NCIS s04e24 Episode Script

Angel of Death

Welcome home, Director.
How was the Interpol conference? Fine.
Full of Euro cops trying to hook up with me.
And, no, I didn't.
Oh, I wasn't wondering if I would if I were you.
Now, get in, Cynthia.
Is the agency still intact after a week with Gibbs in charge? We survived.
Did Gibbs? Barely.
Cleared customs see ya soo - Welcome home, señora.
- Thank you, Noemi.
You hungry, señora? No, I ate on the plane.
I fix your favorite paella.
- Very well.
I'll have a little.
- Okay.
- Will there be anything else, Director? - No.
Take Cynthia home.
She's going to argue, but it's silly for her to go back to the office now.
What time tomorrow, Director? to get an early start.
Yes, ma'am.
Noemi, I'll eat in the study.
Si, señora.
My father has been dead since '95.
He stood where you stand three weeks ago.
Noemi! Si, señora? Who's been in my study? No one, señora.
Obviously someone.
You no do that? I no do that.
Maybe before you leave? I've been gone for five days.
Didn't you clean in here? Si, señora.
I I no see.
I'm sorry, señora.
It's nothing, Noemi.
Don't worry about it.
Okay, I know this looks a little weird, but I couldn't get my hands on a real polygraph machine, so I made one.
Name! Tell me your name! Stop acting like a Nazi.
Come over here.
Scratch my nose, please.
Right side, right side.
Ow! God, not so hard! McGee, stop being such a baby.
Timothy McGee no middle initial.
Have you ever used an alias? Does a nom de plume count? It does.
Thom E.
Any other names? No.
- No? - No.
Okay, either you or my polygraph is lying.
And since this is a machine and - it can't lie - HAL lied through his chips.
I thought the expression was "to lie through your teeth.
" HAL, the computer.
How can a six-year-old movie be a classic? The film that was made in 1968.
A Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick.
How long do you have to be in this country I'm trying to prep McGee for his polygraph on Monday.
Really? Well, unless you're a spy, McGeek, the thought of which is utterly ludicrous.
What's the sweat? He panics taking tests.
It's not uncommon.
Started in kindergarten.
Couldn't change his answer.
- Hard to erase crayon.
- Tony, it's not funny.
Retaining my Special Agent status is dependent on passing this polygraph.
Oh, this is definitely a lie.
- What'd you ask him? - His name.
You lied about your name? No.
Timothy McGee is my legal name.
Thom E.
Gemcity is my pen name.
I don't have any other names.
- Probie.
- Yeah, boss.
And Elf Lord.
Two other names.
Why are you torturing McGee? I am not torturing, McGee.
I am prepping him.
He has his CPS polygraph on Monday.
- Who ordered that? - Homeland Security.
All NCIS agents must take it, directors included.
Check your e-mails.
Monday, 09:00.
Tuesday, 13:00.
Boss, what time is your? You ever seen the Angel of Death, Dr.
Benoit? Skeleton, hooded black robe, scythe.
I am not kidding, Doctor.
Not a skeleton with a grass-cutter.
That's for kids on Halloween.
Although, if he wanted to he could appear as a skeleton.
I take it you've seen him? Once, when my Uncle Luis died.
What did he look like? Miss Puerto Rico.
What are you talking about? You can't keep me here.
You want to walk, walk.
I can't with this leg iron on.
I want a cast.
After surgery.
Wait a minute Wait a minute, are they are they going to knock me out? Oh, I hope not.
Where's my backpack? Where's my bag? I want my backpack.
Sorry to stick you with this one, Doctor.
No problem, Annie.
Jessup wants him in monkey bars till he can operate.
Three MGs of Versed, two of morphine, 15 minutes ago.
And he's still amped up? I think the boy had more on board than ER put in him.
Patti said he wouldn't let them take blood.
And it was a fight just to get the leg X-rayed.
Hey, where's my phone?! Someone stole my phone! You didn't come in with one, Devon.
No, I had a cell phone! I was texting on it when When you stepped in front of a cab at Dulles.
I'm Dr.
Benoit, Devon.
Give me a minute.
You're hypertensive and tachycardiac.
What's that? Not good.
Have you taken any drugs we don't know about? We're not the police, Devon.
Our only concern is your well-being.
I want I want to call my sister.
There's a phone in your room.
What do you think, Doctor? Keep your eye out for Miss Puerto Rico.
Visiting your ex-wife? Waiting for you.
How'd you know I'd be here? Friday night.
Old weekend.
Hold on, Emily.
Hi, Daddy! Hey, Em.
Be there in a minute.
