NCIS s05e01 Episode Script

Bury Your Dead

Previously on NCIS Where the hell is DiNozzo? Find him now! I love you, Jeanne.
You're very resourceful, Kort.
I try.
Trent Kort.
He's on the FBI arms dealer watch list.
- Believed to have recently join - La Grenouille.
Your favorite international arms dealer and mine.
- This is good.
- And it's bad.
I had to lie to Gibbs.
You leave him to me.
What were you doing out here alone? I can take care of myself, Jethro.
- FBI being polygraphed? - No.
This net is being cast strictly over NCIS.
Who are they after, Tobias? Your boss.
So you're the overzealous Fed who nearly mucked up 18 months of undercover work.
I prefer to think of it as doing my job.
Is she hot after all arms dealers or is there something about this one in particular? How far are you willing to go to get this guy, Jen? As far as you went to get Ari.
I know what you're hiding from.
It's not just me that I'm worrying about hurting, Ziva.
You okay? Who's this? Director's father, Colonel Jasper Shepherd.
He committed suicide 12 years ago.
No, he stood where you stand three weeks ago.
I want to know whose fingerprints are on these.
Chain of evidence is not important.
- You have children? - Sadly, no.
I have three.
What's this? My secret.
Welcome to the family.
Professor DiNardo.
NCIS Season 5 Episode 1 My father knows everything about you.
- Only what my daughter tells me.
- And I tell him everything.
That's great.
So here we all are on our way to, um Where exactly are we headed? I don't know.
Breakfast? A chance for us to get to know each other.
I'm sure you've lots of questions.
I know I do.
My apartment first, Papa.
You wouldn't believe the night we've had.
It was very frightening.
Yes, your daughter is very impressive with a scalpel, Mr.
Please, Rene.
You never told me you could shoot.
Well, I can't, clearly.
- I missed.
- On purpose.
There was a shooting at the hospital? It's a long story, Rene.
We have all weekend.
Well, it's really more of Jeanne's long story than mine.
There was this crazy young guy who tried to smuggle heroin into the country and he got hit by a car.
One of the bags in his stomach burst, but we didn't know until it was too late, and then I forgot to sign the death certificate to release the body.
Sorry, Papa.
Henri, back to the hospital.
Yes, sir.
Well, I guess breakfast is gonna have to wait.
And all those intriguing questions.
What are you doing here? I asked first.
Well, technically, Ziva, I think that if we were to put that to the test, you'd find that it was too close to call.
But since my parents raised a gentleman and yours raised a killer, I was defragging my computers.
Have you heard from Tony? You came into the office on a Saturday morning because you're worried about Tony? You have been here all night.
Is that a question or a statement? Question.
- Sounded more like a statement.
- Demands an answer.
Yes, I was here all night.
Fragging the computers.
You need to work on those inflections when you're asking a question.
For example, why are you worried about Tony? Well, he was supposed to meet us at the bar last night.
He did not arrive, did not call.
He's not answering his home phone or his cell phone.
Do you have the number to his second cell phone? - The one he uses for his private calls? - Yes! No.
Gibbs was here all night, too? Are we a team, McGee? Morning, Ziva.
Nothing better to do on a Saturday morning? Teams do not have secrets, Gibbs.
And if you do not tell me what you were both doing here last night McGee knows he will eventually.
- Won't be long.
- I can come with you if you want.
No need.
He won't bite.
Coffee? Coffee would be great.
While we wait you can tell me how you stole my daughter's heart.
I'll get it! I'll get it.
I'm sorry for keeping you here all night, Abby.
That's okay.
It's not the first time I've woken up on the floor.
Not just this floor.
Not that I make it a habit of passing out on floors and not that this is a really comfortable floor.
If I had to I'm awake now.
Thanks, Abby.
You can go now.
Did we get a match? No.
Poor guys.
Humming away all night and for nothing.
What search result? This is not good.
Why would the CIA come after the Director? You tell me.
Protecting their asset.
La Grenouille.
Does the Director know? Know what? That it's Saturday and we're all here on our day off because we love our jobs.
Except for Tony who is missing.
McGee, I want you to triangulate a cell number.
- Sure.
- 202-555-0177.
DiNozzo in trouble? I knew it.
