NCIS s04e16 Episode Script

Dead Man Walking

How much? Don't know.
Come on, take a guess.
I don't know.
Then we're just going to have to settle this with facts.
I am Googling "men's jacket.
" What would you say it was made of? - It felt like butter.
- Lambskin.
Who's the designer? - Why do you assume I know? - Because.
Because? Because I'm a woman? Because I'm Jewish? Because you're a great detective.
McGee flashed the label when he showed us his lining.
Anything else? Lizard-embossed trim, a two-way zipper, and a chest pocket.
Found it.
It's from the Armani - You can purchase it for - $2,000.
They say the clothes make the man.
Yeah, he's not a man, he's a McGee.
Either way, where is he? Over there, overdressed.
You okay? Yeah.
I, um, I just need to talk to Special Agent Gibbs.
Hey, your, uh, jacket's really soft.
Who is McGee escorting? I don't know; never seen him before.
This is Special Agent Gibbs.
Lieutenant Sanders, sir.
I need you to investigate a murder.
Whose? Mine.
NCIS saison 4 Epsiode 16 Dead man Walking Script: swsub This is killing me.
I feel like I know him.
Mossad? Maybe.
Internet dating? I will kill you 18 different ways with this paper clip.
Ducky figure out what's wrong with Lieutenant Sanders, boss? No, he's still examing him.
Thinks it could be radiation poisoning.
Do we know how he was exposed? No, but he's got a high-risk job as an inspector for the IAEA.
International Atomic Energy Agency.
I wonder if he's been to Israel.
I feel like I know him from somewhere.
DiNozzo, check his travel.
Is this guy contagious, boss? Well, for McGee better hope not.
Underwear, too? Yes, McGee, I need everything.
Don't you think that's kind of overkill? Get over it, McGee.
I'm a scientist, remember? You said he coughed on you? Yes.
So I need to check all of your clothing for radiation.
If you were exposed Yeah, I feel exposed.
Where's your jacket? Come on, you need to test that, too? You said he grabbed your arm.
Will you promise not to stain it? I promise not to stain it.
Table's cold.
None of my other patients ever complained.
Sorry, I thought it might be nice for you to have someone to talk to for a change.
Oh, I always talk to my guests.
The difference here is that you talk back.
- Talk about what? - Let's see.
In your case, I'd talk about your runner's physique, your well-toned calves, your impressive thighs.
It doesn't sound quite so personal when you're dead.
Yes, I will label these and get them over to radiobiology.
When did the nausea start? Two days ago.
Since I'd been traveling, I blamed it on the local moqueca.
Until your hair started falling out.
Ah, Jethro.
We have to wait for radiobiology to find out exactly with what we're dealing.
Containment? Minimal.
Abby's preliminary findings show that they're alpha emissions which, unlike gamma rays and X rays, can be blocked by a simple layer of dead cells on the skin.
Just avoid contact and exchange of fluids.
- Is he fit to answer questions? - I'm right here.
I can hear you.
I'm sorry; it's force of habit.
You're around uranium in your job.
What makes you think this was murder and not accidental? The radiation badge.
It's a thermoluminescent dosimeter.
I wore it to inspect the power plant in Brazil where we discovered violations.
When I returned four days ago, the film from my badge was processed.
And the glow curve? Detected no exposure.
Said everything was fine.
Were the Brazilians aware of your findings? From my line of questioning, I'd say they knew they were busted.
Brazil has a history of covert attempts to secure nuclear weaponry with Germany's aid.
Yeah, it's an unsavory partnership that goes back to the fall of the Third Reich.
I'll need access to your offices and your inspection team.
I told transpo I want to move him to AFRRI.
That's the Armed Forc Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute.
Although in my line of work, we call it something else.
What's that? The last exit.
Okay, ready? Look away now.
Look at me, close your eyes.
Now look back really fast.
Open them up.
Anything? N - No, still nothing.
Okay, squat down.
Squat down, close your eyes, and then jump up and look.
Ziva, you find out how you know - the lieutenant? - Not yet.
He's been to Israel twice in the past decade.
We've never been in the same city.
He's also been to Iran, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Kuwait, Croatia, Korea, and Slovenia.
