NCIS s03e11 Episode Script

Model Behavior

- Never get tired of this sight.
- You and me both.
- Where's number three? McMannis.
- Yeah? We have a loose one.
l can't take much more of this! lt's driving us crazy! Where's Taylor? - Maybe she got lucky and escaped.
- They're coming.
Oh, my God.
Tell me you did not just wave at me, Vance.
You call yourself a supermodel? Right now, the only thing you are super at is looking like an idiot on TV! l count two of you.
Where is little princess number three? Oh, my God.
The next award to be presented is the Meritorious Civilian Service Medal.
Would Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs please step forward.
- She went with the elf cut? - lt's called the Pixie.
- l think she looks terrific.
- Where's Gibbs? ln all the years l've known him, he's never once turned up for an award ceremony.
Even if he's the one receiving, Ducky? Especially if he's the one receiving it.
Special Agent Gibbs? Told you he wouldn't show.
Pay up.
- Got change for a 20? - No.
- Nice haircut.
- Where the hell is he, DiNozzo? - He's working on a case.
- What case? The one that's preventing him from being here.
l'll take that for him, though.
l Accepting for Special Agent Gibbs is Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
She's pretty.
l like to think that l'm the Michael Douglas to his Karl Malden, on the streets of D.
Thank you, everybody.
That concludes our award ceremony.
- Thank you.
- Gibbs thanks you.
Thank you.
ls this on? l have a speech.
l didn't-- l wrote a whole Whole thing.
Where are you? l'm right behind you.
l really hate it when you do that.
Tony has your award.
He can keep it.
Some things never change, do they, Jethro? Depends on your definition of change.
My definition? l expect you to be there the next time l'm handing you an award.
DiNozzo didn't tell you? l'm working a case.
- Alone in my office? - lt's high-profile, Jen.
l thought you'd wanna hear about it before it hits the news.
- l'm listening.
- Well - There's a dead celebrity at Quantico.
- Who? - Some woman named Taylor Shane.
- The supermodel? Found her hanging from an OCS security fence this morning.
- Then why aren't you there? - l just got the call five minutes ago.
Oh, and the award ceremony started 30 minutes ago.
Well, l like to get a head start on things.
l'll keep you informed.
Jethro, the press is gonna be all over this one.
l'd appreciate it if you could go easy on them.
Telling me how to do my job, director? No, just reiterating your previous point.
- Which was? - l know you.
Break out the gear.
Boot Camp Babes is a real TV show? Reality TV at its finest.
Three hot, rich babes - learning what's truly important in life.
- Defending their country.
No, firing machine guns while wearing bikinis.
Think l like your reason better, Ziva.
Your Marine Corps would actually allow these models to serve? Well, they're not joining for real.
lt's a stunt.
lt's kind of like The Simple Life.
- The Simple Life? - Yeah, that show about Paris Hilton.
l've never heard of it.
But l've been there a few times.
l wouldn't mind spending a night there myself.
Oh, you have no idea.
l often dream about it.
Really? What? Just trying to picture Paris and you together.
Don't get your hopes up.
l'm not attracted to blonds.
This is bad.
Gibbs is gonna go completely and utterly ape-- What is the official word on Taylor Shane's cause of death? - Like l said, l just got here.
- What condition was her body in? - l just got here.
l haven't-- - What about the other girls? How are the other girls handling it? How are they handling it? - Okay, that's it.
lnterview's over.
- l'm sorry.
lt was an accident.
l don't care.
- Sergeant, secure the area.
- Special Agent Gibbs.
Wow, she really was beautiful.
She still is, Mr.
She's been dead at least five hours, Jethro.
l'm more interested in how she got that way, Duck.
Well, her body is covered with these lacerations.
None of them appear to be fatal.
We'll know more when we get her back.
l'll just go get the gurney now.
- Who moved the body? - l did, sir.
Didn't think it was right, them taking pictures of Taylor hanging on the wire.
You have any crime-scene experience, Staff Sergeant McMannis? No, sir.
But l do have public-affairs experience.
Photos like that aren't why the Corps agreed to support this show.
- You the liaison? - Yes, sir.
We've been trying to contact the producer, Thomas Crawley.
