NCIS s02e18 Episode Script

Bikini Wax

What's going on, Virginia beach? Yo, yo Y'all ready to get this started? Are you ready? Hey, how you feeling? Maybe you didn't hear me.
I said, how are you feeling, Virginia Beach? All right.
Y'all ready for me to bring out these women?! All right, all right, let's get started.
Our first contestant is a teacher, and enjoys long, hard math problems.
Please give a warm welcome to Monica.
God bless you, baby.
All right, our next young lady is a Capricorn, and one of Jamel's personal favorites.
Say hello to Tina.
Our third contestant is a Navy girl.
So stand at attention, boys.
This is the beautiful Tiffany.
Do we have a contestant number three? Well, apparently, Tiffany had some place better to be.
What's new, pussycat? Hey, Tony.
Diggin' the tie.
Is it new? Yeah.
I just got it last weekend.
It's Zegna.
I like.
I'm glad.
Paid over a hundred bucks for it.
Why do you always do that? What? You always have to announce how much you paid for your clothes.
It's weird.
What's weird? Abby asked me a question about my tie.
I answered.
It's called a conversation, Kate.
Abby asked you if it was new.
She didn't ask you how much you paid for it.
The two things have no correlation.
Yeah, if I didn't pay for it, then it wouldn't be new now, would it? Look, what is the point of bragging to us about how much you spend on your clothes? We work with you.
We all know how much you make.
I don't.
Look, all I'm trying to say is that it's not very professional.
Gibbs would never walk in here and tell us how much he paid for his shirt.
That's because the prices have been pretty consistent at Sears since the late '70s.
We have a body in Virginia Beach.
McGee? Yeah.
Call Ducky.
You got it.
Hey, uh, boss, have you had a chance to sign off on that missing persons report I gave you? No, DiNozzo, I haven't.
I tried to get to it last night, but Sears was having a sale.
So when you found the body, you were alone? I give it five seconds.
Until what? Until he notices there was Bikini contest?! Eight's my lucky number.
It's over, DiNozzo.
Gear up.
Agent Gibbs? Lieutenant Sommers, Virginia Beach Police.
I assume you want to take this one.
You assume correctly, Lieutenant.
As soon as we found her Norfolk I.
card, we cleared out.
I brought in extra men just to seal off the area.
Bikini doesn't leave much room for an I.
There was a small beach bag next to her in the stall.
What is Volt Entertainment? It's a local cable channel that caters to men.
They air all of the contests.
I'll get a dub.
Who discovered the body? An elderly woman at about 1400.
She notified one of my men shortly after.
She was pretty frantic.
Where is she? She's in my car back there.
You don't want to see her, Agent Gibbs? Kate.
He's not really one for chit-chat.
I can see that.
Are there any more girls from the bikini contest? Hey.
DiNozzo! Right behind you, boss! That is one hell of a swirlie.
S wirlie? You take the kid by the ankles, dunk him in the toilet, then flush.
Usually reserved for dorks.
Does it look familiar, Probie? I don't think so.
Noogies, sure.
Wedgies, an occasional melvin, but, uh, no If you two don't start working, I will show you hazing.
And the Marine Corps does not do wedgies or noogies or melvins.
Thank you, boss.
DiNozzo, measure and sketch these footprints.
You think she made 'em, boss? Well, they match her shoes.
Not smudged.
No sign of panic.
Think she went to the toilet voluntarily? No sign of a struggle.
No bruises on her arms or neck.
Why wouldn't she run or fight back? Maybe she didn't have a chance to.
She could have been in the vomiting position when she was attacked.
That's good, DiNozzo.
Thanks, boss.
Now get on the floor and start sketching the footprints.
It's a public restroom, boss.
It's really disgusting.
It could be worse.
How could it be worse?! Could be a men's room.
Ah, Jethro.
Hey, Duck.
DiNozzo and McGee'll be done in a few minutes.
Oh, no hurry.
It takes time to do detailed and concise work.
Palmer here finishes his work quite quickly.
Thank you, Doctor.
People, please clear the boardwalk.
Well, thank you, Sergeant Klein.
