NCIS s03e24 Episode Script

Hiatus Part II

Previously on NCIS: Galib, has Abu infiltrated Sealift? They are about to.
Our radio man, Pinpin Pula is Abu Sayyaf.
He plans to blow the Cape Fear.
This will be as bad as 9/11.
You didn't know him when he was wounded - in Desert Storm? - No.
He seems to be repeating that trauma, the coma that he doesn't wanna wake up from.
If Galib had intel on Abu's plans, did he have time to tell Gibbs? Maybe.
They were together when the bomb went off.
Let's hope Gibbs comes out of this coma in time.
Jethro doesn't talk much about the past.
I know very little about his life before we met.
- Welcome back, Jethro.
- You were in an explosion.
I remember.
I don't know him.
- You don't know Dr.
Mallard? - Ducky.
Do you know Ducky? I'm disappointed, Jethro.
The last time someone forgot me, I was a baby.
My mother left me on the ferry from Orkney to John o'Groat's.
She was on the bus halfway to Thurso before she missed me.
I've often wondered if I inspired the Liechtenstein T-shirt.
- "Oh, God.
I left the baby on the bus.
" - Quite.
Remember my telling you that, Jethro? I remember the T-shirt.
But not me.
No worries.
It'll come.
Temporary memory loss is to be expected.
Don't let it worry you.
You breathing comfortably? Good.
Let's switch to the nasal cannula, Maria.
- Okay.
- You're doing fine.
I'm just gonna to take this off.
Most traumatized brain injuries produce short-term retrograde amnesia.
But to erase years of memory, his medial temporal lobes or hippocampus should be damaged.
No, his CAT scans and EEG are normal.
And he remembered the explosion.
And I've never had a retrograde amnesia patient remember the trauma.
Okay, there you go.
I don't think it's retrograde amnesia.
I think it's dissociative.
An emotional repression of memory? With no physical damage to the brain, it must be psychological.
- No.
- But, doctor, you said Gibbs hasn't spoken of his past.
- Hardly ever.
- Perhaps it's too painful.
It could explain the prolonged coma in '91.
But the present coma is the result of an explosion.
How could it be psychological? What if the latest coma caused a relapse? So how are we doing? Confused.
Let's see if we can clear up some of those cobwebs.
Do you remember the explosion? Yes.
But where were you when it happened? Kuwait.
I have good news.
Gibbs has regained consciousness.
That's great.
However, there's also a problem.
He has some memory loss.
Retrogressive amnesia is totally normal after severe trauma.
Happens every time the boss smacks me on the head.
You know, I had amnesia after my car crash.
Your bumper car got T-boned at Legoland, probie? No, Tony.
I told you about when I totalled my Camaro when I was 16.
That day is still a blank to me.
Well, Gibbs' blank is the last 15 years.
To him, it's 1991.
and he's a Marine gunny sergeant wounded in Desert Storm.
He doesn't know he's an NCIS special agent? I doubt it.
He didn't recognise Ducky.
If he doesn't know who Ducky is, then there's no He'll never remember us.
I am sure it's a temporary condition.
In the meantime, we have an Abu Sayyaf terrorist to apprehend.
I really don't know anything more, Abby.
Can I go visit him? Not just yet.
His neurologist, Captain Gelfand, will let us know when he's up to it.
Can I run to the restroom? I'll come right back.
If anyone else needs a potty break, now's the time to do it.
We meet at 1710.
You know what that means? The director's taking over the investigation.
But I was thinking if Gibbs doesn't remember the last 15 years, he'll be a probie.
Gibbs would never let her take over.
Not the old Gibbs.
Probie Gibbs.
- Director Shepard? - Yes, DiNozzo.
I want you to understand that in Gibbs' absence, as the team's senior special agent, this investigation is mine.
- Is it? - Yes, it is, ma'am.
And if I were to dispute that assumption? Then you would be a fool.
And you are no fool, director.
This will be a long, tough investigation.
You're overloaded as it is, and no one knows this team better than me, except for the boss.