- Guy gets around.
- I left out Canada.
Ducky's transferring him to AFRRI in Bethesda.
- Ziva, go with him.
- Protection detail? Not sure yet.
On it.
Tacing his phone calls, bank accounts, everyone he's ever met in his entire life.
Leave that to McGee.
You're with me.
Uh, McGee's not here.
Where the hell is McGee? Abby is testing my clothes for radiation, and it is taking longer than we thought, so Pick up where DiNozzo left off.
Got it, boss.
If clothes make the man, what does that make McGee? Male nurse? No.
Aqua Smurf.
I've e-mailed your records to the doctors at AFRRI.
They'll be running more tests.
Try to conserve your energy.
You'll need it later.
I don't want to see you back on my cold table.
I appreciate your help, Doc.
Good luck.
Forget something, Doc? Special Agent Gibbs asked me to accompany you.
I'm Officer David.
I'd, uh, shake your hand, but Um, actually, it would be best to avoid all bodily contact.
You sound just like my prom date.
Would you mind smiling for me? - Do I have something in my teeth? - No.
You can stop smiling.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
Do we know each other? Where'd you go to college? Israel.
Could we have met at a conference? Yes.
Except I've never been to one.
Burning Man, 2002.
Extreme Twister Camp.
I don't even know what that means.
It took two hours, but I finally found three seats on a nonstop Lufthansa flight to Gdansk.
You leave next Thursday Holly, I don't know even if we'll be making this trip.
I'll know more after I talk to NCIS.
Special Agent Gibbs.
Okay, well, the sooner the better because there's - cancellation fees - I understand, just leave the itinerary.
I'm Mark Sadowski.
We spoke on the phone.
Diane, NCIS is here.
Which one is Lieutenant Sanders' desk? It's clean.
I can see that.
He means they swept the office, DiNozzo.
When Roy said he was throwing up, we checked the radiation levels.
They're within normal limits.
I'll gather his things.
I'm Diane Russio.
How's Roy? Transferred to AFRRI.
We were hoping it was just food poisoning.
Do you know where he was exposed? No, not yet.
Well, it couldn't have been Brazil.
We toured the facility together, and Diane and I aren't sick.
Could someone have done this on purpose? I'll need your radiation badges.
Of course.
After hours in Brazil, did all of you stick together? Uh, we stayed in the same hotel, ate the same food.
Roy would get up early and run.
Oh, the night before we left, we hit the local bars for a cerveza and a cigar.
Roy left early.
Alone? I was with him.
We just went straight back to the hotel.
I'm 30 years older than both of them and they're the ones who are too tired to party.
I'll go get my badge.
So can we visit Roy? Yeah, if he wants to see you.
Answers, Abs.
I got them, Gibbs.
I took Lieutenant Sanders' dosimeter apart, and I discovered that it is hinky.
I- I might even call it hinky-dory.
Oh, come on, Gibbs, it's a little cute.
Okay, um if you follow this red beam, you can see there's no clear path between the photomultiplier tubes and the crystal lattice.
This little piece of plastic is blocking the light emissions.
- Sabotage? - Or faulty manufacturing.
I mean, it's a state-of- the-art lifesaving device, but it's still made from injection-molded plastic just like a, um, Happy Meal toy.
And you know how sometimes you get one of those and there'll be a little blob of plastic on the leg and you have to bend it back and forth Abby.
Somebody needs a Happy Meal.
What about these? Um, these are operational.
No globs.
Their reading was a true positive.
My conclusion is that Sanders had a bad badge.
There was no foul play.
If he hadn't gotten sick, he wouldn't have even noticed.
I need to talk to Ducky.
Hey, Duck.
Jethro, I was just about to call you.
Lieutenant Sanders wasn't poisoned at the power plant.
I know.
The radiobiology lab identified the isotope in his blood.
It was thallium.
Wow, that is nasty stuff.
Isn't the nonradioactive form of that used for rat poison? Yes, it's lethal and extremely effective: colorless, odorless, tasteless, and soluble in water.
Are you thinking ingestion? Most likely.
And-and no longer than 72 hours ago.
Okay, so now we know the "when.