The woman Tony has been seeing, Jeanne Benoit, is La Grenouille's daughter.
He's been on assignment? You did plan to tell us at some point? If it led us to her father, yes.
- Yeah, did it? - I don't know.
You want to tell us what you do know, Director? Tony just contacted me using his alias' cell.
It was a prearranged signal used only in emergency if he thought his cover had been blown.
- Tony DiNardo.
- Cute.
I want this fed to MTAC and I want satellite coverage.
On its way.
Merci beaucoup.
So, what did Jeanne tell you about me? Oh, everything.
The world's greatest dad.
Children want to believe the best, huh, of their parents.
I'm sure you believe your father is a good man, hmm? He was.
Still love has a way of blinding us, no? Of the imperfections? It's still love.
And we both love Jeanne.
Yes, we do.
Are you going to break my daughter's heart? No, sir, not if I can help it.
Sometimes we lie to the people we love in order to protect them.
You've lied to Jeanne? Well, have you? Here she comes.
Done! Now let's get out of here before they remember something else.
- I have to move my car because - They'll tow you for sure.
They're murder around here.
We wouldn't want that.
Stay close.
Wouldn't want to lose you.
No chance of that.
He's on 22nd Street North West, outside Monroe University Hospital.
He's on the move.
Must be in a car.
How long until we get satellite coverage? At least 15 minutes.
Or we could patch into D.
's traffic-cam system.
See if we can locate him on the traffic-cam management.
Do it.
- Anything? - Still not answering.
Shall I try his undercover cell phone? Put it on speaker.
You've reached Professor Tony DiNardo.
Leave a message and I will get back to you.
I promise.
His cover is teaching film online at American University.
Tony a teacher? No wonder he's been compromised.
Whose bright idea was that? Mine.
We're in.
Bring it up.
Got it.
I'm relaying the cell phone signal.
Tony's car.
Tony DiNardo's car.
How deep is this cover? Deep enough to withstand the sort of scrutiny La Grenouille can bring to bear.
You better hope so.
West on M Street.
No one else is in the car with him.
He's turning north onto 29th Street.
Traffic speed.
No signs of duress.
Cell phone's still off.
No one seems to be tailing him.
Maybe he's the one doing the tailing.
Still on 29th.
Oh, my God.
McGee! Hey.
That some sort of timer device? Ten bucks at most electrical stores.
Probably activated when the ignition turned on.
Counts down however long you need it to.
When it reaches zero Shockwave would've killed him before the fire.
Death would've been instantaneous.
Small mercies, my dear boy.
Identification? General build, height, weight are about right.
Most of the epidermis and dermis on the hands and fingers have been burned off, so no fingerprints.
We'll need to get his dental records for positive identification.
And is there any chance that it's not Tony? None that I can think of.
She blames herself.
Should she? Let me know when you're finished, Duck.
You believe in miracles, Ziva? Not part of my traing.
It might not be Tony.
Tony is not dead, Gibbs.
Not until Ducky says it's him.
Until then, he's just he's not here.
And I don't care what the evidence says.
Even if everything here belongs to Tony, it's still not him until Ducky says that it's him.
And don't try to tell me anything different because I'm not gonna believe you.
Tell me it's not him, Gibbs.
Tell me it's not him.
I wish I could, Ab.
I need to be alone right now with the gang.
I've got work to do.
Abby How did these get here? Director Shepard swore me to secrecy when she brought those in and asked me to run them for prints, so I can't tell you.
Any other secrets you can't tell me? No, just that one.
Because when Director Shepard said that there wasn't an AFIS match and then tried to hide the results from me, she actually didn't swear me to secrecy.
So that is not a secret.
Who was the match? Her father.
Her father has been dead for 12 years, Abby.
No, not according to AFIS.
That is a ten-point match, Gibbs.
These are new prints.
There's no way Director Shepard's father is dead.
I buried my father, Jethro.
I know he's not coming back.
But someone is going to great lengths trying to convince me he's alive.
We've got a polygraph test Monday.
- Routine.
- They're targeting someone.
- Me? - So I've been told.
I've never failed a polygraph, I'm not about to start.
And if they ask you about your father? He's dead.
Any doubt, any hesitation will raise a red flag.
- There is no doubt.
