NCIS s04e06 Episode Script

Witch Hunt

Not bad for a queen who's supposedly been dead for a few thousand years.
Geez, you scared the hell out of me, Erik.
You ever hear of knocking? Oh, Custer's Last Stand.
By the way, the party doesn't start for another hour.
Sarah Erik? You're not planning on leaving early, are you? And if I am? I wouldn't advise it.
You know what today is? Tuesday.
It's Halloween, Ziva.
- It's an American holiday - I know, the wearing of silly outfits and begging for treats.
I imagine it would be a DiNozzo national holiday.
Well, you imagine wrong.
I don't do Halloween.
I see.
Your father again, yes? I don't do Halloween because ever since I became a cop weird things always happen on October 31th.
Define weird.
Brave robberies, beheadings, cattle mutilations and McGee turning fuzzy and blue.
What? What's under your shirt? My T-shirt.
Okay, he's lying.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
I knew you played a fairy on that online game, but dressing up as one? It's a snow elf.
And I'm going to a costume party, okay? It's far from okay, Probie.
In fact, I'd say that this is taking geek one step beyond.
Oh, sadly, I have to agree.
I instantly felt all the respect leave my body as soon as I put this on.
Well, normally you'd be right,but you haven't yet met my ice queen.
You have to be kidding me.
Did I also mention that she's a Redskins cheerleader? Very impressive.
She's a very hot woman.
How'd you find her? Met at the Armani store.
Found out we played on the same gaming server together.
Since when can you afford Armani? Gear up.
Oh, God.
They're McGee's.
I'm going to a costume party later tonight.
Not anymore, Elf Lord.
General Custer has been shot, and he has a dead skeleton in his living room.
What did I tell you? Halloween.
No, wait, wait, wait, Sharon, it's Well, what about next weekend? Look, it's not my fault.
Oh, my poor little McGee.
There'll be other elf queens online.
She's right.
Of course they won't be Redskins cheerleaders and they'll probably weigh a few thousand pounds.
Not to mention there's a good chance some of them are actually men.
But you play long enough Anything can happen.
Guy dressed as Custer is Staff Sergeant Erik Niles.
LEOs are looking for his wife and daughter.
Blood trail leads from his house to the neighbour's house who called it in.
Tony, Ziva, get her statement.
McGee, start processing the Staff Sergeant's living room.
Oh, and there's a, uh dead John Doe in there dressed like a skeleton.
What happened to them? Halloween.
Sorry we're late, only we had a minor run-in with some local youths.
Yeah, I can see that, Doctor.
Did you get a good look at them? We did better than that.
Release the captives, Mr.
Are we in trouble? Where we at? We said we were sorry.
Clean it.
Nice work, Palmer.
It wasn't me, Tony.
Mallard chased them for three blocks.
Oh, please, it's not that impressive.
It's not as if they were real ninjas.
I thought he was play-acting at first.
General Custer's Last Stand, all that? You removed his jacket.
Why? To check for other wounds.
There weren't any.
Just a single gunshot wound that nicked his carotid artery.
I'm a doctor, paediatrician.
Oh Oh, that explains why he headed over here.
You probably saved his life, Doctor.
I stabilized him the best I could until the EMTs arrived.
And it's Leslie.
Did he say anything to you? He was trying to.
I think it was his daughter's name Sarah.
I'm hoping she was with her mother when this this happened.
No, that's not creepy.
Palmer! Is something wrong? You trying to get shot? Um, no.
There's someone in this room.
You mean besides the dead skeleton guy? Yes, besides the dead skeleton guy.
Basement's clear, boss.
Look, I know what I saw.
Someone policed the brass tried to wipe up the blood.
Who, Probie, the crime scene fairies? There's no one here.
Get Ducky in here.
We're wasting time.
Boss, I'm sorry, but I swear, there What do you make of this, McGee? Well, obviously signs of a struggle.
One dead assailant.
Not really sure how his head got that way, though.
You're not? Come on, let me show you.
Get on the floor.
Well, Tony did tell me about when you demonstrated this technique Yeah, you guys talk about things like that? You learn by feeling, McGee.
This is how marines silence enemy sentries.
pressure and then Snap! So Staff Sergeant Niles went down fighting.
See? The blood spatter on the wall.
He was right about where I am now when he got shot.
Bullet impacted means the shooter was over here somewhere.
This is where the brass is.
Well, was.
- So two assailants.
