NCIS s04e07 Episode Script


It's here, dad.
In the trap? I'd say titleist three.
You know how good I feel? How good this morning is? No, how good? I'm going to blast out and two-putt.
And I'm going to break 90 for the first time in my life.
Did I tell you to have the truck detailed while I'm away? Yes, sir.
Last time I returned from deployment, I found a petrified big mac under the seat.
How long? Must have been there six months.
How long will you be in Iraq this time? As long as it takes, Josh.
And then I go into teaching full time.
And your mother and I can drive up to Princeton every weekend to see you.
Every other weekend will be fine.
Are you going to swing or should I get a beach towel? Keep your head down.
One and a half teaspoons is not sweet, McGee.
I've seen my people pour three ounces of sugar into a one-ounce espresso.
Your people being long islanders? Romans.
Inventors of the grain harvester, the arch, modern plumbing.
Every time I flush, I will think of you, Tony.
You and your people.
I'd ask you to explain that, but I really don't want to know.
And I definitely don't want to know what you're doing.
Making cappuccino, Ziva.
And educating probie as to what Italy has contributed to the world.
Oration, italian cinema, sports cars.
Gold chains and chest hairs? And pasta in all its sexy shapes and sizes.
The Chinese invented pasta.
Communist era propaganda.
I assume Homeland Security's been informed? Yes, Ma'am, they have.
Will they be raising the threat level? Affirmative, to level orange.
You have my direct line.
Army navy club is a high-value target.
High-value target? It's a terrorist's dream.
You can't slice a tee shot without hitting a congressman or a general.
Or a colonel.
He was set to deploy tomorrow.
At least he got to spend the last day with his son.
That's one way of looking at it.
Looks like we're late to the party.
Assume 100-meter blast radius from the sand trap.
It's called a bunker, boss, not a sand trap.
Blast radius, hundred meters, got it, boss.
Probie, you got the woods, I got the far side.
Uh what, McGee? Poison ivy, boss.
I just I look at the stuff and I break out.
Don't look.
- The zaka would be busy today.
- Zaka? Orthodox jews who volunteer to collect body parts from terror attacks.
Agent Gibbs, lieutenant colonel Hollis Mann, army CID.
- I believe your director called.
- She did.
- Officer Ziva David.
- Ziva David, yes, I know.
Army criminal investigative division has excellent intel.
You can use it to support our investigation.
Our joint investigation.
With army in the lead.
This isn't the navy-army club, it's the army-navy club.
That is a dead marine at the army-navy club.
I had EOD sweep the rest of the sand traps.
Excuse me? They call them bunkers, not sand traps.
The colonel's son said he saw what he thought was a spiderweb in the bunker.
Trip wire? Possibly.
There's not much to go on with this one.
Of course, we've got a lot of land to cover.
- 18 holes on a golf course.
- Yep.
You want to divide them up? Sure, we'll take the crime scene.
You and your people can take the other 17 holes.
You're not taking away my crime scene.
End of story.
But if you ask nicely, I might just give you the body.
Well I don't really have to ask, seeing as my M.
got here first.
If this is going to be a pissing match, you better bring an umbrella.
Whoa-ho! Got some good news, boss.
Did I miss something? Gibbs just found his fourth ex-wife.
What do you got, DiNozzo? Found this off the next tee.
It was outside the blast radius.
Wind must have carried it.
Looks like part of a detonator.
I checked the neighboring tees myself.
Well,maybe you shouldhave checked the trash cans.
Looks like a hole in one, boss.
- Nice work.
- Thanks.
I have difficulty getting out of the sand.
I suppose it's because I don't practice enough.
I mean, I dig my feet in I open the club face,but then I forget to follow through.
And the ball just goes a couple of feet.
Not nearly as far as you traveled, my friend.
Is he talking to himself? The body.
Ah, colonel, your C.
just called.
Requested copies of my autopsy report.
The report? Yeah, well the cause of death appears to be just what you see here.
Explosive dismemberment.
Yeah, got that part.
What we don't have are traceable fragments from that explosion.
Yes, Abby was complaining about the dearth of physical evidence from the crime scene.
Present company excepted, of course.
Bomb shell was plastic.