You have been very helpful.
My pleasure.
Her name was Petty Officer Tiffany Jordan.
Her C.
said she was deployed on the USS Monroe for the last 57 days.
Ship returned to port yesterday at about this time.
What did the witness say? She doesn't usually use public rest rooms.
Has a phobia.
Well, this won't help.
Victim's address? Drive, Norfolk.
Come on, let's go.
She is all yours, boys.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Palmer I love the beach.
Reminds me of college.
I thought you went to Ohio State.
I'm talking about spring break, Probie.
Every year my buddies and I hop in the car and head down to Panama City.
Yeah, at MIT, we never did the whole spring break thing.
Go figure.
Hey, so was it as wild as it looks on MTV? Probie, my stories alone could make you a man.
Something wrong, Doctor? Her head is in the toilet, Mr.
I've just never seen you hesitate before.
Well, when a person is as experienced as I am, it's rare to come across something you've never seen before.
How long has she been here? Roughly two, maybe three hours.
That is incredible.
You know, you-you have a real gift.
Give yourself time, Mr.
I've been doing this since long before you were a twinkle in your mother's eye.
Or even your mother's mother.
You know, some people find it strange our profession.
Yes, so I've heard.
Did you ever consider another line of work? I suppose so.
Yes, I think there comes a time in everybody's life when they stop and wonder if what they're doing is meaningful.
It's only healthy.
Really? What other kind of, uh, career did you? Shortly after I graduated from Edinburgh Medical School, I gave serious consideration to a career in teaching.
Yes, in fact, I-I heard there was a vacancy at Eton, my alma mater.
I almost applied.
Well, why didn't you? I loved the idea of teaching the world's youth.
But then I realized that deep down, academia was not for me.
I could never picture myself giving those long, rambling, esoteric lectures.
Me, either, Doctor.
Well, let's get you out of here, my dear.
She keeps a clean place.
Well, she probably didn't see much of it.
Battling the Bulge by Jeff Drixon.
Looks to me like Jeff is losing the battle.
How to Lose 15 Pounds in They're all weight-loss books.
These are all workout videos.
Preoccupied with weight loss, vomiting before her attack.
Sounds like an eating disorder.
Gibbs, take a look at this.
"Tiff, I hope you enjoyed my letters.
"I live for the day that we can be together.
Love, Jon.
" Romantic.
Flowers are fresh.
And he delivered them himself.
How do you know that? The florists put their insignia on their cards.
This card is blank.
Don't you ever get flowers? Don't like gifts that require attention.
These are all bills from before she left.
Where are the letters? You think she trashed them? She never got them.
She's been at sea for the past two months.
So, yesterday, she should have returned home to a stack of mail.
She did what people do when they take a trip.
She had her mail stopped.
Where have you been? I missed lunch, so I decided to go out for a snack.
Why? We're heading to the USS Monroe.
I set up an interview with Petty Officer Jordan's former rack mate.
Can I have two minutes to eat? You get anything for me? No.
I had a few dollars.
Then there's no time.
No food in the truck.
What?! Gibbs' rules, not mine.
On second thought, I think the rule is that there's no eating in Autopsy.
The truck's okay.
Why are you breathing like that? What's wrong with you? I'm not feeling so hot.
I don't like boats.
It's not a boat, it's a ship.
And it's docked.
Doesn't matter.
As soon as I get on the water, I immediately start feeling queasy.
Well, that's not a good trait for someone who investigates the Navy.
I'm feeling dizzy.
Well, it's a good thing you didn't eat that burger.
Could've been embarrassing.
I can't believe this happened, sir.
She was such a great person.
Do you know of anyone that may have been angry with Tiffany? Not at all.
Tiff was friends with everyone.
We all loved her.
Sir, are you sure you're okay? Oh, yeah.
I - I just haven't gotten my sea legs yet.
Can I get you anything? Some Dramamine maybe? Well, I already took six.
You know what, I'll be fine.
Don't worry about me.
Had Tiffany been sick? I don't think so.
Why? It appears she may have been vomiting when she was attacked.
