NCIS s04e15 Episode Script

Friends and Lovers

When you said we had reservations, David I was picturing something a little more upscale? You don't recognize it? Should I? Think back.
I cannot believe you forgot.
Oh, my God.
This is where your grandmother choked to death on veal.
Okay, picture this A small water fountain right there.
We sat right here.
You do remember.
That we met here? Oh, I remember.
I also remember it was over ten years ago, David.
Yeah, I guess that's kind of a long time to date.
Four's long.
12? Pathetic, I know.
I should have done this a long time ago, so Mary Elizabeth Donahue, will you You can do it, baby.
It's only four simple words.
Every knife has its own individual balance.
The trick is to find it.
When you do you get this.
Any questions? Gibbs really approved this? Yes, McGee.
Why do you keep on asking that? Well, because they give us Sigs for a reason.
In Mossad, we have a saying: Knives don't run out of bullets.
Now any questions pertaining this particular class? Yeah, I got one for you.
You ever kill anyone with a spoon? No, but I'm seriously considering it.
All right, grab your knives.
So, you come right past your ear.
Once your arm is fully extended, you release.
Tony! All right.
Watch and learn, probie-sans.
Five summers at Camp Poke-a-quatic.
I was also a pretty mean clogger.
That doesn't leave this room.
Nobody cares if you spent your summers prancing about in little wooden shoes.
The term is "dancing.
" McGee Math camp? Chess.
But at least I didn't wear man-clogs.
Okay right by my ear.
I thought you said you grew up around weapons? I did.
I didn't say my father actually let me touch any of them.
- It's my fault, Gibbs.
I was - Save it.
We've got a dead sailor in Georgetown.
Grab your gear.
Thank you.
Pulled his I.
Found our victim was a sailor.
Called you.
A couple found him here last night.
Supposedly this was where they had their first date.
Guy got the keys from the landlord, wanted to propose.
Well, nothing says "I love you," like a rotting corpse in an abandoned crap hole.
What did she say? She, um says she wants this back before he changes his mind.
And they say romance is dead.
Wallet was next to his body.
No money, no credit cards.
Just a military I.
and driver's license.
I'd be curious to know how he died, Agent Gibbs.
When I know, Detective Morris, you will know.
I appreciate it.
Got the statements we took from the couple in my car.
All right.
You're on sketch details there, Probie.
I tell you, this thing is making me nervous.
The larval stage of the Musca domestica, the common housefly, a nuisance to most, but invaluable to the trained investigator.
Not to mention a great source of protein.
Saw it on the Discovery Channel.
A documentary on survival training.
Ah, as I was saying, they should prove helpful in determining the time of death, unless, of course, my assistant decides to eat them first.
Temperature and current size, Doctor? These eggs couldn't have been laid in his mouth more than a week ago.
Very good, Jethro.
It's surprisingly warm in here.
I'd estimate he's been dead somewhere between four and five days.
Any idea how? Many, but with no obvious signs of trauma or injury, that will have to wait until we get him home.
Let's get the gurney, Mr.
McGee, what do you make of this? The word "disgusting" comes to mind.
I think he was talking about the card.
Maybe some kind of ticket? Find out for what.
Ziva, photos.
McGee, you find any more maggots walking around, you bag them.
They're evidence.
Ziva, I will give you $100 to trade with me.
You're afraid of bugs, McGee? Bugs, no.
Uh wriggling, faceless blob creatures crawling inside human flesh? Yes.
Believe it or not, I used to feel the same way.
How'd you get over it? I found that that if you're hungry enough, they actually don't taste that bad.
Our dead sailor is Petty Officer Evan Davidson.
A corpsman stationed at The Basic School in Quantico.
Reported UA four days ago.
Last seen Thursday night at a Georgetown bar.
Marine buds said he hooked up with a girl and left before closing.
Marines ever leave before closing? I'm gonna head down to Quantico, get her description.
McGee, tell me about the card we found on the body.
Where is he? Apparently not here.
I'll find him.
Gibbs is looking for you.
Ziva, this is a men's room.
You can't be in here.
He wants to know what you found out the pink ticket.
Trying to wash the bug germs off, yes? Will you please leave? He didn't wash his hands.