- I saw his fingerprints.
My father's dead.
Subject displayed emotional instability suggesting delusional belief her father isn't dead.
Next question.
We just put her on medical leave or we fire her? Operation Lodestone.
You know it? - Should I? - Black op.
Focused on weapons control and arms proliferation.
- Not one of ours.
- CIA.
My father's job at the Pentagon was in the field of arms control.
He was under investigation for accepting a bribe when he was killed.
- Coroner said he took his own life.
- He was murdered.
- Proof? - None.
But I know who's responsible.
The same guy you sent one of my agents after.
One of my agents.
A deep undercover operation that I ran on a need-to-know basis.
And, Jethro if you think I'm obsessed with La Grenouille because of what happened to my father, you're wrong.
You may want to skip that polygraph test Monday.
Must you keep doing that? Just checking something Gibbs said.
Tony wouldn't have carried it with him, you know? His shield and ID, not if he was undercover.
He would've stashed it in the car, maybe under the seat.
Just because we found his ID doesn't mean it's Tony.
His car, his ID, his weapon both of his cell phones, McGee? What was it that Gibbs said that you thought need checking? That he thought Tony might be tailing someone.
Stop it there.
Take it back.
The limousine.
It was on the previous camera.
It's on every camera.
He was following the limousine.
Where is Gibbs? Another shrapnel.
Lower left lobe.
Blood tests are back.
What type? A- positive.
And Tony's? A- positive.
Yes, well share the same blood group.
So let's not go drawing any conclusions.
We'll await the dental records before making positive ID.
In the meantime The lungs.
Penetrative shrapnel damage, middle and lower left lobes.
Otherwise healthy tissue, non-smoker, minimal scarring.
Minimal scarring.
Minimal scarring.
I got that, Doctor.
Yes, but Mr.
Palmer, how could he? How could he what, sir? Have minimal scarring in both lungs? Healthy living.
Yersinia pestis.
Y- pestis.
The pneumonic plague? Yes, the plague, Mr.
This man has never had the plague.
He's never had the plague.
Sohehas never had the plague.
He never had the damn plague! The limousine is leased to a shell company.
The parent company is EuroFreight.
Head office is in Luxembourg.
The principal behind the company is Rene Benoit.
Tony could've been following La Grenouille.
I'm sorry to differ, Timothy, but he wasn't.
Look, Tony contracted pneumonic plague, as I'm sure everyone can remember.
Before my time.
- He almost died.
- From severe pneumonia.
As a result, his lungs would've been extensively scarred.
Unlike the almost pristine lung of the man currently in autopsy.
The body on which I am performing an autopsy is not Tony's.
If it's not Tony Then who is it? And where is DiNozzo? I want to know every thing of this compagny.
Banks, statement, telephone, records personal.
Hard drive's spinning up now.
Everything, Tim.
If La Grenouille is in DC, this could lead us to him.
Or DiNozzo.
Well, obviously, DiNozzo is our first priority.
Start with the hospital.
Find out when DiNozzo left and with who.
And who was driving his car.
Got it.
Director Shepard.
An unannounced visit by the CIA usually means someone's in trouble.
I trust it isn't you.
Where is he? It depends on who "he" is.
I honestly don't know, And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you until you explained to me why you're looking for him so urgently.
La Grenouille flew to DC this morning.
He didn't arrive at his safe house and his satellite phone has stopped transmitting.
Mislaid your arms dealer that's got to be embarrassing.
I don't know what NCIS is up to, but I want a private briefing in your office now.
I'll decide what briefing you get, and where you get it, Mr.
And if you have a problem with that, why don't you have your director give me a call.
You're jeopardizing one of the most important long-term covert operations the agency has ever conducted.
Operation Lodestone.
You're not read-in on Lodestone.
Okay, so read us in.
Unless the CIA just believes in one-way traffic.
This is not going to end well for you.
Special Agent DiNozzo's car was bombed this morning, but I guess you knew that.
He wasn't in it.
Thanks for sharing.
The Agency had nothing to do with it.
Is that when you mislaid your Frog in all that confusion? My car blew up this morning.
Did you do that? Where did you go with La Grenouille? Actually, he prefers Rene.
Arms dealers get very touchy about their code names.
The Frog has a kind of slimy overtone to it.
