NCIS s04e01 Episode Script


Federal Agent! Halt! Hands up in the air! Now! Eschel? Missed me.
Is he here yet? Is he here yet? Abby,do you think I'd be playing this game if he was? I will call you as soon as he gets here,okay?I promise.
What if his plan was delayed? Or worse.
What if he missed his connecting flight? Well,then,he will be here tomorrow.
Not good enough,McGee.
A team needs a leader.
He's our glue.
He's our-our spine.
Without him,we're like phylum cnidaria.
u saying I'm spineless? Of course not,Timmy.
I'm going to check his flight.
Abby,you're getting powder all over my keyboard.
What's your point? My point is,Abby,uh, you are really,really overdoing the sugar thing again.
Well,I'm eating for two.
I was referring to the health food freak over there.
Every time I walk past her desk, I have this irresistible urge to shove a cheeseburger down her throat.
I think she's kind of hot.
Oh,you think she's hot? Yeah,you know,for a probie.
You two do realize I can hear you, right? We do now, very Special Agent Lee.
His flight landed on time.
Where is he? Oh,yay! You're home! Welcome back.
I missed you.
I missed you too,Abby.
Oh,did you have fun? Did you got to that cool bar in Dusseldorf? You know,I tried,but, you know,the security conference kept us pretty busy.
- I'm having trouble breathing,Abby.
- Oh,I'm sorry.
- See? - McGee.
Look at you.
All grown up.
So what'd I miss the last two weeks? Well,nothing I couldn't handle,boss.
Good,and to think the Director didn't have any faith in you.
What do you mean the Director Gather 'round,people.
I come earing gifts.
For the lovely lady.
Oh! Tony,it's beautiful.
Not to mention,incredibly expensive.
Euro's stronger than it used to be.
For my senior field agent The Very Best of David Hasselhoff.
You don't like it? I repeat,The Very Best of David Hasselhoff.
What was that for? You listen to Yanni.
And you have an unauthorized game on your computer.
Okay,it's your game,Tony.
Yeah,you shouldn't have beaten my high score.
And for Ziva Das lederhosen.
One size fits all.
Where is the,uh, little Israeli? Late,sir.
Second time this week.
Agent Lee.
My favorite probie-slash-hall monitor.
I bet you're wondering what the newest member of Team DiNozzo gets.
Well,we saved the best for last here.
This was not easy getting through customs,but A stapler? It's a German stapler.
But it says "Made in China,"sir.
It's a global village,Lee.
Get used to it.
She's over an hour late,sir.
That's unusual even for her.
What did I tell you about worrying,probie? That it's,uh,your job.
See,you're learning.
But she's not answering her I'm sorry,sir.
She's not answering her cell phone either.
Okay,there is only one thing you need to know about Officer David.
Don't make her angry.
So,technically,really,there's two things.
The other is she can take care of herself.
I cannot wait any longer! Produce Officer Bashan or I start with your hands and I will not stop until- Officer David,what did I tell you About terrorizing my men? Leave us alone please.
Okay,what seems to be the problem? Why was I not told about this operation? I suppose the simple answer would be, your father did not want you to know.
And he wonders why I barely talk to him anymore,Michael? A fact I know he regrets very much,Ziva.
Very much.
I've spent a year building relationships and trust with NCIS.
How do you suggest I explain this to them? I realize this places you in an awkward position,but,Ziva They were sloppy,blatant.
And you should have known better.
The Americans can be quite prudish in their attitudes,Ziva.
You call what happened prudish? That depends.
Did you or did you not sleep with him? Who? Anthony DiNozzo,your new team leader.
Why do you ask that? Starting three months ago, Ziva,he's been visiting your apartment at least one night a week.
My father has you spying on me? I assumed that was the reason for your visit.
Well,you assumed wrong,Officer Bashan.
I am here because an hour ago, a Mossad assassination team killed three people in Georgetown.
We have no active operations scheduled in Georgetown Michael,don't lie to me.
I was there.
I tried to stop it.
What exactly did you see? Officer Namir Eschel.
- No.
- I spoke to him.
I let him go.
Secure line to Tel Aviv I need to speak to director.
Immediately Tell him Tell him it concerns family.
Do you realize how close I came to shooting Eschel today? Namir Eschel is dead,Ziva.
