NCIS s04e14 Episode Script


No! "TV drama.
" Eight letters.
Uh St.
Morning, sunshine! Where am I? Tenerife.
Which is, uh, the Canary Islands.
We're almost there.
Where? Hey, what kind of clubs do they have in Morocco? We're not going to Morocco.
Come on.
On the way back? On the way back from where? Oh, I'm sorry, they only gave you a one-way ticket.
Who "they"? Here's the deal: We jump into Casablanca, hit Rick's Cafe for a little, uh, cocktail.
I could tickle the ivories.
"Here's looking at you, kid.
" And then we're back to D.
, nobody knows.
Who are you people?! Couriers.
Delivering a package as a favor to our Israeli friends.
Package, huh? Don't take it personal Goliath.
Yeah, can I ask you about that? Every arms dealer I meet, they have the cheesiest code names.
I mean, "Goliath" did you choose that? You are CIA, yes? Oh, this should be interesting.
Goliath, I'd like you to meet one of our Israeli friends.
You are a traitor, to our country and our people.
I have never sell weapons to Hamas or Hezbollah! You sell to people who do.
You're lucky she doesn't have her slingshot.
Still waiting for clearance to take off.
The pilot says we'll only be on the ground for a couple of minutes when we reach Zaire.
It's much too dangerous to stay there any longer.
Zaire? You're taking me to Zaire? You sold a shipment of RPGs to their army.
They were very disappointed with the quality of the merchandise.
I believe the President of Zaire himself is eager to discuss how you stiffed him.
He, in turn, has some information Mossad needs.
And we owe Mossad a little favor 'cause they told us you were in D.
, and so here we are.
We deliver you to Zaire, the President gives the Israelis whatever information they want, and everyone is happy.
Well, not everyone.
We've been cleared for takeoff.
Fasten your seatbelts.
Please, I-I am very wealthy.
I have diamonds.
You, uh, had diamonds.
This jet is very expensive, and somebody had to pay for it.
I know things.
How to trade weapons for diamonds, we got that.
I'll trade information.
And what could you know that would interest the CIA? He thinks we're the CIA? Why not? CIA, FBI, NSA what difference does it make? I have information to trade for my life.
No, your Navy's encrypted satellite system.
Not my Navy.
The American Navy.
They use it to send target coordinates to cruise missiles.
Did you get that out of Jane's, Goliath? What if Iran possessed it? Or North Korea? In the war, they could intercept and change cruise missile coordinates, send them to Tel Aviv, Seoul, or even return to sender.
But they don't have ARES.
Sit back, relax, and try to enjoy the rest of your miserable life.
ARES is for sale.
I know who's selling it.
The guy we're after is Charles Harrow.
There should be an e-mail from him on Goliath's computer.
Charles Harrow, right.
We have to tell him.
Tell me what? Wow, Gibbs, nothing wrong with your hearing.
Boss, this may take awhile.
Hey, McGee, even I can download an e-mail.
Well, you know your user name and password.
We haven't even penetrated Goliath's screen saver yet, Gibbs.
Which is a bitchin' picture of a Greek island.
At least, I think it's a Greek island.
It's definitely the Aegean Sea.
That blue is too Paragon.
Hey! I was just doing what Gibbs would do if he was here.
"Paragon" is Goliath's user name.
Okay, uh, boss, you wouldn't happen to have Delta, seven, one, Zulu, three, nine, Kilo, five.
We're in.
Gibbs, you slayed Goliath! Well, Abbs, it was either him or you.
This isn't Tenerife.
Well, I told them to take a left at Bermuda.
This is Tony.
Boss, found that e-mail.
Harrow has a villa for sale on Santorini.
That's - Greek island in the Aegean.
- Right.
And he's asking $20 million, but Goliath - doesn't want to pay more than - Fifteen.
But, uh, but I don't think that the villa Is what he's selling.
So I've pulled everything that I can find on Charles Andrew Harrow.