You should keep that in mind for next time.
You could use it yourself.
We will find him, DiNozzo.
You might want to take the stairs.
I have a little upset tummy this morning.
Happy Frog hunting.
What? No balloons? That was more exciting live.
You saw it? You were there? Saw it heard it, felt it.
You can start whenever you're ready.
He was waiting when I left the hospital this morning with Jeanne.
She'd arranged it.
It was her little surprise, I guess.
"Meet the parents" part two.
I hate sequels.
Figured my cover was blown as soon as I saw him.
Turned out he'd known for months.
I tried talking my way out of it.
Made it as far as my car.
There's no need to take your car.
Henri will drive it.
You come with Jeanne and me.
That's really nice of you.
I got to go.
I really - I need to go home, change because - I will have to insist Agent DiNozzo.
Careful in second, it tends to stick a little.
And your cell phone.
Both of them.
Did La Grenouille tell Jeanne who you were? They didn't miss a beat.
Pretended everything was fine.
That didn't last long.
I could see his guy driving my car a few car lengths behind us, when Stay down! Allez! Allez! What was La Grenouille's first reaction? That he was the target.
I'm not so sure.
You think it was you? It was my car, boss.
And we have certainly pissed off the Agency a lot lately.
The Director and I have pissed off the Agency a lot lately.
Although, mainly me.
For what it's worth, Kort denied Agency involvement.
That's because Kort doesn't play by agency rules.
Guy's got a hair trigger.
Where did La Grenouille take you? Kind of blew away the breakfast plans.
Blew away a lot of things.
It wasn't supposed to happen like this.
You never really thought it could end any other way, did you? You mean other than badly? You're not supposed to fall in love with them.
Thank you so much for that, Director.
I'm going to keep that in mind for next time.
Wait a second there's not going to be a next time.
What did Jeanne say? Nothing I'm going to tell you.
Nothing you need to know, Director.
- Where is La Grenouille? - I don't know.
He dropped me off at the main gate.
Drove west.
Probably heading to California.
He was driving pretty fast.
He could even be there now.
Talked about his future.
Yeah? About what? Doesn't think he has one.
- He probably doesn't.
- He wants out.
Kort knows.
It would explain why he's so desperate to find him.
The CIA's about to lose one of its most prized assets.
What exactly does he mean by "out"? Well, he's going to call and arrange a meeting and give himself up.
Because he says NCIS is the only agency he trusts.
What time? Did she say how long she would be gone? No, no, I understand.
Thank you.
What was that for? Believing I was dead.
I never believed that you were dead.
Ziva was the one that gave up on you.
Don't even think about the head slap.
Is everything cool with the Director and Gibbs? Beyond cool.
Almost icy.
You seem anxious.
I'm fine.
Anyone call for me? If you're calling the hospital, she's not there.
She called the ER to let them know she was going away for a few days.
Going where? She did not tell them.
She knows? She knows.
What are you going to do? I am going to wait until the morning and then talk to her.
I knew you'd be all right! Everybody else gave you up for dead, even Ziva.
so I may have acted a little hastily.
- That's my letter opener.
- Excellent balance and weight.
The edge is a little dull, but I have always admired it.
Where's my American Pie coffee mug? Mighty Mouse stapler? My dear fellow, I never believed it for a moment.
Welcome home.
It's not every day people think you're dead.
I know who blew up Tony's car.
Not Tony's car, but his alias' car.
And not exactly who, but more like how and why.
Do you have a motive? Me? No.
But they do.
Every bomb maker has a signature.
The components, the way it's assembled.
Sometimes right down to the color tape they use to bind it all together.
In this case, the components are common to at least nine other bombs that have gone off in the last four years.
I made the match on Interpol.
The bombs have gone off all over the world.
Algeria, Indonesia, the Middle East, Chechnya.
Anything linking the victims? They were all arms dealers.
The only problem is, Tony's not an arms dealer.
His girlfriend's father's an arms dealer.
She's been working nights.
I pick her up every morning for breakfast.
You parked the car they strap on the bomb, set the timer and walk away.
You weren't the target, she was.
Maybe she still is.
Take Ziva.
Good evening, Madam Director.
Good evening.
I've been told you want to meet me.
i>Long overdue I'm sure.