He doesn't know anything about this yet.
- How'd she get up there? - Looked like she was trying to climb.
But that doesn't make any sense, sir.
lf she wanted off the show, all she had to do was ask.
lt's not like this is a real boot camp.
McGee, photos.
Ziva, interview the rest of the models.
DiNozzo-- Boss, l'm pretty familiar with the show.
Maybe l should interview them.
That would work for me.
l hate models.
That so? McGee, help Ziva.
lnterview them.
Any other suggestions, DiNozzo? - No, l think l got it.
- Good.
l'm gonna need to see all the footage that you shot on this.
You got it, sir.
Postproduction office is right over here.
Do you want me to get their autographs, Tony? Hey, probie.
See if you can get them to sign it to ''the Big D.
'' What was she doing out there, Hannah? Probably just looking for a bigger story line.
- What? - Think about it, Nat.
The big escape? Would've made some great TV.
Unfortunately, it did.
Special Agent McGee, Officer David, NClS.
We would like to ask you a few questions.
- ln private, please.
- Okay.
Let's go.
When was the last time you saw Ms.
Shane? - Lights out.
- Time? Around 1 0:30.
Do you really believe she did this as a stunt? l don't know.
Taylor would do anything for more camera time.
Hannah, she's dead, okay? Stop being a bitch.
The cameras are off, Natalie.
You can stop pretending you cared about her.
You didn't get along.
We're supermodels, honey.
We don't have to get along.
On the show, you three seem like such good friends.
They shoot us 24 hours a day, Agent McGee.
You only get to see 23 minutes of it.
Just about done here.
Thought l'd check on the team.
You're riding with the body.
Make sure those reporters don't follow you back.
- How am l supposed to--? - lmprovise.
- Give me the keys.
l'm driving.
- Tony.
Thanks, Ducky.
Anything else we can help you with? Maybe some hair tips for your girlfriend here? No, l think that about covers it.
But if you can remember anything else that might help, please give us a call.
lt's called a business card.
Maybe you can have one of the Marines read it to you.
No bones broken, no major arteries severed.
And take a look at the tox screen.
No, her death was not the result of tangling with the razor wire.
- Phencyclidine.
Angel dust.
- Yeah.
An overdose of PCP drove that poor girl flailing into that fence.
She had a seizure, fell into a coma and died.
- Accidental overdose, Duck? - l doubt it.
She had enough PCP in her system to kill a small water buffalo.
- Water buffalo? - l tire of saying ''small horse.
'' l'm afraid our young model might have committed suicide.
- We don't investigate suicides, Duck.
- No.
- We don't investigate suicides? - Technically, no.
But even the most obvious suicide is investigated by NClS as a murder.
On a Marine base surrounded by cameras? Yes.
The stuff good mysteries are made of, Mr.
The incident shocked the entertainment industry and the nation.
The sudden and gruesome death of supermodel and recent reality star Taylor Shane.
The 25-year-old was found at approximately 6: 1 0 yesterday morning hanging atop a barrier fence at the Quantico Marine Base.
Shane was at Quantico participating in hit reality show Boot Camp Babes.
l'll just fast-forward to the good part.
Special Agent Gibbs, is the Marine Corps attempting to cover up - how Taylor Shane died? - lnterview's over.
- But people have a right to know.
- l don't care.
What were you thinking? Give me a break, Jen.
l wasn't even asked that question.
You're saying they did a hatchet job on you? Yeah.
Are you saying you don't believe me? You were wrong the other day.
Some things do change.
Part of our job is to make sure that they don't creatively edit our interviews.
No, that's maybe your job, director.
My job is to catch dirtbags.
The Marine Corps does not need any more bad publicity at this moment.
Supporting something called Boot Camp Babes? What did they think was gonna happen? The intention of the show was to represent that the Marines could be a life-changing experience.
Maybe in season two.
Are we done here yet? l have a dead girl downstairs and an investigation to run.
l've got an entire agency to run, and sound bites like these do not help when the budget's under review, or maybe you'd like to go back to the days when we had to buy our own ammo to train on the range? You want me to help fix this? Then get me that reporter's number.
You're going to apologise? No.
Ask her to dinner.
There's Ducky.
Ducky looks good.
