NCIS s04e05 Episode Script

Dead and Unburied

It's a great neighborhood.
Very quiet, very private.
There's an oversized backyard, that's a big plus.
Whole house has been newly renovated.
There are upgrades all over the place.
Stainless appliances, air purification system, total move-in condition.
The furniture is rented, but if you like it,I can have the company make you a deal.
Amy, you are going to love the kitchen, but first I'm going to show you guys the living room.
It has a wall-mounted flat screen and a gas log fireplace.
You won't believe how easy this is.
One push of a button Isn't that cozy? Make sure you capture the back of his head, too.
- If you would be so kind.
- You got it.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
There's no rush, gentlemen.
Our patient isn't going anywhere.
I don't know, Ducky, the old Gibbs is back.
The old Gibbs? McGee, over here.
Hands and knees.
On the floor.
Okay, um You're not going to step on me, are you? Footprints.
Footprints It's a pretty tight weave.
Looks like sisal.
It's a naturally stiff fiber woven from the leaf of a cactus plant.
It doesn't mat, trap dust, build static.
Makes it ideal for carpeting.
Personally, I prefer a good shag.
From a criminal-investigative standpoint.
I don't see any dirty footprints.
I think it's safe to assume that our friend didn't stroll in here on his own.
You look happy to see me, boss.
Oh, the coffee.
Ran the military ID our local LEO's got off the body.
Lance Corporal James Finn.
Stationed at Quantico.
Went UA when his unit was shipped to Iraq six months ago.
Looks like he's got a pretty good reason for not showing.
Find out where he was buried.
It won't be far, McGee.
Had the trip been longer, some bits would have fallen off.
Okay, I'll check the backyard.
Scene's not going to sketch itself.
Ow! Perhaps it would be better if you fetched the gurney, Mr.
I've seen all I need to see here.
Yes, Doctor.
It's a tidy crime scene.
It appears to be a body drop.
A tertiary crime scene, or quaternary, or quinary I could go on.
Oh, you did.
It's an odd decorating choice.
Although the corpse does give the place a certain lived-in look.
You can see he brushed the dirt off his face.
Oh, geez! Hello.
Sorry Nicrophorus americanus.
Also known as "the carrion beetle.
" In here, you little monkey.
A reminder that Shakespeare got it wrong.
We are not food for worms.
It's the flies and beetles that feast upon us.
I'm more interested in why someone did this, Doctor.
Then I'll have to research the predatory, manipulative, grandiose nature of this behavior.
But my first impression is that we're dealing with a complete loon.
That Masters in psych is starting to pay off, Ducky.
Merciful God in Heaven.
I have seen a lot of things selling real estate, but can you imagine walking in, seeing that? When was the last time you were here? Yesterday morning.
First showing.
And everything was normal? There was no rotting corpsein the living room, if that's what you mean.
Who else had access? A couple of dozen real estate women.
The keys are in a lock box on the front door.
Who's the owner? A local contractor and me.
Uh, I buy and Bob fixes.
We split the profits.
Bob? Robert Whitehead, the contractor.
A number where he can be reached? Yeah.
So who put the body here, you or Bob? Neither of us.
Though it is an empty house.
If you're looking to ditch a body, that's a real plus.
I came as fast as I could.
You okay? That's my husband I called him.
Just duck under the tape, Rick.
It's a crime scene.
- Crime scene? Honey, you all right? - She's fine.
I am not fine.
I had to cancel my 1:00 showing.
Think I found where he was buried.
Checked for footprints, but it rained last night, so everything's pretty washed out.
You got access? There's side access at street level.
Chain link fence around the yard, but any one with gloves could have scaled it.
Wait for me! The real estate agent solve the big mystery? No, but she owns the property with a contractor and every real estate agent in town had access.
I meant the mystery of how they expect to sell a house for 600 grand when it only has two and a half bathrooms.
Well, you know what they say: location, location location.
