NCIS s03e12 Episode Script

Boxed In

You should've been there last night, you would've loved it.
Two warriors squaring off in the ring.
I had plans with McGee.
Mud glistening off their thongs.
Wait, back up a second.
You were with McGeek? No, he was with me.
I was making him dinner.
Why would you make McGeek dinner? - I like to cook.
- You cook? - Jimmy seemed to like it.
- Palmer? I've never even been to your place and you're cooking dinner for McGee and the autopsy gremlin? At what point did the Earth come off its axis? Perhaps now, Tony.
What's wrong with that picture? Containers aren't unloaded at the dock.
Custom seal's been broken.
Tony! Get inside.
I think we've just been screwed in here, Tony.
The term is "bolted.
" Same difference.
I tried that.
Bolted from the outside.
I knew your idea was stupid.
My idea? Yes.
Taking up a defensive position inside a metal box.
- You're not panicking on me, are you? - I don't panic.
This is me, mad.
I'm not getting any reception.
How about you? - I'm braless.
- I noticed that earlier.
- But on your phone they're "bars.
" - Don't you have anything better to do than correct my English? - Like what? - Like getting us out of this box - you trapped us in.
- Okay, first of all, this is not my fault.
Second of all, I like dark, tight spaces.
Unless, of course, they insist on some form of commitment.
I was referring to my childhood bedroom.
It looks like our smugglers have removed most of the cargo, so they're probably not coming back.
We're still locked in a box and freezing to death.
Somebody might have heard the gunfire.
Yeah, well, if they did, they'd be here by now.
You know what we could do? Fire a couple of rounds out of these shafts.
- Maybe someone will hear us.
- Oh, yeah.
Maybe they didn't hear the massive firefight.
So let's just waste the little ammunition we have.
You know what? You're brilliant.
Sarcasm is the refuge of a shallow mind.
What do you suggest we do? I suggest we bust out of here now.
Okay, Bugsy, I'll take care of the security guard and go through the - This is not funny.
It's not funny.
- I know.
What we need to do is relax and remain calm, and wait.
For what? For them to come in with reinforcements? For Gibbs.
Trust me, he'll find us.
I believe you.
The question is, will it be before we freeze to death? Our intel was wrong, Gibbs.
The container isn't filled with small arms, - it's a shipment of explosives - C-4? Worse.
Unexploded KMGU cluster bomblets.
- From where? - Iraq.
Al-Qaeda pays kids 50 cents a day to collect the bomblets.
Most of them end up dead, the lucky ones, crippled.
- These bomblets are - Highly unstable.
Yeah, I'd say that's worse.
French intelligence out of Dakar believe they may have been loaded - onto a Senegalese ship last week.
- Last week? Why are we just hearing about this today? Have you ever worked with the French, Gibbs? Yeah, a few times.
Then you know what I'm up against.
I've got two agents down at the docks.
I need more than "They may have been loaded - on a Senegalese ship," Tom.
- We're working on it, Jethro.
- Just tell your people to be careful.
- Where are they now, McGee? Tony said that they were relocating.
- Why? - Said that they had new intel.
Are you waiting for me to say please? I couldn't really make it out.
The phone reception was already hinky - before I lost them.
- Well, un-lose them.
I don't want them touching anything without a bomb squad present.
Pinch me now.
Another crate of movies.
Look at them all.
Maybe there's a crate full of DVD players in here.
Let's not forget the battery operated generators and the popcorn machines.
I'm open to all things cinema.
They're East Indian.
It's low on the list of genres, I know, but extremely babe-heavy.
Where are the small arms? I mean, why would they shoot at us over copies of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Does it matter? We need to get out of here, Tony.
Yeah, I heard that the first 50 times you said it.
- You're not claustrophobic, are you? - No.
Because I'm telling you, that would be another nail in the shoe of my day.
What if we blow a hole at the bottom of this door, near where the bolt is? It might enable us to jam something under it and force it open.
