication.
Oh, when did you become the lead agent? I thought we were a team.
We are.
I'm the team leader.
What, so I'm the follower? I don't think so.
Oh, yeah, I've seen that look before.
When we returned to Brcko, two days after NATO ordered us out.
I can still smell it burning.
I have been given a direct order to protect Purcell as a valuable intelligence asset.
Regardless of what he's done? Regardless of what he has done.
With all due respect, Colonel You don't have to say it, Gunny! There are only two things a Marine can do when he receives a direct order: obey or resign.
You're resigning your commission? I will never have another Brcko on my conscience.
Can you find out who's protecting him? Someone at the farm, but I have no way of knowing who it is.
Sir, how do you contact him? Encrypted teleconference like this.
You've seen him? No.
He's always in shadow.
Very corny, like some Cold War film.
That's corny, but it's effective.
Boss, if if-if the Colonel can get him on a teleconference, his encrypter can patch him to us.
Where the hell are we, McGee? San Gusta Street, near the heart of the city.
Okay, he's turning left.
I know he turned left.
I have a visual.
He's stopping up ahead.
Who's he with? Purcell! Okay, it's Purcell.
Shall we bring him in, boss? No.
What? No, DiNozzo.
You heard me.
Just tail him.
Gibbs wants us to follow him.
Why? Does it matter? They're heading into a hotel, boss.
Don't engage unless you have to.
Iggy's altitude is increasing.
He's in an elevator.
Third floor, DiNozzo.
Going somewhere, Iggy? To find you, my friend.
Señor Purcell, he contacted me.
Did he, now? Sí.
What's he doing here, Iggy? Well, it's a hotel.
He's staying here.
Wrong answer.
First I want you to know that I loved my wife even if I couldn't trust her.
I paid $75,000 American.
That's a fortune down here.
Why are you not dead? Escopeta confused me with my little sister.
He killed her.
She would still be alive if you hadn't threatened to betray me.
Good-bye, Anna.
Do it! I'd rather be dead than spend one more day with a monster like you! Close you eyes, Anna.
Close you eyes.
Drop the weapon! Now, look at that, Kate.
He's actually thinking about trying it.
You double-tap the head, I'll double-tap the heart.
All right, stand by.
My farm contact's coming on the system now.
He's all yours, Gunny.
Patch me in, McGee.
Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
You either give up Purcell or I will personally compromise the identity of this man, Ari Haswari.
Our link to Al Qaeda or a child molester? Your call.
What next? Now we wait, McGee.
According to your "wife," you're not just getting intel on rackets in Ciudad Del Este, you're running some of them.
Drugs, organ harvesting, child prostitution rings? It's my mission to infiltrate these organizations.
I'm very good at it.
And having sex with underage children? Once she testifies, you're gonna spend the rest of your life in Leavenworth, Purcell.
No, no, you misunderstand, Agent DiNozzo.
Anna wasn't threatening to tell our government.
She was threatening to tell hers.
What difference does that make? You should have shot him while you had the chance, DiNozzo.
What You know what he is, what he did.
How could you? Same way you do.
Following orders, Agent Todd.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a job to do.
Boss, there's another encrypted transmission coming over the system.
Put it up on the screen.
Bring our people home.