NCIS s04e12 Episode Script


Oh, crap.
You gotta be kidding me.
Hello? I'm from next door.
I locked myself out.
Uh, I just need you to call the front desk.
Hello? Holy Mother of God.
Ziva, I'm not secretive.
Did you hear that, Tony? McGee just said he's not secretive.
Hmm, let's see: Wrote a novel.
- Didn't tell us.
- Got it published.
- Didn't tell us.
- Made substantial amounts of money - from said novel.
- Hmm, didn't tell us.
- Anything else? - Bought a Porsche.
Didn't tell us.
Can you see how people might begin to think there was a pattern of secretive behavior emerging here, Probie? Okay, look.
I might have been hiding stuff.
But it was not secretive, it was just - Deceptive? - Sneaky? Self-preservation.
If I'd told you guys I was writing a novel, you would have laughed at me.
- True.
- True.
Besides, everyone has secrets.
I bet you two have some doozies.
Ha?! What 'ha'? I said 'no.
' You said no too quickly.
He did, didn't he? What dark, dirty little secrets do you have that are making you so uncomfortable? Does she have a name? Lieutenant Brana SHAHEEN.
Her death is really a lost for the Marines.
Marine Corps Intelligence? Three years.
I've personally known her for two.
She's an interpreter.
Born in Kuwait, emigrated when she was a kid.
Working anything sensitive? Just routine, nothing classified since we got back from Iraq.
Ironic, isn't it? You last saw her Friday.
She said she was going to the country for the weekend.
Didn't say where.
I've got the impression she was gonna meet someone.
Where the hell is Edenvale? Keep scrolling, probie.
I'm scrolling, I'm telling you, I can't find it.
It's not on the map.
Boondocks, boss.
Pack a toothbrush.
What are boondocks? Don't get a lot of murders out here in Edenvale, Agent Gibbs.
Got the whole town talking.
Well, you all wanna come on inside, I've set up the conference room for you.
Crime scene first, Sheriff.
Uh, that'd be the Edenvale, uh, Motel U.
A ten-minute drive.
Not much to see out there, though.
Except the crime scene.
Well, yeah, room eight.
Shot twice in the chest.
Bled out under the door.
Sheriff, the sooner we get to work on the body, the sooner we'll be out of your way.
You wanna work on the body? Preliminary examination.
I'll do the autopsy back at D.
Agent Gibbs, uh, I think we have what you might call a breakdown in communications.
She was found three days ago.
Booked in under a false name.
Paid cash.
No pocketbook, no driver's license.
No vehicle.
Took the best part of two days to get her prints up to Washington and processed.
Soon as we found out she was a Marine, we called you.
By that time, Harry had done the autopsy.
Harry Lawson, the coroner.
He's a good man.
Well, I'll bet he is.
He's also the funeral director and owns the furniture store.
Old country tradition.
What about the crime scene, Sheriff? Uh, turned back to the motel.
Cleaned up? And I'm guessing already occupied.
Evidence? Oh, yeah, got plenty of that.
Uh, you'll wanna talk to Ruby.
If it was loose, I bagged it.
Hairs, fibers, shell casing, gum wrappers, used tissues, uh, even an old French fry the cleaning lady must have missed.
It was right up under the headboard.
Anybody would have missed it.
Um, everything's been tagged, numbered, indexed and photographed.
I did the indexing by hand on account of the printer not working.
Blood samples? I took multiples, sent some ho the lab, kept the rest as backup.
Sorry my fault.
No, it, it does that all the time.
Well, that's everything.
Um, except one teeny-tiny little thing.
She was shot twice.
But I could only find one shell casing.
Maybe he picked it up.
Yeah, maybe.
You said you had an office we could use? Here you go.
Home sweet home.
I'll stir up some coffee for you.
Oh, uh, we do have a suspect.
When were you gonna tell me that? Well, I'm telling you now.
