NCIS s03e18 Episode Script


Hey! Hey! You got a problem with living? You feeling frisky today, Meyers? Make your move.
I'm begging you.
Didn't think so.
- Kody, are you okay? - Oh, look, he's following me.
- I think he's in love.
- Come on, guys.
Hey! No! No one else leaves.
Okay! Oh, my God.
Hurry up.
Gibbs is already on the scene.
You two follow my lead.
It's not my first time at this particular kind of dance.
Yeah, I've been to a few myself, Tony.
Know what, I play Counter Strike online.
It's pretty realistic.
Well, you only get one life here, Elf Lord.
Kid's in a classroom in the south wing.
SRT's set up a command post in the east wing.
McGee, Ziva, recon the exterior.
Put the gear down.
With me.
On your six, boss.
Target's name is Kody Meyers, According to the witness, he came to class with a bomb strapped to his chest.
We set a perimeter outside the classroom.
Evacuated all nonessentials.
EOD's on site sweeping for secondaries.
- How many hostages? - Four, maybe five.
Men are doing a head count on the student body.
The witness describe the device? She was rushed to emergency being treated for a panic attack.
DiNozzo, find out who Kody Meyers is.
- Get his parents in here.
- On it.
- He try to make contact? - No, sir.
Not a word.
We didn't try to establish communication.
Figured that was your job.
Ziva! I am here.
We need to be stealthy.
New shoes.
- I'm going to that transformer.
- Okay.
I meant alone.
Got you.
Come on, boy.
Show me your bomb.
- It's okay.
- Stop doing that.
I can't help it.
You gotta try.
What, what's wrong with her? She has asthma, Kody.
What does she need? Water or something? She needs her inhaler.
- It's not here.
Where is it? - My locker.
Classroom's around the corner, second door on the right.
The rooms can only be locked with a faculty key.
Kody wouldn't have access.
My TAC team is ready to go.
Snipers are moving into position outside.
If you wanna take him down.
- Any other way into the room? - One door and a wall of windows.
Blueprints are on their way so we can check for ducts.
Boss! - Sorry.
- Come.
I found Kody's father.
He was at a conference in Washington D.
MPs are escorting him now.
I just thought you'd want to know before you go in there.
I'll head back now.
Kody Meyers.
Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
- Kody.
- Get away from the door.
- Talk to me first.
- Get away from the door or I blow this thing! All right.
- I'm sending someone out.
- I'll be right back.
Make sure you're the one who brings it back, okay? I'm coming out! Debrief her.
It's okay.
- I need to get Nadia's inhaler.
- We're getting it.
- She needs it.
- That's what we're doing.
- She can't breathe! - Stephanie, we're getting it from her locker, okay? Tell me what happened.
I was in homeroom and I heard Joe messing with Kody.
And then all of a sudden it got really quiet and I looked up and Kody unzipped his sweatshirt.
And he had a bomb! - Okay, what kind of bomb? - Like in the movies.
It was strapped to his chest.
Okay, that's really good, Stephanie.
Was he calm? He was acting really weird.
He He was talking to himself.
- What about Nadia? - We're helping her.
That's what we're doing right now.
Okay, all right.
I know this is hard.
Stephanie, I need you to hold it together, can you do that? Okay.
Tell me a little bit about Kody.
He transferred this year.
He's like a loner.
The football players, they'd screw with him.
- But they screw with everyone.
- Okay.
Oh, my God.
- Is that what this is about? - Could be.
He's gonna blow everyone up! No, he's not.
Stephanie, it's gonna be okay.
Boss, I got the inhaler.
- See? - I have to take it to her! That's what he said.
He said I have to get the inhaler - and I have to bring it to her.
- We'll take it to her.
- She needs it! - Okay, calm down.
- DiNozzo, get her a drink.
- You got it.
Okay, so we'll get you some water.
Boss, you're not really gonna send her back in there, are you? Of course not.
You've got a plan.
- What exactly? - Got background on Kody yet? I do.
Searched the school records.
He's an average student, member of the chess club.
- He's also in junior UN.
- Background that's useful, McGee? We've got a team now at Kody's house collecting his computer, personal effects, to transport back to Abby's lab.