There's the autopsy gremlin.
There it is.
Right there.
That's my jacket.
Oh, that's McGee's jacket.
l didn't make a single broadcast.
l wish l could say the same.
The camera must've added about ten pounds to me.
Actually, that was your refrigerator, probie.
You think Gibbs watched the news last night? l know the director did.
He's been up in her office for the past half an hour.
Anyone else think they were more than just partners back in the day? Hi, boss.
We're just talking about Cagney & Lacey.
lt's a real good show.
- What do we got? - Taylor Shane checked into the Los Angeles Better Health Center in August of '02 and then again in May of '03.
Publicist said it was an eating disorder.
But the truth is it was heroin, cocaine and-- - PCP.
- Bingo, boss.
Friends have given several interviews over the years.
They blame her drug problem mostly on the boyfriend, Noah Keller, - son of Marshall Keller.
- That guy owns half of Manhattan.
His kids are loaded too.
Well, this kid was arrested for possession of illegal narcotics three times in the last five years.
Twice for cocaine, once for PCP.
- Find him.
- Already on it.
That executive show guy, Crawley, he got back last night? - The term is executive producer.
- Whatever.
lnterview him.
l wanna know how this girl did a fistful of PCP in the middle of his reality show.
That guy dates supermodels? They're shallow, he's wealthy.
lt's a perfect match.
lsn't your family wealthy? That's different.
- Why? - My dad cut me off when l was 1 2.
l had to earn all my dates the old-fashioned way.
Begging? Abs, got some good news for you.
l talked to the director.
Your new assistant starts Monday.
No, Gibbs.
l can't go through that again, that-- - That is so not funny.
- No? - No.
- lt was to me, kind of.
Here you go.
Where are we? Well, l know why no one heard Taylor screaming when she was in the wire the other night.
Two 300-car trains passed by OCS the same time she died.
l doubt anyone could've heard anything.
- You on a new diet, Abs? - No.
According to Ducky, there were no signs of intravenous drug use on the body, - and no traces of PCP in the lungs.
- She took it orally.
But there were also no traces of the binders and chemicals you would find when something's taken by pill.
- l guess that's what all this is about.
- You'd be guessing right.
There were traces of PCP in her stomach.
There was also dextrose, ferrous sulfate, riboflavin and other chemicals consistent with these delectable pastries.
- Which one? - l've been trying to find out.
lt's kind of fun.
lt reminds me of Bill Nye.
- Who? - Bill Nye, the Science Guy.
- Wacky scientist with a kid's show? - Oh, it's like Mr.
Who? - Never mind.
- So anyways, Bill Nye did an episode where he broke down the molecular structure of junk food.
Same thing l did today, only Bill Nye was trying to get kids to eat healthier, and his pastries weren't laced with PCP.
- Although Bill Nye once-- - Abby, the case? Two things l know.
One, l like cream filling.
And two, her last meal was this.
l think we're looking at death by Klowny Kake.
That's good work, Abs.
Taylor got along with everyone, Hannah.
Everyone but you.
Your point is, staff sergeant? She committed suicide for a reason.
l wanna know why.
How the hell would l know? You've been abusing her on and off camera for the past two months.
Oh, so it's my fault she decided to off herself? l wanna know what happened in this room last night.
Well, let's see.
l went to bed.
Natalie probably snuck off two or three times to the bathroom to throw up.
And Taylor, well, she apparently decided to hang herself from a barbed-wire fence.
Anything else l can help you with, staff sergeant? You're a real piece of work, Bressling.
Get out of my sight.
l'll see you at the pull-up bars.
With pleasure.
ls this a bad time, staff sergeant? No, ma'am.
l'm just counting the days till this reality show is off of my base.
We need to speak with Thomas Crawley.
So do l, sir.
He's asked not to be disturbed.
A girl died from a drug overdose while taping the show.
Disturbing him is not our primary concern.
Taylor overdosed? - On what? - PCP.
A lot of it.
That's why she tried to climb that fence? She was on drugs? She was most likely delusional.
Perhaps she thought someone was chasing her.
You know how she got the drugs, staff sergeant? No, sir.
l know she had some problems in the past, but if anything, she was anti-drugs.