Age 68, civilian encryption specialist, employed by the DOD until he retired three years ago.
His most notable project was ARES.
Top secret Navy encrypted satellite targeting system named after Greek god of war.
That all? No.
No, I'm also, uh, running Harrow's phone and e-mail records for the past 90 days against databases of known arms dealers.
No hits yet, but I did just start.
Northwest D.
Is that address still good? Far as I know.
DiNozzo, Ziva, go get him.
Uh, Gibbs McGee.
I'm telling you, my pulse is racing, Doctor.
My heart is throbbing.
I've done a self-diagnosis here, and, uh, it's not good.
I need some relief from the good doctor.
I got to go.
I was just, um I got to go back to work.
These streets are like a maze.
I told you I couldn't program the navigator.
I'm a driver.
Ziva, I've driven with you before.
I'd rather be lost than dead.
That's it.
It's the one with a car pulling out of the driveway.
We could race ahead, swerve right, brake hard and cut him off.
Or we could just wait for him to stop.
Uploading Goliath's file into the database, boss.
Briefing paper? Done.
Audio of interrogation? Being transcribed.
You know, Goliath's right, boss.
Iran, North Korea, even some of our allies would pay a fortune to get their hands on ARES.
Do you think, DiNozzo? Looks like McGee's got a name match off of Harrow's e-mails.
Trent Kort.
He's on the FBI arms dealer watch list.
How old? Uh, five days.
McGee's computer.
Ah, bio's thin.
Trent Thomas Kort, 37 years old, British national, believed to have recently joined Smile was for me, dear boy.
You know this guy? No, never seen him before.
Hawaiian shirts.
Believed to have recently joined La Grenouille, an international arms dealer, fronting corporations in Paris, Nairobi, Cape Town.
I know Uh sorry.
Cynthia wasn't at her desk, so So you barged in, DiNozzo? That should hold until you get home, Director.
Thank you, Cynthia.
I broke a bra strap and I had Cynthia get me a safety pin.
I don't even know why I'm telling you this.
To ease the awkwardness of the moment.
We know each other so well, Tony, there are no awkward moments.
May I? Charles Harrow.
- Retired puzzle maker.
- For who? Us.
Literally us.
He designed ARES.
It's the Navy's crus missile targeting system.
He come out of retirement? In a way.
He's offering ARES in a one-off to the highest bidder.
La Grenouille? He's one of the bidders.
How did we come by this? Mossad passed intel on to Ziva about an international arms dealer, code name, Goliath.
I've heard of him.
He's Israeli.
And Ziva didn't take too kindly to that.
He's rumored to be bidding on a stolen Navy weapons system.
We snatched him this morning.
Got him downstairs on a visa violation and his computer's in Abby's lab.
And We were running Harrow's cell calls and e-mails for known arms dealers when this guy popped off an FBI watch list.
His name is Trent Kart.
You took that picture eight weeks ago.
Why are we just getting a name now? I have no idea.
I ran that photo against all agency watch lists, including the FBI and I got nothing.
Doesn't matter.
This is good.
And it's bad.
I had to lie to Gibbs.
You were on an undercover mission.
- He's my boss.
- And I'm his boss.
You leave him to me.
Your ass is covered.
I'm not worried about my ass, Jenny.
Gibbs put Harrow under surveillance? No.
No? He sent Ziva and McGee to pick him up.
Cynthia, get Agent Gibbs in here ASAP.
You sent for me, director? Call Ziva and McGee off.
Off, director? They are not to pick up Harrow.
Charles Harrow is offering a top secret Navy weapons system to the highest bidder.
It could be in the hands of Iraq or China Dammed Jethro! This is an order.
Call them off! Just when you begin to assimilate to American culture you see a grown man getting his nails done.
There's nothing wrong with a man treating himself to a manicure.
Don't tell me, McGee.
I have sensitive cuticles.
- It's Gibbs.
- Answer it.