I'm gonna go back there and supervise.
What is this? Robby the robot? Sort of.
It can climb stairs, negotiate corners, unlock doors.
Will it convince Kody to surrender? No.
But it will deliver the inhaler to the sick student without endangering anybody else.
And its camera might get a video of the bomb.
I don't trust anything controlled by a videogame thing.
I've seen one of these cross a minefield while under heavy fire in Iraq, Agent Gibbs.
How long until this POC is ready, captain? There's a problem with the software, just have to run a quick diagnostic - Twenty minutes? - We don't have 20 minutes.
Ziva, tell Tony channel two.
Channel two.
What the hell are you doing? - Nadia's inhaler.
- Stephanie's supposed to bring it! - Where's Stephanie? - Safe.
- This is all wrong.
- Give this to Nadia.
I'll make it right.
I'm in charge here! Not you! - You're in charge, Kody.
- Get Stephanie back in here! Not gonna do that.
You're killing everyone! I'm not the one wearing the bomb.
I am giving this inhaler to Nadia now.
Better? She's fine, now get out! I'm a valuable hostage, Kody.
More valuable than a room full of kids? Get out now or we all die! You're surrounded by Marines who all think you're crazy.
Kody, I'm the last chance you have of getting out of here alive.
Shut the door.
Search him.
Like they do on Cops.
Empty his pockets.
Now I know why Gibbs didn't go armed.
- Where's Stephanie? - With her folks.
Check his ankles.
- This kid is pretty smart.
- He's not just smart.
He's trained.
- Put everything on the desk.
- This could be a statement.
- Come on! - He's a 15-year-old kid.
Well, I've seen 12-year-old suicide bombers in Israel.
- He's not a terrorist.
- He's obviously mentally disturbed.
- And if that's the case, well, I think - I know, it's not good.
He's clean, Kody.
- Check his ears.
- For what? Do it.
The guy's wearing some sort of hearing aide.
Take it out.
Check his wrists.
Step on both of them.
He's very well-trained.
We need eyes in that classroom.
SRT snaked cameras through the vents here and here.
Both were taped shut.
Kody was covering his plates.
What about that door? Now, make sure you cover every crack.
Okay, I'm on it.
You have no idea what you're dealing with here.
I think it's safe to say that Kody's got some suicidal tendencies.
You should see his webpage.
It's all about death and dying.
- The kid is obsessed.
- So what's your point? My point is he finally worked up the nerve to do something about it.
It's not the kids that talk about dying that you have to worry about, Timmy.
it's the ones who stay quiet.
Abby, I've been in this kid's room, okay? It's all black.
It's got skulls everywhere.
He listens to death metal.
There is nothing wrong with those things if you are an adult.
McGee, you slaughter people online.
Are you gonna become a mass murderer? I did not take my classroom hostage.
Did you ever think about it? You said the bomb-sniffing dogs didn't alert to anything in Cody's house.
I haven't found explosive markers on any of his clothing or his effects.
He didn't visit any bomb-making websites.
And these photos, they show us nothing.
Maybe his bomb is fake.
Do you believe that? No.
We can end this now, Kody.
Tell me what you want.
I'll get it for you.
I'm not making demands until I speak to a negotiator.
- I am the negotiator.
- They wouldn't send a negotiator busting through the door.
I'm not stupid.
- No one says you are.
- Just be quiet.
Hurry up! - Relax, Kody.
- Stop saying my name! You're not gonna build a relationship with me.
So keep talking and I really will end this now.
Nadia, you have to stop that, please.
Please? - I can't.
Kody, I can't.
- She's scared, Kody.
- Yeah, like she's the only one.
- You're right.
We're all scared.
They just wanna go home and see their parents.
You expect me to identify with them.
See them as people.
Make it harder for me to do anything.
- They are people, Kody.
- Stop saying my name! One more word, I press this button.
Director Shepard, Dr.
Mallard's here to see you.
Send him in, Cynthia.
Anything new? I just got off the phone with DiNozzo.
Still no contact.
- What exactly happened? - Jethro happened, Ducky.
He went in to deliver a sick girl's inhaler, - and got invited to stay.
