NCIS s03e23 Episode Script

Hiatus Part I

This is so Usual Suspects.
Tony, your dying words will be, "I've seen this film.
" Gibbs even looks a little bit like Gabriel Byrne.
Who is Gabriel Byrne? An actor who boards a mysterious ship like this one searching for Keyser Sose.
- Another actor? - No.
Keyser Sose is a character in the film who may or may not exist.
I'm confused.
So am I.
And I saw the DVD twice.
The Sound of Music confuses you, probie.
I love that movie.
One note and I will lock you in a room and make you listen to "It's a Small World," for 24 hours straight.
Do we understand each other? Okay, next.
Is something out of order? We have no record of Abog Galib ever entering the United States.
So? His passport has Philadelphia entry and exit stamps.
June of last year.
Computer glitch? Or a forged passport.
Hell, I thought we were gonna do this without a chase.
- I could not be arrested, agent.
- Gibbs.
I had to speak to you alone.
The situation has changed.
The head of Abu Sayyaf wants me to courier for him between Basilan and Pakistan.
Bin Laden? Allah be willing.
Oh, hey, sorry if I made you run, huh.
Oh, I'd chase you to hell if it lead to Bin Laden.
You only have to chase me off the ship.
Has Abu infiltrated Sealift? They are about to.
Our radio man, Pinpin Pula, is Abu Sayyaf.
Somehow he got a billet on the Cape Fear.
Well, the Cape Fear's a Sealift-munitions transport.
She sails tomorrow to replenish Marine Expeditionary Strike Force 8 in the Red Sea.
He plans to blow the Cape Fear while it's off-loading ammo to an assault ship.
This will be as bad as 9/11.
And just as terrifying.
Galib, that's good work.
I will go off the stern, fire a couple of rounds.
Just do not hit me.
Oh, my passport.
I'll alert my team.
Don't want them to shoot you.
Wait, wait.
He looks from the broken coffee cup on the floor.
He looks to the photo on the wall.
Looks - What do we got? - Blast victim.
Burns and abrasions.
- Pressure steady.
- Got a name? Gibbs.
He's a NCIS agent.
All right, my count, on three.
One, two, three.
Agent Gibbs.
Agent Gunny.
All right, get him out of his gear.
Let's go.
GCS is less than eight.
Let's intubate.
Twenty milligrams of etomidate.
A hundred of succinylcholine.
- Doing it right away.
- Skip the X-ray.
- Go straight to CAT scan.
- Call CT.
Come on, baby.
Ziva, what happened? A bomb.
One dead, one injured.
You'll need body suits, tweezers and those suction things.
Turkey basters.
And many, many, many specimen jars.
- Do you get that, Mr.
Palmer? - Yes, doctor.
Here, allow me.
How badly is Jethro injured? Paramedics took him to emergency.
Which hospital? Portsmouth? They have a level-one trauma centre at Portsmouth.
- I didn't ask.
- You didn't ask? No, once the paramedics were on site, I had other priorities.
The possibility of more bombs, crew to detain, a crime scene to secure.
Well, McGee and Tony will know.
Oh, Ziva, I'm not implying that you don't care.
Listen, I know you care.
I don't need reassurances, doctor.
Very well.
But I just want you to know that I know Ducky, drip it.
Do you mean drop it or zip it? American idioms drive me up the hall.
Well, actually Never mind.
One of the crew is missing.
The radio man, Pinpin Pula.
Put out a BOLO.
Tony, any word on Jethro? Not yet.
Portsmouth trauma said to call back in an hour.
Good, good.
- I'll get out that BOLO.
- We have a suspect? Pinpin Pula.
What kind of name is Pinpin? Filipino.
In Tagalog it means, "Rice, paddy, dike.
" Don't say a word.
I thought that was quite an accurate translation.
Condition of Special Agent Jethro Gibbs.
Trauma One, no condition listed yet.
You can't go in there, director.
It's restricted to medical personnel.
This isn't about turf, you know.
Oh, I know that.
It's about rules.