Is there something we should know? Yeah, it's hot She came to me about a month ago and said there was something that could potentially ruin her career in the Navy.
What do we have, Duck? Well, no shortage of water in her lungs.
She definitely drowned.
Any internal damage? Yeah, her esophagus is quite worn, as if she'd been vomiting excessively.
Was she bulimic? Possible, but not probable.
Her throat shows little evidence of self-regurgitation.
Preliminary tests conclude that her bout with hyperemesis was caused by a hormonal imbalance.
Particularly, a drastic rise in her estrogen level.
Morning sickness? Indeed.
Our young exhibitionist was pregnant.
It's Petty Officer Tiffany Jordan.
J- O-R-D-A-N.
No, I was just on hold! A warrant will take days.
I need her mail now.
Well, I understand that it's Federal.
That's not soon enough! Is the ocean view partial or panoramic? Oh, sweet! Oh, yeah.
And the bar's in the lobby? Yup.
Yeah! That sounds great.
Oh, yeah.
All right.
Yeah, I'll talk to you soon.
Thank you.
We're working; you're planning a vacation.
Oh, it's not just a vacation.
Kate, it's spring break.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Talk to my frat brothers last night, just booked the hotel today.
The wheels on the party bus are now in motion.
Let me guess Panama City.
Oh, yeah.
Palm trees, mai tais and coeds all week long, Probie.
Don't you think you're just a little old for spring break? I can bong a beer in under six seconds.
Believe me, I'll fit right in.
Abby didn't find any foreign prints on the bouquet or the beach bag, and that means one of you had better give me a lead.
DiNozzo, start with you.
I talked to Petty Officer Jordan's rack mate from Monroe.
She said Jordan bought an early pregnancy test during a brief stop at King's Bay.
Well, she knew she was pregnant.
Any idea about the father? She used a pay phone to call him, but his cell was turned off.
She said she left a message.
That's your worst nightmare, Tony.
How's it going with those letters, Kate? I'm working on it.
Thanks, Tony.
How long? Uh, two days; three, tops.
You got four.
Really? Hours.
Sounds about right.
Are you waiting for me to announce you? No.
I'm sorry.
I, uh I pulled the phone records from Petty Officer Jordan's apartment.
Uh, only one call since she returned.
It was yesterday at Two hours prior to Ducky's estimated time of death.
This address her work or her home? Uh, both.
She's an at-home yoga instructor.
Good job, McGee.
DiNozzo, you're with me.
Yeah! Right behind you, boss.
Three hours, 58 minutes.
Doctor, can you come here for a second? What is it, Mr.
Palmer? I am not sure.
What do you think? Well, it looks like some sort of paraffin wax.
Yeah, it it-it reminds me of a product my grandfather used to use.
He put a little of it on either end of his mustache.
Gave him the handlebar look.
Well, that doesn't make sense.
Well, it was well before your time.
Back then, it was a very popular look.
Yeah, it epitomized high society.
No, no, not-not about your grandfather.
Why would she have this stuff in her hair? Well, I would surmise it was on the killer's hands.
Get it up to Abby right away.
Thanks for having me come along, boss.
I know when it comes to women, sometimes I get a little distracted.
I just want to let you know that I appreciate this vote of confidence.
What I'm trying to say is, I'm not gonna let you down.
I'm going to be attentive and meticulous to every detail in my notes.
Oblivious to any distraction.
We're here.
DiNozzo! Oh, yeah.
I'm with you, boss.
DiNozzo, your PDA.
Here it is, got it.
Sorry about that.
It's not a great start, huh, boss? Could have been better.
Extend your arms.
And try to get your forehead to the ground.
Nice long stretch.
Let the head just hang Lisa Kerr? to the ground.
Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
Special Agent DiNozzo.
We have a few questions for you.
Of course, yeah.
Uh, Sally? Yeah.
Can you just take over the class for a second? Thanks.
Oh, sure, sure.
I don't know if it's hit me yet.
You were close? As close as you can beto a girl in the Navy.
I mean she was here for one month and gone the next.
How'd you meet? She signed up for my tantric yoga class a little over a year ago.
