NCIS s03e17 Episode Script


Almost there, boys.
Just five more to go.
- Minutes? - Miles, Jerry.
Hold up.
Come here.
Come on.
This here's your lucky day.
- You know what we got here? - Yeah.
- A seriously mammoth pile of - Bear scat.
Any brave soul wanna investigate this particular bear's diet? Sure.
My old man always said I was full of this stuff anyway.
Now, bears are omnivores.
They'll basically eat anything.
It's not unusual to find digested berries, deer sinew, even bones in a single scat specimen.
So, Jerry, tell us.
What's this one been eating? I think maybe people.
Trust me.
You gotta see this.
- I'd rather shower.
- Every newbie's worst nightmare.
This liver shows signs of advanced cirrhosis.
It's clearly consistent with the jaundiced skin we noticed earlier.
Now, if you'll come closer, you'll be able to see the inflammation of the pancreas.
Oh, hello.
Scalpel, please, Mr.
Every cadaver has its own story to tell.
In many cases, it's just a whisper that reveals All new agents are required to observe an autopsy.
You should have seen McGee.
Emptied the contents of his stomach onto Ducky's shoes.
It's not only visual cues we look for.
Odours can be helpful too.
Note the putrid smell.
I think he's talking about you, Tony.
There's no need to be shy.
Odours like sticks and stones We had the same test at Mossad.
If you fail, they terminate you.
How do you fail an autopsy? By doing that.
- What happens if you fail here? - It depends, Officer David.
Some of them go on to become our director.
You're gonna have to reschedule your class, Duck.
The rangers found a body in Shenandoah Park.
Well, perhaps you'd be willing to share the specifics with the class.
Yes, the three most frequent causes of death in our national parks are heart attacks, hiking accidents and prolonged exposure to the elements.
Not this time.
A sailor was eaten by a bear.
Yet another reason why I never wanna go camping.
Actually, Tony, bear attacks are quite rare.
- Really? - Do you wanna tell this guy that? - Not a big fan of nature, huh? - I'm a big fan of nature as long as it's on TV.
I'd say 325 pounds.
Maybe 6 foot, standing, Agent Gibbs.
You found the dog tags here, Ranger Hendricks? On the other side of the clearing.
I followed the tracks back and found Found what was left of his body.
Well, name matches the dog tags recovered by the park rangers.
Petty Officer Benjamin Riley.
Bag it.
Probie, you were a Boy Scout or whatever, right? Yeah.
Well, technically, I was a Webelos, but Whatever.
Use your expertise, and go and bag and tag that bear poo down there.
Bag the poo.
When you're done collecting scat, - find out what happened to Ducky.
- Got it, boss.
This entire area was supposed to be off-limits to campers.
A hunter was bear baiting here last month.
Bear baiting? Have you spent any time in the woods, Special Agent DiNozzo? Well As much time as I can, I'm in the woods.
I'm a big fan of Mother Nature.
In the off-season, hunters set out food, always in the same place.
Bears get used to being fed and come season, all they have to do is wait.
That's clever.
I'll have to try that the next time I'm out.
It's illegal, Tony.
If I had my way, hunting would be too.
Who was baiting the bear? A local.
Jason Edom.
We pulled his license - and banned him from the park.
- For life.
Petty Officer Riley know this was a potentially dangerous area? We hand this out to every visitor.
Had a bad drought this year.
Berries the bears feed on have been scarce.
A hungry bear will eat about anything.
The sad fact is they're gonna track down this bear and kill it because your stupid sailor couldn't be bothered to read a three-page pamphlet.
You'll have to forgive her.
She's what we like to call opposed to hunting.
Yes, that's not the only thing she's opposed to.
You said Riley checked in alone? Monday afternoon.
I signed him in myself.
We need to organize a search.
I'm one step ahead of you.
I've got a team out tracking the bear now.
If he's still in the area, we'll find him.
I'm more concerned about the woman.
There's two sets of footprints.
One is Riley's.
The other's a ladies' size 7.
Are you sure about that? Yeah.