Your father and I attended his funeral six months ago.
Ziva,just,uh,call us as soon as you get the message.
We're not worried.
Just give us a call,please.
Okay,now I'm starting to worry.
Think she's all right? Well,if she was all right,she'd be here,McGee.
The question is:What would Gibbs do in a situation like this? He'd find her,Tony.
I'm working on it,Director.
Work harder.
Metro Police just found her car on a sidewalk in Georgetown.
Actually,that's not that unusual when Ziva's driving.
Yeah,I drove all the way through Eastern Europe with her - I should know,McGee.
But in my experience the FBI doesn't usually concern themselves with traffic accidents.
Tony,isn't that the guy that tried to put you away for murder? Yes,it is,and thank you for bringing up a painful memory,McGee.
You knew they were coming,Director? Calm down,Tony.
I only just got the call two minutes ago.
What do they want with Ziva? We're about to find out.
Agent Sacks,Director Shepard.
Director Shepard.
We have confirmed your report.
The man you saw killed was Abdul Wazir, a former Syrian Army Colonel.
Wanted for crimes against the state of Israel.
Seems I'm not the only one my father likes to keep in the dark.
This was not a sanctioned action,Ziva.
We had no hand in this.
You mean officially.
Officially or unofficially.
We knew he was in American custody.
Offered protection in return for supplying information on al Qaeda cells in Iraq.
Protection from what? Us.
The two men guarding him? FBI agents.
Dear God,Michael.
Obviously,Eschel faked his own death.
He's operating without orders,making his own decisions.
Or perhaps that is merely a cover my father designed for him.
Do you really believe he would jeopardize our relations with the Americans like this? There are days I don't know what to believe anymore,Michael.
You have not been dismissed yet,Officer David.
I have to contact NCIS.
Your orders are to remain here until we figure out a strategy to deal with this.
Eschel murdered two Americans and a man in their custody.
Our strategy is simple.
Find him and kill him.
There are complications.
Which NCIS can help us with.
You left your car at the crime scene this morning.
It was disabled.
I was trying to prevent the attack.
The Americans do not see it this way.
Director Shepard will.
Ziva The FBI has already issued a warrant for your arrest.
On what charges? Espionage and murder.
This is a political nightmare.
I'm asking for your patience,Ziva.
We need time to deal with this.
You would hold me against my will,Michael? I will do what's best for you.
Your father he will find a solution to this,Ziva.
Like he did for my brother Ari? Escort her to guest quarters.
And do not forget to confiscate her weapons.
I'm sorry for this.
As am I.
I was talking to you.
Ever been tied up by a woman before? Did you like it? Then,today is not your lucky day.
Very professional.
Your Director kicked us both out,DiNozzo.
Only because you couldn't keep your soup cooler shut.
Well,your Mossad liaison officer killed two FBI agents today.
Sorry if that pisses me off.
- Where's your proof? - Proof? Car abandoned at the crime scene, the Syrian was on their most wanted list, she's disappeared,and,oh,yeah,her brother was a Hamas terrorist.
Where I come from,that's called circumstantial.
Really? Where's that - Narnia? It's a fantasy movie.
The Chronicles of Narnia I know what it is! Okay story,excellent special effects.
They were definitely kicking.
That's not my point.
Six months ago, you were convinced that I killed a woman and chopped of her legs.
I'm still not convinced you didn't.
So Ziva David is being framed.
By who? Well,that's what I intend to find out.
Good luck with that.
You two.
Up here,now.
Director,will you please tell Agent Slacks Sacks.
It's Sacks.
Will you please tell Agent Slacks that we're going to be handling this one in-house? I just assured your director that the FBI will be getting NCIS' complete cooperation in this matter.
Thank you,ma'am.
If Ziva attempts to contact you or anyone on your team, I want you to notify both myself and Agent Sacks immediately.
This is complete bull This is an order from your director,Agent DiNozzo.
Is that clear enough for you? Almost crystal,ma'am.
I give you my word that I will try and keep an open mind on this.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Liste,um,about what happened between us before - No hard feelings.
I got it.
No,I was going to say I still pretty much hate your guts,Sacks.
Tony? That question you asked me earlier: What would Gibbs do? Gibbs isn't here,you are.