Yeah, boss? Yes? Uh, sweet cheeks, it's okay.
We're all set.
We are? Yeah, my brother just called to give me directions.
The Washington Monument, who'd have thought it'd be so tough to find? - Thanks anyway.
- No problem.
What just happened? Change of plans.
Follow, do not approach.
You haven't been straight with me since I - Quit? - Retired.
When you left on your margarita safari, Margarita safari? This agency didn't shut down.
New operations were put in motion.
- One sent Tony undercover.
- Well, I'm back, and I won't have a part-time senior field agent.
It's your own fault, you know.
For what? Leaving or coming back? For teaching me your rules.
Best way to keep a secret: keep it to yourself.
Second best: tell one other person if you must.
There is no third best.
That's rule number four, isn't it? Number One supersedes all of the others.
Never screw your partner? Never screw over your partner.
I never screwed you over.
And I'm not your partner.
I'm your boss.
McGee's search is kicking out another bidder.
Hey, boss? McGee's got something.
What is it with these wacky code names? Anonymity deflects more bullets than body armor.
This one's a woman.
The Black Rose.
Rose O'Leary.
She ran guns for the IRA until peace broke out.
- Who's flagged her? - MI-5.
They were tracking her in Africa.
Lost contact six days ago.
They think she slipped aboard a Varig flight to Brazil using the name Grace O'Malley.
That's funny, director? Grace O'Malley was a 16th century Irish pirate.
What's her bid? Less than La Grenouille.
Only 18 mil.
Unless her bid was in euros.
It was in dollars.
You think he'll ever forgive us? Send me a hard copy when the data's in.
Yeah, that's what I think, too.
You following me? No.
Why would I do that? Just asking myself the same question.
Want me to run some water? No, I'm all right, I just Ah, just say it, DiNozzo.
I'm sorry, boss.
I, uh I've been wanting to tell you for a long time, but, the situation is Complicated? Exactly.
Director's got this really strict - rule about - Secrets? Yeah.
The point is, I owe you everything.
You taught me how to do this job.
And I never wanted to lie to you.
Well, DiNozzo, you were following orders.
I'd have done the same thing.
- Would you? - Yeah.
You would've lied to Mike Franks? You know, they pretend and they do a little different, you know? But it's all the same.
I want to see what you want to say about it.
Uh, look, uh, will settle something for me and my friends We really need a woman's point of view.
Hey, go ask your mom.
It's a simple question.
Let go of me.
See, I told you.
All beautiful women are bitches.
He's spoted us! We've got a man down with a heart attack.
In front of the steps.
You were suppose to keep Mr.
Harrow under surveillance, not chase him into a coronary.
Director, once he made us we had to take him into custody, didn't we? No, the director is right.
We could've let Harrow escape.
If he sold ARES, we could've caught Black Rose, La grenouille, Iran or Syria Don't get cute Officer David.
I'm saying there had to be a better way.
Right, Tony? That's right, Director.
they've could Shot him.
That's right, they could've shot him.
Of course in high octane situations, Ziva will reverse back to her Mossad training, and probably would've put a round through his heart.
- Three rounds.
- And McGee, Not to be outdone would've Added three more rounds.
- Gibbs.
- See? There you go.
Six rounds, same result: one dead Mr.
I signed for the body.
Cause of death was most likely, uh am I interrupting? Not at all, doctor.
We were just discussing the various ways NCIS could have killed Mr.
Harrow besides chasing him to death.
- I am interrupting.
- Doctor, "death was most likely caused by"? A myocardial infarction.
Most probably brought on by a combination of a high-fat Western diet, little exercise and the mistaken belief that he could run up all those stairs.
Rigorous for most, rigor mortis for him.
Anything else? Not until I do the autopsy.
What is going on? I think the director is afraid Harrow's family might sue us.
Well, whatever she's thinking about, it's not ARES.
That's ARES? According to McGeek.
Ziva! Watch the road! I have great peripheral vision.
My sphincter doesn't.