So, judging from the marks around the edges, looks like the digger used a garden spade.
The soil's not real packed, so it would have been easy digging for a male or a female.
You see that? Black plastic bags.
Garbage bags.
Body bag.
Get it back to Abby, and a soil sample.
I want ground-penetrating radar.
Uh, boss, those techs are booked weeks in advance.
I'm going to tell them it's an emergency and I will not budge until they show.
- Who's staying with McGee? - I can.
If you want Tony to check out the other real estate women.
Fine with me.
Tony, stay with McGee.
You shouldn't have licked your chops like a hungry wolf.
Much better.
Before I smelled like dirt and sweat.
Now I smell like dirt, sweat and sandalwood.
Good morning.
What are you doing at my desk? Couldn't find my deodorant, so I used yours.
No, you didn't.
Yeah, we're partners.
What's the big deal? A hair! Come on, you attach electrodes to men's testicles.
You getting squeamish about a hair? I'm not going to feel bad.
Those ground radar techs didn't show till dawn.
McGee and I watched the sunrise together.
It was very Brokeback Mountain.
He had me at "howdy.
" How romantic.
I'm sorry I missed it.
Well, I can show it to you on my new phone it takes video.
Behold the majesty of the sun.
On a two-inch screen? Are we all getting those? Nope.
I bought it.
Expensive? Not really.
Yeah, really.
You've been dropping a lot of cash lately, McGee.
New phone, new watch, new teeth.
What's up? Ducky matched the dental records.
The body downstairs is Lance Corporal Finn.
Ziva, when did you? McGee how long does it take to put on a clean shirt? Ten seconds.
With buttons, a little longer.
Rhetorical question.
Contractor's off the hook.
He's been out of town for a week.
Going to check on the real estate agents this morning.
That's all you did? No.
While you and McGee were watching the sunrise, I was pulling Lance Corporal Finn's SRB.
And I would have to say it was spotty.
He was Unc' on the range and failed his swim qual.
So they made him a supply clerk.
Six months ago, he signed out on a three-day pass before deploying to Iraq and never returned home.
- Get me his C.
- He's in Iraq.
I'll contact MTAC.
I put in a request for Finn's bank records, earning statements and medical records.
Night wasn't a total loss.
ground radar picked up a shovel about ten feet from the gravesite.
Already sent it to Abby.
Yep! The old Gibbs is back.
You see something, Abs? Beauty.
I mean, it's tragic, but if you were to see this tableau in a museum, you'd swear it was a brilliant commentary on the human condition.
What? Corpse staring at a TV set? - It says it all.
- Well, it doesn't say who put him there or why.
That's for us to find out.
You shaved your mustache.
I liked you with a little hair on your face.
Still got my eyebrows.
Good point.
I found Finn's blood, hair and fingerprints on the plastic.
So he was probably wrapped in it.
But I didn't find any other prints on the plastic or the shovel.
No chance of grabbing the gravedigger's sweat off the handle? After being underground, it's unlikely.
Strange case, huh? I had this friend once that used to display roadkill in his living room.
- He had an NEA grant - Abby.
Um, next I analyzed the soil.
It's compost material.
Rocks and small sticks.
Nothing's over an inch long.
It would indicate that it was processed through a screen.
Pretty clean for dirt.
It's a commercial product.
But the house was just re-landscaped, so it's not surprising.
I sent the acidity levels to Ducky.
I then inventoried Finn's personal items.
Got anything with a date on it? Nope.
No credit card or purchase receipts.
I guess he was a cash guy.
I mean if you can call a guy with $31.
71 a cash guy.
His clothes were Dockers from Sears.
No judgments.
The shirt is a large, the shoes are off-brand.
And his underwear are boxer-briefs.
Like you wear, Gibbs.
You're fishin', Ab Are they regular boxers? Trunks? Bikinis? Nothing? Mr.
Palmer, have you finished the chromatographic analysis of his volatile fatty acid? Yes, Doctor.