Hell, she wouldn't even take an aspirin.
- Where's Crawley, staff sergeant? - His office.
lt's just outside that door.
l'm sorry.
l was thinking about my daughter.
Her death just Taylor Shane was your daughter? l became her legal guardian when she was 1 5.
We've been through a lot together, but-- Were you aware that she had a drug problem? Taylor's been clean and sober for over two years now.
- She OD'd on PCP.
- No, no.
There's no way.
She would never go through that again.
Statistically, addicts fall back in times of stress.
Meaning Marine boot camp probably wasn't the best environment for her.
This entire reality series was Taylor's idea.
l've never seen her happier.
She loved it here.
- How did she get the drugs? - She didn't.
The whole point of the show was to show that she wasn't that girl anymore.
Well, l'd say it backfired.
Large time.
lt's ''bigtime.
'' Get up! Let's go.
Come on, show me what you're made of.
Come on, now.
Just two more.
l can't do any more.
What did l tell you about the word ''can't,'' Bressling? Taylor's the only one who took any of this Marine stuff seriously.
But you knew that, right, sarge? - Get the cameras out of here.
- Yes, sir.
Pack it up, guys.
Was he here? Answer me, Hannah.
You're hurting her arm, sir.
My daughter's dead, staff sergeant.
lf she's responsible, l'll do more than that.
Hey, no one's doing anything around here but calming down.
- Who is ''he''? - Noah Keller, Taylor's ex.
- Noah Keller, he was here? - Couple of days ago.
Big deal.
- Did you know this? - No, sir.
Staff sergeant, can you take Mr.
Crawley for a walk? We need to talk to the girls alone.
- You need to let NClS handle this.
- l'll talk to you when they're done.
We'll be here, Tom.
We don't wrap for another three days.
- ls that Berry Mango Madness? - Yes.
We haven't had anything but Marine food since we got here.
- l'll give you 1 00 bucks for it.
- lt's not for sale.
lt's free.
Just like love.
You know, l'm a big fan of the show.
You guys are really beautiful and great.
- The show is excellent.
- Thanks, cutie.
Why didn't you tell me that Taylor's boyfriend had visited her? She made us promise not to say anything.
Well, you know, she's dead, so l don't think she'll mind.
You saw the way Tom reacted.
He hates Noah.
He blames him for Taylor's drug habit.
Was she using while she was here? Considering we're in a Marine boot camp? No.
None of us have used any drugs.
Noah just came to talk to her.
They were having some relationship problems.
Taylor thought he was using again.
- What? - Well, it just makes sense.
Someone gave her enough PCP to kill the three of you.
When was the last time you heard from Mr.
Keller? - Hang up the phone, McGee.
- Boss, l got Noah Keller's accountant.
He's at the Cranston Motel in Triangle, Virginia, right outside the main gate of Quantico.
- How'd you track him down? - l got a call from the president.
His Amex records were in the fax machine, McGee.
- Come on.
- l specifically told her to e-mail those.
Millions of dollars, a supermodel girlfriend, and this is where he stays.
Well, he showed up in style.
- l would've rather slept in the car.
- That one.
- Yeah, Gibbs.
- Boss.
Noah Keller was in Quantico the day before Taylor Shane died.
l see him now, DiNozzo.
Don't bother, McGee.
A young person's death is never easy, McGee.
But two in 24 hours, and both self-inflicted.
Well, that's - tragic.
- He got off easy, Duck.
The drugs he gave his girlfriend had her thrashing herself to death in a barbed-wire fence.
These people can have everything, and this is how they end up? Well, wealth and fame have often gone hand in hand with fatal addiction.
- Edgar Allen Poe, Keith Moon.
- Kurt Cobain.
Yeah, the list goes on and on.
No, this one's been dead about 24 hours, Jethro.
Well, that means he offed himself the same night his girlfriend OD'd.
The froth around the mouth suggests a breakdown of the nervous system.
PCP? Yeah, possible, but not probable.
Pinpoint pupils, blue discoloration around the fingernails.
No, l'd say his death was the result of diacetylmorphine.
Heroin? - Yeah.
- l would say you're right, Ducky.
That a suicide note? Not exactly.
''lt's time for us to realise that this just isn't meant to be.