You need to learn to face your fears, McGee.
I can help you with that.
I do not need help, okay? I just don't like maggots.
Why? Much like the concept of a men's room, it's personal.
Have you ever wondered why perfectly healthy individuals suddenly and occasionally keel over and die, Mr.
Palmer? Yeah, now that you mention it No.
No, no, no, no.
It's a trick question.
They don't.
There is always a reason.
Now, take our Petty Officer, for example.
On the outside, he appears young, virile, perfect physical condition, yet inside we find the liver of a 75-year-old man.
It is swollen, scarred and well on its way to full-blown cirrhosis.
He's an alcoholic? Was, Mr.
That what killed him, Duck? No, but it was certainly a contributing factor.
His blood-alcohol level was five times the legal limit.
I'm surprised he could stand, never mind break into an abandoned restaurant.
And his preliminary tox screen also shows traces of Ecstasy and other chemicals in his blood: quite a volatile cocktail.
What kind of other chemicals? Abby's running them right now.
It appears our young man went on a bender Thursday night, one from which he could not recover.
He OD'd.
That would explain the multiple organ failures we found.
We won't know more till we finish the autopsy.
Very good, Mr.
Anything else you'd care to add? Well, there's a very good chance that this was an accidental death, Doctor.
Nothing accidental about it, Palmer.
People who choose to live their lives this way have nobody to blame but themselves.
I hereby accept your challenge.
We'll meet on the field at dawn.
Weapons, caffeine-fueled intellect versus cold silicate-based intelligence.
Until then I bid you a good day, sir.
You talk to your mass spectrometer? Yeah.
Why? You challenged it to a duel.
Well, it spit out a chemical composition that I'm not familiar with.
There has to be some sense of decorum around here.
I'm running it through the computer now.
Now, Gibbs is more interested in this.
Did you find anything yet? When, McGee? If you haven't noticed, I'm the only one here.
Which may be why I started talking to my machines in the first place.
Well, Abs, I gotta tell him something.
Tell him you love him, McGee.
It works for me.
Not all the time.
Hi, Gibbs.
Just in time.
This is the mass spec on the mystery compounds in Petty Officer Davidson's blood.
It's organic and it's definitely what killed him.
Meet neriin, oleandrin and oleondroside.
Friends of yours, Elf Lord? No, Gibbs.
They're not characters from Lord of the Rings.
They're compounds found in the oleander plant.
What drug is made from that? None.
It's pure poison.
Our Petty Officer didn't OD.
He was murdered.
What language do I have to say it in? You obviously don't understand English.
I said no! - Travis.
- Yeah, Tony.
Can I get two Belvedere martinis.
Straight up.
Very dry.
Very cold.
Twist of lemon.
You are becoming a stalker.
What else do you want to call it? Over is over.
Forever over.
No ciao, no "we'll meet again" because we won't.
That was him.
And no, I will not tell you his name.
Did I ask? Your eyes did.
What are they asking now? To skip dinner.
You are amazing.
I don't know how you do it.
You always want to skip dinner, Tony.
But not tonight, I'm famished.
Me, too.
Food first.
All right.
Our reservations aren't till 8:00.
How 'bout, uh, some oysters to tide us over? The last thing you need is an increased libido.
You don't believe that old wive tale, do you? It's true.
Oysters are rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones.
Two dozen malpeques, please.
We'll be at that table.
And more alcohol! Mademoiselle.
You look incredible.
I'm glad you like it.
It's my favorite.
Wasn't talking about the dress.
I meant you, Jeanne.
Thank you.
What's that? I'm working Wednesday.
Wednesday? Valentine's Day.
Comes around fast every year, doesn't it.
Well, your gift is still at the store because I I never bought it.
You know how wonderful it is to be with someone who doesn't even lie about the little things? Go on.
Open it.
Oh, it's just not the box? - No.
- I was gonna say it's the nicest box - I've ever - I know, it is nice.
Oh, come on.
It's, uh, more permanent than the last one I tagged you with.
This is, uh This is platinum.
It's expensive, Jeanne.
I'm a doctor.
I can afford it.
Mental Ward? You trying to tell me something? It worked last time.
Yes, it did.
I've never had a gift this unique.