Well, let's plug the numbers into the computer and let's how long our friend has been leaking into the topsoil.
Agent Gibbs will be here soon and he will ask How'd the lance corporal die, Doctor? "How he died" may take me a while.
Try, "When did he die?" That's my next question.
That, I can answer.
It's a tricky calculation.
One has to factor in temperature, soil acidity, and the variety and volume of insects who now call Lance Corporal Finn their home.
Give me a round number.
three-percent margin of error.
It would appear you deserted before you died.
Gibbs, Lance Corporal Finn's fiancée's upstairs.
She saw a report on the local news last night.
How, Doctor? As soon as I know, you'll know.
Her name is Siri Albert.
She's 25, lives in Manassas, and works as a physical therapist.
- Finn's fiancée is here.
I put her in the conference room.
- You did? I did.
No, I did.
His fiancée? Yeah, his fiancée.
Tall? Like brown hair? Red hair.
Someone has made a huge mistake.
James isn't dead.
He's been writing me letters from Iraq.
It's a common name.
The news said he was born in Jackson, Pennsylvania.
It's a small town.
That James Finn has been dead three months.
He left for Iraq three months ago.
I saw him the morning he went away.
And I just got a letter from him last week.
He says he misses me and he's working a lot.
We'll need those.
Okay, but I want them back.
It's his handwriting.
I recognize it.
They've been coming for months.
Now I want to know who that other woman is.
We're not here to talk about that.
Is she saying that she's engaged to Jimmy, too? 'Cause if that's true, he better hope he's dead, or else I'll kill him.
James and I connected on a deep, spiritual level.
From then on, any time he was in town, he was with me.
How often did you see him? He would come and go a lot.
But I understood.
That's how it is with Special Ops.
Lance Corporal Finn's record does not indicate he was involved with Special Operations.
He said his missions were top secret.
He wanted to tell me more, but he didn't want to put me in danger.
When'd you last see Lance Corporal Finn? Six months ago.
Before he left for Iraq.
How'd you meet? At a bar.
Two years ago.
I was there with some girlfriends, and when I got up to go to the ladies' room, he blocked my path, said he couldn't keep his eyes off me.
And that worked? What worked is that when we talked, he had something to say.
Most guys won't shut up about their online war games, but this guy, he had seen real action.
And I was feeling patriotic that night, so I invited him to come home with me.
The sex was fantastic.
When did you two get engaged? About a week before he left.
James wanted to borrow $30,000.
Did he tell you what the money was for? Gambling debts.
And if he didn't pay, they were gonna hurt him.
Who? He said it was better if I didn't know.
Because of the danger.
Look, I didn't give him the money.
I loaned it to him.
So you drew up a legal document? No.
But we had an oral agreement.
I mean, he promised to pay me back.
With interest.
I mean, I maxed out all of my cards, so you better find that money.
What was he like the last time you saw him? He was sweet.
We made love right before he left.
He use a condom? I'm on the pill.
We were engaged.
Abs, can DNA still be recovered from Lance Corporal Finn's skivvies? It would take the cooperation of weather and protection.
He was wrapped in plastic and it's been cold , so there's a decent chance.
Well, run the tests.
We'll do a cheek swab on his fiancées.
Wait, did you say "fiancées?" Like plural? Huh.
Is that it? For now, Siri.
I need to follow you home and pick up his belongings.
I want them back when James returns.
He's dead.
He can't return.
LookI know he's not dead.
I would feel it in my heart.
We're soul mates.
Agent Lee.
I need legal help.
We have a suspect who's refusing a cheek swab.
I'll file for a DNA search warrant.
What's the name? Rebecca Kemp.
I'll e - mail you the info.
Listen you miss working with us? I think the legal department is more my speed.
Why, do you miss me? Uh, sure.
Boss Agent Lee is getting us our cheek swab.
Rebecca paranoid or guilty? Might just be angry.
At Finn, us, the world.