Which means the fragments disintegrated.
Yes, but luckily for you, not all of them.
As the ancients soon discovered, fire and water do not mix.
The human body is over two-thirds water.
Some of the burning fragments were cooled by the interstitial liquid in the colonel's tissue before they could disintegrate.
Get that to Abby.
Thank you.
I can't believe he's gone.
It's like I hear myself say that, but I know it's a stupid thing to say.
It's not stupid, Josh.
If you told me he was still alive, that what I saw was a trick I think I'd believe you.
Look, maybe we should finish this tomorrow.
I'll be at Princeton tomorrow.
Dad wouldn't want me to miss my first day of classes.
You saw a spiderweb in the bunker, you said? Yeah, at least I thought so.
Until my dad hit it.
I should have said something.
There was nothing you could have done.
That's another one of those stupid things people say.
Well, I got a million of them.
You should ask my coworkers, they'll tell you.
Okay, what else you got? Everything happens for a reason.
Yeah, that would have really pissed me off.
But you can do better.
When your time is up your time is up.
Hope you've got more skills than that.
In the immortal words of Elvis Costello, "oh, accidents will happen.
" Oh, yeah.
I probably would have stuck my fist through your skull if you had said that.
Soft skull, actually.
Except this wasn't an accident, was it? No.
I thought we were fighting them over there so we didn't have to fight them over here.
Maybe they need some more help, huh? Look, you just focus on Princeton.
We'll find who did this.
Like you found Bin Laden? - There it is.
- Okay, good.
Punch in on that.
You can read the entire license plate.
I'll update the bolo.
Bolo for what? Well, we cleared the course, we vetted everyone as they left, but we don't have any record of this '99 toyota leaving.
The owner's a green skeeper at the club.
He must have used an old service entrance and snuck out before we covered them all.
Nice catch, McGee.
No, it's my catch.
Let's see if we can get an address on this.
Was it just me, or did the secdef seem nervous? Probably has a tee time tomorrow.
What's she like? I just meant, is she up to the job? I'll let you know.
Yeah, Gibbs Hey, boss, DiNozzo here.
Hey, DiNozzo! hey, that's weird, 'cause I I thought you were still in MTAC.
What do you want? Uh we just found an unaccounted for vehicle from the army-navy club.
DiNozzo He's already in CID custody, agent Gibbs.
My people can handle the interrogation.
What are you doing? Divorced, right? Three times.
Only three? well, I'll be sure to let my superiors know how you assisted.
Stand clear! Opening! All clear.
Okay, drugs.
Doesn't mean he didn't plant the bomb.
You can have that interrogation.
I'll look for who did.
Agent Gibbs! I I've been ringing your bell for the last three minutes.
I've been meaning to fix that.
Well, the door was unlocked, so so this would be trespassing, not breaking and entering.
"Kelly"? Is there a reason you broke into my house? This is a joint investigation.
I thought maybe we could share some information.
Beer? Beer? Uh.
I got the results on the swabs from the toyota.
There were traces of diesel fuel and, uh, fertilizer.
Same thing that McVeigh used to, uh blow up the federal building in oklahoma.
Guy driving the toyota was a greenskeeper.
I know.
He's around fertilizer and diesel fuel all day.
It was a bad lead.
Anything you'd like to share? Well, I got some sardines upstair I meant about the case.
But, then, you knew that.
Is, uh, Kelly your your girlfriend? Okay Look, CID intel did a profile on you for me.
I know you flaunt authority, especially in front of a female.
A female write that, too? Yep.
She also wrote you were a sniper, a good one, but your eyesight's shot, you're injury-prone, if not in a state of near death-wish fulfillment, and though you're pressured and impatient, you're also passionate and loyal, in spite of the fact that you don't trust anyone.
You are gonna have to trust me.
Is there anything I should know about you before we get involved? Involved? In the case.
You can have NCIS intel do a profile on me, if you'd like.
Oh, I could.
But I like surprises.
This hypothesis states that the fate of transplanted embryonic cells is independent of their new position in the embryo.
The mosaic hypothesis.
I'm sorry, I'm going to need the complete answer.
what is the mosaic hypothesis? Correct! Hot and smart.