And one really big one is non-medical people cannot enter Trauma One, unless they're carried in.
Get me a gurney.
That's good.
"Get me a gurney.
" I like that.
I left a dinner at the White House to come here.
I'm impressed.
Really, I am.
That still doesn't change the rules.
I was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to this.
- Shooting your way in? - Don't be silly.
I don't have my weapon.
- Calling the president? - Now that would be overkill.
- Hello? - Condi? Jenny.
- Any word yet? - No.
- I don't have his condition yet.
- Well, why not? The head nurse won't let me into Trauma.
Let me speak with her.
- Ethel Washington, ma'am.
- Condoleezza Rice, I have a request.
Yes, ma'am.
I understand.
- Thank you, Condi.
- No problem.
McGee said that Gibbs was in a bomb blast.
He tried to sound really calm but I could hear the fear in his voice.
And he should be afraid.
For Gibbs to be brought to a hospital in the ambulance cannot be good.
I had to come see for myself.
My hearse got a flat, as usual, so I got in a cab to go to the airport and then I realized that by the time I got to the terminal and I bought a ticket and I went through security and then I flew to Norfolk and if I got a cab, it would be better just to sit in the cab that I was in.
So I did that.
It cost a lot of You know, it doesn't matter, this is Gibbs.
I can't believe that he's hurt.
He is never hurt.
Not hurt enough to go to a hospital.
He has to be dying to even go see a doctor.
Oh, my God.
He isn't dying, is he? I don't know what I would do.
Positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts.
Okay, I know the rule is that you have to be family to go into Emergency that's what they said when Uncle Charlie got his leg caught in a trap.
But Gibbs and me, we're tighter than blood.
I know you need ID.
I have an ID in here.
I work at NCIS.
Forensics and ballistics, chemical analysis, and DNA typing.
That's me.
I promise.
I just I had to be in court that day.
But I swear, that is me.
You're a really, really good person.
You're gonna have to look in there sooner or later, McGee.
I already did.
Ziva, I don't think I can go in there.
- I know.
- Don't let Tony smell fear - or else he'll just - Probie.
I gotta special job for you.
Too late.
Bomb dog took point on Rice Paddy Dike's foot locker.
Tag and stow it in the truck for Abby, would you? On it, boss.
I do love it when he calls me boss.
Is that why you're being nice to him? Nice? I'm not being nice.
Lugging foot lockers is probie work.
All right, I cut the probie some slack.
What a bad day.
A very bad day.
What's the point of origin? A 55-gallon oil drum.
That twisted ring is all that's left of it.
What is an oil drum doing in the laundry compartment? Well, ships clean them and reuse them for storage.
This one probably held dirty laundry.
Very unsanitary.
Fragments indicate a high explosive.
Abby should be able to trace the taggant.
Why's the head and torso intact when the rest of him is a slushie? Suicide bombers wearing an explosive belt look like this.
Except there's always something left of their lower extremities.
- You see a foot? - Not even a tootsie.
- A tootsie? - A toe.
Although in my generation "Tootsie" also referred to one's sweetie pie.
Sweetie pie? - Any word from the hospital? - Jethro's critical, but stable.
Then he wasn't in here when the bomb detonated, was he? That corner.
How did he survive? The washer and dryer shielded him from the main force of the blast.
It's raining.
He's suffered a concussion but there are no signs of intra-cerebral haemorrhaging.
- He's going to be okay, though, right? - He should be fine.
I don't wanna hear should be, I wanna hear will be.
- Abby.
- Should be is not positive.
Enough, Abs.
I want to see what's under the hood.
Hold the sedation and call me when he wakes.
I'm always positive, Ms.
But with a concussion, until Until he wakes, no one knows what's going on inside his brain.
I'll miss you, Daddy.
We've said it all before.
I wanna hear it again.
I will take care.
I will come back safe.
Not those words.
I love you.
Agent DiNozzo here.
Cynthia told me you stayed at the hospital.
Is the boss awake? I am, Agent DiNozzo.