Go back with her to her apartment, get Finn's stuff.
And, no, I don't want to wait for a search warrant.
- I'll grab my coat.
Wait at the elevator.
- Okay.
Hey, you.
Where's my money? Yeah, you.
Did you and Jimmy spend it? Please get away from me.
I don't know you.
I am Jimmy's fiancee.
James loved me.
He used you.
You liar! Chick fight! He loved me! Get off of me! Stop it! Hey! Get off her! Get off her! Get up.
How'd this guy die, Doctor? As I told you, when I know, you'll know.
Know faster.
Shaving off your moustache has brought back your usual impatience.
Means I'm doing my job.
I do have a potential cause of death.
But it's by no means airtight.
See this fracture? Well, yeah, you're pointing right at it.
The brain revealed an epidural hematoma, verified by this CAT scan.
Though it's far from massive.
Statistically, it's only fatal in about 17% of cases.
Blunt-force trauma? Most likely.
We're looking at a baseball bat or a golf club, perhaps wielded by a disgruntled fiancée.
You tell me how; I'll figure out who.
Intelligence has placed La Grenouille in Nairobi.
That might mean a shipment to Somalia.
We'll continue to monitor these activities.
Just do your best.
Mission trouble? It's need-to-know.
Initiate the video conference Special Agent Gibbs requested.
Have you figured out why somebody would unbury a body? That's need-to-know.
You can't pull that one with me, Jethro.
I'm your boss.
Iraq standing by, ma'am.
I got your e-mail concerning Lance Corporal Finn.
I assume you've been over his SRB.
Yeah, we have, Skipper.
We'd like to know what's not on the record.
Finn wasn't one of my stronger Marines.
Wasn't surprised he went UA.
He have any enemies in the company? He was well-liked.
Played poker.
Not well, but covered his debts.
Liked to talk about his sexual exploits in detail.
You know how marines love that.
How does a dead marine, stateside, send letters home from Iraq? Wondered about that myself.
Get over here, marine.
Meet Lance Corporal Hagan, soon to be Private Hagan.
Before deployment, Finn gave him a couple hundred bucks to pop letters in the mail to two women.
The first batch started six months ago.
The second, three months later.
Got enough to last the rest of our deployment.
Gonna need those.
Send 'em on the next flight out.
Two fiancées That a marine thing? That's need-to-know, too, Director.
- Do you see it yet? - No.
Keep looking.
Abby, I've been staring at this thing for five minutes.
I don't see anything that I would consider to be art.
But you took the picture.
Just because Ducky told me to.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
I'm sure you find other things beautiful.
Like Gibbs breaking up a chick fight.
I can't believe I missed that.
Well, I've got good news.
Guess what is now playing on McGee TV.
I hug and kiss technology.
You liar! Mee-yow.
Which one's Siri? The one that Gibbs is pulling off the other girl.
It's always good to have a face to put with genetic material.
You get a match on her off Finn's clothing? Yeah.
But not just her.
There was a party in Finn's pants.
I found genetic material from two distinct females.
Siri and? A mystery woman.
That would explain why Rebecca refused the cheek swab.
Told us she hadn't seen him in six months.
Play it again.
Plus, Rebecca's got a lot of anger in her.
Oh, I wouldn't assume Siri is innocent.
Why not? Look at the fight.
Siri initiates it.
She may not be as sweet as she looks.
This is my favorite part.
Which part? I was lucky to get out of Rebecca's apartment alive.
She threw this at my head.
Finn was reading Moby Dick? No, she was throwing it.
I took it so she couldn't re-arm.
Okay, let's see what he had at Siri's place.
- Razor and a toothbrush.
- Razor and a toothbrush.
Three pairs of white underwear.
Three pairs pinkish underwear.
One black sock with a gold toe.
Don't you hate it when you leave one black sock at one fiancee's house and the other one at the other's house? One pair of blue jeans.
And one black mesh T-shirt.
Do women really like these? Depends on who's wearing it.
