NCIS s04e11 Episode Script


Retesting evasive driving techniques.
Third time's the charm,Otto.
You can do it.
Give me a 180,Otto.
Yes! Didn't touch a single cone on that run.
I would call that a pass,baby.
Phase two.
This one's for you,Torsten.
Go for it,Otto.
Make me proud.
Avoiding civilian casualties during high-speed egress.
Sorry about that,Torsten.
Need to recalibrate the braking-to-surface algorithm.
That was my fault,Otto.
Not yours.
Test concluded.
Take me home,Otto.
Ooh Still a few bugs to work out, but Otto and I are both feeling much better about the drive-off next week.
Oh,note for Jamie - fuel pressuge is fluctuating.
Malfunction in the electrical system at 0638.
Initiating software shutdown.
Exhaust in the cabin.
Otto's core is frozen.
I'm hitting the kill switch.
Come on Come on! I'm trapped in the ca Lights,please.
From the video presentation, it's clear that sexual harassment can take many forms in the workplace.
A coworker with elevator eyes looking you up and down, a coworker shows you a cartoon or photo of a sexual nature.
If you're lucky.
A coworker's hand accidentally brushes up against your body.
If you're really lucky.
Physical contact can be divided into three categories.
Green light includes normal behavior.
Yellow light includes borderline behaviors such as hugging someone or Yep? What's wrong with hugging people? I hug people all the time.
You may see it as friendly, but your coworkers may find it offensive.
You guys get offended when I hug you? No.
Of course not,Abby.
I'm hugging you all in my mind right now.
policy is very clear about this point,Miss.
You must first ask permission before making physical contact with a coworker.
Like,every time? Yes.
And finally,there's red light behavior, such as deliberate, unwelcomed touching.
Another question? Yeah, what if you slap someone in the back of the head like this? Would that be considered inappropriate behavior? Absolutely.
Are you saying that this has actually happened? No,I was just wondering, that's all.
Yes? Uh,yes,uh,what if part of your job Gibbs.
includes touching naked people - and - That's inappropriate at any time.
Even if they're dead? Why are you touching dead,naked people? You see,I work in autopsy Can we try to keep this discussion focused on the topic Gear up.
Navy lieutenant's been found dead in an R & D facility in Fairfax.
Wait,I can't mark you as attending unless you're here for Uh,Ms.
I will take excellent notes for them.
Okay Ducky won't be here.
He's got to take his mom to the hospital.
Is Victoria all right? Well,she cut herself shaving, and for some reason, he thinks you can handle this,Palmer.
Uh what do you think, Agent Gibbs? Well,I don't know,Palmer.
- You got me a T.
? - Yes.
Uh,according to the liver probe,she died two hours and Does it tell you how? Actually,the probe only tells you the difference between ambient temperature and But you already know all this.
Tentatively,I'd say she died from hypoxia, Agent Gibbs.
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Yeah,most likely.
In 68% of cases, it's accidental.
And,uh,the other 29% are self-inflicted.
Well,I'm more concerned with the three percent you left out.
Palmer,he's talking about the ones deliberately murdered this way.
How'd she get on the floor.
Coworker found her in the passenger seat, in there,doors still closed and the engine running.
He drove it out,attempted CPR.
Tony's taking a statement now.
What kind of vehicle is this? It is a second generation fully autonomous Al - operated vehicle,boss.
Yeah,I can see that,McGee.
I mean,other than the obvious.
Wait, you actually understood that? You know what it does then? Yeah,your basic second generation Al autonomous stuff.
Where the hell does the driver sit? That's the point.
There isn't one.
It drives itself.
Boss,"Al" stands for artificial intelligence.
It's a robot.
All I'm saying,Agent DiNozzo is our entire team is under a tremendous amount of stress.
We're competing against dozens of teams.
Three and a half years of work, and it all comes down to a single proof of concept test.
Robot car race.
In crude terms,yes.
What do you get if you win? Recognition in my field.
What about one of those cool trophies like they hand out at NASCAR? I wouldn't know.
I'm a scientist,not a redneck.
It is the fastest-growing sport in the country.
I rest my case.
In my opinion, it's clear what happened here.
When I found Seabrook,she was sitting in Otto with the diagnostic bay doors closed and the engine running.
What's that tell you? You think she killed herself? I do.
What about an accident or a malfunction? All she had to do to shut Otto down was to flick the kill switch.