Yeah? Bring me that suspect's file, would you? Yeah, the victim made one phone call from the motel.
Local guy by the name of Masoud Tariq.
Only been in town a few months.
He's an Iraqi.
Same as the victim.
She's from Kuwait, actually.
And where are you from? The city.
Well, unfortunately, this guy Masoud Tariq, he's disappeared.
So I got a search warrant.
We found her lipstick in his living room.
Ruby got a fingerprint match.
We've got a BOLO out for him, but he's got a couple days start.
Now, he comes back, we'll catch him.
You need anything else, you just holler.
Did you see their name plates? Both Barretts.
Brothers? Cousins? Boondocks.
I'll take the body back to D.
But I'm afraid we're gonna have to rely on this autopsy report.
Can't do another one? Well, if I think it's necessary, but there'd be so much missing that you can't get back.
blood patterns, position of the body, and of course you'll be missing all the usual pieces that have gone off for testing.
She comes down from D.
for the weekend, books into a motel under a false name, pays cash and calls a man.
Jealous spouse? She's not married.
Neither was he.
Moved here six months ago.
Which is about the time Lieutenant Shaheen got back from Iraq.
Nice timing.
DiNozzo, drive back with Ducky.
Talk to Lieutenant Shaheen's commanding officer.
Find out what she was working on in Iraq.
Okay, back to the big city suits me, boss.
I got the Boondock Blues already.
Boss? Crime scene.
Take that forensic woman with you.
Ruby, yeah.
Check her methodology.
See what she missed.
Maybe she didn't miss anything.
What do you need, Duck? Just the body.
That leaves you and me with Masoud Tariq.
Not quite.
That's Daryl Hardy.
the sort of nosy neighbor gives small towns a bad name.
He thinks Tariq is a terrorist.
Like a terrorist'd ever come live in a little town like ours.
He file complaints? Nothing ever amounted to anything.
Just spread a lot of bad feelings among people, is all.
Tariq kept out of trouble.
Paid his bills, obeyed the law.
Least up until now.
We're being watched.
That kind of town.
Lacking a woman's touch? Wouldn't know.
You wanna take mine? I didn't mean anything by what I said earlier.
Yes, you did.
You find something? The sooner you leave me alone, the sooner I'll know.
Well, I guess a photo can wait, huh? Gibbs.
I think someone's been making modifications.
Diesel fuel.
And a positive indicator of nitrates.
Probably ammonium nitrate.
Mix with diesel oil and all you have to do is add a detonator, and a cell phone if you want to set it off remotely.
I think we just found ourselves a bomb factory.
I thought the local constabulary searched the house.
Not for a bomb factory.
Hard to miss.
Maybe the neighbors were more observant.
You're from Washington? Special Agent Gibbs.
NCIS? That like the FBI? Navy and Marine's version.
About time.
- You found something? - Maybe.
I knew it.
Sheriff didn't wanna know.
No one did.
It's one of them sleeper cells they warn us about on the news, ain't it? What makes you think that? I don't think it.
I know it.
Wait there.
Waste of time giving it to that son-of-a-b.
Good luck.
Nice neighbor? He thinks he uncovered a sleeper cell.
- Does he have proof? - Maybe.
Send it to Abby.
So what's your biggest secret? Shock me.
When I was 11 years old, I had a paper route and I got sick of it.
So I used to hide the papers and then I only deliver to people that complained.
That was you? No, I mean like a certain probie who secretly wrote a not-so- secret bestseller.
Oh, you mean a MOAS.
Like a mother of all secrets.
Everybody has one.
I'm not going to tell you mine.
What's yours? Ha! Nice try.
I'm sitting on my MOAS.
I thought there was only one shooter? So did the Boondock Probie.
Maybe she was wrong.
Well, find out soon enough.
How do you live with the Mother Of All Secrets? You don't.
It consumes you.
It eats you like a cancer, from the inside.
First there's the guilt.