Unless these are Navy issue.
Listen up.
I want four-man teams in each sector.
At least two of them armed with rifles.
She's been out there at least two nights, possibly injured and most definitely scared out of her mind.
All communications will run through mountain tac one.
All right, let's go.
They worked search and rescue in the park before I got stationed here.
- They'll find her.
- Hope it's before the bear does.
I'm sorry we were so late, Jethro.
Palmer's navigating skills still leave something to be desired.
Honestly, doctor, I thought that moss grew on the south side of trees.
It does, in Australia.
Petty Officer Riley's vehicle isn't in the parking lot.
According to the red The local guys, campers park their cars at the general store - outside the main gate.
- Park's been having problems with vandalism and theft of unattended vehicles.
- Find it, DiNozzo.
- On it, boss.
Move over, Palmer.
I'm driving.
- Don't.
- Don't what? Don't encourage them, probie.
- Didn't you ever see Deliverance? - No.
When you do, just remember that I'm Burt Reynolds and you're Ned Beatty.
It's Riley's.
"Jackrabbit Slim's"? Just like the diner in Pulp Fiction.
You can't say "porcupine," but you know the diner from Pulp Fiction? Believe it or not, we actually have movie theatres in my country.
- Locked.
- Keys are probably inside.
Five-dollar shakes.
Girls dressed like Marilyn.
This might be a little slice of heaven.
Or not.
Do you feel like dancing? They drinking cappuccinos? Probably fuelling up for the banjo-duelling contest later.
- What's that? - Those are scones.
They're like an English coffee pastry.
I think, probie, that Ziva was referring to the jar next to the scones.
Those are pickled pigs feet, Ziva.
I think you'd enjoy them.
I'll pass on that.
They're not exactly kosher.
Can I help you folks? - I'll take a double shot, extra foam.
You here about the sailor eaten by the bear? Well, yeah, I guess his car is in your parking lot.
I figured someone would show up for it.
I charge park visitors ten bucks a day.
I'm gonna have a hard time collecting.
- That's a good guess.
- Jason.
The key to the Cherokee.
Jason Edom? - Here you go.
- Thank you, Jason.
I know you, lady? Not yet.
You see anyone with PO Riley when he dropped that off? Nope.
You? Nope.
You're wasting your time, sweetheart.
I don't date your kind.
What is your kind, Mr.
Edom? Breathing? You wanna keep working here? You better learn to keep your damn mouth shut.
I'm sorry about that, miss.
The boy's a little on the touchy side.
Yeah, I'd say so.
Thank you for your help.
Ziva, come on.
Let's go.
The American black bear has a narrow muzzle and a large, hinged jaw with enormous crushing power.
No animal of equal size is nearly so strong.
You never discovered any of that, did you? - How do you know that? - When Mr.
Palmer sponged him, we didn't find any evidence of slashing or wounds on his hand and forearm.
- He didn't defend himself.
- More than that, I'm afraid.
The bear's claws and teeth have rounded edges that pierce the flesh.
Yet when I examined Mr.
Riley's heart, it revealed a very different story.
Our petty officer was killed with a flat blade.
Death would have been instantaneous.
Yes, he was dead.
Before the bear started eating him.
According to Petty Officer Riley's C.
, he's been on leave the last six days.
Nice vacation.
A little camping.
A knife to the heart.
A little trip inside a bear's digestive track.
- Yeah, I'd fire my travel agent.
- Yeah.
You're late, Ziva David.
I almost forgot it was Abby's birthday.
Do you think she'll like them? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Think we should have told her? - No.
No, me neither.
Little square, little square, where have you been? Stuck on the behind of Riley's missing girlfriend.
Oh, hey.
I was just about to call Tony and McGee.
I think they were having sex.
- Tony and McGee? - No.
Riley and the missing girl.
I found this in their camp trash.
One of those little sticky thingies you use when trying to quit smoking.
But it had residue of medication on it.
It was progestin and oestrogen.
Birth-control patch.
- Yes.
Is that burrito for me? - Nope.
But these are.