" We just have to figure out why, how and who.
The pigment, Prussian blue, has been applied by artists since the 1700s.
Yeah, it was used by van Gogh, Monet, Picasso.
How long until it takes effect? About 24 hours.
Prussian blue works best when it's used or taken as a preventative measure before exposure.
Or right after.
But in the meantime, let's see if you can replace the fluids you lost without an I.
We prefer oral feeding to maintain the integrity of your gut.
My gut has integrity.
So does my spleen.
Now, you can eat anything you want, just so long as it's low-microbial.
But no drinking, no smoking.
Are we done? One more thing.
We need to keep his stress levels down.
We're in the middle of an investigation I have to go.
Any place I can get some fresh air? This facility has an open-air garden.
They catch it in time? Uh, unclear.
The next 24 hours are key.
I'm more interested in the past.
I want a list of every sip, every bite, every kiss, every time he's hit the head in the past 72 hours.
Do you think he's hiding something? Have you placed him yet? No.
You place him first, Ziva.
Trust later.
There were only trace amounts of radiation on your clothes, but I'm still glad we tested them.
'Cause it's better to be safe than glowing.
Where's my jacket? It's here.
It's really soft.
If you rubbed that against - a certain part of your body - You didn't.
I don't even have that part.
Thank you for taking good care of my jacket.
You're welcome.
What? I promised you I wouldn't stain it.
Just put your hand over it, like this.
It looks very natural.
Thank you.
So did you find anything in the stuff Tony took from the lieutenant's desk? Nothing yet.
I'm checking all the protein bars for needle-puncture marks.
Think the killer injected them with thallium? That's what I'd do.
It's pretty devious.
Using something so healthy to make someone so sick.
So the rest of the pizza is inside your refrigerator? Yeah.
You can test it, but I, for one, trust Papa Don implicitly.
Then what? I brushed my teeth.
And then I went to bed.
I was pretty jet-lagged, but I still got up to run the next morning.
What time? I thought I was the only one who got up that early to exercise.
Had water from the tap and an energy gel.
Then I ran the two miles from my apartement to the Custis Trail, which runs along the The Potomac.
Then I headed over the The Arlington Memorial Bridge, where you passed a woman wearing a yellow Windbreaker.
Is she part of the plot? No, she's me! You're the one who wears the fluorescent orange watch cap when you run, correct? Right, yeah, so the cars will notice me.
People, too.
I pass you every morning.
I'm going east, you're going west.
Don't you recognize me? I'm sorry, no.
How about now? I mean, you've got to picture me sweating and panting and, you know Yeah, of course, I know you.
Yeah, you have a smooth stride, great carriage.
I often turn after you pass to admire your technique.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
You have a very cute, tight technique.
How far did you run that morning? Eight miles.
Went home, showered, and headed to the field office.
Ate two protein bars at my desk.
Then at 1200, Mark and I headed to Oakwood Shooting Range.
- Where's that? - Near Andrews.
What do you shoot? Glock.
That's a good choice.
Mark and I ate lunch while we took target practice.
I had a bacon cheeseburger with fries, washed down with a large coffee.
You run like a health nut and eat like a slob.
I've always weighed the same.
People told me at 40, my body would change.
I guess I might not have to worry about that.
Have you made a will? I'm sorry, that was too blunt.
No, no, no.
I like blunt.
I was thinking your beneficiary would have a potential motive.
The joke's on them, because I I don't have a will.
Mark Sadowski, senior member of the team, is about to retire.
You know what that means.
He gets a watch? No, somebody's going to bump him off.
Standard procedure in '70s cop flicks.
Did Sadowski and Sanders get along? Worked together nine years.
Neither filed a complaint or requested a transfer.
What about the other inspector? Ah, Diane Russio.
Something's up with her.
She made Gibbs' spidey sense tingle.
Don't touch that.
Sanders' car could be a hot zone.
This car? I doubt it.
Rem is low.
It's safe.
After you, probie.
Reeks of cigar.
It's a manly scent good for you.
You know what this guy being poisoned reminds me of? A movie? Yeah, but what movie? A movie I've never seen? D.
it's called.