Well, at least we won't have trouble finding it.
Really? Tony, it's the size of an ATM! Well, this is the controller console, and is - Your mystery woman! - Watch the road.
Oh, yes it is, isn't it? No, this is no one.
This is McGee's idea of a prank.
This is the pirated part of ARES we have to find.
$20 million for that?! Well, size doesn't matter.
Forget I even stupidly started to say that.
Will you tell me her name if I find the pirate's copy of ARES? - Pirated copy.
- That was I said.
No, you said "pirate's copy.
" A pirate is a person like Captain Jack Sparrow.
- A pirated copy - Who is Jack Sparrow? - Johnny Depp.
- He's a pirate? No, he's an actor.
- How did we get here? - I drove.
This is going to be like looking for a needle in a needle stack.
Needle in a haystack.
I like my description better.
Sitting in the dark, staring at photos of your enemies could be considered obsessive.
Kind of like building a fourth boat, when you haven't even sailed the first three.
How well do you know the Black Rose? Well, enough to know that I'd like her if she wasn't an arms dealer.
And the Frog? La Grenouille.
It means "the frog.
" I know what it means.
Then why don't you call him that? La Grenouille is his code name.
Well, I'm going to call him "Frog.
" Spit it out, Jethro, before it gags you.
You were out of control today.
Why? The deal died with Harrow.
His copy of ARES might still be in play.
You don't want ARES, you want him.
Damn right, I want him! I have been trying for a decade to bring him down.
So it is personal.
What did he do to you, Jenny? You have no need to know, Special Agent Gibbs.
Wow, McGee, this is like Christmas all over again.
Look at this baby.
Firewire, USB a terabyte of storage That's a thousand gigabytes of fun.
No, to be accurate, it's 1,024 gigabytes of fun.
And I bet you all of them are encrypted.
It could take us years to access all this stuff on these computers.
You didn't think it was going to be easy, did you? Hoping I'd get lucky.
Guess I wasn't the only one hoping to get lucky.
These have been opened and resealed.
SD micro-drives.
Six of them.
The software portion.
We still need to find the circuit board.
It's got to be here somewhere.
I guess everything can't be state of the art.
That laptop's got to be nearly 20 years old.
Hey, maybe it has the original Donkey Kong on it.
McGee how can a 20-year-old computer have dual firewire connections? It can't.
Firewire's only been around about ten years.
Somebody should have told Harrow.
Sure looks like an old luggable.
All right, should take at least 30 seconds for this to That cunning old fox, he put a new computer in an old skin.
I like this guy.
I mean, aside from the fact that he was about to commit treason.
That's the same screensaver that Goliath had.
I bet you the circuitry to run ARES is hardwired into the motherboard.
Abbs, I think we found ARES.
Yes! The software was stored on micro-drives hidden in condoms.
We analyzed every detail, the source code, to the circuitry of the motherboard McGee.
It's like PS-3, you can't play "Killzone" without the hardware to run it.
PS-3? Game console.
Atari? Commodore 64.
Software is useless without the hardware - You got it.
- Why didn't you just say that? You found ARES? Yes, here it is, Director.
Live from Abby's lab.
You don't seem very happy.
Any more bids? Nope.
La Grenouille was the high one.
Not that it matters.
Get Harrow we will arrange the drop-off I checked his Blackberry.
This guy writes down every appointment and meeting, nothing.
No phone calls or e-mails in the last six hours before he died.
We were monitoring his He had coffee.
The cafe had internet access.
Trimana Cafe, Got it.
ISP provider Can you do this to anyone's e-mail? No, because this is highly illegal and I'm not even doing it now.
Okay, we're in.
At 1:40 this afternoon, Harrow sent two emails from that ISP, one to Black Rose Telling her the bad news, no doubt.
And one to La Grenouille.
"Congratulations on the winning bid.
Upon receipt of your funds, title to the Santorini Villa at"- he lists the GPS coordinates- "will be transferred at midnight, Tuesday.