- You have a sit-rep for me? - I do, Director Shepard.
Crime scene's been processed.
Evidence tagged.
Remains are on the way to autopsy.
Officer David and Special Agent McGee are questioning the crew.
We have an ID on the suspected bomber.
The freighter's radioman, Pinpin Pula.
Suspected to be Abu Sayyaf.
BOLO's been issued for his apprehension.
That is all I have to report, ma'am.
- Agent DiNozzo.
- Director? I was out of line.
You are the director, ma'am.
You cannot be out of line.
I was bitchy.
Let me apologise.
I'm sorry.
If I may state an opinion, ma'am? Fire away.
Never apologise.
It's a - sign of weakness.
- Sign of weakness.
I was his partner too, DiNozzo.
I know all the Gibbs-isms.
Actually, he borrowed that one from the Duke.
John Wayne.
Said it to Joanne Dru in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.
Jethro's a lot like the Duke.
I keep waiting for him to say: "That'll be the day.
" He said that in Paris to me once when I told him that l When we were working together.
Shouldn't he be awake by now? You know Gibbs.
He keeps his own schedule.
Do you know what REM is? Sure.
Rapid eye movement.
Happens when you're asleep and dreaming.
That's what it looks like he's doing right now.
Oh, well, that's gotta be a good sign, right? If it isn't a nightmare.
Gunny, they're both dead.
I'm terribly sorry, Jethro.
How many times are you going to ask me the same question? No smoking.
What'd he say? Wait, what'd you say? That I understood him.
At least let my crew go ashore.
They have been at sea for two months.
Excuse me.
You don't appear to be the kind of captain who actually cares about the welfare of his crew.
That's it.
I want to speak to Turkish consulate.
- I can arrange that.
- Yes.
- If NCIS agrees.
- We do not.
Learn anything, Ziva? Capitan Mahir knows more than he's telling.
I know nothing.
That's very Sergeant Schultz.
Tony, how's the boss? I know nothing.
That's not funny, Tony.
McGee, it's the boss.
He'll be fine.
With me.
He'll be living off coffee next.
Tony doesn't like coffee.
Why do you suspect the captain? He smokes expensive Havanas and wears a 10-carat diamond.
Could be zircon.
Never doubt an Israeli about diamonds.
Our Turk captain likes money the kind Abu Sayyaf pays to transport weapons, explosives and terrorists.
I'll flip you to see which of us takes the captain in and who visits Gibbs.
I'll take him in.
You don't speak Turkish.
Your observations, Mr.
Well, fingerprints are out of the question.
I was rather hoping for something other than the obvious.
Well, we'll have to use DNA to I guess that's rather obvious too.
He was standing on the bomb.
- Why standing? - Well, it seems to be the only way to explain his entire lower body being vaporized.
Why not sitting? Whatever he was sitting on would have shielded his butt.
Unless his buttocks was sitting on the bomb.
Who would sit on an explosive? Someone who didn't know they were sitting on the explosive.
- Of course.
- I did it myself once.
No, twice.
The first time I was young.
The second time, foolish.
Why were you sitting on an explosive, doctor? I just told you, I was young and foolish.
- Haven't you been listening? - I was.
I just Specimen jar.
Come on.
If I'm not mistaken, Abby will find these to be fragments of the 55-gallon oil drum.
I must ask Jethro Should I take these to Abby now, doctor? Soon as I've taken a tissue sample for DNA confirmation.
- Is that really necessary, sir? - No.
No, it is not necessary.
We could match his teeth.
Is that what you'd prefer? A wise choice, Mr.
- Coffee? - Sure way to wake Gibbs.
Good idea.
But, he's intubated, we'll have to use the IV.
Tell Miss Sciuto that I didn't abandon Gibbs.
Chief neurologist would have been here today, anyway.
- I'm sure she'll understand.
- I hope so.
I like women with fire.
So the dog collar and the tats had nothing to do with it? DiNozzo.
Does he look in pain? I don't know.
I've never seen Gibbs show pain, director.