This accountant goes to San Francisco, parties all night, wakes up, finds he's poisoned.
He has 24 hours - to find his - Found something.
Is it dangerous? Do you want kids? Kidding.
Rem count's not that high.
We should take it to X ray.
Let's see what we got in here.
Body parts? Gym clothes.
- Get them to Abby.
- Ziva called with a list of Lieutenant Sanders' movements, where he went, what he ate.
We'll start at his apartment, collect these items, sweep for radiation.
Ziva figure out how she knew him? Personal connection.
Ziva has personal connections? Lieutenant.
Did I startle you? A little.
I'd say I was paranoid, but someone just poisoned me.
Who? Well, I've racked my brain for enemies at work, but I I can't think of anyone.
What about your private life? Do you have a girlfriend? Are you asking me in a professional capacity? Yes.
I don't have one.
Why not? Professional follow-up.
Well, I wouldn't date anyone I worked with, and outside of work, I've never met a woman who could understand why I do what I do.
The focus, the risks, the sacrifices.
They always want me to go teach or go to law school.
But I love what I do.
I truly believe there are good guys who need protection and bad guys who need monitoring.
It's a mission, not a job.
"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.
" That's my favorite quote, ever.
Felt a little dizzy.
I have to get you into bed.
I'm not saying anything.
Sorry, it's the English.
How long do you think he's going to be in here? Hey.
Roy! Hi.
I'm sorry, no contact.
I can't believe this happened.
You going to be all right? Well, I hope so.
We'll probably just cancel next week's trip.
Which one? Pakistan,Uzbekistan and Russia.
It's one of those "If this is Tuesday, it must be Tashkent" trips.
Don't cancel.
See if Howard's available.
He's a good man.
I'm a I'm a bit wiped out.
Oh, we'll let you get some rest.
See you tomorrow, okay? I need to talk to you.
It's about Lieutenant Sanders' personal life.
Um, he says he doesn't have a girlfriend, that he doesn't date, either.
Hard to believe, but I think it's true.
Sadowski, would you mind giving us a moment alone? I'll be at the elevators.
You know something.
It's about Brazil.
When you two went back to the hotel together.
Roy tell you about that? No, my boss did.
What happened? Nothing.
Tell me.
I got a little drunk, I knocked on his door, he wouldn't let me in.
I was a complete idiot, and he was a complete gentleman.
Or maybe he's gay.
Oh, I don't think he's gay.
How do you know? I saw the way he looked at you.
The higher levels of radiation are due to the concentration of Lieutenant Sanders' sweat.
He made his clothes radioactive, not vice versa.
Abs, it's over.
I just hate to see the first one of the morning end.
I did get one unexpected piece of information.
Lieutenant Sanders had a computerized chip in his left sneaker to log his workouts.
That one of those experimental DOD things? Uh, no.
You can buy them at any running store.
It transmits into this.
I was able to access his exercise logs.
These are the last two weeks of his workout.
He's a machine.
Eight miles every day in under an hour.
Lieutenant Sanders was poisoned Right around here.
His last two workouts, they were only slightly off pace.
Does that tell you something about the case? Tells me something about the man.
Like what? Like he would have made a damn good Marine.
He's sleeping again? We took a walk around the garden, and it knocked him out.
We got the second test results back.
Was the Prussian blue effective? No.
Lieutenant Sanders' lymphocytes are continuing to decrease and his radiation levels are higher than when he was admitted.
That doesn't make any sense.
It does if he's still being poisoned.
There's no mistake, Gibbs.
The doctor said Lieutenant Sanders' radiation levels are increasing.
He's still being poisoned.
Someone wanted to finish the job.
Not a lot of people have access to him: nurses, doctors People preparing his food.
Could be a lot.
Plus, he had two visitors from work yesterday: Diane Russio and Mark Sadowski.
Were they alone with him? Yes.
At one point, I went to the vending machine.
One of them could have slipped it in his water.
What about Tony and McGee? Have they followed up on the list of locations? Swept Sanders' apartment, office, running path yesterday.
All clean.
They'll hit the rest today.
This is starting to look very targeted, Gibbs.
Whoever did this is not just after any nuclear inspector.