Which evidently isn't me.
I was speaking, of course, of the team boss, Gibbs.
You are the agency boss.
Not if you keep telling me what I can and cannot do.
- I would never do that, ma'am.
- Then what is it that you're saying? You take care of the big picture, and let me handle the two-reeler.
I always intended to, Tony.
Then why did you make me say all that just now? I just wanted to see if you had as much guts as Gibbs.
What's the first thing you remember after the explosion? Did you know when Jethro was married he had a daughter? No, that's not possible.
I know all three of Jethro's ex-wives.
They had no children.
With his first wife, Shannon, he did.
They married in '82 and had a daughter, Kelly, who was born in '84.
I can't believe it.
There's more.
They were murdered when Jethro was fighting in Desert Storm.
Shannon witnessed the shooting of a Marine in Oceanside.
She identified the killer as Pedro Hernandez, a Mexican drug dealer working Camp Pendleton.
An NIS agent was assigned to protect her.
A sniper shot him in the head while he was driving their van.
He died instantly.
Shannon and Jethro's were killed in the crash.
That is so awful.
Kelly looked a lot like Jethro, didn't she? Yes, a bit.
She's a beautiful child.
So was Shannon.
Jethro always did like redheads.
Was Hernandez ever caught? No.
He fled to Mexico.
NIS tried to extradite, but the Mexican authorities always claimed they couldn't find him.
It's in our cold case files.
Well, you can close it.
- What do you know? - Jethro would have pursued the killer of his wife and daughter to hell and back.
Jethro got his revenge.
After conducting the autopsy, Ducky is virtually certain Abog Galib was inside the oil drum when the explosive detonated.
Why would he be in a laundry oil drum? Maybe he was looking for his laundry.
- This is serious, Abby.
- Listen to the pot call the kettle black.
- Got that right, didn't I? - No.
Probie, why was Galib in that oil drum? He was hiding.
- From who? Gibbs? - Maybe.
He ran from Gibbs, even though the plan was to get arrested in front of the crew.
Another question.
How did Pinpin Pula know Gibbs and Galib would be in the ship's laundry? Right.
Because they would have had to put the bomb inside the oil drum - before they got there.
- Gibbs knows.
Gibbs also thinks the Giants won the Super Bowl and Dances with Wolves is an Academy Award nominee.
- I loved that movie.
- Me too.
Those Native Americans were so macho in their Enough.
Abby, I want a reenactment of the explosion, okay? Using crime-scene photos, measurements, - Ducky's - Ducky's autopsy findings? I know how to do a computer reenactment, Tony.
Ziva, what did you get out of the cook, what's-his-name? Alon Atu.
From the same Filipino village in Basilan as Pinpin.
He's hardcore Abu Sayyaf.
- He won't talk unless l - No torture.
He won't talk.
- Try.
- Okay.
But you're tying my feet.
- Hands.
- Those too.
McGee, Pinpin's photo get added to the BOLO? - Yes, Tony.
- Sealift Command get it? They are faxing it to all 110 ships.
No way he's gonna infiltrate Sealift.
He blew up Galib and put Gibbs in a coma.
Rule Number 3: never underestimate your opponent.
- No, actually Rule Number 3 - DiNozzo's Rule Numero Tres, probie.
Never underestimate your opponent.
Hey, Galib.
Today, technology stocks He's trying to catch up on 15 years by watching TV.
Jethro hates television.
He can't believe we're still fighting in Iraq.
He's not alone.
Does he remember being an NCIS special agent? No.
Mallard's still a stranger to him.
He won't know me then.
Ducky worked with him years before I did.
Well, who an amnesiac remembers depends on their prior relationship.
Have you found any Marines he served with in Desert Storm? Two so far.
One's dead.
The other's a regimental commander in Iraq.
Well, Gibbs recalls visiting his wife and daughter's graves.
So his memory is up to at least June of '91, when he was released from Bethesda.
He joined NIS that August.