The female version of me.
Oh! So you think I'm ready for the exam tomorrow? Oh, I have 20 bucks saying that you're gonna set the curve.
Okay, that's good to hear.
Because, uh, that means it's my turn to ask you some questions.
Fire away.
All right, how's a, uh, kind of cute, definitely charming guy like you who does some pretty bad impersonations I don't know what that means, but I thank you.
Yeah Manage to stay single for so long? Oh, you're-you're gonna ask a real question? That's a real question.
- Well, ah.
- um what are commitment issues? mm-mm, not buying it.
Really? Mm-mm.
And why is that? In the last hour yeah? At least a dozen hot coeds have walked by.
Your eyes haven't wandered once.
Really? Well, obviously, yours have.
don't get your hopes up.
I'm a very, um traditional girl.
Well, so was Anne Heche.
You still haven't answered my question, Tony.
well I suppose that I am patiently waiting to find the right girl.
You think you'll, uh, ever find her? I'm getting more and me confident by the day.
Ah, and to think people once questioned the need for a video camera in a cell phone.
Tony! Wait till you see this.
Any ideas? He's definitely not making cappuccino.
There's no way he's got an STD.
I was itching, it's poison ivy and it's spreading, okay? This is your second tango with the vicious weed, McGee.
Maybe you ought to learn what that stuff looks like.
And avoid it.
I thought I did.
This is killing me.
When Gibbs told me to check out the forest, I should've just told him Tell me what,McGee? No! Well, that probably would have been a good idea.
Baking soda and vinegar, you make a paste, slop it on.
Thank you.
Thank you boss.
Not now, McGee.
After we catch the terrorists.
that could be a while.
All the club guests check out, local LEOs report no unusual activy in the area.
DiNozzo? I've gone through the last month of the club's video surveillance.
If the terrorist cell was casing the joint, they hid their tracks pretty well.
Your contact at interpol? Uh, said there was almost no uptick in chatter prior to the explosion.
Could be homegrown bad boys, boss.
So there should be some chatter, no matter who it is.
However this cell is operating, they found a way to do so without leaving a shred of evidence.
Other than a dead marine.
Gibbs wanted me to see if you've finished processing the crime scene evidence yet.
I have, but Gibbs is not gonna like this.
Exhibit A.
These are the bomb fragments that Ducky pulled from colonel Cooper.
It's plastic but not your usual petroleum-based, wreck-the-environment polymer.
It's made out of corn.
It's biodegradable.
Which explains why it disintegrated so much in the blast.
What are you doing? Well, actually, I have you know what? I don't want to know.
It's green technology, mostly used for making milk containers.
So the best guess is that the bad guys used a jug as casement for the explosives.
okay, I do want to know.
I have poison ivy, and it's killing me.
My secret remedy.
Ooh, what is it? Carbonic acid.
You just smear it on.
I am not gonna put acid on my boys.
Relax, McGee.
It's just sodium bicarbonate and oxidized ethanol.
Baking soda and white vinegar.
I think Gibbs knows your secret remedy, he told me to do the same thing.
Well, you should've listened.
Go ahead, rub it in.
I'll wait.
So, uh, milk jug, do we got a trace yet? The green revolution has begun, McGee.
It's too wildly available to narrow down a purchase place.
I had the same problem with this piece of detonator that Tony found.
You can buy this anywhere.
It's an off-the-shelf fuse.
I got excited, 'cause I thought I'd found tissue on it that might match the suspect, but it was too degraded from the blast to get any DNA.
You're right, Gibbs is not gonna like this, but right now I don't care.
Thank you.
Approaching contact point.
Intercept in five.
Intercept successful.
Commencing search.
Out of the car! Out of the car! update, major thompson.
Negative on grant way***.
I repeat, negative.
Director, agent Gibbs is attempting to access MTAC.
Go dark.
Let him in.
Change the locks on me? Threat level orange, remember? We're on lockdown.
Unless you have some good news for me.
All I've got is 300 wasted man-hours.
We're looking in the wrong direction.
Well, I might be able to point you the right one.
Danielle? This just came from the CIA regarding the golf course bombing.
A suspected homegrown terrorist cell? Suspected? By who? A CIA informant.
