NCIS s04e02 Episode Script


- Hi.
- Hi.
Try this one.
- Emily.
- Yes? Come here.
They haven't called our number yet.
I know.
Relax agent Fornell.
She's fine.
I didn't expect to see you again until 2067? I got a reprieve.
you're not going to use that in front of your daughter.
I don't need a gun to take you down.
- You wouldn't hurt a innocent man.
- I'm not looking at one.
That's where you and agent Gibbs got it wrong.
Agent Gibbs is retired.
I know.
Why do you think I'm talking to you? I have no idea.
Why don't you enlighten me.
I told you.
You got the wrong guy.
And if there's a shred of decency in you, and brains you'll re-open my case and find the right one.
Now I'm going to walk out of here.
You'll want to follow.
But you'll realize something and end up just reaching for that cell instead.
- Really? - Yeah.
What's that? I might not be alone.
- See you, sweetie.
- Bye.
The basement needs some work.
But if it doesn't showed "wine cellar," I don't know what does.
Have a look.
And I'll be right back.
- First my wife, now my house? - No.
No, I learned lesson.
I'm through with your leftovers.
You're going to need a bigger box for that boat.
You come all the way out here to give me packing tips, Tobias? Actually, I came to tell you that Petty Officer Derrick Paulson escaped form prison yesterday.
I haven't asked you anything yet.
You caught him last time.
Figured you might like to catch him again.
You thought wrong.
He came to see me, Jethro.
When I was with Emily.
She okay? For now.
He just wanted to tell me that I got the wrong man, and strongly suggested that I reopen his case to prove it.
He's risking a lot for something he's knows can't happen.
You think? I don't know what his game is.
But I'm not going to get a good night's sleep until that S.
is back behind bars.
You don't need me to find him.
Need? A convicted killer was two inches from my daughter! Handing her crayons.
He touched her! We're way beyond need, Jethro.
Nice tan.
It's really not that bad, McGee.
For a spy, you're a horrible liar.
Ziva's right.
You can hardly notice.
But But? I wouldn't let Agent DiNozzo see it if I were you.
Let Agent DiNozzo see what? Nothing.
Why are you mumbling, McGee? I'm not mumbling.
Well, you either just said "mimes aren't rumbling" or "I'm not mumbling.
" And I don't see any mimes.
Agent Lee, why is Agent McGee mumbling? He over-bleached his teeth, sir.
Apparently, he fell asleep while wearing his bleaching tray, sir.
You don't watch Friends, do you? Same thing happened to Ross.
You could have learned from our friend's mistake.
But you choose to read instead.
Better let me see the damage.
As team leader, people, I need to be aware of any condition that might affect an agent's ability to perform his or her duties.
And what does having embarrassingly white teeth have to do with performing his duties? You said it was not that bad.
She lied.
- Open up your mouth.
- No.
- Let me see the Chiclets.
- No.
Let me see 'em.
- No.
- Open your Gibbs.
What is? I have no idea.
Agent Gibbs! I mean, Mister Just as I was getting used to my door being treated as a door.
I'll call you back, Todd.
I need a temporary reinstatement.
I assume you're here because of ex-Petty Officer Derrick Paulson.
I read Agent Fornell's report.
Why the sudden, if temporary, interest in bank robbers? If you've read Fornell's report, Jen, then you already know.
We're wasting time.
It's not that simple, Jethro.
You left.
I appreciate what you did for Ziva, but this is not some gym membership that you can turn on and off.
No, I can't; but I'm not director of NCIS.
And the director of NCIS already filed your retirement package with Navy Human Resources.
Un-file it.
It doesn't work that way, Jethro.
It would take weeks to reinstate you.
And that's even if you managed to pass your My psych evaluation? Or are you talking about my firearms proficiency exam? No.
That one I'm not worried about.
Let me at least validate your parking.
That's strange.
I could've sworn I filed this.
Your retirement package.
I must have accidentally put in for your unused leave time instead.
Of which, it seems, there are six days left until it has to be filed.