- So if I - No.
Not much to go on.
Only one place left to check.
Ha, ha.
Tony just put his hand in another man's pocket and it made him very happy.
I found a pre-paid calling card.
That's it? Yes.
No engagement rings? You want those, too? I'll go to Siri's and get the ring and any other gifts Finn might've given her.
McGee, you've got Rebecca.
How could they have been so clueless? Well, he's dead, so maybe they weren't.
Officer David.
This is Jody Carvell.
I am standing outside of the Larson Lane house.
Are you aware that the police tape is still up? Yes, it's an ongoing investigation.
It's the real-estate agent.
Okay, for how much longer? It costs me money every day I can't show this house.
- Yes, but I - This is outrageous.
No, I I would like to speak to your supervisor, if I could.
She wants to have a word with my supervisor.
Miss Kemp? It's NCIS.
We need to speak with you again.
Rebecca? Rebecca, what happened? Did you call 911? Hold on.
Yes, I've got a woman here who's shot, need immediat medical attention.
Why would someone unbury body? I can answer that.
To send a message.
Like, "Hi, I'm dead.
" "Never get engaged to two women at the same time? It would be easier to just rent a billboard.
Second question.
Where's the money Ah! maybe in Siri's engagement ring.
I got to bring this down to Abby.
I can save you an elevator trip.
Oh, that's nice.
It's creating condensation.
On a real diamond, it evaporates immediately.
It's, uh, staying.
Because it's a fake.
Give it one more try, just to make sure.
I'm not blowing on you again.
Question three.
"Why buy a shovel?" Oops.
"Why bury a shovel?" I have no answer to that.
But here, how about this one? Who is Darkman? That is the question.
Liam Neeson in the directed by Sam Raimi about a mentally unstable scientist who seeks revenge.
You left out "Who shot Rebecca?" That was my next question.
Siri claims she was out walking at the time of the shooting.
No witnesses.
GSR tests came back negative.
Even if Siri shot Rebecca, I don't think she killed Finn.
I saw her face when she saw his body.
If Siri's innocent, she'd assume that Rebecca's guilty and she'd seek revenge.
Shooting someone in broad daylight is just dumb.
You're not thinking like a jealous woman, Ziva.
They're keeping Rebecca in the hospital overnight.
She lost a lot of blood,but the wound was through and through.
Anything on the shooter? Said she didn't get a good look at her.
How'd she know it was a her? Rebecca said she heard a female voice at the door.
When she opened it, bang.
Siri? Maybe not.
When I went back to search Rebecca's place, I found this between the couch pillows.
Rebecca shot herself.
I think so.
She lost a lot today: her fiancee, her life savings.
Her respect.
Could have been a failed suicide attempt.
Or a bid for sympathy.
Or an attempt to escape discovery that she had sex with Finn the day she died.
What's your gut tell you, boss? Take your shirt off.
Here we go.
I know it's kind of messy.
The shirt, McGee, take it off now.
Take it down to Abby.
Or would you rather wait for a search warrant? Rebecca's DNA.
I need to borrow one of your shirts.
You afraid all that white might burn out Abby's corneas? Do not make me walk around like this all day.
Come on.
Help me out.
All right.
I can't resist a damsel in distress.
Here, take this! I get a fresh one.
Wow, it's just like Chippendale's without the bow ties or muscles.
Give me a second.
I just have to finish this e-mail to Kofi Annan.
Kofi can wait.
What is it, Jethro? - The Finn case.
- Yes? You're lost on this one? Puzzled.
They barely knew Finn, yet they let him move in, loaned him money.
They trusted a man who took advantage of them.
If you're in a relationship and the other person is keeping secrets, how would you know? You'd know.
I didn't.
Who lied to you? You did.
Not exactly lied, but you just didn't tell me the whole truth either.
You're comparing me to Finn? I'm just saying that you can be involved with someone without fully knowing them.
How could you not tell me about your family? Finish your e-mail.