Please know that it was never my intention to hurt you.
l will always remember the great times we've had.
'' This is a Dear John letter.
Postmarked six days ago from Quantico post office.
Handwriting checks out.
Taylor Shane sent it.
Noah Keller came by to chat about it.
Very Romeo and Juliet.
Except for the part where he feeds her a toxic Klowny Kake and offs himself.
This must've been a very difficult letter for her to write.
Probably harder for him to read.
No one likes getting dumped by postal express.
Maybe he didn't listen.
Relationships change.
Some people don't know when to let go.
l have to brief the C.
of Quantico first thing in the morning on this, and l'd like you to be there when l do that.
Negative, Jen.
All we have is circumstantial evidence so far.
We don't even have anything to tie the two deaths together yet.
l can't call the general and tell him we have nothing.
You can always write him a letter.
Abs? They're for you.
They're really black.
- Really, really black.
- lt's pretty cool, huh? Yeah.
- ''Get well soon''? - They didn't have a card that said: ''Sorry l almost sent you to prison'' at the flower shop.
Almost? You actually did send me to prison.
Well, not for good.
l don't know what to say, Abby, these-- Just say that you don't hate me.
l could never hate you.
l don't think anyone could ever hate you.
Oh, you don't know Billy Bob.
- You gave him black roses? - No.
l gave him two black eyes.
He tried to run over me with a Harley Fat Boy when l was sleeping in the living room.
A guy rode a motorcycle through your living room? Yeah.
Well, it was his living room, my Harley.
Billy Bob had intimacy issues.
Don't forget to water them, or they'll die.
l thought they already were dead.
''Laugh now, cry later.
'' That's an interesting concept, Mr.
Unfortunately for our guest here, the laughter has ended.
My friend who went to NYU said this guy was the club king of New York.
He was almost legendary.
Well, if he wasn't before, he most certainly is now.
And apparently, he only hung out with models and A-list celebrities.
This guy got the VlP treatment everywhere he went.
You writing a gossip column, Palmer? Oh, l was just informing Dr.
Mallard that he'd-- We-- l-- - Talk to me, Duck.
- Our initial assumptions were far from correct.
When l examined him just now, l found fresh bruises on his upper back, the left shoulder.
The x-rays indicated a severe fracture of the left scapula and a clavicle - that was almost completely crushed.
- He was in a fight? lnjuries of that nature, his left arm would be completely useless.
Someone else shot him up.
Well, Abby's tox screen showed that Mr.
Keller had a blood alcohol level of 0.
His heart was pumping so slowly that most of the heroin was never even metabolized.
He was passed out.
Yes, l'm afraid our young man was unconscious when the drug was administered.
From Abby? l thought this show was just mindless entertainment.
lt's called research, Tony.
And l'm merely looking for a lead.
Well, this is only the beginning.
Before you know it, you'll be sitting at home eating a large box of chocolates, watching the Food Network on your 50-inch plasma.
We're not all so easily corrupted.
Take McGee, for example.
He's been raised in America his entire life, and he rarely turns the television on.
Tell him, McGee.
Yeah, tell him, McGee.
Well, depends what you consider rarely.
l might watch 20 minutes here or there.
Tell her what you do the rest of the time, probie.
That's not TV.
He pretends to be a fairy in an online computer game.
lt's an elf lord.
Keller didn't commit suicide, he was murdered.
What the hell are you two doing? Find out why.
Hey, l gotta call you back.
Boss, l think l might have something.
Are you waiting for me to guess, Elf Lord? No, sorry.
l was searching through Noah Keller's cell-phone records.
The night that he died, he received three calls.
Two were from his business manager, the other was from Hannah Bressling.
l've known Noah since high school.
We used to sneak into the Limelight, like, every weekend.
- Limelight, that's that club in Chelsea.
- Yeah, you've been? Actually, no, l l saw it on Wild On.
Sounded like it was a pretty exclusive place.
Even as a kid, Noah seemed to know all the right people.
l don't think he waited in line his entire life.
Money tends to open doors.
No, he didn't use his dad's money as a crutch.
Really? Yeah, everyone always assumed he was popular only because he was rich, and that that was the reason he dated models.
l'm sure it didn't hurt.