- At least.
Yes, the cause of death is pretty obvious.
But you never know.
I once had a case where a man who died of heart failure had an ice pick plunged into his skull four hours after the time of death.
His wife discovered that she had been left out of his will.
Good news, boss.
A kid saw a car leaving the sergeant's house around the time of the shooting Ziva's getting a description.
Well, let's have a look at you.
Whoa! Something just touched my foot.
Something's under the couch.
Maybe it's the, uh, crime scene fairy, Tony.
I hate Halloween.
Hey, it's a Roomba.
It's a robot vacuum cleaner, uses navigational sensors to clean the floor while the owner's away.
Yes, well, your Roomba is about to interfere with your crime scene.
Damn thing policed the brass.
Told you I wasn't crazy.
Bag it.
I think it was a silver Kuruma.
The door slammed and he just drove away.
Thanks a lot.
The boy saw a car leaving the scene that looked like a Kuruma.
I'm not familiar with the model.
Kuruma is Japanese for car, Ziva.
Your description of the car is car.
Nice work, Officer David.
Kuruma's the name of a car in Grand Theft Auto Three.
It's a Chrysler Sebring sedan.
McGeek with the save.
I'll put out a BOLO.
Find the Staff Sergeant's wife and Erik.
Oh, my God.
Is-is that Is that is that my - Is that my husband in there? - It's not him.
That's not your husband.
It's not your husband.
Okay? I'm her sister.
We were at the school helping set up for the Halloween party when the police came.
Is her daughter still there? Sarah? She was with Erik.
Amber Alert, on it, Boss.
I'm okay now.
When they said Erik was shot and I saw that body, I Mrs.
Niles, your husband's at Bethesda Hospital.
He's in surgery And we'll take you to see him.
Just need to ask you a few questions.
Laurie Sarah's missing.
You mean she's been kidnapped.
They don't know that for sure yet.
Niles, your daughter may have just become scared and run off.
Perhaps there's a friend or relative's house she would go to? No, no, she she would have called me on my cell phone.
They took my little girl.
They'll find her, Laurie, we just have to stay positive, okay? That could be her right now.
Do you mind putting that on speaker? Hello? Mommy! Baby, are you okay? They hurt Daddy.
I tried to call the police, but the man Listen to me, Sarah.
Everything is going to be all right.
You just need to We have your daughter.
You want to see her alive again, you'll do exactly what I say.
I'll call back with instructions.
I dressed up as a skeleton once in my youth.
Did you know that the tradition of Halloween was brought over from Scotland? Along with the fine sports of golf and curling.
I wouldn't call anything using a broom a sport, Ducky.
Tony, curling is referred to as chess on ice, because it puts high demands on tactics and foresight.
Relax, Ducky, I love Scotland.
Sean Connery- the very best James Bond ever.
I thought he was Irish.
Uh, Darby O'Gill and the Little People.
He was using a fake Irish accent; it's called acting.
The preliminary cause of death is blunt-force trauma to the neck.
However, once I've done the This guy's our only link to the missing girl.
I need an ID.
Well, currently, he remains a John Doe.
He had no ID, he has no tattoos, no distinguishing marks.
What about his prints? Mr.
Palmer took them up to Abby's lab, although she's not there, and she's not answering her calls.
Halloween's a pretty big night for Abby.
Every night is Halloween to Abby.
Ah, there you are.
Is she here yet? Oh, she's here.
And she is in costume.
Oh, yeah? What's it like? Trust me, you wouldn't want me to ruin the surprise.
Oh, sorry I was late, you guys.
I couldn't hear my cell phone ringing at the party.
You'd think a cemetery would be a little quieter.
It's awful about that little girl.
I mean, getting kidnapped on Halloween.
Totally creepy.
I'm running our skeleton's fingerprints through AFIS.
I'm starting with Virginia and Maryland and then a subset of all known child molesters on the East Coast.
Got an Amber Alert running, no hits yet.
We've got to find her.
Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have food in my teeth or something? I'll just stick with "or something.
" Need to run our dead guy's photo against mug shots.
Give me.
The camera, McGee.
The camera.
We need to put out a BOLO.
See if anyone recognizes our guy.
McGee, what is wrong with you? You look three cans short of a six-pack.
Nothing, it's just you you look different.
He means the Halloween costume, Marilyn.
Oh right.
Sweet, huh? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Woodbridge P.
has a kid who says he may have seen the Sebring in the neighbourhood.