How about somebody he knew at NIS? Special Agent Michael Franks headed the murder investigation.
I'll start with him.
- Thanks, Todd.
- When are you coming to see him? Tomorrow.
I'll be here.
Special Agent Franks retired in '96.
He left no forwarding address or phone number.
- Yes, he did.
- He did? Find out where OPM mails his retirement cheques.
I just got paid.
Then you can pay me for the groceries.
You owe me 320 pesos.
Your hand is greasy.
- Who you calling? - Operator.
- I don't know.
- How may I help you? Collect call from Senor Miguel Franks.
- One moment.
- They called you at the cantina.
- Who called me? - Connecting.
Who the hell is this? Director Shepard's assistant, Mr.
- Director of what? - NCIS, sir.
Why the hell didn't you ask me? They said it was muy importante.
What is the problema? It's free.
- Speak.
- One moment.
I'll connect you.
Franks? How many damn assistants does the director have? - Just one.
- Then who the hell are you? Director Shepard of NCIS.
Charlene, is this you? No.
My name is Jenny Shepard and I am director of NCIS.
- Thank the Lord.
- That mean you approve? Means all my thoughts at early retirement was a mistake, just proved themselves wrong.
I didn't call you to discuss your opinions of a female director.
Didn't think you did.
I need your help, Special Agent Franks.
Ain't been that for 11 years.
- Goodbye, director.
- Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Can you imagine how scary that would be to lose the last 15 years of your life? - Oh, my God.
- What? You'd still be in high school.
Raging hormones.
I used to walk around all day with my notebook in front of my In front of your what, McGee? The laundry room is off.
It should actually be - Better? - Yeah.
Gotta be accurate.
So was it one of those tiny spiral notebooks or one of those big three-ring binder kind of ones, Timmy? And where were you 15 years ago, Abby? So where did you find Gibbs? Afraid I'm gonna find out - What was that for? - Distracting me.
- I was not distracting you - Gibbs.
Between the dryer and the bulkhead.
A little closer to the bulkhead.
The autopsy report indicates that Galib was sitting on the bomb.
Which consisted of 113 grams of Semtex.
You can compute the amount of Semtex used that accurately? I am a scientist, McGee.
I can compute anything accurately, including the size of the notebook required to Stop.
Can you detonate the bomb, please? Sorry.
I forgot to tell you I added sound.
Can we try that again without sound? Yeah, it was a little loud, huh? Yeah.
And let's go frame-by-frame so we can see what happened.
Of course.
In the first microsecond, less than the time it takes for you to blink your eye, the bottom of the barrel and Galib's lower body are atomized.
The oil drum is disintegrating, but retains enough integrity to blow what remains of Galib into the overhead.
In the following microseconds the oil drum disintegrates.
Galib is impacted into the overhead and Gibbs is dead.
- Dead.
If Gibbs had been standing when the bomb detonated, he'd have been blasted into the bulkhead and shredded by shrapnel.
Gibbs had to duck for cover before the bomb went off.
- He knew.
- Yeah.
What's wrong with this picture? Nothing.
McGee and I triple checked all the numbers to make Not your picture.
Did I make another idiomatic mistake? No.
You mean something's wrong with what we know.
We know Galib ran.
We know Gibbs pursued him.
We know they were in the ship's laundry.
We know Galib sat on a bomb inside the oil drum.
And thanks to Abby and McGee, we know Gibbs knew that a bomb was about to explode.
Oh, and we know Pinpin, a missing crewman on the Kamir Bakir is an Abu Sayyaf terrorist.
Probably the one who planted and detonated the bomb.
You left out Pinpin Pula means "rice paddy dike", but other than that, damn good summation.
- Thank you.
- So as Ziva said, what is wrong with this picture? Gibbs knows.
But he doesn't remember.
Jethro? Shannon? No, Jethro.
It's me, Jenny.
You still don't remember me? Maybe.
I'm Jenny.
We were partners.
After Shannon died.
Did I marry again? Three times.
- No way.
- Afraid so.