Doctor, is he in pain? Doctor? Was this man a Marine? Yes.
Wounded in Desert Storm? He has a Purple Heart.
That's it.
I treated him in Kuwait.
Gibbs never told me he was wounded in Desert Storm.
Me neither, I saw his Purple Heart.
He was in a coma when we evac'd him to Frankfurt.
I mean, you talk about déja vu.
But is he in pain? Certainly not extreme pain.
He may be hurting, but the only way to know is for him to tell us.
Why not give him painkillers just in case? I want him to wake up.
An opiate would only deepen his coma.
I've just never seen Jethro look like this.
I have.
That's why I remembered him.
That's the expression he had in '91.
It's more anguish than pain.
- I want to gallop, Daddy.
- No, Kelly.
Let her go, Shannon.
I've got a better chance of hooking up with Jessica Alba than these guys do of infiltrating Sealift.
Every sailor has to go through a series of stringent security checks to be issued a special ID.
A hundred and ten civilian crews, DiNozzo.
Abu Sayyaf only needs to slip a man in one.
If Galib knew who that was or the name of the ship, why'd he run? Why didn't he just let us arrest him as planned? Give us the intel and then continue undercover to Gitmo.
Either he didn't know, but was close to finding out.
Or he was on to something big that an NCIS arrest would jeopardise.
What's bigger than blowing up one of our ships? Blowing up a port.
Did you ever hear of Port Chicago? No, but I saw the TV movie.
Michael Jai White is this guy who had I see your point.
- Good.
- Is there any intel on the crew especially this Pinpin Pula guy? We need his photo for a BOLO.
We took surveillance photos when the crew was docked in Istanbul.
If Galib had intel on Abu's plans, did he have time to tell Gibbs? Maybe.
They were together when the bomb went off.
Galib was a good agent.
Let's hope Gibbs comes out of this coma in time.
He will.
I ordered another CAT scan on the off chance that he haemorrhaged since the last one.
I think it's unlikely.
- So why are you doing it? - Covering my ass.
You don't strike me as the ass-covering type, doctor.
You know, I dislike this doctor-captain-director formality.
I'm Todd.
The truth is, Jenny, I'm puzzled.
Gibbs took a long time to come out of the coma in '91.
You followed his case after he left Kuwait? Not until today.
From Frankfurt, he was air-vac'd to Bethesda.
They faxed me his hospitalization records.
He was in a coma for 19 days.
- My God.
- That's not terribly unusual.
But the tests weren't typical of someone who was in a coma that deep.
I mean, his CAT scan didn't reveal any cerebral damage.
His EEG was normal.
It's the same as now.
How do you explain that? Sometimes patients don't seem to want to wake up.
Any reason why Gibbs might be one of them? The NIS agent driving was hit with a head shot.
Your wife and daughter died in the crash.
- Mom's got one.
- Not as big as ours.
It's bigger, Daddy.
Pedro Hernandez.
The drug dealer your wife saw kill a Marine.
- Abby? - I'm in here.
- What are you doing? - I'm worrying.
Me too.
You guys can just set that right there on the floor.
What's the matter? Never heard a girl fart before? Guys, that was the hippo.
Are you sure, McGee? Yeah, because you sound more - Feminine.
- Like a hippo cow? What aren't you telling me? What do you mean? You have that "Three Little Pigs," look.
- What? - The three little pigs.
They were afraid to open the door because the big bad wolf was outside.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
This is going on my wall.
I should be a professional photographer.
The director hasn't called.
About? About? Gibbs? She didn't call you, did she? - No.
- Because the way you're acting, you might have, just, forgotten to tell us.
Ziva, do you notice anything different in here? - No music.
- That's it.
No music.
You know, you usually play music in here.
What if those were Gibbs' guts smooshed all over that room? Oh, for God's sake, Abby.
They're not.
I said what if they were? The colour would be more coffee-brown than red.
His skull was shattered when the explosion blew him against the overhead as if he were fired from a cannon.
- The oil drum.
- Precisely.