Diane look that pissed at you after the divorce? She's looking at me, Tobias.
Ever think of picking up a phone? Hard lines are tapped.
Cell calls snatched right out of the air.
Turning into a conspiracy nut, Jethro.
What's next? Alien abductions? Only if you don't answer my question.
- Why the polygraphs? - No.
- Do you still dream about O.
- ing Diane? - Nah, Emily kind of likes her.
You? Only when I think about my grandfather's railroad watch.
Beautiful chimes.
FBI being polygraphed? No.
And before you run through the alphabet soup.
This net is being cast strictly over NCIS.
Who's doing the fishing? Obviously, someone who thinks there's a security risk at NCIS.
Who are they after, Tobias? Your boss.
Señor Gibbs.
Director home? I'm in here.
In polite society, one usually calls before a visit.
Bourbon? I kicked in too many doors to be polite.
I appreciate the restraint you showed by using the bell.
I've been rather fond of that door since I was a child.
You could have waited to report till Monday, Jethro.
That's not why I'm here.
You lost your protection detail in Paris.
You went missing for 21 hours.
Where were you? You sound like a jealous husband.
How would you know? Do you want this or not? Don't touch that! It's Scotch.
You drink bourbon.
So you.
I had another visitor before you arrived unannounced.
Did he duck out the back? Now you do sound like a jealous husband.
You go off grid for 21 hours and we're being polygraphed for a security breach.
Drink your bourbon and say good night, Gracie.
What were you doing for 21 hours, Jenny? What we used to do.
Ever so well.
When you're lying, your right eye twitches.
It always has.
You know, constitutionally, you can refuse to take a polygraph.
I'd have to turn in my badge.
True, but you don't have to take the test.
Hey, I have an idea.
Why don't we get Ducky to tell the examiners that Tim is just way too stressed out to take the test? Ducky's a medical examiner, he's not a psychiatrist.
- But he does psychological profiles.
- Of serial killers.
That's good I'll go from Federal Agent to serial killer in one day.
It was just a thought.
Here you go.
Great bartender.
- You can beat a polygraph.
- No, you can't.
I've done it, Abby.
It's part of Mossad training.
- All you have to do - Oh, hello! - If it's unethical, I can't hear it! - Well, don't listen.
Go ahead May we join you? - Hey, Ducky, here take my chair.
- No, no, no, no, Timothy.
At a bar, I prefer to stand.
Me, too.
Macallan neat.
Mineral water on the side.
No ice.
I'll take a, uh, chocolate martini.
Just kidding.
Uh, make that a Green Fairy Mojito.
You got it.
Why is everybody so dour? It's TGIF and the happy hour! Homeland Security's ordering us to take a polygraph.
That's rather odd.
But there's nothing to worry about.
Unless you're a spy.
Why are you looking at me?! I'm trying to lighten the atmosphere with a little humor.
I don't think they expect you to be funny, Doctor.
- That didn't come out right.
- No, I should say not.
I mean I don't think they expect a Scotsman to be funny.
Stop digging, Jimmy.
You've almost reached China.
Yeah, a round for my friends on me.
Dispelling two misconceptions about Scotsmen in one night.
Does anyone know where the rest rooms are? - I do! - Okay.
One moment! First a toast! - Please, God, make it quick.
- Amen.
May the best you've ever seen be the worst you'll ever see.
May a mouse never leave your girnal with a teardrop in his eye.
May you stay hale and hearty until you're old enough to die.
May you always be as happy as we wish you all to be.
Guys, I'm sorry I gotta go.
Uh, me, too.
- Great toast, Ducky.
- Uh thank you.
Really good, Doctor.
May a mouse never leave your girdle with a teardrop in his eye.
Not girdle, girnal.
It's an oat bin.
If it was empty, a mouse would cry.
To dry-eyed mice.
Yeah, yeah.
Stupid bastard.
I don't think that Dee meant to get hit by a Why didn't you push it? It was lit.
I'd have pushed it anyway.
And why is that? To watch it light up.
Why don't you get her some help? ER's on one.
You talking to me? Yeah, I'm talking to you, Bobby.
- His name is Nick.
- Shut up, Bernie.
But he thinks that your name is Bobby.
- Don't you? - No.
He thinks his name is Bobby.
Don't you? You don't think your name is Bobby, do you, Nick? Shut up.
Can't you see he's a cop? Hey, ER said Devon Watson was up here.
He called his sister to pick him up.
I'm his sister.
He hasn't gone into surgery.
Surgery? For a broken leg? It's a severe compound fracture.
Put a splint on it.
Is there a problem here, Carly? I don't know.