- Yeah, but how could he? Of course.
- He probably planned the whole thing.
- Jethro doesn't plan, Ducky.
He follows his damn gut.
Well, it usually serves him well.
It also gets him into trouble.
You would only be a hindrance down there.
- What makes you think? - You're wearing your sidearm.
Gibbs was my partner, Ducky.
For a long time.
I cannot just sit by here and do nothing.
Well, of course not.
Nobody expects you to do nothing.
Cynthia? I want a direct feed into DiNozzo's command post, ASAP.
- Yes, director.
- That is a good decision, director.
I'll believe that, Ducky, when the situation is defused.
WWGD? Is that a weapons acronym? No.
It stands for "What Would Gibbs Do?" Well, it's too bad we can't ask him.
Captain, your teams are in place? We've got three snipers in position, sir.
- If the target looks out the blinds - No one takes a shot unless I clear it.
You're with me.
- Where are you going? - Talk to Kody.
You wanna stay away from the windows, Kody.
What, because the snipers? They won't shoot a kid.
I wouldn't count on that.
It's not too late to fix this.
You're gonna reason with me? Go ahead.
No, really.
Go ahead.
Convince me I'm not in trouble.
You're in trouble.
How much is up to you.
What did you just do? - Nothing.
Just stretching my arms.
- You just did something! What was it? Kody, this is Special Agent DiNozzo.
How's Nadia? - She's fine for now.
- How are the other kids? - They're fine, okay? - I'd love to take your word on that.
But I'm gonna need some proof, Kody.
Open the door.
No! No way! You try and get in here I'm setting this off! No one's coming in.
I'd like to speak to Special Agent Gibbs.
Everybody's okay, boss.
Well, that's good to hear, Special Agent Gibbs.
- Your agent says he's a negotiator.
- Well, that's right.
He's my best man.
Your best man's a moron for getting caught in here.
He always had an attitude problem.
We're all gonna work on this together.
- What do you say to that, Kody? - You know, I want the man in charge.
Not the field commander.
The one who makes the final decision.
That's me, Kody.
If I ask for a plane and a million dollars, you just give it to me? - Is that what you want? - Answer my question! - I'll make some calls.
- Are you the man or not? I'm the one you want.
Bring my mother to the classroom.
No deals, no stalling.
You have until sundown.
If you can't do that, then everyone dies.
- I want to see my son.
- That's not happening, major.
- The hell it's not! - Calm down.
I need to see he's okay.
Aside from holding five people hostage, he's doing great.
- What does Kody want? - He wants his mother brought to him.
- Oh, God.
- What? Kody's mother is dead.
She died a year ago.
A boating accident.
Angela liked sailing.
Kody took it Well, we all took it hard.
- Clearly.
- Kody's had some difficulties, but he's never acted out before.
Your son strapped a bomb to his chest, kidnapped his homeroom and is demanding to see his dead mother.
I'd say he's past the acting out stage, major.
- And frankly - Let me talk to him.
I can calm him down.
I can get him out of there.
Contact with you may only exacerbate the situation.
He's my son.
He's having a breakdown.
His mind is playing tricks on him.
Tricks? What kind of tricks? Listen, if this is gonna end well, we need all the intel you can give us on your son.
Kody thought he saw his mother a couple of months ago.
- Alive? - His therapist said it's completely normal, a coping mechanism.
A lot of people imagine seeing dead loved ones.
Well, it's the part where he wants to talk to her that's got us a little worried.
I saw the SRT teams outside the school.
I know what comes next.
I'm begging you, please, give my boy a chance.
We'll do everything we can to get all those kids out of there safely, major.
All of them, including your son.
Thank you.
There are easier ways to see your mother, Kody.
It's none of your business.
You made it my business when you threatened their lives.
- It's not up to me, okay? - Well, who's it up to, Kody? You can't fix this.
- No one can fix this.
- I don't wanna fix it.
I wanna end it.
You just have the answers for everything, don't you? No! No! Don't touch me! Kody, is something wrong in there? - What the hell are you doing here? - Giving you an update.
I wanna let you know that Special Agent Caitlin Todd is out looking for your mom.