" That's ten minutes from now.
Same time zone as Israel.
McGee, put that email up on the plasma.
Those coordinates aren't in Greece.
It's Quebec.
We've got five hours.
Aren't you forgetting something? I am not going to let a few miles of Canadian border stop me.
That's not what I meant.
The Frog is expecting to meet Harrow.
And Charles Harrow is dead.
Aeroport de Sherbrooke, southeastern Quebec.
It's 30 miles across the border from New Hampshire.
That puts La Grenouille right in our backyard.
Did I miss Quebec becoming the 51st state? I'm not going to watch that bastard fly away again, Jethro.
I can.
Why don't we snatch him when he lands, toss him in the back of the trunk and drive over the border? That might work where you grew up, Ziva, not here.
Why not.
Okay, I'm down with the border snatch.
What do we charge him with? Bidding on a Greek villa? Tony's right, we've got nothing on Grenouille And since Harrow's dead, that can't happen.
Does the Frog know that Harrow's dead? Probably not.
And if he never met him All we need is a Is it pronounced Harrow or Hairrow? Harrow, Ducky.
Charles Andrew Harrow.
Okay, Ducky, now pay attention.
- ARES - Are you certain? 'Cause I was in medical school with an Ian Hairrow.
He spelled it the same way.
Ducky, please pay attention, I - I'm trying to give of the Navy's most complex weapons systems.
You look dashing, Ducky.
Yes, I used to wear a moustache in Singapore when I was attached to ARES is an encryption decryption system.
Means it is used to encode and decode information.
In this case, GPS targeting information for the Navy's cruise missiles.
It operates by using the algorithm known as IDEA.
It's the same algorithm used for all RSA Legacy keys generated by PGP.
It uses a variable-length key, from 32 bits to 448 bits.
Questions so far? You sure it's not Hairrow? It's a ten-hour drive to the Canadian border.
We're going to have to go without a surveillan van.
I've got it covered.
She's got it covered? How? Let's just say it's a favor you and I couldn't have called in.
I know it doesn't look like much, but inside is 20 million bucks worth of ARES.
Guard it with your life.
Of course.
I find a little levity at the start of a mission relaxing.
Boss, we got a problem.
Just one, McGee? Grenouille is sure to have someone there to vet ARES.
You know, if someone asks Ducky to explain something, his duck is cooked, no pun intended.
Well that's why you're going to be there with him, McGee.
Okay, just rember, Ducky.
What? My name is Charles Harrow.
Charles we've got a plane to catch.
Yes, and an arms dealer.
Uh, mind if I have the window seat? Gulf stream Five.
Registration: Copy you, Archangel.
They flew into Washington on a different G-5 - when I tagged the luggage.
- Tagged their luggage? Oh that's when Jenny had you, uh under covers.
Undercover, not under covers.
Charter out of Orly Sud.
It's been refueled and flight plan filed.
This is your Op, Director.
Bring Ducky online.
Sound check, Ducky.
Now I know why they call these wretched things earwigs.
Make the exchange, Doctor, and get out.
I don't want you caught in the middle of a firefight.
That's very considerate of you, Director.
And Ducky thank you.
It's a pleasure.
Six months of undercover work, and it all comes down to Ducky.
Can I help you? Charles Harrow.
Monsieur La Grenouille is wating for me.
One moment, Monsieur Harrow.
Well, that was easy.
When this is over, you really should talk to somebody about security.
I'll take that under advisement.
I mean, a terrorist could hire a car and Wait a minute.
Who's this? Identification, please.
Martin Quinn.
He flew in with La Grenouille's advance party two months ago.
Open the trunk, please.
And you wanted to hide in the boot.
You didn't take me seriously, did you? With me.
All right, hold it there.
Charles Harrow? You say that as if you're surprised to see me.
Archangel, Ducky might have been compromised.
Archangel has him covered.
You have ARES? You have the 20 million? He's nature.