Okay, on it.
We also got a picture of our skeleton without the makeup.
Send them.
See if I can get the wife to ID him.
What's the condition of the staff sergeant? Still in surgery.
According to the doctors, we won't be able to interview him until tomorrow.
Tomorrow's too late.
Kidnappers call back yet? Nope, but it makes me wonder.
If she's still alive? No.
at they want with an enlisted Marine who makes less than $32,000 a year.
Yeah, I was kind of wondering the same thing.
Find out.
How long do I have to sit here? They're doing everything they can for us, Laurie.
You must try to stay calm.
That's easy for you to say.
Do you have children, Officer David? No.
But I know what it's like to lose a member of my family.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to Nice.
Thank you.
Sarah will be fine.
Laurie, you have to believe that.
Our skeleton, John Doe.
She recognize him? I haven't showed it to her yet.
Apparently, everything I say makes her cry.
Ziva her husband is in critical condition.
her daughter's been kidnapped.
I know, I'm just not very good with the crying and the women and That makes two of us.
I also believe she's hiding something.
She seems conflicted, Like like she's holding something back.
I'll show you something.
One shirt.
Our staff sergeant wasn't living here.
That a question or a statement? Actually, more of a You want me to find out why.
You saw the Sebring driving that way? No, no.
What? Is that German? Are you speaking Ger - Is that German? No.
I think he's saying "two people.
" Two people where? What is that, a manhole cover? They're moving a manhole cover? What is that, a rake? Yeah, no, he's just saying you're bad at charades.
All right, screw this.
Dude, you ruined my costume! You want to be charged with obstructing a federal investigation? Then speak, zombie.
Okay, look, I - I saw a Sebring, all right? And I think there were two people in it.
Which way did it go? That way.
Yeah, it cut the corner so hard, it ran over the curb.
All right, show me.
Don't be a wise guy.
Okay, okay, look, it crashed into all that stuff, right? And then it drove off that way.
You get a look at the license plate? Dude, I can barely see you two with all this makeup on.
Thank you.
You got a time of death on the Great Pumpkin here, Charlie Brown? I might have more than that.
The car left an impression on it.
This is the guy that was fighting with your husband.
Sorry, Agent Gibbs, I don't recognize him.
Think, Laurie.
Maybe you saw him at a store or the mall.
I said I don't know him! Can I talk to Erik? Sure.
He's still in surgery.
When he gets out, we'll put him on the phone with you.
It's gonna be all right.
We need to have faith.
Stop touching me! I know what you're going through, Laurie.
I know I know there's nothing I can say Have you ever had a daughter kidnapped? Kidnapped, no.
I promise to do everything I can do to bring your daughter home safe.
I believe you, Agent Gibbs.
I just hope it'll be enough.
Dawn of the Dead was awesome.
Cinematic blasphemy.
Fast zombies? There's a reason you don't remake classics.
John Carpenter's The Thing.
Well, there's an exception to every rule.
The Fly.
Maybe two.
Didn't you say that Al Pacino in Scarface was the best Okay, but my point is: zombies should be slow.
Tony, there's nothing scary about a zombie dragging his butt around.
Well, a zombie's not a zombie unless it's dragging its butt around.
You liked 28 Days Later.
Those zombies were really quick.
Okay, enough with the zombies already! We find an impression on the vegetable or not? Technically, it's a fruit.
We're finished rendering the laser scan of the Great Pumpkin's surface.
McGee, can you invert the image? As soon as you're done undressing me with your eyes.
And bring up the gamma.
And increase the contrast.
And flop it.
Smashing pumpkins! It's the left-hand side of a Virginia license plate.
Nice work, Abs.
Run it, McGee! First four letters, cross-referencing against Chrysler Sebrings.
And we got a hit.
Car was registered to a rental car company in Catlett, Virginia.
Yes! DiNozzo does it again.
I think you mean Abby and I did it again.
What's that for? Those days ended the moment you started sexing up the cheerleader.
All right, find out who rented that car.
I'm about to make Gibbs' night.
Uh, wait a second, Tony.
There is no name.
Car was reported stolen three days ago.
Our staff sergeant moved into the Quantico Bachelor Enlisted Quarters three weeks ago.
Marital problems? Well, according to someone called "Scuttle butt", he caught his wife cheating on him.
Scuttlebutt's not a person, Ziva.
Scuttlebutt is what Marines call gossip.