Not liking it.
Firing a bullet in the air and it's bound to ricochet.
As I was saying, there's a good chance the bullet might ricochet - and kill one of us.
- Sorry.
- Why are you on top of me? - I'm protecting you, Tony.
- Don't.
- Well, you didn't seem to mind when we were undercover.
That might have something to do with the fact that you were naked.
Perhaps if it were warmer in here.
Let me rephrase the question.
Why are you still on top of me? Our last contact with them was here, the North Expansion.
They were checking out a West African cargo chip that pulled in two days ago.
What about the GPS stuff in their phones? Well, see, that's the strange thing.
Their cell phone reception is bad around the docks but GPS chip should not be affected.
They run on a separate satellite networks, we should be able - to pick them up anyway.
- Should, McGee? For some reason we can't.
Phones Phones could be turned off.
Chips could be disabled.
They could be in a structure that is blocking the GPS signal.
- Like the hold of a ship? - Possibly.
You know, I'm thinking that they might be waiting to get into a better cell reception area before calling in.
Maybe doesn't cut it, McGee.
You should have let me know.
I know.
See, the thing is you were busy, boss.
You were in the restroom.
You ever had a conversation in the head, McGee? One time I did.
The person that I was talking to were so distracted my shoes they kind of got Sorry, I should have let you know.
Don't apologize.
It's a sign of weakness.
Let's find them before DiNozzo blows both his arms off.
This doesn't make any sense.
Maybe this isn't the container they used to smuggle their weapons.
This is the only container that wasn't sealed.
The rest of them are closed.
- They off-loaded them already? - That might explain how they got automatic weapons.
- We're missing something.
- Besides warmth? Ziva David, does this space seem different to you? Define different.
Does it seem smaller than the outside dimension? Usually containers are 40 feet long.
This one's only 34 on the inside.
Somebody's been doing renovations.
Not bad.
- I can almost forgive you now.
- For what? - For locking us in this box.
- Ladies first.
What do you see? Trouble.
Arabic script.
- What does it say? - "This end up.
Handle with care.
Caution: explosive ordinance.
" - A bomb? - I think so, yes.
And what does this say exactly? "Death to America.
" Great.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Perhaps, if it involves a violent and painful death.
This may be booby-trapped a dozen different ways.
- So why are we opening it again? - Because if it is a bomb, it may be armed.
Hey, listen, if this thing goes off - I just want you to know - This is not your fault.
I know.
No, I was gonna say your life would have had more meaning if you'd slept with me.
If you had anything else on your mind, perhaps I would have.
- Really? - No.
- Ready? - Hold on.
All right.
Up an inch.
No visible wires.
- Oh, my God.
- Well, I didn't expect to see that.
There's gotta be millions in here.
More than enough to bankroll one hell of a terrorist op.
These DVDs were just decoys to get through Customs.
I'll tell you what.
When we get out of here, I'm gonna buy you a house.
But it's gonna have to be a fake house because these are counterfeit.
How can you tell? The Treasury ran a workshop with us.
First, they're freshly printed.
Your Treasury prints millions everyday.
So do countries like Syria and North Korea.
Hundred dollar bill hasn't been redesigned since '96, which makes it very vulnerable to this kind of counterfeit.
Still, that doesn't explain how you know they're fake.
The ink.
It smells.
Yes, like ink.
Well, our money doesn't smell.
Try it.
Give it a little sniff.
Oh, God.
That smells like stale alcohol and your armpit.
The point is, it doesn't smell like ink.
Now, there's only one way to know for sure.
If it burns orange, it's real.
Impressive, but irrelevant.
Real or not, our friends are coming back for it.
They may already be here.
Your people checked in with me at 7:06.
DiNozzo and David, right? They were surveilling containers for illegal contraband from West Africa.
- That's them.
- Well, they're staked out by the dock - on the North Expansion.