Happy birthday, Abby.
Thank you so much.
You shouldn't have.
You're right.
I guess I shouldn't have.
I mean, I could get you something else.
I love them.
Hey, is Gibbs in yet? - I haven't seen him.
- Okay.
Is something wrong? No.
Nothing's wrong.
It's just that every year, Gibbs usually takes me out to dinner the night before my birthday.
It's like a tradition.
Well, he probably just forgot.
I mean because of the case.
- I could remind him when l - No.
Don't remind him.
It's really no big deal.
I mean, I don't wanna distract him and Gibbs is gonna want a name to go with this patch, and that means that I have work to do.
Thank you for the flowers.
Nice flowers, Ducky.
I should hope so.
I went to four flower shops to find them.
Apparently, they're sold out all over the city.
What if we're not looking for a damsel in distress here, probie? No one saw our missing Jane Doe.
Not the rangers when Riley checked in.
Or the hillbillies when he parked his car.
- She didn't wanna be seen.
- We could be dealing - with a black widow here.
- Lions and spiders and bears.
Oh, my.
What, Mr.
Movie doesn't know The Wizard of Oz? I'm talking about a predatory female here, Ziva.
Mates, then kills.
Reminds me of my father's second wife.
- I don't buy your theory.
- Well, what's to buy? She lured him out to the woods, made love to him, then whacked him - while he was sleeping.
- Or ran off while Riley was being stabbed to death.
- How about neither? - Rough night, boss? Well, yeah, DiNozzo.
I spent it tracking our missing woman with a bunch of volunteers in Shenandoah Park.
- You found her? - No.
- So she's still out there? - Park Service thinks so.
Here, McGee.
Take the film dooeywhacker out of there and put it up on the plasma.
Well, boss, actually, this is a digital camera.
They use memory cards now.
I'll put the dooeywhacker in.
There wasn't a sign or track of a ladies' size 7 boot ever leaving that campground.
- How'd she get out here, boss? - Like this.
- So, what's this? - Snipers call that a ghost, DiNozzo.
Someone who can move through the woods almost undetected.
I followed them for 300 meters before I lost them.
They only left two obvious signs.
The back edge of a military boot heel, and this.
- Jewellery? - Get it to Abby.
You think someone carried her away? Ziva, I think she didn't just float out of that campsite.
We need to find out who she is.
I talked to the guys Riley worked with at the Navy Yard.
Only one of them, a Seaman Brad Phillips, knew he was going camping.
Riley mentioned taking a girl he met weeks ago.
Phillips never got a name.
- Pull Riley's phone records.
- Has a cell phone he doesn't use.
Went back two weeks.
Made a couple of calls to his family in New York, and the rest were to local businesses and government agencies.
- Check out his room.
- Went through his room.
Nothing unusual.
No sign of a girlfriend.
Rangers set up a temporary aid centre inside Jackrabbit Slim's for volunteers.
I want you both there.
I had them pull the files of all other deaths that happened in that park.
Looks like another chance to hit on that cute ranger, yes? It's gonna be tough but not impossible.
Misreads are part of the game.
True, except I was talking about me.
Maybe she drove out here on her own.
That's why no one saw her with Riley.
Registration could give us a name.
I assume Gibbs would have checked that out last night.
Rule eight, never assume anything.
To be precise, it's "never take anything for granted.
" To be more precise, what would you do if I started head-slapping you? I'd most likely kill you.
It's a reflex thing.
People with guns make me nervous.
- I noticed.
- I was talking about you, actually.
Still holding any vehicles for campers? Your Agent Gibbs asked the same question last night.
Looks like the search is good for business.
Yes? Yeah.
Special Agent DiNozzo.
- Find anything? - Not yet.
We've expanded the search area beyond the initial five-mile radius.
If she was abducted, she could be anywhere.
Park's 198,000 acres.
That's over 300 square miles.
- It's a big area to patrol.
- Yeah, unless you like to exercise.
Well, as a matter of fact, I like to walk and Our boss would like any records you have on deaths in the park.