You wanted my advice.
Just don't be too hard on the fiancees.
Finn duped them.
And I shouldn't have brought up the past.
I know you had your reasons for not wanting to talk about it.
We're talking about it now.
Now is not Paris.
Your priorities were clear on Paris.
I had a job to do in Europe.
If I had told you about my first wife, would it have made a difference? We'll never know, will we? Yeah.
You went home early.
Stayed until 2130.
That's early for you.
You called to talk about my work hours, Dr.
Mallard? No, Agent Gibbs.
I had a hunch which led me to trim Lance Corporal Finn's nose hairs.
I don't think he'd done it for some time.
I discovered something under the microscope.
Among the keratin proteins, I found translucent fibers of glass.
- Fiberglass? - Exactly.
He must have inhaled them in.
I'd say, most likely from insulation.
Maybe the house wasn't just a body drop.
He's speaking softly, but Lance Corporal Finn has more to say.
Would you mind clearing up, Mr.
Palmer? Not at all, Doctor.
I know you've been putting in long hours recently.
Just doing my job.
I appreciate the can-do attitude.
Good night.
Night, Doctor.
Agent Lee, you're working late.
Still organizing paperwork on the Wheaton case, Dr.
I need the autopsy report.
What happened to the one I sent up to Legal yesterday? I'm afraid I shredded it by mistake.
You must be more careful.
I know.
I'm sorry, Dr.
No worries.
I'm sure Mr.
Palmer will give you what you need.
Thank you.
That's about how it looked three months ago.
The living room floor was the last thing we closed up.
We ran the AC ducts under this section.
The damn inspector was weeks late.
You have security at night here, Bob? Not on a job this size.
We use standard fiberglass insulation, CDX subfloor.
You see something? Well, yeah, your joist, I would have built them on 16.
Then you wouldn't make a profit.
That joist there look discolored to you? Could be mold.
Mold spreads from the bottom up.
Need a black.
On it, boss.
We'll be there soon.
Boss, Abby ran the prepaid phone card we found in Finn's pocket.
Had only one call in it.
It was to a self-storage company in Dale City, Virginia.
- Good.
Call the storage - I I did.
I was just taking a breath.
I called the self-storage place.
Finn paid for the unit in cash, only signed in once, so I figured that Ziva and I should probably get down there and check it out.
Sorry about the breath.
Kind of reminds me of Pacific Heights.
Don't tell me.
A movie? Yeah, interesting plot.
Yuppie couple buys their dream house then the tenant from hell tries to destroy it.
Michael Keaton's best work.
Looks like organic material.
Would a two by six match Finn's head injury? Ducky thinks the blunt object hit his temple.
Or maybe his temple hit a blunt object.
Which would have landed him nose-first in this insulation.
Get a sample of this wood back to Abby.
Oh, my God! Bob, why are you letting them destroy our property? - They're cops, Jody.
- What is she doing here? I called her.
She should know what's going on.
Well, it's coming out of your profits, Bob.
Wait a minute, Jody.
That sisal's expensive.
You need to calm down, Mrs.
Calm down? I just found a dead guy in the living room and I am losing money every day.
Oh, and my father just died of leukemia, so don't you tell me to calm down.
I'm thinking before we open this up, maybe we should rub some Vick's under our noses.
I don't think we'll find a body.
Hope not.
Hate that.
Nothing? Well, whatever Lance Corporal Finn was planning on putting in here, he didn't get a chance to.
McGee, give me your flashlight.
You didn't bring your own? It's too heavy.
It pulls my pants down.
Now close the door.
- To the right.
To the right.
- Yeah.
Just, more to the left.
More to the left.
- Okay, hold it.
- Yeah.
Too small to hold a body.
Big enough to hold a head.
Is that what I think it is? Oh, yes.
Hey, got another DNA sample to test.
it's a rush job.
So, should I put it in front of my other rush jobs? Yes.
