NCIS s02e19 Episode Script

Conspiracy Theory

Thirteen Fifteen Seventeen Nineteen Did you lose something down there DiNozzo? Ninety-nine! *****.
It's still my morning exercise.
So how old's this one? Why does it always have to be about a woman, Kate? Cause we're talking about you.
Got your favourite here.
Bacon, sausage, cheese, breakfast burrito.
I'll Pass.
Too much fat.
Must be really young.
Oh, she is.
I'll be beneath *********.
She is 5.
10, blond hair, long legs and gianormous headlights.
The last part was really necessary? That's what you called them.
She broke down by the Navy yard last night and Tony helped her out.
Oh, I bet he did.
She's a junior at Georgetown.
So that would make her what about twenty? Actually, she could be younger.
I was eighteen when I was a junior at MIT.
When we need ***** we'll ask for it probie, thank you.
Oh, I'm asking.
How old, Abby? Well, she's old enough to turn Tony down.
Said she only goes out with guys in their 20s.
Oh, poor baby.
She wasn't my type anyway.
Well, that's a good thing, 'cause I think it's time that the "Sex Machine" hung his spurs up.
How do you know about that? Your college nickname? Let's just say that dating your frat brother had its advantages.
Grab your gear.
Going to Georgetown.
Petty officer was assaulted in her home last night.
You're driving Sex Machine.
Kate, I'd check you e-mail before we go.
It's kind of important.
Where did you get this? Wet T-Shirt Wall of Fame.
Spring break '94.
Saw it when I was in Panama City last month.
Oh, my God.
I was going to keep it to myself, but then you decided to tell everyone my pledge name.
You wouldn't dare! Oh.
Tony, Tony, come on.
We can work this out.
Name's Petty Officer Jessica Smith.
Claims intruder in military fatigues entered her home and tried to attack her.
What do you mean, "tried"? At this point, I'm not even sure there was an attacker.
Who are you? Special Agents Gibbs and Todd.
We have to talk, but not here.
They're listening.
Who's listening, Petty Officer? I I wish I knew.
Turn the radio on.
All right, they can't hear us now.
Tell me about last night.
How How do I know I can trust you? Because we're here to help.
I heard voices whispering.
Yeah? Saying what? I couldn't tell, but it was about me.
You have to protect me.
From what? Monsters.
Jessica, it's going to be okay.
Boss, the commander refused to wait outside.
Lieutenant Commander Allan Witten.
I'm Petty Officer Smith's psychologist.
Outside, Now.
Very well.
I don't want to go back! I can't go back! Please tell me I won't go back! Jessica is under my care.
When she missed her phone session this morning, I became concerned.
What's wrong with her? She's been diagnosed with "Brief Reactive Psychosis.
" We believe it's been triggered by the death of her fiance in Iraq last month.
Yeah? Why isn't she in the hospital? As her condition improved, we released her.
Treated her as an out-patient.
She told the cops there was a man in her bedroom in camouflage utilities and body armor.
Was she hearing voices and did he have a knife? How do you know that, Commander? It's a delusion, Agent Gibbs.
She's had several just like it at Bethesda.
I need to get her back.
Gentlemen, I assure you no crime has been committed here.
Why don't you let me decide that? I'm very, very sorry for the "Sex Machine" crack, Tony.
It was insensitive and rude.
I swear it won't happen again.
Damn it, what are you going to do with it, DiNozzo? I haven't decided yet.
I thought it might make a nice poster.
What would? I am warning you.
It will be war.
Hell on Earth.
What are you guys talking about? None of your business, Probie.
None of your business, McGee.
Petty Officer Smith say anything while I was talking to her shrink? No.
All she kept telling me was to call her CO and to let him know that the monsters are after her again.
From all appearances, I'd say she had a relapse.
Well, my first two marriages were based on appearances.
Pull Petty Officer Smith's records when we get back.
Navy Achievement medal winner, Sailor of the Quarter three times.
She is an outstanding sailor, Gibbs.
Lot of overachievers and perfectionists lose it.
My uncle ran a Fortune 500 company until they found him digging up holes in a golf course looking for mole people.
You're a perfectionist, aren't you, Kate? Before her breakdown she was working for the Department of Acquisitions at the Pentagon.
Who's her CO? Captain Ross Vetter.
There's an open case file on him, boss.