- Bobby? - Follow me.
These are every death over the last ten years.
All ruled natural or accidental.
Thank you.
Listen, I just wanted to We may have gotten off on the wrong foot, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm not a hunter.
I was trying to impress you.
- Really? - Yeah.
Got anything? Define "anything.
" - No, thanks.
- Hair follicles? - Our missing woman? - Most likely.
- And? - And Caucasian.
It's at the anagen, or growth, stage, so I can probably get DNA off the root.
- What about the one on the right? - It's from Petty Officer Riley's car.
- They're from the same person.
- She drove with him.
- You think? - Is something bothering you, Abby? No.
I did a further test on our lady's birth-control method of choice.
It's a low-level oestrogen patch.
Prescription dosage is based on weight and height.
So odds are she's of average to small stature.
Is there anything else I can do for you? Find me a name.
Now I know how Molly Ringwald felt in Sixteen Candles.
Slam dunk.
We're going out next weekend.
That's not bad, Tony.
Landis asked me out tonight.
I said no.
I don't want him to think I'm sleazy.
The term is "easy.
" - What's the difference? - Mostly the makeup.
- What do we have? - Over the last seven years, there's been eight deaths in the park.
Three from natural causes, a stroke and two heart attacks.
- The others? - All accidental.
In 2000, a couple drowned while canoeing.
The woman's body was never recovered.
In 2002, a couple got lost hiking.
Their remains were recovered last year.
- In 2004, a woman named - Tracy Roberts' body was discovered nine months after she went into the park to photograph wildlife.
- Her remains were - Too ravaged by animals and the elements to determine a cause of death.
- I wanna see a profile on them.
- I found something.
- Passports.
Get me - Boss? - What, McGee? - Sorry.
I found something here.
The three dead women, they all fit the same description.
- Twenties, Caucasian - Brunette, petite? Yeah.
Since we all know how you feel about coincidences, I decided to pull their driver's license photos.
Wow, they look like they could be sisters.
Something tells me their deaths weren't exactly accidental.
We're dealing with a killer who's using park accidents to cover up murder.
Three almost identical women.
All of them end up dead in Shenandoah National Park.
And if our missing woman fits the same profile, we could be dealing with a serial killer.
One who uses park accidents to cover up abductions and murder.
- So, what do you think? - I'm not sure yet, McGee.
But I think that this might be unforgivable.
Well, yeah.
Of course it's unforgivable.
- What if he had a really good reason? - A good reason? Yeah, like he was really stressed out or, like, overworked.
- What difference does that make? - Nobody's perfect.
- Abby, there is no excuse.
- McGee, that's so sweet.
You know what? It's just a stupid birthday.
Who cares if Gibbs forgot? Why, I guess that I do.
That's why I love you.
When you get all hot and bothered like that, it really turns me on.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
Are you two done playing grab-assy? Or do I need to transfer McGee to a weather station in the Antarctic? - We were just - I think I found our missing girl, Gibbs.
And McGee was just congratulating me.
The birth-control patch that our Jane Doe was wearing turned out to be a Rosetta stone.
It delivers a very specific oestrogen cocktail.
It's usually prescribed for women whose systems can't handle the pill.
- The pill is the most common - I've had a few wives, Abby.
And yet you know so little about women.
Luckily, this patch was still in the rollout phase, so the company is required to maintain detailed medical profiles on the 3,000 women that are using them.
I crossed those profiles with the data I pulled off her DNA profile, her race and her blood type.
I came up with 200 women, Gibbs.
- Find out which one's missing.
- I'm not done yet.
From the hair samples, we know that the woman was brunette.
So if we subtract blond women and those with black hair, that brings us to 43.
Of the 43, only 14 live in the Mid-Atlantic.
I called them all, and I got 13.
Number 14 is Jessica Fagan.
She works at HUD in D.
She didn't show up for work on Monday.
She's missing, Gibbs.
- Got a picture? - I was waiting for the DMV to email me one before I called you.
But fortunately, it's already here.
Boss, this definitely doesn't look like a coincidence.