Why are we just hearing about this now? Unfortunately,probably the same reason why we didn't hear about those flying lessons until after 9/11.
I've informed army CID as well.
Colonel Mann will meet you on-site.
Your men all the way around the building.
CID beat us to the punch again.
That's twice in one week.
I didn't know this was a race, DiNozzo.
Oh, no, it's not, I'm just not used to these joint efforts.
Oh, glad to see you finally made it.
To be honest, I thought you'd beat me here and head in without me.
Thought you said I was the one with trust issues.
Clear! Clear here! Oh, that's original.
Metro subway maps, national monuments, bridge blueprints.
Potential targets.
They sure as hell weren't sightseeing.
Uh, I think I know who their target is, boss.
All right, secure the building now! Ziva, Tony, out the back door! No one in until EOD gets here.
Move back! Ziva, hey, what the hell are you doing? I can disarm it.
Okay, well, great.
Let's go outside and talk about this.
If it detonates before EOD gets here, we'll lose evidence.
Well, what a bummer.
It'd be a real shame.
Ziva! Ziva! This has to be the stupidest thing any human being has ever done.
Then why are you following me, Tony? I don't freakin' know.
God! Here, hold this.
Do you have any idea what's going to happen if this cell phone rings? I can see down your shirt right now.
I don't think your new girlfriend would like that.
What are you talking about? I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about you and the fact that you no longer stare at every woman when they pass you by.
Well, I'm looking down your shirt right now.
See anything good? Yeah, real good.
But I'm not entirely sure it's worth dying over.
Not worth dying over.
I'll remember that.
What if I said it was? Then now you'll never know.
The bomb was set to go off when the cell was called.
It's prepaid and disposable.
Never been used.
So there's no call log.
Thanks to our bomb-disposal expert, we still have plenty to work with.
Looks like two or three people were staying there.
Abby's processing it.
It's a nice job, Ziva.
You do anything like that ever again, I'll kick your ass back to Israel.
CIA refuses to let us talk to their source directly.
Protected? The right hand still isn't talking to the left hand and we have no idea what the source actually said.
Oh, McGee? Yeah, almost there, boss.
Oh, you're not hacking the CIA? No, no, no, Homeland Security.
They post a redundant CIA archive.
All right, my superiors are not going to like this.
Don't tell 'em.
Smart and devious, it's a dangerous combination.
You forgot "charming.
" I'm in.
No, I didn't.
Okay, informant's name is Mamoun Sharif.
Native of Lebanon.
Arsted in Beirut for extortion, cooperated with Interpol.
Helped break a stolen weapons ring on one of our bases in Turkey.
CIA moved him to the States.
Been on retainer ever since.
Has a small convenience store in Rosslyn, Virginia.
You bring anything other than ACUs? Would you like me to wear a dress? Thank you.
Hey, what did I tell you?! The owner takes this out of my pocket.
The next time I'm catching you, I'm calling the police.
Out the back! So don't let me catch you.
Thank you.
It still comes out of your pocket, doesn't it? Yes.
But where I was born, it is a sin to turn away a hungry man.
Now what can I help you with? Lieutenant colonel Hollis Mann, army CID.
Put that away! We have a couple of questions for you about a recent tip you gave the CIA.
Are you trying to get me killed?! You can't contact me here! We understand the need for confidentiality.
Just want to know how you heard about the warehouse.
Who am I talking to? - Me - Me I hear things, okay? In the mosque, in the store, on the street.
Forget it.
I hear things from people who hear things; innocent people.
Names I will not give.
I know what happens nowadays.
I am taking a big enough risk myself talking to your CIA.
Which you're well compensated for.
We all have to make a living.
38 super auto colt.
It's a bad neighborhood.
You got a license? Okay.
Your country has been good to me.
The man I heard talking in my store about the golf course two days ago buying ring dings I'm not so sure he's one of those innocent people.
Why? Because of what he called the golf course.
"The beginning.
" Look, quick, look.
Do you see that? See what? Gibbs let her go first.
He never lets anyone go first.
Get this to Abby.
on anyone buying a slurpy.
Where's DiNozzo? Had a doctor's appointment.