Okay, I'll make it a rush-rush job, right on it, unless I get a rush-rush-rush job.
Thanks Abs.
Hey, um, could you tell Gibbs that I got the results back from Rebecca's DNA? It does not match the genetic material in Finn's shorts.
That means we're Looking for a third one.
Since you revisited the crime scene, I decided I want to revisit the body.
Something's troubling me.
Me, too.
What's that, Tony? Well, Finn had two entrees and still had room for dessert.
Makes me wonder if there was anything, you know, - special about him.
- Like what? Oh like that.
Did he have extra women because he had something extra for the women? Well, take a look for yourself.
Sadly, the first thing the maggots eat is the soft tissue.
Still, you've given me an idea.
To vomit? No, to reexamine the soft tissue.
Thanks, Tony.
I do what I can.
Ducky, is there any way to psychologically un-see something? Finn's bag contained worth about $78,400 at today's conversion rate.
Mint numbers? Tracing 'em now the coins were purchased over the Internet in three batches.
I should have the dates here in a moment.
We figured $60,000 came from the fiancees, and Finn must have tossed in the rest.
Officer David.
Okay, first batch of gold purchased nine months ago and paid for with a money order.
- The second batch - That was Abby.
She was searching non-standard databases with the third woman's DNA.
She got a hit on a bone marrow donor bank.
Pull it up.
That's not what I expected.
Her father died of leukemia.
Pick her up.
Take DiNozzo with you.
You interrogated her and didn't pick up she had sex with Finn? It was an interview, not an interrogation- and excuse me if my brain didn't go to the sex place.
Mine would.
I'm sure that's why you have a leg up on other investigators.
See? You say "leg up," I instantly went to the sex place.
Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, stop! Stop! I'm sorry, I need to go.
I have a showing At NCIS.
What's going on? Hey.
Hey! Stop pointing a gun at my wife.
She tried to rat on us.
She means rabbit.
I was in a hurry for a showing.
Are you arresting her? Taking her to NCIS to answer a few questions.
Well, I'm coming too.
- Rick, you don't have to - Jody, I'm your husband.
So why didn't you tell us you knew Lance Corporal Finn? I was afraid that my husband would find out.
That you killed him? I didn't kill James.
It was an accident.
He fell, he hit his head; I did not kill him.
I loved him.
Swear to God.
Do you have any idea how many murderers swear to God they didn't do it? I come from a good Catholic family.
When we swear to God, we mean it.
Room for one more? I haven't seen you in Observation for a while, Ducky.
I've learned as much as I can from the dead.
It's time to listen to the living.
You met in a bar.
Yes How did you know that? When? Nine months ago.
You sleep with him that night? No! That's right - I forgot you're from a good Catholic family.
Did you sleep with him the second night? Your husband never knew.
I would tell him that I had a late showing, and I'd meet James at the house on Larson Lane.
I know that that sounds immoral, but it is not what you think.
Well, let me guess.
You had a deep spiritual connection.
I had already decided I was gonna leave my husband.
I just had to wait for Your father to die.
When you say it, it sounds horrible.
Oh yeah.
It is.
If Dad knew I was getting a divorce, he'd have disowned me.
She inherited $2 million last month when Dad died.
Ah How about if you were a murderer? I didn't kill James.
You buried him.
I did not even know that he was dead.
I will admit that we had a fight.
James wanted to borrow money and I refused, and he got angry, and and he said that we were through.
He got up to leave.
I just wanted him to stay.
I, uh took his cigarettes.
Give 'em back! No! Now! No! Not unless you promise James! I just got in my car, and I drove for hours.
I came back to-to check on him, to see if he was okay, but He was dead, so you buried him.
James was gone.
I thought that he was fine, until I went to that house for the showing the other day.
And there he was.
And I could only think of one explanation.
It was the hand of God.
- Can Gibbs arrest God? - I don't know.
It's like the Thing trying to bring in the Hulk.
She's telling the truth.