Why don't I know about it? It's not ours.
It's the FBI's.
They opened it about a month before Smith had her psychotic break.
What are they investigating Vetter for? I can't tell.
They're not letting NCIS access the contents of the file.
You want the FBI's case file on Captain Vetter.
On it.
Let's roll.
Where to? To ask Petty Officer Smith some questions about monsters.
Hi, I'm Catherine Reynolds.
We've been expecting you.
Welcome to Seven West.
Commander Witten is on his way down now.
I can tell you everything there is to know about this place.
They don't need to know anything, William.
All you have to do is ask me.
Who's got the power, who's cool who's got the baby oil.
That's enough now, William.
Go back to group.
Oh, here's Commander Witten now.
Kate, you're with me.
Uh, boss, what about me? Conflict in the workplace? You have no idea.
I have a theory that most of it results from unresolved sexual issues.
Really? It certainly has been the case for me.
I could use a drink.
How about you? Mrs.
Reynolds, did you get that shirt out of the laundry room? The doctors warned you about this kind of behavior.
Well, the doctor doesn't have an ass like this one.
I can't help myself sometimes.
She's been sedated.
She'll sleep through the night.
I want to talk to her when she wakes up.
Absolutely not.
She's paranoid of authority figures.
From what I've seen, the only one she seems paranoid about is you.
She had a delusional episode.
This has nothing to do with NCIS.
You can check back in a few weeks.
We'll see you tomorrow.
I have a degree in clinical psychology.
Do you have any expertise in the area, Agent Gibbs? No.
No, I do not.
Just a BS meter.
See you in the morning, Doc.
The FBI's stonewalling us, boss.
They claim that the Captain Vetter case is classified.
Last time I checked, we had clearances, probie.
Well, they're still not releasing the info, Tony, but I, uh, I did call the Pentagon.
I spoke with the admiral in charge of his office.
The FBI thinks that Captain Vetter was taking kickbacks in exchange for government contracts.
He's on administrative leave pending outcome of the investigation.
They say anything about Petty Officer Jessica Smith? Yes.
She was questioned, but so was everybody else in Vetter's group.
Well, if she was found mentally ill, it would excuse her from testifying against her boss.
She didn't look like she was faking it to me.
Something tells me you say that a lot.
Kate, when they poor cold water over your chest, doesn't that sort of make you? Hey, DiNozzo! You do that again, I will put my boot so far up your ass Yeah.
Agent Gibbs, I should have told you before we have to talk, sir.
Yeah, yeah, I'm listening.
Not like this.
They're listening.
You got to help me.
Yeah, all right.
We're on our way.
Hurry, please? Jessica, stay on the phone with me.
You just keep talking to me, Jessica.
I can't.
Just get here.
Kate, come on.
You're with me.
Jessica Smith's room? Sir, I'm not authorized.
Commander Witten told me Open her door or I'll break it down! Yes, sir.
Find out who else she called.
Check out her speed dial and her phone book.
On it.
She should've been observed A young, troubled girl being left alone all night is negligent at best.
My God.
Did she leave a note? No.
If she did, what would she have written? I don't know.
He was the one responsible for the Petty Officer.
Easy, Duck.
How could you have allowed this young woman to be left alone all night? There was a corpsman on duty.
One corpsman for an entire ward? We had seven patients.
None were considered suicide risks.
I'm sure the family will take great solace from that.
She's ready, Dr.
Let's get her home, Mr.
What's going on? Jessica killed herself.
I heard them say it.
She's deader than dead.
Is it true? I'm afraid so, Catherine.
Corpsman, can we get everyone into the day room, please.
Yes, sir.
Come on, William.
It's okay.
It's okay I take it you knew her well? We spent a month together here.
It's about as good chick-bonding experience as any.
Ah It must be difficult.
It's hard.
Yeah, I know.
Really, really hard, Agent Tony.
If you're not too busy, DiNozzo.
You're a shy little minx.
I didn't hear anything, sir.
Is this where you were most of the night? Unless I was making my rounds.
When's the last time you checked on Petty Officer Smith? She was sedated and sleeping peacefully.
If she was sedated, how did she manage to call us? And hang herself? Ma'am, I've seen patients kill themselves by stuffing their noses and throats full of toilet paper.
If they want to do it, they find a way.
Or they're helped.
Who classified her a non-suicide risk? Commander Witten, sir.