It combines physical fitness with the ability to heighten a woman's pleasure during prolonged lovemaking.
I'll reboot.
Who was Tiffany romantically involved with? Never known her to date anyone.
In fact, she was the only one in the class who was there for physical fitness.
She wanted to lose ten pounds for her shoot.
Shoot? Yeah, she was doing a spread with two other girls for GSM.
It was called, um, "Naughty in the Navy.
" Hit stands a couple months ago.
I remember that issue.
It was a good layout.
What is GSM? Get Sum Magazine.
It's like Playboy, but less risqu.
They both have really great articles.
The Navy respond? Oh, it was revealing, but it wasn't nude, so she got a slap on the wrist.
I got a copy of it inside.
Do you guys want to see it? That won't be necessary.
Why won't it? I make a point of keeping all of my copies.
Like I said, great articles.
Tiffany called you yesterday.
Yeah, she said that she was back in town, and that she wanted to see me that night, and she needed to talk to me.
About what? Never said.
Hey, Lisa.
How was it? Ah, it was all blown out.
Not a wave worth paddling after.
Should have gone with me for the a.
The waves were overhead and clean all morning.
They're from NCIS.
Guys, this is my fianc, Kevin Holt.
So, any suspects yet? We're working on it.
Girl gets murdered in public during a bikini contest.
I don't know.
You'd think it'd be pretty simple.
You'd think.
We're finished here.
Up arm What is this stuff? Bikini glue.
The contestants use it to keep their suit bottoms from riding up.
Really? Yup.
I used to go through sticks of that stuff when I was on the circuit.
There's so much you don't know, McGee.
Is this what Jimmy found in her hair? No.
I compared both substances.
The stuff in her hair is thicker.
It's more like a wax.
How's Kate doing on time? Down to eight minutes.
Your watch must be slow.
Kate, you made it! What's this? Uh, don't ask.
So, how'd you do it? Did I ever tell you about that Feeb in mail fraud that's always flirting with me? Yeah.
I called him.
You didn't say you'd go out with him, did you? Not exactly.
I read him Section 22 Dash A of the Federal Government's sexual harassment code.
And then I told him I needed a favor.
Right on.
I've never seen so much crap.
This is why I've liberated myself from paper mail.
Why does that not surprise me? I don't even have a mailbox.
If it doesn't come electronically, I am not getting it.
Okay, we'll each take a third and filter through it.
I love it when you're rough, McGee.
I knew she looked familiar! Who? Lisa Kerr.
She's the daughter of Mister Kerr.
You know, from Mr.
Kerr's Cupcakes.
Oh, yeah.
Well, that explains the house.
And she's in all of the commercials.
And it was driving me crazy, 'cause I was trying to figure out where I knew her from.
Why don't you just ask her? I was kind of afraid to.
Why? Well I've had a lot of short-lived relationships, and I kind of have a hard time remembering all of them.
I have the same problem with ex-wives.
The name's Jonathan Redding.
He's written our victim four letters in the last six weeks.
And the writing indicates classic stalker.
If he can't have her, no one can.
He sounds like our guy.
We have a return address? Cellblock F.
He's in the Danville Correctional Facility.
It can't ever be easy.
Well, I-I still think we should talk to him.
I mean, we can't just ignore evidence like this.
What evidence? The guy's still in prison.
Not anymore.
I just spoke to Danville's assistant warden.
Jonathan Redding was paroled 13 days ago.
Jonathan Redding was arrested for assault and battery in May of '01.
He had two priors before that violation of a restraining order and possession of narcotics.
Two of his three arrests involved ex-girlfriends.
We locate him? I, uh, phoned his registered address.
They claim they haven't seen him.
His parole officer? Phoned him, as well.
Still waiting to hear back.
I'm gonna call him again.
This guy definitely fits the profile.
All we have is a rap sheet and some fan mail.
Even if we find him, we can't detain him.
That may not be true, boss.
Redding's former cell mate saw the murder on the news.
He says he has some information we should hear.
In exchange for what? Depending on what he gives us, the D.
may cut him a deal.
Take Todd.
Find out what he knows.
You got it.