- Not anymore.
- They changed their post.
- Now this I've got to tell you something.
I made it very clear to them that any change of plans goes through this office.
Where are they now? That would be the purpose of this visit, Mr.
We lost contact.
For all we know, they're out wandering around somewhere lost.
My people don't get lost.
Agent Gibbs, this is one of the largest ports on the East Coast.
Believe me, it happens all the time.
Matthew? - Sir? - Do me a favour.
We've got two missing Feds.
Take your team and sweep the sectors by the North Expansion.
Call me when you find them.
You're welcome to wait here while we locate them.
It would be helpful if we could review the security camera footage.
I'll have one of my techs work on it.
Hey, what kind of contraband were they looking for? - Arms shipment.
- What ship? We'll have to lock it down, and search it container by container.
Our intel indicates that it might be Senegalese.
Might be? Meaning you don't have any idea? No, not yet.
Do you have any idea how busy we are here? Right now I've got three ships sailing under the Senegalese flag.
Two more coming in on Thursday.
Well, how accurate is your intelligence? Do you guys know how many intel BOLOs I get in one week? How many of them turn out to be false alarms? I'm going to need more than chatter before we disrupt the port.
Yeah? Well, I need to find my people.
- Abby? - Is he always like that? Yeah, pretty much.
One million, 820.
- One million - Counting your riches, King Cole? Midas.
King Cole had a merry old soul.
That's 120 million.
You made me lose count again.
Now you can put your soul to good use.
- Doing what? - Helping me set up this defensive perimeter.
Actually, I was warming to your earlier idea of getting us out of here.
- If we burn these bills - We'll die of smoke inhalation, Tony.
Oh, no, no, no.
Look up.
Heat rises, right? So the smoke is gonna go out through these ventilation slots and draw attention to our position.
Not to mention the added benefit - of heat production.
- Are you serious? Well, it makes more sense than firing a gun inside a metal box now, doesn't it? Don't worry about a thing.
The worse thing that can happen is it gets a little smoky in here.
It's kind of fun.
It's a little crazy, actually.
- Now, that feels good.
- Okay, well, it's a little warmer.
Hey, that's a lot of fire.
Here we go.
Out the ventilation shaft.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I can barely hear you, Gibbs.
Where are you? Norfolk Port Authority.
We're sending over surveillance - Surveillance what? - Videos.
I want you to look at this morning's recording of the North Expan and three.
- For what, exactly? - Anything of Tony and Ziva.
- Tony and Ziva aren't here, Gibbs.
I know that, Abby.
We're looking for them.
Are they missing? Hold on, okay? I got another call coming in.
- Abby Sciuto, NCIS - Find Tony and Ziva, Abs.
The videos are on their way to you right now.
- Can I talk to McGee? - Why? Because I need to know what codec they use for encoding their video.
- Hello? - What happened to Tony and Ziva? Abby, it's not a really good time right now.
You'd better call me as soon as you're Gibbs-free, McGee.
- I will.
I will.
- Promise me.
Abby, I promise.
Okay? Okay, transfer is complete.
Copy of all of our security footage since the time that your agents arrived.
Where are those Senegalese ships docked? Piers Five Alpha, Three Tango, and Six Delta.
- I want to see them.
- I think that means we go with him.
Definitely your worst idea yet.
No, my worst idea was challenging a date to an oyster-eating contest.
The air in here is like soup.
Hey, do you want to give me a hand, please? Sure.
So riddle me this, Batgirl.
How does one wrangle an invite to dinner at your place? Why? You feel a little left out, Tony? I mean, McGee I can understand.
He's a good guest.
I'll bet he brought a bottle of wine.
And dessert.
Yeah, big surprise there.
But Palmer I've had more stimulating conversations with cats.
I like him.
And he was very helpful to me.
How? He tuned my piano.
I used to play piano.