I want him on that grocery store.
He said he'd be back asap.
McGee? You're not really with a doctor, are you, Tony? As a matter of fact, I am.
Well, Gibbs keeps looking at your desk and his watch.
Tell him I'll be right there.
You okay? I was fine.
When did you leave? well, I'm a cheap date.
This is a date? Is a figure of speech, agent Gibbs.
So I got the food.
Did you solve the case? I was about to, till you broke my concentration.
That easy to break, huh? When I'm hungry.
I thought I was close to a break, but now I've got more questions than answers.
And colonel Cooper, was he specifically targeted? No way to know who'd be in the bunker.
Okay, so the target is random which says "terrorist attack.
" Except the explosive was not designed to kill.
The guy in the morgue would probably disagree with that.
No, I mean, if the terrorists had packed the bomb full of shrapnel like they usually do, then the son would be dead, too.
And make the bomb easier to detect.
Which means the terrorists priority's clearly to avoid detection.
Explains a lack of chatter.
So if you're that busy covering your tracks, why do you write "death to america" all over your hideout? - Sorry.
- Don't apologize.
More questions than answers.
Sign of weakness.
I thought it took strength to apologize.
Shouldn't you be packing? My mom called you, didn't she? What did she tell you? That you're not going to Princeton.
She's right.
I wouldn't have really pegged you for a jazz man, Josh.
Dad played Coltrane and Miles Davis every sunday for as long as I can remember.
The same albums over and over.
Used to drive me nuts.
Well, military man set in his routines.
The funny thing is, the first time he was deployed, I found myself playing those same albums.
Next thing I knew, he was home and we were listening together.
I know this must be a pretty difficult time for you.
If you're here to talk me out of joining the marines I would never talk someone out of joining the corps.
It's an honor to serve your country.
Glad that's settled.
I would ask one question, though.
What's the big rush? You know what? You're probably right.
I should wait a little longer.
What's a few more dead colonels? I understand that you're pissed off.
Pissed off?! They killed my dad! How would you feel?! I would want justice, but you're looking for revenge.
You're damn right.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
Which just leaves you with a bunch of toothless, blind people.
So you just make a joke and do nothing? I would do whatever it takes.
But there is a right time a right place.
And this is not the time.
Not for you.
Homeland Security says there's an uptick in chatter.
Something is definitely going on.
Better have a fatal disease, DiNozzo.
Josh's mom called.
He's looking for payback.
Wants to skip Princeton and join the marines.
I went to talk him out of it.
Did you? I don't know, boss.
McGee, turn this up.
Gibbs? A fiery explosion has completely engulfed a Rosslyn convenience store.
The store's owner is believed to have been inside at the time of the blast.
That's Sharif's place.
First the friendly links, now the neighborhood convenience store.
It's such tragedies as your mr.
Sharif, that make my mother afraid to leave the house, which does not bode well for me, I'm afraid.
Your visit is premature.
I'm still waiting for the rest of him to be delivered.
Mm Until then, you have well, the obvious.
Same as before.
Except this time the dismemberment was caused by some form of high-impact explosive.
His dismembermt, but not his death.
Correct, colonel.
Yeah, as you can see, he was the pugilist-at-rest posture at the time of his demise.
This praying mantis posture is one of man's oldest defensive positions, almost always assumed when battling intense heat and flame.
So Sharif was burned alive.
Place was torched before the bomb went off.
That kind of overkill means they were either sending a message or there was something there they didn't want us to find.
We may have beat them to it.
Oh come on, down in front, man.
Do all your people talk to themselves? Don't yours? Have you any idea how many ring dings are sold each day in your average convenience store? - Abs, the customers.
- The customers.
They're talking about everything from the weather to hemorrhoids cream.
There's no audio.
How do you know what they're talking about? Ah, you read lips.
Maybe she'll surprise you okay, you guys want to keep talking about me or get back to the case? Um, after watching seven hours of the most boring reality show ever made, I've narrowed it down to one final contestant.
He refers to himself as Abraham.
He didn't say the name of the golf course, but he did say that the day of judgment was approaching.
According to Maryland DMV records, his full name is Abraham Moussalah.