And then there's the excruciating urge to blab your secret, although you know that it's gonna spell your doom.
Have you gotten at that stage yet? No.
It's a hypothetical situation we're talking about.
You're still in the guilt stage, huh? And then, you know, eventually, you can't take it anymore, it drives you insane, so you blab your secret to your best friend or your mother or your lover and it sets you free.
- It does? - Yeah.
Of course, you lose all your friends and your family and maybe even your job depending on what the secret is, but, yeah.
Masoud Tariq has another name: Wasim Al Fulani.
Oh, this is bad.
He was in the Republican Guard.
Yeah, it's a long way from Baghdad to Edenvale.
I hate giving Gibbs bad news.
Yeah, got it.
He dropped off the planet, like, two years ago, boss.
Ziva just sent over photos of two men with Tariq both Middle Eastern, same deal.
"Masoud Tariq" is an alias.
His real name is Wasim Al Fulani, former captain, Republican Guard, disappeared off the radar two years ago.
Hmm, we know where he's been for the past six months.
Just need to figure out where he is now.
Yeah, and whether he packed a bag.
Okay, thanks for the bad news.
They found explosive residue in Tariq's garage.
Well, that's not good.
Yeah, I dusted for prints in that garage.
Well, sometimes we miss things.
Like that second shell casing we still can't find and probably never will? This is my first.
- First? - Murder.
I'd only ever done break-ins and stolen cars.
We get a lot of stolen cars in Edenvale.
I bet.
I'm so excited.
My first murder.
I mean, it's sad and everything, but No, it's okay to be excited.
Helps us do our job.
Well, it sure didn't help me, did it? Look, you might've missed something, okay? But, next time, you might see something that someone else doesn't.
And they might see something that you don't.
You can't do it all.
Can't be right every time, Ruby.
I'd settle for just once.
Never thought I'd see a grown man so happy to break a hundred.
This coming from the girl who rolled an 86.
I like it.
I have a question to ask you.
Yeah? What are the chances of my sneaking you away for a little dinner? Two of the interns called in sick, so Whoo, that's not good.
You look cold and we can't have you getting sick.
There it's a little chilly.
And it's a good thing that I am prepared.
Signorina What are you doing? It's easier than it looks.
Yeah, okay This is not a sundial.
There we go.
What is all this? This, Miss Benoit, is a Penne a la DiNardo.
I don't know what to say.
Well you could say, Grazie, "you're a god among men, a prince among thieves.
" This is like a scene from an old movie.
Wait a second is this a scene from an old movie? Uh, well, that really depends.
On? Have you ever seen a movie called Strangers in the Night, with Cary Grant? No, I don't think so.
Then no, this is a completely original idea that I came up with, all by myself.
It's not even close, Abigail.
You brew that in your room? Yeah.
You know, it's not even real coffee.
It's coffee.
I read the label.
"Roasted chicory," whatever that is.
It's a flower.
It's got a taproot like a dandelion.
Dried and roasted, it makes for a cheap coffee substitute.
Well, that's what you're drinking, cheap motel coffee substitute.
Does that smell like a cheap coffee substitute? - Well, you brew it in your room.
- Well, yes, I did.
With my own grind that I brought from home.
You bring your own coffee grind on investigations? Only on overnighters.
Did you hear from Tony last night? No.
How about this morning? The only reason I'm asking you is because I called him last night to update him and he didn't pick up the phone.
He didn't answer this morning either.
Ah, you two got married and didn't tell me.
I know this may sound a bit strange, coming from me, but More than a bit, Ziva.
He's my partner, and I'm concerned.
Yeah, okay.
So? So you sent him back for other reasons than to question Lieutenant Shaheen's commanding officer.
Did I miss the announcement? No, I was not made Director of NCIS.
I was thinking more like Secretary of the Navy, because the Director of NCIS would know damn well not to ask me such a stupid question.
Look, Tony's been very secretive lately, and for a man who can't keep what he had for breakfast a secret, I think it's scary.