But not anymore? My mother forced me to take lessons from this woman who used to hit me with a ruler every time I made a mistake.
I haven't played since.
Were you any good? Yeah, she was.
I need you to re-sample the histopathology for me.
Is something wrong? - Why does he do that, Ducky? - Who? Gibbs.
Why does he withhold? He wants me to check the Norfolk Terminal security video for Tony and Ziva.
- Oh, it's probably nothing.
- Oh, no.
It's something.
Gibbs can smell the rotten cabbage in the middle of the pile.
Do you think Tony and Ziva are in trouble? I'm thinking that's what Gibbs is thinking.
Then we do have cause for concern.
Very well done, darling.
But where are we going to put the divan? Actually, you know, it looks pretty good.
I particularly like your firing slots.
Of course, against automatic weapons it'll disintegrate in 30 seconds.
What is it about danger and uncertainty that makes me feel so Horny? Hungry.
I'd kill for a pizza right now.
What? You don't have to joke about it.
It's all right to admit you're scared.
You've obviously never seen a Steve McQueen movie.
Why must you equate everything in life to your stupid movies? Now, see, that's your problem.
You have no fantasy life.
- You couldn't be more wrong.
- Yeah.
Really? Okay, well then, throw one out there.
Let's hear a Ziva David fantasy.
- It concerns you.
- I'm all ears.
And a sumo wrestler.
You can stop there.
You see, it's all about hot women and brave men to you.
Anything deeper and you shut it down.
That's not true.
I like a lot of deep movies.
Pick a genre, any genre.
Best dating movie.
Night of the Living Dead.
I'm kidding.
Tom Jones.
Eating as sex.
- Best sex movie.
- Body Heat.
William Hurt, Kathleen Turner.
Smart noir.
I like the whole sweaty, chairs-through-glass-doors thing.
I prefer the air conditioner on.
And if anybody threw a chair through my door I would probably shoot them.
Did you just reveal something about your sex life? Obliquely.
I'm stunned because you never talk about yourself.
Why is that? Maybe I like a little privacy.
No, I understand.
But we could die here.
I mean, you know, we're in a cold metal box.
So give me something.
Happiest moment? Most embarrassing moment? First time you realized Daddy wasn't perfect.
- Okay, I'll tell you mine.
- We're not sharing.
We're being lifted by a forklift.
See if you can find their vehicle, McGee.
On it.
What time's that ship scheduled to get underway? They're still off-loading, so some time tomorrow afternoon.
Hey, boss, I found it.
It's locked.
Find them, McGee.
Spread out.
How many times do these containers come and go on a given day? On this dock, thousands.
You know what this is? That's a blood trail.
Do you still think this is just chatter, Lake? - Boss? - What do you got, McGee? Now, this is where the blood trail stops, boss.
You mean starts.
Yes, that's what I mean.
Now, I've broken the area into four sections.
Area one, over here, is where all the action seems to have been centred.
We've recovered three different types of brass.
It must have been one hell of a gunfight.
Yeah, well, I'll bet Tony and Ziva thought so, McGee.
They were right here.
Well, we recovered the other two types of brass from over there where the blood trail started.
Back there.
- They were caught in a crossfire.
- Now look, boss.
You don't You don't think they're Should we put divers in the water or? They're not in the water.
McGee, if they were in the water, they'd be dead.
If they were dead, I'd know about it.
They're not dead.
My people have been rounding up dock workers.
So far, no one's heard any gunfire.
I wanna find out if there were other containers here.
Yeah, well, we're compiling a manifest of every container off-loaded from the ship.
If they've left the port, we'll find them.
- If not? - Are you asking me - to search every container still in port? - No, I'm ordering you.
Make it happen, McGee.
They shot him three times.
At least they got one of them, Duck.
Can I ask where they are? - Not if you're expecting an answer.
- What does your gut tell you? - Tell me about this guy.
- Twenty-five to 35 years old.
Mortally wounded.