Just tell me where and when.
Now in your study.
Hello Jenny.
So here we are at last.
Face to face.
Not quite the way I expected to meet.
Nor I.
I must compliment you on your pursuit.
I actually liked your agent DiNozzo.
So does your daughter.
Very much.
What do you want from us? Well, sanctuary, asylum, call it what you will.
In return for my extensive knowledge of the arms market, I want protection for my daughter.
Protection from whom? Whoever tried to kill his daughter this morning.
Agent Gibbs, I believe.
Well, it's true.
My enemies come for my daughter, they will see me suffer.
She is safe.
For the time being.
Which enemies? I have many.
Why now? This have something to do with Operation Lodestone? He's well-informed.
Read us in.
On what? The arrogance of the CIA? To do what? Make me the biggest arms dealer in the world? You control the illegal arms trade.
The CIA controls you.
That was the idea till you came along.
And someone found out.
Another arme dealer.
And I'm running out of time.
I can no longer trust Kort.
Did you ever? This isn't the first time you were in this study.
I met your father here on occasion many years ago.
Tell me about him.
He was a fine man.
He had a conscience.
One day, it got the better of him.
You believe the story that my father took a bribe while overseeing an arms reduction treaty? Sadly, that's not a story.
That's fact.
How do you know? Because I paid him that bribe.
You killed him because he wouldn't take it.
I can understand how hard it is to accept.
My daughter is She's facing the same same struggle.
It's not loaded.
I guess he beat you to it.
I didn't want you to do anything rash before I had a chance to explain myself.
I need your protection.
You have the bullets.
Take the damn gun! Protect yourself.
You are signing my death warrant.
Here's my number.
In case you change your mind.
You better leave before I do.
I hope my daughter is as loyal to her father as you are to yours.
You just let your own personal obsession get in the way of your professional responsibility.
That's a lot of crap, and you know it.
There are no deals for men like him.
You want to chase after him right now and arrest him without a warrant, you go right ahead, but we both know that Kort will have him out - before breakfast.
- Then get a damn warrant! You get a warrant.
But you'd better do it fast before his friends get him first.
If the weapon was loaded, and I wasn't here, would you have pulled the trigger? I guess we'll never know.
On the table.
You ever lie to someone you love? Yes.
They ever forgive you? They never found out.
Mine found out.
He told her? I did.
I don't understand what's happening.
Tony, that was your car.
Your car that just It could have been you.
It should have been you.
Tell me that you love me.
Tell me.
I do.
It's just just everything that's happened happened today.
Last night, the way you handled things.
The gun The gun.
Firing it the way you did.
And now this.
It's like you're someone else.
Someone else.
Someone I don't know.
What is it? You are, aren't you? Aren't you? Someone else.
Who? Who are you? I'm a Federal Agent.
My name isn't Tony DiNardo.
It's Anthony DiNozzo and I work for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
This has all been a lie.
A lie.
Jeanne, listen to me.
Not all of it.
Not everything.
Just some things.
Not the important things.
Why? Just tell me why it is you'd do this.
What it is I'm supposed to have done? Tell me.
Tell me.
It's not you.
What? - What? - You should ask him.
He said she'd come back after she calmed down.
I guess he was wrong.
I will put out a BOLO.
- We will find her.
- She doesn't want to be found.
No luck? Not at home.
He has not replaced his cellphone yet.
- Maybe he took the day off.
- Gibbs would have told us.
Gibbs would have told you what? If Tony was taking some time off.
You're right.
There's always more work to be done when you're a man down on the shift.
Think I've got something here, boss.
I found another one of La Grenouille's shell companies.
It's similar to the one that leased the stretch limo, only this one leases a yacht down at the Gangplank Marina.
- Called the Mauretania.
- How big? Ziva checked with the marina management.
Someone's been staying there since saturday.
Older guy with an accent.
They think he's French.
- And a younger woman? - No.
He said he was alone.
- Warrant? - Just arrived from legal.
It is all in order, but they couldn't guarantee it wouldn't stop a concerted legal challenge from the Agency.
Let them try.
Let's go.
Clear! Clear! Clear! He's gone.
Maybe he was never here.
He was here.
We'll catch up with him eventually.
Or someone will.
One day.