Don't come back until you find her! - I won't tell you again! - All right, I'm going.
How are you gonna tell Gibbs the kid's mom's dead? I already did.
Special Agent Todd is dead.
- DiNozzo.
- Hold for the director.
He wants his dead mother brought to the classroom? He won't accept she's dead.
Thinks he saw her recently.
It's not an unusual fantasy in grief.
That's an impossible demand.
I know, director.
I'm working on it.
Define working on it, Agent DiNozzo.
SRT's in place, working on getting visual access into the room - and a way to contact Gibbs.
- And? - And we're just getting started.
- What's your deadline? Sundown.
About five hours.
How powerful is the bomb? Don't know yet.
Sciuto and Agent McGee are going through the kid's computer and everything found in his room, trying to work out what the explosive is.
Does he have a dead-man switch? Hoping Sciuto and McGee can tell us that.
And if he doesn't? - You want me to take him out.
- It may be your only option.
I'd like to get them all alive, - including Kody.
- I agree.
But if it's not possible, I need to know that you're capable of making the call.
- I've done it before.
- On a 15-year-old? If the time comes, you cannot hesitate.
You cannot second guess yourself.
If you don't trust me, I suggest you relieve me.
Otherwise, leave me alone.
I've got work to do, ma'am.
She asked if you had the calzones for this, yes? Cojones.
Do you? - Gibbs has rubbed off on him.
- Well, that's a positive thing.
- He isn't Gibbs, Ducky.
- No, but he's very capable.
- The boy's mother? - Yes.
Cynthia? - Ma'am? - I need the NCIS case file on the drowning of Marine dependent Angela Meyers.
- Right away, ma'am.
- What are you up to? The boy wants his mother.
We may have to give her to him.
There is no way that kid assembled that bomb at his house.
Which means? Which means he either made it somewhere else, or someone helped him.
What do you think? Sounds good.
- What? What was that for? - Not paying attention to me.
I'm trying to tell you I think there's more kids out there.
- This could be part of a larger plan.
- I don't think so.
Kody believes his mother is still alive.
Look at this.
He's sending her photo all over the web, asking if anyone's seen her.
He expects us to find her.
This could be a good thing.
There were no traces of explosives at his house.
No bomb-making materials.
There were no plans or schematics for construction on his computer.
The bomb has got to be a fake.
I hope.
- Oh, wow.
- Wow, what? It would help if you could get a better look at it, right? - How we gonna do that? - Look.
Three computers - in the back of the classroom.
- With webcams and mics.
- All we have to do is hack in.
- We'll have eyes and ears and we can see the bomb.
- Hey! - Should've thought of that hours ago.
- Don't be gentle.
- I am not gonna hit you.
- Come on.
I deserve it.
- No.
Elf Lord.
- I don't see squat, probie.
- Tony, are your laptops even on? Probie, now is not the time.
Wait, Tony.
It's on our end, okay? It's still buffering.
- That should do it.
- You are amazing, Abby.
Actually, that was my idea Would you stop doing that? Hey, cut that out! Why is it so hot in here? You can walk away from this.
Do you have any idea what they'll do to me if I walk out of this building? No one will touch you.
- You have no idea.
- I won't let them, Kody.
What'd you? What'd you just do? What just? What just happened? - I don't - She dropped her inhaler.
Let Nadia go, Kody.
As a sign of good faith while we look for your mom.
No one leaves! Do you get this? Electrical blasting caps wired into a central circuit board.
Four visible charges, all equipped with nails to inflict maximum shrapnel damage.
This is no fake bomb, Tony.
Good news.
The detonator appears to be remote in his hand.
- Good news? - Well, it doesn't seem to be a dead-man's switch.
A head shot will stop this without setting off the bomb.
Just like that.
- Head shot.
- Oh, yeah.
Tell me about your mom, Kody.
- Doesn't she wanna see you? - Don't say that.
I'm just wondering why you're threatening to blow all of us up just to see her.
Because l I do, okay? She's dead, Kody.
I know.
I know I saw her.
Shut up! Shut up! Just Target acquired.
I say again, target is acquired.
We may not get another chance, sir.