Gibbs This is really,really bad.
Ziva has disappeared and everyone's saying that she's just like her brother.
I really,really need you to call me.
Gibbs? Abby,it's Ziva.
Are you all right? No,and don't say my name so loud.
Where are you? At a safe place at the moment.
The FBI was here and Tony was freaking out and the Director Abby,I need you to do a favor for me.
You name it.
First,you can't tell anyone I've spoken to you.
Except Tony,right? No.
Not even Tony.
If I talk to him,he'll get in trouble with the FBI.
What do you need? A phone number.
All right.
I'll call you back at this number.
Abby, who was that? Where? On the phone.
That it was the nuns.
The nuns? Yep,you know nuns with the big white hats and the The hats.
Yeah,they're called habits.
Big white hats.
They-they called to say that bowling practice is cancelled.
Bowling nuns? Jeez,McGee,what,are you on some sort of anti-nun crusade here? What? Wait,no Okay,all right,lay off the nuns.
I need to contact Gibbs.
If we're going to get Ziva out of this, I'm going to need his advice Well,last I heard,he was still in Mexico.
Well,there must be some way to contact him.
Aw,damn it! Hey, you say something? Four months and you still don't understand the meaning of the word siesta,probie? Roof's not going to fix itself,Mike.
Tropical storm season's only a few weeks away.
You ever stop to think that I might like rain? Yeah, just maybe not inside your house.
Don't you have a boat to build or something? Yeah,well,the problem with that,Mike, is I'm using all my good lumber to fix your dog rot house.
I got a better idea.
Why don't you use it to build your own somewhere down there.
Hey,you just say the word - I'll be gone.
Don't tempt me,Jethro.
I ain't nearly drunk enough.
But until then, I was thinking your next project would be a nice, little hot tub.
Say yea big, right over there.
You want teak or redwood? Hola,gentlemen.
Gentlemen? She can't be talking to ou and me,Gunny.
You? No.
Señor Gibbs,si - I hope you're not letting him work you so hard.
- Nah.
He's living here for free.
What does he expect? Perhaps someday he will tell us.
Hey, how much do I owe you? - And you have a phone call.
- Okay.
Uh,not you.
Leroy Jethro.
Who is it? A woman.
And she sounded muy upset.
It's probably that lady director of yours, about to have a nervous breakdown.
Uh,how's Mexico? Ziva.
How'd you get this number? From Abby,and if it helps,I forced it out of her.
No,it doesn't.
What's wrong? Why does something always have to be wrong? Can't I just speak with an old friennd? Do a little catching up? Today,Ziva.
Ok I may be in a little bit of trouble.
Yeah? Define "little.
" I am currently on the run from the FBI,NCIS,Mossad,and my father.
Jeez,what'd you do? I did nothing,Gibbs.
I swear I did nothing.
Where's DiNozzo? He can't help me.
Well,you should talk to Jenny.
Jenny can help you.
I can't Ziva,look,I'm retired.
I'm 3,000 miles away.
What do you think I can do that they can't do? Honestly,I don't know.
I was hoping maybe save me.
Two days How long are these guys going to be here? Officer David was here for a year.
Who knows how badly she compromised our security? What did you say,probie? Oh,come on,McGee.
You think we don't spy on our allies,too? It happens all the time.
Agent Lee.
Sir? Shut up and keep an eye on the Feds.
McGee,you're with me.
We got places to be.
Should be done here,DiNozzo,in another oh,five,six more hours.
First off,this is a strictly voluntary thing.
Ziva's a fugitive.
Anyone caught helping or assisting her in any way will be in serious trouble.
Palmer? Um,by serious, uh,you mean,we could,like,get fired? He means,Mr.
Palmer, instead of attending medical school next month, you'll most likely be in prison.
I'm in.
Danger,intrigue,a damsel in distress.
I'm actually looking forward to it.
I'm not exactly the type that would do well in prison,guys.
No one's going to think any less of you if you want out,Palmer.
Really? Well,no,they probably would.
At least I know I would.
All right,then I want a code name, something cool-sounding.
All right.
No one can know about this,especially the Director.
We all good with that? All right,then,let's figure out how to find her.
McGee,I want you on her electronic tracks.