All right.
That's all for now.
Yes, sir.
Boss finished processing the room.
Okay to tape it off now? Yeah, go ahead, do it.
I also want everything on Witten.
And every contact he's had with Petty Officer Smith.
Tonight? Oh Oh, I'll get right on it.
What about doctor-patient confidentiality? Doesn't exist in the military anymore, probie.
And sadly for some doesn't exist between NCIS teammates either.
You're wasting your time.
Doesn't bother me anymore, Tony.
Probie, you want to see something hot? Sure.
What's it going to cost me? I don't know.
You still have that Catholic schoolgirl uniform? Agent DiNozzo.
I thought you were dead, Fornell.
I got better.
Does Gibbs know you're sitting at his desk? Just checking my e-mail.
Don't think he'll mind.
How long has he been here? Since I got in.
Isn't he supposed to be dead? Got better.
Does Gibbs know he's sitting at his desk? No.
Oh, this is going to be Great.
Comfortable? Not really.
There's no lumbar support.
And you should get a password to protect your computer.
That's what this is for.
What do you want, Tobias? I'm hurt.
Can't an old friend just stop by to say hi? Well, you are old, I'll give you that.
Our usual conference room? Lead the way.
Hey, make sure he didn't do any of that virus goat rope crap to my my thing.
Goat rope? Marine term, probie.
Means halfway between FUBAR and SNAFU.
Okay, what's FUBAR? You are.
Why is the FBI investigating a Navy captain without informing us, Fornell? I forgot.
You always inform us when one of your cases strays into FBI jurisdiction.
I want to know about this case.
We're looking at a Captain Vetter for taking kickbacks.
You came all the way down here to tell me that? That and they want you to back off, Jethro.
Believe me I told them it was futile.
What does Petty Officer Jessica Smith have to do with this? No idea.
I'm just the messenger here.
Now why don't I believe that? I'd say mostly because you're a bastard.
But it wouldn't do any good, would it? I'll see what I can find out for you.
No promises.
Tobias, you owe me.
You're calling that in for a B-and-E on some petty officer's house? She's dead.
How? She killed herself last night.
I want to know why.
I'll find out.
Under one condition.
Name it.
You don't do anything to jeopardize our investigion into Captain Vetter.
I wouldn't dream of it.
Why don't I believe that? Mostly because I'm a bastard.
Hey, McGee.
Get me the home address of Captain Ross Vetter.
And get the sedan.
What do you want? To hear your side of the story.
Off the record.
I'm being railroaded.
By who? The military industrial complex.
I wouldn't play their game.
What kind of game is that, Captain? Do you know how defense contracts are decided in this country? Usually by the lowest bidder.
Every senator, every congressman, tries to grab a piece of the pie for their own people.
For their ate.
No - the people, the corporations that fund their campaigns and that hire them after they get out of office, Agent McGee.
You think that's why the FBI's investigating you? I know it.
I was trying to change that system.
And now I'm paying for it.
Damn it! Sweetheart, Audrey, need some towels out here.
Kind of early for the single malt, isn't it, Skip? You have no idea what the last couple of months have been like for me.
For my family.
No, I don't.
But you don't know what it's been like for Petty Officer Smith.
I've been meaning to visit her.
A little late for that.
Jessica Smith killed herself last night, Captain.
I knew she was having some Issues when her fiance died, but Do you know why? That's what we're hoping to find out.
When a you people going to leave us alone? That's all right, sweetheart, they're NCIS agents.
I don't care, Ross.
I'm not answering any more questions.
I want them out of my home.
I'm sorry to hear about Jessica.
She was like a daughter to me.
I should have been there for her.
She wanted us to pass a message along to you, Captain.
The monsters were after her again.
Monsters? I don't understand.
We don't either yet.
If you think of anything that might help, call me.
Of course.
Sorry to bother you, ma'am.
You have a beautiful home.
When I was a Marine, I could have never afforded a place as nice as this.
She was right, Jethro.
Monsters were after her.
Hanging leaves a telltale "V" mark on the neck here and here.
As you can see, these marks are missing from her neck.
Also I found bruising and clotting on the inside of her nose, and on the inside of her lips.
She was smothered.
Poor girl was dead long before the noose went anywhere near her neck.
This was no suicide, Jethro.
Our Petty Officer was murdered.
