NCIS s06e15 Episode Script


You want to make a statement? - You want to gangsta up, homie? - Yeah You got to go bold, all right? Double action old school It's sweet, it's simple, accurate never jams Here we go, give it a try - Where? - I don't know- just-just shoot the pipe Nice shot What else you got? All right, got the homie's best friend here, all right? It's a nine mill, it's Beretta it's Italian All right, it's 15 plus one in the snout I'll throw in a box of hollow point hot loads Trust me, your stuff will be safe, okay? Here, here we go Bad boy is tight! You ain't seen the baddest boy yet, all right? Sweet mother of God The pagans shall quake It's a Tech 9 It's top of the line Fully automatic You can empty the clip in four seconds flat - Are you man enough for this? - Yeah - Yeah? - Yeah Yeah, all right, give it a shot, give it a ride - You like that? - Yeah - You're looking taller already, buddy - Yeah! Let's get the hell out of here! Let's go! Let's go! Miss anything, McLovin? Just this It's from a woman named Melinda She had to postpone Postpone what? I don't know Figured that you'd figure it out How did she sound? I ask the question, you give the answer How did she sound? - I don't know, Tony - You don't know Well, why don't you try using your words, Mr Gem City? Devastated? Despondent? Delighted All right What's her number, McDetail? She didn't leave one It's customary to get a name, a number and a complete message This is not a complete message This is a complete mess Melinda How many Melindas do you have in that thing? I don't know It could have been the girl I talked to at the gym You don't go to the gym Maybe it was the girl I talked to at the dog park You don't have a dog Oh, it could have been that girl I met at the concession stand While my date was in the bathroom You need a secretary Or a therapist Or both Shots fired in Liberty Heights Saddle it up If we were called every time shots were fired at Liberty Heights Yeah, Well, Metro responded They found a dead Marine Victim is Private First Class Emilio Salazar Joined the Marines four months ago Scheduled for deployment next week Ducky? Stuck in traffic Should be here in about 20 minutes Nine millimeter shells Possibly two guns And based on the level of penetration on that wall I would say 357 No shells, which means a revolver One shooter, three weapons There's two sets of footprints Shooter could have had a spotter - Or a lookout - Or a witness Hey, DiNozzo McGee New Marine regulations don't allow for exposed ink He had his tat removed, laser Looks like- "P " It looks like this PCS All right, I'll check with Metro's gang unit Bullets hit the skylight killing our Marine Sending him on a very short bungee plunge But why shoot your hostage from down here? Maybe they were sending a message The kind McGee takes- cryptic, hard to decipher Blood This blood is dried But Metro made their "shots fired" call less than an hour ago Looks like the West just got a bit wilder Cuffs, boss Skin, blood This guy was strapped up here for a while That's why prefer the fur handcuffs Not really, boss That's for her I don't wear the cuffs Someone was trying to send a message Written in blood Phone number? Not a phone number I don't know what the "G" stands for, but it's nine digits Could be a military service number I'll run it You don't have to It's mine Where is he? Um, I'm not exactly sure, Director Tell him I need to see him I will give him the message And the nature of the message I'll include who it's from, and the number Why would anyone leave Gibbs' Marine service number on a rooftop crime scene Agent Gibbs' desk No, he's not here But I'd be happy to take a detailed message Flight arrives at 2:30 Can I take a name or a return number? Oh, okay I will A name and a number Enough, okay? I understand I am sorry, but what do you want me to do? You want me to sort through the database Of every call that came into the switchboard this morning And match incoming call to your desk phone using a date and a time stamp? Yeah, actually That'd be great Thanks Oh, hey, boss, got two messages for you, actually, right there Sorry Director Vance wants you to call him back ASAP, and the, uh the other is, uh And then there's-there's that one Um, it says that the flight arrives at 2:30 It's from M Street Travel I assume that's a travel agent Didn't say where the flight was from or who the passenger was But if you want to share that, you can feel Dead Marine? PFC Emilio Salazar Service record at Parris Island two months ago And was stationed at Quantico Had more than a service record Criminal record goes back to 2003, when Emilio was 12 All juvenile offenses All gang-related Gang tattoos Or Pecados Capitales Capital Fish? Deadly Sins, you idiot Fish is pescado Don't scoff at me Lots of gangs are named after deadly fish There's the Sharks, there's the Barracudas Rumble Fish These guys are also known as the PCs Sounds like your kind of gang, McMotherboard Kid lives through six years in a gang can't survive four months as a Marine Maybe someone didn't want him to leave the gang? Maybe a rival gang killed him? Though that wouldn't explain your service number, boss Focus on tracking the killer And what about the