It was right in front of her on the dashboard.
Look,obviously she couldn't face her own faults and missed deadlines,so she took the coward's way out.
- That's enough,Torsten.
- She's dead, Russell.
There's no need for you to continue this charade of defending her.
I'm Dr.
Project leader.
Where is Lieutenant Seabrook? Could you stop? Can I Can I see her? Roni What have you done? Ziva,you have really got to see this.
See what,McGee? It's an Atlas-Seven CPU.
It's the same one developed for the Martian rovers.
And how does this pertain to the case? Well,it doesn't.
I just thought it was cool.
See,the thing about That better be your handcuffs.
I believe this is a classic yellow light situation.
Stop moving,McGee.
My hand's stuck.
It's not the only thing that's stuck.
Make that a red light situation.
What are you doing? Investigating a dead Naval officer.
That's a $22 million piece of equipment,you You people are jeopardizing my entire project.
We're doing our jobs.
What'd you find? Ah,there's a USB cable, still attached to the console in the passenger side.
Also bagged a battery for a laptop in the front seat.
I removed the laptop.
We'll need it.
Absolutely not.
It contains a backup copy of Otto's Al.
Well,whatever that is, we'll need that,too.
That is Otto.
Already got it covered,Tony.
Tow truck should be here any minute now.
This is our only prototype! You people you people are you're We're cops,Federal agents, police officers? Maybe if you sound it out,it's easier.
You know, english as a third language is always the trickiest one.
I'll take the laptop now, please.
I've known Roni for almost ten years,Agent Gibbs.
She was one of my brightest students at MIT.
An exceptional mind.
Light-years ahead of her peers when it came to the field of artificial intelligence.
Machines that can think.
So that Humvee can think? Only about driving.
An easy task for you or me, but for a machine, it takes millions of calculations a second and complex reasoning skills.
According to the Navy, your thinking car is a joint project with them and Azeon.
They've been very good to us as far as R & D resources go.
Meaning money.
And Lieutenant Seabrook's time.
Gonna need your security tapes and access logs that you keep,Doctor.
She wasn't even supposed to be here this morning, agent Gibbs.
She worked late last night.
I I I gave her the morning off.
She didn't take it.
She died in your garage at zero-six-forty this morning.
She must have come in to run a test.
She's a was a perfectionist.
Never satisfied.
Traits I'm afraid I encouraged her in.
Sitting in a running vehicle inside an enclosed space is not a bright idea.
Trust me,Agent Gibbs Roni was not the type to kill herself.
What type was she,Doctor? Driven.
Lieutenant Seabrook's Naval career was most unusual.
No deployments and, as far as I can tell, she never set foot on a ship.
Well,she was an egghead.
They don't recruit them to fight wars.
Just to build the machines for fighting them.
Maybe she had enough.
Enough of what? You'd be surprised how many weapon designers take their own lives.
I might have a better motive.
Azeon had everything leveraged on Otto.
It fails the drive-off, the company goes bankrupt.
Someone wanted them to fail.
Not bad,McGee.
I got one better than better.
Curious to know what follows red light behavior,Ziva? A potential pregnancy? It's a good guess, but not in this case.
Check this out.
Ran the security footage taken from the lab.
Last two people present were our lieutenant and this guy.
Azeon's chief mechanic, Jamie Jones.
Hold on to your socks.
Gets a little steamy.
What about the video from this morning,when she died? Oh,yeah! Why didn't I think of that?! 'Cause someone erased it.
The last image taken from any camera stops at zero-five-thirty-seven this morning.
And then nothing but snow.
She was murdered.
Did you find my bag,Mr.
Palmer? In the trunk of your car, Doctor.
Ah,thank you.
I'm sorry if I seem a bit flustered today.
Oh,that's understandable,Doctor.
Where did your mother cut herself? Well,let's just say that a woman in her 90s should not be using a straight-edged razor when grooming,and leave it at that.
Are you hiding a secret from me,Mr.
Palmer? Well,it's nothing to be embarrassed about.
I've been thinking of doing the same thing myself.
You are? Yes,only in my case, I have to be careful of heart strain and muscle fatigue.
How long have you been pumping? I,I wouldn't call it pumping, Doctor.
Well,whatever they call it these days, I'm impressed with you.
Really? Yes,you've certainly got yourself in shape.
Have you joined a gym? A gym? Yes,yes,yes,I have.
