NCIS s04e03 Episode Script

Singled Out

Oh, my God.
The guy in the SUV is totally checking you out.
Really? Is he cute? Only extremely.
Okay, he's probably gay.
He looked totally creeped out by us.
What are you talking about? He's into you.
No way.
Here, write your number down.
Quick, before he gets away! Oh, my God.
Is there a reason you're touching my flowers, Tony? I- I was just admiring them, uh Jenny, flowers are-are a passion of mine.
Really? So then, you'd know how rare and expensive they are.
Oh, yeah.
And their name.
Of course.
Um, well, judging by the color, and of-of course, uh, the the green things they're attached to - Stems.
- stems uh, these Right on the tip of my tongue.
Phaleonopsis orchids.
Of course they're orchids.
This flipped out when I was sniffing them.
Tony, how would you rate your recent performance as team leader? I'd say it was a solid B.
I'm being fired, aren't I? In a manner of speaking, yes.
If this has to do with Gibbs coming back, I have no problem working for him.
These orders are for you.
NCIS Rota, Spain? Your own team.
Uh I don't know what to say.
Your performance these last four months has been exemplary.
You've earned it.
What about La Grenouille? It took months getting in.
You're not getting too involved, are you? Only in the mission.
If we put another agent undercover, La Grenouille will smell it.
So, you're passing on a promotion that any other agent in this building would kill for, all because you're worried about some long-shot mission? I don't think so.
I'm worried about Jethro.
Jethro's fine.
Then how do you explain that thing on his upper lip? Looks like Wilford Brimley Jr.
So, you're turning down looks like a promotion because of a moustache? His memory is still screwed up.
He called Ziva Kate yesterday.
I just want to make sure he's a hundred percent before I leave.
I see.
And how long might that process take? I don't know, maybe a few months? How does 72 hours sound? - Very fast.
- It wasn't a question.
I need an answer by the end of the week.
Tony, if you pass this up, another opportunity like this might not come up for years.
Can we keep this like the Grenouille mission- just between the two of us? If you wish.
Thank you.
Stop calling me from dispatch, will you, Mollvaney? I'm not the team leader any more; Gibbs is.
Trust me, it makes a difference.
Now, call him and leave me alone.
Problems, Tony? Wrong number, Ziva.
There a reason you're gearing up? What's my motto, McGee? You'll never date a woman that eats more than you do.
Oh, yeah.
That's true.
But: Always be prepared.
The batsignal may fly at any moment.
We're on our way.
Grab your gear.
We're heading out.
How did you know? Well it's a gift, McGee.
I choose not to question it.
Where we going, boss? Ask DiNozzo.
All I got was a wrong number.
Since when do we investigate stolen cars, Tony? Since it belongs to a sailor and someone appears to have been slaughtered inside it.
So where's the body? Well, that's kind of the reason we're here.
Goes with the whole criminal investigative thing.
Oh, okay.
I understand.
Understand what? You feel a little threatened, now that Gibbs is back.
I do not! You have been whining like a little snitch all week.
- The term is "bitch.
" - I know, I was being polite.
Boss, vehicle's registered to a Navy Lieutenant Anne Sullivan.
She's a computer programmer for base housing.
Reported UA this morning.
First time in her career.
Witnesses? Uh, 911 call.
Two motorists reported a man driving her vehicle, a bloody woman screaming in the back.
I'm assuming that's our missing Lieutenant.
Assuming? Well, Fredericksburg PD has descriptions of the woman and her abductor.
They're sending them to NCIS as we speak.
That's a good job, Tim.
Can I help you find something, boss? - Maybe - My notepads.
Right back here.
We reorganized the supplies.
Tony felt this way was more efficient.
You don't say.
Well, you know, I could put them back the way it was before you quit.
Well, that depends, McGee.
Is it more efficient? Seems to be.
Then leave 'em where they are.
There appears to have been a struggle.
Multiple hand and fingerprints.
A lost shoe, a pair of glasses And I don't believe she was slaughtered.