No, women liked Noah because he was charismatic and interesting.
l mean, most guys that come from money are womanizers whose life revolves around their car.
Were you and Noah Keller ever an item? We dated on and off for a couple years, but we sort of lost touch when he hooked up with Taylor.
When did he get involved with drugs? People say he got her started, but it's not true.
They both made that leap together.
Did you speak to him when he came to see Taylor? No.
He was drunk and really upset.
But l called him later that night just to make sure that he was safe.
l just can't imagine why anyone would've wanted to hurt him.
What are you doing? l just stopped by to drop you something off, Jethro.
Looked to me like you were playing agent.
l left you four messages today.
Really? l only got three.
Keller's death was a murder, not suicide.
That's something l should probably know.
lt sounds like you do.
This case is getting more attention by the hour.
l trust that you will keep me informed? Trust is a two-way street.
What are you saying, Jethro? You don't trust me? Of course, l trust you.
ls that all? For now.
l can save you the trouble.
On today's Channel 6 News, per Director Shepard's demands, Cynthia Sanchez issued a retraction on Monday's story.
She was also forced to issue a public apology to one Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Our director has friends in high places, yes? Something l can do for you, Officer David? Abby needs to see you.
Said she found something.
l looked through all the Boot Camp Babe footage from the night Taylor Shane died.
She was nowhere to be seen.
She knew where the cameras were placed, knew how to avoid them.
Not all of them.
A few minutes ago, l found this.
lt's from a Quantico security camera placed on top of the mess hall.
This video was taken about two hours before Taylor Shane died.
l presume not many people stroll around Quantico at 1 a.
- Can you zoom in, Abs? - My new enhancement program is booting up as we speak.
l've been waiting for the chance to bust out this bad boy.
This should clear it up a bit.
Taylor was with Staff Sergeant McMannis? When's Gibbs planning on starting? - This is one of his techniques.
- Really? Leaves the guy alone in a cold, dimly lit room.
And then, just as the guy starts to zone out, he bursts in the door and rifles off some questions.
l call it ''rock the baby.
'' l see.
And does it work? Just watch.
ln a few moments, that door is gonna fly open and this big, bad Marine is gonna jump like a little girl.
What the hell's with you, DiNozzo? l was just telling Ziva about your interrogation techniques.
l'm not interrogating McMannis.
You are.
Thanks, boss.
l could've used a little more prep time, but that's-- l'm not talking to you, DiNozzo.
He is all yours, Officer David.
You are aware that l've never performed an interrogation without inflicting some sort of pain? This footage was pulled from a Quantico security camera.
lt was taken at 01 1 7 the morning Taylor Shane was murdered.
That's an interesting technique.
She doesn't wanna tempt herself.
Tell me what you know, staff sergeant.
Okay if l dip, ma'am? Promised Taylor l'd quit.
We're both addicted to nicotine.
Supermodel who spits tobacco? She smoked.
But it's against the rules at boot camp.
So you supplied her with your snuff there? Yes, ma'am.
And junk food? - Sometimes.
- And the midnight walks? You did that with every girl, staff sergeant? No, just Taylor.
We didn't want anybody to find out about us until the show ended.
Find out what? That we were in love, ma'am.
This is the worst defence imaginable.
The idea of a supermodel falling in love with a guy like this.
Okay, why's that? Well, it's absolutely ridiculous, you know? Supermodels date guys like George Clooney, or guys with George Clooney's bank account, or, of course, the actual George Clooney, but not guys like this.
They don't date guys like this.
- Definitely not guys like this.
- Meaning Marines, DiNozzo? No, l didn't say that.
l mean, l would never say that.
He thought l meant Marines.
- Yeah, Gibbs.
- l've got something for you, Gibbs.
l'll be right there.
Abby's got something.
You were a lot of help.
Taylor was nothing like her reputation.
She was normal, like a regular girl.
l know it sounds weird, but l fell in love with her the moment l met her.
And she felt the same way? We were gonna get married once the show ended.
She was done with modelling.
She was sick of the whole lifestyle.
And the reason you failed to mention you were with her a few hours before she died? Who'd have believed me, ma'am? Hell, it was my life.