Cell phone,computer,toaster oven if you have to.
Ducky,please talk to your contacts in the FBI.
I want to know everything about that Georgetown crime scene.
Palmer,how does "Black Lung" sound? Like a horrible and painful way to die.
I mean,as your code name.
Oh,I like it.
All right,then you're in charge of supplies,Black Lung.
Which means lunch and at this point,probably dinner.
- Abs,I need you to go - I talked to Ziva yesterday.
You don't bowl with nuns.
I should have seen that coming.
I do.
Ziva made me promise not to tell.
Why would Ziva care we knew that you bowl with nuns? I think she means that Ziva didn't want us getting in trouble,Ducky.
It's a bit late for that.
Where is she? All I have is this phone number.
Well,there's no answer.
Abby,are you sure that this? Ziva.
Tell Abby I'm going to kill her.
We love you,too.
I'm hanging up now.
No,you're not.
You're going to tell me what the hell is going on here.
Your phone could be tapped,Tony.
Well,then,I'll come to you.
I'm also trying to get a hold of Gibbs right now, but I'm not having any luck.
Gibbs? Why didn't you say so.
DiNozzo, you have ten seconds to tell me why I am not building teak hot tub in Mexico.
Nine The target's name was Abdul Wazir.
A Syrian wanted for crimes against the state of Israel.
Terminated by this man - Mossad Officer Namir Eschel, my former team-mate when I was stationed in Paris.
Who's supposed to be dead.
Apparently,he's gotten better.
Being dead makes for a good cover.
I would agree, but my father claims to have no knowledge of his activities.
I'd believe him.
How many times do I have to tell you, - I don't believe in - In coincidences? I know.
Lucky for you,neither do I.
And according to the FBI,I should be the one aiming my weapon at you.
You were set up.
The only Mossad liaison officer in D.
just happens to be present at a Metsada-style hit? Oh,God,I'm an idiot.
He led me to the scene.
Eschel framed me.
Caca boudin ce méchant mec avec des tresses! Yeah,but the question is why? Thought you might be needing this.
Uh I meant the NCIS cell phone.
That's my coffee,boss.
Do I still look like your boss? well,maybe,if you shaved and a haircut wouldn't hurt.
Smile thing's definitely throwing me off,too.
It's good to see you again,McGee.
What'd I say? You called him McGee.
That's probably because if I left him in charge, you wouldn't be on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list right now.
B - but you do remember That I left you in charge? Yeah,I remember I left you in charge,DiNozzo.
What I forgot is your taste in coffee.
It stinks.
I like sugar.
It's my weakness.
What's our plan? Things are bad enough for NCIS as it is,Tony.
You can't I don't remember asking your opinion,Officer David.
You see? He's been completely insufferable since you left.
That true,Tony? When I need to be.
Yeah? Maybe you were the right man for the job.
Our plan is to find this guy before he gets out of the country.
How do we put out a BOLO without the FBI finding out about it? I knew you'd ask me that,McGee.
See? I knew you'd ask me that,McGee.
And? And I I don't know.
Any suggestions? We could tell the FBI about Eschel and let them track him down.
When they ask how we know about him They'll know we talked to Ziva.
Tony,what if we lie? Sacks is a self-centered, egotistical jack hole but he's not an idiot.
He'll know.
No,I mean lie on the BOLO.
Instead of looking for a rogue Mossad spy wanted for murder, we put out a BOLO for a wife-beater.
That's underhanded,devious And it's completely getting me hot.
Well,glad to see I'm finally rubbing off on him.
Do it.
It's one of our old safe houses.
We park on a dirt accesst road 200 meters behind it and enter from the back.
You know he's not going to be here.
It's the first place Mossad's going to try to reacquire him.
Mossad does not know about this particular one.
I set this one up for Ari.
How's Eschel know about it? When Ari infiltrated NCIS three years ago, Eschel was part of his recovery team.
An FBI agent was killed then,too.
Let's get this over with.
I got a beach in Mexico waiting for me.
Move and we shoot! Clear! He's dead.
Rigor mortis has already set in.
How do you know he's not faking it? Well,shoot him if you don't believe me.
u'd better hope that's not Eschel.
Why? You want to kill him yourself now? but I won't and neither will you.
We capture him alive.