Or a woman.
Thank you.
He doesn't give up, does he? I'm going to change my number.
Okay, don't be ridiculous.
Let me talk to him.
- No! - Believe me, I can - I'll talk a little sense to him.
- I don't want you to get involved in my problem.
I can handle it.
If it doesn't go away It will.
I promise.
Saved by the mollusk.
Here you go.
I changed my mind.
Let's skip dinner.
That's who this police sketch reminds me of.
Yes? You know, the singer? The one who dances like this.
You're not even listening to me, are you? Look at this police sketch.
The marine said this woman left the bar with Petty Officer Davidson.
She could be the killer.
Where are we going? We're not going anywhere.
Who are you taking, McGee? Agent Gibbs around? Brought him an early Valentine's Day present.
He's a junkie.
Hangs out in the area where we found your dead sailor.
Morris thinks he saw something.
What do you think, Detective Carson? It's, um, it's John.
Um, love the accent by the way.
It's, uh Israeli, right? Not bad.
Most people don't recognize it.
I took a vacation there a couple years ago.
Back to the question.
What makes you think he knows anything John? Well, um, mostly this, Tony.
He had one of your Petty Officers' credit cards on him.
I got somebody that I want you to meet, Frankie.
This is Special Agent Gibbs.
Wants to ask you a few questions.
Look, I didn't do nothing wrong.
I mean, I, I didn't even use the card.
No problem.
I just want to know how you got it.
Oh, I found it.
You know, in the street.
Where do you keep your credit cards, Detective Morris? Oh, like 99% of the people on this planet, a wallet.
- You? - Yeah.
You see, we got a problem here, Frank, because Petty Officer Davidson's wallet was found lying next to his body.
And his body wasn't out in the street.
Well, you ever stop to think, uh, the guy could have dropped it? Man does raise a valid point.
Yeah, works for me.
So, I can I, I can go? Uh, no.
I think I'm gonna charge you with murder instead.
Wait, I didn't murder nobody! Look, he was still breathing It's almost unfair interrogating junkies.
It's like shooting fish in a pond.
I think you mean a barrel.
Why would a fish be in a barrel? It's a good point, I never really thought about it before.
Frankie, Frankie, Frankie.
When I found your guy, uh, he was pretty wasted.
Where? In an alley.
Behind One Club.
You saw him coming out of there? No.
No, he, he was, was lying over by some Dumpsters.
All right, so I decided, I decided to keep an eye on him, you know, to make sure that he don't hurt himself.
I think you need to find a new line of work.
He's dead, you retread.
Not when I saw him! I mean, all I did, all right, was help him into that restaurant and I just, I just waited for him to pass out.
So you could rob him? Well, yeah.
Look, man, but I didn't I didn't kill him.
No, but you just left him there to die.
This is really starting to vex me, McGee.
I mean, normally I love lamination because it collects fingerprints like you collect royalty checks.
But this is completely sterile.
Are you sure it was in the Petty Officer's pocket? Yup.
Well, then how did it get there? Either he put it in there, or someone else did.
Then there would be fingerprints.
There would be oil from skin contact, residue from the environment it's in.
They wiped it down.
Why would they go to all that trouble? They could have just taken it.
And believe me, they went to all that trouble.
Maybe they wanted us to find it.
Question is why? What does that look like to you? It's on the paper, but it's under the lamination.
Ink? Possibly.
I'm thinking it's a message for us.
One Club's been on our radar for the last year.
Drugs, illegal gambling, prostitution.
Why haven't you breasted them? She means busted.
Oh, yes.
Yes, busted.
It's a private club.
We can't get in to get enough evidence for a warrant.
Why not raid it? If they're doing half of what you think they are, you'll find evidence.
Not without a warrant.
Last time, I damn near lost my badge.
Club's lawyers ripped into the department, big time.
Owner's a smart guy.
His name's Scott Pell.
Knows how to protect his clients.
If you're a member of One Club, you can get away with just about anything.
It's not the kind of club you expect to find a sailor.
You gotta be rich or famous to step through that door.
Yeah, or have something they want.
You two waiting for an engraved invite? On the surface, it's a moderately priced Italian knockoff.
But on the inside of the heel, a portable pharmacy.