What's scary is your persistence.
Sorry! So the only reason you sent him back was what you said Can I talk bullets? No, you can't, but you can listen to me talk bullets.
Now, the first bullet, bullet "A".
Yes, that's it it penetrated the body here, just below the rib cage.
All soft tissue, no bone.
But once it punched through the skin, it stopped no kinetic energy.
Unlike bullet "B".
Yeah, that's the little devil which according to this, punched right through the sternum, gouged its way through the heart muscle, took a chip out of the eighth thoracic vertebrae and finally sputtered to a stop in Lieutenant Shaheen's right latissimus dorsi.
In other words, it did exactly what it was designed to do in all its brutal efficiency.
Which begs the question, Abby How were they fired from the same weapon? Yeah, one high velocity, one low velocity.
I was thinking, could it be a ricochet? No, there were no layer deposits on the slug, so it didn't hit anything.
And their weight and lead composition's the same, but it's almost as if it was fired from another weapon.
And if it was a revolver, that would explain finding only one casing.
Two weapons means two shooters, Duck.
I don't think Gibbs is going to appreciate me doubling his workload.
So, you going to call 'em or will I? The FBI.
I'm beginning to think Daryl Hardy was right, after all.
Still NCIS jurisdiction.
Till he sets off a bomb in the local mall.
That'd be a good time for it to be under someone else's jurisdiction, wouldn't you say? That's him.
That's Tariq! Stop right there! Cease fire! Hey! Cease fire! Put it down! Hey it's a circus out there.
Every deputy in the county is either in the E.
, the building or the parking lot.
Everyone loves a shooting.
Except the shootee.
Is that a word? Sounds like a word.
Do you want to spell? S- H-O-O-T-E-E.
No, no, no, no, no.
Uh,"spell: as in "rest.
" Oh, no.
Thank you.
They're going to hold him here for a couple of hours, then we're moving him back to D.
Check his clothes and the pickup for explosive residue.
I can get Ruby to help.
Or not.
Did you shoot me? No.
Did she? No.
Sheriff Barrett? Possibly.
His brother? Probably.
Why'd you run? In Baghdad, when you see men with guns, you go the other way.
It's what you do.
You all seemed very eager to shoot me.
You were armed.
You couldn't see it.
And it was unloaded.
Where have you been for the past four days? Deer hunting.
Rana Shaheen was shot dead over the weekend.
Right after she came to see you in your house.
Of course.
That means I must be a murderer.
At least in this town.
I'm curious.
What else are they accusing me of? We found traces of explosives in your garage.
So now I am the monster that scares them at night Al-Qaeda come to kill them.
Do you believe this? I don't know what to believe, Wasim Al Fulani.
Give me some good news, Abby.
I'm not pregnant.
Too much information.
I'm just kidding.
Not that there's anything wrong with being pregnant; I love kids.
Doesn't mean that I'm trying, you know.
And even if I were trying, it doesn't mean I know anybody that I would want to try with.
Am I being trying, Gibbs? Affirmative.
My guess is that you want to know about the two guys in the photos.
That's a good guess, Abby.
Well, don't hold your breath.
There are three-quarter profiles, no full face.
Not really good for a match.
I think we're out of luck.
Evidence turning up anything? Um, I'm beginning to think that she was shot with two different weapons.
They're both nine mils, but I can't match the slugs and Ducky said they hit the body at two different velocities.
Like, really different.
Like, the difference between a howitzer and a BB gun.
Maybe not that different, but Ducky's really puzzled about it, too.
You telling me there were two different shooters? Maybe.
Or maybe not.
I haven't figured it out yet.
When you do, Abs You will be the first to know.
Actually, technically, you'll be the second to know because I'm doing the testing, but you will be the second to know.
Gibbs? We don't normally open these files to just anyone.
I guess NCIS isn't "just anyone.
" Lieutenant Shaheen had a certain amount of autonomy, Agent DiNozzo.