A,uh,few months ago.
What have we got,Duck? Ah,Mr.
Palmer's initial assumption was correct.
Lieutenant Seabrook died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Tell me something I don't know.
The levels of C.
in her blood five times the fatal dose,yes.
She was probably rendered unconscious in less than 30 seconds.
Not possible, unless she was She was breathing in the exhaust fumes directly from the tailpipe.
Or someone pumped it into the vehicle.
Which makes sense,in light of what else I found.
Evidence of assault.
Look at her wrists.
They're bruised.
She was restrained.
And I also found what appear to be bite marks on her inner thighs and back.
Run a rape kit.
I did.
That's when I found this.
An intrauterine device.
More commonly known as an I.
Is it just me,or has anyone else wondered how they get those little things in there? That,that probably sounded a lot more inappropriate than I meant.
Do you think,Palmer? As I was saying, when I ran the rape kit, I found fresh male genetic material.
From last night or early this morning.
Abby's running the samples now.
I also found traces of engine oil and a particular kind of lotion on her hair and skin.
The main ingredient was pumice.
Grease-monkey soap.
Except, her nails and hands are clean.
The skin is soft,no calluses to speak of.
Not her soap.
She certainly wasn't a regular user.
Did you learn nothing in that class this morning, Mr.
Palmer? Jamie Jones was arrested in 1998 for assault and battery on his girlfriend and she dropped the charges and married him six months later.
There's no accounting for taste.
Look at Britney and K-Fed.
At least she was smart enough to ask for a divorce.
So was Jones' wife.
Divorced three years ago.
Ooh,and there's a restraining order.
Not on him.
He got it against his ex-wife.
Lieutenant Seabrook wasn't alone at Azeon last night,boss.
She was with a mechanic.
The Azeon security cameras caught it.
And there was evidence she was Sexually assaulted.
Ducky thinks she was raped.
Yeah,check this out.
You get a warrant yet? Yeah.
Right here.
Name's Jamie Jones.
Ziva and I were gonna pick him up.
Not anymore.
You're processing the Lieutenant's apartment.
Boss,what about me? You get with Abby.
The C.
levels in that vehicle were off the charts.
You find out how he did it.
Letting me drive? No,I'm meeting you there.
I need to drop something off at the hospital.
What? A stool sample.
Would you like to see it? You want me to stab you in the eye with my knife? Abby? Over here.
Over where? Over down here.
I'm trying to decide if this is a yellow light or a red light situation.
You only wish I was still sexually harassing you.
So,uh,Gibbs wants us to figure out how so much CO got pumped into the vehicle's cabin.
Okay,first of all,McGee,his name is Otto.
O- T-T-O.
It's a palindrome.
And second he is so much more than a vehicle.
I've never seen programming like this.
It's complex,elegant, visionary.
It's way out of my league.
You? I got lost about Seabrook was operating at a whole different level.
If they used the A.
to sabotage or redirect the exhaust into the ventilation system, that could take us months to track.
Make sure you tell Gibbs that.
I did.
I told him we needed help from the Azeon people.
How? Right now they're all suspects.
That's what he said.
Well,how long did he give us this time? Today.
This is completely unacceptable.
When do we get our vehicle back? When we're done with it.
Doing what? Figuring out how it was used to kill Lieutenant Seabrook.
Are all NCIS agents this stupid.
Engler, insulting our guest won't bring Otto back here any sooner.
Of course.
My apologies.
How long will it take for you to figure out Roni killed herself, Agent Gibbs? Who said she killed herself? She was the only one down here this morning! You mean except for you.
Torsten take a break.
I'll handle this.
Well,you better,Russell.
He's jeopardizing the entire future of this company.
What he was trying to say was that this proof-of-concept test is make-or-break time for us, agent Gibbs.
Reschedule it.
I tried.
The D.
won't budge on the dates.
Dozens of teams are flying in from all over the world.
Then you better help me find Lieutenant Seabrook's killer.
Where's your chief mechanic? Jamie? No.
No,not possible.
He got along very well with Roni.
They were very good friends.
He sexually assaulted her in his garage last night.
That's definitely yellow light.
Cytology tests take 72 hours,but Dr.
House gets his results back in ten minutes.
It's ridiculous.
In the entertainment world, they call that "suspension of disbelief," actually.
Tony! What are you doing here? Oh,well,I was in the area, and I thought I would, uh,drop this off.