Do we have a problem? No problem.
My girl's worried about her brother, that's all.
Wants to see him.
Yeah, can I see Dee? That's up to Dr.
- I need this stat.
- Sure.
This is Mr.
Watson's sister, Dr.
But everybody calls me Bernie.
And you are? A friend.
Have a name friend? Nick.
He thinks his name is Bobby.
Room 331.
Ten minutes.
I wanted to be a doctor.
Um, but my dad She doesn't want to hear about your life history, Bernie.
- I told you to keep your trap shut.
- Sorry.
I didn't think doctors cleaned out urinals.
We draw the line at bedpans.
Want to take a 15 minute break with me? We'll be in the cafeteria, Carly.
Okay, Doctor.
And clock that ten minutes.
What's with you calling that loser Bobby? Well, he was doing DeNiro in the elevator.
You know, like, you talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?! So I called him Bobby.
Sometimes you are so juvenile.
Yes, but it makes me loveable.
You don't look so good, Dee.
I don't feel so good, Bernie.
- Does it hurt? - Shut up, Bernie.
You got to get out of here.
Man, they won't let me out.
They can't keep you.
All you got to do is sign a release.
What what about my leg? We'll fix it later.
I can't walk.
That's why they make the chairs with those, you know, things that go round.
Oh, wheelchairs! I'm really scared, man.
I'm feeling really cold, Nick.
I think I might be leaking.
Be cool, Dee, be cool.
You're not leaking.
Don't let me die here, man.
You're not going to die, honey.
I got to tell somebody.
I've got to tell somebody.
No, no You're not going to tell anybody nothing! Stop! Stop it, Nick! You're killing him! Shut up.
I hope this stops by morning.
I want you to see the house in sunshine.
It leaks.
No, it doesn't leak.
It has bats.
Bats don't come out in the sunshine.
I hate bats ever since I saw Dracula.
You're chickening out on me, aren't you? After you promised? Did I say Scout's honor? Wow, you drive a hard bargain.
Yes, I want to see the house.
Just as long as seeing doesn't necessarily mean buying.
No, of course it doesn't.
I just want you to give it some serious consideration.
You can count on that.
Especially after last night.
I think that, uh, you deserve I'm sorry, that was you last night, right? With the mask and the strange headgear? Code blue.
Code blue.
Hang in there, Devon.
You're going to be okay.
Got the pulse ox.
- What do we have? - Blood pressure 80/40.
Heart 150.
- Don't need that drug panel now.
- Where's the crash cart? - Coming in.
- Carly and I have him.
Annie, two milligram Naloxone I.
Got it.
Two milligrams I.
Lungs are clear.
Pupils are pinpoint and un-reactive.
75/35, Heart rate 160.
EKG leads.
Okay, lift him on three.
Heart rate's 175.
EKG leads in place.
He's in V-tach.
How'd he go sour so fast? He flew in from Caracas three hours ago.
He's probably body-packing heroin.
The bags must have burst.
We've got V-fib.
He's stopped breathing.
Start bagging him.
Charge to 360.
Still in V-fib.
Should I give him an amp of epi? Not till we shock him.
Still in V-fib.
No pressure, no pulse.
I'm sorry, Ms.
- Me, too.
- Where's he taking him? Hospital morgue.
We pick him up there? No, you do not pick him up there.
Sign it, Bernie.
How's Carly? Not bad considering she saw the Angel of Death.
What did this one look like? Shirley Temple.
I don't like losing patients.
If your brother had told us he was body-packing drugs, we might have saved him.
Or if you had told us.
I don't know what's in Dee's gut, Doc.
And neither do you.
Now where do we pick up his body? City morgue after he's been autopsied.
We don't need an autopsy.
I do.
Come on, we got to get out of here.
Suck it up, Bernie! You got to get me somethin', Nick.
I'm gettin' too shaky to walk.
Pharmacy downstairs.
I'll get cough syrup with codeine.
That ain't gonna help much.
Never pimp a junkie.
- I ain't a junkie! - Then walk out of here! He knew Devon was body-packing and said nothing.
Well, he didn't want to lose his shipment.
That makes him an accessory.
Yeah? How could you prove that, Jeanne? I don't know, but I can't just let him walk out of here.
Benoit, you don't want to get involved.
I am involved, Annie.
That boy didn't have to die.
No, but that is not your fault.
Jeanne, the coroner's going to do an autopsy.
He's going to find the drugs, notify narcotics.
What more can you do than that? I don't know.
I feel so damn helpless! They're all like that the first year.
At least the good ones.
It takes a little while to get calluses.