At least not in the back of this vehicle.
Why's that? The traces of blood are all from skin contact.
A more serious wound would've left pools of it.
Enough criminal investigating for you, Tony? Lieutenant Sullivan's address.
She ves in Culpeper.
Take McGee.
If you leave now, you can avoid traffic.
Anything unusual, you call me.
I mean, you know, you do you whatever you want them to do, boss.
So I got used to being in charge, sue me.
Is there a reason why you always have to drive? I could say it's because I'm the Senior Field Agent, but mostly because I want to live.
Then I recommend you getting unused to being in charge.
Before Gibbs decides to kill you.
Tow truck should be here any minute, boss.
You find the other shoe yet, McGee? There was only one in the vehicle.
You ever see a woman try to walk with one high heel on? Not pretty.
Hey, look at this.
Blood smears on the pavement.
If she was carried, they'd be drops.
And what looks like a strand of nylon thread, maybe from a stocking.
She could've fallen and scraped her knee.
Mark it.
Okay! You're looking for help, which way would you go? Well, Waverly's football team was away, so the lot was empty all weekend She should've headed towards campus, but she didn't, she went in the opposite direction.
She was forced.
That's good thinking, Tim- come on.
Another blood drop Like I said, the other shoe.
Okay, now, tell me where she went.
There was another car.
Judging by these tire tracks, they left in a hurry.
Match the tires, we might even find out the make and model.
Good to have you back, boss.
If you'd let me drive,we would've been here half an hour ago.
Yeah, our bodies could be in a twisted wreck, awaiting the Jaws of Life.
Gibbs lets me drive.
I have more to live for.
I see.
Perhaps this new mystery girlfriend of yours.
She's not a mystery.
Then why haven'tb any of us met her? Look, it's complicated Clear.
This is weird.
I agree.
Someone was obviously searching for something.
No, I mean this apartment.
What does it remind you of, Ziva? Put a writing desk over there.
You're right.
- It's almost - Identical to McGeek's.
What do you make of this? Some kind of profile? They're all profiles.
I think I know what the profiles might have been used for.
She was targeting people.
This is a police sketch artist's rendering of what the witnesses saw late yesterday afternoon.
And this is a photo of Lieutenant Sullivan for comparison.
I'd say that's a pretty good match.
You think, DiNozzo? The driver, McGee.
Fredericksburg PD put a BOLO out on him last night.
Any hits? Any hits? Sorry.
Boss Continue if y want to, of course.
No hits yet, but the local LEOs did match the likeness to a mug shot.
Justin Farris.
Arrested for car theft five years ago.
Currently lives with his mother.
Claims she hasn't seen him since yesterday.
Our lieutenant had around 16 profiles on people at her apartment.
Without photographs or names.
I'm still waiting on the why.
Me too, boss.
I'm just saying, Farris might be one of them Our Rosetta stone, if you will.
Find him.
That's good work, Tim.
Not bad either, Tony.
Is it me or does he seem a little more? Human? Well, I was going to say mellow, but yeah.
Yeah I think it's the moustache Falling us into a false sense of security.
That's all of them.
It appears one of them is missing.
Missing what? One of the profiles.
Alpha Bravo, one-zero-one-six.
Targets? The binder they were kept in listed them as potential targets.
The Alpha Bravo designations.
That's how we labeled pre-planned artillery targets in the Corps.
Maybe she was planning on dropping bombs on them.
What else was missing from the lieutenant's place? I'm more concerned with what was left, Gibbs.
Money, jewelry.
It's not your typical burglary.
This means they knew what they were looking for.
What can you tell me about these? She was profiling men.
All the information gathered was taken from public records.
Yeah, I can see that.
Why? - Well, that's an excellent question.
I was wondering that myself.
- Abby All of these were all printed on the same printer.
You want to know how I know? Newer models embed micro codes in the print.
It helps I.
hardware to counter money and documents.
Good guess.
It also means that the information they represent is on her computer.
- Show me.