Twenty four tablets of Ecstasy.
Well, that could have gotten through the door.
That's a good job, Abby.
Oh, that was just the warm-up act, Gibbs.
The real show is in here with McGee.
This card was definitely planted at the crime scene.
They wanted us to find it.
Uh, how do you figure that? Well, the blood stain was intentionally put underneath the lamination.
A human blood stain.
Well, that doesn't prove that it was planted.
They wanted us to take the card out of the plastic.
And who's they? Stop interrupting and listen.
They being the person or persons who killed Petty Officer Davidson.
Okay, here's where it gets weird.
And when I say weird, I mean like the sick and creepy kind of weird, not the good weird, 'cause I'm a big fan of that Abby.
Um, all right, you're gonna need these.
All right, McGee, hit the lights.
We sprayed the card with Luminol to look for more blood splatter.
And instead, we found this.
It's written in blood.
I'd say that's creepy.
You think, DiNozzo.
Abby analyzed the contents of our petty officer's stomach.
We now know how the poison was administered.
The oleander plant leaves were first reduced to a fine powder, and then ingested.
Judging by the absorption rate, it had to be in the form of a liquid.
What's this stuff taste like, Ducky? Oh, extremely bitter.
In order to disguise it, you'd have to use something equally strong, - such as - Booze? - Yeah.
- Somebody spiked his drink? Well, considering his blood alcohol level, I'd say more than one.
How many shots of this before you end up like he did? From that concentration, no more than three or four, which brings me to the real reason for this visit.
The note found on the body.
- "Expect more.
" - Yeah.
An average bottle contains 25 shots, enough to kill seven people, but an entire case? More than 60.
Few cases, you wipe out the entire nightclub.
Well, bars and discotheques have been terrorist targets overseas.
It's only a matter of time before they try it here.
Terrorists don't leave shiny pink clue cards for us, Duck.
No, they don't.
Not do they leave threats that can only be read in a forensic lab.
I believe the killer is trying to show us how clever they are.
"Expect more.
" He's planning to do it again.
Or she.
Poison has been the weapon of choice for women for centuries, except they tend to hide it in food rather than drink.
That would explain why my last ex-wife spent so much time in the kitchen.
If Petty Officer Davidson was drinking in this neighborhood Thursday night, it had to be here.
Doesn't exactly look like a celebrity hangout.
That's why celebrities like it, Probie.
Ordinary people don't even know One Club exists.
DiNozzo, find me the woman he was with, and McGee, get a warrant.
On it, boss.
On what grounds? Dead sailor's good for me.
Metro doesn't work like that.
Uh, then don't.
Too late.
We're involved.
I need grounds, Agent Gibbs.
Your witness places the victim at the club at the time of his murder.
Outside the club.
And he wasn't exactly a witness.
He let him die so he could rob him.
Agents Gibbs and Lee to see you, Director.
Let them in, Cynthia.
What's the problem? Jurisdiction issues with Metro Police.
They're insisting on a warrant.
And this legal person won't get me one.
I've tried,Director.
We don't have probable cause, I can't get a judge to sign off on it.
We have a dead sailor.
We've got a killer leaving us messages in human blood.
But we need to get a warrant, sir.
Not sir Gibbs.
Special Special Agent Gibbs.
Where did you find her? Harvard Law School.
We need a witness who saw the petty officer inside of the club.
We've got one! - Is there a witness? - Yes.
Metro Detective Morris informs me that he's a drug addict that no judge would find reliable, Director.
Who's running this agency, Metro Police?! You know damn well who.
Find me a witness, and I will get you that warrant, sir.
Special Agent Gibbs.
All right.
Don't take it personally, Michelle.
He's right, Director.
He usually is.
That's what makes him so damn irritating.
Excuse me.
I need a prescription for this burning sensation in my loins.
Are you trying to outspend me? A Bermuda weekend? What could be a more perfect Valentine? A weekend in the Bahamas? It's interesting, though.
He and I must be a lot alike.
You are You are night and day.
How does that work exactly? Am-Am I day and he's night, or you switch us out? That was totally uncalled for, Tony.
That was totally uncalled for.
Was it, Jeanne? He still calls, plans a Valentine's weekend in Bermuda with you.