Sanders know he's still being poisoned? Not yet.
I'm worried it will increase his stress.
Your call.
You stick with him, Ziva.
Like tattoos on Abby.
I think this will make you feel better.
They tested the pizza inside the refrigerator and, um you were right about Papa Don.
Yes! Exonerated.
Did they, um did they find any clues, any answers? Not yet.
But they're still looking.
Well, tell them to hurry up.
I want to know who killed me before I die.
Can you do something else for me? Of course.
Can you find me a lawyer? I think I need to write my will.
Mark and Roy came here a couple of times a week.
Usually at lunchtime.
You check out Roy's two perfect targets hanging inside? Missed them.
Which station did they use? We don't keep track.
At lunchtime, it's first available.
But if you really need to know, I got a security camera.
Insurance made me put it in last year after I got sued.
Personal injury? Sexual harassment.
See, I like to come up behind a shooter and correct his stance.
Most appreciate it.
One guy from Utah didn't.
Bet I could correct your stance.
I'm okay with my stance.
Sure like to teach you how to position your shoulders over your hips.
Maybe we should get the security footage and review it back at the office to see where they were.
No need.
I think we just found our hot zone.
I have been working for 30 hours straight.
This is only my fourth cup of the day.
Hot liquid.
I'd let her have it, McGee.
So you spend the night in the lieutenant's room, huh? Yes.
We stayed up late, talking.
Yeah, I remember staying up late in college "talking.
" What's that look on your face? What look? Are you falling in love with a dying man? - Of course not.
- Hey.
The look on your face says you are.
When did you become an expert on love? Last time I checked, your idea of a long-term commitment was a three-day weekend.
What's that look on your face? Nothing.
I was just going to say that Look, I know what you were going to say.
The next time Lieutenant Sanders and I stay up late "talking", we're going to use a lead condom.
- Thank you.
- No, Ziva I was going to say, I hope he pulls through.
But you should know that I found a photo of an attractive woman, a kid, and a husky in his desk.
How'd he ingest the thallium? Well, they ate lunch at the shooting range and Abby's combing through the physical evidence, but we still haven't found the smoking gun.
We swept the Dumpsters at the shooting range, but the levels were low.
Same with the kitchen.
There were two food preparers, two servers.
They all scanned clean.
So did Dee Dee, and she's the rather eccentric woman who runs the place.
Then Roy, I'm sorry Lieutenant Sanders must have been contaminated at the point of consumption.
I think someone spiked his hamburger or his coffee.
Who got near his food? I watched the security footage, and Mark Sadowski is with him the whole time, but you can't see see the table or the food.
The cameras are trained on the shooting stalls.
Oh, believe me, you don't want to know why that is.
Someone could have come from the back and not been seen.
Sadowski was at the range and he was here, which places him at both contamination sites.
Bring him in.
On it, boss.
I thought I told you to stay with Lieutenant Sanders the whole time.
Agent Lee's with him.
He's making out his will.
Can't die unless you see a lawyer.
He may not die.
He may pull through.
Officer David, I need you to witness the document.
In case you're wondering, I left it all to my sister.
I hope she appreciates it.
We fight a lot.
Someday I'll tell you about my family.
Yeah, well, don't wait too long.
Does your sister have a husky? How'd you know? It is a nice addition to any family.
Do you have a dog? No.
I'll file this with the court.
But I hope we don't need to execute it for a very long, long time.
Thank you, Agent Lee.
Ziva, Abby sent back some of his things.
You know a lot about handling radioactive materials.
Sure, for my job.
You were at the shooting range with Lieutenant Sanders a few days ago.
Yeah, we had lunch.
You slipped him a little thallium.
I've never touched thallium.
Look, I had nothing to do with Roy getting poisoned.
Skip the denials, tell me why.
This is my favorite part.
The part where Gibbs breaks him? No, the part right before Gibbs breaks him, when the guy still thinks he has a chance.
Why? - There is no "why.
" - Why? I didn't do it! I would never hurt Roy.
Sit down.
He's my friend.
We've traveled the world together.
When I thought I had prostate cancer, he was the first person I called.
So if you have any proof I did this, lay it out for me.
Let me see it.