other person who may have been held there? Find the shooter Vance wanted to call him ASAP, boss Heard you the first time, DiNozzo Private Jackson, do not shut your eyes when you squeeze the trigger! Eyes off the toys, David We didn't come here to play I have not been to the range in days No talking on the range, please Well, that's going to be a real problem, Staff Sergeant Medina 'Cause I'm real talky and I have a badge Is there somewhere we can talk? Cease fire! Cease fire! Clear and lock 'em! Stand by! Thank you A man in your unit was killed last night - How'd it happen? - Firefight He lost - Someone shot him? - Several times You know who did it? If we did, we would not be here Thought you could help Any way I can He was killed in the neighborhood where he grew up He ever talk about his past? Gangs, trouble? All the time He was trying to escape it So you knew he had a record before he joined the Marines? Some of these kids grew up in a jungle A lot more dangerous than the desert we're sending them to, you know? Salazar ever drop names, gang affiliations, enemies? Nothing specific He had troubles like any kid who runs in gang circles But he didn't name anybody If you can think of anything, let me know - Berettas- nine millimeter - Feel free - Do you mind? - Not at all, ma'am Do your best Oh, God Stand by, station two, for live fire! I prefer the SIG A lot of women have trouble with the Beretta Thing's got too much of a kick Your sight is a few millimeters off - Really? - Really Prior to PFC Salazar's demise Handcuffs made these abrasions and lacerations Yeah, well, he wasn't held there long No He was executed almost immediately upon his confinement - As to the cause of death- - Gunshots Well, yes and no These wounds were made by machine-gun fire The spacing is too symmetrical for random shooting Also, they showed no signs of redness or braiding and bruising, indicating that our private was long dead when he was strafed How long? About six hours based on his liver temperature And here single round, nine millimeter punctured the pericardial sac, causing a cardiac tamponade He suffered greatly, Jethro- perhaps for 20 or 30 minutes- and he did not die quickly The bullet that killed him? In the capable hands of Abby Sciuto You've never left a scene of a crime before I arrived until this one, Jethro Yeah Had something else to do Something to do with your Marine Corps service number? I was wondering the same thing myself You're avoiding me I've been busy solving a murder, Leon When I have something, you'll be the first to know I'm looking for a Marine file A classified one Top secret, eyes only Black Ops Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs Next time you having guests, probie have some scotch in the house Ah, you couldn't sweet-talk the flight attendant Out a few of those little bottles? - He wasn't my type - Right What's so urgent? You pulled me away from my granddaughter Just celebrated her second birthday I'm looking for somebody Rose Vance know I'm here yet? Not yet Maybe I should borrow a tie Colombia was a long time ago, gunny Only one person knew about her You She's in DCToday Mike What do you want me to say? Whatever you're not saying Well, how do you know she's here, for sure? My Marine service number was written on the roof of a crime scene In blood That could have been anybody I put a "G" on the end of it, just for her I brought her here 17 years ago Where is she now? I haven't seen her since the day I dropped her off Let's start there You put her here? Wasn't such a hellhole then Que paso? Que es lo que miras? I'm looking for Rose Tamayo Ma, alguien esta a la puerta Que se les ofrece? Buscando Rosa Tamayo? Ella se murio hace diez años We're a little late She died ten years ago Guess somebody else knows your Marine service number, probie Howdy, Leon Mike He has information on a current case And I need his help Thanks for sorting out that little pension problem, Leon Appreciate it I didn't do anything I wouldn't have done for any former agent, Mike All by the book Absolutely By the book That's how we operate now Wouldn't have it any other way, Leon Think he noticed my tie? What do we got? We canvassed the area No one is talking - There is a smurf war - Turf war between two competing gangs, the PCs and the Verde Psychos Ballistics We matched the slug that killed PFC Salazar to a gun that was used in an unsolved robbery two weeks ago And Metro's chief suspect is Victor Carmado, a k a Popeye Victor Carmado is a known member of the PCs He was hanging out with his posse at Liberty Heights today DiNozzo, Ziva, bring him in Abby! - Howdy, darling! - Franks! What are you doing here? Probie thinks I'm here helping him, but it was just an excuse to come see you Abs, turn it down This is so cool Someone writes your service number on a roof, and then you just show up It's like sending out the bat signal and having Batman just show up And his mentor, Ra's al Ghul Or-or like Princess Lela sending a hologram "Help me, Obi-Wan " And then getting Obi-Wan with his mentor, Qui-Gon Jinn You know, it's weird 'cause Liam Neeson played both the mentors You gonna tell me why I'm here? Oh, um, I ran the blood from the service number It