We kill him,there's no way to prove you weren't involved in the hit.
He look familiar? He's not Mossad.
Eschel is obviously trying to tie up his loose ends.
Yeah,well,that's what you were.
Spread out,start looking around.
What for exactly? Anything that'll help us find out where he went.
She looks a bit like her brother, don't you think? More like her father.
Who's the man? Someone who shouldn't be with her.
Retired Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Who is this? How do I know this i***egit? We got a tip,guys.
House in Fairfax.
There's nothing here.
Eschel was always good at covering up his tracks.
What is it? Oh le vil gredin des enfers! He's made us.
I placed that camera myself.
We need to detonate now.
No,we wait for the FBI,Faatin.
It must look like Ziva killed herself instead of surrendering.
If she leaves before they get there,Namir? I will delay her.
He was watching us.
It could have been left from when Ari was He was watching us.
What? I heard you retired.
Yeah? I heard you were dead.
To the Mossad,I am.
We know you're alive now.
I plan on fixing that.
Poor Director David.
First,his son's a traitor and now his daughter.
By this time tomorrow, he'll be working on a kibbutz.
Unless,of course,he kills himself first.
Is it true? Did you kill Ari Haswari? He's delaying us.
Why? I'm his loose end,remember? He called the FBI.
That's not what I'm worried about.
When our safe house was compromised in Paris,Eschel blew it up.
Shalom Ziva.
We're still not sure what the hell happened,DiNozzo.
Or if she was even in there when the place blew up.
Bodies? No,it was incinerated.
We won't even be able to process the scene until at least tomorrow.
- What makes you think she was there? - A tip.
From who? Anonymous.
My guess is probably somebody inside Mossad trying to make nice Someone tying up loose ends.
Well,for all we know, she blew up the place to cover her own tracks.
Well,she was only looking for the guy who set her up.
You mind telling me how you know that? 'Cause it's what I'd do.
Not good,Ducky.
You did manage to call them,didn't you? I got Gibbs' voice mail.
I don't think he ever learned how to use it.
And the number Abby has for Ziva? Not picking up.
Then,there's only one thing for you to do.
I know.
We'll let the Director know they're probably dead and resign for disobeying a direct order.
You'll do nothing of the sort,Anthony DiNozzo.
And why is that? Because the man who did that is still out there and I'll be damned if we let him get away with it.
What would Gibbs do,right? I got a bulletin for you,Ducky.
I am not Gibbs.
You're not.
Gibbs quit.
You're still here.
Why wasn't I with Ziva? I turned over my responsibility to him without even thinking about it.
Gibbs is one of the most capable agents Was,Ducky! You didn't see him.
I mean,it didn't even look like Gibbs.
I think he went native down there.
Uh,Tony His hair is all long and crazy-looking and he's got this scraggly beard.
He looks like a pirate or something.
His eyes were all bloodshot, probably from drinking hooch from morning till night with Franks.
They call it a red-eye for a reason.
The flight I was on all night to get here.
Oh,chief,all right.
Good,all right,thank God.
Yeah,thank Ziva.
I've already been blown up twice,Tony.
Don't think I've got a third one in me.
Space 73.
Present's in the back for autopsy and Abby.
Don't be seen.
Hey ya,Duck.
Welcome home,Jethro.
Oh,you got the wrong guy.
I'm just visiting.
You might want to tell Palmer it's going to be a late night.
I really missed that view.
Harbor isn't bad either.
I had a feeling I'd be seeing you soon,Jethro.
How is she? She's scared, not that she'll ever admit that.
NCIS can't help her.
Well,see,that's why I'm here.
I'm not NCIS.
I retired,remember? I shouldn't even be talking to you.
Anyone asks,just tell them two old partners catching up.
My agency has been harboring a foreign operative for over a year, one that I personally vouched for and insisted we needed.
She didn't do it.
You think I don't know that? I'm just telling you what they're saying all over the Beltway.
I give it 24 hours before they ask for my resignation.
Don't give it to them.
She was set up.
By who? A former Mossad officer.
Claims it was to get back at Ziva's father.
What do you think? My gut says it was more than that.
I agree.
This is bigger than the director level of NCIS or Mossad.
This incident could jeopardize relations between both of our countries for years.