Kate, with me! You ever interrogate a prisoner, Kate? Yes, Tony.
I've been at this for a while now.
Well, it's important to remember you can never let your guard down.
An inmate, unlike a civilian, has nothing to lose.
Yeah, but this inmate, Tony, asked to speak to us.
Wants to do the right thing.
He's a felon, and that's the way we're going to treat him.
Open the gate! How long were you and Jonathan Redding cell mates? Six or seven months.
Which it, Luke? Six or seven? What's with the third degree? I'm trying to help you guys.
Then answer the question.
Well, he came in right around my birthday, so I guess it was closer to seven.
So, you gave him the magazine with Tiffany's picture.
When was it that you started to believe that Jonathan was You're an Alpha Chi Delta? Rutgers.
Ohio State.
No way! Yeah, dude! Are you in touch with any of the brothers? Try to.
You know, these days it's not that easy.
Oh, yeah.
You? Well, I'm still best friends with three of the guys from my pledge class.
In fact, we're heading down to Florida for spring break! Aw, that's awesome, man.
Yeah, yeah Oh, I used to love spring break.
Panama City! Palm trees Nope, that's all for now.
Thanks very much.
Boss, located Redding.
He is working at the Water Wheel Car Wash.
It's only two miles away from where Petty Officer Jordan was attacked.
We should've had him three hours ago.
I'm sorry about that.
I - I kept hitting dead ends.
Learn to anticipate, McGee.
Anticipate? Always think a step ahead.
Shouldn't have to ever waste time deciding what to do next.
Anticipate Yeah.
According to his cell mate, Redding stared at Petty Officer Jordan's photos for hours at a time.
No, I'm in the bedroom And then the letters started.
You think he was obsessed? Oh, yeah.
He found her address over the Internet and said his plan was to contact her when he was released.
He didn't want to live without her.
Or her to live without him.
McGee track down an address? Yeah.
We're on our way.
Hey, McGee, get the Keys to the car.
Keys to the car.
We're a little out of place here, McGee.
Feels like high school.
What the hell is that? Believe it's an Escalade, boss.
The wheels, McGee.
Oh, uh, the rims.
They're called "spinners.
" What's the point? It's a hip-hop thing.
The more I know, the less I understand.
Afternoon, gentlemen.
Your sedan looks like it could use a wash.
We're looking for Jonathan Redding.
I'm Rodney, Jon's supervisor.
Something I can help you with? Yeah, you can point him out to us.
He's right over there.
I've got him driving today.
Jon do something wrong? Jonathan Redding! Stop! Federal Agents! Where's he going?! Whoa! Redding! Redding! Redding! Stop! Anticipate, McGee.
Luke was right.
This dude is creepy.
Do you realize you've been talking about Luke since we left? He's a good guy.
He's a criminal, Tony.
And you have a man-crush on him.
I do not have a man-crush.
I just feel bad for the guy, that's all.
Well, I just don't understand what it is about men and their fraternity.
It's like this pact to get drunk and laid supersedes everything.
Okay, getting drunk and laid is only, like, 90% of it.
And the rest is brotherhood and solidarity.
Well, if you ask me, it's as juvenile as spring break.
You ever been on spring break, Kate? Yes, I have, Tony.
Panama City, junior year.
But unlike the girls you're going to see, my friends and I conducted ourselves with complete dignity.
Sounds like a blast.
I've been sitting here 20 minutes.
I'm rry, Jon.
I asked them to put out refreshments, and they must've forgotten.
Why am I here? Because killing people is illegal.
I didn't kill anyone.
Then why did you run? 'Cause I owed the wrong people a lot of money when I went away.
Drugs? And now that I'm out, they're looking to collect.
I saw you two guys coming at me, and I reacted.
He's lying.
Well, if he is, he's pretty good.
I didn't know what else to do.
We just wanted to talk to you, Jon.
Yeah? Hi.
What'd I miss? Who dressed you? Look, I chased this joker through the car wash, all right? What? We came straight here.
This is all I had that was clean.
Your gym clothes were clean? Well, who would have guessed? Where'd you get this? Same place I got the other three Petty Officer Jordan's P.