Come on, don't tell me you don't eavesdrop, Cynthia.
Every director's assistant eavesdrops.
He's coming.
He's coming.
Hey, Gibbs.
Just visiting the neighborhood or taking your desk back? Let's go.
You should've been here half an hour ago.
Yeah, i'm just getting Emily settled - at my mom's place.
- Want me to send an agent over? How many can you spare? Okay, I've got an idea.
Maybe he lost his memory again and forgot he quit his job.
Wouldn't he be sitting at his old desk then? If Gibbs wanted us to know what he was doing, he would've told us.
Oh, right.
Because he would never expect us to figure it out for ourselves.
Gibbs is back on temporary assignment.
The Paulson case.
Paulson?! Petty Officer Derrick Paulson: knocked over a bank, killed two of his accomplices, money was never found.
Paulson's prison cell.
I want to see what was in it.
I've already sent the contents over.
Maybe your techs can find something mine didn't.
Bye, Daddy! I'm worried.
She'll be fine, Tobias.
Paulson isn't after her.
I ruined his life, Jethro.
We don't know what he's after.
Anything good? Yeah.
It's a jailhouse appeal from some escaped convict.
The guy really knows his forensics.
I knew it! I knew it! Won't need these anymore now that you're actually here.
I knew you'd come back.
I'm not back.
Of course you're back.
I can feel your badge.
That is your badge, right? You are back.
Reinstatement's only temporary, Abs.
Until I can find Paulson.
We'll see about that.
So what can I do for you, temporarily reinstated Agent Gibbs? Process the contents of Paulson's cell.
What am I looking for? Oh, right.
Anything to help you find him.
I want to know what he was up to before he escaped.
Unless the three of you have any other suggestions.
Uh Hey We were, we were just, uh, eavesdropping like little girls.
But we do have suggestions.
Prison records show that only one person ever came to visit Paulson in jail.
Mickey Stokes, 72.
Former Navy sailor.
And since Paulson has no family, we should assume that he'll try to contact Mickey.
And I already have an address.
Tony, Ziva, you're with me.
McGee, stay here and McGee, stay here, help Abby.
help Abby process Paulson's belongings.
Then gargle this.
Before the rest of us go snow-blind.
Gibbs seemed awfully quiet in the car.
It's not like you were giving him a chance to talk, Tony.
What, are you nervous he's going to want his old job back? No.
I'm just bringing him up to speed on the latest protocols.
What took you hotshots so long? He's been waiting over an hour.
Hey, shoes off! Clear.
Where is he? I never said he was here.
Didn't expect to hear your voice.
I heard you quit.
At your age, that's quitting.
Why don't you turn yourself in, you can tell me about this in person.
Turn myself in for what? I'm an innocent man.
Try broken record.
So you're not going to reopen my case? We both know what I'll find if I do, so why don't you tell me what you really want.
I already got it, Agent Gibbs.
So what does he really want? Our Car.
They appear to be close.
Well, they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
Meals on Wheels.
Looks like Paulson was a volunteer.
He volunteered to put meals on wheels? They bring food to the elderly, Ziva.
Of course I helped him! Derrick was like a son to me.
I was the closest thing he had to family.
What would you do if it was your kid in trouble? I would've told him to give himself up before he got hurt.
I'm glad you ain't my old man, Fornell.
Shoes off! And I certainly wouldn't let him steal my car.
It was DiNozzo's car.
He just wants you to reopen his case! You been reading my letters the past four years? You bozos got the wrong guy.
Paulson took advantage of you, Mickey.
He only brought you food because you lived near the bank he was casing.
You wasted your life savings defending the wrong guy.
Hey! Not my computer! I got an online date tonight.
Where is he, Mickey? He doesn't know.
You sure? Want to hit him for aiding and abetting? He did shelter Paulson, he gave him money.
I say we use him as bait.
Give Mickey a pass, put a man on him in case Paulson comes back? You're the boss.
Yeah? Where? Anything in it? D.