And then you wonder why I have a problem with your language.
Okay, stay calm.
Tell him you want to talk to Sarah.
Can you do that for me, Laurie? Okay.
Sarah? Try again.
I want to talk to my daughter right now or I'm, I'm hanging up Hang up and she dies, Mrs.
I want to talk to her right now.
Talk is cheap.
If you want to see her alive again, that'll cost.
Whatever it is, whatever you want, I'll do it.
I - I give you my word.
$100000 in small bills.
You have until dawn to get it.
Yes, okay, now now just please let me talk to my daughter.
Money first, then you can talk.
Scared, little darling? Good.
You should be.
Call wasn't long enough to trace.
We'll get another chance when he calls her back to tell her where to drop off the ransom.
Laurie I'd like to talk to you alone.
It's okay, honey.
I'll be right here if you need me.
I'm not going anywhere.
Tell DiNozzo I want that John Doe ID'd in an hour.
We don't have a hundred thousand dollars sitting in the basement, Agent Gibbs.
Maybe my parents can get it, but it's going to take time.
Yeah,we can help you with that.
But I need some answers first.
- Anything.
- Sit down.
So, Laurie, why did your husband move out of your house and onto base? What does that have to do with this? Maybe nothing, but I need to know.
We were having some problems.
Erik wanted a trial separation.
Why? I made a mistake.
A stupid mistake eight years ago.
What kind of mistake? Laurie, look, I've been married four times.
I've made every mistake in the book.
Right before we were married, Erik, he he broke off our engagement for a few weeks.
I saw an old boyfriend.
It was a stupid fling.
I pretended it never happened.
Erik's not your daughter's biological father? I don't know.
But even if I did, it doesn't matter.
How'd you husband find out? My ex-boyfriend, last month, he showed up and demanded Sarah take a paternity test.
When I refused, he threatened me.
And his name? Address? Robert Miller.
I have no idea what his address his.
He live in Virginia? - Used to.
- Age, weight, eye and hair color? We can run him down through DMV.
He's 28 years old.
Brown hair, green eyes.
Maybe 180 pounds.
Hey, Laurie, what aren't you telling me? It's my fault.
- I, I - Laurie? You okay in here? No I destroyed my family.
Don't you think she's been through enough already? Could Miller have done this? Maybe, I I don't know.
I just want my baby back.
She's just telling you this now? Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean she'd tell me everything, Tony.
Robert Miller- there's over 300 listed in the tri-state area alone.
Narrow the search with the criteria, Probie.
Still over a hundred Robert Millers listed.
We've got her cell phone records, right? When we tapp her lines.
So check to see if Robert Miller called in the last month.
Abby's right, I am three beers short of a six-pack.
I think she was talking about your abs, McFlabby.
Okay, three calls about a month ago.
Called from his home phone.
Called from his home phone.
Three calls in the last month.
My sister can barely stand here.
Is there any way we can let her get some rest? Sure.
We got an address.
You keep an eye on them.
The kidnappers call again, you tell them no more money until we talk to the girl.
Last time I did Halloween I was an astronaut.
Neighbourhood I grew up in- well, it really wasn't a neighbourhood.
There were these estates with mansions smack-dab in the middle of them and really long driveways.
Made Halloween very tricky.
It's a lot of walking.
God, my feet were tired that night.
Dogs were barking.
Yeah, I gotta imagine it really sucks growing up rich like that.
My costume was fantastic, though.
Wicked awesome.
I was a spaceman.
No ventilation, though.
Burning up.
Sweating like Roger Federer after a five-set tiebreaker.
And stinky.
Stinky like cheese.
Man, what a haul.
I made off with more candy than I could carry.
Got to imagine this story's coming to an end soon.
But when I got home, old man made me throw it all away.
Even the apples.
He was concerned about your teeth.
Oh No, I made my astronaut costume out of one of his $3,000 designer ski suits.
I don't think I sat down again till Christmas.
Good times, Probie.
Good times.
Plates match.
It's Miller's stolen ride.
This is his building.
Second floor, apartment 207.
Halloween doesn't have to suck after all.
Something was burned in here recently.
It's still smoldering.
Pop the trunk, McGee.
Let's get this son of a bitch.
What's going on? Federal agents! All right! Great group costume guys, but, uh you spelled CSI wrong on your hats.
Robert Miller? Somebody's in a bad mood.
Right over there by the blue alien ladies.