You think, McGee? It's confirmed, boss.
She told a co-worker she was going camping with her boyfriend in Shenandoah.
Duck, all three of these women's deaths were ruled accidental.
Pull their autopsy records, along with the guys who died with them.
To look for what, specifically? - How they were murdered.
- Oh, right.
- Nice place you got here, Ziva.
- Thanks.
They cut our wildlife conservation budget, and you guys have a skylight? - Nice.
- I understand things have taken a turn for the worse, Agent Gibbs? If by "worse" you mean multiple homicides in your park since 2000, then yeah, worse.
- Well, there goes that theory.
- What theory? I was prepared to say that this could all be just a coincidence, - but when you see them like that - It's more than a little disturbing.
What can we do to help? We're looking for someone who knows his way around your park.
Like a local.
We've got a list of the usual troublemakers, poachers and vandals.
But I never figured any of them for a serial killer.
Most likely you wouldn't, James.
The successful ones blend into their environment.
I mean, look at the BTK killer, right? Pillar of the community, Cub Scout leader, president of his church.
- You're saying it could be anyone? - Not in this case.
We're looking for someone who carried a woman through the woods and hardly left a track.
- An experienced hunter? - Or someone with military training.
I'd like to send the photo of the missing woman to our search teams.
- DiNozzo.
- I'm on it.
Get it to Pete at Jackrabbit Slim's.
Tell him to post it on every pole, every fence, every car near the park.
- Gibbs.
- Got something if you're interested.
Yeah, we're on our way.
Abby's got something.
Our forensic scientist.
You'll like her.
She's a vampire.
So would you like me to email that or fax it? Email is fine.
Email it is.
So is it just me or is it hot in here? It's probably a little bit of both.
Email sent.
There you go.
So I was thinking about this weekend and About trying camping? - Is something wrong? - I'm married.
- Then why'd you ask for my number? - She's dead.
It was a It was a pottery accident.
Kiln overheated or something.
Very unexpected.
Very unexpected.
I thought I was ready to move on.
Oh, you.
Oh, you poor, poor man.
I swabbed what's left of Petty Officer Riley's clothes.
It's mostly his blood and what I now know to be bear saliva.
He was eaten by a bear.
Tell me something I don't know.
About the case or something more personal? Abby.
I also found traces of a cornucopia of different chemicals sprayed all over his clothes.
Phenylacetic crystals, methyl anthranilate and acorn, caramel and bergamot oils.
- A hunting lure? - You are correct, Mr.
Ranger, sir.
More specifically, it was Uncle Bebo's Bear Attractant.
Somebody hosed the officer down with it.
I can pull a list of every hunter that applied for a bear-hunting permit this year.
You don't have to.
McGee just found who sprayed him with it.
Boss, we pulled multiple prints from the equipment at the campsite.
Most of them are Riley's.
A bunch, I assume, are You assume, McGee? Well, I meant we're working on getting Jessica Fagan's prints to clear them, but we have three other matches belonging to a third individual.
Jason Edom.
Looks like he was baiting more than bears.
This man makes my skin crawl.
Can you interrogate him without breaking bones? Truthfully? No.
I agree.
That's why I'm doing it.
You're gonna spend the next few hours studying everything we know about him and the evidence.
And supply the answers to you in there? No.
No, I've got DiNozzo doing that.
You're on Edom's side.
- Meaning? - Meaning, you're going to defend him.
I want you to assume that he's innocent.
- The man's a serial-killing racist.
- He probably is.
- But you're still gonna do it.
- Why? Because you can't walk in there and interrogate him.
You mind telling me why I'm here? You like hunting.
Last time I checked, that wasn't illegal.
Your hunting license was pulled.
You're a Marine, huh? I can tell.
My old man was a Marine.
Hated his guts.
"Get your hands out of your pockets, boy.
Shave your face, boy.
Cut your hair, boy.
" See? A lasting impression.
Semper fi.
He teach you how to bait bears? No, I learned that for myself.
He was just a real loser.
Your record includes more than bear baiting.