does not match our dead Marine, Emilio Salazar I already know that Of course you do Well, hopefully it'll be news to you That the blood did belong to another Marine Private First Class Tomas Tamayo Judging by the look on your face, that is news to you Um, he comes from the same neighborhood as PFC Salazar According to his records His mother died ten years ago after emigrating from Colombia Rose had a son? Uh, yeah He was about a year old when I brought her here You knew? I'm guessing you didn't I need an address, Abs The home belongs to a woman named Maggie Scott Might want to take this slow, probie Might not like where it leads you Popeye Carmado? NCIS Are we all listening to the same song? Let me guess Ricky Martin fans "Livin' La Vida Loca " You ought to leave, man But we just got here Yeah But this is a very dangerous neighborhood That's why I brought her La Bonita es una federale Federales saben buenas La Bonita will kick your ass Is that right? You know, bad things happen in this place, mamita But it's so homey, homey I love what you've done with the wall here "Snoopy loves Chiquita?" Which one of you sleeps on a doghouse and which one's a bana? I'm guessing the love is between you two Am I wrong? Think they want to play rock, paper, scissors? - You got them? - I've got them What's the matter? Popeye didn't eat his spinach this morning? Rico! Chuy! Rico Suave's stuck in the '90s, and Chewie's back with theMillennium Falcon Let's go see how La Bonitadid What took you so long? McGee! What are you doing? Why are you digging through the NCIS database? This woman called for Tony, and I didn't get the number It was blocked by the carrier, so I am trying to coordinate a trace Well, drop the call This is much more important Okay, what's up? I heard something Not a complete something, a partial something But enough of something to make me think it means something So I need to know if there's any other something that you know about? What- I'm-I'm lost Okay It's something about Gibbs And Colombia And a woman named Rose And a son she had 18 years ago That would been 1991- before Gibbs joined NCIS Come on, McGee Type something about the something into something Open, he's open Give me the ball Shoot it Nice shooting, lady Get a lot of practice around here You Maggie Scott? Hey, Henry, come in for me, okay? What happened? You guys Metro? NCIS Who got hit? Somebody from this block? I understand this is the home of Thomas Tamayo Why? Is he all right? He was involved in a murder Oh, my God No, he wasn't the victim Someone a couple of streets over Emilio Salazar Emilio Yeah, he's a, uh, he's a friend of Tomas's His mother, has anyone contacted Emilio's mother? Being done now Where is Tomas? He's on leave, Cape Hatteras Before Afghanistan Wrong He was at a crime scene last night in DC Hold on You were his legal guardian? Legal guardian to a lot of these kids Keeps them out of the system I just watch them till their moms get home from work Most of them don't have fathers Two of them lost siblings, past couple months War? Gang war You're not from around here, are you? I moved here after college Part of the Vista program I never left How'd you become Thomas's guardian? Tomas moved in about 12 years back Then when Rose got sick- his mother has cancer- she asked me to look after him He's a good kid He's a really good kid Oh, my God, It's okay He's here It's Tomas It's Tomas Tomas! - Are you all right? - I'm fine What is this? I was so worried about you What's going on? You want to tell us where you been for the past 48 hours? Cape Hatteras with friends We checked Your cell calls were all made from a two-block area of DC Why were you being held here? I wasn't My military service number Your blood on the roof You got my attention, Thomas I'm here What do you want? It wasn't me I cut myself traing Gibbs and the kid It was your damn blood on the roof - What's the connection? - We tested it And why the kid gloves? Hey, let me out! Our friend from the hood - Think he's chilled long enough? - Let me out of here, man! Time to unpop his cork Let me out of here! Cool it, Coolio! No gangbanging on the walls Sit down - I ain't sitting down - Sientate! Or do you want La Bonita to sit your ass down? I thought you all forgot about me, that's all You in a hurry to get somewhere, Popeye? 'Cause you sure ain't going home to Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea any time soon You're going to prison Says who? Says the nine-millimeter slug we pulled out of PFC Emilio Salazar Matches the slug from another shooting you were involved in If witnesses put me there, I'd have been locked up already We have a dead Marine, former gang member of yours This is the murder weapon Found dumped in a storm drain Recognize it? That's it? That's all you got? It's all we need It's all circumstantial I think you got nothing I think what you need is a confession You are looking at ten years for accessory to a murder of a USMarine More if we tag you for murder one Your sweat was on that roof Your pee was on that roof Your blood was on that roof You gonna tell us what happened on that roof? You're gonna tell us who else was there Who put that bullet in PFC Salazar We're gonna have