Look familiar, sex machine? Now that you mention it Nope, it's a different style T-shirt.
See? I'm begging you, don't.
Gonna be nice? Yes.
See what? Hi there, boss.
Um Just admiring Abby's handiwork.
Why? Well, I was bored, and I thought she needed a little personality.
Does she have a purpose, Abby? Several, in fact.
According to her instruction manual.
For the case, Abbs.
Um, I think I know how Petty Officer Smith was strung up.
According to her hospital chart, she was given 15 milligrams of Trazodone when she arrived at Bethesda.
That's enough to zonk her out for most of the day.
Then how did she make the phone call asking us for help? Well, it would have started to wear off.
She would have been weak, sluggish at least enough for this.
Except there were no signs of struggle, Abby.
Have you ever been on Trazodone, Tony? I mean, she couldn't have fought off a ten-year-old.
Bustill there is a problem.
How'd they hang her afterwards.
Correct as always, my silver-haired fox.
I mean, Gibbs, sir, boss.
See what's missing? Nothing to stand on.
How did the killer lift her body afterwards? There were two of them? Possible.
But there's a simpler way.
The legs of the bed act as a fulcrum making it easier for one person to lift Jessica's weight.
That would've made some noise.
Enough that you probably would've heard it from the nurses' station.
Manned by Corpsman Morgan.
Have him report to NCIS tomorrow.
Don't tell him why.
I saw that.
Saw what? Nothing.
I saw nothing.
You want some of this? I got a clean cup around here somewhere.
I'm not worried about your cups, Gibbs.
How can you drink that rotgut? Easy.
It's got alcohol in it.
Macallan 18.
Now, there's a drink.
What'd you find out about the FBI investigation into Captain Vetter? Officially, not much.
Unofficially? They weren't getting very far, so they decided to go for someone weaker in his office.
His personal assistant, Petty Officer Smith.
Why shut NCIS out of it? They worked her over pretty hard.
Didn't think you'd go along with it.
Threats, jail time.
They forced her to wear a wire to work.
That woman just lost her fiance in Iraq, Fornell.
Which only made her more vulnerable, easy to manipulate.
Man, and you call me a bastard.
Wasn't my case, Gibbs.
I'm just here doing a favor.
That said, they think she was hiding something.
What? Unfortunately, she killed herself before they could find out.
Jessica Smith did not commit suicide she was murdered.
By whom? That's a hell of a question, Tobias.
That's what you're gonna help me find out.
Book-on-tape club? Jessica Smith's therapy sessions.
Anything interesting? Well, not from her psychologist, Commander Witten she's evasive, afraid to talk.
She's a little more outgoing in the group sessions but not by much.
Is her friend Catherine Reynolds on those tapes, probie? Yes.
Catherine Reynolds she is the one that talks about sex, a lot.
Gets kind of graphic.
Okay, I'm gonna need to, uh, listen to those, and probably take them Tony! What is wrong with you? burn him a copy, McGee.
What I was going to say: if the petty officer was afraid to talk in public, she might be talking in private.
She may have opened up to some of her friends inside the ward - it's a good idea.
It's a well-known fact, Mr.
McGee, that women tell each other everything.
That would explain why none of my friends will go out with you.
I'm sorry, say something? Nothing.
Agent DiNozzo? Yeah.
I was told to report to you this morning.
Not to me, Petty Officer to him.
Am I in trouble? Depends.
On what, sir? You told us you were at the front desk your entire watch.
Except for when I was making rounds, sir.
How long do the rounds take? A few minutes.
A few minutes.
Okay, got that.
Did you see anyone else come in or out of the exit of the ward that night? No, sir.
What about hearing anything unusual? No, nothing.
Until you showed up, sir.
We got us a problem, Petty Officer.
Sir? Jessica Smith was murdered last night.
Murdered? And according to you, you're the only that could've done it.
There's no way he did it.
Look at his reaction.
Maybe he's just a good actor.
Nobody's that good.
I've been thinking, Kate.
About the photo.
I'm sorry.
I mean, you know I'd never give it out, right? In fact, I'm gonna delete it right now.
Really? Thank you, Tony.
That-that would be a huge relief.
What are you doing? Acting, Kate.
It's not that hard.
I I lied, sir.
Yeah, I kind of figured that out for myself, Petty Officer.
I screwed up, sir.
I really screwed up.
Kind of figured that one out, too.