I guess I'm a complicated man.
You did time for assault and battery.
It was a bar fight.
I didn't even start it.
- Do you know him? - Yeah.
That's the idiot who got eaten by the bear.
He was murdered first with a hunting knife.
You baited the area where that occurred.
Lookie here, Mr.
I haven't been in that park for over a month.
News flash.
I happen to be banned for life.
Your fingerprints were found at the campsite.
Last time I checked, that was inside the park.
No, that's a damn lie.
I ain't been nowhere near that area.
Know her? Nope.
How about them? Like I said, no.
Okay? I didn't have nothing to do with this.
I wouldn't Wouldn't what? Kill people.
I may be a lot of things, but I'm not some psycho.
- Yes, I'll hold.
- You shave, right? - What? - Nothing.
So how'd the killer's prints end up at the campsite? Obviously when he murdered the sailor and abducted the girl.
No, Gibbs wants you defending him, Ziva.
McGee, what objects were the killer Sorry, sorry.
Edom, Edom.
- Edom's prints found on again? Two cans of tuna, one pack of AA batteries.
All items sold at Jackrabbit Slim's.
Okay, so, what if Riley bought these items and Edom placed them in a bag? Yeah.
That one's actually plausible.
Nice job.
But it is hard to prove.
- I'm still here, yes.
- Okay, Edom's a hunter, right? He's familiar with the area - and he's done time for violent crime.
- Thank you.
And we found his prints at the campsite, so - He didn't do it.
- Okay, you're not getting this.
- You can't just say he didn't do it.
- Ziva, he's right.
You need to back your side up with facts and rational The night Riley was murdered, Edom was at his daughter's dance recital in Manassas, Virginia.
Multiple witnesses.
- Unbelievable.
- I agree.
I thought for sure this was our man.
I mean, this guy actually reproduced? - Gibbs, we just - Confirmed Edom's alibi.
He was in Manassas the night of the murder.
- He didn't do it.
- I know.
- He knows.
- So, what now? You're gonna go and have a talk with him.
Why? You just agreed he didn't kill the petty officer.
Because he knows who did.
It's not poisoned.
Afraid of germs? I didn't kill those women.
I know.
You were at your daughter's dance recital.
You know I used to spend most of my time on stage searching for my father's face in the audience.
But he was never there.
Even when he promised he'd I drove all the way to South Carolina once.
To watch your daughter dance? What's her name? Sarah.
That's a Hebrew name.
It means "princess.
" I didn't know that.
Each of them was someone's princess, Jason.
She should have never left him.
Not like she did.
Left who? Wes.
Boss, state troopers just missed Wes Rowan.
He left Jackrabbit Slim's with a rifle and a backpack.
- Said he was gonna help search.
- He is the search, McGee.
Jessica Fagan was Wes Rowan's childhood sweetheart.
It was over when she filed a restraining order against him in 2000.
Why am I finding out about this now? She changed her name.
It used to be Parker.
Most likely to make it difficult for Rowan to locate her.
When he couldn't, he took his anger out on women who resembled her.
Explains why she never let anyone at Jackrabbit Slim's - or the park see her.
- Oh, you think, DiNozzo? Gibbs.
- Abs, I have no time.
Two minutes.
- It's really important.
Boss, state troopers are setting up roadblocks on all highways - leading down from the mountains.
- He took his backpack with him.
He's not planning on coming down.
Grab your gear.
I'll meet you out back in five.
Guess what, guys? Rowan is a hunting guide, - apparently one of the best in Virginia.
- Great.
He'll be like finding a pin in a haystack.
A needle in a haystack.
Well, aren't pins just as hard to find? - No.
- No.
You've got two minutes, Abby.
Starting now.
I don't need two minutes.
Just a minute or maybe 45 seconds.
- Abby.
- I pulled skin cells off the rhinestones that you found in the park, and the DNA matches Fagan's hair.
- You could've told me on the phone.
- Well, I also found traces of blood.
I have a theory, Gibbs.
I made this in high school.
- Minute, 33.
- Okay.