You found it.
Yes,I did.
Thank you.
Uh,who's the guy molesting your neck - over there.
- Oh.
Just curious.
Am I detecting a little bit of jealousy here? Me? Jealous? Yeah.
Who was he? He's gay.
What's next,insisting that I can't see other people? Oh,no,that would that would just be cruel.
You're the one who was too busy to see me last night.
Yeah,and I'll make it up to you.
When? Tomorrow.
I promise.
Promise? What's that, marking your territory? Oh,just a reminder.
Just until you make good on your promise.
Looks like she did a Trading Spaces with John Nash.
Russell Crowe played him in A Beautiful Mind, that Ron Howard movie about the insane mathematician? What kind of tests are you getting done? Why,you worried about me? You're keeping a paper bag filled with crap in your desk, what do you think? I think you should go and check the bedroom.
That is unless you want me to come with you and help.
What? Just wondering if offering to take me to a bedroom constitutes sexual harassment.
Well,if you have to ask, then it's not - harassment.
- Tony! Get in here! I just found Jamie Jones.
Untie me! What do you think,Tony? Well,you saw the video of him assaulting Lieutenant Seabrook.
Doesn't explain how he ended up tied to her bedposts with a ball gag in his mouth.
Well,have you ever heard of accomplices? Oh.
Am I catching you at a bad time? Uh,what can I do for you? Tomorrow night, I was thinking sushi.
There's a great new place in Georgetown.
Well,don't sound so excited.
I'm at work.
But,right,got it.
What part of inappropriate touching don't you understand? Uni Hospital? Test results came back already? I'm pregnant.
McGee's gonna be very proud.
What are you looking at? Keep an eye on the jumpsuit.
This Seabrook's got a bunch of MP3 files on here.
All created over the last 24 hours.
You think she was illegally downloading? No.
They were recorded with the laptop's microphone.
I think she was making verbal observations while running her tests.
I'm gonna line up the time-stamps.
She might have made a recording while she was dying.
So,she was in the passenger seat.
Probably buckled her seat belt.
Now,if she was tied to something, what would she be tied to? McGee! McGee! McGee! McGee! McGee,help me! McGee! McGee! Help! It won't open.
The kill switch.
Cover your face! Permission to hug you.
You never have to ask,Abby.
What happened? Get the chair.
I almost bought the farm,McGee.
I even saw that old lady telling me to run to the light.
Boss,my back was only turned for a few seconds.
A few mores seconds,McGee, she'd be dead.
You okay? Yeah,I'm really lightheaded.
Boss? Evidence cage called in an - emergency alert? - It was me,DiNozzo.
Stand down.
You attacked the car? The car tried to kill Abby.
I think there was a short.
When I tried to unbuckle my seat belt, it pinned me back and the windows shut and the engines started.
It triggered all the doors in the car to lock.
And then the whole cabin filled up with exhaust.
A few minutes more, I would've been singing hymns with my angels right how.
Abby,I'd have noticed before then.
Then I would've hugged you,McGee.
So Lieutenant Seabrook was killed by a malfunction? Too many variables.
It was deliberate.
The lieutenant was set up to look like suicide.
I think it's time you had a heart-to-heart with Jones,boss.
How'd he do it? It's not a damn quiz,McGee! Find out! On it.
What'd you say to Jones? Nothing.
He's been asking about Lieutenant Seabrook.
Acting like she's still alive.
Come on,Ducky's checking you out.
I'm fine,I just It's not a request,Abby.
This is not good.
Look,this is all just a big misunderstanding,Agent Gibbs.
All you have to do is call one phone number,man.
Lawyer? No.
Look,I know what it must have looked like back at her apartment but Lieutenant Seabrook's your girlfriend now? Yeah.
Look,we worked together for a few years,we started dating maybe six months back.
Dating? Yeah.
What's that look like? It's a stupid game,man.
Only when we're alone.
You like games,Jones? We're just role playing, all right? It's not like we're freaks.
Am I going to lose my security clearance - over this? - Hey, you almost killed one of my people today! What? That damn Humvee you used to kill Lieutenant Seabrook.
Roni What the hell are you talking about? Roni is downstairs,Jones! On a steel slab! This is one of her jokes,right? Is she behind the glass? Huh? Because if you are,Roni, this isn't funny! Roni tell me it's not real.
I did it,Abby.