Do I have a go? Over.
Tony? The shot is still good, sir.
Sir, we're gonna lose the target.
He's not a target.
He's a 15-year-old boy who misses his mom.
All sniper units stand down.
Do not take the shot.
All units stand down.
- Why? - It's a Gibbs thing.
My gut.
Stop! Don't! What are you doing? Just get away from me! - He's signing.
- What's he saying? I can't tell.
He's not being obvious about it.
- Puppet.
What does that mean? - I don't know.
Wait, not puppet.
It's marionette.
He's saying that somebody's pulling Kody's strings.
- What, like controlling him? - Not just controlling him, McGee.
Controlling the bomb.
If somebody's controlling Kody, they have to be talking to him.
- Earwig! - Earwig! Ask Gibbs.
Wait, hold it.
Hold it.
Send it now.
- Why'd you just nod? - What? - You just nodded.
- Did I? - Yes! - How did he see that? - His back was to Gibbs.
- I don't know.
Nervous? Jumpy? I guess.
Are you signalling someone in this room? No.
I swear.
They're not just talking to Kody.
They have eyes in the classroom too, McGee.
- Tony, did you copy that? - Roger.
Dirtbags have eyes and ears in the classroom.
- Good? - We backtrack the feeds.
- It'll lead us to them.
- Earwigs have a limited range and only a handful of frequencies.
We have the equipment here to sweep.
- Do it.
- Yes, sir.
Get the equipment.
Set up for a frequency sweep.
Abby, SRT is sweeping earwig freqs to trace the source.
Can you do the same thing with the eyes? - McGee? - We got three computers with webcams in the back of the classroom.
We're using one of them.
- They must be using - The blocked router.
- The one we couldn't get into.
- How long? Depends.
They could be using counter attack software.
If they're using a sophisticated encryption system, it could be 128, even 256 bit - Probie.
- On it, boss.
- What? - He called me boss.
- Yeah, he'll never live that down.
- Nope.
What happens if they can't find your mom, Kody? You know what will happen.
- Kody, just let us go, man.
- Shut up! Just don't ask me that again.
Okay, Nadia? Okay.
You don't want to carry out your threat, do you, Kody? No.
But I will if I don't talk to my mother.
Talk or see? We might have time See! See! I have to see her right here in my homeroom! I'm saying that talking to her might give us more time.
There is no more time, okay? She has to be here before sunset! Nautical, civilian or astronomical? What? Which sunset? There are three.
Before it gets dark.
- How's it coming, captain? - Narrowing it down.
I can't stand doing nothing while everyone else is working.
Well, then do something.
- Any suggestions, Ziva? - Yes, DiNozzo.
We didn't really have time to question Major Meyers.
He may be able to tell us who's controlling his son.
Captain, have your men bring Major Meyers in here.
That's gonna be a problem.
The major was taken to NCIS Headquarters.
I didn't authorize that.
No, sir.
Your boss did.
My boss is a hostage right now.
I don't think he's authorizing much of anything.
- Not that boss, sir.
- He's the only boss I have.
You are forgetting the director.
I'm an amphibious warfare instructor at Command and Staff, Quantico.
Are you involved in anything sensitive? You mean like secret? No.
What does this have to do with my son? Someone is controlling him.
- So this isn't his idea? - I doubt it.
Thank God.
He still has a bomb strapped to his chest.
Why would they have him asking for his mother? I have no idea.
- How long did you know her? - Since college.
We were married 18 years when she died.
- What did she do? - Grade school teacher.
Look, Angela had no dark side.
She loved me.
She loved Kody.
Whoever's doing this must have her confused with someone else.
You're probably right.
Thank you for your cooperation, major.
What are you gonna do? Get him out alive.
Thank you.
You really think this is a bizarre case of mistaken identity? Doesn't really matter.
Every scenario plays out exactly the same.
The only way this can end well is if we find Angela Meyers.
And if she is dead? The detonator in Kody's hand is a prop.
The people controlling him have the real one.
- You think? - Yes.
I think shooting Kody wouldn't have saved anybody in that classroom.
Doesn't make you Gibbs.