He was able to run about 50 yards before a massive loss of blood brought him down.
And someone dragged him in here.
- Foreign born.
- You got his I.
D? No dental work.
No caps or crowns.
The work is primitive.
And I thought England was bad.
Third world? I should say so.
Oh, something else you may be interested in.
His hands are soft.
No discernible calluses.
He's not a dock worker.
Well, I'll know more when I get him back.
You'll find them, Jethro.
A question or statement, Duck? More of a prayer.
Under normal circumstances, this would be considered fun.
Yeah, well, I can't tell where we're going.
There's only three ways we're gonna get there.
- Train - That's quaint.
We could be like the homos in those old movies.
"Hobos," not homos.
That would be my third choice.
- A ship? - That was my second choice.
Days without food or water.
- Sounds like a truck.
- That's my first choice.
- Hey, let us out of here.
- Stop it.
Stop it.
- Stop.
- What? Okay.
If I fire a shot out of here, they'd know that we were in here.
That's not a good idea.
It's not a good idea.
- Okay.
- You're assuming whoever's driving doesn't know we're here.
If they do, they can't leave the port with us aboard.
They'll take us back inside and they'll deal with us first.
Okay, I have a plan.
We build a time machine.
We could leave a trail.
Sorry, Gretel, I left all my breadcrumbs back at the office.
Well, then, it's a good thing we've got all this dough.
I'm starting to get really freaked out here, Gibbs.
I found Tony and Ziva on the port video but I don't think it's enough.
- It's all right, Abs.
- I just feel like I'm failing them and l Just take us through it.
Start with pier three.
Are you getting this too, McGee? Yep.
Transmission is good.
All right.
Their car pulled up at 7:57.
They got out, and then they leave two minutes and 32 seconds later.
Anyone else in the car? No.
Take me to the other location, Abby.
You stick with that.
I'm going to see if the reception is any better.
What we need is a better antenna.
Any kind of wire would work.
Any kind of conductor, really.
Your necklace.
We can attach it to the end of the antenna and slip it out of the slot.
Cell phone antennas are vertical.
The wire can't dangle.
Well, we need to stiffen it, Ziva.
I've heard that before.
Work with me here.
We can slice the spines off these DVDs and sandwich it in between.
- You okay? - Yes.
- I still need something to reflect off.
- The side of the container.
The angle needs to be precise, Tony.
The response I'm looking for here is, "Cool, Tony!" I'm saying it might work.
When this is all over, we're gonna watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
This is where it gets disturbing.
It's like looking at an Escher print.
I was able to isolate four segments.
At 8:16 I have them getting out of the North Expansion sector.
Then at this point they walk out of frame.
Another camera picked them up at 8:19.
You see them here and then here.
And they have their guns drawn.
The problem is, there's another container blocking the camera.
Now, look at the bottom left corner of your screen.
Boss, that's our dead guy.
I ran his photo and I got a positive ID, Gibbs.
Interpol identified him as Moussa Senghor, a Senegalese citizen.
He's on the international terrorist watch list.
Boss, Moussa Senghor has ties to Wilson N'Diaye.
- He's - Al-Qaeda money man.
Financed the attack on four Bali night clubs last year.
- It's a good job, Abby.
- The bad news is he wasn't alone.
- There's no ID on him yet.
- What else you got, Abs? Just this.
They shot the camera.
Abby, can you rewind it and pull back to the wide angle? Can you freeze it there? Boss, I think I know what happened.
These are the crime scene photos from the dock.
And this is from the security camera taken earlier.
The container by Ziva is missing.
- If they were in a crossfire - They took cover inside.
Abby, put another CAFF-POW on my tab.
Just one, Gibbs? You haven't found them yet.
- How's it coming? - My fingers aren't working.
Do you want me to do it? I've got it.
Just give me one of your little hair squinchie things.
The term is "scrunchie.
" Thank you.