to assume it was you I didn't kill Emilio - Who did? - Me I killed the little bitch You killed PFC Salazar? Yeah, I did it You got me The fool deserved to die How'd it go down, Victor? I shot him That's how it went down Put the gun to his head- pow Blew his brains out You shot him in the head? Lights out, baby JFK style Back and to the left, know what I'm saying? One shot to the chest That's what killed your friend Emilio But he didn't die right away It took time Maybe 20 minutes Bullet nicked his heart Blood poured into his lungs - Remember, Tomas? - No He would have had trouble breathing The pain must have been excruciating But you know all this don't you, Marine? I wasn't there Popeye didn't pop the guy No way a kid like that took down two Marines Probably taking credit for a street kill to elevate his stature Get anything on PFC Tamayo? - He's scared - He's hiding something They both are Something more going on than that You're right, probie Gangbangers don't kidnap their enemies They shoot them in the street Somebody's pulling strings, calling shots I think I know who I've been crosschecking the Metro Gang Task Force's list of known PC members against cell numbers registered in their names One common phone number keeps popping up It's a number from outside the neighborhood That called almost every member of the PC gang That's the COfrom the shooting range Staff sergeant Vicente Medina That's not all I looked into the staff sergeant's history It seems he shares a bit more than phone records in common He wasn't just recruiting from the PCs He was a member Get him in here - Yeah, Gibbs - Meet you in my office I'll be right there - Marine file - It's yours I haven't read it yet, and I won't if you'd prefer I didn't I thought it might shed some light on what the hell happened in Colombia unless you'd prefer to I got nothing to hide, Leon Everybody's got something to hide Franks a part of this? A little part Some good stuff in the last five pages How many men have you killed? Seven confirmed Where? Three in Anbar, two in Fallouja, one in Baghdad, one in Tora Bora How about Washington, DC? None You knew Emilio Salazar? His platoon sergeant, sir He's a gang member just like you are That was a long time ago That was last night! Sir, I did not kill that Marine! Whatwereyou doing last night? I was at home watching TV Anybody watching you watching TV? No Your place is 20 minutes from our crime scene Phone records You made contact with half the PC posse over the past six months Rap sheet; yours Shot caller for the PCs for three years Once a Marine, always a Marine Or once a PC, always a PC I lived the life It's not a secret I liked it, till I saw what was happening to my friends In dead or jail by 17 so I joined the Marine Corps Made me a better person came back to the hood And tried to convince others to make something of themselves Ran a system-wide facial recognition search I thought you'd want to see this right away Okay, let's try this again Where were you last night? I I told you I was at home Baltimore! That was taken last night! You couldn't have killed him Why are you lying? I went to visit my son When I was 15, I made some mistakes I got a girl pregnant And my wife she doesn't know I have a kid I know what we got; nothing Guess we all make mistakes, huh, probie? Got two Marines chained to a roof Don't know why Got somebody behind it pulling strings Don't know who Can we wind the clock back to the part Where we find out what Gibbs was doing in Colombia? Or how it is connected to the gang? Got a punk who didn't kill anybody who says he did, and a kid who wrote probie's service number in blood saying he didn't You done? Done watching you shave with a butter knife Let me talk to that kid I'll get him to tell us what the hell's going on here I can't do that, Mike I let him go You what? If you want to find something, you follow it I learned that one from you You two - MTAC with McGee - Got it, boss Think I don't know what you're doing? Trying to get that boy off? Yeah, gonna lead us to the truth The truth Yeah, which you should have told me 17 years ago When I got Rose out of Colombia, you were happily married again - Or so I thought - What's the truth? The truth is, she didn't want you to know! She knew you were still putting the pieces back together After Shannon and Kelly Didn't want to complicate your life Guess she didn't get her wish after all Maybe Gibbs was on a covert mission to suppress the Fujimori coup That was Peru, not Colombia Okay, boss, we're still following the GPS signal from PFC Tamayo's cell phone He drove to Quantico He's been there about 20 minutes Quantico's that way, probie We're not going to Quantico That's his first stop We're going to his last Like the lady said, Mike "It's a war " So he's down in Colombia in Bogota He saves President Clinton's life, but nobody can talk about it because it's super secret Clinton did not serve until '93 Stop obsessing! I'm not obsessing! I'm a little preoccupied I'm a tad fascinated by the whole subject, but I amnot obsessing What was he doing in Colombia 17 years ago? it's classified, DiNozzo Is that classified, too, or can you share with your director? We're, uh, tracking a suspect