I figure someone hired him to do just that.
Well,I can think of ten countries and a dozen terrorist groups that fit that bill.
I can,too.
Which is why I want you to do me a favor.
Name it.
It's late.
Go home,catch up on some sleep.
Plausible deniability.
Something like that.
Thank you.
- Jethro,it's good to - I'm not back,Jen.
I'm just doing a favor for a friend.
I was just talking about your hair.
It's good to see it long again.
Reminds me of when we were undercover in Serbia.
Serbia? Do you rember that little farmhouse we were holed up in? A whole week with nothing to do,but No.
No,I don't,Jen.
Memory is a little fuzzy on some things.
We matched the dead guy's prints.
Balash Sassnio.
Arrested five years ago for reckless driving.
An illegal from Iran.
Student visa expired last year,boss.
Good job,McGee.
What about the cell phone Eschel called us on,Abs? I isolated the grid the call came in from.
Nice work,Abs.
The grid includes the entire city of Woodbridge,Virginia.
He could be anywhere in it Great.
We've got nothing.
Well,an ex-Mossad officer workin with an Iranian student is something, Gibbs.
Not if it doesn't help us find Eschel in time.
McGee,the BOLO we put out yesterday.
Any hits? You completely forgot about that,didn't you? This one's on me,boss.
We have multiple hits.
Six hits on men fitting his general description.
Three in Delaware,one in Pennsylvania, two in Virginia.
Closest match a local cop saw a man fitting his exact profile at a Freemont Inn.
Where,McGee? Woodbridge,Virginia I'm telling you,Gibbs,don't call her.
She won't wait for us.
She will if I tell her to.
You found him? The Freemont Inn in Woodbridge.
We'll swing by and pick you up.
There's no time,Gibbs.
He won't stay in one place for more than 24 hours.
I'll meet you there.
Ziva,this isn't a debate.
We go in together or we don't go Let me guess,she's going without us? If she kills him, there won't be any way to prove the Israelis weren't behind this.
Yeah,I know.
Let's roll.
- Hey.
- Hey! No.
This is my team now,Gibbs.
My rules.
And DiNozzo's rule number one? I don't sit on the sidelines when my people are in trouble.
You got a problem with that? Then let's remember who's got the badge and who's a civilian.
You done? Yeah.
I was going to say "Get McGee.
I'll meet you there.
" You know,I could arrest you for striking a federal officer.
I know that.
All right.
Just so you know.
I trust the rest of my money will be wired into my account shortly? Of course.
Would you mind? Careful,it's delicate.
I'm sorry, but no one can know my country was behind this,Eschel.
And with you gone, no one will.
Who hired you? Mossad.
Who? Go on,do it.
You'll never make me talk.
I believe you.
Then,kill me.
Make your daddy proud, Jew.
What are you doing? Not making you a martyr.
You're under arrest.
Your time with the Americans has made you soft.
You should not have thrown your knife away.
Get up.
Not so tough now, are you? I thought I told you to get up! Who are you? VEVAK.
Iranian intelligence? Yes,and you have our thanks.
The Americans will never trust your country again.
It was easier than I thought.
Making you talk.
Ziva,you okay? I'm okay,McGee.
You should have waited.
Who's she? Iranian intelligence.
They were behind it all.
How do you plan on proving that? I've been with NCIS for a year.
I'm not just a killer anymore.
I'm an investigator.
Now,can I go home? The FBI reports they've apprehended the Iranian terrorist believed to be responsible for the death of two of their agents.
Two other terrorists were also killed in a standoff with federal authorities in Northern Virginia Federal authorities? They mean us.
Four stinking letters.
N-C- I-S.
It's either that story,Tony,or the FBI charges you with interfering in their investigation.
I can live with "federal authorities.
" Welcome home,Ziva.
Well,I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Gibbs.
And me.
True,but,uh,mostly Gibbs.
Speaking of which He's in the squad room.
Where is he,McGee?Abby's lab? Gibbs left,ma'am.
Said he had a plane to catch.
You sure about that,McGee? Yeah,Tony,I'm sure.
'Cause he didn't even say good-bye to me.
Director,uh,he wanted me to give this to you.
Ah,nice snap.
Where was that taken? Serbia.
When? A lifetime ago,Ziva.