I'd say that's not a man who understands it's over.
It's over for me.
I'm not so sure.
If you can't sell him, and you won't let me handle it, maybe it's not over for you.
Don't do this, Tony.
Okay, what if I had an ex-girlfriend who was always calling me and planning little romantic getaways for the two of us? - How would you feel? - I wouldn't like it.
Well But I would trust you to handle it.
And if I didn't handle it? Then it would be your problem.
Just as this is mine.
Exactly wrong.
This is our problem, Jeanne.
We need to talk, Gibbs.
Should we call the paramedics? No need.
If they fight, it will be to the death.
I used to be like you, Gibbs.
You were never like me.
Got the dirtbags any way I could.
Let the lawyers sweat the paperwork.
About a year ago, I went into a hole down on Eighth.
The bastard in there was a bad-ass.
Rapist, pedophile.
Scum you got to take off the street to get sleep at night.
I didn't have a warrant or probable cause, but I knew here, so I took him down hard.
That it, or should I get a refill? His lawyer said it was a bad bust.
No warrant.
Judge agreed, Bad-ass walked.
A month later, he raped and strangled a six-year-old girl.
I'm never gonna make that mistake again.
Not getting a warrant or not killing the bastard? Boss using the elevator as an office again? Had to take the stairs.
All right.
Looky what I found.
Marines gave a pretty good description of Davidson's last date.
Lisa Delgado, age 23.
Where'd you find her? There's only two parking lots within within stumbling distance of the club.
So, you showed the police sketch to parking attendants? Yeah and they I.
'd her.
She's a regular at the One Club.
Arrives alone and usually leaves with her Porsche or Ferrari or Mercedes SLR.
Good thinking, DiNozzo.
Did you think to pick her up? Uh, I did.
Roommate hasn't seen her since Thursday.
Not unusual.
She can be gone for days.
She is, after all, in the escort business.
The club owner, Pell, lets some of the escorts stay overnight.
So, she could be there now.
If she is, we'll be there when she comes out.
And if she's not? We'll be there when she goes in.
That, uh that Feb's? Pro cheerleaders in the off-season.
Yeah, buddy in Vice told me one of them's a man.
Well, I probably shouldn't be looking at it anyway.
I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of a monogamous relationship.
That takes serious retraining.
Tell me about it.
You're not in love, are you? - Could be.
- Could be, my friend, - isn't love.
- Isn't love.
I know, I know.
It's complicated, John.
Aren't they all? No.
Usually, they're pretty simple.
Fall in love, three weeks later, fall out of love.
It's been my life.
Except for once.
I got engaged.
What happened? What do you think? I screwed it up.
I, um, slept with her best friend.
That's not nice, John.
Yeah, I know.
She was the one, too.
She's smart.
The whole marriage package.
Oh, well.
I'll always have April 2005 to keep me company.
- Hooters Girls of D.
? - Yeah.
Collector's edition.
Baby steps.
This is really weird.
I would agree.
What exactly is this? It's a chick-e-baby.
- My friend makes them.
- Why? For Valentine's Day.
I think I may be confusing this holiday with another.
What do you got, Abs? Oh, I'm not sure, yet.
I got a partial match on the blood the killer used to write his calling card.
Who is he? He's a she.
Our Petty Officer's murder is a woman.
I don't think so.
You don't think a woman can kill and leave a calling card? Not this one.
She was murdered two months ago.
Sandra Thompson, age 24.
Arrested seven times for prostitution.
Found murdered in Canal Park, December 24.
Christmas Eve.
- Sad.
- No day's a good day to be stabbed 22 times, Miss Sciuto.
At least she didn't feel anything.
All the wounds were post-mortem.
What killed her? She OD'd on something called nerhine Neriin and oleandroside.
That's the same thing that killed the petty officer.
That would've been nice to know two days ago, Detective.
Hey, don't bite my ass.
This isn't my case.
Did you ask whoever's case it was if they found a pink card on the body? I did.
They didn't.
The only clue here is a bloody shoe print.
There a photo in the file? It is the case file, Gibbs.
- McGee.
- Excuse me, Detective.
All that blood and just one print? It was his only mistake.
It wasn't a mistake.
You were right, Tony.