Someone went to a lot of trouble to raise Angela Myers from the grave.
Well, obviously he, she or they don't believe she's dead.
They intend to kill her with a big boom.
And blame it all on Kody.
- Got the freq on Kody's earwig.
- Where are they? Don't know.
They're communicating in short bursts.
We can't get an accurate fix.
The sunset esta muy hermosa, Kody.
Enjoy it.
It will be your last if your mama doesn't show.
Look, we're running out of time.
Where's my mother? Let me talk to my boss.
I'll get a progress report.
Okay, put the cell phone on speaker.
Do it.
Put it on speaker.
- DiNozzo.
- Hey, boss, you locate Kody's mother yet? Agent Todd has her phone number and is trying to make contact.
- Get the number! - What is the number? I don't know, Kody.
Agent Todd is on it.
- Get the number! - I want the number! Better get him the number, boss.
I'll contact Agent Todd and get back to you.
You had to say you had her number? I know.
- I know, it wasn't - A mistake Gibbs would have made? Sir, EOD's been studying the pictures of the bomb vest.
This is the remote to the detonator.
One shot could destroy it.
And Kody.
There's more than one life at stake here.
Okay, okay.
McGee, tell me you're making progress.
We are making progress, Tony.
Back-tracing their connection to the classroom computer now.
Okay, they're in Triangle, Virginia.
Piggybacking off a wi-fi node at the warehouse outside the main gate.
I'm sending you the address.
Do you want us to cut their connection to the webcam? Negative, probie.
I got a better idea.
You know what, Tony? This might actually work.
- Don't sound so surprised, probie.
- He's right, Tony.
We should have thought of it.
- What the hell was that? - McGee tripped.
Trip on your own time, probie.
Can you make it happen or not? The problem is finding the right stream to mirror, Tony.
We'll need to re-create a virtual hard drive To replace the physical one.
The key is the insertion phase, we're gonna need A natural buffering period so we won't be detected.
- Using a standard codex - Means we'll be able to retag the algorithm during decompression.
What we need is a multi-point - control unit to enable a seamless - Guys, phys ed major here.
- We can do this, Tony.
- When? - Now if you want.
- On my mark.
DiNozzo out.
What was that one for? Pissing off Tony.
Can't you tell he's under a lot of pressure? Answer it.
- We're here.
- Kody, Agent DiNozzo here.
I have some good news.
We have your mom.
- You found her? - Yes, we did.
She's being escorted onto the base as we speak.
She should be at the school in 20 minutes, you sit tight, we'll have a happy ending here.
Okay, probie, now! Do you actually think this is gonna work? If I tell you, are you gonna hit me again? Yeah.
I think it's actually gonna work.
It has to.
Do you hear those sirens, Kody? You might just survive this after all.
Not bad, DiNozzo.
Not bad at all.
That was brilliant, Tony.
Looping the classroom video to the bad guys - while you evac'ed the kids.
- She's right.
It was a great idea, Tony.
- Hey! - Boss.
It was a great idea, boss.
- Slip of the tongue, okay? - Freudian slip of the tongue.
Give it up, McGee.
Some things Tony never forgets.
That's true.
So, Tony, what movie gave you the big idea? - Movie? - Yeah.
You know, making the video of the classroom to feed back to the bad guys? It just kind of came to me, actually.
I saw it! They had these terrorists.
Half the movies today are about terrorists.
No, no, no.
And they took over this bus, and it starred that actress with the name like an animal.
A cow.
No, ox.
No, it's not that.
- Bullock.
- A Bull.
Sandra Bullock.
And I can't remember the title of the movie, but it's I'm gonna look it up.
I'm gonna check her credits.
- No, don't you have a report to finish? - Yeah.
I did it.
Good for you.
That's good.
Stop typing.
Has anyone seen Gibbs? It takes guts to testify against Carlos Mendez.
Took more guts to fake her death and walk away from a husband and son to protect them.
Eighteen years is a long time to seek revenge, - even for a Colombian drug lord.
- Jen, I gotta find her.
You don't.
You know, Kody Meyers has had one hell of a day.
It's the least I can do for this kid.
Good to see I can still surprise you, Jethro.