Metro just found our car half a mile from here.
The only thing missing was my laptop.
And every file we had on Paulson.
I told you, he just he just wants to work on his case.
Except he's had all his case files since the trial.
Perhaps ours have something his didn't.
They do.
The addresses of the witnesses who testified against him.
He's not a threat to anyone! He's on the run and unarmed.
Do you keep any weapons in the house? Oh, great.
Now you're going to pin another crime on him? Just my old Colt.
Where is it? Paulson could be after any one of a half dozen witnesses.
I've never seen a convicted felon file so many appeals.
It's an abuse of the system.
We're all entitled to our day in court.
Not according to Agent Gibbs.
I've been going over his case files.
He seems to prefer a more biblical approach to things.
If you ask me, the agency's better off without him.
I like you, Michelle, so I'm just going to pretend like you didn't say that.
NCIS is lucky to have Gibbs back.
Except he's not staying.
You do realize You can kill me without leaving any forensic evidence behind? Yeah, you mentioned that.
Good, then.
It's settled.
Gibbs is staying.
He has to.
Right, Gibbs? What do you got for me, Abby? Paulson's fingerprints on the gun case and on Mickey's computer.
And he's also visited over a dozen People Search sites.
I think he was looking for someone.
Yeah, I got that part.
No names yet, but I'm using the FBI's mainframe to decrypt the search cache.
You always did have really good timing.
Mickey?! Where the hell is Mickey, you tramp? Mickey isn't here.
It's Mickey's online playmate.
She keeps tunneling through my firewall.
Russell Nash.
Apparently, he's The only accomplice Paulson didn't kill.
Yeah, and the one he really should have.
Nash copped a plea and testified against Paulson.
Paulson got life, and Nash walked in 18 months.
Skipped out on his parole.
Hasn't been seen since.
Well, if the money was never found, then maybe Paulson is looking for Nash because he thinks Nash has the money.
Or maybe Paulson is looking for something a little more biblical.
Thank you.
I'll let Agent Gibbs know immediately.
And I'll see you Saturday.
Hey, was the FBI able to warn all the witnesses? All except for one.
Is that your third Caf-POW!, McGee? It's my fourth.
How do they look? Hmm.
Maybe you should switch to blueberries.
Anything good on our tip hotline? Is there ever? Half our callers don't know what a tip is.
Have you spoken to Gibbs yet? What about? You're not wondering why he's back? Help Fornell like he helped you.
Taking a little break, DiNozzo? Oh, I think you know exactly what I'm doing, Agent Gibbs.
Why do you think he's back? I don't know, but I'm hoping it's more than just Fornell.
Let's just say I'm getting sick of the campfires.
Wouldn't let Tony hear you say that.
Say what, Agent McGee? Yeah, I was just telling McGee the FBI was able to Warn all the witnesses from Paulson's trial, except for one? Right! The only one they couldn't find was Russell Nash.
I have much to learn still, Master.
Campfire! There you go.
Sort of a new thing that I like to do.
I find it focuses the group better than just, uh, you know, shouting across the bullpen.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Let's focus on Russell Nash.
The inside man.
Worked for the bank that Paulson knocked over.
Our only missing witness.
According to Abby, he's the one Paulson's after.
- We find Nash - We find Paulson.
Campfire over.
And the last question.
"In your own words, the difference between ethics and morals.
" Well, the ethical man knows he shouldn't cheat on his wife, whereas the moral man actually wouldn't.
You're going to ace your oral exams, Doctor.
Going back to school? I never stopped.
The doctor's getting a degree in Forensic Psychology.
Yes, and with it, I'll be able to add the Psychological Autopsy to my arsenal.
I'll not only be able to uncover the hows of our patient's demise, but the whys, as well.
I mean, what motivates us can be a very tricky thing.
I was wondering when you were going to come down and see me.
I've been busy.
Or avoiding me.
I wonder why that could be.
I'm not staying.
Oh, I didn't think you were.
I'm aware that when Leroy Jethro Gibbs makes up his mind, his mind's made up.