Now I've just got to figure out how to attach this thing to the cell phone.
We may not need to.
We now have several hundred thousand dollars out there floating around.
It's a matter of time before they find us.
The symbol's from the company that uses this type of container.
I tell you, the problem is without a tracking number, - I can't tell you where this one went.
- McGee.
We've got six teams covering the gates out on the port.
They're intercepting containers with the markings.
- What about the ones still in port? - Used by this same company? Approximately 862.
- I only need one.
- They're spread all over the complex.
- It would take days to search them all.
- We won't have to.
- How much does one weigh? - I don't know.
About five tons.
I can't imagine they're easy to move.
No, of course not.
There's only two ways.
A crane or a top-loader forklift.
No, there's no crane in range of the crime scene.
It had to be moved by a top-loader and we only have 10 of those with maybe 20 qualified operators to drive them.
Get me a list of the top-loading forklifts that operated in the North East Expansion today.
Plus, I want names of all the drivers.
- Right away.
- We find that forklift We find who moved it.
We're backing up.
Almost done? I just got to figure out how to attach it.
I may be able to help you with that.
What? - Friction burns? - Yeah, what difference does it make? It doesn't.
I'm just wondering how you got them.
Well, if you live long enough, maybe I'll tell you some day.
You know, I can only take it two ways.
Were you, McGee and Palmer playing Twister last night? What's a Twister? Exactly.
That means you were having If you're gonna make that phone call, now is the right time to do it.
The grooves match.
All three rounds that you pulled out of toothless downstairs came from Tony's weapon, and none of the blood samples taken from the dock match Tony or Ziva's blood type.
I think they're going to be okay.
Tony is only one of our very best agents and Ziva, she's basically a trained killer, right? I mean, she could take care of herself.
And I got a direct link to four different GPS satellites.
Either of them get an area with reception again, bam.
We got them.
I really don't think that there's any reason to worry, Ducky.
They're gonna be fine.
I need you to tell me they're going to be okay.
Of course they are.
I want every building swept, room to room.
Start with the vacant ones first.
Cell reception's unreliable in the area so all movement will be coordinated by radio.
Tactical frequency is two, admin is four.
- Go.
Find them.
- Hey, Gibbs.
I only have two top-loaders working in the Northern Expansion today.
One here in pier seven off-loading a ship and the other one is at an auxiliary warehouse.
Now, the drivers should still be with the rigs.
- I'll send some of my people - No, we got it.
Let's roll, McGee.
- You understand that gibberish? - A little.
What's he saying? They're either discussing letting us go or the best way to murder us.
It's a complicated language.
- Well, I'd go with number two.
- Me too.
- Get any reception? - Negative.
I'm gonna have to stick this antenna out one of the ventilation slots.
If you want to live you will come out of the container now.
What was that? Speak up.
I said, come out now, woman.
Come out now or we will come in.
What is your answer? This.
She shot me.
She shot me! Make your call.
We only have a couple of minutes now.
Okay, I think we turn up here, past this next row of warehouses.
You think, McGee? Well, boss, maybe if you slowed down a little I'd - Yeah, Gibbs.
- Boss, it's me.
- Tony.
- Yeah.
Boss, it's a long story, but the really short version is that we're trapped in a container with millions in phoney U.
bills - in some port building.
- You're coming in broken, DiNozzo.
Say again.
If you can hear me, we left a trail of money.
- Money? - Follow the money.
- Phone Abby.
- Tony, get down.
- They're coming again.
- DiNozzo.
Keep the damn phone on.
Abby will find you.
You can look for it.
We're out of time.
- We're low on ammo - Tony.
Damn it.
See if you can get him back on that thing.
I knew it, Ducky.
I knew they were alive.
I just need a second and I'll be able No, no, no! - What's wrong? - I lost him again.
- But there they are.
On the map.
- No, that's just a general fix.
Means they're somewhere within a 500-metre radius.