I know how they got in.
How'd you know I was here? I didn't.
Abby,I'm sorry for I know.
Thought you were supposed to ask for permission first.
Never with you,Tim.
He's telling the truth.
Just a quick test run and she's coming right back to him.
Right with you,Abs.
The reason that we couldn't find how they hacked the Al program was they didn't.
They snuck in before the system was even on-line.
Makes sense.
There were a series of commands inserted into the flash memory of the BIOS at boot-up.
They waited until the conditions were met, and the,bam, killer car syndrome.
Once executed, they purged from memory.
The only trace left, an extra space on one of the mother board's bio chips.
Figured it'd be something like that.
We know the program was flashed from a physical device that was tied into the system.
Memory stick.
SD card.
We just need to find it.
And when we do,we'll have the killer code and a clue to who wrote it.
I think we lost him.
We need to try it again but slower.
So what you're saying, for example, is we need to find something this small in a Humvee jammed with $22 million worth of electronics.
Pretty much.
We're screwed.
Now that is an excellent point.
You wanted to see me? You have plans tonight,Tony.
Actually no.
Tomorrow,I'm going to It wasn't a question.
We've had these three under observation ever since you tagged their bags at the airport.
They made reservations for dinner tonight here.
The reservation is for four.
I want to know who they're meeting with.
I've always wanted to try the food at this place, but it's a little outside of my price range.
You won't be inside.
We couldn't risk them I.
'ing you as the baggage handler from the airport.
So what's the plan? We're going to take a more covert approach on this one.
Oh,I ever tell you covert's my middle name? * In my perspective * * I see the people from the big jet plane * * The woman looks Teutonic, she drinks a vodka tonic * * And two bald men sit with her * * Waiting for a fourth * * They're not going to order that main course * * Until that person come * Hey Everybody's a critic.
Get out of here.
Keep your eyes on the prize, Tango Eight.
I may even let you keep the money you're making.
* Sorry,I just do what I can * You're not going to sing the whole thing,are you? * I gotta do what I gotta do * * I'm just a man * * Oh,speaking of man * * Another man walks through that front door * * Wearing a polka-dot scarf * * Will he join the table? I don't know * * Yes,he does and greets the pretty lady, what do they say? * * Who knows * * He's sitting at the table * With the other people from the plane * Stay steady on the target, Tango 8.
I want his photo.
Isolate and freeze-frame.
* They are having a conversation * * A heavy,heavy conversation * * That man talk,a-talk,a-talk a lot * * Talk,a-talk,a-talk a lot * * Jenny,think I've been made * * Do you see what I see? * Relax,Tango 8.
I'm sure he's just checking his reflection in the glass.
Hey,what was that movie where they took the whole car apart? I am not Tony.
Come on.
You know the one.
They were looking for heroin and they took apart that entire car? Still not Tony.
Abby,I think I found it.
That's it.
That's the kill program.
Yes! That's a good job.
Now put it back together.
As in "now.
" Gibbs,what's the rush? The Director just assured the Secretary of The Navy we were handling this thing with kid gloves.
Well,we didn't get that memo 'cause you know, we're wearing latex.
Well,they want a team from Azeon to come by, check and make sure we didn't break anything.
When? Two hours.
Boss,it took us ten just to take it apart.
Yeah,that's why I brought you help.
And Roni would be in tears if she saw Otto like this.
Can you do it or not,Jones? Does he have to run? It'd be nice.
You all right? Define "all right.
" Find out the results from the medical tests yet? Not yet.
Time's the Azeon team getting here? You fell asleep.
Gibbs and Jenny are stalling them in her office now.
If you've discovered the problem with the vehicle, we can fix it.
Wasn't a problem.
It was sabotage.
By whom? An expert in artificial intelligence.
Then it wasn't Jamie.
It must be one of the companies we're competing against.
They,they know they can't beat us in a fair fight.
The winner of the drive-off gets the entire D.
contract, Director Shepard, not just the Navy's.
The Navy's banking on you, Doctor.
It's why I've agreed to the Secretary's request that you visually inspect Otto.
When? Right how if you'd like.
Agent Gibbs, would you mind escorting us? Where is Otto? Gibbs? We have let a robot-killer Humvee loose on the streets of Washington.
Uh,technically,Director, it's a second-generation, - fully - I don't care what it's called! Find it! Fast.
BOLO,on it,boss.