So why are you here? The Paulson case - how much do you know? Well, I took the liberty of examining the M.
's reports on Paulson's two murdered accomplices.
Anything bug you? It's about as watertight a case as I've ever seen, pathologically speaking - why? Do you suspect foul play in the foul play? No.
Yet you're down here asking me if anything "bugs you" about the case.
Are you getting one of those famous gut instincts again? I've already had that, and it said that Paulson was guilty.
And when Leroy Jethro Gibbs makes up his mind, his mind's made up.
Too bad for Petty Officer Paulson.
Let's hope things work out better for you in Mexico.
No word on the Russell Nash BOLO, but we got something off the tip hotline on Paulson.
What? Paulson.
Hey, Jethro.
Hey, you got a tip hotline to find me, but nothing on my original case.
Not cool.
Gonna have to do something about that.
But for now, just calling to say thanks for the car.
I left you a token of my appreciation in return.
I'm sure you'll find it soon.
Called his own tip hotline.
I'm starting to like this guy.
We're getting an address from the back trace now.
We got it! It's in the city.
4242 Adams Boulevard? You been there before, boss? Yeah.
That's where Paulson killed his two accomplices.
Is Agent Gibbs aware our warrant hasn't officially come through yet? Yeah, I think he got it by the fifth time you told him, Lee.
Got my teams out front.
Any idea what his game is this time? Not a clue.
Okay, McGee, Ziva, fire escape, Lee Watch the cars.
Get back.
I imagine you'd rather be enjoying a nice drink in a cantina right about now.
The thought had crossed my mind.
Mine, too.
Any bets on Paulson's token of appreciation? Let's hope it's not Russell Nash's head on a stick.
Federal Agents! It appears ex-Petty Officer Paulson is attempting to highlight the discrepancies in this crime scene.
Picked up on that.
For a guilty man, he's unusually intent on trying to convince us of his innocence.
Picked up on that, too.
No one heard the shooting? Well, it's not exactly a Neighborhood Watch kind of place.
And the fact that Paulson's DNA was found under this victim's fingernails, but there was no other sign of a struggle? Mm-hmm.
See that about a quarter of the time, Ziva.
Why isn't he running? That's a good question.
What's that gut of yours say? Four years ago? That Paulson was guilty.
Didn't mean four years ago.
Paulson isn't after Nash for the money from the bank job.
He's after Nash because Nash is the one man who can exonerate him.
So was your gut wrong four years ago, or is it wrong now? Our job is not to reopen Paulson's case.
Just catch him.
Paulson's already reopened his case, Ziva.
Doesn't matter what our job is, if we want to figure out his next move.
Now we're have to reopen it, too.
Smart kid.
The public defender who represented Paulson is out on maternity leave.
- Prosecutor? - Naval reservist.
Deployed to Iraq two years ago.
Killed by an IED last month.
Unless we find someone familiar with the Paulson case, it'll take us days just to catch up to speed, much less anticipate Paulson's next move.
Gibbs brought in Mickey Stokes.
No one knows Paulson better than him.
Is he even a lawyer? Well, we can't all be lawyers, Agent Lee.
So what changed your mind about my boy? Great Oz finally give you guys a heart? Who said I've changed my mind? Ah, definitely wasn't a brain.
If Paulson was framed, we need to find out how.
Maybe it was a brain.
Either way, thank you.
I've waited a long time for someone to listen.
Don't thank me just yet.
Jury had two weeks, they didn't buy that Paulson was framed.
You have one day to convince our forensic scientist otherwise.
You must be Mickey.
Well I'll be whoever you want me to be.
Mickey will do just fine.
I like your outfit.
Thank you.
My dog has a collar like that.
So, for the sake of argument, let's say that Derrick Paulson was framed.
That makes Russell Nash your prime suspect.
Exactly, Director.
Hey, Gibbs.
Why don't you come on over and join us for a little campfire? Where's he going? Basement.
- Whiskey.
- Not tonight.