I don't know if Jeanne ever will, Annie.
- You pushed the wrong button! - Sorry.
What are you doing down here? Pushed the wrong button.
- Morgue down here? - Why? Bernie might want to take a last look at her brother.
Morgue's closed.
There's no one down here, anyway.
Her brother's here.
I don't think that's funny.
Hey, boss, what's up? There's a letter on your desk.
Sign it.
- What is it? - Just sign it, Tim.
It's a get out of jail free card.
Boss, why would I need such a card? Because you're going to hack into the CIA.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Okay, I know you guys have been working really hard lately, and I promised that you could have the weekend off, but this sounds like an emergency, so I need everybody to get those electrons flowing! If anybody is not up to it, I need to know now, not when the Director arrives.
Something's wrong.
Thanks for coming in on such short notice, Abby.
Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail will keep this scientist from her appointed rounds.
You've adopted what the post office has forgotten.
Did you climb the Eiffel Tower? No.
No? How can you be in Paris and not climb the Eiffel Tower?! I want to know whose fingerprints are on these.
Chain of evidence is not important.
I'll be in my office.
Boss, you were right.
The order to polygraph came from Homeland Security's Assistant Director for Infrastructure Protection.
But it didn't originate from there.
I traced into his IMAP account using an encryption algorithm developed You're not really interested in how I did this, are you? Nope, I'm not.
Okay, well, the order went from Homeland Security to China, then Kurdistan.
It went through a secondary server in India to the island of Cypress.
Then through Puerto Rico.
Where it followed a bank line back to D.
and CIA.
Specifically, their National Clandestine Service.
It went in and out of a maze of incoming and outgoing Black Op chatter.
All encrypted.
That's where I lost it.
But I found it again.
It's part of a Black Op.
It's code-named Lodestone.
Running out of the CIA section for Weapons Control and Arms Proliferation.
The Frog.
Who do I have to thank for this? A former FBI agent.
You're very resourceful, Kort.
I try.
So you've recorded their conversations? No.
No? Why? You didn't want to intrude on their privacy? I didn't think it was necessary.
No? Why was that? I only needed photos for leverage.
- This DiNozzo is married? - No.
Then how did you intend to gain leverage? You intend to harm her? Only threaten.
He loves her? DiNozzo he's a player.
Never with a skirt more than a few weeks.
That's too bad.
A man in love could be persuaded to do almost anything.
DiNozzo's a white hat.
He won't want to see her harmed.
Have you not noticed, Kort? I like white hats.
Shirley Temple looked through the door Shirley Temple? I didn't say Shirley Temple.
Who is Shirley Temple? A child star from the 1930s with curly blonde hair.
Well, you saw him.
If you say he looked like Shirley Temple, he looked like Shirley Temple.
I didn't see him, Carly.
The Angel was standing right behind you.
Your Angel of Death wandered away from her mother in ICU.
They flew in from Paris to see their grandfather who stroked.
Security's been searching the hospital for an hour.
If you see the Angel of Death again, her name is Sarah.
It's just a lost little girl, Carly.
If you say so, Doctor.
All right, well, I will see you in the morning.
- I gotta go.
- I'll be out at 7:00.
And if you see a hooded skeleton, duck.
That addict and her pimp were down in the basement asking about the morgue.
You didn't let them stay there? Of course not.
I made them return with me to the ground floor.
They leave the hospital? They went into the pharmacy.
I had to return the gurney to the ER, but I got a feeling they're going to try again.
Thanks, Bill.
Annie, call Security.
Ask them to meet me in the morgue.
Miss me already? Our grieving couple may be in the morgue.
They never make it easy.
He's not in the cabinet, Bernie.
I drank the cough syrup and it ain't doing nothing.
No drugs in a morgue, dummy.
You want a fix find your brother.
Hi ya, Dee.
Hey! Jeanne.
He's still warm.
That's 'cause he hasn't had time to cool.
Have you, Dee? Jeanne, slow down.
Is it? Jeanne, hey.
You trying to get yourself killed? He's at least got a knife in there.
I will not let him butcher her brother in front of her.
Keep your voice down.
Those drugs are in He doesn't know where to cut.
He'll make a gory mess she'll never get out of her head.
Get behind me.
- Why? - Because I tell you to.
Haven't got a weapon on you by any chance, have you? I have a funny feeling, Doctor.
It's the tequila, my dear.
You've had three shooters just in the time I've been here.
Straight to voice mail.
Just like always when he's with her.
- Tony? - What? Nothing.
Oh, no, no, no.
That look was definitely something.
Well, why do you monitor Tony? I don't monitor Tony.