- I'd love to.
But I can't.
Not yet.
Bad guys smash up real good.
- I'm still trying to recover the hard drives.
- How long? Did I mention bad guys smash up real good? Like really, really good Probably days.
We don't have days, Abs.
Get McGee to help you.
There's more.
I ran the fingerprints from the SUV.
- I matched all of them except three to a partial handprint.
- And? And I can say, with certainty, that the woman in the back of the SUV - Was - Lieutenant Anne Sullivan.
McGee already figured it out.
Okay, did he tell you this? The partial handprint that I couldn't match has a super-defined index finger.
Which means it's not Sullivan's.
It's the bad guy's.
I'm running it now.
His name is Justin Farris.
McGee! Yep.
- Is it just me or does he seem a little - Snitchy? That's close enough.
It's got to be that damn moustache.
I want agents knocking on doors of anyone who met , knows or sneezed on Farris in the last year, Mollvaney.
Probie! I need you over here.
Well, if they find anything, make sure that you call Gibbs not me.
Yes, the mustache is real.
You got a hearing problem? Oh, I'm sorry.
Were you talking to me? There's no one else in the squad room.
Well, I thought I heard you say "probie.
" And since Agent Lee has been reassigned to the legal department, I wasn't exactly sure who you were referring to.
I get it.
You don't like being called probie anymore? Things change.
Yes, I know.
I used to be team leader Pr-oh-ho-ho-bie.
Temporary team leader.
And that was only because Gibbs quit.
You don't think I rate my own team? Wouldn't be here now if you did, would you, DiNozzo? Yeah.
Maybe you're right.
If Gibbs asks, tell him I went out for coffee.
Tony, I didn't McGee how long have I been an NCIS special agent? Almost 16 years.
Want to take a wild guess what my first partner still calls me? You've done it again, DiNozzo.
I voluntarily turned myself in.
I'm just trying to do the right thing here, Agent Gibbs.
Look I'm admitting it, okay? I stole the damn SUV.
But I didn't kidnap anyone.
How do you explain these? I didn't know that chick was back there when I took it.
Her name is Lieutenant Anne Sullivan! Where is she?! I told you, I don't know.
Look, I am telling you I just committed grand theft auto.
Why the hell would I do that if I wasn't telling the truth? To avoid kidnap and murder charges.
She's dead? No, no, she was alive and screaming in the back of the SUV the last time I saw her Screaming what? I don't know.
It was something about being singled out by some guy.
I didn't exactly stick around to find out, okay? I'm telling you, I didn't kill her.
So what do you think? He might be telling the truth.
I mean about the moustache? Oh, makes him look distinguished, yes? It's not Gibbs.
People change.
People maybe not Gibbs.
I knew it was too good to be true.
The door was open, engine running.
Couldn't help myself, Agent Gibbs.
Where? It was the Texaco station on Wildwood Road.
I'm telling you, the first time I saw this chick sorry, Lieutenant Sullivan, was in the rearview mirror when she woke up and started screaming.
Last time.
In the lot where I dumped the ride.
I even dialed 911.
I mean, yeah, I hung up, but I dialed.
That's got to count for something, right? Wait, wait, wait.
There might have been another car.
There was a silver Honda Accord that I thought might be tailing me.
Thought somebody saw me boost the SUV at the station.
You see the driver? No.
He was wearing a ball cap.
I never got a good look at his face, okay? But he must have followed me.
That's who you should be looking for.
- I'm not a kidnapper.
- No you're just the dirtbag that left her there to die.
Ziva's running down the gas station lead.
911 hang-up already checked out.
Traced to Farris' cell.
Ducky wants to see you.
About what? Something about, uh profiling Lieutenant Sullivan's profile.
Maybe you should ask him.
- So you think Farris is innocent? - I don't know.
Have you checked the bloody fingerprints Abby has against his yet? You are quite the fascinating woman, my dear.
Sadly, due to Darwinian evolution, men tend the cherish women's bodies rather than their minds.