His real estate agent's fumigating his house.
Apparently, Gibbs got termites.
I'd offer you the sofa, but when I told Emily you were staying over, she insisted you take her room.
Even said you can sleep with her Raspberry Rumtart doll.
Daddy, watch.
You may now kiss the bride.
So, it was four wives.
Unless there's anything else you want to tell me.
Something you want to know, Tobias? You had a family, Jethro.
I know you like to play it close to the vest, but Hell, I was married to your second wife.
I tried to warn you.
I know, I know.
I didn't listen.
If I did, I might still have a house with a guest bedroom for you.
I know it's not our usual stuff.
So we screwed up? Let's wait and see what Abby says.
We screwed up.
Big time.
I'm sure it wasn't the first time, and I know it's not gonna be the last.
My last.
Least we can still make it right.
If Russell Nash did frame Paulson, he's not going to come clean when Paulson finds him.
He's going to kill Paulson.
I know it.
I said we screwed up, didn't I? It's funny how things work out.
When I was a kid, all I ever thought about was being an FBI Agent.
Now not a day goes by I don't think about being a kid.
I don't pay it much attention.
The way I figure it, anyone who doesn't want to quit this job isn't doing it right.
My mother'll kill me if she sees this.
It's a henna tattoo; It'll come off in a few days.
Looks good.
Of course, I love a girl with tattoos.
I've noticed.
Can we just get this over with? Go over there.
Could you move around a bit? All right, how about just walk back and forth? Try a a little attitude! A little attitude.
You know, swing the hips, you know.
Hey, give us something to dance to.
Kick it up.
Swing the pelvis, look.
Like you're walking down the stage.
Come on, get the shoulders going Stop it.
Huh, the shoulders? Okay.
Come on, do it.
Okay, only 'cause it's you, Mickey.
This is not what it looks like.
Abby, please turn the music off.
Now, please, off.
I'm so This is what we were doing, sir: we were working on the Pauls- We were We were establishing a baseline of henna ink's optical reflectivity.
You want to know why? Glad you asked.
We're trying to figure out if the evidence was planted to frame Paulson.
Yeah, like the DNA they found.
That could easily have come from some uh Why is he looking at me like that? He's kind of a bottom line guy.
Bottom line: the more Mickey told us, the guiltier Paulson looked.
Until we looked at video from the bank job.
Paulson was identified by his custom tattoo.
One of a kind, unique as a fingerprint and pretty cool.
With the corroborating evidence, it was more than enough for a jury to convict.
You think it's a copy? That's why we were taking the pictures.
It looks like a henna tattoo.
But if Russell Nash had a copy made to frame Paulson - There'd be a color-mismatch.
- Can you prove it? Yeah, but I'm gonna have to see Paulson's original tattoo for the test.
He'll never go for that.
Not unless he believes you're serious about reopening his case.
And he won't believe that until you haul in that bastard, Russell Nash.
We're working on it.
We've got a lead on that, too.
The FBI has been doing background checks on all of Nash's buddies.
Meet Gary Silverstin.
Russell Nash's old roommate.
He used to work at a tattoo shop.
It could just be a coincidence Wow, he hates me.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Careful, Gary.
I told you, stand five steps back.
Insurance reasons.
You can get insurance to be a flipper? Human Directional.
You're a sign, Gary.
Yeah, I'm the future.
You know what, man? I brought in an extra ten grand last month to Broadbus Burger.
In a couple years, this'll probably be an Olympic sport.
You think you could be happy flipping a sign all day? I don't know.
I think you'd get bored.
You've got to stop doing that - stop it! Am I under arrest? No.
Then, no, man.
I work by the hour.
Gary I can think of a lot of ways to arrest you.
A lot of 'em.
All right, well, what else is there to say? Yeah, I worked at a tat shop.
Yes, I lived with Nash.
No, I don't know where he is.
And I don't know nothing about no bank robbery.
That all went down after he moved out.
All right? Sorry, dude.
Good luck in Beijing in '08, Gary.