Maybe it wasn't over for me.
If it was, I would have told him about you.
He doesn't know? He does now.
Why didn't you tell him? I didn't want to answer all those stupid questions that men ask when it's over and they know there's another man is in your life.
Like, uh, "Is he better looking than me or is he better in bed?" Exactly like that.
Is he? That was a joke.
Sort of.
You're better in almost all categories, Tony.
Almost? sort of.
I gotta go.
I love you, Tony.
I love you, too, Jeanne.
Well, I know that look.
What look? The cold-feet look.
You asked her to marry you and now you wonder if your life is over.
I didn't ask her to marry me.
You gonna? I can't live a lie.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? I don't want to end up like you.
Oh, hell, that's easy.
Don't sleep with her best friend? Don't drink.
Think I'd have blown the best thing to ever happen to me if I was sober? Sorry, John.
Don't be.
Because of her I quit drinking.
Look at the outside edges.
Did you ever read MAD Magazine? - No.
- No.
Until my mother found them and burned them in the yard.
Oh, my God! It's exactly like the back cover MAD Magazine.
"Dead whore"? The shoe print's not a mistake, J.
, it's a message.
Like "Expect more" written on the pink card.
Which was also written in Sandra Thompson's blood.
We're dealing with a serial killer.
If it's a serial killing, shouldn't your dead sailor be a whore? Hey, Matt.
Have a good time.
Why couldn't you guys get a hot female cop inside? Tried.
Got stopped at the door every time.
Not hot enough.
You believe that? No.
Hate to say it, but I think someone in Metro tips the owner.
And there he is, at the door.
Any problems, Matt? None so far, Mr.
Thought Metro might hit us with another warrant after what happened Thursday night.
Yeah? Hey, boss, what's up? We're going in.
- You got a warrant? - No.
No, we've got somebody rich and famous.
McGeek? No.
A very famous novelist.
Thom E.
Who? Don't ask.
John, I'd vomit explaining.
McGee, if Delgado's inside, you get her out quietly.
How? Well, she's a hooker, Tim.
Use your imagination.
Lee, can you please pretend you want to be here with us? I'm trying.
, I don't know where your Sig is, but I'm having trouble walking.
Snuggle up, Lee, it's fun.
Names, please.
Thom E.
Thought I recognized you.
Deep Six, right? That's the one.
I'm a big fan.
Go right in.
Thank you.
I gotta write a book.
You should read one first.
Hey, woman in the alley.
Camera three.
Tighter on her face.
It could be Delgado.
Right size.
That's the best I can do.
Check her out, Tony.
John, you go with him.
All right.
I thought we agreed you weren't gonna come around here for a few days.
That's Delgado.
Tony, that's Delgado in the alley.
She's got company.
Move! Now! Move! Cops are after me.
I gotta get out of town.
I'm not stopping you.
I need money.
Why don't you use the thousand dollars that sailor gave you to leave the back door of my club open last Thursday night? I tell you what it happened.
Excuse me? You forced a spiked drink down his throat and killed him.
Matt caught that guy trying to slip you a roofie.
You should be grateful he saw it.
- It wasn't a roofie.
- Then what was it? I don't know.
Whatever it was, that freak was trying to kill me.
Well, I guess that means I saved your life.
Come inside, we'll talk about it there.
You just Just give me five green and I am gone.
I'll give it to you inside.
I'll never come out of there alive.
Lisa you're probably right.
Forget about the money! I won't say a word, I swear! Yeah, you will.
First time a cop pulls you over for tricking.
Lisa, you'll deal.
And I'll be the card.
Freeze! Federal agents! Damn cops.
Did we hit her? No.
Looks like he broke her neck.
John! Officer down.
Road, Northwest.
You're going to be okay, buddy.
Try not to move.
Hang on.
Okay, all right.
You're gonna be fine.
Stay with us, Carson.
You gotta stay with us.
Okay? I should've caught this, guys.
Metro had the bloody print for two months, they didn't catch it.
Yeah, but I had Petty ficer Davidson's boot the whole time.
You thought the petty officer was the victim, not the killer, Abby.
There's no excuse.
It's ironic, isn't it? A serial killer forced to drink his own poison.
It'll make book.