I must admit, I sometimes fall prey to that myself.
Thought you only talked to bodies.
A lot has changed since you quit.
Fortunately, one doesn't need a body for a psychological autopsy which is what I'm doing here on our missing Lieutenant.
I heard you passed your test.
The graduation ceremony was very rewarding.
All my friends were there.
What do you got? Um, well, a sampling of the Lieutenant's DVD collection- Under the Tuscan Sun, Sabrina, Ghost, Fried Green Tomatoes.
What Tony would classify as chick flicks.
Yet they contrast vividly with her choice in literature.
Like our Timothy, she's quite the fan of the detective and the spy genres.
A dissonance made even more interesting by these her fitness reports.
They reveal a brilliant tactical mind with little tolerance for failure.
One who is highly driven.
She's well traveled, but notice this.
Yes I imagine you know something about that.
Are you going somewhere with this, Doctor? Yes.
This woman is a highly motivated loner with an odd desire for secrecy.
These profiles that she keeps may indicate a need to control her environment.
And the people in it.
But you don't know who they are.
Well, this isn't an exact science.
Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs! Over here! Gibbs! Your new golden boy McGee, he was wrong.
The partial handprint Isn't Farris', boss.
Whose is it? Well That we don't know yet.
But what that means is that Somebody else was here.
Farris claims he didn't know Lieutenant Sullivan was in the vehicle when he stole it.
When she started screaming, he dumped it here with her still in it.
Which means whoever kidnapped her must have followed Farris to get the Lieutenant back.
If he's telling the truth it still doesn't explain why she was profiling people.
Blackmail, espionage, assassination.
All good reasons someone would want to make her disappear.
We could be missing something.
Believe me, not from this angle.
She could be a covert operative.
She's a Navy computer geek who worked on software for base housing.
According to her coworkers, she's a female version of McGee.
Being a geek makes for a good cover.
Cover for what? We're still trying to figure that out, boss.
You pull security tapes from the gas station? There weren't any.
The system's been broken for a month.
Tire marks from the lot check out Farris' story- they're a match for a factory-standard Honda Accord.
Let's hope that Abby and McGee had better luck come on.
I wouldn't call this luck.
Your computer's on fire.
McGee, my baby's French-frying! Checking internal core temperature.
That is so not funny, Gibbs.
We must have nodded off.
Tell me that you two have something.
We have something, just don't know what it is.
Looks like a timetable for an operation.
The problem is, the events on the axis are encrypted.
We been trying to crack it all night.
Well, try harder, McGee.
Chances of finding her alive drop to almost zero after 48 hours.
- Sorry.
I'm sure you knew that, boss.
- Don't apologize, DiNozzo.
Sign of weakness.
Not to mention annoying.
We were able to pull some programs off our directory.
This is the only one that stands out.
It's super-high-end imaging software.
It's unusual, because it retails for over $5,000.
Big bucks on a lieutenant's salary.
What's it for? Morphing human features.
Um, we pulled some test runs out of her cache.
Ah, yeah, this is like the end of Saving Private Ryan you know, where Matt Damon morphs into his older self.
Anybody else get head-faked by that? 'Cause Tom Hanks was who I thought I've seen software like this before, Abby.
Mossad used earlier versions to age Nazi war criminals.
It was a great asset to hunting them down.
So basically, what you're saying to me is, we have nothing.
Gibbs! Ziva's talking about Nazis.
I wouldn't exactly call Nazis nothing.
- Abby - We have nothing.
Until we crack her encryptions.
You mean if.
It's high-level, it's extremely sophisticated.
Would her password help? Well, yeah, Ducky, but we don't have it.
Yeah, well, I just spent a long night in our lieutenant's head.
I may be able to offer some suggestions.
Try "Coral Gables.
" Uh, "Fiddlers green.
" "Hampton Inn.
" Nice try.
Tony, Ziva, with me.
"Spanish rose.
" Whoa! We're in.
Ducky, that was Mind-blowingly amazing.
It's more of an art than a science.