I'm just saying, a man of your drive and ambition needs a certain kind of I'm not staying, Ziva.
That obvious? So, how'd it go? I'll tell you in 20 seconds.
He's already making a call.
Putting it on speaker.
NASH Hey, you got Nash.
Leave me a message after the beep.
I'd say that went well.
Hey, Nash, it's Gary S.
Now I know you told me to call you here never, man, but there was some feds here and they were asking questions about that tat.
It's a Baltimore prefix.
At least I think they were Feds.
I never heard of no N-C- C- I-S Got it.
apartment 12.
I know it - 40 miles north of here.
Not bad for rush hour.
Only you could make it 40 miles in 30 minutes, Boss.
Something's wrong.
Maybe Paulson beat us here and found out the hard way that Nash wasn't willing to change his testimony.
Stay right where you are; don't come closer.
Yes, all right.
It's Nash.
The end is never pleasant.
For this young man, doubly so.
At least he had a great view on the way down.
I doubt that he enjoyed it, seeing that his jaw was broken as well as six of his fingers and his knee.
And all this before he fell.
Killer beat him first.
More like he was interrogated.
This damage is too methodical, too calculated to be a simple beating.
Whoever did this was after information.
And when he got it he repaid his victim with these.
Guess we can rule out suicide.
Yes, unless Mr.
Nash was able to shoot himself in the back three times in a row.
Ugh do we have to do this now? The slugs are Winchester hollowpoints.
Winchester hollowpoints.
Hey, Gibbs.
Cool, huh? They were fired from the Colt that Baltimore P.
found near the scene.
Abs, did you run the serial number? It's the same gun that Paulson took from Mickey Stokes' house.
He tried to wipe it, but I found a partial print.
So the gentleman who asked us to prove his innocence just killed the one man who could exonerate him.
Nash didn't frame Paulson - they were partners until Nash double-crossed him.
Our ex-Petty Officer didn't want to clear himself, he was looking for the money.
And he used us to take him straight to the bank.
Smart kid.
But if your gut says Paulson's innocent, then maybe we're missing something.
The only thing that I am missing right now is happy hour at Carlos' Cantina.
But you're Security, right? Don't let Gibbs leave the building.
I already told you why, Tom! Abby.
Never mind.
False alarm.
Gibbs, oh, my God.
I was so sure that you'd be halfway to Mexico by now.
Sorry, you're a flight risk.
Abby! We're going to figure this case out, Gibbs.
We always do! You already figured it out.
No, but you're going to.
I want to know how Paulson knows.
Knows what? Everything.
Everything that we seem to.
Russell Nash hid the money from the bank job somewhere.
Paulson gets to it before us He's gone for good.
So where is it? Nash was using an assumed name.
All transactions were cash-only.
Money's not in a bank.
Storage, maybe.
A third party could be holding it.
I'll look at properties under an alias.
Maybe he hid the money in a mattress somewhere.
Campfire over.
Where's Gibbs? I don't know.
Anything wrong? Uh, well, actually, yeah, there's quite a lot wrong, Ziva.
Aside from McGee's teeth, we have a dead man who shouldn't be dead, an innocent man who isn't really innocent and a trail that's about to run cold because our perp has managed to stay one step ahead of us since this whole thing started! You're just noticing that now, DiNozzo? Oh, no, it's kind of been a theme.
Careful that's, um, easy to break.
It's a shortwave RF bug.
Paulson probably planted it in your Dictaphone when he stole your car.
And I've been burning campfires to CD.
The Dictaphone has been in my lab pretty much the entire day.
At least now we know how Paulson tracked down Russell Nash.
There's the little bugger.
Can you backtrack it, Abs? It's impossible without a private cipher.
But I think I know where we can get one.
Paulson's crew bugged the bank's general manager for two weeks before the robbery - it was a custom job, just like this one.
The cops interviewed the bug-maker.
Cleared him of any involvement.
I would bet a Caf-POW! that this came from the same guy.
How can you tell? He signed his name.