Where you going? To tell Gibbs.
What do you think? I'm glad the glass is bullet-proof.
Excuse me, uh, could I have a word?with you? Working.
It's related and important.
She's telling the truth.
God put the body there? No.
Someone who was playing God.
She didn't bury him.
Your gut telling you this? I've been watching her.
She feels guilt, empathy, remorse.
That doesn't fit the psychological profile.
She's deceitful, conniving, an adulterous, which does.
I'm trying to give you my professional opinion.
Then tell me after I have finished interrogating the suspect.
Timothy? do you have a moment? Uh, actually, I'm watching Jody Carvell's husband.
Yes, I know I want to have a word with him.
And for you to tape it with that new cell phone of yours.
Tape you? No, no, no, no.
Not me.
Surreptitiously, of course.
Of course.
Here you go, Mr.
Thank you.
Uh, this is our medical examiner, Uh, call me Ducky.
Everyone does.
Uh, Rick.
Strange, isn't it, Rick, someone committed a murder standard.
But then they covered it up standard.
And then they uncovered it.
Far from standard.
You think my wife was involved.
And that's the problem.
James was a big man- there is no way that I could've picked him up and buried him.
Oh, that's easy.
You roll him onto the plastic and you drag him out.
Without ruining these nails? Look at them - they are so perfect.
I tried to convince Agent Gibbs that your wife was telling the truth.
I'm afraid he doesn't believe me.
Tell me, Rick, why does that please you? What? Well, you just flashed a slight, reflexive smile when I said that Gibbs didn't believe your wife I did not! Timothy? I'm afraid he doesn't believe me.
I don't know if God was watching your wife and Finn that night, but you were.
My-My wife and the dead guy? Yes, when your wife ran out of the house, you buried the body.
My God, man, why would I do that? Because you wanted the money.
Well, you had to wait until her father died before you could implicate her in the murder.
But once she got her inheritance, you disinterred the body.
You-you have a vivid imagination, Ducky.
But, uh, imagination doesn't prove anything.
No, you're quite right there.
But evidence does.
Ah, good.
Abby have you lifted the DNA from the shovel handle yet? You know, from the sweat we discovered on the handle.
Yeah, uh, right.
I - I've got it running.
I'm ready to check it.
I just need a sample.
Well, then test it against the saliva on this.
You're right.
I tried to cover up her murder.
But I didn't kill him.
That cheating bitch did.
Boss,, Mr.
Carvell here admitted to Ducky he buried the body.
Oh, my God.
It was you? Who else cleans up your messes? I was watching the two of you from the window.
You watched us make love? That's not what I'd call it.
Then what happened? They had a fight, - she hit him on the head, and she ran.
- Rick! All I did was bury him.
Well, I'm afraid you did a bit more than that.
Right I unburied him.
Sit down.
A reexamination of the conjunctival and facial tissues revealed petechial hemorrhages suggesting asphyxia.
So I looked for atelectasis in his lungs, which results from shallow breathing due to an obstruction such as plastic.
And there it was.
Lance Corporal Finn was buried alive.
He was dead! I know he was dead.
You bastard, you killed him! Ziva, get her out of here.
Handcuff him and get a sworn statement.
I hope you fry! Go to hell! Go to hell.
I got to come up here more often.
Gibbs, I screwed up.
Well, yeah.
You almost spilled my coffee.
When Tony and I ran out to pick up Jody, I left Finn's bag of gold on my desk.
I know I should've taken it to evidence, but we were focusing on Here's the inventory.
You took it to evidence.
It says here the bag contained $18,000 worth of gold.
We are $60,000 short.
You gave Siri and Rebecca back the money they loaned Finn.
I thought I'd save the courts some paperwork.
You wouldn't be getting soft? Of course not.
You shaved your moustache.
Uh, boss, reception called this morning, they said that someone was here with information about- sorry- about a case.
I went to meet her, and, um, this is Jessica Coleman, James Finn's fiancee.