Born in 1974, served three years for robbing a convenience store in Baltimore.
Almost got away with $86 and some ding dongs.
Spent some time in a psych ward, converted to a radical sect of Islam.
Got a last known for him? His probation officer hasn't heard from him in over a year.
No credit cards, no car registrations.
Boss, this guy's gone off the grid I'll check the bolo.
See if there's any hits.
CID should have intel on Abraham's sect.
I'll make a few calls.
I'm going to coordinate with local LEOs and highway patrol.
Where's Tony? Don't worry about Tony.
Tony is fine.
On my way, Abs.
Tony is? - Thanks again.
- Thank you.
Looks like you've made up your mind.
Special agent slash mind reader.
Well, when you're good, you're good, but I wasn't reading your mind.
I was reading your body language.
You're relaxed.
The struggle is over.
You've made up your mind.
Special agent slash dr.
So what's it gonna be, Josh? and desert camo? Or all-night frat parties and jell-o shots with co-eds? I decided to do what my dad always wanted me to.
I'm guessing he wasn't a big fan of jell-o shots.
But he was a big fan of Princeton.
So you're going back to school.
Then Georgetown law, then into Naval Intelligence.
That's good.
I could use the help.
Listen, I keep my word, Josh.
We're gonna find the person who did this.
I know, Tony.
It's in your body language.
Remember the cell phone that was never used? Well, it was used.
Only all the data was hard-erased.
Hard-erased? What part of "hard-erased" do you not understand? All of it.
Well, then, you've come to the right place.
A cell phone is very much like a computer.
You can delete data off of it, but then if someone knows where to look Bottom line, Abby.
The cell phone was used once.
It was an incoming call, probably to test the detonator.
Then it was reset to factory defaults.
You got a number? I thought you'd never ask.
The incoming call came from the warehouse Sharif gave the CIA.
Must be where Abraham was testing the detonator.
He's not there now.
Place has been crawling with EOD since yesterday.
Can you trace that call? If it's on.
Almost done.
I'm having Ziva scan the cell tower control-track frequencies looking for the cell's registration request.
McGee, it just powered up.
Tell me he's not making a call.
Nope, not yet.
I've got his location.
M street and Wisconsin.
Georgetown promenade.
You guys weren't planning on starting without me, were you? Who's that? - Flanking positions on the promenade, east and west.
- Yes, ma'am.
- clear the civilians quietly.
- We're on it.
Abraham on the bench.
If he sees us clear the promenade, he may detonate.
If it's a trip-wire any of these people may detonate it.
On the second bomb, he used a cell phone.
The cell phone's not connected to the backpack.
Trip wire, cell phone who knows how he armed this one? A dead-man switch.
Or not.
DiNozzo, you keep your ears on me.
What the hell is he doing? What he always does.
Hey! My hat! Four marriages negotiating's probably not his thing.
You'd be surprised.
Well, I have been so far.
Cell's not the detonator.
My son, Tony, he plays that same game.
What's your name? Abraham.
Hey, Abraham.
Jethro? That's the name they gave me.
Everybody, please stay calm.
Stay back.
That means "friend of god.
" The father-in-law of Moses.
He walked with the israelites when God parted the red sea.
- You know why God parted the red sea? - No.
To show the people that sea creatures were totally dependent on God's will.
What is he talking about? I'd say this guy's a few puppies short of a pet shop.
Most suicide bombers are.
Abraham, can I ask you a question? You think it's all right for someone to hurt innocent people? No, Jethro.
I didn't think so.
What are you doing here, Abraham? I'm waiting for my friend.
He's gonna take me to dinner.
Your friend give you the backpack? Mm-hmm.
About an hour ago.
He said so I don't lose it.
What's this friend's name? Sharif.
So who's laying in autopsy then? He was supposed to meet me here at 3:00.
Ziva! Right behind you! Abraham, is it all right if we take a look in your backpack? EOD's still on their way, boss.
We're out of time.
You want me to defuse it? Because before you said you'd kick my ass do it! The rest of you, go! Go on, get out of here.
Tony, army knife.
What's your name? Tim.
It means "he who's about to wet his pants.
" why is he gonna wet his pants? he's here.
Not anymore.