I - I left my post for about 40 minutes.
I was with someone.
This person have a name? One of the patients, sir.
Catherine Reynolds.
Doing what? W - We've been having sex for three months now.
Tony, I want you to talk to Catherine Reynolds.
See if she'll verify Morgan's alibi.
My pleasure.
Kate, you're with me.
What the hell are you doing? Well, I'm-I'm listening to Petty Officer Smith's group therapy sessions.
There's two people that she interacts with the most: Catherine Reynolds, Lynn Simons they've got a lot in common: knitting, crossword puzzles, the TV show McGee! Well, I think they may be friends.
Why does this matter? Well, she may have confided in them, told them something that she didn't tell anybody else.
That's good thinking, McGee.
I'm the one who came up Tony, go baby-sit our corpsman in Interrogation.
McGee, you interview Reynolds and Simons.
Why didn't you tell him I had that idea.
Tony, a wise man once told me: there's no "I" in "team.
" Where we going? Jessica Smith's house.
I think she was telling the truth about someone being in her bedroom.
Down! Are you okay? Yeah.
Let's get this bastard.
Did you get a plate? No.
Aw, damn it.
What do you think they were looking for? Found something.
Not quite sure what.
You have any idea? That's a radio receiver and broadcast speaker.
I guess Jessica Smith was hearing voices.
And they weren't in her head.
So, the parts are off the shelf, but the execution is very, very sophisticated.
The receiver is actually the guts from a disposable cell phone.
You dial the number, and the device activates.
Like a terrorist bomb.
Well, yeah, but in this case, instead of an explosion, you get this.
Jess ica Jessica Over here Over here He's dead your fiance It's like the soundtrack to Friday the 13th.
You know, the movie? There were, like, 11 of them.
Oh, Gibbs, you really need to get out of your basement more.
What were they about? Basically, there's this guy that wears a hockey mask, and he kills teenagers with a machete, usually right after they had sex.
Why? Well, he died at summer camp,so his mother killed everyone there.
But he was actually alive and he was living in the woods, but then he died and he went to Hell, and then he was frozen, and then he went to outer space It's complicated.
You don't know, do you? Not a clue.
I keep hoping they're gonna explain it in the next one.
You call me when you find something, Abby.
Found something.
See this? Yes.
I cut myself today installing a graphics card in my computer.
Want me to kiss it or something? That would be really nice, but it's not my point.
Most of the metal inside electronics is unfinished.
I cut myself all the time on burrs and rough edges.
Yeah? Well, you ought to try building a boat with hand tools after a couple shots of Jack.
Anyway, my point is, I was snooping around the circuit board, and I found this.
It's blood, Gibbs.
Whoever assembled this cut themselves.
We have their DNA.
That's great work, Abby.
Feel better? Much.
Is there some reason why you people don't feel the need to call ahead? Or is it that you just enjoy arriving unannounced like this? Depends on the situation, Commander.
Well, I have a war to run here.
I don't have time for this, Agent McGee.
I'm here to interview several of your patients.
Catherine Reynolds and Petty Officer Lynn Simons.
Simons was discharged from the Navy three weeks ago.
Catherine Reynolds is in her room, and I do not want her disturbed.
You should've called.
I could've saved you the trip.
Commander it wasn't a request.
Do you have any idea how upsetting your presence was the other night? Some.
Do you have any idea what's going on inside your own ward? And what exactly is that supposed to mean? Well, we can start with Corpsman Morgan having sex with Ms.
Reynolds during the last three months.
That's impossible I would've known And we can end with Jessica Smith's murder.
It's your call, Commander.
Catherine, it's Commander Witten.
Are you decent? If I was, I wouldn't be in here, Doc.
Go away.
You have a visitor.
NCIS Special Agent McGee.
I thought it was the cute one.
Uh, well, I just need to ask a few questions, Ms.
Okay, as long as I can ask you some back.
I'll just be down the hall.
This is about Corpsman Timothy Morgan, ma'am.
Um, claims that he has been in a relationship with you and that on the night of Jessica Smith's death that he was With me knocking boots.
You take what you can get around here, Agent McGee.
My turn.
Are you a virgin? No.
Are you sure? Uh, the last time I checked.
And that was two questions, Ms.
What time were you with Morgan? I think it was between 7:00 and 8:30.
And were you close to Jessica Smith at all? I really liked her.