Oh, you're an ex-wife? Oh, God no.
I'm the director of NCIS.
For a moment I thought you were somebody else.
You remembered us making love, didn't you, Jethro? At least that's a start.
Do you recognise this man? It's like a name on the tip of my tongue and I can't remember.
- Calm down.
It'll come.
- It's important, isn't it? - Yes.
- It's life or death, right? Don't get upset, Jethro.
You won't remember.
Give me a name.
Pinpin Pula.
That's not his name.
That can't be his name.
- Are you sure? - No.
I'm not sure.
I don't remember.
How can I be sure? - What's happening? - I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
Agent Gibbs, your blood pressure is spiking.
I'm not Agent Gibbs.
I don't know Agent Gibbs.
I don't wanna know Agent Gibbs.
I want my family.
I want Shannon.
I want Kelly.
I miss them.
I miss them so much.
Normally we'd move you to a regular room, but for once the hospital is full up, and ICU isn't.
Having the sound off isn't gonna help your memory.
Nothing new.
Same war.
Same crime.
Same politics.
Aren't you surprised The Terminator is the governor of California? No.
The Gipper was president.
I'll be right back with your dinner.
And none of that baby food, okay? A steak.
Rare would be nice.
And French fries, please? Maybe tomorrow.
Tomorrow I won't be here.
Hello, probie.
My brother and I married the same woman twice.
- Twice.
- She was a hell of a woman, probie.
Hey, boss.
Damn, you got old, Marine.
Have you looked in the mirror lately? If you hadn't been in a coma They're dead, Mike.
Shannon and Kelly, they're both dead.
I know, Jethro.
It can't have been 15 years.
Can it? God, it feels like I just got the news in Kuwait a couple of months ago.
You investigated Shannon's murder.
That's how I met you.
Camp Pendleton.
You were the special agent in charge.
I became an agent because of you.
You left the sniper folder on your desk so I could So I could join NIS.
I liked the blue better, boss.
The Navy changed the name that same year.
We investigated crime scenes.
I investigated crime scenes.
You schlepped.
In Nam I packed twice what you're carrying through monsoon mud with Charlie shooting at my ass and still went faster than you.
You taught me how to be an agent.
I didn't teach.
You observed.
Nineteen U.
servicemen killed, 372 wounded.
Khobar Towers.
Semper fi.
Khobar Towers.
You warned them about Bin Laden.
They didn't listen.
And you quit.
I didn't quit.
I retired.
You were pissed that they wouldn't listen, Mike.
Pissed that all Clinton did was lob a couple of cruise missiles at al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.
You quit, Mike.
I didn't get calluses on my ass flying from Mexico to argue, Jethro.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Never say you're sorry.
- It's a sign of weakness.
- Why are you here, Mike? Your director called me in.
What's with the female NCIS director crap? I don't know.
I only remember Jenny as a - Jenny? - Yeah.
She said she was my partner.
What kind of partner? You can't smoke in here.
I forgot I was in a hospital.
It's against the law to smoke in any public building.
You're kidding.
Another good reason to live in Mexico.
You were right, Dr.
For once? - No, doctor.
You - What am I right about this time? Galib and the oil drum.
Abby's computer re-creation looks exactly like he's been shot from a cannon.
Well, it's a risky occupation even without explosives.
They don't use explosives to shoot people out of cannons? A man of your age and education? Really, Mr.
I know that they don't use high explosives.
I thought maybe black powder.
Compressed air or spring-driven catapults shoot our intrepid cannonballer into the air.
David "Cannonball" Smith set the record.
Yes, he even was fired across the Mexican-United States border.
He carried a passport, although today one wonders why.
It's a sad fact that 60 percent of all human cannonballs are eventually killed.
Well, if they don't use explosives, then why do so many of them die? They miss the net, Mr.
They miss the Oh, my.
What is it, doctor? Galib wasn't sitting in the oil drum.
He was stuffed in it.
The neck bone's cut.
Cervical vertebrae was cut very deeply.