It's not easy being a root vegetable, is it? Robert Miller? Hab Sosli' guch! Boss, he just said, "Your mother has a smooth forehead.
" It's a Klingon insult.
You speak Klingon? Not fluently, but yes.
Federal agents.
Zeghbe Thlinganpu! Now he's saying, "Klingons don't surrender.
" Are you Robert Miller? Who are you people? Yeah, yeah, yeah! Sarah Niles where is she? That bitch sent you here.
My lawyer says I have a right to know if she's my child.
I'm just trying to do the right thing.
If she's my daughter, I just want to be a part of her life.
She looks exactly like me.
Well, except for the fake teeth and the bumps on the forehead.
Is that why you kidnapped her? I didn't kidnap anybody.
The car that was used is parked outside downstairs.
I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.
I've been here all day with my friends getting ready for this party.
You can ask 'em.
Boss, no sign of Sarah.
See? I told you.
The only thing I hate worse than Halloween are Klingons.
Look, ask 'em, okay? Ask the guy with the cheesehead hat.
Ask, uh, the vampire.
David Lee Roth.
Carrot man, ask him.
This has gone far enough.
I happen to be a lawyer.
Good, the only thing I hate worse than Klingons are lawyers.
I didn't do anything, all right? Laurie's the one who threatened me.
She told me that her husband her husband was going to kill me if I didn't leave her alone.
Ask her.
Boss wants to talk to the mom.
Niles? Agent Gibbs needs to talk to you.
General Kang crying, or is that just sweat? Half-hour alone in a room with an angry Gibbs even Klingons have their limits.
- What's he been doing to him? - Mostly staring.
Maybe that's a new interrogation technique.
Well, it seems to be working.
It's definitely creeping me out.
You check his alibi? Well, according to six people, Worf here was at the party when the little girl was kidnapped.
Well, shouldn't we tell Gibbs that? Well, I don't know, Probie.
Have you figured out how the kidnapper's car was outside his apartment yet? He could have hired someone to kidnap her.
Or's being framed.
I'm trying to cooperate, Agent Gibbs.
Aren't you going to say anything? I screwed up, Ducky.
I knew the staff sergeant's wife was hiding something.
That she wasn't telling us the whole truth.
And you know what I did? I allowed myself to feel sorry for her.
Ugh! Do you know what that makes me? - Human.
- A chimp! I think she means "chump," Doctor.
See, a chimp is an animal, Ziva, whereas a chump is someone who's easy to take advantage of - or-or fooled - Mr.
Palmer, I'm not saying that you are would you mind giving us a moment alone? He means well.
He's right.
You're being too hard on yourself.
I let Laurie Niles and her sister climb out of a bedroom window in the middle of our investigation.
Perhaps they should throw me a parade, yes? The question we should be asking ourselves is why, Ziva.
Two-thirds of all child abductions are by a biological relative.
She kidnapped her own child.
You know what they say about a mother bear and her cubs? They eat them when their food runs out.
I saw it in a documentary, Tony forced me to watch Grizzly Man? I was referring to a mother bear's protective nature when her cubs are threatened.
There's no deadlier creature on the planet.
I agree.
They also ate the man who shot the footage and his girlfriend.
Yeah, well, that's perfectly dreadful.
That's what I said to Tony.
My point is, Laurie Niles may have been trying to protect her daughter.
The husband filed for a separation.
Another man was claiming to be the child's father.
She didn't want to lose or share custody of Sarah.
That's one possibility.
What does Gibbs think? Hard to tell.
He's currently not talking to me.
Well, chin up, dear.
It could be worse.
How? He could be a bear.
You know, we're wasting time here.
Right now there's someone's out there with my daughter doing God knows what.
What? Alleged daughter, Miller.
Whether I'm her father or not, she's still Laurie's daughter.
I still care about what happens to her.
I believe you.
Well, then why are we just sitting here? You're sitting; I'm waiting.
Waiting for what? Talk to me, Abs.
- Got an I.
for you, Gibbs.
- On my way.
- Checked Miller's alibi.
- He didn't do it.
I know.
Mind telling us how? Spent 40 minutes with him.
Well, all you really did was stare at him.
You ever tried reading a Klingon's face, McGee? It isn't exatly easy.
I've I.
'd our skeleton.
Our dead John is no longer a Doe.
I got a hit on him from the DMV database.
Lee Varon.
He's 38 years old from Fredericksburg, Virginia.