She didn't belong here.
Ever been in love? Love? Yeah.
Sometimes I think I might have been, yeah.
I like that.
Very rare in a man.
Did Jessica ever tell you anything about her problems? Yes.
So what did she say? She was hang an affair with a married man.
Did she tell you his name? Nope.
All right.
Well, thank you, Mrs.
You've been very helpful But she did tell Lynn Simons who then told me.
Boxers or tighty-whiteys? Depends.
I guess both.
What about right now? Boxers.
He was her CO.
Bastard never returned any of her phone calls in here.
So she asked Lynn to deliver a message for her.
Petty Officer Lynn Simons, avionics and electronics tech.
Received a medical discharge three weeks ago.
Jessica Smith asked her to deliver a message to Captain Vetter.
She loved him and promised to forgive him if he would just contact her.
Simons failed to report to her therapy session at the VA two weeks ago.
No one's seen her since, Gibbs.
Find her.
McGee, get Captain Vetter in here.
He refuses, put him in cuffs.
You might want to hear this, boss.
Vetter and Commander Witten both served on the USS Kennedy in '99.
It's a big ship, Tony.
It could be a coincidence.
Yeah, I don't believe in coincidences.
Hey, it's me.
We need to talk.
So what's the plan, good cop/bad cop? More like bad cop/scary cop, McGee.
Which one's which? I think you'll have to ask their ex-wives that one.
I demand to know what the hell is going on here! Not much.
Just the end of your life as you know it, Captain.
You see what I've had to deal with, Agent Gibbs threats, intimidation I won't stand for it.
You told me Petty Officer Smith was like a daughter to you? What's that got to do with this? Considering you're sleeping with her, a lot.
I want a lawyer.
Yeah, you'll need one.
She was murdered.
We think it was you.
Where were you Wednesday night? At home with my wife.
Well, we checked with her, Vetter.
She said you went out.
Didn't come back till around midnight.
No, she's lying.
They do tend to get vindictive when they find out you've been cheating on them.
You told her about Jessica? I did.
You might want to consult a divorce lawyer while you're at it.
I didn't kill Jessica.
I loved her, for God's sake.
He loved her, Gibbs.
I guess that's it then.
We got to let him go.
After 80 or 90 years in Leavenworth.
You have means, you have motive and you have no alibi, Vetter.
She catch you taking the kickbacks or was she just helping you? She caught me.
The money was supposed to have been for us, after the divorce.
But I swear to you both, I didn't, I couldn't kill her.
You know what might help me believe him, Gibbs? If he started crying? No.
If the good captain here told us where the money is.
Are you offering me a deal? Depends.
Who else knew the location of the money? Only me.
Me and Jessica.
He's telling the truth, boss.
He stashed the money in a gym locker.
Looks to be around $800,000 in a green duffel bag.
Who do you think's going to pick it up, Gibbs? Our killer.
Boss, the GPS marker Tony put with the money is showing movement.
Bag's in play, DiNozzo.
Have Kate ten up on the entrance.
Roger that.
Tight around the entrance.
It's Petty Officer Simons, boss.
Well, yes, Tony, we can all see that.
Take her down? Negative.
I want to see where she takes it.
That's $800,000 in there, Jethro.
Relax, Tobias.
It's not yours.
He ran the bloodpfrom the circuit board through AFDIL and I got a match.
It's a Petty Officer Lynn Simons.
We got it, Abbs.
I really hate it when he does that.
She's heading for Bethesda.
She's picking up Commander Witten, boss.
Strike that.
He's going to follow her.
Or she's going to follow him.
Guess again, Sex Machine.
It's your girlfriend.
Got the money, babe? Oh, yeah.
Get out.
Wh-What are you doing? What I always do.
But if it wasn't for me you never would have gotten her back and the hospital never would have known where she hide the money.
Now get out, bitch.
Drop the weapon.
They followed you! Drop it! It's not loaded! Please don't shoot! Please! You're a stupid bitch! Aah! Aah! Don't touch me! You're not my type, lady.
Hey, get your hands on the wheel! Kate, cuff this wack job.
That's not me.
Well of course it's not you.
Too bad nobody else is going to know that.
That's low, Kate.
I learned from the best Tony.
We both delete at the same time? One three.
One two three.
See you tomorrow, boss.
Have a good one, Gibbs.