Now don't ask me what our guest was doing in an oil drum, sitting on a bomb because I haven't the foggiest.
No other explanation? Well, none that would explain these remains.
I need a positive ID on this body, Duck.
Well, DNA tissue is in Abby's capable hands.
How's Jethro? Still out.
The director's with him.
Yeah, I'd best get down to Portsmouth.
Not until you finish the autopsy.
And while you're at it, why don't you ask your guest what he was doing sitting on an oil drum on a bomb? You sound like Gibbs.
What were you doing in that oil drum? Oh, boy.
Tony, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Tony.
Hate the sight of blood, probie? Too bad.
- Oh, boy.
- Handkerchief.
I don't have one.
Whatever you came to say better be pretty damn important.
Abby slapped Ziva and Ziva slapped her back.
I missed it? - Yeah.
- All right.
Assemble the team, including Abby.
Abby? Right.
Which hospital? Portsmouth? You didn't ask? Oh, Ziva.
I'm not implying that you don't care.
The way you're acting, you might have just, I don't know, forgotten to tell us.
What if those were Gibbs' guts smooshed all over that room? I don't have an answer.
His EEG is normal.
His new CAT scan is normal.
How well do you know Gibbs? He was my mentor at NCIS.
He taught me most of what I know.
Yet you're his boss.
Jethro's a great field agent.
He's a great team leader.
And he deals more efficiently with difficult politicians than I do.
- Well, why isn't he the - He shoots them.
So you didn't know him when he was wounded in Desert Storm? No.
He seems to be repeating that trauma, a coma he doesn't wanna to wake up from.
In the morning I'm gonna try to find the neurologist who was on his case in '91.
Well, why wait until the morning? - Forgive me.
- Yeah.
I'm just tired.
I can arrange a cot for you in this room.
I have been away from my office far too long.
I'll find someone who knew Jethro back then.
- That'd be helpful.
- Here are all my numbers.
And my cell.
I'll call you with an update at 0900, earlier, if he shows any signs of waking up.
It was good to meet you, Jenny.
Not under the circumstances, of course.
But good nevertheless.
- Cover your eyes.
- I've seen you and Mommy kiss.
- Oh, this is scary kissing.
- Like kissing a frog? Cover them up.
Much as I'd like to, I can't tell you where the bastard's hiding, Gunny.
I didn't ask you to, Special Agent Franks.
I'm going to take a leak.
Pay up, McGee.
- Hey.
- You're gonna bet on me, I collect.
Front and centre.
You too, Ziva.
Let's go.
- I know what happened.
- Look, she slapped me - and I was just slapping her - Hey.
If there's gonna be any bitch-slapping on this team, I'll do it.
Clear? Good.
Now shake hands.
There we go.
That wasn't so tough, was it? Now, how about a little hug? Big buddy hug.
Come on.
There we go.
Come on.
Now a deep tongue kiss.
Now we feel better.
All right, what do you got, McGee? We've got Singapore's surveillance photos on the Bakir Kamir crew.
Make me hard copies, McGee.
Captain Mahir will identify Pinpin Pula for the BOLO.
What makes you think he won't lie? Abby.
The taggant traces on the metal fragments were Semtex from the Czech Republic.
Khaddafi, before we bombed him was handing out Semtex like taffy to any terrorist with a sweet tooth.
That eliminates my washing machine malfunction theory.
DNA results? - They should be in by now.
- Then what are you doing here? Somebody called a conference.
You don't think that's Galib in autopsy? - He wants to be sure.
- I've asked Tel Aviv if Captain Mahir is a blimp on their radar.
DNA confirms the body in autopsy is NCIS Agent Abog Galib.
Any hits on the BOLO? Too many without photos.
LEOs are calling in reports on every Filipino sailor in the area.
Did you run them down? There's 250,000 Filipino sailors.
That's more than any nationality in the world.
The way the reports are coming in, you'd think that Hey! I don't wanna hear how tough it is, McGee.
I want you to run them down.
Stop playing Gibbs.