Oh Lieutenant Sullivan was indeed into targeting people.
She was using all her military knowledge and skills to find a husband.
Well, it looks like she found herself a psycho instead Dr.
Now that we have access to her files, we can see she was using MorphPro to predict the appearance of her adult offspring.
No wonder she couldn't find a husband.
You know, choosing someone to spend the rest of the your life with is not easy.
Who wouldn't want to know all the facts before deciding? Isn't that what dating's all about? Yeah, you should try that sometime, McGee.
Gee, I wonder what would happen if you two hooked up.
Guys, meet your love child.
Do Gibbs and the director.
Now, that's not a bad combination.
Even with Gibbs as her father, I'd date her.
Never more than once, DiNozzo.
Aw,Aw you and the director make nice Gibblets, Gibbs.
McGee, pull up that Web site.
While you three were playing, Abby found out where our lieutenant was the day she was abducted.
Speed dating? There was an e-mail invitation on her computer.
It's a three-day event, and she went missing after the first day.
Gas station where Farris stole her SUV was two blocks from the hotel hosting it.
So she wasn't screaming about being singled out by a guy.
She was talking about this.
I've heard of VSO.
Apparently, they have an 85% success rate.
For what? For marriages.
What about kidnappings, McGee? I will work on getting a list of clients attending the event.
I tried it.
Their lawyers say that Virginia's Singled Out is a confidential service, so they keep their client list under lock and key.
- Warrant.
On it, boss.
- Not enough time, it ends tonight.
I can't tell you who is there but I can tell you that it's the same guys from Sunday night.
You want to know how I know? VSO is designed to introduce successful men to a wide assortment of eligible women.
Each night brings the promise of romance and a chance of finding your soul mate.
Or so I've heard.
Okay, you know what, I I thought about going to one, one time.
After this is over, you and I are gonna have a little talk.
So the men remain the same, but the women change every night.
Hey, we're doing this the old-fashioned way.
So, Ziva, you still think being a geek makes for a good cover? You sure about this? Oh, absolutely.
We have created an image of Lieutenant Sullivan's type.
Hopefully, the similarities with trigger a visceral response in our kidnapper.
Do you really think he'll come back for another woman, Ducky? No, no, no, no.
I think he'll come back to avoid suspicion.
I doubt you'll be in any kind of danger.
Video surveillance glasses.
Good work, McGee! I look like a dork.
Yeah, that's the point.
And this is a portable fingerprint scanner, it's wireless.
We'll know within a matter of seconds if the prints you collect match our mystery print from the SUV.
All you have to do is get each dater to press his right index finger here.
Is that all, Abby? How do you suggest I do that? Improvise.
You'll figure it out.
Our priority is I.
'ing the members and finding out which one drives a silver Honda Accord.
Questions? Uh, just one.
Can anyone please explain what speed dating is? I thought you were kidding me, Gibbs.
You'll do fine, Ziva.
I had marriages shorter than that.
I'm starting to understand why.
Tony, sit-rep.
No silver Accord in the parking structure.
Our girl is looking a little nervous now.
I think we found her kryptonite.
Our big bad spy doesn't do geek.
Did he just say "Greek"? How about both of you shut up.
Okay, daters, we've got a really full house tonight, so please remember, be courteous to each other, and move at the sound of the chime please begin now.
Hey, Natalie.
I'm Larry.
Uh, last name? Uh, West.
Uh, banker by trade, but my passion happens to be astronomy.
Um, wh-why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself.
I like - computers.
- Mm-hmm.
And that stuff you do with the yarn.
- Knitting? - Yes! That's it.
Has anyone ever told you you're very attractive, Natalie? My brother.
That's interesting.
Get his prints, Ziva.
You know, I feel Unit face is up.
Just getting his print now.
with you, Gary.
- Larry.
- Oh.
What do you got in your hand there? I- It's called a mood scanner.
- See? - Oh.
Let's me know if you're in the mood.
Oh, very New Age- I like that.
There's something about your eyes.