Sounds like a Marine covering his butt.
Marine officers don't cover their butts.
I've uploaded the files on the work we did in Iraq.
Code name was "Operation Cauldron.
" Classification? Top secret, strictly a need-to-know basis.
Lieutenant Shaheen was one of the best I had.
You find who did this.
Working on it.
Do you have any more indicator spray? I hope this doesn't count as helping you.
I'd hate to get you in trouble.
I bet he didn't even read my evidence report.
Did you read my evidence report? Sorry.
Not yet.
Not ever.
I promise I will read your evidence report.
What, and grade me? Look, I'm sorry that you're not allowed to help me.
It's just He doesn't trust me.
Well, see, he would if-if he got to know you.
It's just, um, he's hard to get to know.
Make sure you do inside his trouser pockets.
People put their hands in their pockets to get their keys and the explosive residue rubs off.
Gonna read your evidence report.
I promise.
Hey, boss, Lieutenant Shaheen worked on Operation Cauldron in Iraq.
In return for high-quality intel about terrorist bombers, Uncle Sam relocated informants to the U.
Kind of a witness relocation deal for born-again bad guys.
Anyway, Wasim Al Fulani was one of them; relocated here six months ago, new name, passport, whole nine yards.
Lieutenant Shaheen was his case officer.
Yeah, and there's something else.
Two other guys relocated at the same time, but their computer files have been deleted.
Hard copies? Both unaccounted for.
Last person to sign him out was Lieutenant Shaheen and you'll never guess when.
The day she went to Edenvale.
You guessed.
You're a Jew.
Israeli? Mossad, then.
I'm working with NCIS.
So, yes.
So, now, I am as suspicious of you as you are of me.
Is it always going to be this way? At least in our lifetime.
Ooh, cozy.
Can I help you? You know, couple of more inches to your right and our martyr here could've been living it up with all those vestal virgins.
You know, it truly is a screwed-up religion where you got to blow yourself up just to get lucky.
When you insult his religion, you insult mine and your own.
Tell him you're sorry.
I don't think he heard you.
I'm sorry.
Apology accepted.
There a problem? I was telling the deputy here where the bathroom was.
I know about Operation Cauldron.
Then you know that I'm not in your country illegally.
Lieutenant Shaheen was your case officer.
She was the only American I ever met whom I trusted.
So you kept in touch with her? No, it was forbidden.
I gave them information, they gave me a new life.
She came to visit you I did not invite her.
Why did she come? An unmarried woman visiting a Muslim man's home? It was not for that.
So you were disappointed, and that's why you followed her back to the motel.
Maybe she saw something in your garage you didn't want her to see.
A bomb perhaps, Agent Gibbs? Explosives.
Somebody put 'em there.
Not me.
Why don't you go talk to Mr.
Hardy, my good neighbor? Maybe he put them there or saw who did.
My wife and daughter were killed buying fruit in a Baghdad market, Agent Gibbs.
I've seen enough bombs.
That's why I did what I did.
That's why I left.
Boss, you got a minute? Found something.
It doesn't look like explosive residue, McGee.
It's Ruby's.
She uses a red florescent powder to dust for prints.
So? So we don't.
The only way this could've gotten on the back of the cell phone, is if it was planted after she dusted for prints.
Someone set him up, boss.
I don't like what you're getting at, Agent Gibbs.
Do you have a better explanation? People like living here.
They go to church on Sundays and they obey the law, mostly.
And they believe every person, even a stranger, is guilty until proven innocent.
You mean innocent until proven guilty.
Yeah, well, that's the way it used to be before Masoud arrived? Before everyone got so damn scared.
Well, then you know why I asked the question.
Have a seat.
Look, half the town would have planted those explosives just to get rid of Masoud.
Half the town didn't have a key to his house.
The house was leased.
The owner? Martha Hollingway,84 years old.
Who else had access to it? Oh, my Lord.