Maybe, but he's making me nervous.
Tell him to hand over the damn laptop, McGee.
Ducky, give her the laptop.
May I? This is ARES? Never judge a computer by its shell, my dear.
Password? Raven.
Satellite uplink? Built into the circuit board.
It's built into the circuit board.
Follow the on-screen instructions - to lock onto a satellite.
- Just follow the on-screen instructions, uh, to lock into a satellite.
Good Where's Grenouille? Aren't you going to invite me in out of the cold, Monsieur Grenouille? I would, but I'm not him.
I trust you'll forgive a rather operatic entrance, Mr.
Harrow, but I love theatre.
Me too.
Which is your preferred opera? My opera preferred.
Cosi fan tutte undoubtedly.
- I understand.
- And you? Ah "La Force du Destin", no? So deep.
Why do they have to speak French? 'Cause we're here in Quebec, boss.
Ducky, English, please.
Yes, well, uh, shall we step out of the wind? Of course.
Perhaps your car? Too much time with even the most beautiful woman can be boring.
I wouldn't know, Mr Grenouille.
Ah, my name's warrior is for rivals and enemies.
I choose to believe you are neither.
Call me Renee.
Ducky? What an interesting nickname.
Yes, it's a an unfortunate one I picked up as a lad, uh, during the Blitz.
- Please.
- Ah, thank you.
Just run the damn photo.
Where are you going? Our man wants his private cognac.
You see anything out there? You kidding? Canadians are in bed by 9:00.
Have you ever enjoyed a glass of, uh, "L'Esprit de Courvoisier"? The Spirit of Courvoisier? No.
I can't say I have.
Monsieur? - Here.
- Thank you.
It will be a beautiful way to consummate the transfer of the villa, no? Le Froggie is more careful than Gotti.
It's why he's never been caught.
Do you have children, Ducky? Sadly, no.
One of life's great gifts.
I have three.
And two grandchildren, a girl and a boy.
Everything I do now is for them.
I am provider and protector in equal part.
Napoleon? Napoleon was the first to drink this cognac at his coronation in 1802.
And since then, only the very best of vintage has been added to that.
revolutions, and war? Mm, history in a glass.
"Histoire dans un verre".
Kort? Something wrong? No.
Is it worth20 million in diamonds? More.
The Iranian will give 100 for it.
Tell the pilots wheels up in five minutes.
They're starting engines.
Surprising? It's astonishing.
Regine approves.
Well, it's been a pleasure, Ducky.
Yes, for me, too.
Get the diamonds.
Renee aren't you forgetting something? No.
My bottle of history is yours, my friend.
You add to it well.
I don't know what to say.
Give me the diamonds! Oh, yes, well, uh I - I hate to be crass, but the the diamonds? Yeah.
Kort has them.
Oh, very well.
Archangel awaiting instructions.
This was to be a snatch, wasn't it? Or did you have something else in mind? Au revoir, mon ami.
Au revoir.
A bientôt.
Director SheShepardard.
About to lose target.
Target will be lost in five seconds.
Archangel requesting instructions.
Director? Stand down, Archangel.
Stand down! Tell me you got the call.
What call? Yes, I got the damn call.
Your diamonds, Dr.
He knew my name! He's CIA.
- So was Harrow.
- It was a sting.
We got stung.
We got screwed.
One question.
What do I do with these? Oh, how many you keeping? Did Ducky fix Harrow's time of death? Yeah.
On the record, he will drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow.
I wouldn't want Grenouille to discover he'd met a dead man.
Harrow altered the ARES unit, installed a Trojan horse.
If the Iranians even try to use it, they'll be targeting their own defense systems.
Quite a strategic advantage.
I didn't need to know that.
Neither did I, but somebody thought they could trust me.
I will get him, another time, another deal.
I will be there, and I will get him.
Are you sure you want to? Of course I want to! Some people need have someone to hate.
Not me.
Then you should have let Ziva take the shot.