I get that a lot.
It's allergies.
What kind of car do you drive? Does it really matter? Well, cars get me extremely hot Larry.
I drive a Porch.
- You mean a Porsche.
- Yeah.
It's in the shop.
That's a nice car.
We're oh for one.
- 24 more guys to go.
- He's clean, Ziva.
Yeah, well, you didn't have to smell him, Gibbs.
And do turn up the charm, Ziva David, you're a geek, not mentally deranged.
Get you another one, sir? Ah.
Uh Yeah, sure.
Why not? Thanks Graham.
You with the speed dating party, sir? Why? Do I look like I need that stuff to get a date? I have to ask, sir, they get 15% off drinks.
Just my luck.
I'm just waiting for a friend.
Met her online last month she was supposed to be here an hour ago.
Want to see a picture? Recognize her? Dirty vodka martini.
She's a regular.
See her on Sunday afternoon.
Really? Was she here alone or with someone? She was with the speed dating party.
Couple guys were buying drinks for her afterwards.
- You know how that goes.
- Yeah.
Any of those McFisters here now? That's one of them.
Over there.
The, uh, gentleman with the glasses across from the nerdy-looking girl.
Thank you.
Did you get that, boss? Yeah.
Got It.
I need a print on this guy.
And you are out of time, Ziva.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
I think there's something spiritual about glass.
Hot molten, silicate, - shaping it - You know, I-I feel a an attraction between us, Calvin.
- Really? - Yes, something animal, you know? Something, uh, primal.
Uh okay.
And time.
Print didn't scan.
Ziva, we still need his print.
Oh, we did get a hit on his name.
Calvin Hooper reported silver Honda Accord stolen Sunday night in Fairfax.
- Could have been the one following Farris.
- Tony take him down, quietly.
Intercepting now, boss.
Would you like to get a bite to eat, Calvin? Uh you mean together? Of course.
Uh well, sure.
I'd love to.
Or let's just skip the dinner and go straight for dessert.
You know, this kind of thing never happens to me.
Oh! - Calvin Hooper? - Yes? Huh? Remove your hand or I will rip your arm off and beat you to death with it.
It's not a match.
What? Run it again.
Boss, he's not our guy.
But but you have no right to arrest me.
You're not under arrest, Calvin.
We just want to clear up a few things.
No one read me my Miranda rights.
That's because you're not under arrest.
- Yet.
- Ziva! Sorry.
You should be proud of him.
DiNozzo? When you left, there were some rocky moments.
He really held the team together.
It's what I trained him to do.
I just thought you should know he excelled at it.
Then give him his own team, Jen.
You think he's ready? I wouldn't have quit if he wasn't.
You should tell him that.
Oh, trust me.
When DiNozzo thinks he's ready for his own team, you'll know about it.
Hell, the whole world will know about it.
So you reported your car stolen Sunday night.
Is that some kind of crime? No.
Of course not.
However, - filing a false police report - Crime! I think I want a lawyer now.
What part of "You're not under arrest" don't you get, Calvin? So I I'm free to go here at any time? Sure.
Unless we charge you with a crime.
See, the thing is, Cal Can I call you Cal? Arresting you means more paperwork for me.
So what I need from you is the truth.
But my car really was stolen.
Which sucks for you.
Unfortunately, you reported it stolen from your home in Fairfax.
Speed dating is a three-day event.
You stayed at the Belmar every night.
You paid cash up front.
Which was wise, considering that you're married and attending a speed dating service.
I'm calling his wife.
No, wait! Please.
It wasn't stolen from my house, but you can't I She She'll find out.
My wife is at her sister's place in Jersey.
- They just had a baby.
- Oh.
I've been married I was just trying to have a little fun.
Yeah What we need to know is where and when, Cal.
The first day of the event I - struck out.
- Shocking.
So I drove over to the Texaco station around 6:00 to get some cigarettes and wine, and I'm in the store maybe a minute when I I look out, and this guy is driving away in my car.
Please describe him.