'Cause I know it doesn't exist.
He'll break him.
I finished analyzing the debris that I vacuumed from the shooting range gravel.
Was it our prime suspect? You mean Frenchie? No.
The fry registered scant radioactivity after it was dusted.
None of the larger items were contaminated, but the micro debris was through the roof.
Were you able to break down its component? Well, it took me a while, but I isolated human skin, human hair, lint, tobacco ash, both large and small, salt, pepper, dirt, and pollen.
Ducky? Ducky? He's gone.
I gotta go, too.
I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go.
Make it fast, Duck.
We found the smoking gun, with the emphasis on "smoking.
" Abby isolated large radioactive ash from the debris from the shooting range.
It wasn't ingestion, it was inhalation.
Someone injected the thallium into the cigar.
Yes, it's very efficient, too, because the lungs feed directly into the bloodstream.
Sadowski mentioned hitting the bars with Lieutenant Sanders in Brazil for a cerveza and a cigar.
So Wait, boss, I need to show you something.
I really hope it's not that YouTube clip I sent him this morning 'cause it's a little Now, I downloaded the security camera feed from the shooting range.
Here's the isolated footage of Mark Sadowski and Lieutenant Sanders.
If you had laced a cigar with thallium, would you stick around to breathe in the smoke? It's not likely.
It's like pulling the pin on a grenade, handing it to someone and then standing beside them.
Sadowski didn't know they were contaminated with radiation.
No, stay here.
Explains why you couldn't break him.
He didn't do it.
Where are they? What are you talking about? The cigars you smoke when you go outside to get some fresh air.
Okay, I had a puff or two.
- I know the doctor said not to.
- No! Where are they? I had no idea you were so antismoking.
I mean, honestly, at this point, I'd consider myself lucky to live long enough to die of cancer.
Look, Roy, these cigars are laced with thallium.
Were they a gift? I, uh I bought them myself, duty-free, Sao Paulo airport.
Who else had access to these? They were in my desk until I stuck them in my bag.
Oh, man.
Okay, okay, you need to relax.
- You need to stay calm.
- It's all right, Roy.
It's all right.
Deep breaths now, take deep breaths.
Keep breathing.
Two out of three inspectors poisoned.
Someone's targeting the agency.
Make a lot of enemies wherever they've been, boss.
Or wherever they're going.
You stick with Sadowski, DiNozzo.
McGee, get Diane Russio in here.
She's the only inspector who isn't sick.
We do a dozen inspections a year, Agent Gibbs.
In a dozen different countries.
People don't like us, but I can't believe any government would sanction this.
Thank you.
We all got tested after Roy.
My results were negative.
Am I still at risk? Low-level exposure.
Lieutenant Sanders was the target.
You have an inspection next week? Roy insisted we still go, but now that Mark's sick.
Where? That's classified.
We prefer it if they don't know we're coming.
Need to know.
Russia,Pakistan and Uzbekistan.
Names of the facilities? - MTAC Operations.
- I need satellite time.
I'll get the schedule, sir.
When do you need it? Now.
Last one, boss.
Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Image of the Tashkent reactor stabilizing.
Before the fall of the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan was the top producer of weapons-grade materials.
- Yeah? And After? - They dismantled the centrifuge, but if they wanted to put it back together They'd bring the pieces in with heavy equipment trucks, like these.
Lot of activity.
Looks like they're building something.
Or pulling it down.
I need a shot from earlier this week.
Try the same location - 96 hours ago.
- Accessing now.
Someone's expecting guests.
Get that footage to DOD and IAEA headquarters in Vienna.
- DiNozzo.
- Hey.
Someone tipped off Uzbekistan.
Ask Sadowski who knew.
Sadowski's out of it, boss.
The doctor sedated him.
Lieutenant Sanders, then.
McGee, I want bank records for everyone working at the agency.
I want details for every inspection ever done on that facility.
Feel like I'm running a marathon.
- You are.
- I called my parents.
Mom's taking it bad.
The good news is, Dad's going to fix it.
They're on their way here, and he's going to turn it all around.
Call in some favors.
Ask the right questions.
- Because every problem has a solution.
- Exactly.
God, he sounds a lot like my father.