You think I killed her? Did you? I was radio officer the night she was murdered.
I didn't leave the conference room the whole night.
Tell him, Tom.
It's true.
You big-time Washington, D.
guys, you blow in here so smart.
Think you got all the answers.
You don't know squat about this town.
Educate us.
Everyone knows he did it.
Nobody's trusted this guy since the moment he got here.
She was at his house.
Maybe they're getting it on.
They had a fight.
Who knows? Or maybe maybe she figured out what he's really up to.
Making bombs? Doesn't surprise me.
Our country is at war.
Alert-level orange, in case you happened to not notice.
We are told to keep an eye on people who are behaving suspiciously.
I was doing my job.
I told you we needed to keep a better eye on that Iraqi.
You never listened to me.
Is that why you planted explosives? I didn't plant any explosives.
McGee? Deputy, please take off your trousers.
You know what? Screw you, McGee.
If you prefer, I can get Officer David to take 'em off for you.
Guess that's not your favorite color.
I was just getting him before he got us.
It's too bad you weren't getting Lieutenant Shaheen's killer.
Doctors released Masoud.
He's in the car.
Hey! McGee.
Yeah, ready to roll, boss.
Uh, you're leaving? Yeah, back to D.
Thank you for your help.
Yeah, some help I was.
No, no, no, you were.
We, uh, found some bomb residue on the deputy's pants.
Same pocket where he keeps his keys.
I, uh, have your report.
I will read it; I promise.
Bye, McGee.
Well, no one could ride Blackie.
He was a warm-blood, stood I don't know what I measure at the withers.
We can measure me tonight.
What time do you get off? Uh I gotta go.
I'll see you then.
You have a tape measure at your place? Good.
Taking calls again? Never stopped, boss.
Why? Did I miss your call? No, not mine.
What'd you find out about Masoud? This guy was good, boss.
Gave the Marines some hard intel.
IED factories, weapons caches, and the names of more than 50 bad boys.
He deserves a medal.
Got a U.
passport instead.
What about the other two who relocated with him? Yeah, low level stuff mostly.
Nothing to get excited about.
Couple of names, a weapons cache.
But good old Uncle Sam gave 'em both passports anyway.
He's ready, Gibbs.
DiNozzo, run these plates.
Sure thing, boss.
Why didn't you answer my calls? Gibbs just asked me that.
I think I had it on silent.
Your other phone is never on silent.
Don't tell me, probie, let me guess.
Research for the next book? No, it's Ruby's evidence report.
Ah, another work of fiction, then.
If it is, she's a better writer than I am.
Probie, I have a pimple on my left buttock that is a better writer than you are.
Ruby, it's McGee.
You need to get to Washington.
I do? When? Now.
Why did Lieutenant Shaheen come to you? She was investigating someone.
Who? Two Iraqi men who relocated with me.
I didn't meet them un until I left Baghdad.
They were on the same flight.
When did you last see them? Lieutenant Shaheen asked me precisely the same question.
Edenvale, two weeks ago.
This them? Yes.
They were nervous.
They wanted to know what information I passed on to the Marines in Baghdad.
You told them? No, I lied.
I told them I gave them bad information.
They believed me.
They said they had passed on bad information, too.
Why did you lie? Because I trust no one, Agent Gibbs.
Why was Lieutenant Shaheen investigating them? She wouldn't tell me.
I don't know.
Did these men kill Lieutenant Shaheen, Agent Gibbs? Yeah, I got it, thanks.
Hey, Major Raines gave us their names, boss.
Asad Al Qutaji and Youssef Zidan.
They're sharing a house in Washington.
No record of employment since they arrived.
Abby thinks there could have been two shooters.
Get Major Raines in here.
Already on his way.
Get down here.
I think Ruby Thanks.
Think there's something you need to see.
It was in the report, only no one read it.
What report? Ruby's report.
She just got here.
Hey, Ruby.