I screwed up a bunch of times.
Pulling these things off is really hard.
I cracked two nails and I cut my finger.
Oh, hell, she's leaving a trail.
That's great work, Abs.
Wait, I still have a minute and change left.
I know you're really busy with the case, and I understand.
- Understand what? - That you forgot my birthday.
- I didn't forget.
- You didn't? No.
I remember how old you are too.
Oh, you can forget that.
Check your desk.
I have been working in here all night.
There is no way you snuck by me.
This is so Pulp Fiction.
I've been searching the building for you.
- You found me.
- She may be still alive, Jethro.
I re-checked the Rappahannock County ME's records.
All three victims had hairline fractures.
The medical examiners assumed that these were caused by animals - or falls in the woods.
- They didn't know she was murdered.
- That bastard beats them.
- I'm afraid so.
How does that make her alive? Some of the fractures had minute calcification.
They'd begun to heal, Jethro.
- How long? - Well, I'd say a week or 10 days perhaps after he beat them.
He'll find you, my dear, hopefully before it's too late.
There are hunting cabins along this edge.
He could have taken her to one.
- Any cabins in the park? - Two.
Birch and Pine.
Gotta reserve them a year in advance.
They're real popular.
- Is anyone there now? - No.
We open them Memorial Day to Labour Day.
- Where? - Pine's here.
Birch is here.
The other night, I lost the trail around here.
Jessica could be in those cabins.
Checked them the first day.
What if he held her in the woods while you searched the cabin? Search them again.
Where's Ranger Landis and his search party? - Razorback Ridge.
- He's a lot closer than we are.
Have him search them.
McGee! DiNozzo, you're with me.
Ziva, stay with Ranger Hendricks.
- I'd be better suited if I actually went - We're taking him alive.
Let's roll.
I hate it when men try to protect you because you're female.
He's not trying to protect me.
He's afraid I'll kill Rowan before he tells us where the girl is.
For a ghost, he's sure leaving a lot of footprints.
- He took a knee here.
- Maybe he heard McGee coming.
He's tracking.
Tracking who? He already knows where the girl is.
James? Bobby.
How you doing? Almost to Pine Cabin.
I've got Beaufort and Max checking Birch.
- You be careful, you hear? - Don't worry about me, Bobby.
- You both live here? - Jim does.
I got me a log cabin about a mile down the road.
Built in the 1830s.
- Is that old? - Yeah, around these parts it is.
I'm sorry, that was bitchy.
I get that way when I'm tired.
Me too.
That'll be more searchers.
I better go brief them.
Do you mind if I grab a bat nap? No.
Just hang from the rafters.
What is it, boss? The trail's too obvious.
Rowan doesn't know that we're tracking him.
Or he's setting an ambush.
McGee, I want you 30 meters to my right.
DiNozzo, 30 to my left.
I'll stay on this trail.
What if it is an ambush? I want you guys to get him before he gets me.
Be ghosts.
I got him.
- I thought it was you, boss.
- Me too.
I was trying to find Jessica.
- We gotta get him to a hospital.
- Let the bastard bleed to death.
He dies, we may never find that girl alive.
Your station can't be far.
Maybe a quarter of a mile that way.
- You got him? - Come on.
- Jim made it in.
They got Rowan.
- Call 911.
I just did for Rowan.
They're bringing him in wounded.
How? You tell me.
She was in your root cellar.
I thought you were leading the search.
Bobby radioed she had fresh searchers.
I was cutting back to pick them up and I spotted Rowan sneaking through the woods.
He wasn't sneaking, he was tracking.
Jim, this is Bobby.
Officer David found Jessica Fagan.
She was in your root cellar.
- Jim? Jim, do you read me? - Drop that shotgun.
- Jim, are you there? - How many? Twenty-seven.
No, 26.
Can't count Jessica.
I didn't finish with her.
Now, drop that shotgun! - Take him.
- No.
What are you doing? - I'm gonna go help boss.
- Doesn't need you.
Look at him.
- Boss didn't? - No.
He wouldn't do a thing like that.