I'll take the Beltway! Abby and I will see if we can access Otto's system remotely.
I think I might be able to help with that.
Someone had to send Otto a remote command and navigational data.
All we have to do is find it so we can back-trace it to our bad guy.
If we access the vehicle, can we remotely operate it? Yeah,I've seen Roni do it before.
How? I don't know,man.
I'm just a mechanic, all right? All this A.
stuff is way out of my league.
Okay,what's your job during test runs? I monitor stuff like tire pressure, fuel injectors How? I have my own program.
I mean,I could try Do it.
All right.
But even if I can get in, all I can tell you is stuff like oil pressure and fuel levels.
Navigation,external sensors, that's all handled by scientists.
All right,I'm in.
Now what? Just sit back and let the scientists kick all kinds of major ass.
Roni would've really liked you guys.
Okay,Abby,we're in sync.
You are now following the same stream back into Otto as Jamie's program.
Jamie, what's the most complex sensor you monitor with this? I'd say fuel injectors.
And when something goes wrong, do you just monitor it, or is there something you can actually do? I have the ability to tweak some of the parameters to avoid engine damage.
That's our way in.
Is that program on here,too? Yes it's right there.
Before we were just receiving.
Now we can send.
Tweak something.
All right.
What? It doesn't matter.
I just need to follow it downstream back into Otto.
Um How's that? I'm in.
Pull up the navigation subdirectory.
Accessing Otto's onboard GPS.
It's stopped.
It's right off Route 123 in Fairfax.
I'll keep working on back-tracing the guy who sent him there.
Clear! They took our chip,boss.
Hey,McGee,when I told you to put this car back together I didn't mean put it back together with the only piece of evidence we have on the killer.
I didn't.
We put in a copy.
Abby's got the original.
Otto has five stereo cameras.
Hoping one of them got a picture of our guy.
We're definitely dealing with someone on the inside.
He knew where all of Otto's cameras were.
The only shot I got is this.
This thing takes worse pictures than you do,McGee.
They went to a lot of trouble to get the chip back.
Why? Like you said, It's the only evidence we have.
They know we can link it to 'em.
How? There weren't any prints on the surface.
The program's in assembly language.
I'm not sure.
I back-traced the connection used to activate Otto.
They're in Azeon's network.
They're online right now.
I even have their Gibbs? Don't worry,Jamie.
We are going to get this guy.
You're sure about this, Agent Gibbs? We sure about this,McGee? Abby gave me the specific I.
address for the computer used to access Otto.
I'll know it when I find it.
Which one was it? We're working on it.
Boss? I.
address matches this one.
You're bastard! You killed her! Get him off me! What's the matter? You couldn't share the limelight?! Why would I kill Seabrook?! You've been jealous of Roni from the moment you met her.
That's ridiculous! If anything, she was jealous of me.
I demand to know what proof you have against me.
A flash chip? It was used to kill Lieutenant Seabrook.
The one you took from the vehicle was a copy.
Then let me see the code.
Everyone here has their own specific style.
I can tell you with certainty who wrote that one.
As can I,Engler - may I? You're mistaken, Agent Gibbs, this chip is blank.
Let him go.
Boss? Let him go, he's the one who found Seabrook.
If he wanted the chip back, he would have taken it before anyone got there.
Pike The only thing you erased from this chip are my photos.
The real chip is in the evidence locker at NCIS.
She thought of you like a father! She was supposed to take the morning off, Jamie.
It was an accident.
I would never never Who was supposed to drive Otto that morning? Me.
You senile old fool, you were trying to kill me.
I did it for all of us.
He owns half the company.
When Otto wins that race, we would have been stuck working with him forever.
Nobody deserves that.
You smug bastard.
I'll never? on this Look If "red light" is for sexually assaulting a coworker,what color is for murder? How's "black light" sound? Works for me.
It's late; go home.
Just doing a little research.
On what? Y.
A very nasty illness.
It can cause permanent damage to the heart,lungs and kidneys, and in some cases, patients can relapse months or even years later.
Tony had it.
I know,Ziva,I was there.
Did you know that he had some tests done recently? and he's been wearing a hospital bracelet on his wrist.
I asked him why, but he won't tell me.
And he's probably got a pretty good reason.
& So,uh can I take this off now? I haven't made up my mind yet.
You do know that it's for the psych ward,right? Oh,yeah.
I picked it out special for you.