- No criminal record.
- I want everything on this guy from birth until Ducky cracked his sternum.
Yeah! On it, boss! - Right! - Right.
Not bad for a blonde.
You know, there's no statistical evidence that say blondes have lower IQ's than any other hair color.
I'll take your word for it, Abs.
There's more - if you're interested Mr.
I ran some tests on the piece of burned paper found inside the kidnapper's car.
There were no fingerprints, but I did find traces of chemicals.
Ink? Yes.
When I applied my own special and unique brand of chemical, ran it through the laser scanner a few times, we get this.
The miracle that separates us from all other primates.
Really bad penmanship.
Miller's home address.
Probably given to the kidnapper by the staff sergeant's wife.
She didn't kidnap her daughter.
Then where is Laurie Niles, Gibbs? Last time I saw her, with you.
Okay, I admit I screwed that one up.
But why did she run? She was hiding something.
- So you do agree with me? - Oh, yeah.
You definitely screwed up.
Is there something I should know? I think he's planning on devouring me.
And they say blondes have all the fun.
Our dead skeleton served in the air force.
Received an other than honorable discharge in 2003.
Did one year of community college.
He was a security guard, boss.
Worked for a law firm, Kapp and Associates, in Annandale, Virginia.
Laurie Niles also works for Kapp and Associates, Gibbs, she's their chief financial officer.
So she knew him.
Oh, yeah.
She hired him to abduct her daughter.
I mean, it's the only thing that makes sense.
There's another reason.
They kidnapped her because they want Laurie to do something.
Like what? Ooh, got a hit on a BOLO here.
Yeah, and, McGee? And this is strange because I just entered it into the system.
It's Varon's vehicle, and it's been moving.
There's a cop following it.
No, the hits were generated electronically.
It's his E-Z Pass for high-speed toll lanes.
He's doing a lot of driving for a dead guy.
It left Woodridge right after Laurie Niles and her sister disappeared.
Made a little run up to Manassas not too far from Miller's apartment.
Last hit was five minutes ago.
Annandale - one exit from Kapp and Associates Law Firm.
We're in.
That's from Sarah's costume.
Plates match our skeleton's car in the parking lot.
You two, find the girl.
In the last office.
Far room, far room.
Visual contact on the sisters.
Appears to be one male Caucasian, approximately 35 years old holding them hostage with a semiautomatic weapon.
You got a positive I.
on the little girl? That's a negative I can only see the left side of the room, boss.
I'm in.
The insurance money's here.
All $3 million.
Now all you have to do is transfer to these accounts and we call it a day.
I want my daughter first.
You'll get her once you transfer the cash.
You've been smart so far, Mrs.
You played along to protect your little princess.
Hate to see you blow it now.
You shot my husband.
I didn't have a choice.
We were supposed to kidnap him and the girl, but he chose to fight back.
Don't make the same mistake.
How-how do I know you're not going to just kill us when I transfer this? I'll kill you if you don't.
Look, we've come this far, Laurie.
Just do it and let's end this.
NCIS is gonna figure this out.
I've had those Navy cops running around all night they're clueless.
Now, transfer the damn money.
Federal agents! Drop your weapon! They-they still have Sarah.
If she's in the building, we'll find her.
Clear in the hallway.
We're friends with your mommy.
We're here to take you home.
We have the little girl.
Repeat, we have the little girl.
Hey, hold up, hold up, hold up.
We've got Sarah.
Once we secure the building, you and your sister can see her.
She's not my sister! She's one of them! Told me if I didn't lie to you, they'd kill my baby! Stop! All they wanted was the stupid money! Gun! Sarah! Mommy! Oh, baby! I love you so much! - I'm so glad you're okay.
- Oh, Mommy Apparently, she doesn't have a sister.
Halloween, Ziva.
Be glad it only happens once a year.
The sky is blue, the grass green, may we have our Halloween? That's how we used to say "trick or treat" in Scotland.
Thank you.
You're most welcome, Your Highness.
We have a lot of desks to get to.
You didn't have to do this.
Well, every kid deserves a happy Halloween.
Your husband is awake, and asking for you and his daughter There's a car waiting for you when you're ready.
Please let Agent Gibbs know how much I appreciate him keeping his word.
And that I'm sorry I lied to him, but I was - I was just trying to protect - Trust me.
He knows.
Look at this.
Trick or treat! Daddy,look I got more candy!