for Gibbs, Director Franks is with him? That's what I thought PFC Tamayo's just left Quantico He's now headed towards Liberty Heights So, what do you want us to do? Whatever you were doing before I walked in What's Tamayo's duty assignment at Quantico? Guard duty at the base armory And the dead Marine? PFC Salazar was also a guard at the armory Means they both had access to the armory codes Stepping back Excuse me - Get base security on the phone - Yes, sir Hey, if this kid starts shooting you're gonna shoot back, right? This is a really bad time, Leon I just got off the phone with the Armory OICat Quantico Four crates of M-4 assault rifles are missing That's your PFC Tamayo, Gibbs Gangs, guns It adds up We're still monitoring his GPS - He's headed back toward the projects - The projects? Yeah, we got him, we got him I did what you wanted, okay? No, you listen to me! You want 'em, you come get 'em Second floor- I'm waiting This is about to get real interesting, probie McGee, building across the street Traffic camera, 3837 Ashton - Got it - Record it Recording You alone, homes? Zoom in on those guys In Those two Aren't those the two guys? Chuy and Rico I should have hit them harder You got 'em? Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! Put your hands in the air! Put your hands in the air! You thought you were gonna use Marine guns to kill my friends? Something's going down Somebody's behind him McGee, zoom out, zoom out No! This ends here! What the hell? Don't move, Sergeant DiNozzo, call for an ambulance and backup Everywhere you go, kid, somebody gets shot Possible multiple casualties Keep pressure on it, Sergeant Hey, Leon Let me talk to him He's busy Can I take a message? You just shot somebody, Franks Yeah All by the book, Leon Retired-agent- involved shooting That's still a form KJ-65, right? - Nice talking to you, Leon - Fra It was me I ordered him to take those weapons off the base And bring 'em here like they wanted Why? - Because I was - No, not you You They held me on the roof Said they'd hurt everyone I love unless I got them the assault weapons I I didn't believe them They used to be my friends Then they threatened Emilio Shot him in front of me I thought they were gonna kill me, too That why you wrote my service number? When I found out you were NCIS, I wanted to tell you, but I ordered him not to Why? Using Marine guns to kill kids in my hood Kids I was trying to save it made me sick I wanted to handle it myself We take care of our own Those guys are just the hired help - That is all you have to say? - Yes I did it, I admit it I'll give you a full confession Can I talk to him? No, he's going to prison Please, I He stole weapons from a Marine base to arm a street gang People died He confessed to everything All of it, his idea And he's going away Unless you've got something to say Wait He didn't do anything He's lying Hold up Nobody was supposed to get hurt They were supposed to scare them so that Tomas or Emilio would get the guns For the PC's Emilio wasn't supposed to get shot That was an accident, I swear Who need weapons, Maggie? Our kids In the neighborhood, on our block They were getting killed every day Slaughtered by drug dealers and bigger gangs They are dying every day! I had to protect them By what, arming them with assault rifles? I grew up in the Cold War My dad talked about deterrence- if you build up an arsenal that rivals your enemy's, they won't attack you You understand? Case closed- my case, and you being on it "Melinda 555-0199" Hold the phone, Malone, I know that number You should- it's your dentist's office They rescheduled your appointment Ooh, thatMelinda The one with the man hands Well, I hope you learned a lesson, probie Yeah- never to pick up your phone again Wait a second It was right in front of me the whole time Franks! I've got a question for you Got a plane to catch Gibbs was doing drug interdiction down there Tomas is 18, from Colombia Knows Gibbs's Marine service number Question? Is Gibbs Tomas's father? Tell probie thanks for the lend No Sit down As you were Your orders Shipping out to Afghanistan I I'm not going to jail? You helped the investigation My mother used to tell me this story about a Marine He came to help out our village But the drug cartel came after him shot him He almost died She hid him, helped him heal That was you And when you finally got well you told her that if she ever need any help, she could give that number to any Marine and you would find her She made me memorize that number You're the reason I became a Marine When your mother saved my life, she was already pregnant with you Most people, they don't get a second chance Good luck Semper Fi Ooh-rah Read about the mission to eliminate Cesar Castillo From the Cali Cartel in Colombia Good read? It was impressive Took out your target with one shot to the heart from 1, 200 yards This Castillo was a piece of work Drug dealer, torturer, rapist I did my job And the mission would've gone off without a hitch If you hadn't been wounded Well, I guess you're all caught up now, Leon Must've been poignant helping out the son of the woman that saved your life Did you tell the boy that the man you killed was his father?