- If I had one more second I could've - Five-hundred metres is better than we were a moment ago.
You'd better tell Gibbs.
I can't get through to Gibbs or McGee.
Did you try them through the port security office? I was just about to do that.
Port security.
I need to speak to Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, please.
He's not here right now.
If you want, I can pass the message to him over the radio.
We've got a GPS fix on our missing NCIS agents.
Hold on.
They got a fix on the missing Feds.
- What are the coordinates? - They're on the south side, within a 500-metre radius of warehouses one through four.
Hey, thanks.
I'm down to four rounds.
You? - Six, but it doesn't matter.
- What do you mean it doesn't matter? Because a few more bursts like that and we're dead.
I've got an idea.
How come that doesn't comfort me? We found your money.
Cease fire or we start burning it.
He's bluffing.
Stop! Stop! What are you proposing? Surrender.
Then throw out your weapons.
- Not us, you idiot.
- No! I think not.
There's $50 million in there.
You'll be dead before you can burn half of it.
He's got a valid point.
We just have to stall long enough for Gibbs to find us.
I just need to talk to my partner about that for a second.
That's a solid copy.
We're heading that way now.
Those warehouses are about two clicks from here.
We make a left past these loading docks.
- Did you see that? - That guy back there? Yeah, McGee.
The one stuffing money in his pockets.
- I didn't steal it.
I swear.
I found it.
Where? There was a container truck.
It had money just floating out the back.
Which way? Which way? It went that way.
- Let's go.
- Boss, that's the wrong direction.
- According to the GPS fix - Not according to DiNozzo.
He said follow the money.
I'm empty.
This is your last chance.
Come out or you die.
So about those friction burns? Only when I'm absolutely positive we're going to die.
I've got two minutes.
And Tony? I'm sorry I didn't invite you to dinner last night.
- What is your decision? - Freeze.
Port security.
Get your hands in the air.
Get on your knees.
- Do it! Agent DiNozzo.
Agent David.
- Lake? You two had a lot of people worried, let me tell you.
- Where's Gibbs? - He's on his way.
Hey, do me a favour.
Cover them while I radio for some help.
We're out of ammo.
Gee, that's too bad.
Come on, Wilson.
Get up.
Get the money.
Get it into the van.
We don't have a lot of time.
Hurry up.
When this is over, the woman is mine.
We'll see, Wilson.
I'll be perfectly honest with you, I don't know if they're gonna be alive then.
You know, you two almost cost me $50 million.
Actually, by now it's more like 10 or 12.
We burned some of it.
- Do you think this is funny? - Not me, personally.
But I do.
Drop it.
Hey, what are you doing? - You two okay? - Let us out! No.
Oh, God.
Now, if you gentlemen will excuse me.
- Where are you going? - I've been locked in a box all day.
The ladies' room.
You missed a little spot by my left ear there.
I'd do it myself, but my wound here prevents it.
Yeah, wound.
- It's a two-inch scratch.
- I was grazed by a bullet.
Another six inches to the left and bam! No more DiNozzo.
Under the chin too.
You know what? I'm done.
Do it yourself.
Just don't come to me looking for sympathy the next time you get shot.
Okay, you did not get shot.
I talked to Ziva.
- You cut it on a wooden box.
- Hey.
There was a lot going on in that container.
Nobody's exactly sure what happened.
All I know is I was running for my life in a hail of gunfire.
I was so worried about you.
Oh, my God, are you okay? Gunshot.
- Why didn't you tell me? - It's barely a scratch.
Oh, poor baby.
- Who's gonna drive you home? - I am.
I'm making him dinner tonight.
- What was that for? - I'm glad you're not dead.
- Me too.
- So, what are you making him? - Italian.
- You cook Italian? Her cooking rocks, Tony.
What was the name of that dish you made last night at your party? Cholent.
Slow-cooked beef with potatoes and beans.
It wasn't bad.