White, about your height.
He was wearing a Chicago Cubs hat.
And, really, you know,I just got a glimpse of him.
Not good enough.
You grabbed my ass, Calvin.
No! Hold on! Hold on! Just a second.
Um Just gi-gi-gi-give me a second.
Just a second.
Uh When I drove up, he, uh he was standing out front.
And he he was on the pay phone.
And I swear, that's all I can remember.
Farris stole the lieutenant's SUV with the lieutenant in it from the gas station at around 1800.
And Cubs Hat steals Calvin's car at the same time, same place, and follows him.
Well, do you think they were working together? It's possible.
Except they weren't.
Guy in the Cubby hat stopped by to use the pay phone.
Probably didn't want to risk being overheard.
Didn't figure on Farris coming by and stealing his car.
So he had to steal the Accord to follow Farris.
If he wanted the lieutenant back.
Well, we got to get that pay phone, find out who he was calling.
McGee just brought it back.
Feast your eyes on the Western Electric 1D2, a piece of 1989's finest technology.
The three latent prints that we took off this phone matched our mystery print that we got from the back of Sullivan's SUV.
Cubs Hat is definitely our kidnapper.
Did you run the calls made Sunday night? Did and done, Ziva.
The traces just came in.
There were only four calls made from the pay phone that night.
I mean, the pay phone industry has been decimated by cell phone penetration.
The only time you really use a pay phone would be on an airplane, which is probably the reason that you can't use your cell phone on an airplane.
Abs, our missing lieutenant? Right.
Um Three of the calls were to taxicab companies, and one was to a warehouse in Fredericksburg.
It's a rental space.
There's the address.
Good job.
Those are two words I will never take for granted again, Bert.
No one's here, boss.
The lieutenant was here.
It's her purse.
Military I.
is still inside.
- They knew we were coming.
- Maybe not, boss.
You definitely need to check this out.
Looks like a professional crew.
Detailed itineraries, blueprints, and a scale model.
It's for the Belmar Plaza Hotel.
They planning a heist? Yeah.
A big one.
Coin convention and auction.
They're planning on hitting the hotel's vault.
Does it say how? From inside.
They're working the place.
What does the lieutenant have to do with this? She was dating one of them.
Alpha Bravo, one-zero-one-six.
The missing profile.
It says here he's a hotel bartender that lied to her about his entire past.
She ran a background check on his cover.
I can only imagine he panicked when she started questioning him about it.
We need to get to the hotel before they hit the vault.
They started four minutes ago.
Come on.
You really had us scared there for a minute, Annie.
We thought you might be FBI or a detective working for the hotel.
But no cops.
Looks like you were telling me the truth.
I'd wish you luck with the whole husband thing, but I don't think it's really going to work out for you.
I'm not exactly the marrying type.
We're running eight minutes behind schedule.
Sanitize the warehouse.
We meet at the airport in two hours.
It's nothing personal, Annie.
You just know too much.
Don't move.
Drop your weapon! Or, if you'd prefer, I can shoot you in the spine.
Would you rather be a para - or quadriplegic? NCIS! Put your hands where we can see them! Have a seat.
You're going to be all right.
Thank you.
You can't tell me you didn't miss this when you were in Mexico.
A couple of minutes.
That's it? That's the difference between putting the lieutenant in a body bag or an ambulance.
Come in, Tony.
How did you know it was me? Because your deadline passed hours ago.
I've made my decision.
And I respect it.
Sometimes I even wish I made the same one myself.
But I'm passing on the promotion, Jenny.
I know.
How can you know? I just made up my mind behind the door.
To get here, in this office, especially as a woman? My career has been on the fast track my entire life.
And, between you and me? Sometimes I wish I had taken it a little slower.
So you're not disappointed? No.
Actually, I'm feeling a bit proud at the moment.
Go home and get some sleep.
Listen this wouldn't be the right time to bring up the possibility of a performance award or? Good night, Tony.
Yeah, I didn't think so.
Good night, Jenny.