"It is a crime for any person "acting under color of the law to deprive any citizen of their legal rights.
" Title Eighteen, U.
No one is depriving you of your rights.
We're simply asking for a copy of the cipher you made.
"No one shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.
" That'd be the Fifth Amendment.
And no one has accused you of a crime, either.
Then why'd your goon confiscate my files? Goon?! Told you to stop hunching your shoulders.
How do you know he wasn't talking about you? It's called a mirror, McGee.
No, I said every exit, not every other exit.
For same the reason you don't floss every other tooth.
Where's that cipher, DiNozzo? We hit a little snafu, boss.
The federal code also states Yeah.
that not only have the right to remain silent, but to withhold any information I see fit.
If this keeps up, we may be forced to unleash Agent Lee.
- Now, this should be quick.
- Better be.
We got a fugitive on the run with a pretty big lead.
The Fugitive You can stare at me all day, G-man.
I ain't talking.
You got something to hide? What, so I refuse to talk and that means I'm guilty? You ever heard of Miranda v.
Arizona, 1966? And here, all this time, how could I have missed it? It's that simple.
Missed what? Gibbs is clearly Tommy Lee Jones.
Right, I mean there's no argument there.
Which makes me Joey Pants; initially, I was a little What happened? We've been avoiding the word fugitive for the last two days.
He made the connection himself.
The bottom line, Eyeballs, I run a lawfully licensed spy shop.
I'm not responsible for what my clientele does with my product.
I don't have to answer any more of your questions, no matter what you say.
I got this little girl who wants to go home to her dad.
And that's not going to happen without your help.
So please.
Did Gibbs just say? Mm-hmm.
What-What did you, uh, what'd you want to know, again? Signal's strong, no movement.
Got eyes on the target, Ziva? I did; suspect's in the house and he's not alone.
You sure? I heard Paulson's voice.
Let me give you some more money, in case you need it.
I won't.
In position, boss.
Then here, take this.
Move, move.
Please, just take it.
Hold it! Hold it! Don't do it, Derrick; we will shoot you.
Tony, McGee, put your weapons down.
I was wrong.
I know you're innocent, Petty Officer.
But you're not, Mickey.
You're under arrest for the murders of Russell Nash, his two accomplices in the Greater Virginia Bank robbery.
And last but not least the Greater Virginia Bank robbery.
Is your porch light on? First, you wrongly accuse Derrick and now me.
We also found the bug you planted in our forensic tech's lab.
We were almost as surprised as you look now, when the guy you bought it from pointed you out in that photo, instead of Paulson.
This is ridiculous.
Do I look like I got five million bucks laying around?! If he set me up, where's the money? They don't know what they're talkin' about.
It's here.
It's been here the whole time.
It's a Rosewood Bureau Plat desk, First edition of Huckleberry Finn Looks like in the bedroom, You've got a Chipendale-Mahogany case clock That's six fingers easy! Mcgee, you don't collect all these stuff on a Navy pension.
Wow! wow! Agent Gibbs.
Don't talk to me, I think he should shoot you.
Except he's never been a killer.
And I don't think you're gonna start now.
And miss his trial? Not for the world You're a real piece of work, McGee.
Antiques roadshow.
I just came by to tell you that Derrick Pauleson has been cleared of all charges.
- You saved that boy's life.
- Yeah boss ***** Don't sell yourself short.
- Or is it too late for that? - There's supposed to be some sort of pep* dog, came here to stay Jen? You don't want me back.
No I don't.
Or you won't be able to handle me, Director? No Jethro.
I'm afraid you won't able to handle yourself.
You've already been in two comas.
You might not come out of a third.
The fact is you're good.
The best.
When you're as good, it's something as you are when you can make a difference like you can you just don't quit.
You know, you used to be a nice person, McGee.
I think sitting at Tony's desk is affecting your personality.
For the better, mcGee picked up a girl all by himself.
- Yeah, at a funeral.
- You didn't tell me that.
Well, you were right.
Because when women are vulnerable, Get right in there.