Oh, yes, you do, my dear, like a mother with her toddler.
That's a good description.
Or a woman with a wayward lover.
Ducky do not profile me I'm not a killer.
Correction I have killed before, but never feloniously.
Ziva, it's Friday night.
Tony is with his girlfriend and you are worried about him.
What does that tell you? He is my partner.
And my partner said he would be here.
And and I have this not so good feeling.
I didn't find nothing.
The way you're shaking, you couldn't find a shotgun.
Let's see You called Security, Doc? Of course you did.
Call 'em off.
I said call 'em off.
You haven't done anything that can't be forgotten.
- Do what he says, Jeanne.
- Why? They can leave now, and we'll forget this ever happened.
Would you do that? Yes.
Tony Will you forget now? That's what I thought.
Call off Security.
Put it on the speaker.
This is Dr.
Benoit in the morgue.
Oh, sorry, Doctor.
I'll have a man there in a minute.
We're just stretched thin looking for that little girl.
You can recall him.
It was a false alarm.
Can I have your hospital I.
number please? Thank you, Dr.
Is a little girl lost? More than one.
Surgery first, Doc.
No? I help him first.
You're a slow learner, Doc.
I called off Security.
I help him, then I help you.
If that's not good enough, shoot me.
Don't hurt her, Nick.
Tony? Tony? Can you sit up? No, I'm up.
Someone is looking at me.
- It's the cleaning crew.
- No, on the computer.
I got to shut down my UPD port.
I don't think it penetrated my firewall.
- What the hell is it? - It's a botagent.
It's probably one of the CIA's.
Botagent short for robotic agent.
Designed to crawl the Internet looking for snoopers like us.
- This for real? - Oh, yeah, boss.
If this had penetrated my firewall, it could have downloaded my hard drive.
The CIA would have all our data, and know we were onto Lodestone.
- Can you kill it? - No, though I could build a mirror to my firewall, so that when it looks in, it could just see itself.
- How long? - Too long.
Or I could use another computer.
Boss, just one thing There's always just one thing, McGee.
A really smart botagent won't just sit on my computer.
It'll look for my search patterns on the Internet.
This is like tracking a dirtbag, McGee.
You stake out his house.
You put out a BOLO.
Keep tabs on the girl.
Never thought of it that way.
Start a new search.
- What am I looking for? - The girlfriend Jenny Shepard.
When you look at me like that, McGee, I get this overwhelming urge to head slap you.
I am going to get a ding now! You guys are doing this because it's the weekend.
And you think if you just stall, then I'll give up and I'll finish the search on Monday, but that is not going to happen.
Abby you worry me.
Oh, they know I'm just, you know, talking to them to pass the time.
Because at this point, the fingerprint match is totally up to AFIS.
Right, guys? Right, guys? I'm just joshing you, Director.
I spoiled your Friday night.
Oh, you know, I was just hanging at the bar.
And I probably would have been completely passed out by now if I'd stayed.
Joshing me again? No.
- How many prints? - Two sets.
He poured with his left hand and held the glass with his right.
Left-handed? Or ambidextrous.
I can pour with either hand.
I can tell you he's not military.
AFIS would have gotten a match on anyone on active duty by now.
What if he was retired? Covered them, too.
Dead? Dead? You said this wasn't a case.
It's not.
I want you to expand the search to include servicemen alive prior to '95.
I don't see any signs of concussion.
I've been hit harder by my sister.
You don't have a sister.
I don't? Nick Enough playing, Doctor.
Do it.
I don't want you to get hurt.
Let's go.
Half K of pure horse in here, Doc.
I'm no surgeon.
I'm not asking you to save a life, Doc.
Maybe I am.
Come on, come on, come on! Quit stalling.
He doesn't have AIDS.
That's not what the mask's for.
What's it for? Turn around, Bernie.
Please hurry.
Why the mask? Tell her to turn around.
Do it, Bernie.
The mask is to protect me from disease spread by airborne particles released when I open him up.
No more stalling.
Devon died bringing this to you.
Want it? What the hell do you think? Bitch! Next one's in your ear.
Drop it.
You okay? Not really.
Oh, God.
Who's this? It's uh, Director's father Colonel Jasper Shepard.
You don't know him? She never talked family.
It's like you.
She has his eyes.
He still alive? Deceased.
Suicide, - There she goes.
- Who? Sarah.
Security found her sleeping in the delivery room.
You should be under observation for 24 hours.
Whatever doctor orders.
What's this? My secret.
Bonjour, Papa.
Bonjour, ma fille.
So this must be Anthony DiNardo.
Welcome to the family, Professeur.