Barely believe it myself.
l believe you.
You do? So l'm free to go? No.
l think we will charge you with murder instead.
But you said you believed me, ma'am.
l would never, ever have done anything to hurt her.
What about the man who supplied the drugs that killed her? Noah Keller? Answer the question, staff sergeant.
l'm not feeling too well, ma'am.
This is the final wardrobe of Taylor Shane.
- l couldn't imagine a worse way to go.
- l could.
She planted herself on a barbed-wire fence.
What could possibly be worse? My top three are falling into a wood chipper, drowning in lava and being eaten by a shark.
- l'm guessing you thought about this.
- On and off for the last 25 years.
l read a statistic says you're more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark.
Not if you're a seal.
- What do we have, Abs? - l broke down the origin of each and every stain on Taylor's clothes.
- Most were blood, mud, rust, sweat.
- Most? Yes.
This stain here, under the collar, has traces of PCP mixed with formaldehyde, sodium and nicotine.
- Tobacco.
- Yep.
The PCP wasn't laced in the Klowny Kake.
lt was laced in this.
Are you sure you don't want some more water, staff sergeant? - l have to leave here now.
- Sit down, staff sergeant.
What are you doing to me? l believe Officer David asked you to sit down.
You did this to me.
You're trying to destroy me! - Guy just went crazy, boss.
- He's OD'ing on PCP.
Get a medical team in here.
Where'd you get the chew, sergeant? - Sergeant! - From the show.
- What's happening to me, sir? - You've been drugged.
But you'll be all right now.
This is what l would call some serious snuff.
The staff sergeant's chew was laced with 400 milligrams of PCP.
A typical hit for a user would be between seven and ten milligrams.
l knew that dude couldn't have taken me if he wasn't juiced.
What are his chances, Abby? lt depends on how much PCP he ingested.
How long was he dipping? That long, huh? Let's hope he has better luck than Taylor Shane.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
Staff Sergeant McMannis is stable at Bethesda.
- Still in critical condition.
- Any prints? l was able to lift two latent prints.
One matches Staff Sergeant McMannis.
- And the other? - No owner yet.
But it does match a print lifted from Noah Keller's syringe.
Whoever killed Taylor killed Keller.
What's that for? - lt's a fingerprint kit.
- Why? Someone tried to kill Staff Sergeant McMannis today.
His chewing tobacco was laced with PCP.
Whoever did it left a print on the can.
The same person who murdered Taylor Shane and Noah Keller.
- Whoa, you think it was one of us? - Oh, we know it was one of you.
You were jealous of her, Hannah.
You're the one who introduced her to Keller.
Me, jealous of a crackhead? Please, Tom, you're stretching it a bit.
But why would we? That doesn't make any sense.
Taylor Shane was in love with the staff sergeant.
- Yeah, right.
You've got to be joking.
- No, we're not.
Well, then, fingerprint away, sweetheart.
lt wasn't me.
We don't need it.
They're already in your arrest record.
From the time you beat up your assistant with your phone, l believe.
Well, it wasn't me.
We've got yours too.
Yeah, remember that time you drove your SUV through the front of the Limelight? What is this? l loved Taylor.
l'm not giving you permission to take my fingerprints.
l'm gonna talk to my lawyer first.
We don't need anybody's permission.
You're under arrest for murder.
You didn't want her to give up her career to marry a Marine, but you couldn't stop her.
Too bad she was addicted to nicotine too.
You killed your own daughter? lt was an accident! What was l supposed to do? She was gonna throw her life away, be some-- Be some jarhead's housewife.
Thanks, Tom.
What's so funny, honey? The ratings on this one will really be through the roof.
Ziva, no.
No, no, no.
- You really find her attractive? - Oh, yeah.
Well, l want to shoot her.
Tony, it's a matter of opinion.
How can it be wrong? Exactly.
lt's a matter of you having the wrong opinion.
- Why don't you two agree to disagree? - l don't agree to that.
Boss, the director's new hair, you like the way she cut it? Short? She cut her hair? Never mind.
l don't suppose you want this.
l'll get rid of it.
Go home, DiNozzo.
lt's late.
Yeah, l'm just finishing up a couple things.
Your flowers are dead.