You were slashed from ear to ear, weren't you? A machete or a bolo knife.
Yes, I believe the Filipinos call it a parang.
Whatever they're called, it answers one of our questions.
And poses a new one.
If Galib was dead Who did Gibbs follow into the laundry? - Clear.
- Clear.
Got a pulse.
Give him a mil of atropine.
- Got him at 82 over 58.
- Getting better, ladies.
Blood pressure is coming up.
Death is not my jam.
You haven't touched your dinner, Special Agent Gibbs.
No steak tomorrow if you don't eat your Jell-O today.
You got your knife, Mike? Security took it at the airport.
Was it more than three inches long? They changed that rule after 9/11.
September 11th, 2001.
Hey, boss.
It's '96 and you just retired.
Damn, this is good.
I owe you.
Had to be a hijacking, huh? They never change security until it's too late.
Al Qaeda hijacked four airliners.
Two hit the World Trade Centre.
One the Pentagon.
Fourth was to take out the White House.
Some gutsy passengers fought them.
They went down in Pennsylvania.
Twin Towers are gone.
Pentagon's fixed.
Three thousand some dead.
Nearly as many wounded.
Sir? - Are you all right? - He's okay.
Got some bad news.
That nurse is right.
I'm not ready for a steak yet.
Well, tell me we did more than toss a couple of cruise missiles.
We did more.
Bin Laden? - I don't know.
- How the hell can you not know? Remember that beach in Baja we fished? Yeah.
South of El Rosario.
I built a little place there.
No TV, no radio, no newspapers.
I fish.
I drink beer.
Listen to old eight-track tapes.
Drive to a cantina up the coast when I want company when the pickup's running.
This is the first time I've been to El Norte in 10 years.
Don't ask me for a sit-rep, Jethro.
I don't know.
You don't wanna know.
That's right.
I don't wanna know.
You feel guilty because you quit.
If you hadn't quit maybe you're the one that stops it.
You didn't quit.
Hey, Galib.
What are you up to? Stretching my legs.
It's too windy on deck.
Hey, why don't you join the poker game tonight? You never leave that damn radio room.
I talk to ham radio operators at night.
And you'd rather do that than play poker? - They're all girls.
- Right.
You insist this is Pinpin Pula.
I like this word.
I insist this is Pinpin.
I don't believe you.
Why would I lie to you when you threaten to kill me? It is not a threat.
I will kill you if you lie, capitan.
I believe you.
I'm the one who has doubts.
It is Pinpin.
I swear.
That's not loaded, is it? Would Gibbs allow Ziva to carry a loaded weapon in there? - No.
- And I'm not Gibbs, right? So, capitan.
You're positive? I am positive.
Absolutely positive.
How many times do I have to tell you? Once more.
- Take a good look.
- I don't need to look.
The man was on my ship for months.
It's Pinpin Pula.
Was he Abu Sayyaf? Yes.
He was Abu Sayyaf.
- Who ran from customs? - Yes.
He ran when your guy You knew it was Pinpin, not Galib, at the custom's gate.
Yes, I knew.
I knew.
They paid me.
I was quiet.
They paid me to be quiet.
But Pinpin never told me there was a bomb.
I never knew that.
I never knew That's the NCIS ID photo of Special Agent Abog Galib that I showed Gibbs.
What's your point, DiNozzo? A scary one, director.
Captain Mahir admitted to Ziva that Pinpin passed himself off as Galib at the custom's check.
And Gibbs would have expected Galib to change his appearance going undercover.
Growing his hair, maybe a moustache, dirty himself up.
So when Pinpin handed him Galib's passport it was good enough.
- To pass the mustard.
- Muster, not mustard.
Galib's documents are vetted to get him on any crew in the world.
Including the Cape Fear or Cape Horn.
We sent a second BOLO with Pinpin's photo.
Both ships confirmed, he was not onboard.
Send it again a.
Abog Galib.
Get me the crew rosters - from Sealift Command.
- On it.