You're doing it right now.
Ziva, will you help me out here? It's true, Tony.
You're even getting a little grey around the temples.
You're not Gibbs, Tony.
You're right.
Acting like Gibbs doesn't make me the boss.
Being senior agent does.
So if drinking coffee, staring or whacking the back of your head helps me lead this team, live with it.
Good morning, Agent Gibbs.
The rain stopped.
It's gonna be a beautiful day.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I'm Dr.
I overheard you talking and I thought he might be awake.
I always talk to my patients.
Me too.
Are you a neurologist, doctor? Medical examiner.
Mine never wake up, but still I talk to them.
Well, Jethro, I'd have been here sooner only DiNozzo insisted I finish the autopsy on Agent Galib.
It's fascinating.
I mean, the poor man was, literally, blown out of a barrel.
It reminded me of when my mother and I visited her brother Carkin in the little town of Clagolaky.
Yes, Carkin worked at the cooperage where they make all the casks for the various distilleries.
Are you Turkish? Perhaps your father or grandfather was Turkish? Before they come to America? Can you see Ziva as a belly dancer? He brought it up.
Why? Because he asked if she was Turkish? From Russia with Love.
Bond is ordered to Turkey to steal the Lector machine from this beautiful, I mean, is there any other kind in a James Bond movie, defecting Russian double agent Tatia Romaniva, played by Daniela Bianchi.
You are Greek.
That's why you hate me.
I am not Greek.
Greek Cypriot.
It would explain your understanding Turkish and hating me.
I doubt Cyprus has a liaison officer in the U.
But you are getting warm.
Liaison? From the French word "lier," which means "to bind.
" In this case, bind NCIS and Mossad.
I have your dossier.
Another French word.
Dean Keaton.
That's it.
Dean Keaton is the name of the character Gabriel Byrne plays in The Usual Suspects.
I knew it'd come to me.
I am not a terrorist.
I did not smuggle weapons into Palestine.
I swear it.
Or Hamas suicide bombers into the port of Ashdod? Mossad blames me for that too? And much more.
Now, look, I am not a terrorist.
No Wahhabi.
I fight no Jihad.
You profit from it, you swine.
And for that, you should die.
Fortunately for you, Capitan Mahir, politique pratique has suspended Israeli reprisals against all but terrorists.
And you say you are no terrorist.
I swear by God.
Convince me.
Pinpin Pula.
Lisa Guiraut plays one of those belly dancing women.
Very hot.
She'd be a grandmother by now.
Oh, wait a second.
Ziva looks like her, which is? Pay attention, probie.
Ziva's about to get a photo for the BOLO.
Winning the Scotsman Chess Trophy was the highlight of my lower-sixth year.
I didn't compete in Edinburgh.
No, no.
I was too distracted by this wee It was impolite of me to eavesdrop, Dr.
Mallard, but I was fascinated by your story.
Nurse Baliad told me your name and your speciality.
I'm Dr Dr.
Gelfand, Chief Neurologist.
Yes, the director told me.
Well, how is our patient? Still comatose, I'm afraid.
Were you aware that he was in a coma for 19 days during Desert Storm? No.
He never told you? Well, Jethro doesn't talk much about the past.
I consider us to be close friends but I know very little about his life before we met.
You're in a hospital.
- Don't fight it, Jethro.
- Relax, relax.
You're all right.
Here, come on.
Come on.
Can you blink? All right.
Raise your thumb.
Raise your thumb.
Do you want the tube out? All right, all right.
Hold still.
Hold still.
- Here you are.
- Okay, breathe.
You're fine.
- That's it.
- I am Dr.
- This is Nurse Baliad.
- Maria.
- Of course you know Dr.
- He calls me Ducky.
Welcome back, Jethro.
Yeah, we've all been a bit concerned.
You shouldn't frighten us like this.
You have a question? Where am I? You're in Portsmouth Naval Trauma Centre.
You were in an explosion.
Cover your face.
I remember.
Very good.
Most people never remember the trauma.
I don't know him.