Hi, Agent Gibbs.
Uh, bear with us here for a second.
You're gonna love this, Gibbs.
- Ready? - Okay.
So the shell casing I collected from the crime scene had quite a lot of undischarged powder in it.
It was all kind of clogged inside, so I did a test.
This is the same amount of powder found in a normal nine millimeter shell.
And this is similar to the powder I found in our shell casing.
A bit like my last boyfriend.
The powder was degraded by some type of oil.
The first round didn't even leave the barrel, so he fired again.
The second round hit the first, and they both left the barrel in tandem.
Which is why the first round was at low velocity and the second round was all mashed up and unrecognizable.
I'm surprised the barrel didn't rupture.
Maybe it did.
Not two weapons, boss, just one.
One weapon, one shooter.
That's good work.
Tell DiNozzo I need another search warrant.
Agent Gibbs.
Thanks for coming, Major.
Have a sit.
Came down to give you what I could.
Their files are missing.
Oh, I know where they are.
You do? Lieutenant Shaheen's briefcase.
You found it.
Not yet.
Bad luck.
Not for you.
I'm sorry? Operation Cauldron relocated three Iraqi men from Baghdad to the United States after they supplied intelligence on the insurgency in Baghdad.
That's right.
Masoud Tariq gave you first-class intelligence.
In comparison, the other ones gave you far less, Major Raines, but they still came to America.
Lieutenant Shaheen Wasn't investigating them.
She was investigating you.
How much did they pay you for their new life in America? I don't know what you're talking about, Agent Gibbs.
For an intelligence officer, you're not very intelligent.
What's your license plate number? I drive a Pentagon car.
Kilo-echo-four- seven-one-three-nine.
You signed it out last Friday.
Masoud had suspicious neighbors looking for terrorists, found you.
You followed Lieutenant Shaheen, parked the car down the street, and waited while she met Masoud.
Not very smart.
Neither was killing her.
All right, so I followed her.
Because it was me investigating her.
She's the one who got paid off.
I didn't say anything because I didn't want her name ruined after she was dead.
Take off your gloves.
- What?! - Gloves! Off! I had a minor accident over the weekend.
The barrel on your weapon exploded.
Guess you tossed it in the river.
You should have tossed your ammo, too.
Found them in Major Raines' garage, boss.
Served the warrant to his wife.
I hate it when that happens.
What's that, sump oil? Well, I'm sure we'll be able to tell you exactly after we match it to the casing found at the murder scene.
How much? How much? Half a million.
Lieutenant Shaheen always suspected.
It could've been anyone criminals, insurgents, Al-Qaeda.
You think I didn't check them out? Just a couple of rich kids who wanted to get the hell out of there and come party in America.
Just rich kids, that's all.
Lieutenant Shaheen had to pay the price.
Gibbs, about this morning - Come on, are you starting this again? - It's my Mossad training.
They drummed it into us.
Push, push, push, push, push, push, push, never give up until you get to the truth.
Or get your ass kicked.
I thought you sent Tony back because of his, um, illness.
His illness? He has two cell phones, makes furtive calls to a hospital, goes missing for hours, always lies about where he's been.
I mean, he doesn't even talk about women anymore.
The only logical explanation is that he's receiving outpatient treatment for a serious medical problem.
That's not the only explanation.
You know, for a couple of rich kids, Asad and Youssef aren't exactly living it up.
Do you think they'll be deported? Yeah, probably.
Youssef! Youssef! Turn around.
How could I possibly believe all that? It's all true.
The roses? True.
Mm the runaway horse? I still have the scars.
Where? Okay.
Right there.
Shall I kiss it and make it better? You do whatever you think is best, doctor.
I'm not going to stop you from This is illegal in some Southern states, you know.
Oh pager.
Well, just tell them you're performing a delicate emergency procedure and you'll call them back later.
I couldn't do that to them.
I could.
You did not just do that.
You like it, don't you? Greedy.