DiNozzo, call MTAC.
I want the NSO, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, hell, everyone on ASAP.
My gut tells me we're missing something.
Yeah, Gibbs.
- Yeah? - Ziva.
- Do we work together? - Yes.
I'm a Mossad officer attached to your team.
Mossad? When did they start doing that? It's been a year.
Don't feel bad.
I worked with that M.
E Ducky.
10 years.
And you don't remember him.
Do you always finish people's sentences? Only when I'm in a hurry.
Abu Sayyaf is planning a terrorist attack on the Navy.
- It will be as devastating as - 9/11.
You remember 9/11? My boss told me.
- Director Shepard.
- No.
No, my boss.
It doesn't matter.
What can I do? Remember.
I've been trying to since I woke up in this room.
Well, try harder.
That's a start.
- What is? - The old Gibbs stare.
You gave it to all of us.
McGee, Tony, me.
What are you talking about? Ari.
Ari killed Kate.
And l I killed Ari.
Your brother.
You killed your brother to save me.
- I'm sure he remembers you, Ducky.
- Ziva's driving him here now.
I don't know.
Maybe she pulled her signal in.
- Ziva's bringing him.
- He's coming back.
- He will remember you, absolutely.
- He insisted.
Any minute now.
- Boss.
- McGee.
- Boss, no, I'm McGee.
- Gibbs.
Hey, Abby.
I do remember you, Abs.
Ducky, how can I forget your mother left you on a bus? I have no idea, Jethro.
- Should you be out, Gibbs? - I don't have time.
I'll talk to you both later.
I should have known it wasn't Galib.
Oh, no.
I'd have made the same mistake.
Well, yeah, DiNozzo.
I know.
That's why I'm so pissed.
You didn't forget me.
The Cape Fear is loaded with 20,000 tons of munitions, Deputy Director Welch.
Which is why we cannot permit her to reach Gibraltar without boarding a Navy search team.
But if that frigate signals a heave-to and prepare to be boarded, Pinpin Pula will blow the Cape Fear.
No one will survive.
If he's on board and if he's a suicide bomber.
You're risking 19 civilian lives on ifs, Director Welsh.
In the Med he could explode near a cruise ship.
Nineteen will seem an acceptable loss No death is acceptable when it's unnecessary.
Deputy Director Welsh, Special Agent Gibbs.
This terrorist isn't after a cruise liner.
Islamic terrorists love soft targets.
No, he wants the Marine assault ship the Cape Fear's replenishing in the Gulf.
You don't know what he wants.
He's a terrorist.
- A cruise ship, the Suez Canal - He told me.
He told you? Pinpin Pula is an arrogant son-of-a-bitch.
He thought the bomb he'd planted would kill me.
So he's not a suicide bomber? For God's sakes, order that frigate to break off.
I can't do that.
Is everyone up there as stupid as you? Pinpin Pula is on the Cape Fear.
He's the radio man.
He intercepts every BOLO we send him and he replies "No Pinpin here.
" We got that, Special Agent Gibbs.
It's why we didn't communicate with Cape Fear until now.
Thank God you're there.
Can you get your SEALs onboard without being seen? We can execute a HALO insertion within 10 hours.
The Cape Fear will have entered the Med.
That's unacceptable.
If anything happens, it'll be on some tourist video camera.
The sailors on that frigate have video cameras.
We can confiscate those videos.
What? You don't want this being seen? An accident at sea is better than an act of terrorism.
It's too late.
Cape Fear, heave-to.
Stand by to be boarded for inspection.
Stand by to be boarded for inspection.
You bastard.
I was wrong.
You weren't wrong.
I was angry at Mike.
I never understood how he could quit until now.
Oh, I got them, boss.
I got them from the medics when they took you.
Appreciate it.
You'll do.
It's your team now.
Tim, you're a good agent.
Don't let him tell you otherwise.
I won't, boss.
I owe you, Ziva.
I'll collect, Jethro.
- Give me a ride home, Duck.
- Of course.
Semper fi.