He was tough on me, but I made him proud.
Do they have far to travel? Too far.
They'll need to be here anyway.
Decisions to make.
I'd like for you to meet them.
- Is that weird? - No.
I would like to meet them.
How is he? He's fighting.
Gibbs has a question for him.
I think he just fell asleep.
Lieutenant? Lieutenant Sanders? - Ziva? - I'm here.
Agent DiNozzo needs to ask you a question.
Who knew you were going to Uzbekistan next week? Classified.
Who decided where you'd go? My decision.
Short list.
Kept everyone guessing.
But who did you tell? Roy? Lieutenant? Who did you tell, Roy? Mark.
Told Mark.
You done? Who else did you tell? Roy? Anyone else? Diane.
Just Just Mark and Diane.
Thank you.
Hey, boss, the lieutenant says only two others knew he was going to Uzbekistan, Mark Sadowski and Diane Russio.
How is he? He's fading fast.
Boss, inspectors have been back to Uzbekistan six times in the past four years.
Next week's inspection would have been lucky number seven.
Sanders has been at every one of them.
Makes him an expert.
If anything had changed, he's the guy that would have noticed.
Explains why they targeted him.
What makes you think it was them, McGee? Dr.
Hey, Doc.
I need you to check something.
The other side.
Well, you know you've been in the hospital too long when you've figured out the vending machine.
You think I've been here too long? You want some of this? That's Roy's sister.
The woman in the photo, the one with the kid and the dog.
I had to ask him, Ziva.
I know.
Are you okay? Part of me just wants to run.
You know, I can't believe this is happening to me.
To me, of all people.
Well, you shouldn't take it as a sign of weakness.
Well, then how should I take it, Tony? Character-building? Life-affirming? Somehow I don't think Roy sees it that way.
I'm sorry.
Ziva? I'm dying of boredom in there.
It's okay, I got you.
Hey what's a guy got to do to get a pretty girl to take a walk in the garden? Roy, you shouldn't be out of bed.
You need to be back in bed.
- It's okay, Doctor, I can manage.
- No, he needs to be back in Dr.
Hass, excuse me.
Can I speak to you for a second? I think I think I may have been exposed.
I don't know how, and I don't mean to be an alarmist, but I got the burning sensation and the headaches and the vomiting and the - whole thing.
- Diarrhea? You got the diarrhea? Yeah, like a tap, and it just hit me, and I Okay, let's, uh, sit you down.
We're going to need to run some tests.
Ah, Jethro.
As per your request, I've reviewed the results of the tests carried out on the agency staff after it was confirmed that the lieutenant had been exposed.
And I I found what you were looking for.
Trace amounts of ferric ferrocyanide.
Prussian blue.
Someone was taking it prophylactically.
As a preventative measure, Jethro.
Who? Her.
Got her, boss.
$50,000 in cash deposited over the past three months.
Closed the account this morning.
Shifted the funds offshore.
Looks like she's about to do a runner.
Where is she now? Just checked.
Still in the office.
No, I don't want to travel via London.
I want a direct flight.
Yes, I know it's last minute, but I Look, there must be other carriers Miss Russio? Agent Gibbs.
Your travel coordinator, - Holly Stegman - Okay, she just left me here with this mess, flight plans Which way? - I'm trying to - Which way?! Parking garage.
Come on.
Stop! Stop! No.
W - Wait.
Out of the car.
I didn't mean to do it.
I couldn't kill Roy any more than I could run over you! I wanted to make him sick so he couldn't travel, that's all.
He would have known.
He would have realized it was either Mark or me.
Just tell me Wait! Tell me I didn't kill him.
I didn't mean to kill him.
She could have killed you, boss.
What a perfect day for a run.
I'd even consider a double loop.
I have something of yours.
I remember you now.
All those mornings, I ran right past you.
Youblastedpast me.
I, uh I used to put in a little extra kick to impress the ladies.
Well, it worked.
I'm sorry we never got to run together.
Me, too.
Do you think you would have noticed that I was no longer there? That I'd stopped running? Yes, I would have noticed.
I would have missed seeing you.
But eventually, you would have forgotten me.
I won't forget you now.