She never got them? That why you killed her? Because she wouldn't respond to you? I didn't kill her.
I loved her.
Where were you Saturday between 12:00 and 1:15 p.
? I was there.
I was at the contest.
You're not helping your cause much here, Johnny boy I went there because I wanted to talk to her, tell her how much she means to me! Why didn't you tell her that when you delivered the flowers? 'Cause she wasn't home.
So, I left them at the door.
I didn't see her at the contest, either.
I waited, but she never came out.
Did you go by yourself? Yep.
I showed up about a half-hour before it started.
I stood right in front of the stage until it was over.
I didn't kill her.
I just wanted to be a part of her life.
You have to believe me.
What's the problem, Abbs? I'm not really sure.
The picture was crystal clear when I tested it.
There we go.
What happened? Tony forgot to rewind.
Thanks, Abbs.
You already watched this? I glanced at it.
He took it home.
What is wrong with you?! It's like you have some sort of a sickness.
I had a hunch there might be something on it.
Yeah, like ten half-naked women.
Cue it up from the beginning.
Got it.
It was a two-camera shoot.
One was on the stage and the other was on the crowd, for reactions.
Fast-forward to around noon.
Zoom in on "B.
" That's him, right there.
Keep running it.
He's where he said he was.
Yeah, but he still has until 1:15 to slip away.
Speed it up, Abbs.
It's past 1:15, boss.
He's telling the truth.
Jonathan Redding did not kill Petty Officer Jordan.
Where's Gibbs? I don't know, but we do report to him, remember? I think I find us a lead.
Where? Honestly Tony, you need help.
You'll sing a different tone when I show this to Gibbs.
Show me what? I was standing through petty officer Jordan's layout and I found something I thought you should see.
These two photos weren't taken by the magazine.
They got'em from her.
Why? Something GSM likes to do: gives the reader or voyeur let's take a look another girls lifes.
Who do you think took the photos? Probie, back up a little bit.
In the article, petty officer Jordan said they were taken by a boyfriend.
But she didn't date.
Well, she was pregnant Mcgee.
There's only one way that can happen.
Did you contact GSM? I did.
They said that the photos were taken by a local photographer named jason Kaplan.
He's a freelancer they work with a lot.
Check it out.
Don't worry boss, I'll keep it professional.
Yeak, I know you will because Kate's going with you.
I am? It seems like a in and out job boss, are you sure that's really necessary? He's sure.
This guy has the life.
He spends all day photographing world hottest women.
I'm sure his mom is proud.
What's that supposed to mean? Those pictures are demeaning.
They make women look like sex objects.
You need to listen up.
Human body's a beautiful thing.
It should be admired.
You're right Tony.
Human body is a beautiful thing.
Gorgeous, don't move an inch.
I feel nauseous.
Okay guys, let's take a five.
Tod, you wanna make sure to keep'em ***** up.
Sorry, I keep you waiting but I didn't want to break the zone.
I take it this isn't for GSM.
No, this is for Sports Monthly.
You're looking at three members of the US waterpolo team.
Great uniforms.
Is there anywhere else where we could talk? I think we could talk in my office.
That'll be great.
Tiffany Jordan.
I couldn't believe when I saw her on the news.
Such a cute girl.
Kaplan really loved her.
We were wondering about the two small photos at the bottom of her layout, and they were taken by her boyfriend.
That's between her and the magazine.
My job is just to send in the pictures and get consent from whoever took'em.
Do you have their release on file? Sure, I keep records of everything.
Personally, I find it insulting that magazines publish amateur photos.
I spent four years in photography classes.
It took me months to get published.
Kevin Holt is Lisa Kerr's fiancé.
Why would he have any reason to photograh Tiffany in the bedroom? Lisa might be wondering the same thing.
What do you have, Abbs? A serious hatred of wax.
I think you look stressed.
I compared old victim's wax to over hundred different products.
Each was just one molecule different to the next.
Do you know small moleculars I do.
Shup up McGee.
I really like this new Abby.
And after many fun-packed hours of nothing but wax, I found a match.
Does that say "sex wax"? Yeah, it does.
It comes in cool warm and tropical.
How does it work? Don't worry about it, probie.
Pretty sure you still need a girl first.
It's not like that.
Mr Zogs sex wax is a brand name.
It's made for surfers.
Surfers? Yeah.
They put it on their board *****.
Hello, Kevin.
Oh, my friends from NCIS.
What do you know, boys? More that you'd like us to.
Come again.
We know about your relationship with Tiffany Jordan.
What relationship? Her and Lisa were friends.
I barely knew her.
Yeah well,****** taking photos ever.
You do that with all of Lisa's friends.
You lie need a work.
Look, fellas, it's not what you think.
Her and I, we hung out a couple of time.
You know, it was totally innocent.
She asked me to help take some photos for this magazine, so I helped her out.
Generous of you.
Lisa know about the photos? No, she didn't even know that Tiffany and I were friends.
Well, if nothing going on, why the big secret? Look, Lisa's very insecure.
Okay, I come home from a weekend surf tournament, she'd smell my clothes for perfume.
I even got her going through my email a couple of times.
Look at that, boss.
She's suffocating him and all he's doing is take a lingerie shots of her girlfriends.
It's not what you think.
I wasn't sleeping with Tiffany.
Then you won't mind submitting a DNA sample.
Why? You have the killer's DNA? Allright, fine.
You want me to take your test, I'll take your test.
I got nothing to hide.
We have a winner.
Tony, tell us what he's won.
Well Abby, he's won all the expensive vacation on the suny *****.
Keep your day job.
May not be an option.
What about his prints? I compared them to the prints that Tony and McGee got from the beach rest room.
They didn't jive.
He must have left it hundreds of prints.
You sure you ran them all? No, McGee, about midway through, I got tired, so I just like, "Screw it.
" Just thought I'd check.
Okay, so he didn't leave any prints - all that proves is that he's more careful at a crime scene than he is in the bedroom.
I agreed to take a test.
I didn't agree to spend the whole night in this ny room.
This is a luxury suite compared to what you're looking at.
What are you talking about? You lied to us, Kev.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I didn't lie to you about anything.
You told us that you and Tiffany What's going on? What is Kevin still doing here? Evidence leads us to believe he was involved in Tiffany's murder.
Oh, no, that's ridiculous.
He's not capable of killing anyone.
I got good news and I got bad news.
Which do you want to hear first? Tiffany was pregnant and there is a 99.
98% probability that you are the father.
Tiff was pregnant? I decided to go with the bad news.
He I had no idea.
He cheated on me? I can't believe he cheated on me.
I I've given him everything.
You never suspected? Why would I? She's my friend.
It'll be okay.
Get her a glass of water, McGee.
You bet.
I still don't believe he killed her.
I thought you said there was some good news.
Right, I almost forgot there is a, uh, chance that you're gonna walk out of here.
Hey, look, I I screwed up, okay, I admit that, but I am not a killer.
The-the-the last time that I saw Tiff was right before we left, and we both decided that we'd end it then.
You're not a very reputable guy, Kev.
Why should we believe you? Because I'm telling you the truth.
You didn't have anything to do with this, why'd you avoid us? What are you talking about? I - I never avoid We've been calling you for two days.
I left four messages on your cell phone.
He's lying.
He never left him any messages.
How do you know? Sure you don't want to call your lawyer? I didn't do ything wrong.
I just want to get this over with.
It must've been a shock when you heard Tiffany's message.
No one would blame you for being angry.
I didn't listen to any message.
Okay? I wouldn't invade Kevin's privacy like that.
You didn't have any problem searching through his e-mail.
He told you that? We lifted your fingerprint from this glass.
It matches a print we found a few feet from Tiffany's body.
I think I'd like to call my lawyer now.
I think that's probably a a good idea.
I thought you were leaving.
I'm on my way.
See you next week.
Try not to embarrass yourself, Tony.
Come on, Kate, I'm way too grown-up for that.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You're pretty.
You're pretty.
I'm pretty.
I'm going to the hea I love this place.
Ah yeah.